Mounting of screw-fit pile anchor

FIELD: oil-and-gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to development of oil and gas deposits and can be used for anchoring of mining equipment at sea bottom. Proposed method comprises fitting the pile anchor in place by screwing the cylinder in soil, well drilling via wellhead, lowering of reinforced well casing in the well and cementing the string inner space. Note here that casing pipe is pre-furnished with lengthwise sawcuts. Prior to cementing of casing string, charge is lowered to 1.5-2.0 m from well bottom to explode its so that inverted plume is formed in the area if sawcuts as well as cavities in soil to be filled with concrete.

EFFECT: higher reliability of retention.

3 dwg


The invention relates to methods development of underwater predominantly marine liquid and gas deposits, in particular to methods of fixation of mining equipment on the seabed by anchors.

Known winepresses pile anchor for floating structures at sea, mainly offshore platforms for oil and/or gas comprising a hollow cylinder with an external thread and mounted on the thread limiter, butting anchor with a rack, mount the anchor chain, and installed in the upper part inside the cylinder on its axis small cylinder with an external thread (the mouth), as well as exhaust valves. In addition, the anchor includes a pile of columns reinforced casing made with the possibility of attachment to the mouth. The body is made with depressions in the seabed, which on the end surface of the case is made teeth. In the housing bore has a threaded barrel on the outer surface for screwing into the seabed. The anchor is supplied with the concrete in the well casing pipe passing through the threaded cylinder (see utility model "MARINE STANDALONE unit designed FOR OIL, semi-SUBMERSIBLE FLOATING DRILLING PLATFORM, OFFSHORE MINING HOUR FOR PUMPING OIL, MARINE ICE FLOATING PLATFORM FOR OIL, ICE FLOATING TANK FOR COLLECTING AND X IS ANEMIA OIL. ANCHOR FOR FLOATING STRUCTURES AT SEA" RF patent No. 86231, application: 2008135989/22, 05.09.2008).

As a prototype of the chosen method of installation of such anchors, which consists in screwing the cylinder into the soil before the limiter, drilling through the mouth, lowering into the borehole columns reinforced casing and fills the internal cavity of the column concrete.

The specified installation method and mounting wintersong anchor does not provide a reliable hold floating structures during strong storms or when the collision with the iceberg.

The present invention is to improve the reliability of retention of floating structures on the sea bottom during storms, collisions with icebergs and moving ice fields.

This problem is solved due to the fact that the installation method wintersong pile anchors by screwing the cylinder into the ground to stop, drilling through the mouth, lowering into the borehole columns reinforced casing, filling the internal cavity of the column concrete, according to the invention, the lower casing pipe pre-supply longitudinal cuts, before pouring of concrete in the column casing at a distance from the borehole bottom at 1.5-2.0 m down the charge and produce undermining of charge education in the area of cuts inverted Sultan and education in soil cavities, if e is ω concrete also filled the cavern.

A significant increase in the reliability of mounting anchors provided by the creation of concrete blocks placed inside the soil of the seabed, while the dimensions of the concrete blocks is much greater than the dimensions of the other parts anchors. When the explosion occurs the destruction of the lower casing in the zone where they performed a longitudinal cuts, the pipe is broken and the longitudinal elements are bent to the side in the form of feathers Sultan. Pumped concrete covers these curved longitudinal elements and solidification acquires the quality of a reinforced metal concrete monolith. In addition, the explosion not only enables the creation of underground cavities, but significantly thickens the walls of the formed cavity, providing obtain the closed cavity without gaps, which prevents excessive consumption of concrete.

The invention is illustrated by drawings, where figure 1 presents the scheme of fixing the floating drilling platform by means of anchors, figure 2 - winepresses anchor, figure 3 - winepresses anchor with stand (pile).

Rig 1 mounted on the platform 2 having the form of icebreaker skirt. Platform 2 is equipped with pontoons 3 and connected by chains 4 venturesome anchors.

Anchor consists of two parts: wintersong anchors and anchor the rack 5. In napisany anchor is a hollow cylinder 6 of durable steel closed with one hand. On the outer surface of the cylinder 6 there is a thread. The cylinder diameter 2 m, length 20 m In the center, with a closed hand, there is a small cylinder 7, with a diameter of 0.5 m and a length of 4 meters. She also, on the outer surface, there is a thread. With a closed side, a mount 8 anchor chain 4, the threaded butting 9 anchor with a rack 5, the exhaust valve 10. At the end of winepresses armature wound on the thread limiter 11. When the bottom falls hour 5, the limiter 11 is first immersed into the soil and then through him, the hollow cylinder 6 is screwed to the bottom.

Anchor pile 5 is a powerful column of pipes with a diameter of 0.35 m, a length of 100-150 m wall Thickness of 0.07 m

Thus, winepresses pile anchor includes a hollow cylinder 6 with an external thread and mounted on the thread limiter 11, the butting 9 anchor with a rack 5, the attachment anchor chain 8, and installed in the upper part inside the cylinder 6 on its axis small cylinder 5 with an external thread (the mouth), as well as exhaust valves 10, moreover, there is a pile 12 of columns reinforced casing pipes can be mounted to a small cylinder 7 (mouth), on the bottom of the last casing pipe pile 12 is a longitudinal cuts (not shown). Cutting length corresponds to half the length of the casing.

Winepress the first anchor is attached to a special counter 5, on a floating platform 2. As installation of the rack 5, the anchor with the help of special machines, sinks to the bottom. As soon as the limiter 11 stops on the bottom ground, hour 5 starts to rotate, with special rotor. Rack weight 5 presses on the anchor with a certain efforts and helps anchor easier to be screwed into the bottom. As soon as the cylinder 6 (anchor) is fully screwed into the bottom ground, the rotation stops. In the twisting process, the fluid trapped in the cavity between the outer surface of the Central tube 7 and the inner surface of the main pipe cylinder 6 (annular gap), is evacuated through the output valve 10. When you try to raise winepresses anchor installed at a depth of 200 m, the hydrostatic pressure will have a resistance of 600 TC. Then, over the counter 5, inside which there is a column of process pipes, drilling tool is lowered through the Central, small cylinder drilled hole with a diameter of 0.4 m small Central cylinder 7 in this case plays the role of the mouth.

Bore 16 is drilled to a depth of 100-150 m Then pile 13 as well as the column casing, is lowered into the hole and fixed on the mouth 7. Pipes that make up the pile 13, have a length of 10 m Half of the lower pipe has a longitudinal cuts along the entire circumference every 8-10 see After the pipe is lowered into the borehole, in n the e drops the given charge. At a height of 1.5 m above the bottom of the well, on command from the platform, is being undermined. Overpressure from the explosion breaks the pipe for sawing, forming an inverted "Sultan" of the steel sheets. The explosion also creates in the end wells surround the cavity 13, called "the cavern". The volume of the cavity 6-8 m3. We know from experience that pressure, the inner surface of the cavity significantly compacted. Then in the pile 12 and thus in the cavity is pumped, under pressure from the concrete 12 until, until the whole pile 13. In concrete 12 caverns are steel sheets 14 broken pipe. After hardening of the concrete, they form a concrete block 15, repeating the volume of the cavity. It is recommended to use heavy grades of concrete, for example, barite. This ensures secure mounting wintersong pile anchors

Operational characteristics winepresses, pile anchors.

The chain 4 can be fastened to any floating offshore facility and winepresses pile anchor will hold. Pull pile anchor with concrete block 14 on the end of the 100 m depth, it is not possible any natural disasters, including storms, moving ice fields and even Arctic icebergs. It is desirable to use the circuit with increased strength. The thickness of the rod link 150 mm Recip is vsuza heavy chain can facilitate the cylinders 15, filled with special facilitating the mixture, for example, a mixture of broken glass and epoxy or other more modern mixture. Such a circuit will stand in the gap over 7000 Cu. The chain can stop Arctic iceberg weighing up to 2 million tons and more. French scientists once did a mathematical model of iceberg towing weight of 7 million tons According to their calculations, this iceberg had to tow one towed! And effort in 7000 TC can only create 20 type nuclear icebreakers "50 years of Victory", the most powerful in the world, having cravings 350 Cu. They can work together to stop any even Antarctic iceberg that we talk about the small Arctic iceberg. In addition, the drift velocity of the Arctic icebergs is extremely small, not more than a few cm / sec, due to the absence in the Barents sea fast surface currents. In the literature it can be seen that the drift velocity of the Arctic icebergs 25 cm / sec. This means that the speed of daily drift - 50 miles. This indicated the greatest speed, which takes place only in the area of the Greenland current. In the rest of the water area of the Arctic, including the Barents sea, the daily rate of icebergs does not exceed a few miles. This means, a few centimeters in seconds!

Winepresses pile anchor is designed for anchoring ice-resistant offshore drilling platforms on arkticheskom shelf and at any point of the world ocean at depths between 100 m and deeper, extracting the hydrocarbons, for example, on the Shtokman gas condensate field.

Installation method wintersong pile anchors by screwing the cylinder into the ground to stop, drilling through the mouth, lowering into the borehole columns reinforced casing, filling the internal cavity of the column concrete, wherein the lower casing is provided with longitudinal cuts, before pouring of concrete in the column casing at a distance from the borehole bottom at 1.5-2.0 m down the charge and produce undermining of charge education in the area of cuts inverted Sultan and education in soil cavities, while the concrete is filled in the cavity.


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EFFECT: higher reliability of a bearing base for responsible underground structures, provides for accuracy of base strengthening performance.

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SUBSTANCE: device for compaction of soil in drilled pile well bottomhole includes casing pipe, bushing fixed on it with working element pulled through it. Working element is arranged in the form of hollow pipe, at the lower end of which there is a thrust journal and sealing attachment, and at the upper end there are upper and lower supports and inertial mass, placed on hollow pipe between upper and lower supports with sliding fit.

EFFECT: improved bearing capacity of drilled piles erected in watered and soft soils.

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SUBSTANCE: method of drilled pile manufacturing includes well arrangement in soil. Supply of material into it. Compaction of soil under lower end of formed pile. In process of soil compaction, in the base of formed drilled pile with parametres equivalent to driven pile, its conventional camouflet cavity is arranged with diametre Dkp equal to diametre of dzs equivalent to driven pile, where: dzs - diametre (m) of equivalent driven pile. DkP - diametre (m) of conventional camouflet cavity produced in soil as it is displaced under lower end of formed drilled pile, by means of supply of controlled material volume to fill conventional camouflet cavity according to the following dependence : where V is controlled volume (m3) of material spent for filling of conventional camouflet cavity produced in soil due to its displacement into pile foundation. As well is filled with material in the form of hardening mix, preferably plastic concrete mix, diametre of equivalent driven pile is identified according to dependence , where dzs - diametre (m) of equivalent driven pile. Dskw - diametre (m) of well; Δh - measured value of subsidence (m) of plastic concrete mix in well as conventional camouflet cavity produced due to displacement of soil under lower end of formed pile is being filled. And in order to produce drilled pile with parametres of driven one of the same diametre, soil is treated in the lower end of pile till material subsides, preferably concrete mix, in well by value, which is compared with the one defined from the following ratio: Δh/Dskw=0.4. Besides in the lower end of well soil is exposed to forces, and their sufficiency is controlled (assessed) by flow of material additionally supplied to well in process of soil treatment, and its volume is identified according to formula , where Dskw - diametre (m) of formed pile. Besides in well reinforced with casing pipe, dynamic actions at soil are carried out until material subsidence value in casing pipe makes at least the following: , where Δhtr is subsidence (m) of material in casing pipe. Dskw - diametre (m) of well. Dfr - inner diametre (m) of casing pipe. Dynamic actions at soil in lower end of formed pile are carried out to achieve conventional failure, which is represented by material subsidence of not more than 2 mm in process of the last action, and when soils are compacted by electric explosions in pile foundation with application of electrode system, dynamic treatment is interrupted provided that electrode system freely installed on bottomhole in process of electric explosion sinks by not more than 1-2 cm, and in process of soil dynamic treatment at least one additional camouflet expansion is created along pile length, preferably, in zones of well opening of soils that are most pliant to compaction, which is detected by reaction of soil to test dynamic actions performed along pile length.

EFFECT: development of drilled piles with bearing capacity by soil, same as for driven piles, with minimum possible usage of resources and maximum possible usage of properties inherent in massif of soil that contains pile.

7 cl

Driven pile // 2386748

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: invention is related to construction, in particular to pile foundations. Driven pile consists of shaft with axial hole, sharpened tip with circular base and conusoidal shell with spike, cavities inside shell filled with hardening solution. There is a threaded hole in tip base, which is closed with threaded plug with stem. Tip shell is rumpled with submergence force after removal of threaded plug and additional submersion of pile. For additional increase of bearing capacity there is an elastic shell on lower part of shaft with facilities for fixation of its upper and lower ends; cavity between elastic shell and shaft surface; protective jacket with facilities of its fixation of shaft, which slides in radial direction and embraces elastic shell. There is a radial hole in shaft, which connects longitudinal hole with specified cavity transformed into support belt after the pile has been submerged at the specified depth, the cavity has been filled with hardening solution via holes in shaft and the solution has hardened.

EFFECT: improved bearing capacity of hollow piles.

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FIELD: oil-and-gas.

SUBSTANCE: invention related to construction, particularly can be used for bored piles with enlarged base arrangement. The method includes hole boring, hole opening with mechanical clampshell enlarger, reinforced cage installation and filling in the hole with concrete mixture. Developing enlargement with ration of enlargement diametre to hole diametre, equal de/dh≥2 with rotation velocity equal n=20-100 revolution per minute, dependant on ground conditions. After covering distance 0.8 h, where h - height of enlargement, stop axial supply of boring media and at that level, during 3-5 revolutions execute enlargement base cleaning, and ground collector and voids between enlarger blades complete filling. Turn on axial supply and execute boring till enlargement total height and enlargement blades closure. Take away enlarger, then concrete enlarged base, install reinforced cage and complete bored piles arrangement with concreting its core.

EFFECT: method of bored pile arrangement efficiency increase and hole enlarger design improvement, hole enlarger reliability increase, easing of ground withdrawal out form ground collector and better quality of constructed bore pile.

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FIELD: construction industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to construction industry and namely to construction of bearing piles in ground rock. Device for making multi-layer sealed pile in ground rock includes, in the combination, elongated hollow tube having longitudinal axis, upper inlet end for material, open lower discharge end for material and diametre of the first external surface and common formed lower head element at open discharge end, which has diametre of the second external surface, which is more than diametre of the first external surface and made with the possibility of transmitting combination from axial and transverse stress components when hollow tube is lowered. Head element consists of common attachment to hollow tube; at that, head element includes lower driving end which in general has configuration of flattened cone between head element of external surface and lower discharge hole made in the lower driving end, and back end having in general the configuration of flattened cone, and cap of the head element covering lower discharge hole. Lower head element with the cap and hollow tube are formed for being introduced into ground rock and for displacing the earth when hollow tube with lower head element and the above cap is lowered into ground rock so that a cavity is formed in ground rock. The cap is at least partially removed from lower discharge hole when hollow tube is then lifted from the formed cavity in order to perform passage of material through lower discharge hole to the cavity section released with hollow tube and lower head element. The latter has the form of cross section and the sizes which are more than the shape of cross section and sizes of hollow tube in order to decrease friction forces on hollow tube when penetrating into ground rock and being removed from it.

EFFECT: improving reliability of the pile and capacity and production effectiveness of piles.

34 cl, 26 dwg

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: invention is related to methods for arrangement of pile foundations for structures, to pile foundations and shell structure for creation of widened foot for pile foundations. Method for creation of pile foundation for structures, according to which the following stages are executed on site to arrange the mentioned foundation - well for installation of foundation pipe is drilled with the help of the first auger drill. The following section is drilled under lower end of installed foundation pipe. Cavity is arranged in the specified section by means of scraper and pressure of water jet. Loose soil is removed from specified cavity by mentioned first drill. Pipe for set of tools and accessories with the second auger drill and flexible shell that envelopes the lower part of the second specified drill is lowered through foundation pipe into lower part of specified section. Excess pressure is built up in specified shell, and moulding material is injected into specified cavity, surplus of which is then removed by the second auger drill. After mentioned material hardens, the specified shell is blown off and removed via specified foundation pipe. Reinforcing device is lowered into foundation pipe. Concrete material is poured into foundation pipe, at that specified cavity is filled, and specified reinforcing device is embedded into concrete, thus creating widened foot for foundation pipe. Versions of method and pile foundation are also stated.

EFFECT: higher stability and resistance to compressing and stretching forces, lower material intensity.

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SUBSTANCE: invention refers to building, in particular, to strengthening of the bases under the basements. The way of strengthening of the basement erected on waterlogged priming coats and near to the located constructions includes supply of early strength concrete in the metal tubing established in driven wells, drilled through a basic part of the basement and a ground. Pipes are made with the welded boots, in pipes lower explosive charges and fill with early strength concrete, then the explosive charges are detonated, remaining hollownesses of driven wells and pipes are filled with early strength concrete.

EFFECT: provision of reliable strengthening of the basements erected in waterlogged priming coats and near to located constructions; increase of load-carrying capacity.

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FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention is related to facilities of the continental shelf development. An offshore floating platform contains an undersea displacement module, a support subsea module with rigid support columns and binders, and straining ties fixed at seabed anchors. The support columns and binders can be detached from the undersea module in order to escape quickly from an ice-hazardous area and to return back to the abandoned place. The subsea module is made of individual sealed pontoons interconnected by rigid ties capable of limiting relative motion. The support columns of the subsea module are equipped with mechanisms for connection to pontoons of the undersea module and for interconnection of the modules.

EFFECT: improved reliability of the modules coupling/decoupling, simplified ballasting process.

6 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to construction of platforms to mount drilling and oil production equipment in the sea. The support stand-anchor of the marine platform comprises joined upper section with the upper support site, ballast cisterns-sections and the lower drilling section, in which there is a hydraulic engine installed, to the shaft of the rotor of which a drill is connected, and a pipeline of water drain and a nozzle of water drain are connected to the stator of the hydraulic engine. At the same time on the marine platform in the control cabin the system of filling-emptying of ballast cisterns-sections additionally comprises a compressor for compressed air, the outlet of which via serially connected first valves and three-way switching valves are connected to pipelines of compressed air supply, hydraulic pumps. Between ballast cisterns-sections there are remote support sections, the upper section is made in the form of two coaxial hollow cylinders arranged relative to each other coaxially. The upper support site by means of hinge parts rigidly connected to it and the marine platform, may rotate around the common axis of the hinged joint, and with it the entire support stand of the anchor with removal of the bolt joints by means of its transition from the vertical working position into the horizontal transport position.

EFFECT: expansion of functional capabilities of a support stand-anchor and reduction of axial load.

2 dwg

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: versions are disclosed regarding implementation of designs of a gravity foundation, which comprises the first and second extended foundation sections divided with an open area and made as capable of maintaining weight in water for the specified structure and resting against the bottom of the water area, and an upper section arranged above the specified open area and made as capable of passing at least partially above water surface to maintain the upper structures. Some versions of implementation additionally contain the first and second inclined sections, which connect foundation sections with the specified upper section.

EFFECT: improved design.

20 cl, 8 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to ship building, particularly, to sea gravity ice-breaking platform to be used in shallow water. Said platform comprises bearing plate composed of hollow body dividing in compartments filled with ballast and top displacement hull with processing and ship equipment built in bearing base deck closed elevation to uncouple them. Inner boundary of said deck elevation is equidistance in plan with floating structure outlines with difference in sizes defined by the relationship: δ=δïã, where δis aforesaid difference, δï is maximum sum of construction deviation of sizes ob said body and hull from rated values, δãis guaranteed clearance required for alignment of top structure with platform bearing base outline.

EFFECT: higher operating efficiency in ice.

2 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to sea gravity platforms for exploration of oil and gas deposits at continental shelf. Proposed platform comprises submersible offshore platform composed by bottom and top bearing plates, sidewalls and internal bulkheads. Bell consisting of separate sections is hinged to submersible platform bottom part. Every said section comprises vertical wall, stiffness ribs and guide pipes. Stiffness ribs have support elements at the points of abutting on bottom plate. Submersible platform sidewalls includes element for attachment of said bell in transport position and recesses to accommodate retainer pints.

EFFECT: higher stability, low draft, fast assembly and disassembly.

5 dwg

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: platform comprises a support base made in the form of a bottom board with a developed surface, strongly connected with a perpendicularly installed ice-resistant support block, somewhat protruding towards the bottom below the level of the near-bottom plane of the board. At the same time the ice-resistant support block is made in the form of a cylindrical column; special pipes - water-separating columns installed into the ice-resistant support block, through which operating wells are drilled; a superstructure made in the form of three replaceable floating decks with U-shaped cuts in the centre: decks of civil construction purpose, decks of drilling purpose and decks of operational purpose, at the same time U-shaped cuts are made as congruent to the cross section of the ice-resistant support block; detachable lifting mechanisms installed on the outer side along the perimeter of the U-shaped cut of the deck, engagement or disengagement with the support base is provided, as well as movement and fixation of the deck at the safe height of the ice-resistant support block; piles for fixation of the support base drilled with a drilling plant along a curvilinear trajectory provide for safe operation of the structure.

EFFECT: increased reliability of operation and process safety of an area of water during civil construction and drilling works.

3 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: support structure of a marine complex, designed for installation in shallow water, is characterised by the fact that it comprises at least two supports installed in shallow water, every support is made of at least one rigid shell closed along the perimetre and filled inside with stone material, besides, the lower shell of the support is installed on the sea bottom, and each of the above installed shells in the lower part is made of smaller size along the perimeter that the perimetre of the upper part of the more lower shell. Besides, at least a part of the upper shell is made with a cone shape. Each support is made as capable of installation of process objects and equipment of the marine complex and placement of elements that combine separate process objects into a whole marine complex between supports. The specified upper shell has a diameter in the range from 30 to 60 metres.

EFFECT: provision of efficient protection against ice and wave loads, reduction of construction time, lower material intensity.

24 cl, 12 dwg

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: method for coupling of a floating caisson, having funnel-shaped foundation shells, with a base (also with unprepared bottom of a water area), includes fixation of the design position of the floating caisson by means of its installation onto mounting supports or piles and filling with a material of artificial base into internal cavities of the funnel-shaped foundation shells. Actions of base protection (including an artificial one) are implemented from washing with flows of water that washes it.

EFFECT: increased reliability and durability of a base in a floating caisson, increased manufacturability: its coupling with a base.

7 cl, 1 ex, 1 tbl, 6 dwg

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: shallow-draught self-lifting floating plant comprises a body with an upper deck, a bottom, side walls and supports with lifting mechanisms. Along all or a part of side walls outside the body from the bottom level there are floatage compartments not reaching to the upper deck.

EFFECT: provision of maximum increase of floatage of a plant with minimum increase of its mass, which makes it possible to minimise subsidence of a plant for its operation in shallow areas.

4 dwg

FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: group of inventions refers to designs and formation methods of ice-resistant drilling facilities for development of shallow marine continental shelf. Drilling facilities include a self-lifting floating drilling rig with a cantilever, which has a housing and supports, at least one of which is ice-resistant, as well as drilling platform facilities with an ice-resistant housing, which can be installed in a fixed manner at the sea bottom and has upper superstructure for arrangement of equipment. Housing of the drilling rig is equipped at least with two retractable slides oriented towards the drilling platform facilities and mounted so that they can be moved in horizontal plane to transfer the load from the rig housing by means of the above slides to the drilling platform facilities. In the drilling platform facilities housing there are seats corresponding to retractable slides of the self-lifting floating drilling rig. Ice-resistant support of the drilling rig is mounted so that it can be borne against the soil to transfer the load to the sea bottom. The rest supports of the rig are non-ice-resistant and mounted so that they can be lifted above the rig housing after the load transfer from the housing through the drilling platform facilities and ice-resistant support to the sea bottom.

EFFECT: improving reliability at simplifying the design of the facilities, as well as enlarging its operating capabilities by installing the facilities in shallow water.

4 cl, 10 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: method for floating crafts emergency braking consists in the following: dowel-gun is manufactured which has shot-fixed ring with pulley secured on it on which pulley an anchor cable loop is thrown which cable is laid cable locker, anchor cable drag reel anchor cable is manufactured, the dowel-gun is pivotally mounted on outer part of floating craft aft, the dowel-gun is fixed in position with its chase directed upwards by means of controlled electromagnetic hook, if emergency braking is required top end of dowel-gun is released by means of electromagnetic hook, the dowel-gun is turned on swivelling joint thus placing its top end under water, at the end of dowel-gun rotation, the lower part of floating craft aft acts on fulminating cap of dowel-gun exploding charge thus exploding the latter causing shooting-out of dowel-anchor with shot-fixed ring put on it, to which ring pulley is attached, on which pulley anchor cable loop is thrown, anchor cable is spinned from cable locker, shot-fixed ring with end of anchor cable is shot to bed, shot-down anchor cable is slowed down by drag reel for emergency braking, thus stopping floating craft movement.

EFFECT: speeding-up floating craft emergency braking.