Method of sapropel production and plant for its realisation

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: method and plant for sapropel production from the bottom of water reservoirs includes its mining with the help of spiral knives on a cone head of auger transport, its lifting to the reducer with two randomly round-directed output shafts, where jackets of two augers are connected with the help of a corrugated reinforced hose, transportation by another auger into floating containers for filling, towing of containers in a bunch by a boat to piers, their lifting along the trestle on a special trolley upwards, and their emptying by tilting onto a vibration sieve for removal of foreign objects (bottles, stones, plants, etc.), collection of sapropel in a hopper - accumulator for transportation to consumers.

EFFECT: higher efficiency of production of organic sapropel and cleaning of water reservoir.

4 cl, 7 dwg


The invention relates to the field of production from the bottom of reservoirs silt soils, in particular sapropel.

There is a method of extraction of sapropel, including excavation of sapropel by dredging, transporting the slurry through a pipeline to the field evaporation and drying in the tank, condensation and freezing, milling the top layer and drying to 50% relative humidity, cleaning and storage piles, loading and delivery vehicles [Fomin A.I. Technology for local production of fertilizers (sapropels). - M.: Higher school, 1969].

The described technology requires large capital costs to get 700-800 thousand tons per year is necessary to construct a settling basin, an area of 450 hectares, slurry pipelines, canals, roads, to deliver the dredgers, to bring electricity. With this method a significant loss of sapropel. For the accommodation of settlers required the exclusion of a significant part of agricultural land in the lake basins - the most fertile lands. The return of a large number suck water back into the lake unacceptable: as these waters enriched in nutrients and can contribute to the development of processes clogging water algae.

There is also known a method of extraction from the bottom of reservoirs sapropel and other loose soil, including its notch with the help of mobile extracting the aqueous Assembly and hydrotestosterone, moreover, the notch produces fan-shaped benches from the periphery to the center, while the center is a point on the shore. The device includes a vessel for loading excavated material, the drive and installed on a floating base gruntmanis, screw propulsion and screw the working body associated flexible sleeve with containers for loading excavated material, the base machine and the drum for winding flexible hose with re-platform, with the capacity to load the excavated material, and the drive and the drum for winding flexible hose with re-platform placed on the base car, and a flexible hose reinforced cable elements (patent RF №2023160 C1 IPC IS 50/00, AS 45/00, 1994).

The disadvantage of this device is the low reliability due to the fact that the removable module is moved by means of screw propulsion, and the reverse movement is effected by traction drum, the supply of sapropel on the beach is a screw working body and a piston pump through a flexible hose wound onto the drum. The device is not designed structurally.

Also known installation, consisting of pontoons mounted carriage, Sakala, transport by pipeline. Mounted inside Sakala transport pipe with a rotating end and intermediate supports Central in the scrap contains screw pumps, which are mounted on the lower end of the shaft and below the intermediate support, a blade boot device pump lower end of the shaft with the console installed on the shaft end mill and vibromaster. Vibromaster made in the form of plates mounted on the levers, with the possibility of rotation around axes that are installed on the pump casing above the boot device from tilting relative to the horizontal to an upright position within the envelope of the channel formed by the rotating cutter. The loading device consists of two blades. The bottom is made in the form of a disk having a spiral surface and rigidly attached to the shaft, the upper blade is in the form of a strip having a ruled surface, forming a straight which, lying in a radial plane and passing through the axis of rotation of the screw and the circle equal to the diameter of the screw pump has a variable angle of inclination to the axis. The strip is attached to the shaft by means of a plate lying in a plane perpendicular to the axis of rotation and inclined platform, which is a continuation of the spiral of the screw pump [RF Patent №2061867 C1 IPC IS 45/00, 02F 3/88, 1996].

The disadvantage of this setup is the extraction of sapropel with a specific, fixed depth vertical screw device in the form of round holes on the bottom of the reservoir, therefore, the low air permeability is the capacity of the installation and only partial extraction of sapropel.

The aim of the invention is to develop a simple, practical method of extraction of sapropel from the bottom of reservoirs area of 10 ha with the use of the efficient installation.

This is achieved by the fact that produced by a special machine sapropel then is loaded about the craft in the floating containers, which are then in conjunction luxirous boat to the dock, then go up using the winch on the overpass on the truck up, where are emptied by tipping vaporised to remove bottles, stones, vegetation in a special container and cleaned the sapropel is collected in a storage bunker, ed consumers vehicles. Installation for extraction of sapropel is installed on the craft in the form of a catamaran with the engine, gearbox, bevel gearbox, transmission of torque to the gearbox with two arbitrarily round directed output shafts to drive the mining and transporting screws, covers about gear connected corrugated hose, and the tip of the extraction of the auger is made conical with feeding spiral blades made of spring steel, and the blades form a spherical profile.

Figure 1 shows a boat with saprolegniasis installation, side view; figure 2 is a top view of the vessel; on Fig - rack with sapropelites on the waterfront; figure 4 is a top view of the rack; figure 5 is a view of the tip saprolegniasis auger; figure 6 is a view along arrow a (bottom) end with figure 5; figure 7 - hose connection covers mining and transporting screws.

On the catamaran 1 with the cutting unit 2, engine 3, the transfer case 4, the bevel gear 5, a centrifugal pump 6 to drive the water jet propulsion 7, conical reducer through a safety clutch 8 is connected with the gear 9 with two randomly round directed output shafts to drive the upstream - raising 10 and transporting 11 screws. The end of mining auger is equipped with a head 12 with a conical casing 13. The shaft 14 of the screw has a bottom support 15, conical screw pump 16 and mounted on the crossbar 17 of the spiral blades 18, which are under the edge of the casing 13, forming a spherical profile. The output shaft gear 9 by means of the couplings 19 and 20 are connected with the shafts of the augers and casings 21 and 22 of the augers are secured to the housings 23 and 24 of the bearings of the gearbox 9. Luke cut-outs 25 and 26 near the gearbox casings augers are connected gofrirovannyi reinforced hose 27. To change the position (lifting / lowering) the extraction of the auger 11 is provided by a winch 28-sheave pulleys 29 mounted on the bracket 30. On the casing end of the conveying auger p is euskotren closing hatches 31 for discharging sapropel. On the waterfront on the pillars 32 are arranged inclined lifting rack 33, the lower part 34 which is in the water, and the top 35 is rounded down. For the reception and accumulation of sapropel includes a storage hopper 36 with vibropresata 37 in the receiving part of the hopper and the traction winch 38. The container 39 is used for collecting foreign objects. Shore of the reservoir is equipped with 40 berths with walkways 41. For collection and transportation of the extracted sapropel in the storage hopper 36 is provided by floating the container 42, and to lift the ramp up special trolley 43 with different height of the wheels associated with cable traction winch 38. The mover of the catamaran may be different, for example, lead screw.

Organic sapropel from small (up to 10 ha) forest lakes is proposed to extract as follows.

From all lakes unit for obtaining sapropel moving radial working passageways of the elongated lakes - parallel working aisles. Installation (figures 1 and 2) begins the passage with the edge of the shore into the lake. What falls to the bottom head 12 mining and milling lifting of the auger 10 includes the drive, spiral knives 18 penetrate into the mass of sapropel and serves it from the periphery to the centre, where conical screw pump 16 and the screw 10 weight goes to the gear 9 and hose 27 and transporting auger 11 podes is in floating containers 42, installed near the bow of the catamaran. Opening - closing hatches 31 fill containers and cling to Board the ship. On the one hand hooked empty containers, on the other - filled with sapropel containers. Catamaran slowly moves deeper into the reservoir, thus extracting the auger automatically changes its position, changing the angle of inclination. The tapered casing 13 from contact with the sapropel can have a face cut. The diameter and pitch of the screw is designed to pass and transporting bottles, when driving screws and gidroksipropanova hose provides reverse course and hole cleaning. Then the mesh containers one after the other and together they will tow the boat to the docks 40. One berth trailer full containers, the other empty. Then the full container is mounted on a special truck 43 and winch 38 cable raise up where the container is tipped, vivalia content on vibrotest 37. Vibrotest is on a slope and when you shake the sapropel falls down into the storage hopper, and foreign objects (bottles, rocks, plants) are falling from the side of the sieve into a collecting container 39. Then an empty container is placed on a cart and goes down. And the process repeats. From the hopper drive organic sapropel orders are delivered to consumers.

The method and technology of production organization who technical sapropel simple and practical to implement, the plant allows to produce high-quality sapropel and clear water.

1. The method of extraction of sapropel, including its notch with the help of mobile mining unit installed on the vehicle in the form of a catamaran, its transportation to the shore, characterized in that the sapropel then is loaded about the craft in the floating containers, which are then in conjunction transported towing the boat to the dock, then go up using the winch on the overpass on the truck up, where are emptied by tipping vaporised to remove bottles, stones, vegetation in a special container and cleaned the sapropel is collected in a storage bunker, ed consumers vehicles.

2. Installation for extraction of sapropel containing the craft in the form of a catamaran with the engine, gearbox, bevel gearbox, connected through a safety clutch gearbox to drive the screw working bodies, characterized in that the gear is made with two randomly round directed output shafts, and housings screws fixed on the bearing housings of the output shafts and openings enclosures for submission of sapropel about gear with lifting auger for transporting connected homeamerican hose.

3. Installation according to claim 2, characterized in that the head casing mining and lifting sapropel provided with a tapered auger to feed the spiral knives, made of spring steel, the cross shaft end of the screw.

4. Installation according to claim 2, characterized in that the knives in top form spherical profile.


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SUBSTANCE: furrows are cut on ice surface adjoining the pit lane that hinders slime processing to feed heat carrier to defrost and to make cutouts in layer body and cavities under ice body bottom surface. Floating hydraulic gun is used to jet lower layers above ice surface edged by cutouts. Then, ice is broken and thawed while exposed underlying soils are jetted by hydraulic gun and sucked by dredger as pulp to using equipment.

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EFFECT: stabilisation of concentration value of solid particles in hydraulic fluid flow.

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SUBSTANCE: device includes underwater vessel with atmospheric pressure, trolley, pulp line, operating element in composition of a catcher, hydraulic motor with shaft, shroud and ripper. Operating element is connected to the trolley via bracket, and pulp line is hydraulically connected to vessel with atmospheric pressure. The shroud has cylindrical shape and is mounted vertically and rigidly connected to pulp line via upper face end and to catcher via lower face end, the catcher is done in a form of confuser with circular input. Hydraulic motor of bottom-hole type is concentrically built-in the shroud cavity and rigidly connected to it via radial ribs with formation of annular through channel, and ripper is attached to the shaft of this hydraulic motor. The bracket is equipped with two joints and two hydraulic cylinders capable of moving the operating element in vertical and horizontal plains. There is a cab on the trolley that is equipped with oil pump with hydraulic rotary mechanism working on pressure drop, viewport and lamp with isolated power source. Bottom-hole motor of operating element is done with pressure and drainage channels in the housing and swinging spring-loaded dampers.

EFFECT: increase of device productivity and reliability, reduction of risk of water body contamination by ripping products.

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EFFECT: increased efficiency of a complex, its simplified design, reduced material intensity, power intensity and cost, increased reliability of complex operation.

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SUBSTANCE: method consists in destruction of the bottom layer with sharp edges of buckets fixed on vertical conveyor belt; conveyor moves along the reservoir bottom by means of caterpillar drive relative to which the conveyor belt moves vertically with possibility of penetration into the bottom. At that, gaseous hydrate is lifted to the zone isolated from water with surface of turned-over funnel, where it is heated, and evolved gas subject to additional heating is transported to the surface by means of the hose fixed on the funnel top. Also, device for the method's implementation is proposed.

EFFECT: increase in production of gaseous hydrated hydrocarbons.

2 cl, 1 dwg

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: device for underwater development of mineral deposits involves transporting reservoir which is hinged to rope by means of rod, gas generator, flexible gas cavity with limit pressure valve, and rope with ballast and float. Transporting reservoir is made in the form of bucket grab with flexible links and connected through gas generator equipped with startup sensor and load-carrying rope to flexible cavity.

EFFECT: excavation of mineral deposits from water area bottom and their lifting to surface irrespective of visibility conditions, with minimum power consumption for loading.

2 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: proposed complex comprises base ship articulated with mining plant that comprises rolling gripping device mounted on skis, and transport device that joints mining plant with base ship. Rolling gripping device is made up of vaned drum running on horizontal axle articulated with the drive. Drum vanes are arranged with minimum clearance with respect to cylindrical casing inner surface. Casing perforated surface holes feature diametre smaller than minimum crosswise size of mined concretion. Forked vanes have deflections. Said casing communicates via intake chute of narrowing cross section with ground pump suction branch pipe. Said pump is arranged in skis crosswise girders on the side of casing, opposite the mining plant travel direction. Ground pump delivery branch pipe communicates with perforated pipeline arranged on the casing and secured thereto, that can be connected with flexible delivery pipeline. Said delivery pipeline is arranged coaxially with ground pump pressure branch pipe and directed along casing lengthwise axis of symmetry.

EFFECT: higher efficiency, simplified design, reduced costs.

3 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: device for underwater development of rocks comprises frame, actuating element in the form of chain-and-bucket, discharge coal slurry pipeline, hopper. Device is additionally equipped with platform having walker, with the possibility of longitudinal and transverse motion, arranged in the form of skis installed on eccentric shafts. Chain-and-bucket is fixed on frame at side of device.

EFFECT: invention provides for autonomous operation in complicated mining and hydraulic-geological conditions and extraction of burs with minimum losses and disturbed condition of bottom deposits.

2 dwg

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to mining and can be implemented at complex industrial development of mineral resources of world ocean. The package consists of a transport floating sea-based station in kind of a semi-submersible floating platform with an underwater hydraulic support-container. On the platform there is made a through vertical shaft and above-surface decks. The following is arranged on the station: a hydraulically hoisted installation consisting of a hoisted pipeline of interconnected pipes installed in the shaft of the hydraulic support-container. In its upper part the pipeline communicates with an unloading hopper and with a receiving chamber also connected with a cavity of the hydraulic support-container by means of the pipeline. In its lower part the pipeline is coupled with a collector. The installation also consists of an evaporating system connected to a condenser via a steam line and to the unloading hopper via an evacuating pipeline. The evaporating system is equipped with a heating battery and a brine chamber coupled with the unloading hopper by means of the pipeline. Further, the installation consists of a thermo-siphon of a nuclear plant connected with the heating battery of the evaporating system through the steam line. The thermo-siphon is connected with its own condenser by means of the steam line and pressure line. The condenser of the thermo-siphon is installed under the condenser of the evaporating system and coupled with the latter by means of a down-take pipeline. Also the installation consists of bottom excavating devices tied with the collector of the hoisted pipeline by means of slurry lines. The novelty of the invention is like follows: additional through shafts are made in the hydraulic support container. The additional shafts have inter-shaft through slit apertures communicating the additional shafts and the shaft of the hoisted pipeline. Also there are the thermo-siphon of the nuclear plant and bottom excavating devices installed in these shafts. Under water the excavating devices automatically retract from the shafts and enter into them together with connected pipelines, steam lines, slurry lines and other communications freely arranged in the inter-shaft through slit apertures. Notably, to eliminate clogging, equipped with valves branches of blow-off main are connected to hinged facilities. Novelty of the procedure of package operation and transport condition consists in retracting equipment, including the hoisted pipeline, from the shafts and under water lowering, in hoisting it back and receiving it into shafts together with communications coupled and connected to equipment. Thus, submerged floating stations are attributed with controlled, correspondingly, negative or positive buoyancy.

EFFECT: raised efficiency and reliability of package operation due to reduced time and labour for lowering-hoisting operations and due to eliminating assembly and disassembly operations at excavating site.

7 cl, 10 dwg

FIELD: mining industry.

SUBSTANCE: device has bottom power assembly, connected to base watercraft by force pipeline with conical perforated portion, adjacent to bottom power assembly, conical perforated portion of force pipeline is made of sheet of elastic material and provided with rigid branch pipes with flanges on both ends. Flanges of branch pipes are interconnected by round-link chains placed along flanges perimeter, which are connected to flanges of power assembly and force pipeline branch pipe.

EFFECT: simplified construction, lower costs, higher efficiency.

4 cl, 4 dwg

FIELD: mining industry.

SUBSTANCE: mining combine has extraction means, on which a body is mounted, having at least one first liquid outlet, for supplying liquid to material. Pipeline, through which liquid is fed to first liquid outlet, contains means for measuring flow and/or pressure of liquid in pipeline, for determining, in which of to layers outlet is positioned. Combine can have at least one second liquid outlet, placed in such a way, that first liquid outlet is in lower layer, and second liquid outlet is placed in upper layer. First liquid outlet can have one of multiple first liquid outlets spaced from each other, and second liquid outlet - one of multiple spaced from each other second liquid outlets. Efficiency of liquid flow through multiple spaced first outlets can surpass those of multiple spaced from each other second liquid outlets. Placement of second liquid outlet in separate body cover is possible. First and second liquid outlets can be directed downwardly relatively to direction of mining combine displacement. Method for controlling depth of position of mining combine extraction means includes placing two liquid outlets, interacting with material extraction means, in a material, while second liquid outlet is placed above first liquid outlet, liquid is fed to first and second liquid outlets and flow and/or pressure of liquid is measured. Layer, wherein liquid outlet lies, is detected, and first liquid outlet is placed in lower layer and second liquid outlet is placed in upper layer, to determine depth of position of extraction means relatively to two layers.

EFFECT: higher precision.

2 cl, 9 dwg

FIELD: means for organic and chemical fertilizers obtaining, particularly to extract sapropel silt from lake and lagoon bottom and for water ponds cleaning.

SUBSTANCE: device comprises water-craft with executive tool and with extraction tool of suction type, transportation mechanism and optional equipment. Executive tool comprises turbofan, bell-shaped case with serrated lower edge and at least two pipelines mounted in the case and used for feeding compressed air and driving extraction tool. Optional equipment includes hoisting means and seriously connected accumulator vessel, bin, sump, evaporator, disperser, pelletizer, drying chamber, metering device and transportation mechanism.

EFFECT: reduced sapropel mass losses, reduced time of sapropel preparation to use.

13 dwg

FIELD: technologies for extracting concretions from sea bottom.

SUBSTANCE: complex has watercraft, extracting machine with take-in device and pulp-pump, supporting pipeline, perforated branch pipe with sizes of apertures less than minimal size of extracted concretions. Perforated branch pipe is positioned at portion of force pipeline adjacent to extracting machine, and is provided with flanges. Apertures of perforated branch pipe are made in form of multi-drive slit channels along whole length of perforated branch pipe, provided with bandages. Slit channels can be made in form of constant width and directed along generatrix lines of perforated branch pipe, and bandages are positioned in direction perpendicular relatively to perorated branch pipe. Slit channels can be made in form of portions serially positioned behind one another and expanding towards movement of hydraulic mixture. Slit channels can be made of spiral shape, an bandages - in form of longitudinal rods.

EFFECT: higher efficiency.

4 cl, 4 dwg

FIELD: technologies for extracting concretions from sea bottom.

SUBSTANCE: device has watercraft, extracting device with collecting means and pulp-pump, force pipeline, perforated branch pipe with sizes of opening less than minimal size of extracted concretions. Perforated branch pipe is positioned in portion of force pipeline adjacent to extracting device and is provided with flanges, and diameter of perforated branch pipe decreases away from extracting machine. Extracting machine is provided with additional pump with latch, mounted in parallel with pulp-pump of extracting machine, and between perforated branch pipe and force pipeline check valve is positioned.

EFFECT: higher efficiency.

2 dwg

FIELD: mining industry, particularly for obtaining minerals from underwater.

SUBSTANCE: plant comprises frame carried by catamaran, drum reels secured to frame at different levels and provided with driving means. Arranged in lower frame base is vessel having chute in which auger is installed. The auger is provided with drive. Frame drums are connected to truck through endless chains to which buckets are hinged. Load cavities of the buckets have orifice arranged from end side thereof and adapted to remove water when buckets move over water surface. Lower bases of the buckets are connected with chains through flexible rods and maintain vertical positions of loads arranged on chains when chain inclination varies. Plant also has compressor connected to float chambers of the buckets by flexible armored tube secured to electric winch rope and by spring. Electric winch is linked with microswitches by electric circuit. Microswitches are adapted to automatically bring electric winch into electric circuit during bucket movement. Catamaran is connected to truck platform through ropes of the winch connected to ship and adapted to lower or lift the truck from ocean bottom. Electric drives of the winches are linked with switch buttons of control panel, which provides remote winch control. Installed in catamaran body are devices to separate concretion mass into fraction and to dehydrate thereof. The devices are made as rotary netted drums with different orifice diameters. The drums are coaxial and spaced apart one from another. Each drum is provided with receiving chamber, drive and fraction outlet. Each fraction outlet is connected to centrifugal means having drive. In accordance to the second embodiment plant has case including three or more frames arranged in staggered order in two rows and centrifugal means. The plant is made as trailed unit and may be unitized with ship. The case is provided with floating pontoon supports. Each pontoon support is connected to compressor and has electromagnetic valve so that the support may immerse the case at proper depth in stormy conditions and emerge thereof after storm termination. Two longitudinal vessels provided with chutes are connected to each frame. Installed in chutes are augers with drives. Shafts with drum reels and drives are secured from both vessel sides at different levels thereof. The drums are provided with endless chains to which buckets are hinged. In accordance with the third embodiment the plant comprises case having three or more frames. The frames are arranged in one or two rows and connected one to another. One longitudinal vessel in secured to each frame. The vessel is provided with chute in which auger with drive is installed. The plant also has case installed on truck, which is mounted on ocean bottom. Conveying wedge-like mechanism is fixedly secured in front of conveyers under truck platform. The wedge-like mechanism is movably installed between drum reels to shift concretion layer from two sides towards bunker bucket loading means.

EFFECT: increased capacity, reliability and durability, improved technical means, workmanship and extended technological capabilities.

3 cl, 16 dwg

FIELD: obtaining minerals from underwater, particularly hydro-mechanized devices for concretion production from seabed.

SUBSTANCE: device comprises movable seabed unit with pulp pump and outlet pipe, pressure pipeline with perforated part, basic ship and connection flanges. The perforated part is formed of parallel pipes connected with outlet pipe of the pulp pump and with pressure pipeline by distribution pipes. Number of pipes and pipe diameter are determined from where D1 is diameter of outlet pulp pump pipe, D2 and n - diameter and number of pipes composing perforated part of pressure pipeline.

EFFECT: increased productivity.

5 dwg

FIELD: rock mining, particularly to develop gravel-sand deposits.

SUBSTANCE: rid comprises body made as U-shaped pontoon and having docking mechanism, which provides connection of similar pontoon sections to maintain floatability thereof in the case of suction head weight increasing. The rig also has suction head made as downhole hydraulic mining tool and having ground receiving means and portal crane for ground receiver lifting and lowering arranged in front pontoon part. The ground receiver is lifted and lowered by suction head rotation about axle arranged in central pontoon part. The rig also has sludge line connected to suction head.

EFFECT: possibility of mining work performing at variable development depth.

4 dwg

FIELD: mining, particularly to produce ore and rock materials, for instance building materials.

SUBSTANCE: mining rig comprises pontoon with suction head having sludge receiving means, as well as crane for sludge receiving means lifting and lowering installed in front pontoon part. Sludge receiving means is lifted and lowered by suction head rotation about axle connected to pontoon. Rig comprises sludge line connected to sludge channel of suction head. The pontoon has U-shaped cross-section and is provided with additional crane arranged in rear part thereof. The suction head is made as downhole hydraulic tool having string composed of two parts in length direction. The parts are pivotally connected one to another. The string is arranged on pontoon so that the parts may be lowered in series. The cranes are portal. The axle is located in rear or front pontoon part.

EFFECT: possibility of mining work performing at variable development depth.

2 dwg

FIELD: methods to develop underwater and flooded ferromanganesian concretion and phosphate shelf concretion deposits, as well as similar flooded and marine deposits mainly including horizontal and flat thin seams located on bed surface.

SUBSTANCE: draghead comprises frame body with upper, lower, side and rear walls, suction pipe of suction dredge, blades secured to intermediate bottom, which may rotate in vertical plane. The draghead is also provided with hydraulic abrasing unit having pressure pipe transversal to upper frame body wall. The pressure pipe is provided with hydraulic heads. The draghead comprises ball-and-socket hinge arranged in upper frame body orifice. Upper horizontal edge of rounded side wall is connected to inner surface of upper wall. Side wall flat part height and rounded part height thereof are related as 1:0.5. Ball-and-socket hinge and rounded part of side frame body have curvature radii in plane view equal to active suction dredge suction radius. Intermediate bottom is installed inside rounded side wall of frame body and may rotate with the use of two hydraulic cylinders about horizontal pin secured to rounded part of side frame body wall.

EFFECT: simplified structure and reduced losses in sludge lines.

7 dwg