Method of orienting, assembling and locking of thrust tool in holder by self-locking retainer with help of low-wear orienting bushes and controlled low-wear thrusts

FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to fitting and locking of rotary thrust tool in its holder. Proposed method consists in fitting and locking the cutter in holder by self-locking retainer. Said retainer exploits the steel spring effect and combination of the angles of bevels that retain said retainer in holder seat. Low-wear controlled bushes and thrusts take up major force at cutting and prevent jamming of the cutter in holder.

EFFECT: maximized service life.

7 dwg


Method orientation, installation and fixing of the rotary thrust of the tool in the holder captive locking element clamp using reusable malaysiacialis orienting bushings and adjustable malaysiacialis stops.

The invention relates to the mining industry and can be used in mining, road, tunnel boring machines in the production of tunneling, mining, road construction works.

Known cutting clove mining machine (1) (UK application No. 1117694 declared 09.06.66,), in which the cylindrical shank of the tool with circular grooves under the locking cotter pin, cotter pin holds the tool holder of the machine.

The main disadvantage of the cutting tool is accelerated abrasive wear of the holder and the tool, which does not allow the tool to reliably Orient the axis of the cutting, to ensure reliable rotation and tool life, leads to jamming of the tool and its breakdowns and, consequently, to increased consumption of tools and holders, as well as to large financial costs associated with the replacement of the tool holders, and also with the cost of repair work units (machines).

Another significant disadvantage is the vulnerability sportowego ele is enta from wear on the holder, consequently, there is a high probability of loss of the cutting tool during operation and increased consumption of time when it is installed in the holder.

Increased wear of the tool and the holder of known construction due to the absence of means for preventing a negative impact on the accuracy of the orientation of the tool relative to the axis of rotation, and changes of cutting angles during operation. Known design tool and method of attachment does not exclude the ingress of waste material in the zone of rotation, do not exclude the possibility of the loss of the instrument, jamming it into the holder, uneven and excessive wear of the tool and holder, and do not contribute to the reduction of friction forces in the holder, resulting in the release of the tool from damage and premature wear.

Known also US patent No. 4343516 August 10, 1982, the disadvantages of which are the following factors:

- tastybaby landing pocket cutter, and consequently, its bad rotation;

- lack of accurate orientation of the cutting edge of the cutter, as the orientation of the cutter via the removable holder, which does not ensure an exact positioning relative to the base substrate at the Executive body of the machine;

- used in the construction of the ball, the emphasis does not preclude axial stake is to be cutter, and therefore, does not provide a clear orientation, affect the durability of the cutter at work and wear;

- the locking element does not provide a rigid secure the cutter in the holder, it is subjected to zastarovje, and the cutter additionally plays the role of a stopper for retaining the holder in the substrate, which makes construction of the lack of sufficient stiffness.

Therefore, this invention can not be a prototype of the proposed option.

The present invention is to provide a process orientation, install and secure the tool in the holder or other instrumental mechanism that eliminates all of these disadvantages of the known constructions and allowing to greatly increase tool life, to protect the holder from wear and tear, remove from design all the elements that contribute to the increase of friction, as well as to facilitate the installation and replacement of worn-out tool, to significantly improve the efficiency and durability of machines, as well as to improve the comprehensive performance properties of mechanisms and machines.

A variant of this method is proposed for consideration by the example of operation of the tool Assembly mining machines.

The technical result is obtained when applying the present invention lies in the substantial increase in SRO is and service tool holder, as well as the entire Executive body of the machine, greatly reducing the number of the tool used in the production of the work, reducing the time for tool replacement and increase of productivity of work performed, by increasing the efficiency of the tool, i.e., increasing its resource several times.

The technical result is achieved because the present invention uses a rotary, hard tool, held from falling out of the holder (POS.2, figs.1) captive locking element (Fig.5)made of spring tempered steel, which is only one point of contact with the annular groove of the tool, providing the minimum resistance to rotation of the tool in the holder, and his departure and the angles of cut. Size springy groove H of the stopper element is greater than the difference between the small (d) and large (D) diameter latch H>(D-d)/2.

The locking element from falling out is held in a pocket of the holder of Fig.7, is made in the form of three cylindrical, symmetrical relative to the axis of the latch surfaces interconnected by means of the fixing chamfers, angles, fixing α, intended for fixing the locking element in the holder, are selected within 28-60°. The locking element can be installed with either the side pocket. To ensure the speed and reliability of mounting of the retainer mating surface of annular groove of the tool and fixing the cylindrical surface of the pocket of the holder into each other at a value not greater than 1/3 to 1/2 of the size of the diameter of the cylindrical surface of the retainer, at an angle of 90° relative to each other, making it easy to install self-adhesive clip in your pocket, providing a reliable fixation of the instrument. For mounting and Dismounting reusable latch in the pocket of the holder, a cylindrical rod, whereby the latch is installed in the pocket of the holder, resting on a facet pocket and fixures in it. The optimal size of the angles "α" fixing chamfers pocket holder is selected depending on the required stiffness systems herd management of the locking element.

The dimensions of the locking element are selected in accordance with the dimensions of the held tool and holder in the area of the pocket.

For precise orientation of the cutting tool in the holder, eliminating the possibility of jamming or significant difficulties of rotation of the tool due to distortions or backlash, the invention uses malaysiashawna made of metal or durable hardened steel bushing (Fig.1 POS.7), to which tectorum support surface of the tool and provides precise positioning of the tool, the thickness of the sleeve is selected when the trap setting of the holder, providing the necessary overhang of the tool and the corners of his cutting, fastening sleeve is adhesive or a threaded manner. The second positioning element used in this invention, is adjustable thrust element, Fig.3 POS.4, mounted by threaded connection in the tool holder which receives significant end and axial loads, clearly orients the tool holder relative to the axis of rotation of the cutter, providing them with a reliable rotation when cutting and wear evenly. Bearing surface of the thrust element made of a carbide material or of metal and serves as a thrust bearing and precisely mates with the bearing surface of the cutter, adjustable thrust element carried on the stand by screwing-unscrewing followed by cerite-top in the area of the thread.

Support surface malaysiakuala bushings and thrust element can be executed in the form of a conical or spherical surface, internal or external, but it is allowed to use and the cylindrical surface at the considerable dimensions of the tool.

To ensure the protection zone of rotation and fixation, the present invention provides the use of a felt ring the lake.6 of Fig.2, which is guaranteed to overlap the gap between the cutter head and the holder, providing the missing waste material in the zone of rotation, eliminating tastebook.

Felt ring is located in the area maloznachimo sleeve, the thickness of the ring is larger than the gap between the head of the tool and holder. Felt ring attached to the end of the holder adhesive composition, so as not to interfere with the quick tool replacement.

For added protection, landing slots of the tool holder from tastybaby, into the pockets of the holder for systems herd management clamps are rubber plugs POS.8 of Fig.6, is made of porous rubber.

The proposed method orientation installation and fixing of the tool proposed design can significantly improve the efficiency of the tool holder and the work efficiency of the whole machine. To reduce the cost of the tool, its cost, and to ensure the performance of works by increasing the efficiency of the power cutting tool in the optimal orientation and low wear, reduction in the consumption of time for tool change, the simplicity of its implementation, as well as a significant increase in the durability of regimes efficient cutting.

The inclusion in the design of reusable malozaselennyj elements located the area of the holder and not samenaide during the entire lifetime of the holder, unlike traditional tool allows to increase the efficiency of the new thrust of the tool that uses this method (orientation, installation and fixing) in its design. This method allows all of the components associated with the operation of such a typical rotary tool to gain significant advantages in durability, reliability and efficiency of its use.

Sources of information

1. UK application No. 1117694, Appl. 09.06.66,, published. 19.06.68, MCI IS 35/18.

Priority application No. 464370 16.06.65,, US.

2. The US patent No. 4343516 from 10 Aug. 1982

Method orientation, installation and fixing of the rotary thrust of the tool in the holder, consisting in the installation and fixing of the cutter from falling out of the holder through systems herd management retainer-latch, which uses spring steel effect and the combination of the angles of the chamfers holding the locking element in the pocket, provides constant and accurate positioning of the cutter in the cutting process and the minimum resistance to its rotation, and maloiznoshennye adjustable sleeve and stops, sensing the main power load when cutting, ensure even wear of the cutting head of the chisel against it jammed in the holder and ensure maximum longevity of the work holder and dir is the future of the tool road and mining machinery.


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EFFECT: reduction of hard-alloy consumption and increase of cutting tool efficiency by excluding the possibility of worn cutting tools fragments getting under the other cutting tools.

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EFFECT: improving cutter operating efficiency.

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EFFECT: reducing hard alloy consumption and improving cutter operating efficiency.

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EFFECT: improving maintainability of the design, which is related to replacement of worn-out working part of the cutter.

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SUBSTANCE: device comprises working head, shank with groove for clamping sleeve receiving and with seating surface for protective member installation in its working position. The device also has split clamping sleeve and protective member installed on clamping sleeve so that protective member may perform axial movement. Lower protective member base is spaced a distance from axis of device symmetry relative shank end. The distance is not less than 0.45 of clamping sleeve length measured along the same axis. Protective member thickness is 0.025-0.25 of clamping collar length. Protective member may be formed as flat washer, as plate-like washer, as washer with annular extension located on upper end thereof and cooperating with end working head surface, as washer with additional axial annular extension formed on lower end thereof and cooperating with cutter holder or as at least two washers.

EFFECT: reduced labor inputs for device assemblage in the field.

6 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: mining machinery building, particularly mining machine structures.

SUBSTANCE: cutting tool has holder including shank and head made as truncated cone. Hard-alloy conical insert having apex and base is installed on end surface of the head. Holder head is provided with cylindrical extension arranged on end surface thereof and coaxial thereto. Hard-alloy insert has cylindrical groove for above cylindrical extension receiving. End surface of holder head is superposed with surface of conical hard-alloy insert base. Conical part of holder head may be enclosed with hard-alloy insert base.

EFFECT: increased operational reliability and reduced hard-alloy consumption for cutting tool production.

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EFFECT: increased ability of free tool rotation and minimized tool clogging with compacted small particles, which prevent free tool rotation.

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SUBSTANCE: cutter comprises stem and head with main cutting edge extending at acute α angle to face surface, with inner side edge parallel to longitudinal cutter axis. Cutter also has outer side edge inclined to longitudinal cutter axis towards stem and end support surface transversal to stem. Support surface is parallel to main cutting edge. Main cutting edge is shaped as convex broken line defining obtuse angle at apex thereof. The obtuse angle is equal to 180-α. End support surface is congruous to main cutting edge. Outer side face is transversal thereto.

EFFECT: increased wear resistance due to improved cutting edge strength.

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EFFECT: simplification in the replacement of blades.

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FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: toolhead for drawknife cutter features mounting pocket open from above for receiving and supporting cutter liner limited at the ends with two lateral walls in relation to the operation drawknife direction, a front and a back supporting walls, the latter being higher than the former. One lateral support wall oriented away from breakage face during operation is higher than the front and the other lateral walls and forms a lateral cutter liner support longer than the other lateral support wall.

EFFECT: prolonged work life.

20 cl, 6 dwg

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: toolhead for drawknife cutter features mounting pocket open from above for receiving cutter liner limited at the ends with two lateral, one front and one back supporting walls forming drawknife cutter support located mainly in the middle part of back supporting wall and descending to the outer areas. End side of the back support wall directed to the mounting pocket features guiding surfaces in the outer areas, the said guiding surfaces descending inside at an angle to the mounting pocket and serving as an auxiliary mounting device for drawknife cutter.

EFFECT: excellent support of inserted cutter and fast and simple cutter mounting.

8 cl, 4 dwg

FIELD: mining engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to mining industry, particularly the cutting tools of mining machines serving to disintegrate coal and other mine rocks. The cutting tool for disintegration of coal and other mine rocks consists of a tool holder with a lengthwise passage for water supply and a cutting tool cartridge as a core with through microcanals connecting the surface of the cutting tool cartridge working part with the lengthwise passage of the tool holder. Outlet holes of the microcanals on the surface of the cutting tool cartridge are made as contour rows positioned throughout the entire length of the working surface forming a cone. This structure increases the distance between the rows of the outlet holes as it gets further away from the top of the core, and the density of distribution of the microcanal external holes on the working surface of the cutting tool cartridge rises toward the top of the core.

EFFECT: extended life of a cutting tool and decreased wear of the cutting tool cartridge.

1 dwg

Tool holder. // 2347907

FIELD: mining..

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to mining and building, particularly to machines with pulvimixer. A tool holder for a machine with the pulvimixer or such like has base (10) which bears holding added piece (30), also added piece (30) has receiving seat (31) of the cutting tool; and lug (15) is attached to base (10) before holding added piece (30) in the direction of tool holder feeding. Base (10) has connecting section (20) made in form of a chip breaker; the connecting section is formed on base (10) and passes at least partially through lug (15) starting from holding added piece (30). End section (34) of holding added piece (30) has intake seat (31) of the cutting tool made in form of an aperture. Also end section (34) has circular contact surface (33) passing around medium lengthwise axis of intake seat (31) of the cutting tool. Contact surface (33) which is located radially outside passes up to dimension boundaries of a cylinder region of end section (34). Connecting section (20) returning in the direction of the axis relative to contact surface (33) is connected with holding added piece (30).

EFFECT: improved operation of cutting of disk pulvimixer.

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SUBSTANCE: disclosed group of inventions refers to mining industry, particularly to rock destruction tool for mining machines used at deposit development. The cutter consists of an elongated tail piece, of a cutting element secured at one end of the tail piece, projected out of it and made out of material of hardness exceeding hardness of the tail piece, and of a composed bushing formed with multitudes of belts secured around the tail piece near the cutting element and directly adjoining each other. Also belts of the bushing are fabricated out of material more hard, than material of the tail piece, the material of belts is less prone to produce an igniting spark, than material of the tail piece during cutting.

EFFECT: increased safety at mining operations due to reduced probability of generating igniting spark when cutter touches surface of rock in mining works hazardous for gas and dust, also increased wear resistance of cutter tail piece.

27 cl, 4 dwg