Wind wheel

FIELD: power engineering.

SUBSTANCE: wind wheel comprises a hub with radially attached blades. Each blade comprises a groove for placement of a photoelectric generator in it. The groove is made at one side of the blade. Grooves may be made at each side of the blade.

EFFECT: invention expands functional capabilities of a wind wheel and makes it possible to use it as a single wind and solar power plant.

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The invention relates to the field of wind-solar power.

Known wind wheel containing a hub with radially attached blades [1]. Such a wheel may be straight or curved blades, fixtures rotation of the blades to maintain a constant speed.

Object of the invention is to enhance the functionality of the wind wheel.

The technical solution of the task is achieved by the fact that the wind wheel containing a hub with radially attached to the blades, each blade has a notch to accommodate a photovoltaic generator. The notch is made on one side of the blade. The notches are made on each side of the blade.

1 shows a wind wheel with straight blades, front view; figure 2 - view of Fig, 1 top; figure 3 shows a cross section of a straight blade with a notch for unilateral placement therein of the photovoltaic generator; figure 4 shows a cross-section of a straight blade with grooves for bilateral placement of photovoltaic generators; figure 5 shows a cross section of a curved blade with a notch for unilateral placement therein of the photovoltaic generator; 6 shows a cross-section of the curved blades with cut-outs for bilateral placement inthey photovoltaic generators; figure 7 shows a diagram of electricity generation during operation of the wind wheel.

Wind wheel (figure 1 and 2) contains mounted on the hollow shaft 1 hub 2 with radially attached to it by means of holders 3 straight blades 4. To the hub can be attached to two, three or more both straight and curved in the form of a propeller (propeller) blades. Each blade has a recess 5 to accommodate a photovoltaic generator (solar panels) 6. Excavation can be performed from one side of the blade (figure 3 and 5) or on each side of the blade (figure 4 and 6). Photovoltaic generators electric cable 7 is connected through the hollow shaft slip ring device 8. The shaft has a kinematic connection with an electric generator 9 (Fig.7).

Made of plastic, for example polyurethane, make the blade 4 with the slots 5 and holders 3. In the notches install photovoltaic generator 6 with attached electrical cable 7. Metal fabricate the hub 2 and the hollow shaft 1. The blades attached to the hub and the cable is passed through the hollow shaft to the collector device 8 consisting, for example, separately attached to the shaft of the copper rings and the adjacent brushes. A shaft connected to an electric generator 9.

Wind wheel with straight (Fig.1-4) or curved (figure 5; 6) blades, fitted photo is Elektricheskie generators, mounted, for example, in a rotary head mounted on a hollow concrete column (not shown). If the wind acting on the wind wheel, an electric generator (7) begins to produce electric current. At the same time in the daytime electric current start producing photovoltaic generators installed in the blades of the wind wheel, regardless of the frequency of its rotation.

The invention extends the functionality of the wind wheel. You can use it as a single petrogenetically installation.

Sources of information

1. Encyclopedic dictionary of the young technician. Comp. BV Zubkov, S. Chumakov. - M.: Education, 1980. - P.77-78.

1. Wind wheel containing a hub with radially attached to the blades, wherein each blade has a notch to accommodate a photovoltaic generator.

2. Wind wheel according to claim 1, characterized in that the recess is made on one side of the blade.

3. Wind wheel according to claim 1, characterized in that the notches are made on each side of the blade.


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EFFECT: damping axial and radial vibration oscillations and mast centring, preventing occurrence of standing waves.

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SUBSTANCE: driving mechanism for a power-generating device 5 provides for a link between a power generator 20 and a turbine 10, which rotates with varying frequency. The rotating driving mechanism provides for a generator 20 rotation at the outlet with a fixed rotation frequency. The driving mechanism includes a differential gear box (16), which has two output shafts. One drives the generator 20 by means of the shaft 26, and the other one drives an electric machine 30 by means of the transfer 18. The varying reactive torque provided by the electric machine 30, may be used for control of torque and rotation frequency at the outlet shaft 26. The input torque from the turbine 10 is measured in the point of application of gear box 16 reaction, and this measurement is used to change reactive moment provided by the electric machine 30.

EFFECT: inertia in a gear box and inertia of an electric machine are reduced to zero for provision of almost instantaneous change of reactive torque and by means of this for more efficient control of output shaft rotation frequency.

18 cl, 4 dwg

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11 cl, 12 dwg

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EFFECT: invention provides for takeoff and achievement of working heights of a device independent on wind condition on earth.

12 cl, 6 dwg

FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: wind wheel includes at least three wind blade wheels installed on a common shaft. Each wind wheel represents turning blades fixed on the bushing. Bushing of one of the wheels is rigidly fixed on the shaft. Bushings of the rest wheels are moving along longitudinal axis of the shaft. Wind wheel the bushing of which is rigidly fixed on the shaft is the main wheel, and two other wheels which are located on both sides of the main wheel are moving ones. Fastening of blades of each wheel, when all bushings are connected, provides the location of wind wheel blades in one plane so that equal angles are formed between them. Moving bushings are provided with possibility of fixing their position. Wind-driven power plant includes at least three detachable modules, wind metre and control unit. Detachable modules are fixed on metal frame installed on rotating platform. Control unit is connected to wind metre and rotating platform. Each detachable module includes wind wheel connected to the control unit and in-series connected to multiplying gear, electric generator and frequency converter. Detachable modules are fixed on metal frame so that parallel location of rotation axes of all wind wheels is provided.

EFFECT: increasing energy output, efficiency of wind use in wide range of wind loads; improving reliability and repairability of wind-driven power plant.

11 cl, 11 dwg

FIELD: power engineering.

SUBSTANCE: rotor-blade impeller of an electric generating device based on Magnus effect comprises a shaft, at least one rotor, blades and a ring of rotor rotation. The ring of rotor rotation is fixed on the body, is kinematically connected with the rotor to ensure rotor rotation around its own axis by means of rotor swinging on the ring edge. Blades are installed on the common shaft with the rotor and are a drive of this shaft.

EFFECT: simplified design of a unit, its higher capacity, reduced prime cost of its manufacturing, increased reliability and production of cheap power.

6 dwg

Windwheel blade // 2469208

FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: windwheel blade includes tubular spar and sections into which a blade is divided along the span. Spar is made so that it is lowered from the blade outline. Sections include covers and ribs. Sections include connection profiles arranged between covers and flanges of spar and connection parts installed on webs of ribs, which are attached to the above profiles. Connection parts are attached by means of fasteners to spar webs. Adjacent sections are connected by means of connection straps to each other with possibility of mutual movement. Separation of blade into sections is made so that at least two ribs in the most loaded sections are connected by means of connection and fastening parts to spar. Connection profiles in them are disconnected from spar flanges. As for other ribs, connection parts and connection profiles are made and mounted so that a gap is formed between them and spar along webs and flanges by the value of spar deflections. Protective patches are installed on the spar in the zone of connection parts and connection profiles.

EFFECT: increasing the blade service life.

1 cl, 9 dwg

FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: rotor of segmental wind-driven electric generator includes rim, disc, hub and rotor elements. Rotor elements are made in the form of plates which are connected in the form of an angle and fixed on disc.

EFFECT: reducing the weight and dimensions of rotor of wind-driven electric generator at minimisation of its cost due to simplifying the manufacturing technology; providing high manufacturability and possibility of both classic design, and design in the form of magnetic flux modulator for inductor generator.

Windwheel // 2431760

FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: in windwheel containing hub, spokes, rim, radial blades the rim is equipped with flexible solid tyre; at that, blades are made in the form of turbine blades and located on tyre surface along helical lines. In the cavity formed with horseshoe-shaped tyre and rim a pneumatic chamber is arranged.

EFFECT: windwheel is easy-to-manufacture, which enhances the possibility of its large-scale production.

2 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: wind-driven electric power station includes rotor made in the form of disc with blades installed on it, made in the form of aerodynamic wings and located with a gap relative to rotor shaft which is mechanically connected to shaft of electric generator, fairing installed on shaft in front of rotor in direction of air flow and enveloping the gap between inner edges of blades and confusor arranged in front of rotor in flow direction. Blade edges are chamfered in the direction of shaft axis. Confusor is installed on peripheral parts of blade edges so that a gap with fairing is formed.

EFFECT: improved completeness of use of wind flow energy and simpler construction of rotary wind-driven electric power station.

3 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: aerogenerator includes container, movable construction and the mast on which assembly of aerogenerator and rotor is installed. Rotor blades are fixed and located about horizontal rotation axis and made in the form of the half of flattened cone; at that, for specified height H of flattened cone the base B1 has diametre D1 equal to 0.25-fold height, and vertex B2 has diametre D2 equal to 0.083-fold height. Each blade has inclination angle ψ, which is 10° to 16° in relation to rotor rotation axis.

EFFECT: aerogenerator is noiseless, started at low wind speed and can operate at strong wind, requires very small mast, which considerably decreases negative effect on landscape and on environment, and can be intended for housing developments, individual houses, ships, trailers, and for agricultural buildings and for any other areas where electric or other energy is required.

21 cl, 11 dwg

Wind turbine rotor // 2392486

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to wind power engineering, particularly to rotor to be used in wind turbines. Rotor has central bushing, casing and many radial blades adjacent with far ends to the casing in circular section with smaller diametre. Besides rotor is equipped with a connecting ring and many additional radial blades arranged between central bushing and connecting ring, the number of which is smaller than the number of the blades adjacent to the casing. Circular section of the casing with smaller diametre can be the first edge section downstream the wind, owing to which the adapter of casing from the first edge section to the second circular edge section with larger diametre has divergent shape, or the second edge section downstream the wind, owing to which the adapter of casing from the first edge section with larger diametre to the second circular edge section has convergent shape, and blades have the surfaces passing in the direction of the first circular edge section, or it can be intermediate so that two opposite adapters of divergent shape are formed; at that, the first edge section downstream the wind is made with the diametre smaller than that of the second edge section. Adapter of casing can have curved or straight-line profile.

EFFECT: improving energy generation efficiency and decreasing noise and dimensions at available versatile construction.

7 cl, 16 dwg

Wind wheel // 2391555

FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention can be implemented for conversion of kinematic energy of wind into electric energy in wind engines with axis of rotor rotation coinciding with direction of wind. The wind wheel consists of a hub with tubular spokes whereon there are secured blades in form of triangle made as sail empennages. Their top is located near the hub, while a base is connected with a draw rod. Flexible components interacting with a rod and composed of at least two parts with different module of elasticity are arranged in the tubular spokes. The rod is tied with a draw rod passing through a roller with a bracket installed in a link. The link is hinged in a nut mounted on an upper part of the spoke.

EFFECT: increased reliability at rapid change of direction and velocity of wind.

2 dwg

Windwheel // 2386852

FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: two-blade windwheel made from sheet material is a solid cut from cylindrical tube as per the outline of the pattern applied to the tube along its generatrix and the symmetry axis of which coincides with gravity centre of windwheel. Windwheel can be made so that angle of decalage of each blade is made so that it decreases from the bottom to the blade end by narrowing the pattern ends. Blade can be covered with the material so that blade profile was similar to wing-shaped one; at that, filler can be introduced to the cavity of formed profile on concave side.

EFFECT: simple design of windwheel ensures reduction of production costs at simultaneous profile accuracy.

3 cl, 3 dwg

Windmill // 2381380

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to wind power engineering, particularly to windmills with rotary cylinders exploiting Magnus effect. Proposed windmill comprises horizontal axis wind wheel and radially arranged cylinder-type Magnus rotors, drive of cylinders and electric generator. Every rotor comprises non-rotating root part and rotating tail part, and washer arranged on its extremity. Rotor rotating part represents s cylindrical part with truncated-cone end, cone base facing the cylinder and cone diametre exceeding cylinder diametre. Note here that cylinder and cone surfaces represent spiral ribs-augers with their turning towards cylinder rotation starting from cylinder root cross section till washer.

EFFECT: reduced inductive resistance allowing notable reduction in cylinder rotational speed and power consumption as compared to traditional windmills.

3 dwg

FIELD: wind-power engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to rotors providing use of oncoming flow of air for generating of power. Proposed rotor of circular cellular design has central rod or hub on which converter or motor is installed, at least two tubular cylinders installed coaxially with central rod and great number of blades forming at least four parts passing between each two adjacent tubular cylinders connecting the cylinders to each other and forming tubes together with cylinders. Tubes are bent to helical line on their length around rotor and have section in form of trapezium whose parallel bases are sections of tubular cylinders, and side walls, parts passing along radius. Tubular cylinder of larger diameter can be provided with input widening in form of truncated cone, and at output, narrowing in form of truncated cone bell.

EFFECT: provision of effective utilization of oncoming flow energy.

3 cl, 6 dwg