Decorative facing material

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: decorative facing material includes, wt %: ground sheet glass 75.0-77.0; ground tuff 8.0-10.0; borax 10.0-13.0; ground talc 3.0-4.0. Frost resistance of the material makes at least 25 cycles. Components are dosed in required quantities. Sheet glass (broken glass) previously ground to powdered condition is mixed with borax and tuff and talc ground to powder condition. The produced mass is laid into detachable metal moulds, compacted and sintered at 800-870°C.

EFFECT: increased frost resistance of produced material.

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The invention relates to compositions and decorative finishing materials that can be used in construction.

Known ornamental material for the manufacture of tiles containing, wt.%: crushed glass 66,0-70,0; tuff 15,0-17,0; ground blast furnace slag 15,0-17,0 [1].

The objective of the invention is to increase the frost resistance of decorative facing material.

The technical result is achieved in that the decorative facing material including crushed glass and crushed tuff, further comprises borax and powdered talc in the following ratio, wt.%: crushed glass sheet 75,0-77,0; ground tuff 8,0-10,0; borax 10,0-13,0; ground talc 3,0-4,0.

The table shows the compositions of ornamental material.

ComponentsComposition, wt.%:
Shredded sheet glass77,075,0
Ground tuff10,08,0
Ground talc3,04,0
Frost resistance, cyclesat least 25at least 25

The components are metered in the desired quantities. Sheet glass (glass), pre-crushed to a powder, mixed with brown and grind to a powder tuff and talc. The resulting mass is placed in a detachable metal forms, compacted and is sintered at a temperature of 800-870°C.

The source of information

1. EN 2430047, 2011.

Decorative facing material including crushed glass and crushed tuff, characterized in that it further contains borax and powdered talc in the following ratio, wt.%: crushed glass sheet 75,0-77,0; ground tuff 8,0-10,0; borax 10,0-13,0; ground talc 3,0-4,0.


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FIELD: chemistry.

SUBSTANCE: raw material mixture for obtaining artificial rock contains, wt %: Portland cement 26-30; quartz sand 47.3-55.85; water 16-20; fibrous metalloceramics 2.0-2.5; technical lignosulfonate LST 0.15-0.2.

EFFECT: increased strength.

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FIELD: chemistry.

SUBSTANCE: charge for obtaining a decorative-facing material includes, wt %: milled glass 50.0-55.0; milled tuff 20.0-25.0; liquid glass 10.0-15.0; clay 10.0-15.0.

EFFECT: increased frost resistance of the materials.

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FIELD: chemistry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to preparations used for increasing water resistance of concrete, namely to elaboration of novel concrete-colmating (imperforating concrete pores) composition. In basic version composition represents mixture of salts, formed by metals from the group: sodium, potassium, calcium, aluminium, and acids from the group: nitric, formic, sulfuric, carbonic, with the following ion ratio (ion weight in composition, g)/(100 g of composition): sodium 5.6-32, calcium 0.4-17.2, potassium 1.5-27.2, aluminium 0.5-7.6, nitrate 4.1-62.1, formiate 0.6-29.7, sulfate 10.3-54.7, carbonate 1.1-29.7, as well as complex-forming additives (such as, for instance, carbamide, nitryltriacetic acid, imino-N,N-diacetic-N-methylene phosphonic acid; glycin-N,N-di(methylene phosphonic) acid, iminodi(methylene phosphonic) acid; diaminopropanol- N,N,N',N'-tetraacetic acid; 2-hydroxypropylene diamine- N,N,N',N'-tetra(methylene phosphonic) acid; 2,3-dihydrobutylene-1,4-diamine- N,N,N',N'-tetra(methylene phosphonic) acid; 2,3-dihydroxybutylene-1,4-diamine- N,N,N',N'-tetraacetic acid; nitryl-tri(methylene phosphonic) acid; 1-hydroxyethylene diphosphonic acid; ethylenediamin- N,N,N',N'- tetra(methylene phosphonic) acid; ethylenediamine-N,N,N',N'- tetraacetic acid; in amount not more than 20% of colmating composition weight.

EFFECT: extension of arsenal of preparations, used to increase concrete water resistance.

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FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: in the method to manufacture wood concrete items with production of a base on their surface for plastering, providing for preparation and dosing of a hydraulic binder, ground cane stems, water, mixing of components, moulding of items with vibration, hardening, moulding with vibration is carried out so that cane stems cut into sections with length of 4-6 cm are located near the surface of the items, with one end staying in the mix, and with the other one - protruding outside and forming a base for application of plaster.

EFFECT: higher convenience of plaster application onto surface of items.

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: additive comprises the following components, wt %: microorganisms of Leuconostoc mesenteroides type cultivated on a synthetic nutrient medium 0.5-2.7; microquartz 97.3-99.5.

EFFECT: increased mobility of a construction mix and concrete strength.

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FIELD: chemistry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the industry of building materials and can be used in manufacturing products in civil and industrial construction, monolithic construction and for erection of special-purpose structures. The high-strength light concrete made from a concrete mixture contains portland cement, filler, a plasticiser, water, a mineral part consisting of microsilica with average particle size of 0.01-1 mcm, rock flour - a product of grinding quartz sand with specific surface area of 700-800 m2/kg and quartz sand with grain size of 0.16-0.63 mm, with the following ratio of components, wt %: portland cement 33.8-53.0, microsilica 4.77-13.8, rock flour 1.5-11.9, quartz sand 5.1…32.2 , microspheres 4.3-19.27, plasticiser 0.3-0.48, water - the balance.

EFFECT: obtaining concrete with high specific strength.

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FIELD: chemistry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to method of manufacturing fast setting light-weight cementing composition with improved compressive strength for building products such as panels. Method of obtaining light-weight cementing mixture, which has improved compressive strength and resistance to water, includes mixing water, cementing reacting powder, alkali metal salt of citric acid as set accelerator and light-weight filling agent, where weight ratio of water to reacting powder constitutes approximately 0.17-0.35:1.0, reacting powder includes 75-100 wt % of sol dust, which contains at least 50 wt % of fly ash of class C and 0-25 wt % of hydraulic cement and/or gypsum, setting of cementing mixture being achieved within from 4 to 6 minutes of composition mixing without addition of set retarder. Invention also deals with composition for obtaining light-weight cement panel.

EFFECT: obtaining light-weight cementing mixture, which has improved compressive strength and stability.

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FIELD: chemistry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a mixture of at least one polyol and at least one cyclohexane polycarboxylic acid derivative for reducing or minimising the dust emission when handling pulverulent construction chemical products, a method for preparing pulverulent construction chemical products and hydraulically setting materials containing the mixture according to the invention. The invention is developed in subclaims.

EFFECT: high efficiency of dust removal.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to anchor for submersing anchoring underwater research hardware at bottom. Proposed anchor consists of flat self-breakable concrete body with central bore to accommodate underwater instruments retention and release. Note here that said body is made from raw stock of the following composition, in wt %: Portland cement - 26.0-56.0, high-alumina cement - 0.6-2.4, semiaquatic gypsum - 3.0-6.0, quartz sand making the rest, water for tempering to solid water ratio - 0.1-0.18. Note here that product of magnitudes of semiaquatic gypsum and high-alumina cement is selected, preferably, equal to 1.8-3.5. Invention is developed in dependent claims.

EFFECT: anchor of nonpolluting materials with self-controlled destruction in sea and sweet water.

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FIELD: chemistry.

SUBSTANCE: decorative facing material contains, wt %: crushed sheet glass 75.0-77.0; ground tuff 18.0-19.0; liquid potassium glass 5.0-6.0.

EFFECT: high frost resistance of the decorative facing material.

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FIELD: transport building, in particular concrete block for lining of highway constructions, preferably headings.

SUBSTANCE: claimed block is formed from concrete mixture containing (kg/m3 concrete mixture): cement - 300-370; granite chip of grade 5-10 mm and 10-20 mm in ratio of 1:1.8-2.35, respectively, - 1100-1210; quartz sand of grade from 0.16 to 5 mm containing the next total knocking (mass %) 2.5 mm - 3.2-6.0; 1.2 mm - 12.8-16.2; 0.6 mm - 35.8-54.1; 0.3 mm - 70.4-89.3; 0.16 mm - 100 - 650-750; granite sand from screening with particle size up to 5 mm - 60-75; milled quartz sand with specific surface of 2200-3500 cm2/g as filler - 30-100; water - 125-143.3; and superplasticizer - 0.8-1.0 % calculated as cement mass.

EFFECT: block of improved strength, freeze-resistance, water impermeability, and crack resistance.

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FIELD: building materials, in particular mortar and concrete mixtures.

SUBSTANCE: claimed plasticizing agent comprises (contains (mass %)): triethanolamine 0.01-0.05; silver nitrate 0.001-0.005; and balance: soap-alkali solution from vegetable oil production containing 0.01-0.5 mass % of free PO


EFFECT: concrete mixture with improved frost-resistance and flowability without losses of strength.

21 ex,2 tbl

FIELD: manufacture of building materials.

SUBSTANCE: method provided by invention is characterized by jointly grinding two clinkers, dividing thus resulting cement into two streams, jointly mixing cement from one and the other streams with sand and additive, and determining parameter En, i.e. exergy of resulting mix equal to sum of amount-exergy products for each of mix components. The latter parameter is assumed as governed and exergy of cement streams is assumed as governing. When calculated exergy of mix goes below from its specified value, amount of cement in stream with higher exergy is increased and, when calculated exergy exceeds its specified value, amount of sand is increased.

EFFECT: facilitated on-line process control.

FIELD: manufacture of building materials.

SUBSTANCE: complex additive for quick-hardening mix, including filling mixes for filling mine workings, etc. Additive including water additionally contains sodium chloride, 1.5-3.0%, bischofite, 1.5-3.0%, and oligomeric acetone/formaldehyde condensation product, 0.1-0.3%.

EFFECT: increased mobility of mix and increased strength in early natural curing time.

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FIELD: reinforced concrete blocks for precast lining of highway tunnels; erection of transport structures.

SUBSTANCE: proposed reinforced concrete block is made from concrete mix containing cement, crushed stone of 5-10-mm and 10-20 mm fractions, sand, plasticizing agent, filler and water; use is made of granite crushed stone at ratio of fractions 5-10 mm and 10-20 mm equal to 1:2.17-2.35; quartz sand contains fractions from 0.16 to 5 mm at the following total screening residues, mass-%: 2.5 mm -3.2-6.0; 1.2 mm - 12.8-16.2; 0.6 mm - 35.8-54.1; 0.3 mm - 70.4-89.3; 0.16 mm - 100; mix contains also granite sand from screenings up to 5 mm in size; used as plasticizing agent is super-plasticizing agent C-3; used as filler is ground quartz sand at specific surface of 2200-3500 cm2/g and additive at the following consumption of components per cubic meter of concrete mix, kg: cement, 300-370; crushed stone, 1100-1210; quartz sand, 650-750; granite sand, 60-75; ground quartz sand, 20-100; water, 125-143.3; super-plasticizing agent C3, 0.8-1.0 of mass-% of cement; additive, 0.1-0.3 of mass-% of cement.

EFFECT: enhanced strength, freeze resistance, water resistance and crack resistance of blocks.

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FIELD: industry of building materials.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a building material mixture. The building material mixture comprises material chosen from the group consisting of gypsum, calcium hydroxide, cement and their mixtures, and also - polysaccharide or derivative of polysaccharide with particles size less 15 mcm taken in the amount 2 weight % maximally, particles size less 10 mcm taken in the amount 2 weight % maximally, and particles size less 5 mcm taken in the amount 1 weight % maximally, and if necessary the mixture comprises quartz sand or lime sand, water repellant, synthetic dispersion powder, cellulose fibers and/or synthetic fibers, pore-forming additive and light filling agents in the following ratio of components, weight %: material from the group containing gypsum, calcium hydroxide, cement or their mixtures, 1-99.99; polysaccharide or derivative of polysaccharide, 0.001-5; quartz sand or lime sand, up to 90; synthetic dispersion powder, up to 10; light filling agents, up to 10; water repellant, up to 1; pore-forming additive, up to 0.1; cellulose fibers and/or synthetic fibers, up to 15 wherein the content of components that the mixture comprises when needed doesn't mean 0 simultaneously, and polysaccharide or derivative of polysaccharide is prepared by the known technology. Invention provides improvement of physical-chemical properties of building mixture.

EFFECT: improved properties of building material mixture.

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FIELD: building materials industry; methods and equipment for the bricks manufacture.

SUBSTANCE: the invention is pertaining to the field of the building materials industry and may be used in production of bricks, including the facing brick, building stones, blocks and tiles. The technical result of the invention is the expansion of the assortment of the building bricks and the means for its production, provision of simultaneously of the heightened strength and the frost resistance the bricks, improvement of the bricks decorative effect of their front-face surface imitating the surface texture of the natural building stone. The given technical result is reached because the building wall bricks having the form of the monolithic polyhedron is manufactured out of the mixture having the humidity of 3-10 % and containing a chalkstone with the size of its particle of no more than 8 mm, portland cement of the grade of no less than 400 - as the binding substance, at their ratio (in mass %): the indicated chalkstone - 85.1-90.0, portland cement of the grade of no less than 400 - 10.0-14.9 by the mixture molding under the pressure of 15.0-20.9 MPa during 2-9.9 seconds and by the heat-moisture treatment or a by aging up to the mixture gains the strength amounting to no less than of 50 % from the grade strength of the a ready bricks. The invention gives the characteristic of the building bricks, the method of the bricks manufacture and the set of equipment used for the bricks production.

EFFECT: the invention ensures expansion of the assortment of the building bricks, simultaneously heightened strength and the frost resistance of the bricks, improvement of decorative effect of the bricks front-face surface imitating the surface texture of the natural building stone.

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Dry building mix // 2278082

FIELD: manufacture of building materials.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to manufacture of dry building mixes and directly concerns use of inorganic materials as aggregates of differing shape and granule size. In a dry building mix including crushed expanded-clay concrete (30-95%) and inorganic aggregate (5-70%), the latter is naturally occurring or synthetic wollastonite crushed to achieve needle-shaped grains.

EFFECT: enabled manufacture of building parts and coatings more suitable for exploitation under complicated conditions, in particular owing to elevated bend strength.

FIELD: industry of building materials.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to compositions based on mineral binding agents. The composition for producing building materials based on the cement binding agent, water and carbon nanostructures comprises metal-containing carbon nanostructures consisting of a mixture of polyvinyl alcohol with copper (I) or copper (II) chloride chosen in the mole ratio = (1-20):1 that are heated up to temperature 300°C in taken in the following ratio of components in the composition, wt.-%: cement binding agent, 15-75; indicated metal-containing carbon nanostructures, 0.01-2.5, and water, the balance. The composition can comprise additionally from 2 to 10 wt.-% of organic binding agent or technological additives chosen in the ratio = (1-6):1 mas. p. p. to the cement binding agent content. Invention provides enhancing physical-mechanical indices, in particular, the compression strength value and reducing energy consumption and the material prepared cost. Invention can be used in industry of building materials in making block and monolith concrete, polymer-cement mortars, foam concrete, slate, stucco and finishing covers also.

EFFECT: improved and valuable technical properties of composition.

3 cl, 2 tbl, 2 dwg, 6 ex

FIELD: construction engineering; manufacture of precast concrete and reinforced concrete products including underground products; monolithic house-building.

SUBSTANCE: proposed complex additive contains cement, powder-like superplasticizer C-3, alumino-silicate component in form of zeolite and micro-silica at the following ratio of components, mass-%: cement, 80-85; superplasticizer C-3, 2.0-3.5; micro-silica, 10-12; the remainder being zeolite. Method proposed for production of concrete mix includes grinding of components to specific surface of 4500-5000 cm2/g in disintegrator-type aerodynamic activator at rotational speed of 3000-6000 rmp; prior to grinding, components of concrete mix are loaded in cyclic-action mixer and are being mixed for 10-15 min. Production line proposed for realization of this method includes bins for storage and delivery of components which are interconnected with mixers for dry mixes by material lines via proportioners; said mixer is connected with aerodynamic activator by means of product lines. Specification gives versions of aerodynamic activator.

EFFECT: reduced consumption of cement at retained strength characteristics of cement due to enhanced activation of additive.

6 cl, 3 dwg, 1 tbl, 4 ex