Method to construct float hydraulic power plant combined with lock chamber

FIELD: power engineering.

SUBSTANCE: foundation under a common structure is assembled from steel or reinforced concrete blocks having sufficient buoyancy reserve, which are towed to the place of riverbed closure, where concrete stops are previously installed to ensure stop of the foundation at the specified point. One of the stops is connected with a coupling dam, under which sag pipes are laid for their connection with water conduits of float power units. Work is completed on build-up of walls on the foundation, using finished standard reinforced concrete boards, inserting them into reinforced concrete stands, and simultaneously the built-up walls at the side of the air lock outside is strengthened by inwash soil. Then both pairs of two-fold gates are installed, leaving them open before the sag pipes are laid, and a passage is closed, which is arranged between the wall of the lock chamber and the coupling dam of the opposite shore of the river. After float power units have been installed and connected to water conduits and power grid, and the site is closed by gates, the float hydraulic power plant with the matched lock chamber is commissioned.

EFFECT: possibility to simplify construction of a float hydraulic power plant combined with a lock chamber.

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The invention relates to the field of hydropower, in particular to the construction of river low-head hydroelectric power plants using the method of their delivery from the factory to the place of their operation, where complete all work to full readiness for exams.

There is a method of towing in the Kola Bay tidal power plant built in the dry dock and using pontoons and tugs delivered in an Acidic lip, which successfully works from 1968 to the present day.

The disadvantage of this method is the impossibility of its implementation for designs, sizes, which at times exceed Kislogubskuyu PES, the use of the dock significantly increases the cost of such construction. The technical result of the invention is that its implementation requires a single berth and complex at the same time carried out on a single work schedule in line with the overlap of the river, such as the strengthening of the coast, structures interfacing counter dams, and products, prefabricated, includes power units installed in the float globular structures with their unique ability to work with little under a stream of any kind, two pairs of double partitioned gate, their willingness must come before the Assembly floating Foundation, because when the tug is VKE they must be inside the walls of the Foundation, and one pair in the cargo compartment gateway protected flooring, temporarily used as pontoons as when building the raft Foundation and build up the sides (walls) float hydroelectric (SGPP). The common ground consists of two compartments: engine compartment (MO) and navigation airlock compartment (SHO), - collect the berth of the pipes, steel or special W/b, the diameter of which provides sufficient buoyancy to support the load in the form of racks to build walls and tubular supports for mounting the gate. Weld the pipe on the pontoons in separate blocks, to build the framework of the Foundation they need 5, two longitudinal and three transverse, with two belonging to SHAW, the weld ribs being samouglubleniyu under the weight of the structure, they will prevent possible erosion due to the difference of the difference of levels inside SHO.

This technical result is achieved in that the assembled Foundation with the help of tugs bring overlap a channel that already has a concrete stops, provides a stop of the Foundation at a given point, one of the stops connected with interfacing dam, which laid the siphons for interfacing them with weirs float of units in the design of the Foundation. Complete work on the building sides (walls) on the Foundation, and the uses standardized ready slabs of reinforced concrete, setting them W/W of the rack, and at the same time while building the walls of the shipping gateway, strengthen them outside alluvial soil, then set both pairs of double shut-off gate, leaving them open before you put the culverts and block closure channel located between the wall of the gateway module and interfacing dam opposite Bank of the river.

When you install the units and connect them to the spillways and outlet and overlapping the gate line, float power, combined with the shipping gateway, and commissioned. When excess energy resource of the river there is an opportunity to connect in addition to the previously installed culverts pavanelli working in horizontal turbines.

In figure 1, the plan shows a diagram of the float hydroelectric, combined with shipping gateway, and 8 of the float units, 4 of them installed in the vertical position of the turbines, the other connected to the culverts that are in mating dams. The viaduct over the gateway is not shown, it may be in the form of a drawbridge.

Figure 2 schematically shows the float unit in the section.

1 - camera fill hydroblaster for turbine installation in the horizontal position,

2 - chamber for the reception of ballast vertical turbine operation.

Summary of the invention for luchetta is the Foundation for the total building where is located the engine and shipping gateway, gather at the pier of the port or factory of steel or reinforced concrete pipes of large diameter, with sufficient buoyancy to together with pontoons to deliver the basement to the ground floor river target, and with it the necessary frame construction. The construction of hydroelectric power plants with a combined shipping gateways allows you to save expensive materials in the form of steel sheet piles and piles, as if floating the method of construction eliminates the need for costly paranah. In this way need only two pile stops to keep being afloat Foundation, to which both sides by reclamation erect interfacing of the dam body, which lay along the siphons, his discharge is able to provide operation of the float units. The value of the units that they are in working condition as soon as they will attach to the jet stream. The versatility of the units in the fact that a turbine with a generator located in the spherical case, in which there are two chambers for receiving water ballast. The cameras are positioned so that, filling one chamber, the turbine is connected to the work in a vertical position, freeing about the ballast first and filling them a second, turbine is in a horizontal position, the most productive because of parametreleri. In the construction of walls on the Foundation he flooded outside the walls of the airlock compartment strengthened alluvial soil. Float hydropower and navigation gateway are in working condition after will be closed both pairs of the gate and has at least one unit. Overpass, bridge, paving over the gateway of the camera.


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1. The method of construction of the float hydropower, combined with camera gateway, characterized in that their common Foundation, made of steel or concrete blocks, which have a sufficient reserve of buoyancy, towed to the ground floor of the riverbed, where the pre-installed concrete stops, provides a stop of the Foundation at a given point, and one of the stops connected with interfacing dam, which laid the siphons for interfacing them with water float units, completes the work of building the walls on the Foundation using standard concrete slabs, laying them in W/b of the rack, and at the same time increasing the wall with side gateway use the outside strengthen alluvial soil, then set both pairs of double-leaf gates, leaving them open before you put the culverts and block closure channel located between the wall of the airlock and interfacing dam opposite Bank of the river, when the installation and connection of the float units for conduits and the outlet and the overlap of the target floating gate hydroelectric power stations with a combined rotary camera for rent in operation.

2. The method according to p. 1, characterized in that the excessive energy source of the river it is possible to previously installed culverts additionally mount pavanelli with turbines operating in a horizontal position.


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EFFECT: increased operational reliability of industrial plant operation along with reduced costs.

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The invention relates to the construction and for the use of floating method of construction of hydraulic structures

The invention relates to the construction and can be used in the construction of turbine building of thermal power plants

The invention relates to the construction and can be used when mounting the multilayer metal wall

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EFFECT: no-pause operation of float power units installed along both boards of a canal.

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EFFECT: possibility to arrange high-discharge hydraulic accumulating power plants on plane territories, at large depths from 300 m to 2000 m, optimisation of works performance and maximum mechanisation of tunnelling of underground mines, by means of wide usage of efficient tunnelling mechanised complexes.

2 cl, 4 dwg

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: mobile small hydro-electric station of sleeve type with a transverse jet turbine includes a water-retaining shell fixed in the upper part due to back stays and guy lines of fitting to coastal anchor supports, and in the lower part by means of a unit of fixation to an apron fixed by bed anchors to the bottom of the watercourse. The water-retaining shell has cuts at the side of coastal abutments symmetrically relative to a flexible sleeve for provision of its protection against direct exposure of the flow as it overflows via a crest into a lower reach. A hydraulic unit is installed on a water-filled shell jointly with the flexible sleeve and has a flow rate controller and a servodrive, which provide for its most optimal operation.

EFFECT: invention makes it possible to create a temporary hydroeconomic unit that solves local power supply, irrigation, water supply, fish farming, and also provides for confinement of forest fire spread, provides for the possibility of multiple usage of the proposed structure under emergency situations.

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SUBSTANCE: hydraulic accumulating power station comprises a pool located on earth surface, a water intake facility, a vertical discharge water duct, a communication shaft, an aeration shaft, an inclined shaft of power delivery, a station unit with hydraulic units, a lower pool with main chambers and an inclined transport tunnel. The lower pool additionally contains short tunnels, connecting galleries, discharge connecting water ducts and a distributing chamber. Main chambers of the lower pool are made in the form of helically arranged tunnels in plan. The station unit with hydraulic units is placed in the centre of spirals of the lower pool. Hydraulic units of the station unit by means of suction pipes and short tunnels are connected with the distributing chamber, which by means of discharge connecting water ducts arranged radially relative to it, is connected with the main chambers of the lower pool. The lower pool is tunnelled by a combined method consisting in tunnelling of the main inclined transport tunnel from the surface to underground facilities with the help of a tunnelling mechanised complex and arrangement of main chambers of the lower pool. At the same time in parallel to the main inclined tunnel an additional transport tunnel is arranged, and then the lower pool is arranged, which is a continuation of transport tunnels. The lower pool is arranged in two stages: at the first stage a pilot mine is tunnelled with an open tunnelling mechanised complex, and at the second stage, using blast-hole drilling, it is finalised to design contour. Simultaneously with tunnelling of the main chambers of the lower pool they arrange a station unit with hydraulic units, which is located in the centre of spirals of the lower pool.

EFFECT: invention makes it possible to solve a problem of placement of high-discharge hydraulic accumulating power plants in plain territories, by arrangement of a lower pool and a discharge station unit under earth at depths from 300 m to 2000 m, and to optimise works performance and to mechanise tunnelling of underground mines to the maximum, through joint usage of open production tunnelling mechanised complexes and up-to-date equipment complex for performance of blast-hole drilling.

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FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: hydroelectric plant includes a housing made in the form of a vertical cylindrical chamber and a cylinder installed inside it at some distance, which form a composite channel, a compressor station interconnected via an air pipeline to a receiving chamber, a hydrojet turbine with the main generator, which is installed at the outlet of the turbine pipeline located in upper part of the receiving chamber, working fluid storage and level sensors. The plant is equipped with Pelton-type turbines with generators, the first and the second elevated tanks, additional level sensors, one of which is located in the first elevated tank, and the second one is located in the second elevated tank, and an air tank interconnected via an additional air pipeline with a check valve to the first elevated tank. Elevated tanks are installed inside upper part of the cylinder. The first elevated tank has the shape of a funnel, which is connected in the middle to the turbine pipeline. The second elevated tank is put on the first elevated tank and equipped with pressure hoses located in the first tank so that their outlets are located above the funnel opening of the first elevated tank. Pelton-type turbines are installed opposite nozzles of the hydrojet turbine along the perimeter of the receiving chamber. The receiving channel connects the receiving chamber to the second elevated tank. The storage is located in upper part of the housing. On pressure hoses and at the inlet of the turbine pipeline there installed are valves, and on some shafts with turbines there installed are flywheels.

EFFECT: lower consumption of power required for water return to water storage reservoir.

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FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: hydroelectric power plant includes a channel connected to a water reservoir initiating a dynamic flow and orthogonal turbines located inside the channel. The channel represents a pipe consisting of connecting links and provided with the turbines equally spaced throughout the pipe length. Turbines are made in the form of tubular modules with a drive shaft outlet and have the possibility of installing the modules between the connecting links of the pipe. In addition, annular elements of aerodynamic profile are fixed in modules.

EFFECT: higher efficiency of a hydroelectric power plant, lower structural complexity and metal consumption of the device, improved manufacturability, installation and operation and uniform distribution of loads between turbines.

4 cl, 4 dwg

FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: hydroelectric power plant includes water intake located outside bed of river, main capacity, pressure waterway and waterway of turbines. Along the whole bed of river there arranged is n regulating water reservoirs for water collection, each of which is equipped with a filling channel connected to the river bed and made in upper place as to level and dam with the height of up to upper level, which is made in lower place as to level. Discharge pipeline interconnected with river bed and equipped with a gate valve is installed at lower point of each regulating water reservoir. The main capacity is made in the form of the main water reservoir located below regulating water reservoirs in the section with high level difference and equipped with filling channel connected to the river bed, and dam with height of up to upper level, which are made in upper and lower places respectively as to water level. Pressure waterway is installed downstream as to level of the main water reservoir and made in the form of pressure pipelines with length of not less than 12-15 km depending on river water level difference in order to obtain the required head, which leave the main water reservoir. Pressure pipelines consist of winter pressure pipeline for minimum water flow rate and n summer pressure pipelines for maximum water flow rate. Pressure pipelines are connected to turbine waterway. Hydroelectric power plant also includes compensation water body located at the head level of turbine waterway, which is connected to waterway of turbines and equipped with pump group.

EFFECT: increasing operating efficiency of hydroelectric power plant.

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FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to hydroelectric power plants. Hydroelectric power plant includes runner 2 fully submerged into water and installed so that it can be rotated, housing with half-round groove, which encloses runner 2 on one side. The other side of runner 2 is located in water stream. Runner 2 is provided with horizontal rotation axis. Housing is arranged at the river bottom and hinged on the ends of arms the other ends of which are hinged to the piles mounted into the river bottom. External surface of the housing is concentric to the groove, equipped with radially located soil washing-out nozzles, as well as cutters. Hydroelectric power plant is provided with a drive to perform backward swinging movement of the housing relative to the arms.

EFFECT: simplifying the manufacturing technology and reducing the cost of hydroelectric power plant.

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FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: hydraulic power unit comprises a water intake, a discharge water conduit, a turbine and a drive of its generators. The hydraulic power unit water intake is made in the form of an artificial reservoir, which is built near a river. A water intake part of the discharge water conduit is connected to the artificial reservoir, and its upper edge is arranged at the level of or below the deepest natural point of the river bottom in a site of the artificial reservoir. The artificial reservoir is connected to the river by a canal or a water conduit, the bottom of which is made in the same manner at the level of or below the deepest natural point of the river bottom.

EFFECT: invention excludes impact of hydraulic power units and their construction at ecology of rivers and streams, where they are built.

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FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: hydroelectric power station at water flow in cut-off basin with natural or artificial water head contains eddies in cylindrical basin and central neck of discharge outlet. With forced water flow along horizontal plane cylindrical basin 1 contains along the axis accelerator 2 with blasting chamber 3 on the one side and spreader 6 on the other side. Spread flow is directed between two side oval abutments 4 at turbine blade 5 with horizontal axis of rotation, which is installed at edge of spreader 6. Rotation of turbine 5 is transferred to gearbox 7 and generator 8. Gearbox 7 and generator 8 are located outside basin 1. Spreader 6 spreads flow into two sleeves and directs them to two lateral sides of basin 1. Then flow turns around oval abutments 4 and then directed to jet of accelerator 2.

EFFECT: device allows creation of completely independent power generation plant that does not require dam or derivational water heads and location in direct vicinity to rivers; it allows use of pressure derivation of natural water flow.

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FIELD: hydraulic and hydropower engineering, particularly for building water-retaining structures to provide power supply to small settlements and farms.

SUBSTANCE: method involves assembling flexible apron assembly consisted of flexible floor apron and flexible downstream apron in watercourse; securing thereof to watercourse bottom by anchors. Water outlet assembly including hydroelectric generator arranged inside it is secured to floor apron and downstream apron by rigid ties. Connected to water outlet assembly by ties are water retaining shell and rope system secured to anchor poles located on watercourse bank.

EFFECT: reduced time of structure assembling and costs for electric power generation.

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