Method of processing consumer order, computer system for realising said method and machine-readable medium (versions)

FIELD: information technology.

SUBSTANCE: system provides an automatically formed specification of a manufacturing project for the disclosed system by displaying a predetermined sequence of requests selected for known project parameters. In response to the requests, the system and the method form the required project specifications and other materials, including an estimate of the cost of the designed system. A list of said materials is formed for a component which is not predetermined, and a new predetermined component of the data base of the list of said materials is further added for a graphic component that is not predetermined.

EFFECT: high reliability and fast processing and displaying of orders.

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The technical field to which the invention relates.

The present invention relates, in General, to industry and automation technology development and/or sale and/or production aspect relating to goods and/or systems in an organization. In particular, the invention relates to systems and methods for the implementation of the configuration, pricing and development of equipment, built from the given component, in accordance with user queries.

The level of technology

For manufacturing companies, the costs associated with development processes and sales are sources of constraint boundaries income. From a design perspective, the unpredictability of the cost of engineering work in the design and manufacture of a product usually retains these costs at a relatively high level. On the level of sales, despite the fact that the sales staff may have expertise in specific tasks, he may experience a lack of engineering knowledge, and not to have sufficient resources for the effective preparation of acceptable sentences which are a good match application requirements and constraints of a particular consumer. This circumstance is especially true in the case if the manufacturer is a manufacturer of relatively complex equipment the project, having a diverse base of potential buyers and a wide variety of potential embodiments and applications that depend on private customers needs. In case this equipment is designed and constructed of exactly the specified components or components that are amenable to standardization, there is a possibility to reduce the cost, which is difficult to implement due to the cost of sales and production associated with bringing the equipment in accordance with the needs of the buyer.

An example of one of the areas in which there are specified features of formation of the cost and potential savings is in the area of industrial spray systems. Spray nozzles and associated equipment are important operational use in many different areas, and there are thousands of sizes and configurations, depending on the specific needs of consumers.

Currently, there are many computer programs designed to prepare images and wiring diagrams, which are used as additional tools in the manufacture and sale of, for example, by using design using computational tools diagrams piping and auxiliary operations (Dcuo). the addition, software computer-aided design, there are more available tools such as Visio from Microsoft. However, even when such tools are adapted to the specific area of the industry or for a particular application, typically, the personnel engaged in sales, it is difficult to use such funds in a given area. Thus, a simple means of creating graphic images do not provide significant practical improvement in the adjustment process manufacturing project for a customer.

For example, it is possible to develop an application for the implementation of schemes based on software similar to Visio that will allow the user to create a complex system Dtivo by selecting and dragging the graphical elements, respective components, such as embodiments of the disclosed in the patent application U.S. No. 10/463,164, filed on June 17, 2003, the same authors, entitled "Object-oriented operating system for spray control"included in this description fully, as a reference. Since such manipulation of the graphical user interface is usually intuitive, the seller usually does not have the necessary skill and experience to understand how to choose appropriate components and how to position according to CNAE components in the diagram so overall chart revealed suitable to the application of the resulting system, while associated with the buyer's purpose and requirements of the value.

Moreover, conventional software vendors are good tools for creating diagrams will not automatically lead to improvements in terms of technical developments, and thus not a sufficient condition to achieve savings in the overall development process of the production of the project, characterized by the consumer. Currently developed a computer system to facilitate a predetermined configuration, purchase and delivery of certain types of products, such as, "shops" on networking sites manufacturers of personal computers. However, these are fairly simple system related equipment related to a relatively small set of configurations and applications, and such systems do not provide solutions for complex installations, similar to those used in the production of spray systems.

In the field of sputtering process of refining the options for performing the product and generate an appropriate order for a specific customer is not sufficiently automated, integrated and standardized. As a result, there is a significant effektivnost and economiccost. The lack of a standardized and modular approach to the design and evaluation of equipment means that the same order could be formed and the material differently valued by different engineers. Even after the client has determined the system parameters, the formation of the final list of materials may take one or two weeks, and for the engineer may require a week on the drafting instructions for operating the system. If the client requires certain information about the order, such as the exact size of the produced equipment, the engineer may require several days to determine the answer.

For fully integrated systems quote value may not be immediately available to the seller, discussing proposals with the buyer, however, during this discussion, it is often critical to have this information because, in particular, the requirements of the buyer are subject to change. In such conditions, the process of ordering prone to errors that are difficult to identify and fix. For example, one change in the offer may not be reflected in the amended bill on the order of materials. Some information about the draft order is usually written by the seller and can be written illegible or contain errors.

Disclosure of inventions

Accordingly, the total the task of the present invention, is overcoming the shortcomings of the means known from the prior art, namely, the creation of a computer system and method that allows better integration of the various branches of knowledge in the functional structure.

Another object of the invention is the provision of standardization in pricing and design of products and systems produced by the organization, as well as increasing the efficiency of the organization.

The present invention achieves these and other tasks in a computer system and method for integrating various aspects of the construction and operation of the organization, such as the pairing of the sales personnel and technical staff. The invention provides a process specifications of the proposed system with the display of the predetermined sequence of requests, adapted to the parameters that must be taken into account when implementing the system. In response to the requests, the system automatically generates the appropriate implementation design implementation using a variety of predefined components that are typically used in systems specific to the request type. In one aspect of the implementation of the system then generates suggestions and our price documents that list the system requirements. In response to the confirmation of the account specified data can also use the camping for the formation of subsequent documents required the organization to fulfill the order.

Brief description of drawings

Figure 1 is a simplified representation of a block diagram of a system made in accordance with the present invention.

Figure 2 is a simplified representation of a block diagram illustrating some application programs that can be installed on a computer specialist in sales in accordance with the variants of implementation of the present invention.

Figure 3 is a simplified view of a flowchart illustrating a sample of the General configuration of a user data processing system, which can be used according to one embodiment of the present invention.

Figure 4 is a simplified representation of a block diagram, illustrating various computing systems that can be configured within the organization to implement variants of the present invention.

Figure 5 is a sequence diagram of operations performed by a system according to a preferred variant implementation of the present invention.

6 is a sequence diagram of operations - continuation of Figure 5 illustrating further operations performed by the system in accordance with a preferred implementation of the invention.

7 is a display screen, is provided to illustrate the user interface system of automatic generation of offers and value made in accordance with the present invention.

Fig is another screen image illustrating a user interface on which the reflected field for input of information related to the General problem, which refers to the system of formation of prices and offers.

Figure 9 is a screen image illustrating a user interface that implements the user requests related to the specification of constructive solutions of order, according to one embodiment of the invention.

Figure 10 and 11 are images of screens related to the user's requests regarding the process of selection of certain homogeneous control options offered to the user solution, formed one of the embodiments of the present invention.

Fig is a screen that asks the user to select the physical configuration desired user decisions

Fig illustrates a screen image that provides an accurate determination of fluid for illustrative proposals in accordance with the present invention.

Fig and 15 illustrate a display image that is designed to request the user data defining the control signals of the process, which is necessary for realization of W is being solutions in accordance with the illustrated embodiment of the implementation of the present invention.

Fig is a screen image diagram showing piping and auxiliary operations (Dcuo) formed by the present invention for an exemplary sentences constructive option.

Fig is another screen that displays the user requests the identity of the documentation that must be formed in accordance with the present invention.

Fig is a screen image of a user interface for querying the user for a description of clearly defined tasks in a constructive implementation of the project.

Fig is a screen image of a user interface designed to generate a list of parts and compile the table of prices in accordance with one embodiment of the present invention.

The implementation of the invention

In General the present invention relates to a system and method for combining implementation at company functions, sales, development and other functions. In one variant of implementation, the invention includes setting exact parameters of the system, by displaying a predetermined sequence of requests that are adapted to the technical parameter of the execution of the project. In response to the requests, the system automatically creates a corresponding implementation of the system using various well-known components. In this embodiment implementing the invention further provides for the formation of outgoing documents of the proposed system, including cost estimates, and technical production requirements. When these components are standardized in the same way as is done for components used in the implementation of the solutions used in the field of nozzles, the system operates with the support of development proposals on the constructive implementation of the project with all necessary documentation without the need for a careful study of the design and allocation of engineering resources.

The subsequent description of the preferred variant implementation of the invention relates to functions that are embodied in a software and/or hardware implementation. However, qualified personnel, knowledgeable in the prior art, must take into account that the invention is not limited to certain hardware and/or described the implementation of the software. Thus, for example, certain features that are described in terms of a component or subcomponent of software programs is to be placed, can simply be implemented as one or more separate software components that are executed on one or more computing systems.

Figure 1 is a block diagram illustrating in General, some features of the implementation of the present invention. In the shown embodiment, the system 10 combines design and evaluation, contains, at least, the first computer 12 and the server computing system 14. In this case, the computing system 12 and 14 are configured using the relationship client-server. The first computer 12, which may be, for example, a portable computer or other computing device on the PC that manages the user on the remote commercial workplace or elsewhere. This user typically associated with commercial office 16, or similar place of work located at the client or close to it in the process of performing various operations related to the invention.

In the process, commercial personnel office receives the information related to the client's requirements relating to necessary or desirable solution, such as solution for the installation of spray. More precisely, commercial staff in consultation with the client interacts with one or several is their application programs, similar to the Software module 18 sales Engineer, executable on the computer 12 so that the program can operate in various operating modes. In one of the modes software module 18 operates autonomously to ensure the formation of a preliminary cost estimation, which can be viewed commercial staff through access to information, such as information template or information about pricing, stored on the computer 12.

In another mode of operation of the software module 18 through the connection with the server system 14 in the process creates a document 20 with the corresponding user suggestions using the information contained in the generated document file with the project requirements, the details of which are explained below. Based on the user input, the system 10 adjusts the document 20 with offerings to the specific needs of the client. In the illustrated embodiment, when the invention is used to create a new spray system, the document 20 sentences may contain the necessary input parameters and other information needed to develop solutions specific to the client.

Through the interaction between client and commercial staff as to the proposal made is the system, the client ultimately forms for commercial office 16 order 22 to supply that contains all the necessary information for execution. As explained in more detail below, the order of 22 to supply is transmitted electronically to the appropriate groups in organizing and running.

In one embodiments, the document 20 with proposals contain sufficient information to ensure the "full specs" of the desired solution. In one embodiment of the document 20 with proposals contains the following sections: (1) Introduction; (2) a Description of the Client's Project or Problem that can be accessed; (3) Specific requirements for the system; (4) a Brief review of the decision; (5) the Parameters of the Project; (6) Functional description of the system; (7) Price and information about the terms of Delivery; (8) Installation, Support and Training information; (9) the terms and conditions of sale; (10)how the system can be purchased; (11) a description of the value of the proposed system for the buyer; and (12) references.

In the illustrative exemplary embodiment, are formed of different parts of the document 20 with the proposals on the basis of information collected in the document file requirements. File a requirements document or the module build system"used in this description contains all the necessary related to the construction of the system information. Dunn is the concept may be considered, as the object of the software created by the Software module 18 sales Engineer, executable on the computer 12 and is transmitted to the server 14 for inspection and obtaining permission to create document 20 with the proposals. In the illustrative example, the module build system is implemented as a Visio file and an XML file So that when the invention is used to implement solutions related to sputtering system, a module to build a system may contain information sufficient to create a preliminary list of materials (PM) for the proposed solutions for spraying systems. In addition, the document module to build a system may contain requirements preliminary diagrams piping and auxiliary operations (Dcio) for the proposed solution based on modular representations of components, prepared by an application program executed on the computer 12, as shown below. Module to build the system, in the particular case, contains related requirements to technical specifications for external equipment, such as, inter alia, requirements for space spraying systems, packaging requirements and documentation requirements.

The module build system in the particular case of implementation contains the XML-based document that contains other is the GUI information specific to the generated value. Such additional information includes information specified by the client, the task description, pricing information, and other items. The process by which it is formed and checked the module to build a system, disclosed in more detail below.

In the illustrative embodiment, the data that is used to produce various parts of the document 20 with the proposals included in the Visio file and the XML file Thus, the invention takes advantage of existing infrastructure to enable the efficient exchange of information between different groups of the organization in the form prepared in a certain way machine-readable documents. Thus, you can create a document type XML, based on careful analysis of the data, which contains data markup and character data. These markings identify the logical structure within the document, and sets the character data identify the content of the logical data structures. However, the person skilled in the art will appreciate, may be taken into account that within the essence and scope of the present invention can be used in a variety of document formats.

The computer 12 is connected via one or more network connections 24 with servern the second computing system 14. In a preferred embodiment, the computer system 14 is a server system that includes one or more physical and/or logical objects. Computing system 14 associated with the first computer 12 via the connection a virtual private network or other network connection, suitable for implementation of the required functions. As shown, computing system 14 can be formed with the possibility of providing various services In the illustrative embodiment, the system 14 includes a web server 26 that is designed to provide various functionality such as creating and managing network connections to other computing devices on the network.

In addition, the system 14 includes a database 28, which provides storage of information that will be used for the creation and verification of proposals submitted for consideration by the commercial staff. As shown in Figure 3, the database configured in such a way that it contains records relating to client information 28a, available predefined sets of equipment that are used to form the value, as explained in more detail below.

In addition, the computer system 14 includes a file server 30 is La services file access other computing systems. As shown in Figure 3, the file server 30 may be configured to provide graphical templates 30A, document templates 30b and updates information 30, such as a software update to software modules executable on the computer 12 of the sales personnel. Such templates are used to generate documents with proposals in the required format, for example, .pdf or Word document format. Preferably, the templates contain information relating to the client, the project settings, the details of implementation of the atomizer, the list of supplied parts, prices, and possibly other information that is automatically inserted into the document with proposals. In particular, as shown in Figure 3, the request for proposals transmitted by the remote computer 12, the component 32 of the formation of proposals for access to the templates to form the requested file proposals, operate simultaneously with the Component 34 network service database component 36 network service file server, each of which is part of the web server 26.

Thus, in a preferred embodiment, the information used to create ultimately a document file that contains important information regarding requirements, may be the eredane to the destination server 14. As noted above, the server 14 contains, or he is associated with the database 28 and the File server 30. On the server 14, the information extracted from the document file requirements concerning pre-defined components in the project product is in conformity with the relevant information in the database 28. Using this and other information, the server 14 generates the document file offers, which may contain a certain quote of the cost for the proposed project. The document file offers is transmitted back to the first computer 12 via a network connection 24.

Other computing devices and systems, within the organization, mainly associated with the server system 14. 1 and 3 illustrate various features that are being implemented using a network connection, or other way. For example, the network may include a Software module 38 administration of content, which can be served by database managers and other staff. For updates and maintenance of records supported by the File server 30, the module 38 content management connected via a network connection 40 with the data server 14. In addition, the software module 42 of module development to build the system contains functionality for technical staff module to build the system, providing the updated ready sets design and support for the various components of standardized projects supported by the system. Over a network connection 44, a software module 42 of module development to build a system connected to the data server 14.

The network may also contain a local database 46, which is available from the departments of production and sales organization. Upon receipt of the order of 22 to supply the Local database 46 provides access to the various parts, to create, in the future, the documents necessary for the execution of the received order. In particular, the Local database 46 contains a database 46a components ready-made kits that required to convert existing projects ready sets used in the accepted order, parts list 48 (Figure 4). The local database 46 also provides access to a database of orders 46b for storing the received order in store objects together with other orders. In the illustrative embodiment, the local database 46 also provides access to the database 46 with the production of graphic materials of the drawings, to form, if necessary, the appropriate production of graphic materials 50 (see Figure 4), ka is the part necessary for the execution of the order documents.

As shown in figure 1, level design using a network connection 52 information relating to the Module to build the system, such as the list of materials (PM), can be transmitted through the component 26 of the web server located on the server computing system 14 to the local database 46, so that at the level of the PM system can be created components.

In this way, certain outgoing documents can be advantageous to transmitted to other structural units of the organization to fulfill the Order. Thus, through access to the PM on the finished kit, located on the target server system 14, the local database 46 may be configured to generate document 48 PM, which has the PM on the level of detail of individual components. This 48 PM you can send a consumer organization Department for appropriate processing. In addition, the local database 46 may be configured to create a set of working drawings 50 that are passed to the production Department. Upon receipt of the last documents of various departments, such as purchasing Department and production Department can take the appropriate steps necessary to fulfill the order, and submit it to upakovki the shipment.

Because the invention can be used for the full integration of the various groups of the organization, as shown in Figure 1-4, persons knowledgeable in the field of technology should take into account that the invention can alternatively be used to automate one or more features of one such structural units or more such structural units. In addition, despite the fact that one or more of the various units shown in figure 1, as part of a single organization, these units can be combined with each other by organizing the partnership or to have relationships buyer-seller etc.

Figure 1 also displays the component 52 view construction module system, as one of the application programs running on the computer 16 that is installed in the sales office. Using a network connection 54, the component 52 view allows the sales staff to have access through the web server 26 to the other modules build system stored on the target server 14.

As will be discussed below, other materials, such as documentation relating to the proposed solution, similarly formed and transmitted to the computer 12. Similarly, the purchase order 22 can be loaded by the sales staff from the first computer 12 using the CE is in the local database 46, and on the server 14. As shown in figure 1, the server 14 may be connected through an internal network or another suitable for this purpose network with another computer system, nearby with the server 14. Information relating to the order is then passed to manufacture the ordered product to the appropriate person or Department of a firm, such as the purchasing Department, production Department and testing, as well as the shipping Department.

In accordance with one aspect of the present invention a computerized expert system allows the user, such as sales staff, simple detail to characterize complex made in accordance with the requirements of the buyer intended for the production of the project to simplify the sales process, achieving significant cost savings of development time. User-driven computer configured to execution of the applied graphics program that dialog (interactive) mode guides the user to prepare Dtivo that meets the requirements of the buyer. The program may be partially based on existing tools, schemes and diagrams, such as Visio. Guides actions may take the form of questions and choose the options that p is educause the user with an intuitive graphical user interface, which can be easily used by sales staff without interrupting discuss the project with the buyer. In particular, by selecting the click of a mouse or other pointing device, the right side of the page, the user can force the system to display the appropriate pop-up window or pop-up menu where the user can enter. Based on the responses made by the user in response to specific questions, the system can be represented additional questions, as details of the project. Algorithms and logical structure associated with the process of interactive refinement allows you to choose the project required components and parameters.

Figure 2 illustrates the various application programs and tools, executable on the first computer 12, which are used for the implementation of one embodiment of the invention. As disclosed above, the computer 12 is typically configured for management of sales personnel in a remote location. The first computer 12 includes a software module 18 sales Engineer, through which access to other application implements the functionality for the formation of the quotation amount. Among other things, this program in the preferred embodiment, made what I contains information about the cost, concerning standard solutions in spray systems. In addition, the software module 18 includes (or has access to) a Graphical program 18a, which contains predetermined Graphical Template Project. Through dialogue with the software module 18 sales Engineer Graphical program implements functionality to provide a user interface that is required to poll the user by specifying the user number of questions and the logic required for the design of the standard solution spray system. In a preferred embodiment, the implementation of this program may be carried out in the Visio program to ensure the availability of a variety of predefined project templates that are appropriate for the task of designing a standardized solution for the designed system. Thus, when used to develop a standardized spray system, a Graphics program 18a may include a template system cooling gas Sweats (TM), including standard components for such a system.

In addition, the Software module 18 sales Engineer contains (or can access), customer lists, 18b, which contain information on existing customers. Software module 18 a sales Engineer in the future, can the t to access the file 18, which contains a set of previous modules to build a system, i.e. a set of objects, which are represented by the XML file and Visio file that is present on the remote system. For documents preparation of proposals and module build system, Software module 18 sales Engineer, in addition, contains a database of ready sets 18a, containing pre-existing ready-made kits and components available for the software module 18.

To prepare the paper with suggestions, Software module 18 sales Engineer has access, via the communications network 24, to the Component 32 of the formation of supply (see figure 3) is installed on the server 14. As described above, the specified component, together with the components of a Database of network service and the File server of the network service has access to various templates located on a server system 14. Such templates are used to generate documents, proposals and documents module build system in a desired format, such as .pdf or Word document. Templates mainly contain information relating to the client, the design parameters, the details of the solution spray system, the list of supplied parts, our price information and other arbitrary information, which is automatically inserted into the document proposed the program.

Mainly various components, which can get local access Software module 18 sales Engineer, allow commercial staff to create the quotation documents, such as evaluation cost, and without requiring access to the shared data server 14. Because Software module 18 a sales Engineer in the preferred implementation saves the report previously existing sets, components and costs, based on the preceding information downloaded from the server system 14, a Software module 18 sales Engineer can be used to generate documents in the proposal, based on such data without the need to establish a connection with the server 14.

While the invention can be implemented with application programs shown in Figure 2, the functionality can alternatively be used in many other implementations and use.

In accordance with one aspect of the invention, the system performs various operations for the automatic completion of the project module build system and solution system. Because the system mainly uses known components, the system creates a solution for a project that meets the client's needs, and at the same time reduces the cost of designing the development. The operation method according to the present invention can be implemented by processing the answers to a number of pre-selected questions provided by the system user.

5 and 6 illustrate the preferred embodiment of the invention for the automatic forming module build system and documentation for the project. This embodiment operates works with ensuring the formation of the quote cost and production plan for a project generated by expert systems or intelligent graphics system. In the illustrative embodiment, the process begins at block 60, as shown in Figure 5. The method proceeds to the next step 62, in which the user, such as commercial staff, develops preliminary cost estimates for the project. As shown above, the user operates the local computer (such as computer 12, as shown in Figure 1) in accordance with application programs running executable on the specified computer. These application programs include a program module 18 sales Engineer, which allows the user to create pre-module build system. This pre-construction module system is formed as a result of answers to several questions before tablewise the user.

Based on the answers Software module 18 sales Engineer generates XML files and Visio files that are required to describe the project. Thus, module sales Engineer generates Autonomous preliminary Module for building system 64.

In the next step 66, the user initiates the transmission of advance Module to build the system through the module sales Engineer. In this step, the files associated with advanced module build system loaded on the remote server 14 associated with the Database 28 and the File server 30. The files are provided in the appropriate format, such as XML files containing the data retrieved from the Visio files. The actions of the seller or other user may be directed dialog program providing tips when you enter information that will be uploaded to the server.

Once the appropriate files containing preliminary data module build system, were transferred to the Central database 28 and the File server 30, the engineer module build system accesses data through interaction with the Technical module 42 of the Module build system as shown in the next step 68. At this step, the engineer module build system checks the proposed module build system and, where necessary, make any changes you make to the. As shown in figure 1, the engineer module build system typically accesses the data pre-construction module system by access through the communications network to the server system 14. After changing the module build system engineer module build system saves the updated module build system in a Central database 28, as updated or Revised Module build system 70.

In the next step 72 sales engineer receives the Revised Module build system 70 by transmission over a communication network 24, as shown in figure 1. On the basis of the documents contained in the Revised Module build system, sales engineer creates a formal Proposal 74 in the next step 76. The proposal contains the necessary files of the document that describe the system or project that will be implemented. These files document delivered to the client.

After that, sales engineer together with the client, the client checks the compliance of the Proposal with the requirements of the project, as shown in step 78. In this step, any Offer can be made any changes at the customer's request. These changes can be transmitted to the server 14 and, if necessary, reviewed by the engineer module build system.

In the case when the Offer is accepted, the client once ESET Order (indicated on Figure 5 as figure 80), as shown in the next step 82. According to the illustrated variant implementation of the invention, the document files in Order to 80, preferably recorded in a local database in the computer 12 sales engineer, as illustrated by the following step 84 figure 6. Such files can also be transferred to the Central server 14 for storage in a Central database 28.

In response to the order generation Software module 18 a sales Engineer in the next step 88 generates the List of Materials (PM) 86. On the basis of the PM module sales Engineer in further developing a Plan of Requirements of Materials. Plan requirements is transferred to the Local database 46, and a database 28 that is located on the server 14. Upon receipt of the plan requirements are automatically ordered parts needed for the project, as shown in step 90. In addition, at step 92 the Production capacity of the organization have access to the transferred data and prepare a complete set of technical drawings 94 to build the project.

In the particular case of implementing the system automatically generates the instruction manual 96 as shown in step 98. These documents can be transferred to the local computer 12, or may be transferred to the buyer by any acceptable means.

In conclusion, in the next step 100, created systempreference and shipped to the buyer.

In order to simplify and automate the design and build process, the software module sales Engineer contains the user interface 120, which is different selectable on-screen image to a sales engineer. In the illustrative embodiment, the display images are based on the Windows interface for the logical direction of engineer sales through the development process of the spray system. As shown in Fig.7, the preferred user interface 120 has a format that includes images, buttons, invoices, drop-down menus, and other user-selectable adapted to enter information corresponding to the project proposed system. For example, user interface 120 may include user-selectable tab "Introduction" 122, which is the starting screen of the automated module build system and program of the offers. This screen contains a field for entering client information. For example, in the illustrative embodiment, the region name of the client can be presented in the form of a drop-down menu with the option of selecting information from the menu by the sales engineer. In accordance with the illustration, the client name associated with the contact information what their main customer contact. In addition, the display image has a field to enter an industry group, type system, and the application category of the spray system used to develop the expert system.

Fig illustrates a display image that is presented after selecting bookmarks 130 description of the Problem the Spray system. To provide information in different languages, the screen provides a drop-down menu 132 to select the language in which the offer is made. This screen also provides a window 134 text entry the name of the project to be bid. In addition, the text input window 136 "Problem Description" allows the sales engineer to enter information related to the type of project tasks that needs to be solved and other relevant information, which can later be used by the expert system or to provide solutions for the current task, or for other solutions in other contexts, for example, to represent decisions in subsequent runs solutions. Finally, the screen image shown in Fig contains region 138 deadline for submitting proposals, which as shown may be implemented as drop-down text box. In the particular case, the display image may contain buttons 140 to help sales engineer in editing or others is another text processing, type of those which are commonly used in the Microsoft Office environment.

In accordance with the present invention, the expert system is standardized sets of project and templates as building blocks to create a system or solution for a project that is determined by the needs of the client. In addition to using pre-selected sets that are built from tested components, the system is in an advantageous variant implementation uses the well-known operational parameters for the communication of these kits and components in technically developed solution.

In the illustrative embodiment, the Software module 18 sales Engineer is illustrated a graphical program, such as Microsoft Visio, the selection process engineer label 142 Draft System shown in screen images 7 and 8. In this case, the user is sent to a different screen images that aid in the description of the proposed project system and creating proposal documents. For example, the expert system can provide the sales engineer is logically organized sequence dialog issues such as shown on screen images Fig.9-18. In this implementation, a different screen image can be selected by the engineer sales by choosing what and bookmark pages.

Fig.9 illustrates a display image 150 that provides sales engineer user interface, required for the input specifications of spray when designing the system. As shown above, the above screen image can be achieved by the use of a graphics application, such as Microsoft Visio. The display image 150 includes various text entry window 152 to select the spray nozzle. In the illustrative embodiment, the text boxes contain the field to determine the type of spray nozzles, settings, spray nozzles, the total number of spray nozzles for the proposed system, the drive elements of the spray nozzles and the necessary types of gases. Additionally, the display image specifications spray system contains text boxes for entering operating parameters of the system. These operating parameters include working unit and spray features, such as full spray width and the minimum and maximum values of pressure and flow. In addition, the display image 150 is a text box for entering air parameters for the proposed system, such as maximum and minimum values of the spraying air pressure, maximum and minimum consumption of each raspi is sustained fashion head spraying air, maximum and minimum air pressure of the fan and the maximum and minimum consumption of each spray head flow of air from the fan. Finally, the display image specifications aerosol contains text boxes that are designed for total fluid consumption and total consumption of air.

In the illustrative embodiment, information included in the specification for the system is determined by the sales engineer based on field testing and approval by the client of the proposed solution. However, in accordance with another variant of realization of the invention, the input window is presented with the parameters set by default, intellectually calculated on the basis of known characteristics for the system performed similarly to the system being developed.

Figure 10 illustrates additional screen image 160 for providing user selectable information regarding the management platform for the proposed project. As shown in the illustration, the display image intellectually asks for a sales engineer to introduce requirements for the desired solution of the control system using dialog boxes 162 and 164. Obviously, such information may be requested during the implementation of any number of dialog boxes or interactive techniques. In addition to t the th, screen image 160 is presented to the user with a text box 166, intended to enter the desired management platform.

The expert system may also include a screen display device for selection decisions regarding specification platform management. In the illustrated embodiment, after selecting a commercial engineer specific platform management system may provide additional display window for display of control options related to the management platform. 11 shows one such display window 170. The specified platform-specific control on-screen display provides the user with dialog boxes and text boxes to select the desired parameters of the control solution. For example, the screen image 170 contains a section of the liquid delivery 172 containing a dialog box related to the requirements for tank pressure. In addition, the screen image 170 is supplemented by the section control by regulating the air supply relating to section 174 of the pressure reservoir containing a dialog box related to the regulation of air pressure in the system. Finally, the screen image 170 contains a section regulating the air supply to the nozzle (nozzles) 176, which contains the dialog box, related to the regulation of air supply, which is supplied to the nozzles projected system.

Fig illustrates a screen image 180 to provide the user selecting the appropriate configuration of the housing for the spray system. As shown in the illustration, different dialog boxes help sales engineer to select the appropriate building, which will be the electronic components of the developed system.

As part of the project the proposed solution, the system provides a screen to prompt the user to enter information concerning the specifications of liquids. As shown in Fig, the display image 190 contains a sequence of dialog boxes 192, to enter the required information relating to the liquid, which is used in the designed application. In addition, the display picture 192 provides a different dialog box 194 to provide information concerning the physical parameters of the specified fluid and parameters use the specified fluid.

Further, the invention enables the formation of one or more screens to enter information related to the processing of signals for the developed system, as shown in Fig and 15. Such information can be obtained by displaying one or more dialog boxes 202 and 204, tomasica to the clocking signals, as well as in the recognition of objects that respectively displayed on the display image 200 shown in Fig. The following screen image 206 (Fig) presents the user with dialog boxes 208 and 210, regarding cases when indicated, it is desirable if the recognition rate and the possibility of remote control. Based on the user-entered data, the expert system determines the inherent process the signals required for decisions of the project.

In accordance with one feature of the present invention, the system automatically generates a solution for the project based on the input information entered by the user. Fig illustrates a screen image 220, which is automatically generated chart Dcuo in response to the input information entered by the user. In the illustrative embodiment, the chart Dcuo shown in Fig, is a preliminary diagram generated by the computer 12, driven by the sales engineer.

Fig and 18 illustrate the screen to enter additional information regarding the proposed solution for the project. Screen image 230, shown in Fig is the dialog box for selecting the appropriate requirements documents, such as drawings and required by the buyer formatio is the W. Fig illustrates a screen image 240, which provides a text box 242 to enter information that describes the unique challenges of development. When sales engineer enters information in a specified field, the system forms a module of the system, more accurately corresponds to the needs of the user.

When information is entered into the system, the sales engineer can then set that satisfied certain criteria of the project in the proposed solution by selecting a button 244 to Check the Project. This button is represented as part of the user interface on the display shown on Fig.9-18. In particular, a component of Project Templates 48A includes code that is used to determine the specific design criteria for proposed commercial staff. In the case of returning an error to the commercial staff required to introduce changes to the project that can be checked before submitting to the client the proposed solution and the corresponding valuation. It is obvious that after the completion and presentation, as shown above, a Module to build a system Engineer module build system checks whether the Module is to build the systems necessary items.

Thus, due to the fact that the project proposal project contains predetermined compound BL is key, the system matches the required blocks with the corresponding records in the database (directly or remotely), each of which is associated with a List of Materials. On the basis of these selected components, and other data, is generated and transmitted to the seller's quoted price for the composite system. Thus, if we assume that all blocks are predefined blocks that are successfully matched in the database, the seller immediately receives the evaluation information for the client. If the price is too low or high, the seller and the customer can then make changes in the project configuration. If the composite set or block are "special" (not predefined), the List of Materials for the specified component being worked out manually or by means of the mechanism of formation of the list of Materials for unspecified in advance of the component.

Accordingly, the full composite List of Materials of the project design is generated immediately instead of manual training, covering days or weeks. After this message is composed for the proposed order, including the assessment of the information. As shown above, depending on customer requirements, in the particular case, may be formed corresponding to the requests of buyer guide exploitatively, which will be made. In this example, the composite function blocks Dcuo for a project associated with functional text description contained, for example, in the document file in Microsoft Word associated with Visio files. The formation of the proposal includes a significant Association of these composite text descriptions. Similarly textual descriptions are used in the automatic preparation of a guide to fit the demands of the buyer of a manufactured system in order to avoid writing process engineer acceptable to the buyer guide. If the customer places an order based on the quotation value in subsequent steps are executed concerning the manufacture of the system, including the formation of a plan material requirements and the actual production and delivery system.

Thus, the system automatically generates Dcuo response-based and other input provided by the user on the previous pages. Thus, the user is not engaged in a complex task manual build Dcuo by selecting and installing the components in the desired position. The constituent elements of the chart are mainly ready-made sets of blocks. In this connection, the said blocks in General are pre-defined and contain within themselves the components with their own the basic configuration settings. The formation of the system on the basis of these building blocks, provides standardization decisions for the user, which, in turn, provides a standardized and predictable price formation. Pre-formed sets of blocks are designed in such a way that they were associated with the default settings or set the default settings to the maximum extent possible. This facilitates determination of the amount of the order before the order is actually developed.

On the main page of the interface software module sales engineer displays shortcuts to select other display images or other pages. Fig illustrates a display image 250 Pricing system, which is selected after the design of the system in accordance with the present invention. As shown in the figure, the expert system automatically generates the preliminary cost of the project based on the parts selected by the sales engineer. In addition, the expert system is the specification of components for the system, on page 252, which is available through the choice of label Detailed Classification System.

Other selectable labels can be included in the display of the main screen, as shown in Fig.7. For example, the system may include a shortcut to the Regional settings, which allows commercial engineer to enter information relating to the destination of the designed structure. Similarly, the screen image may contain labels, used to enter Payment Terms, additional Comments, and the history of the project.

Accordingly, in the present description of the disclosed system and method, reaching solutions to the above problems. The system can be implemented together to ensure a complete solution to the client's project, based on the number of pre-selected questions provided for commercial staff, such as technical staff, sales, interacting with the client. The advanced system provides improved uniformity of decisions of the project, greatly reducing the cost of the project and the time period for decision-making.

Persons knowledgeable in the field of technology should take into account that the invention is not limited to the above descriptions of the variants of the invention which is preferred at the present time. After reading this doctrine will be obvious, and other various modifications. Thus, described herein private functionality, which were described in conjunction with the software components of the system can be combined with others to what components, or alternatively, can be done many other ways, including using other software and/or using other hardware. In addition, although the invention has been described in the context of interactions of different computing systems in a network configuration, persons skilled in the art should recognize that the invention can be used in many other configurations. Thus, it should be clear that the scope of the invention covered by the following claims and equivalents to the following characteristics.

1. The method of processing a consumer's order for the products, including displaying by the computer a composite schema defining features of products by combining one or more graphical components, selected from a set of graphical components, bringing each of the graphical components of a schema, which is a predefined component, in accordance with the appropriate list of materials using a database, and generating a report related to the product, using a database, characterized in that component, which is not pre-defined component, form a list of materials, and to advance unspecified graphic the ski schema component additionally add the corresponding new pre-defined component in the database and a set of graphical components.

2. The method according to claim 1, wherein when displaying the composite scheme transfer the input data entered by the user in response to at least one question generated by the computer.

3. The method according to claim 1, characterized in that it further transfer loading data corresponding to the schema on the remote server connected to the database.

4. The method according to claim 1, characterized in that the diagram is a diagram of piping and auxiliary operations.

5. The method according to claim 1, characterized in that the product has application in spray systems.

6. The method according to claim 1, characterized in that the report contains quotes value.

7. The method according to claim 1, characterized in that it further carry out the activation order for the supply of products.

8. The method according to claim 1, characterized in that it further perform automatic generation of manuals products.

9. The method according to claim 1, characterized in that it additionally take into account the execution of the plan material requirements for products.

10. The computer-readable storage medium, characterized in that it contains recorded thereon a set of executable computing device, instructions to implement the method according to claim 1.

11. A computer system for processing consumer of order p is oductio, including the first computer containing the program of formation of a compound schema that defines the features of products by combining one or more graphical components selected from a set of graphical components, and a second computer connected with the first computer with the possibility of forming a composite quotation price for the product using a database for aligning the component with the corresponding list of materials for this component, wherein the second computer is connected to the first computer with the possibility of forming a composite quotation price for the product using the mechanism of formation of the list of materials for unspecified in advance of the component.

12. The system according to claim 11, characterized in that the second computer is a server that is connected to the first computer via the network.

13. The system according to claim 11, characterized in that the product has application in spray systems.

14. The system according to claim 11, wherein the interactive program receives input from the user by displaying one or more questions to the user program.

15. The system according to claim 11, characterized in that the second computer is configured with the possibility of the formation of the instruction manual of the product.

16. Parking is itemy media, characterized in that it contains a set of recorded thereon executable by computing device a set of instructions and can be installed in a computer system according to claim 11.


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EFFECT: managing clients in real time and flexibility, matching client operating capabilities, full representation of clients.

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SUBSTANCE: user-constructed scheme is automatically configured. A built-in extension connected to the scheme is accepted. The built-in extension is registered via metadata, besides, metadata includes at least one of the order and stage of the built-in extension. Another built-in extension is received; the scheme is configured without compilation by means of registration of this other built-in extension. Information on dependence is analysed, which is supported by metadata, in order to identify the order of built-in extensions and main operations of the platform. In response to reception of a call for action from a user, the built-in extension is realised in compliance with the received order together with one or more main operations of the platform in the realisation conveyor, at the same time in process of extension realisation.

EFFECT: prevention of improper application of system resources via accidental or deliberate creation of infinite cycles.

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SUBSTANCE: invention relates to field of medical equipment, namely to means of non-invasive diagnostics. Method lies in measurement of patient's biophysical parameters in the point of diagnostics, their transmission into the unified system of information processing and accumulation, registration in it of results of patient's measurements with account of their identification data, analysis and formulation of diagnosis, its transformation into feedback signal, supplied to the point of diagnostics. In the point of diagnostics for each patient: fixed list of biophysical parameters are measured and informative vector of patient's parameters, resulting from current diagnostic examination is formed. Diagnostic examination is carried out periodically, the difference of informative vectors of patient's parameters resulting from current and previous diagnostic examinations being used to determine informative vector of deviation of parameters for determination of degree of patient's state change, in accordance with which, patient's identification data and informative vector, reflecting disease history and hereditary factors, diagnosis is formulated. In case if there is not enough information to formulate diagnosis, additional measurements of biophysical parameters, which are not includes into the fixed list, are carried out, additional informative vector of patient's parameters is formed and taken into account in diagnosis formulation. Registration of results of measurement of biophysical parameters is carried out in unified register for all patients, included into the system of medical provision. The system contains m points of diagnostics, where diagnostic equipment for non-invasive measurement is placed, channel for connection with unit of information processing and accumulation, unit of diagnostic assessment, unit of control, management and presentation of information, unit of automatic determination of treatment methods and means. All diagnostic equipment is connected to corresponding inlets of outlet adaptor in each point of diagnostics, its outlet being connected by means of duplex connection channel with inlet system adaptor, which is connected to first inlet of unit of diagnostic assessment and to first unit of information processing and accumulation with its first outlet, and to first inlet of unit of additional control of patients' state with its second outlet. Diagnostic equipment for additional measurement of biophysical parameters is connected to corresponding inlet of unit of additional control of patients' state via connection channel.

EFFECT: application of the invention makes it possible to increase objectivity of patients' diagnostics due to automation of decision-making processes.

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FIELD: information technology.

SUBSTANCE: method involves generating and storing in a database the required number of identification codes generated by random number generation techniques; the identification codes are deposited on identification labels in a sequence which matches the sequence of identification codes in the database; rolls with identification labels are sent to the manufacture for application on products; identification codes from two non-successive labels from the roll with identification codes are indicated to obtain the first identification code and the last identification code, which are entered into a data base together with the stock item, wherein the stock item is tied to all identification codes residing in the data base between the entered identification codes.

EFFECT: easy manufacture of identification labels, shorter time for searching for product data, high degree of protecting activation of labels.

FIELD: information technologies.

SUBSTANCE: system comprises a block of reception of identification data of legislation process participants, a block of detection of a type of data query, a block of selection of address of an identifier of permanent data of legislation process participants, a block of selection of a reference address of a personalised identifier of a legislation process participant, a block of detection of sampling depth of data of legislation process participants, a block of integration of address signals of recording and reading, a block of identification of legislation process participants data, a block of generation of a cycle of query data documentation, a block of selection of query data documentation area, a block of selection of time cycles of query performance, a block of records reception from a data base of a system server, a block of data issue channels switching.

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EFFECT: high reliability of the apparatus, simplification thereof, high measurement accuracy, more efficient utilisation of the bandwidth of data transmission channels and broader functional capabilities.

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SUBSTANCE: in the method accounting identification bar code information is generated on process operations in the form of a flow with output to paper media on a separate map board of a production area and a card of a technical task, review of the card, start and end of operations completion is carried out with supervision, and the task itself and each main process operation are identified, and upon completion of process operations the performed operations quality acceptance is registered by reading a bar code both on a card - technical task and on a map board by means of a scanner installed on a terminal of the production area.

EFFECT: increased accuracy of accounting of a production process for each process operation.

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FIELD: information technology.

SUBSTANCE: data storage system of a thermal atomiser with a spray gun (2) has a device (1) which is decentralised on or in the spray gun or has a memory device (4) for storing parameters of the thermal atomiser. Said stored parameters contain identification data and operational characteristics of the thermal atomiser, including identification data and operational characteristics of the spray gun. The device (1) also has a bus interface (6) for transmitting the stored parameters.

EFFECT: automatic identification of operational data of the spray gun, controlling the thermal spraying process.

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FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: method to determine and monitor value of massive emission of pollutants from a livestock room into environment, consisting in using a mathematical model of emissions, the initial data of which is parameters, which unambiguously characterise the mode of operation of a source of emissions, readings of control and measurement equipment, for matching initial data, material balances are made between sources of emissions. Concentration of carbon dioxide is determined inside the room, and using it, they determine a level of air exchange in the room, simultaneously they measure concentration of ammonia inside the room, and using them, they determine actual emission of ammonia from the room according to the specified formula.

EFFECT: higher accuracy of determination and monitoring of value of massive emission of pollutants from a livestock room into environment.

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FIELD: aircraft engineering.

SUBSTANCE: inflight measurements are used to define magnitude Rn.p. of ideal engine thrust as Rn.p.=Rcn.p.-GAVF, where Rcn.p. is conventional thrust of jet nozzle corresponding to full expansion of exhaust jet therein to barometric pressure, GA air flow rate at engine inlet, VF is aircraft flight velocity. In diagnostics, engine thrust is controlled by departure of Rn.p from reference value corresponding to engine thrust prior to engine operation.

EFFECT: higher accuracy of diagnostics.

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FIELD: information technology.

SUBSTANCE: system for evaluating trustworthiness of an individual consumer of financial services has a set of interacting means for inputting data, analysing the input data, gathering information in social networks, gathering networking data, polling contractors of the individual on social networks, calculating a numerically expressed and standardised estimate of trustworthiness of the consumer of financial services. The system also includes a database of individuals, a component for psychological and social testing of the individual - presumed consumer of financial services in question and answer form; a component for analysing social environment. The system also includes a component for creating a profile of psychological and social qualities of the individual which is configured to obtain information from outputs of the component for analysing input data, the component for gathering networking data, the component for analysing the social environment, a component for analysing networking between individuals, the component for polling contractors of the individual on social networks and the component for psychological and social testing.

EFFECT: high reliability of evaluating trustworthiness of an individual consumer of financial services by constructing a psychological and social portrait of the individual.

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FIELD: physics, computer engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a device and a method of dispensing medications, particularly a device and a method of dispensing medications at the emergency room. The device for dispensing medications has a protected container for storing one or more dosages of one or more medications; an access device for providing selective access to one or more dosages of one or more medications; an electronic interface configured to receive user input from the user themselves; and a processor for executing the following steps: comparing the user input with a database; determining, based on the comparison results, the required medication from multiple medications and the corresponding dosage from one or more dosages of the medication; selecting the corresponding dosage of the determined medication and providing access through the access device to the corresponding dosage.

EFFECT: reducing the probability of errors when dispensing medications and faster dispensation of medications to the device user.

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FIELD: physics, computer engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to systems and methods for testing and monitoring health data. The user interface for the testing system includes a display for displaying information relating to measurements of health data made by the testing system, wherein the health data include data relating to analyte concentration in a body fluid sample; and a user input device for receiving information from the user, wherein the display can provide the user with user-selectable options and prompt the user to enter information relating to analyte concentration, and the user input device can receive information from the user for a period of time which begins when the testing system receives a body fluid sample and ends when the testing system displays the measured analyte concentration on the display.

EFFECT: high efficiency of the testing system owing to a simple user interface.

9 cl, 11 dwg

FIELD: computers.

SUBSTANCE: system has nine registers, four address selectors, triggers, AND elements, OR elements and delay elements.

EFFECT: higher speed.

8 dwg