Dish pelletiser with activator

FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention may be used in food and pharmaceutical industries. Dish pelletiser with activator comprises inclined dish arranged to revolve in case with cover, dish drive, material loading and unloading branch pipes, nozzles, wall and bottom blades, driven activator arranged in cover perpendicular the dish bottom with clearance relative to dish bottom and wall. Activator drive is equipped with axial vibrator. Said activator is composed of a rod with frames arranged perpendicular to the flow of material being pelletised wherein radial plates are secured at two pints, that is, at the rod and at the frame.

EFFECT: faster pelletising, higher yield of 0,75-2,5 mm-fractions, uniform shape and density, reduced moisture content.

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The invention relates to devices for granulating materials and can be used in food, pharmaceutical and other industries, for example, to obtain a dry granular Breakfast, consisting of a mixture of sugar, starch, whey powder and concentrated juice.

Known plate granulator (EN 2105601 C1, 6 B01J 2/14, 1998), where the introduction of regulatory plates, table-knife and separating device creates an additional effect on granule for their active rolling and ensures the removal of granules of the desired size.

However, due to the increased stickiness of the food mass by a separating device will be a build-up of material and, as a consequence, the separation device will not ensure effective allocation of granules of the desired size.

Known plate granulator with activator (EN 2209662 C2, 6 B01J 2/14, 2001), comprising a housing with a cover, which is installed with the possibility of rotation of the inclined plate, drive plate, the bumper and bottom knives, entered the activator with the drive. The activator is installed perpendicular to the bottom of the plate with a gap relative to the bottom and sides of plate 5-10 mm. Activator located in an area where the focus of the largest granules and coalescent units. Shock blade activator, on the one hand, the actuator is t to the destruction of large granules and aggregates, on the other hand, initiates granulometrie in the source material. Drive rotation of the activator is made adjustable (frequency of rotation), which allows to actively influence the process of granulation, in particular on the size of the resulting granules.

However, is the violation of the roll of material and the associated process of segregation of granules, which in turn will not provide effective obtain pellets of a given size, shape, density, moisture, etc.

The objective of this invention is to provide a disc granulator, which due to the modernization of the structural element - activator reduces the time of granulation, increased release of granule fractions of 0.75-2.5 mm, uniform in quality (shape and density), reduced the moisture content of the granulate.

The problem is solved as follows. The activator drive is equipped with axial vibrator, and the activator is represented in the form of a rod with two frames, installed perpendicular to the moving flow of the granulated material in which the radial plates are attached at two points on the rod and on the frame. The invention is illustrated by drawings 1-4.

Figure 1 shows a diagram of disc granulator with activator in section a-A. figure 2 and 3 shows respectively a top view and in cross section a-a disc granulator with activator is showing conditional trajectories of the motion of the granules and the capture zone of the activator.

Disc granulator with activator contains an inclined plate 1 (diameter D, depth H, radius R and angle to the horizon α)contained in a housing 2 with a lid 3, the drive plate, the discharge pipe 4 to output of finished products, the loading pipe 5 to enter retur nozzle 6, the bottom wall and the knives 7 and 8 activator 9, mounted at a distance relative to the bottom and side of plate 1, is equal to 5-10 mm, and the area between 3-5 hours when relative rotation of the plate counterclockwise, the shaft of the activator 10, the drive rotation of the activator 11 and the bearing unit 12.

When conditional consideration of plate 1 in the form of hours (figure 2) activator 9 is located in the area between 7-9 hours under the condition of rotation of the plate in the clockwise direction, and the area between 3-5 hours while rotating counterclockwise.

Figure 2 and 3 was also observed trajectory: a trajectory (relative) motion of the source material; b, C, d, e - the trajectory of the pellets as they grow; e - trajectory of the largest granules, W - a capture zone of the activator.

Figure 4 is a diagram activator granulator, which consists of a rod 13 with two frames 14, which is located radially narrow plate 15, secured at two points, namely on the rod 13 and the frame 14.

Disc granulator operates as follows.

Inclined plate 1, installed in the building is 2 with a lid 3, is driven by the actuator counterclockwise with a given angular velocity W.

Through the feeding pipe 5 is injected recur, for example a mixture of melkorazdroblennyh starch, sugar, whey powder.

As a result of granules located on an inclined rotating plate 1, gravity and friction forces they receive complex movement (schematic lines a, b, C, d, e) around the zone of movement of the largest granules located inside the zones bounded by the line E.

Actively rolling due to the natural shedding of the granules are coated in the liquid phase, for example, concentrated juice, through a nozzle 6. In addition, clinging to the bottom and side surfaces of the plate pellets difficultly enough cleaned off the bottom of the knife 7 and the wall with a knife 8, sliding respectively on the bottom and side surface of the plate towards her movement.

As the growth of large granules fall into the capture zone of the activator W, where exposed to the activator, is equipped with a vibrator that rotates with frequency p, making a reciprocating motion. Then due to the centrifugal force of the pellets roll over the side of the plate in the discharge pipe 4 and are derived from the disc granulator for further processing.

Thus, the active mixing of the material activator the 9 increases the uniformity of the granules, derived from multi-component mixtures, reduced time of granulation. Shock-vibrational impact plates 15 activator for moving in laminar flow polydisperse environment contributes to the adhesion of particles, the emergence of germ granules at a lower humidity. The density of the granules will increase, which will allow you to use different drying methods, not used previously.

Disc granulator with an activator containing an inclined plate mounted rotatably in the housing with cover, drive plate, loading and unloading spouts the granulated material, the nozzle wall and bottom knives, the activator with the rotation drive mounted in the lid perpendicular to the bottom of the plate with a gap relative to the bottom and sides of plate 5-10 mm in the area between 3-5 hours under the condition of rotation of the plate counterclockwise, characterized in that the activator drive is equipped with axial vibrator, and the activator is made in the form of a rod with the framework set perpendicular to the moving flow of the granulated material in which radially arranged plates, fixed at two points on the rod and on the frame.


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FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: granulation is carried out in two stages; first stage is humidification with binding performed to humidity 40-70 % of optimal humidity of mixture. Also, the first stage is combined with simultaneous granulation generating centres of granules formation; the centres are further introduced to area of a plate surface corresponding to 50-80 % of its total area. The second stage is granulation performed at rate exceeding critical velocity of plate rotation. Ratio of area of binding spray in contact zone to material is 0.4-0.7 of working surface of the plate. Angle of ascent of material on periphery region relative to surface of the plate bottom equals to 3-10°.

EFFECT: increased efficiency of granulator, of strength of granules and increased uniformity of granulometric composition of product.

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FIELD: coal industry; municipal services; other industries; methods and devices for production of the grained solid fuel.

SUBSTANCE: the invention is pertaining to the process of production of the grained composite fuel, which is intended for usage in the communal heating supply systems or in the household purposes. The method of production of the grained solid fuel with the help of the installation includes grinding of the coal fines, introduction in the composition of the fuel of the ground vegetable additive (for example, the sawdust or the beet press), their joint grinding in the rotary roller mill, sending of the part of the produced mixture in the volume near to 1/3 to mixing with the binder and formation of the seed grains in the turbo-blade mixer. Further route the received mass of seed grains and the remaining part of the mixture in the volume near 2/3 from the mixer for granulation into the plate granulator. The binding is also routed in the granulator to form the seed grains. The produced granules of the spherical shape in the narrow range of the dimensions within 15-30 mm are dried and cooled in the sectional dryer and packed by means of the weighing-and-filling machine into the tare having the form of the cardboard boxes of the different dimensions intended for usage in the capacity of artificial fuel wood. The technical result of the invention consists in the reduced power input for the production process, simplification of the production process, improvement of ecology, the increased efficiency of production of the final product.

EFFECT: the invention ensures the reduced power input for the production process, simplification of the production process, improvement of ecology, the increased efficiency of production of the final product.

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The invention relates to devices for granulating materials and can be used in food, pharmaceutical and other industries, for example, to obtain concentrates of jellies, consisting of a mixture of sugar, starch and concentrated juice

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FIELD: food industry.

SUBSTANCE: dry probiotically active biopreparation contains Vitaflor" starter in the form of a porous tablet (with pores sized no less than 50% and activity no lower than 5x10 CFU/ tablet) and powder of sublimation-dried drinking milk with fat content of 1.5-2.5%. Tablet production involves dispensing in aluminium moulds, cooling to a temperature equal to minus 35-45°C in a 6-7 mm thick layer with subsequent maintenance at a temperature of minus 30-35°C. Sublimation drying is performed at the condenser-freezer temperature equal to no higher than minus 50°C under the working chamber pressure equal to 13-15 Pa during 48-50 hours. The crystallised moisture sublimation period lasts 20 hours at the material temperature equal to no higher than 30°C; additional drying is performed during 8 hours at a temperature of 25°C. One produces a tablet with 19.0±1.0 mm diameter and 6.5±0.5 mm height.

EFFECT: invention ensures a high probiotic potential of the biopreparation under extreme conditions, in particular, on board a space ship as well as under conditions of long-term self-sustained underwater navigation and the possibility of production of a high quality cultured beverage with probiotic properties and immunomodulatory effect.

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FIELD: food industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to food industry, in particular, to physiologically functional ingredients production and may be used during functional food products manufacture using soya. Soya protein is produced by way of thermal acid coagulation of soya protein base with ascorbic acid. The vegetal oily base is introduced into the prepared vegetal raw material at the components ratio equal to 1:1.5 respectively. The vegetal base is represented by carrots or sea-buckthorn berries or rosehips or ash or haw or magnolia-vine berries. The vegetal oily base is represented by sunflower or soya or olive or sesame oil. The oily base and vegetal raw material are milled together to produce finest particles of the vegetal raw material. The mixture extraction is performed till production of a vitamin-and-fat base and insoluble vegetal residue. One mixes the vitamin-and-fat base, separated from insoluble vegetal residue, with soya protein at a ratio of 1:(2-9).

EFFECT: method allows to produce functional food products with balanced chemical composition and with high vegetal protein content.

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FIELD: food industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to food industry. A water-dispersible granulate has average weighted weight diameter at least 100 mcm, preferably at least from 200 mcm and up to 2000 mcm. The said granulate contains: 40-90 wt % of carbohydrates; 2-30 wt % of lipids containing unsaturated fatty acids in an amount of at least 1%, preferably no less than 3% of the granulate weight and at least 30 mg/kg - 800 mg/kg of a metal enhancing oxidation and selected from the group consisting of ferrum, cuprum and their combinations wherein at least 50 wt %, preferably at least 70 wt % of lipids are present in the form of undispersed lipids.

EFFECT: invention allows to produce a granulate resistant to oxidation the production method whereof is implemented under mild conditions.

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FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: proposed invention may be used in production of semolina from animal feed by wet granulation technology. Proposed method comprises granulation of loose animal feed with addition of liquid component into press granulator, drying and cooling of granulated animal feed, crushing of obtained product and its fractionating into three fractions: large, medium and fine fractions. It includes also feeding large fraction for crusging and discharge of medium fraction as finished product. Said liquid component represents phototrophic biomass of micro seaweed added to animal feed in mixing in amount of 10…15%. Granulated animal feed is air dried at 70…80°C and with air flow rate of 2300…2700 m3/(h·t), and cooled by air at 7…10°C and with air low rate of 1200…1400 m3/(h·t). Medium fraction, prior to discharging it in the form of finished product, is dragged by vegetable oil fusa in amount of 10…12 wt % of medium fraction weight. Vegetable oil fusa is preheated to 60…70°C, enriched by anti-oxidising agents and fat-soluble ferments and filtered. Then obtained product is coated by fine fraction. Finished semolina is kept in ventilated hopper. Absorption refrigerator is used for recovery of cooling and hot air, as well as for heating water used for heating vegetable oil fusa. Proposed production line comprises animal feed hopper, press granulator, cooling column divided into drying and cooling zones, toll mill and two-sieve screening machine. Additionally, production line comprises site for seaweed growing, dragging site, vegetable oil fusa preparation site, finished semolina storage and absorption refrigerator.

EFFECT: expanded range of animal feed, increased biological value.

2 cl, 1 dwg

FIELD: food industry.

SUBSTANCE: treated food product production method envisages compressed air injection into a housing. The housing contains a section in the shape of frustum of cone. The injected air moves downwards through the housing and, having reached the lower end of the housing, flows back upwards and is released from the housing through an outlet hole. The treated food product with a water content of less then 14% (weight) and a lipid content of more then 15% (weight) is injected into the housing, captured by the injected air and milled. Then obtained granulated product is discharged from the lower end of the housing and mixed at least with one other ingredient of the treated food product. Then the treated food product is prepared from them.

EFFECT: invention allows to process the treated food product with a low moisture and a high fat lipids content, to implement a short-duration operation of granulation at one device without moving mechanical parts usage and to use the produced granulated product during treated food products production.

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FIELD: food industry.

SUBSTANCE: soya bean seeds are washed and wetted in water whereupon protein substances are crumbled, extracted and suspended in water. Further lacto serum is added into suspension as coagulant at ratio 1:1. Suspension is divided into solid and liquid fractions. Moisture contents of solid fraction is brought to 25-30%. Produced mass is granulated with dimension of granule diametre 1.0-2.0 mm. Further there is performed two-stage drying at temperature 110°C during 30 minutes and at temperature 180°C till appearance of specific golden-yellow colour. Also produced granules can be crumbled to a powder state.

EFFECT: invention facilitates production of natural food product containing vegetable and animal proteins, fats, adequate amount of carbohydrates and mineral substances with good organoleptic indices at relatively low cost due to implementing inexpensive components of its composition with long storage life increasing terms of selling and utilisation.

2 cl, 1 tbl, 2 ex

FIELD: food products.

SUBSTANCE: agglomerated food thickener contains pregelatinised starch and water-soluble covering agent. The agent contains substance chosen from the group including gum arabic, gum arabic treated with 1-oktenyl succinic anhydride, starches treated with 1-oktenyl succinic anhydride, maltodextrins treated with 1-oktenyl succinic anhydride, dextrins treated with 1-oktenyl succinic anhydride and mixtures of two or more of the above.

EFFECT: stable starch processed for its fast dispersibility both in hot and cold water.

20 cl, 2 dwg, 3 tbl, 4 ex

FIELD: food products, canned food production.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to food-concentrates industry, namely to manufacturing of potato-based instant products. The dry mix contains potato product, protein component and food additives. Potato flakes are used as potato product, dry vegetable cream - as protein component, food additives are fat powder "Vekokrim", sodium glutamate, ribotides, tomato powder, salt, sugar, and additionally - ground black pepper, ground red pepper, dried bunching onion, dried parsley and broken onion with definite components proportion. The instant product contains the above mix for potato puree production and vegetable or meat-and-vegetable canned food with definite components proportion. The invention allows reaching acceptable consumer consistency of end product, well-balanced composition and optimal organoleptic properties.

EFFECT: manufacturing of a product with increased digestibility and optimal organoleptic properties.

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FIELD: the invention refers to equipment for extrusion processing of mixed fodder on mixed fodder plants and also for production of extrusion food products in different fields of food industry.

SUBSTANCE: the extruder's forming head has a body, a flange connected to it, a calibrating matrix, a shaft connected with a screw and a knife. A chamber with sockets for removal water steams and unloading ready product is fastened to a matrix. Inside the chamber there is a perforated conical drum. Vertical holders are installed on the shaft. On the spherical ends of the vertical holders there are fixed sectional strings. The strings are fulfilled with possibility of turning them relatively to the shaft with following fixation with bolts for measuring of a lead angle. On the external surface of the strings there are longitudinal notches.

EFFECT: reduces power inputs on production of well-milled extruders.

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FIELD: food-processing industry.

SUBSTANCE: method involves preliminarily cutting, pressing and granulating raw material, with juice being expelled at grinding and pressing stages; drying resulted granules by providing infrared power feeding from each side, with initial content of dry substances in pumpkin granules constituting 16%, diameter of granules making 0.004 m, and heat flux density making 2.69 kW/m2.

EFFECT: increased yield of dry product, increased nutrient value and content of vitamins.

2 tbl, 3 ex

FIELD: food-processing industry, in particular, production of fast cook food products used in individual and public catering.

SUBSTANCE: fast cook food product is prepared from raw material of animal or plant origin of any sort or from mixture thereof by grinding; introducing flavor additive and complex structuring additive; forming; thermal processing and drying without sublimation process for obtaining of product with fine-dispersion, moisture-absorbing, porous and moisture conducting structure. Said product is further flooded for bringing it to ready state. After flooding, ready product has following structural-mechanical properties: P=(5.0-600)·104; A=(50-900); Q=(100-2,000), where P is shear strain, Pa, A is cutting strain, J/m2, Q is maximal shear strain, Pa. This product does not require vacuum package or package filled with inert gas and also does not need employment of refrigerating chambers.

EFFECT: prolonged shelf life of at least one year and provision for keeping of initial quality.

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