Preparation polykatan

FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to pharmaceutical industry and represents a preparation possessing the anti-inflammatory action, stimulating the mucosa regeneration, and containing magnesium-chloride mineral bischofit brine 1.27±0.01 g/ml with normalised specific gravity, slastiline, menthol, thymol, and a stabilising agent differing by the fact that it contains magnesium-chloride mineral bischofit brine free from technogenic impurities, with the ingredients in the preparation are taken in specific proportions, g.

EFFECT: reducing acute daily oral toxicity in 1,7-1,9 times.

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The invention relates to the field of medicine, new medicines, exhibiting anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, wound healing and stimulating phagocytosis action.

It is widely known and used in the clinical practice of medicine "Policeman", which are standardized by the specific gravity of 1.27±0.01 g/ml of brine chlorimines mineral bischofite, optionally containing corrector taste slastion, antiseptics menthol and thymol, stabilizer tween-80 or gelatos [RF Patent №2053774 (1996). Spasov AA, Temkin ES, O. Ostrovski, Skorokhodova E.N., Vdovin G.P., Perevozchikov GG, Gerchikov L.N., Borovsky E.V., Ermakov VA // Drug having anti-inflammatory and stimulating regenerative processes in the mucous membranes of the action (AC 33/00) / bul. Fig. - 1996. No. 4]. Shown high efficiency of application of Polycatan in dental practice, dermatology in inflammatory diseases of the upper respiratory tract, sensorineural hearing loss, hypertension and other diseases [Spasov AA Magnesium in clinical practice. - Volgograd: Publishing House. LLC "Lad", 2000. - 272].

Mineral bischofite is a uranyl magnesium chloride formula MgCl2×6H2O Deposit discovered large areas of the Caspian is hollow and Volga monocline at depths of 1000-2000 m Industrial production bischofite is produced by the method of underground vysalivaniya that allows you to extract 75-85%bischofite brine. The resulting brine is diluted with water to the required concentration and standardize density. However, the presence of a number of natural and man-made impurities in the solution of bischofite significantly limits its medical use. Developed drug and Spa facilities on the basis of bischofite, including "Balikatan, only apply topically in the form of mouthwashes, baths, compresses, solutions for electrophoresis, ointments, liniments, pastes, or patches. Impurities included in the bischofite include the salts associated alkaline earth metals (beryllium, calcium, barium), iron and heavy metals [Spasov AA, Orobinskaya T.A., L.A. Smirnova // Success Fiziol. Sciences. - 1997. - So 28. - V.2. - S-93]. In addition, iron is the most significant man-made mixture as a product of corrosion of steel reinforcement wells. A particularly large impact on the quality of bischofite have impurities of petroleum products, which are mandatory auxiliary component in the production of bischofite and pumped into the well. In this regard, the application of bischofite as the basis for drugs used orally, without additional deep cleaning is impossible.

The development of otany our earlier method of purification of bischofite [RF Patent №2442593 (2012). Petrov V.I., Spasov AA, Ozerov A.A., sysouev B.B. // cleaning Method bischofite (AC 33/14, 01F 5/00, SW 1/00) / bul. Fig. - 2012. No. 5] provides a significant decrease in the content of iron and other impurities. This allows you to create based on purified bischofite new drug and Spa tools, including for enteral application.

The purpose of the proposed invention is the development of medicines "Policeman"with less toxicity and suitable for oral administration.

The invention consists in the use of brine chlorimines mineral bischofite, free from man-made impurities, to obtain drugs "Policeman".

To conduct Toxicological studies have been made in accordance with [RF Patent №2053774 (1996). Spasov AA, Temkin ES, O. Ostrovski, Skorokhodova E.N., Vdovin G.P., Perevozchikov GG, Gerchikov L.N., Borovsky E.V., Ermakov VA // Drug having anti-inflammatory and stimulating regenerative processes in the mucous membranes of the action (AC 33/00) / bul. Fig. - 1996. No. 4] samples of the medicinal product "Balikatan" based on purified and unpurified bischofite with the same quantitative composition:

Brine mi is erala bischofite (density of 1.27±0.01 g/ml) - 100
Slastion (aspartame, E 951)- 0,01
Menthol- 0,005
Thymol- 0,005
Stabilizer (tween 80)- is 0.0002

The definition of acute daily toxicity of the proposed medicinal product "Balikatan" based on purified brine mineral bischofite, and known means "Policeman", produced from the crude brine mineral bischofite, were performed in the laboratory of medicinal safety research Institute of pharmacology, Volgograd state medical University. The experiments were performed on rats of both sexes, which investigational drugs were administered intragastrically in various doses in accordance with [Manual on experimental (preclinical) study of new pharmacological substances", Ed. Rugarama. - Ed. 2. - M.: JSC "Publishing house "Medicine", 2005. - 832]. It is established that the death of animals was recorded after the introduction of them "Balikatan" based on purified bischofite in the dose range from 4.0 to 9.5 ml/kg, and the introduction of Polycatan" based on crude bischofite in doses ranging from 2.0 to 6.0 ml/kg per animal. The magnitude of LD50 at the same time slightly differed for female rats and rats-males (table 1).

Table 1.
Sharp daily toxicity of the medicinal product "Balikatan" after intragastric administration
№ p/pMedicationAcute toxicity, LD50ml/kg
1"Balikatan" based on purified bischofite6,30(4,95-8,65)7,20(5,86-9,05)
2"Balikatan" based on crude bischofite3,79(2,85-4,95)3,72(3,05-4,59)

For clinic manifestations of toxic effects was characterized by the presence of sedation, inhibition of mobility, breathing, muscle relaxation, reduction in body temperature, reactions to pain and audio stimuli. These signs occurred in animals mainly after the introduction of Polycatan" after 10-15 min in toxic doses. Death was preceded by tonic twitching limbs, lateral position, sudden respiratory depression. The death of the animals ü noted in the first day during the first 4 hours of observations. The restoration of the physical and behavioral activity in animals that remained alive were observed at the end of the second day of observations. In subsequent timing observations of mortality were noted. According to the results of the registration of the dynamics of body weight of the rats was recorded decrease in weight gain in the experimental animals (on average by 10% in comparison with control) in the first week and gradually restore it to the end of the 2-week observation period.

Thus, the use of brine chlorimines mineral bischofite, free from man-made impurities, to obtain drugs "Balikatan allows 1.7-1.9 times lower acute toxicity of the drug compared with Polycatenar", obtained on the basis of the crude bischofite.

Drug, has anti-inflammatory and stimulating regenerative processes in the mucous membranes of the action, containing standardized by the specific gravity of 1.27±0.01 g/ml of brine chlorimines mineral bischofite, slastion, menthol, thymol and stabilizer, characterized in that it contains brine chlorimines mineral bischofite, free from man-made impurities, in the following ratio of components, g:

brine chlorimines mineral bischofite 100
stabilizeris 0.0002


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EFFECT: composition according to the claimed invention ensures enhanced antimicrobial action.

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EFFECT: method ensures obtaining implant coating, contributing to fast and reliable osteointegration of the implant due to formation of developed surface morphology and creation of antimicrobial effect in tissues adjacent to endoprosthesis.

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EFFECT: using the compositions according to the invention provides higher expression of the antimicrobial pectin representing REGIIIβ and/or REGIIIγ that provides the protection of the intestinal epithelial barrier integrity, induces healing of wounds caused by the microbial disorder.

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EFFECT: method provides higher survival rate in the patients suffering the above pathology, as well as reduces a risk of septic shock ensured by the pathogenically caused regimen of the combination of various human body effects providing a degree of systemic endotoxemia to be decreased.

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EFFECT: group of inventions enables applying the composition for non-therapeutic disinfection, in treating skin infections.

FIELD: biotechnologies.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to derivatives of oxazolopyrimidine in any of their stereoisomeric forms, or in the form of a mixture of stereoisomeric forms specified in Claim 1.

EFFECT: oxazolopyrimidine derivatives having agonistic activity in relation to Edg-1 receptor.

5 tbl, 319 ex

FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to medicine, namely to general surgery, and can be applied in prevention of purulent-inflammatory complications of anterior abdominal wall wounds in case of strangulated ventral hernias. For this purpose, 10% solution of colloidal nanosilver is introduced into operation wound after elimination of strangulation, with preliminary injections on perimetre of hernial orifice edges in dose 0.1 ml of solution per 1 cm2 of aponeurosis. After that, after fixation of synthetic implant, injections are made along the line of sutures on periphery in dose 0.1 ml per 1 cm2 of suture. After that, subcutaneous adipose cellular tissue is infiltrated with solution of colloidal nanosilver in dose 0.1 ml of solution per 1 cm2 of wound.

EFFECT: method ensures considerable reduction of risk of development of purulent-inflammatory complications in patients with said pathology, as well as acceleration of processes of tissue reparation due to application of biologically active colloidal solution of nanosilver, producing selective impact only on pathogenic microorganisms, on all layers of anterior abdominal wall and zone of synthetic implant fixation.

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EFFECT: method enables reducing the length of wound granulation and epithelisation ensured by using the biologically active colloidal nanosilver solution coating all wound layers and rendering selective action on pathogens only.

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SUBSTANCE: group of inventions refers to medicine, particularly to ophthalmology. One of the objects is using 2-amino-2-[2-(4-octylphenyl)ethyl]propane-1,3-diole (compound A), its separate isomers and a mixture of the same isomers, or pharmaceutically acceptable salts, solvates and hydrates thereof for preparing an agent for treating keratoplasty or refractive keratoplasty consequences. The second object is a method of treating the keratoplasty or refractive keratoplasty consequences in an individual in need thereof that involves administering a therapeutically effective amount of 2-amino-2-[2-(4-octylphenyl)ethyl]propane-1,3-diole (compound A), its separate isomers and mixtures of the same, pharmaceutically acceptable salts, solvates and hydrates thereof into the above individual.

EFFECT: invention provides treating the eye disorder consequences.

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SUBSTANCE: invention refers to medicine, and may be used for treating septic wounds and burns. A composition possessing antibacterial action contains active metal biocomplexes with 5-nitroimidazole and β-pyridine carboxylic acid and a base providing a soft dosage form. As a gelling agent, there may be used modified cellulose derivatives, additionally comprising methyl monosilane hydrogel (enterosgel) and/or polyvinylpyrrolidone, or an alloy of polyethylene oxide-400 and polyethylene oxide-1500. As a mixture of hydrophilic substances, the base contains substances specified in a group of: polyethylene oxides, dimexide, glycerol and aerosol, may comprise at least one target additive of: anaesthetic - trimecaine, pyrromecaine, lidocaine, or a mixture thereof, a repair process stimulator - methyluracil, acemine, solcoseryl, Spirulina microalgae (Spirulina platensis), or a mixture thereof, antiseptic - miramistine, chlorhexidine digluconate, dioxidine or a mixture thereof. The composition is presented in the form of an ointment or gel.

EFFECT: invention provides the improved microcirculation in wound tissues, as well as anti-inflammatory action, repair process stimulation.

5 cl, 6 tbl, 4 ex

FIELD: medicine, pharmaceutics.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to microencapsulation of drugs through the example of rivanol which can be used as an antimicrobial, antifungal topical preparation. A method for preparing microcaplues of rivanol in a water-soluble polymer representing polyvinyl alcohol or polyvinyl pyrrolidone is implemented by physical-chemical precipitation with a solvent wherein a precipitant is acetone. The process is carried out at 25°C with no special equipment required.

EFFECT: method for preparing the microcapsules of rivanol provides simplifying the process of microencapsulation.

13 dwg, 5 ex

FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to medicine, namely to surgery and can be used for prevention of postoperative wound suppuration. For this purpose perforated tube is placed on the bottom of wound surface and its ends are brought outside through formed on patient's skin counteropenings with further fixation of tube to skin and their hermetic closing. Starting from the following after operation day and further on 2-3 postoperative days, 100-150 ml of antiseptic solution are forced fractionally once daily into wound through one of tube ends, the second one being closed. Intra-wound hydraulic compression of antiseptic is created and increased to such a degree that partial leakage of solution between skin sutures takes place. After that, compressed second end of tube is opened and all antiseptic is drained from wound. Then, remaining wound and drainage tube content is aspirated completely. After that from 3-4 to 9-10 days washing of wound in flow manner without element of hydraulic compression is continued on the same daily single time basis.

EFFECT: method makes it possible to reduce number of postoperative wound suppurations, thus ensuring wound healing with primary intention.

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SUBSTANCE: present invention refers to new substituted phenoxyacetic acids of general formula 1 possessing the properties of a selective antagonist inhibiting A2a adenosine receptor activity. The compounds may be used in preventing and treating central nervous system diseases, such as cognitive disorders, Parkinson's disease, or depression, tumour diseases, inflammatory processes. The invention also refers to an agent for intensification of immune response or action of drug preparations in the combination treatment of the diseases. In general formula

, R1, R2 and R3, optionally simultaneously represent hydrogen. C1-C5alkyl, C3-C5alkenyl or C3-C5-alkynyl; R4 represents hydrogen, a halogen atom, hydroxyl, C1-C3alkyl, C1-C3alkyloxy; R5 represents hydrogen, C1-C3alkyl, the group -C(O)R6;R6 represents hydroxyl, C1-C5alkyloxy, C3-C5alkenyloxy, C3-C5alkynyloxy optionally substituted by an amino group wherein the substitutes optionally identical are specified in hydrogen, C1-C3alkyl optionally substituted by a mono- or dialkylaminogroup, an alkyloxygroup, 5-6-member saturated heterocyclyl containing 1-2 heteroatoms specified in nitrogen and oxygen: pyridyl, phenyl optionally substituted by 1-3 methoxygroups; or optionally substituted 6-member, optionally annulated with 5-member unsaturated heterocyclyl, saturated heterocyclyl containing 2 nitrogen atoms wherein the substitutes are specified in C1-C3alkyl optionally substituted by 5- member heteroaryl containing 1-3 heteroatoms specified in nitrogen and oxygen; or 6- member optionally saturated heterocyclyl containing 1-2 nitrogen atom optionally substituted by C1-C3alkyl, oxo, optionally substituted by phenyl; a dashed line with an accompanying continuous line represents a single, double or triple bond.

EFFECT: preparing new substituted phenoxyacetic acids of general formula 1 possessing the properties of the selective agonist inhibiting A2a adenosine receptor activity.

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SUBSTANCE: invention refers to medicine, namely surgery, and may be used for treating abscesses, festered residual cavities and ganglions. The cavity contents are daily aspirated through a catheter in laboratory animals (male rabbits) suffering simulated hepatic abscesses of the diameter of 1.5 cm. Then the abscess cavity is filled with copper nanoparticle suspension in 0.9% physiologic saline of the concentration of 1 mcg/ml. A laser light guide provided with a diffuser is placed in the cavity centre to expose to laser light at wave length 630 nm in a continuous mode, output power 35 mWt for 3 minutes.

EFFECT: method enables intensifying antimicrobial action of copper nanoparticles under laser light, starting treating without specifying an agent, suppressing pathogenic microogranisms over a relatively short time, stimulating repair processes successfully, reducing toxic action of nanoparticles on macroorganism, considerably reducing a length of treating festered cavities.

2 dwg, 1 tbl, 1 ex

Jnk inhibitors // 2504545

FIELD: biotechnologies.

SUBSTANCE: in formula

each of R1 and R2 independently represents H or C1-6alkyl; or R1 and R2 together form C3-6cycloalkyl circle, which is optionally replaced with one or more R2'; R2' represents C1-6alkyl, hydroxy group, halogen, amino group, C1-6alkoxy group, C1-6hydroxyalkyl or C1-6haloalkyl; R3 represents H or N(R4)(R5); R4 represents H, C1-6alkyl or C(=O)OR4'; R4' and R5 represents H or C1-6alkyl; represents H or C1-6alkyl; or R2 and R3 together form 5-membered heterocycle containing 1 atom of N in the amount of heteroatom, which is optionally replaced with one or more R2'; Q represents CH or N; Z1 represents (CH2)u; u and v mean 1; Z2 represents (CH2)v; m, n, p, r, q mean 0; Y1 represents CH(Y1'); Y1' represents H or C1-6alkyl; Y2 represents H or represents C1-6alkyl. Invention also refers to compounds of structural formulae (II), (IV) and to pharmaceutical composition containing the above compounds.

EFFECT: improving inhibiting activity in relation to JNK kinase.

10 cl, 4 tbl, 23 ex