Smoke-generating composition for electronic devices imitating tobacco smoking, such composition production and application method

FIELD: tobacco industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to smoke-generating compositions for electronic devices imitating tobacco smoking, to a method for such smoke-generating composition production as well as to the electronic device cartridge and the electronic device proper. The composition contains water and/or ethanol, flavouring agents and/or nicotine, glycerine and/or polypropylene glycol with molecular weight from 425 to 1025. Polypropylene glycol is mixed with the other components of the smoke-generating composition. The cartridge contains the smoke-generating composition. The electronic device (such as an electronic cigarette) includes a cartridge containing the smoke-generating composition.

EFFECT: invention enables reduction of the probability of the smoke-generating compound leakage from the cartridge or electronic device (electronic cigarette) prevention undesired penetration of the smoke-generating compound into the oral cavity.

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This invention relates to a smoke-generating compositions based polypropylenglycol.

Not so long ago were invented electronic devices to mimic tobacco Smoking (EBIT) (EN 2336002, publ. 20.10.2008, No. 29, No. 103062U, publ. 27.03.2011), generating steam or fog, which may or may not contain nicotine and when inhaled can cause taste of real tobacco smoke. AWIT produced in the form of cigarettes, cigars, pipes, etc. and are essentially the inhaler. The design of AWIT lies cartridge containing smoke (steam or fogging) of the liquid composition and vapor or tomanagement called an "atomizer" [US 2011/0011396 A1 (2011), US 783241082 (2010)].

There are two types of spray liquid. Atomiser with the heating element and the atomizer with an ultrasonic atomizer. Now the second type is used only in models from some manufacturers class penstyle. In all other cases, typically used atomizer heating element [,1,21-evolyuciya-elektronnoy-sigarety.html].

Some models of e-cigarettes have disposable evaporators. When they are included in the cartridge, so when you change the cartridge changing and heating elementdata design (cartridge+atomizer) is called a cartomizer [].

Atomizers include in your design evaporator (heating element, for example, nichrome spiral) or ultrasonic nebulizer [,1,21-evolyuciya-elektronnoy-sigarety.html]. The atomizer of the smoke (steam and fogging) of the liquid composition cartridge forms a simulated smoke that enters the lungs. Only if classic SMOKE is a cloud of small particles and resin, vapor electronic cigarettes is a fog is a suspension of tiny droplets of liquid in the steam-air mixture. This mist is heated to the temperature of the smoke regular cigarettes, in order to bring the feeling of a smoker to feel from the usual tobacco use.

The atomizer is put into operation, if it is just delayed. The air-flow sensor connected to the microprocessor, includes a heating element or an ultrasonic generator, [].

Cartridge AWIT filled with fibrous mass, for example by padding, holding smoke-generating liquid composition inside the cartridge, dosing him and not giving to spill out onto the atomizer.

Smoke-generating composition includes water, a polyalcohol (glycols, glycerine, flavors, nicotine and other additives. For example, the famous [] smoke-generating composition containing:

propylene glycol 55-62%,

glycerin 30-35%,

nicotine 0-36 m is/ml,

flavor 2-4% water;

or smoke-generating composition []containing:

propylene glycol 52-66%,

food flavor 0-8%,

vanilla extract and 1.5%,

medical nicotine strength:

- there is no fortress 0%

- lowest strength of 0.4% to 0.6%

- the average fortress of 0.9% to 1.1%

- high fortress of 1.3% to 1.6%,

linalool 6%,

glycerol 20%,

Tabanan 1.5%,

2.5-dimethylpyrazine 1%,

2-acetylpyrazine 1%.

Electronic cigarette is an identical replacement for traditional cigarettes. It is assumed that the first electronic cigarette simply replaces the smoker of conventional cigarettes. It is also possible to full exemption from nicotine addiction by gradually lowering the nicotine content to zero.

It should be noted that depending on the device cartridge with smoke-generating composition or device of the electronic cigarette to a greater or lesser extent, possibly escaping smoke-generating composition from the cartridge and enters directly into the mouth of Smoking, which can cause negative feelings. Smoke-generating composition can leak through loose joints electronic cigarettes and dirty as the cigarette, and the fingers of the smoker or the surrounding objects.

It should also be noted that in the preparation of smoke-generating compositions based abderemane is the most basic components, such as propylene glycol or glycerol, with the addition of some aromatic additives does not fully dissolve the latter in the base composition.

Thus, formulations containing 50% propylene glycol, 40% glycerol, 5% isoamylase (flavouring "the Duchess"), or 5% CO 2 extract of tobacco (, the rest is water or ethanol, heterogeneous, which may lead to differences in dosing aromatic components in the formation of smoke while Smoking or requires additional use in smoke-generating composition homogenizing or give a stable emulsion components.

The object of this invention is the smoke (steam, fogging) composition based polypropylenglycol with different number of monomers in the molecule. The tests were carried out using the following polypropylenglycol: PPG, BCPs 725, BCPs 1025. The designation abbreviation BCPs means polypropylenglycol, and the number represents the average molecular weight of polypropyleneglycol. Using polypropylenglycol with greater average molecular weight of BCP 2000, BCPs 2700, BCPs 4000 difficult because they have excessive viscosity and low solubility or are solid.

Table 1 shows the viscosity of the various components used in smoke compositions.

Table 1
SubstanceViscosity, Centistokes, cSt, at 25°CNotes
Propylene glycolof 5.4 E8%EB%E5%ED%E3%EB%E8%EA%EE%EB%FC
BCPs 42580
BCPs 725115
BCPs 1025150

The use of polypropylenglycol in accordance with the present invention allows to reduce the mobility of the smoke-generating compositions and thus reduce the probability of escaping smoke-generating compositions outside of the cartridge or electronic cigarettes, as well as the probability of an undesirable ingress of smoke-generating composition in the mouth of the smoker

This invention allow the us to use any aromatic additives, sparingly soluble in propylene glycol, glycerin, or their mixtures.

The invention is illustrated by, but not limited to the following drawings and examples.

Figure 1 is an electronic device that simulates the tobacco, with the section a-A.

Figure 2 - cartridge electronic device that simulates the tobacco, (EBIT) in context.

An electronic device that simulates the tobacco, consists of a metal shell 1 is placed in her and interconnected electrical contacts of the battery 2, the steam generator 3, is equipped with an led 4, at least one microprocessor 5, and the airflow sensor 6. Executed as a single unit with the shell 1 spray 7 placed in it by the heater 8 and the cartridge 9 containing in smoke-generating composition 10. The heater 8 is placed partially within the cartridge 9 with a minimum clearancewith regard to him to allow evaporation of the smoke-forming composition 10. The shape of the cartridge and the system of holes 11 provide airflow between its walls and the walls of the steam generator 3, the end of which is made of at least one hole 11, and the possibility of electrical contact between the battery 2 and the generator 3, and the ability to charge the battery. The connection of the battery, the generator, is methodid, at least one microprocessor, and the airflow sensor can be performed using heat-resistant wires 12. To ensure air circulation and reliable mounting of the cartridge 9 in the nozzle 7, it is equipped with guide ribs 13 (2), evenly placed along the perimeter of the cartridge.

In the manufacturing process cartridge 9 his camera fill with smoke-forming composition of the present invention, the seal cartridge and insert into the nozzle 7. After connection of the atomizer 7 case 1 EUIT ready to use. After the process of applying the ink cartridge becomes empty, it can be replaced with another cartridge containing a smoke-generating composition.

The device operates as follows, the operation of the device occurs when the retraction of the through hole 11 of the dispenser 7 air flow of not less than 10 ml/s through actuation of the airflow sensor 6. After that, the power is supplied from the battery 3 through the microprocessor 5 to the steam generator 3. In this case the led 4 lights up, and the heater 8 heats, contributing to excessive evaporation of smoke-forming composition 10 of the cartridge 9. Thick vapor, resulting in evaporation, taken up by the air stream and through the opening 11 of the nozzle 7 is transferred into the lungs of the user.

Examples 1-10. The composition of the smoke is forming compositions based polypropylenglycol with the addition of nicotine or without. Mix the components for each smoke-forming compositions 1-8 table 2 in the specified ratio and fill their cartridges electronic cigarette "command opens each scanned page, made under the patent for useful model №103062 U.

Table 2
The compositions of the smoke-generating compositions based polypropylenglycol
# exampleSmoke-generating compositionwt. -%
1Polypropylenglycol 42555,0
CO-2 extract tobacco4,5
2Polypropylenglycol 42545,0
3Polypropylenglycol 42555,0
4Polypropylenglycol 42545,0
CO-2 extract tobacco4,5
5Polypropylenglycol 42555,0
CO-2 extract tobacco4,5
6Polypropylenglycol 42590,0
CO-2 extract tobacco4,5
7Polypropylenglycol 42585,0
8Polypropylenglycol 72584,0
9Polypropylenglycol 72584,0
Nicotine 2,4
10Polypropylenglycol 72583,0

The tests showed the absence of leakage smoke-generating compositions outside of the cartridge or e-cigarettes, and getting smoke-generating composition in the mouth of the smoker.

Example 7. A method of obtaining a smoke-forming composition.

To obtain the smoke-forming composition (example 2, table 2) in a conical flask with a volume of 100 ml mix 45 g polypropylenglycol 425 and 45 g of glycerin. The mixture is stirred on a magnetic stirrer for 5 minutes and thensuccessively added with stirring, 7.5 g of solidaritat, 1.5 g of nicotine and 1.0 g of water. After adding all components of the mixture is kept under stirring for 10 minutes.

Similarly receive smoke-generating compositions described in examples 1, 3-10.

1. Smoke-generating composition for an electronic device that simulates the tobacco, includes water and/or ethanol,flavorings and/or nicotine, glycerin and/or glycol, characterized in that the glycol used polypropylenglycol with a molecular weight of 425 1025.

2. A method of obtaining a smoke-forming composition according to claim 1 by mixing polypropylenglycol with components of the smoke-generating composition for an electronic device that simulates the tobacco.

3. The cartridge of an electronic device that simulates the tobacco containing smoke-generating composition according to claim 1.

4. An electronic device that simulates the tobacco, comprising a cartridge according to claim 3.


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EFFECT: creation of a smoking product wherein one provides for adjustment and minimisation of the product standard ventilation deviation.

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EFFECT: tobacco product containing a pharmacological inactivator ensures effective protection of the smoker organism against exposure to toxic materials contained in tobacco smoke and entering the organism in the process of smoking.

2 tbl

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SUBSTANCE: method of smoking material production comprises the following operations: preparation of the wholly or partially finished product, including at least tobacco core wrapped in tissue paper; gluing of folding paper to the tissue paper so that the former covers the tobacco core and overhang the latter at the end of the tobacco core that is intended to be lighted; bending the folding paper overhanging the edge so that to cover the tobacco at the end of the tobacco core. Various methods are used in order to apply the folding paper and producing different types of buckles. Bended paper can be turned inside out through denting by the pin or mould core after buckles formation so to make them more sustained.

EFFECT: technical result is quality of the smoking material which end is covered atop by the separate improvement sheet of paper placed on the the wholly or partially finished product.

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EFFECT: technological process simplification alongside with preservation of the tobacco smoke flavour originality, stability of the smoking mixture quality, reduction of the prime cost of the target product, the product range expansion.

1 cl