Integrated jumpsuit pneumatic compression massager

FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to medical equipment and aims at the simultaneous massage of legs, hips and low back of an individual's body. An integrated jumpsuit pneumatic compression massager comprises a pump, valve boxes coupled through connecting pipes to a pneumatic pipe line, tubular pneumatic members which can be air-filled successfully and parallel released, the pneumatic pipe line, an electric circuit wiring, an electrical connector, a safety unit and a control button The pneumatic pipe line comprises an electric heater with a thermostatic regulator and has a bypass line with a back-pressure valve and an air sampler with an adjustable choke for the automated control of air pressure generation in the tubular pneumatic members. To stabilise the operation of the closed pneumatic system of the massager, the pump is provided with a compensating cylinder valve comprising a body, a compensating valve with a spring, and an adjustable spring support, a stopper bolt, a safety valve disk with a spring and an adjustable spring support, a adjustment bolts, a perforated cap. The tubular pneumatic members can be arranged perpendicularly to the body.

EFFECT: invention enables the integrated hardware massage with using three methods at the same time - by malaxation, vibration and massage including transversal embracing stroking.

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The invention relates to medicine, in particular, to the treatment and prevention of diseases of the neuromuscular and musculoskeletal system of the human body. And can also be used in the energy field in pneumatic and hydraulic closed supply and cooling systems with periodic cycles.

Known pneumomassage type "Massager "Chestnut", (see patent RU No. 2145835).

Known pneumomassage type "Maxion UAM - 8100" (see

As a prototype, as the closest analogue that matches announced the appointment of the device, it is proposed to make known the invention SU 145252323 A1, 23.01.1989 (Device pneumomassage)containing tubular pneumatic members, arranged perpendicularly to the human body, designed to fill air in series and discharge in parallel, the pump connected to the safety valve.

In the famous pneumomassage vostochosibirsky circuit are open, as the air is drawn by the pump from the atmosphere and from the circuit cameras produced by the relief valve to the atmosphere, which causes discomfort to messageremove from the constant cooling of the body, and heated air is constantly discharged into the atmosphere, would be uneconomical. From the Description SU 145252323 A1 shows that the action of the valves. Regulated cycles of C is of the air pressure in the circuit tubular pneumatic members and air vent of them, not avomotoservice, complicates the operation of the device.

The purpose of the invention is to empower technical pneumomassage, doziranje most favorable massage in the complex use of different types of massirovanie at the same time; to improve the comfort and efficiency of the process pneumomassage; automation control is a pressure of air in a tubular pneumatic members and vent air from them.

According to the methodological recommendations of the doctors of medical Sciences AU, Stringari and N.A. White, in the book "Massage for adults and children", publishing house "Health" K. 1992, p.55, the most beneficial massages can be complex to use various types of massirovanie. It is best to assemble massirovanie the kneading, which is like a passive exercises of the muscles and blood vessels, with massaged by vibration, which improves blood circulation, changes the rhythm of cardiac contractions, and normalizes blood pressure. The role of vibration in complex kneading massage is to reduce the excitability of the nervous system arising from irritation of kneading the nerve endings present in the skin, muscles, and ligaments (see page 54, book AU, Stringari and N.A. White "Massage for adults and children", publisher the Health K. 1992). In this same book on pp.62 it is recommended that areas of the feet (and therefore the body in our design) will be effective massage is conducted on the principle of bow strokes in the transverse direction.

With the complex use of massirovanie by kneading, vibration and massage carried out on the principle of bow strokes in the transverse direction, the massage will also positively affect the bones, joints and ligaments of the legs, generally called musculoskeletal disorders, will be stimulated its activity, to increase flexibility, mobility ligaments, by increasing the blood lymph circulation is activated synovial fluid will start to diminish periarticular swelling, will accelerate the removal of the decay products, and this together prevents the emergence and development of micro traumas of joints of the musculoskeletal system (see p.51, books AU, Stringari and N.A. White "Massage for adults and children", publishing house "Health" K. 1992).

The present invention is:

1) Build the simultaneous effect of pneumomassage on the legs, hip and lumbar parts of the body are three main methods of massirovanie: massirovanie by kneading; massirovanie by vibration; massage conducted by p is incipe bow strokes in the transverse direction;

2) to Make the depth and efficiency of hardware massage differentiated from the frequency and amplitude of oscillations of the pneumatic members;

3) to Make the air entering the pneumatic members, heated;

4) to Make the pneumatic system of the massager closed so that the air from the tubular pneumatic members are not discharged into the atmosphere, and again got the pump working in safety-compensation mode automatically when the air is discharged from the system in case of an increase of pressure above the regulatory and absorbed than offset the shortage of air in the system using the safety-compensation valve.

The technical result is achieved by the fact that the layout of the simultaneous impact of pneumomassage on the legs, hip and lumbar parts of the body, is the manufacturer of massager in the form of overalls, in which the pneumatic members (troubadoors, corrugated) are arranged in the transverse direction of the clasping body parts on the perimeter of cooperation among themselves in pairs; one side of the connecting channel, and on the other hand, double crosses, is blocked by the check valve. Crosses going between themselves by means of sockets in the block crossings - valve bypass air in one direction. This reversal valves and confused the SKN channels, first, air flows from the air supply in subvalvular part crosses and through its upper branch enters the tubular pneumologist, having in its other end, and there, through the connecting channel passes in the following, waterslides pneumologist, and it comes in nadupanou space next double crosses and through its internal subvalvular space, air enters the next pneumologist. When the pneumatic members under air pressure to swell, knead the body, massaging it, and thanks to obhvatyvayut body of the pneumatic members and in turn their inflated from the bottom up, is massirovanie conducted on the principle of bow strokes in the transverse direction. When inflates the last pneumologist and the pump piston, moving the upper dead point will go down, there is a pressure relief, but with all air suspension elements at the same time, thanks to reverse the valves in double crosses, resulting in vibrations of the body, just as it happens in the method of massirovanie vibration.

Depth hardware massage varies with the magnitude of the amplitude fluctuations of the pneumatic members, thanks to the installation on the bypass line air supply of vozduhotehnika through an adjustable throttle. By regulating the throttle led the ins passage of air in vozduhazbornik, will change the amount of air flow in the pneumatic members, because they will be more or less inflated, thus changing the amplitude of natural oscillations and the power of massirovanie. The very frequency of the pneumatic members will be regulated by changing the number of revolutions of the motor drive pneumonias by means of a frequency controller.

For podogrevaemoi of air entering the pneumatic members, air supply mounted electric heater with thermostat.

To ensure clarity of pneumomassage and with considerations of energy conservation, its pneumatic system must be closed, that is closed on itself. To achieve this goal is the working volume of the pump cylinder is equal to the volume of the pneumatic system and to protect the air system from damage during the growth sverhpopulyarnogo pressure or the lack of air in it, the pump has a safety-compensating valve.

Comparable analysis with the prototype shows that the proposed design of complex kombinatornogo of pneumomassage "Jumpsuit", characterized in that pneumomassage arranged in a simultaneous impact on the human body is three methods of massirovanie; characterized in that pneumomassage is total body massage: feet, hip and lumbar spine; it is the eat, the pneumatic members made tubular and corrugated, the bow body; characterized in that the air suspension elements are connected in series, through the check valve and the connecting channel, characterized in that the air supply is set vozduhazbornik

adjustable throttle and monometr, characterized in that the pneumatic system is closed and is equipped with a safety-compensating valve.

Thus, the claimed design complex kombinatornogo of pneumomassage meets the criteria of the invention of "NOVELTY."

In the prior art, the comparison of the proposed solutions not only prototype, but also with other technical solutions in this field of technology is not allowed to reveal in them the features distinguishing the claimed solution to the prototype that gives the right to conclude that the criterion of "SIGNIFICANT OTLICHIE".

Figure 1 shows a General front view of the integrated kombinatornogo of pneumomassage.

Figure 2 shows a top view of an integrated kombinatornogo of pneumomassage

Figure 3 shows a sectional diagram of the connection between the pneumatic members;

Figure 4 shows in section the double cross, complete with non-return valve:

Figure 5 shows in section, of the safety-compensation valve.

Complex kombinatornogo of pneumomassage will occur as follows. Before enabling complex pneumomassage "Jumpsuit" therapist helps the patient to wear pneumomassage:visually guided, tighten firmly the basis 1, presetname clasps 4, sewn seam 5 (2), and the right leg 2, and the left leg 3 (Fig 1). then is inserted into a power source (not shown) of the plug 29, the wiring 28 and the button 32 massager is included in the work. Watching pneumomassage, massage therapist customizes the massage apparatus strictly by a physician on an individual exposure parameters of pneumomassage on the patient's body. The magnitude of the warming up of air circulating in the air supply 17, which is heated by the electric heater 23 is regulated by a controller 24 (Fig 1). The amplitude fluctuations of the pneumatic members 6 (Fig 3), that is, the degree to which they blow from the internal air pressure is regulated by an adjustable choke with monometr 22 through which the air in vozduhazbornik 21 (figure 1). It looks like the following: the volume of the pneumatic system of pneumomassage equal to the volume of the working space of the pump cylinder 18 (Fig 1), as well as the pneumatic system of pneumomassage closed, that is, how much the pump piston in one stroke injection serves air in the pneumatic system, so much of her and pumped during the suction stroke when closed, an adjustable throttle 22. This will be the maximum amplitude fluctuations (inflation) air suspension elements 6. But, if adjustable throttle 22 to open to some value, then, is based on this, in proportion to the magnitude of the opening of the adjustable orifice 22 quantity of air from the air supply 17 will flow into vozduhazbornik 21 (1), then this value is not received enough air in the pneumatic members 6, therefore, decrease the pressure in them will decrease the amplitude of their oscillations: a mechanism of its regulation. And to ensure that the air from the air supply 17 got into vozduhazbornik 21 only through the adjustable orifice 22 for discharge and freely flowed from him when the suction stroke of the pump 18, vozduhazbornik 21 is installed on the bypass line 19 with a check valve 20. The number of oscillations of the pneumatic members 6 per unit time, in other words, the vibration frequency of massirovanie - regulated by changing the number of revolutions of the motor 26, the frequency controller 27. The motor 26 is connected with a pump 18 through a reduction gear 25, as the motor 26 is high, and the pump 18 must have a slow speed of about 120 rpm, and more accurately matched the frequency controller 27, individually, on the recommendation of a physician. Because the pneumatic system of pneumomassage design necessary is closed, it must have protection from the build-up of pressure above the allowable therein when heated and compensating device for air intake when the shortage in pneumatic the Birmingham massage apparatus. This device is safety-compensating valve 33 installed on the pump 18 (figure 1 and figure 5) or air supply 17 (as a variant, not shown in the figure). Safety-compensation valve operates as follows: if the negative pressure in the pneumatic system of the massage apparatus is created below the permissible, there is the pressure drop over compensating valve 35 (figure 5) and under it, through which

the valve 35 overcomes the force of elasticity of the springs 36 and opens, letting in a rush of air into the pneumatic system of pneumomassage. The time required for the opening of the compensating valve 35 is mounted an adjustable stop 37, which can be screwed or work loose on the threads on the shank of the valve 35 and is fixed locking bolt 38, and ate in the pneumatic system of the massage apparatus increases the pressure above the allowable, then the increased pressure against the elasticity of the springs 40, raises the plate relief valve 39 and the excess air from the pneumatic system of pneumomassage released into the atmosphere through the gap between the plate 39 and the housing 34 of the relief valve (figure 5). The opening of the plate 39 is installed by screwing or twisting the adjusting bolts 42, which tighten or loosen the spring 40, through the adjustment of the stop 41. Then in General the process of massirovanie complex combinatoriality massager will take place as follows, in its full configuration: enabled pump 18 (piston) slowly pumps moving to the top of the piston the air in pneumological 17, (Fig 1), and from there through the connecting tubes 16, air is supplied to the blocks 12 crosses - valves. Composed of double crosses 8 (figure 4), using the sockets 11, but since the entrance of air in a double crossbar 8, blocked by the blade 14, the check valve 6, the air goes through the lower pneumologist 6, which encircles the body messageremove man, and then at the end of pneumologist 6 channel 7 connecting, goes into the next pneumologist and returned inside the next double crosses, but on top of the petal 14, a check valve 9, but again the transition of air into the next double cross is the next petal check valve, so the air is forced to enter only in subsequent nameelement 6. So, starting from the bottom of the leg all the way up to the top of the base 1. As filled with air pneumologist 6 - inflated from the air pressure, but due to the swelling of the pneumatic members is massirovanie stroking and kneading of the body, when the offset of the individual sections is the first method of complex massirovanie. The second method of complex massirovanie is that, thanks to rotating inflate Coleophoridae is their body air suspension elements 6 and move abimana perpendicular to the location of the pneumatic members 6, is massirovanie conducted on the principle of bow strokes in the transverse direction. When inflates the last pneumologist 6, the base 1 (Fig 3) and the pump piston 18 will go in the opposite direction, it will start the suction of air from the pneumatic massage apparatus, and then shall all the petals 14 non-return valves 9, block 12 crosses-valves, this will reset the air pressure in the pneumatic members 6, which will lead to vibration of the body. And this is the third method of massirovanie vibration integrated combinatoriality pneumomassage.

From the description it follows that the proposed design of complex kombinatornogo of pneumomassage effectively massaging General massage, the three methods at the same time the legs, hip and lumbar parts of the body with a wide range of amplitude fluctuations of the pneumatic members with the ability to vary the air pressure and the frequency of hardware massirovanie.

Comprehensive combinatoriality pneumomassage containing the pump, the valve blocks connected via a connecting tube with pneumological, tubular pneumatic members, designed to fill air in series and discharge in parallel, pneumological, wiring, connector electrical fuse, and a control button, characterized in that pneumological installed electric heater with thermostat and a air line with a check valve and vozduhotehnika with adjustable choke for the automation of creating air pressure in the tubular pneumatic members, and to stabilize operation of the closed pneumatic system of the massager pump is equipped with a safety-compensation valve consisting of a body, the compensation valve with a spring and an adjustable stop spring, retainer bolt, plate relief valve and spring, and adjustable stops for the springs, adjustment screws, a perforated cap, with tubular pneumatic members made with the possibility of arrangement perpendicular to the body.


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EFFECT: possibility to dose impact of vibration taking into account patient's individual peculiarities by selection of amplitude-frequency characteristics and taking into account maximal impact on physiological processes by presence of feedback about state of nervous-muscular system, which makes it possible to carry out regulation of impact parameters in real time scale, being at the same time mobile and compact.

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EFFECT: higher efficiency.

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SUBSTANCE: method involves concurrently acting with stimulating electric pulses and back pressure pulses upon the prostate from the large intestine side synchronized with the stimulating electric pulses under excessive rinsing solution pressure into posterior urethra region. Device has pneumatic massage unit as elastic shell enveloping hollow cylindrical casing having a row of radial holes for supplying compressed air into the shell and periodic pulsating pressure source having at least one unit for producing electric pulses and pneumo-electromagnetic valve which electromagnet anchor is connected to electric pulse production unit outputs. Unit for electrically stimulating perineal muscles and prostate having stimulating catheter electrode and reservoir containing rinsing solution attached to catheter electrode are available in the device. Electric stimulation unit output is connected to input of unit for producing pressure pulses. Periodic pulsating pressure source is manufactured as elastic pneumatic chamber brought in continuous mechanical engagement with electromagnet anchor of the pneumo-electromagnetic valve and tightly joined via tube, cylindrical tube cavity and radial holes therein to the elastic shell of the massage member.

EFFECT: enhanced effectiveness of treatment; accelerated treatment course.

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EFFECT: enhanced effectiveness, depth and quality of massage treatment.

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SUBSTANCE: method involves applying multisectional cuffs to treat collateral blood circulation and open capillary bed of ischemic tissues. Pneumatic cuff pipes connect the cuffs and pneumocompression apparatus. Pneumatic pressure is supplied to proximal cuff section that is higher than systolic arterial blood pressure by 10-20 mm of Mercury column during the whole rhythmic pneumocompression cycle. Pneumatic action is formed on distal sections directed from top downward with a value of 80 mm of Mercury column to the value in proximal cuff from 15 to 25 s with concurrent pressure drop in all sections to 0 mm of Mercury column taking place. Pause lasts 25-60 s to the next cycle. A daily session is 30-90 min long. The treatment course is 10-30 days long. Device has multisectional cuffs connected to excessive pneumatic pressure source via pneumatic cuff pipes, programmed unit for controlling magnitude, duration and succession of actions from section to section. The device has unit for controlling pneumocompression parameters in proximal cuff sections to provide autonomous control over pneumatic action value.

EFFECT: enhanced effectiveness of treatment.

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EFFECT: reduced load on joint at training.

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EFFECT: provision of handy shower set which can be kept in any place.

2 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: medical equipment.

SUBSTANCE: device can be used for as aid providing healthy sleep due to optimization of body's and head's position, massage of the whole body, stimulation of blood circulation and satiation of organism with micro vibrations. Device has at least two pneumatic chambers connected by means of constrictors. Aid for reproducing electric signals is introduced into the device additionally which signals are recorded during contact of electronic phonendoscope with surface of human body when patient is active or doesn't sleep. At least one electro-mechanical converter of the device is made for conversion of electric signals to micro-vibrations. Electro-mechanical converter is placed onto surface of at least one pneumatic chamber and is connected with aid for reproducing electric signals. Pressure re-distribution and change in shape of chambers - as pillow and mattress - is performed slowly corresponding to shape of human body due to availability of constrictor which provides deep relaxation of muscles. When switching aid for electric signal reproduction and conversion of those signals to mechanical micro-vibrations by means of electro-mechanical converter which is placed onto surface of chambers, the micro-vibrations are transferred from chambers to surface of human body being in contact. As a result, deficiency of micro-vibrations arising during deep relaxation of human body during sleep is compensated.

EFFECT: improved efficiency.

3 cl, 1 dwg

FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: method involves administering massage, fixing body members, doing passive and active exercises on a ball which diameter is not less than 45 cm, gymnastic exercises and teaching motor skills to patients. Body members are kept fixed for the whole massage process time. Fixation is released only for the body member treated with massage. The fixed body is kept in dorsal lying position and prone position with maximum permissible extension of arm and leg articulations and legs parted to maximum permissible degree. These positions are additionally fixed by placing sacks filled with 1-5 kg of sand depending on age.

EFFECT: enhanced effectiveness and safety of treatment; accelerated formation of labyrinth straightening reflex.

7 cl, 1 tbl

FIELD: toxicology.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to treating toxicoses caused by alcoholism or narcomania For that end, vegetable-origin enterosorbent is used, which is administered simultaneously with abdominal decompression.

EFFECT: increased sorption capacity resulting in elevated detoxication effect.

2 cl, 3 tbl, 4 ex