Cultivation column and method of its service

FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to the field of agriculture, in particular, to hydroponics. The cultivation column of concrete mixes or plastic is made with the ability to plant it into the wall of plants, has a cover with a nozzle fixed in it, a flexible hose to connect to the main pipe of nutrient solution, a supporting stand to stabilise the position and connecting the communications, a securing hoop to stabilise the position in the upper part, an electrical connector for the connecting lighting garlands. In the method the position of the cultivation column is stabilised using the supporting stand in the lower part and a metal wire in the upper part. The nutrient solution is fed and removed, the air and air-gas mixture supply is performed at least for one column. The cultivated plants are lightened by lighting garlands.

EFFECT: inventions enable to provide an intensive regime of growing plants.

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The invention relates to agriculture and can be used for the industrial production of plant products in intensive mode.

In the technique known use of cultivation columns (RF patent No. 2414121) for the cultivation of plant products, in particular ornamental plants.

The disadvantage of this solution is that you cannot use this design for commercial cultivation of plants and especially in intensive mode.

Tasks and aims of the present invention is to develop a technical solution for a device with a high potential in the field of cultivation of plant products with minimum footprint of the useful area of greenhouses, as well as the development of the way of rational cultivation service of process on the proposed device.

This is accomplished as follows.

As cultivation columns use corrugated plastic pipe of the type Pragma or they with internal coating of non-toxic plastic material. This is the preferred option. In other embodiments, cultivation pipes are manufactured by molding of various concrete mixtures and compositions, such as claydite-concrete, foam concrete, etc.

In the cultivation column form holes to accommodate the plant is th, and (when necessary) the device for mounting the cradle (rings, brackets, rings and other)on which place plants with strong stems and possible a large number of fruits.

Columns have over the trench in the floor of the greenhouse in a special base Cabinet, and the remaining portions of the trench cover grating.

In the trenches place the supply line to the nutrient solution, ventilation ducts (or plastic vintagestyle replacing inconvenient boxes), the collector collecting the nutrient solution from the column, and the collector to drain and remove technical waters. Trench arrange so that flowing in her technical water did not get on the highway and the pipeline and did not stay in the collector for removal of technical water.

The columns are secured carried out in the upper quarter of the corresponding beam of the greenhouse or special metal rope, stretched across the main length of the greenhouse cultivation of the hall).

Maintenance columns, perform the following way.

Nutrient solution pump is directed through the nozzle and flexible hose to the nozzle located at the top of the column under the hood. Flowing from the spray nozzle nutrient solution irrigates the roots of plants and passes through a corresponding hole in the base Cabinet to call the tor to collect the nutrient solution and pumped into the capacity for regeneration of the solution.

The flow of ventilation air (or gas-air mixtures, for example, carbon dioxide) are carried out through the nozzle (or bends) the vent line from the trench for each column. (This is an important distinction from all other methods cultivation of plants is the pioneer and allows you to consume carbon dioxide more efficiently).

Lighting plants carry out locally, that is, for each column (on the cover) perform a device for the placement of crosses, which is connected to the energy source Svetogorska, the length of which corresponds to the area of the location of the plants. For example, if the height of cultivation columns 4 meter length Svetogorsk will be 3 meters. (When using led lights energy saving can reach 60-70 percent of the standard overhead lighting. In addition, local lighting improves the performance of the plants on the yield of useful products. This differs from all other cultivation methods is the pioneer).

Power plants provide a nutrient solution prepared in separately located mortar site (in large greenhouses).

The invention is illustrated figure 1-4, where figure 1 shows the preferred and other options cultivation of columns in section; figure 2 are the main distinctive features of the reference TM is s under cultivation column; figure 3 presents the distinctive features of the trench over which columns are installed; visualized in figure 4 the overall picture of cultivation of the column.

Cultivation column 1 (figure 1) has a different geometry in the context of: options b and E are designed for plants with strong stems and a well-developed leaves, options C and D - for plants with less powerful stalks and leaves, options a and F are used for more delicate plants and more dense planting in the column. All variants of the columns (except F) made of concrete mixtures, and option F presents corrugated plastic pipe of the type Pragma or they are.

Cultivation column is mounted on a support pedestal 2 (figure 2), is made with a recess 3 (column size)at the bottom of which is a ring 4 of elastic material for sealing and mitigating shock loads during installation of the column in the cultivation room. The excavation for the installation of the column passes into the channel 5 to discharge (collection) of the nutrient solution. In the recess 6 of the bearing pedestal made pipe system with a foster fitting 7, the valve 8 is closed with a cover 9, and the nozzle 10 for connection to the power system of cultivation of the column.

Cultivation the column, together with the supporting pedestal is installed in the trench 11 (figure 3), made with shaped box having a housing wall 12 is perforated plane 13 to drain wash water in the reservoir 14 wastewater. Figure box protects from direct exposure to sewage on line 15 of the nutrient solution, the duct 16 and the collector 17 of the collection of the nutrient solution. The top of the trench is covered with a protective grille 18.

In General the integrity of the cultivation column are presented in figure 4. Food cultivation columns made flexible hose 19, the flexible hose 20 connected to the nozzle 21. Runoff (collection) of the nutrient solution is made by means of flexible hose 22. Mount cultivation columns from movements (oscillations) carried out by the cable 23 through hoops 24 and mounting hardware (not shown).

Lighting plants made with light garlands 25 connected to the connector 26 and the switching box 27 (with appropriate automatic), fixed on the beam 28 cultivation of the hall.

That is, in principle and brief expression we have in respect of the following devices: Cultivation vertical column of concrete or plastic, made with the possibility of landing in the wall of the plant, with the cover secured in her nozzle, flexible hose for connection with the line of the nutrient solution, a support pedestal to stabilize the situation and connect communications, mounting the Hoop to stabilize the situation in the upper part, the electrical connector for the larger connecting apertures is inane lighting garlands.

Carry out a method of servicing cultivation columns as follows. Before installing columns on a support pedestal 2 (2 and 4) hose 19 is connected to the nozzle 21 and the nozzle 10, and then close the lid of the column is installed on the connector 26 and the column is lowered into the recess 3 on the support stand 2. The column top with Hoop 24 is attached to the cable 23. Then perform the connection fitting 7, line 15 of the nutrient solution and the holes 5 for collecting the nutrient solution from the reservoir 17 to collect solution flexible hose 22.

In the installed vertically and fixed cultivation column are planted plants and arrange the duct of the nutrient solution through the line 15, the hose 19, the fitting 7, the valve 8, the fitting 10, the hose 20, the nozzle 21, precast hole 5, the hose 22 and the collector 17.

Then connect the light garlands 25 to the connector 26 and the switching box 27.

The spent nutrient solution recovered in the mortar site (not shown).

That is, in principle and brief terms, we have a relatively method include a method of servicing cultivation columns, including the stabilization of its position using the reference tables at the bottom and metal cable in the upper part, the supply and removal of the nutrient solution, the air supply and gas-air mixtures individually for each column, the light is their cultivated plants with light garlands.

Literary sources

1. The Antufiev I.A. apparatus for the cultivation of plants in the office. RF patent №2414121 from 21.10.2008,

2. The Antufiev I.A. Device for growing plants. RF patent №2248120 from 17.06.2002,

1. Cultivation vertical column of concrete or plastic, made with the possibility of landing in the wall of the plant, with the cover secured in her nozzle, flexible hose for connection with the line of the nutrient solution, a support pedestal to stabilize the situation and connect communications, mounting the Hoop to stabilize the situation in the upper part, the electrical connector for connecting lighting garlands.

2. Method of servicing cultivation columns, including the stabilization of its position using the reference tables at the bottom and metal cable in the upper part, the supply and removal of the nutrient solution, the air supply and gas-air mixtures, at least one column, the lighting of cultivated plants with light garlands.


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EFFECT: invention provides for creation of closed automatic system of plants cultivation with continuous sterilisation of inner space of reservoir with nutrient solution.

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SUBSTANCE: phytowall comprises vertical panel made of rigid, strong, waterproof, non-toxic and rot-protected plastic, fixed to wall of room or building, system of nutrient solution or water supply. Device includes reservoir for water and nutrient solution accumulation arranged in lower part of phytowall, submersible pump electrically connected to control unit and supply unit, and by means of discharge pipe - to distributor tube. Distributor tube is located across the panel on its upper end. Distributor tube includes outlet holes, with pitch equal to distance between pockets for plants. Pockets for plants are detachably fixed to the panel in rows along horizontal line and in columns along vertical line. Device comprises facility to supply of nutrient solution to roots of plants and source of light. Facility for supply of nutrient solution is arranged in the form of pad from synthetic material with high hydrophilic properties. Pad is attached to the panel by means of brackets, and in upper part it covers distributor tube made of plastic. Calibrated jets that guide nutrient solution flow towards pad are installed in outlet holes of tube. Ratio of total flow rate of jets and reservoir capacity provides for time of drip irrigation with nutrient solution in autonomous mode of supply for at least two weeks at nominal room temperatures. Optionally, tank is made of wood with water-repellent treatment or plastic. Source of light has artificial polychromatic radiation and consists of horizontal lamp fixed to upper part and vertical lamps fixed to sides of phytowall panel, or is mounted on external brackets to room wall. Lamps are arranged with the possibility to provide for modes of spectrum change along with stages of phytowall plants life: formation of root system at the first stage and formation of leaf mass at the second stage, as well as mode of additional radiation to required duration of daylight hours. Lamps are placed into reflector, where one, two or more lamps may simultaneously be located, depending on current stage of phytowall plants life. Control unit is equipped with timer for submersible pump connection within 10-15 minutes from 3 to 8 times per day depending on moisture and temperature of air in the room, and timer of lamps operation mode switching control.

EFFECT: invention makes it possible to improve operational capabilities and intensity of plant growth.

4 cl, 11 dwg

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SUBSTANCE: desalting complex comprises desalting glass houses with vegetation pipes and helicopter platform for supplying said desalting glass houses with seafood. Complex incorporates also artesian sector and desalting ponds wherein pond desalters are mounted. Helicopter platform is arranged on water tower intended for accumulation, storage and distribution of sweet water. Note here that pond desalters are provided with power accumulators supplied from two-layer transformable solar panel arranged there above. Note also that pond desalters are furnished with the section that operates on freezing principle and the solar desalting section. Solar panel can increase its surface area in cold seasons via overlaying solar desalter glassing by panel top layer. Pond desalter section that operates on freezing principle is furnished with laser unit supplied by storage battery. Laser unit can actuate jet pumps that feed fluid coolant and mix of crystal ice with brine by directing alternating laser beams through rotary mirror onto light sensitive plates.

EFFECT: better ecology.

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EFFECT: invention provides for universality of tower-seedbed application in any climatic zones.

3 dwg

FIELD: equipment for growing of plants in growing substrate within heated rooms.

SUBSTANCE: apparatus has growing volume defined by wall spaced from base and made from rigid material. Wall is equipped with space regulating device made in the form of metal strips fixed on wall and connected to cover. Growth chambers are mounted on monolith base formed from cement mixture having thermal conductance of 0.87-0.9 W/(m· C). Base has internal shielded double-core heating cable having power level of 165-170 W. Cable is laid in zigzag manner with 60-90 mm pitch.

EFFECT: optimal microclimate parameters for growing of plants provided by regulating air admission into growth chamber volume and maintaining predetermined temperature of growing substrate.

2 dwg

FIELD: agriculture, in particular, plant storage, irrigation and transportation means.

SUBSTANCE: platform is made in the form of bath having at least one pouring-over device for setting of desired liquid level. Platform is made substantially rectangular and comprises bottom and side walls extending along bottom. Bottom has widened portion 124 positioned at its narrow zone and protruding beyond one side of rectangle, said pouring-over device being located within widened portion. Irrigation device 117 for storage, irrigation and transportation of plants has at least two platforms 101, 201 arranged one above another. Platforms are positioned so that liquid flowing through pouring-over device 109 of one or each platform may flow into platform positioned beneath it, in particular, first into adjoining platform.

EFFECT: provision for adequate storage and irrigation of plants and reduced operational costs.

28 cl, 15 dwg

Mavitor // 2292707

FIELD: growing of plants, in particular, technique for utilization of plants in bioenergetic complex.

SUBSTANCE: mavitor is adapted for reducing sizes of plant during growing thereof by providing turning of sprout in spiral path due to changes in light pulse within light-impermeable reactor. Apparatus may be used as measurement instrument in selecting optimal kinds of plants for bioenergetic complex, and also in floristics for changing of plant configuration.

EFFECT: increased efficiency and wider operational capabilities.

4 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: pond fishery and plant growing, in particular, process used in complex ponds with different forms of property.

SUBSTANCE: method involves joint growing of fishes and plants in pond; growing plants on bed floating in pond, said bed being filled with porous, granulated, chemically neutral artificial substrate and positioned above pond water surface so as to provide self-penetration of water through capillaries of substrate granules to bed surface without filling cavities between substrate granules by adjusting position of bed with the use of lifting force provided by means of floats mounted under bed. Floating bed consists of container having netted bottom and filled with porous, chemically neutral, granulated substrate, and floats equipped with upper air feeding opening and lower water feeding opening for adjusting lifting force developed by floats and extent of flooding of substrate within container.

EFFECT: increased yield of fish and plant products from unit of area.

3 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: agriculture, in particular, equipment for hydroponic growing of farm crops.

SUBSTANCE: apparatus has reservoir equipped with perforated walls and filled with substrate. Liquid feeding channel extending through within reservoir is made in the form of irrigation pipe with water outlets. Reservoir with perforated walls is formed as three-dimensional body such as single section or multiple-sectioned construction consisting of a number of sections connected with one another. Substrate is mineral wool provided with vermiculite and coal-tar resin. Perforated wall of reservoir section is made in the form of surface of cube, parallelepiped or body of rotation: cylindrical, spherical, conical surfaces, surface of single-blade hyperboloid.

EFFECT: provision for creating mass-exchanging mode for plant root system, uniform moistening, high-quality irrigation of substrate, and reduced intensity of maintaining said apparatus.

9 cl, 2 dwg, 1 ex

FIELD: chemistry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to agriculture and can be used to culture duckweed plants (Wolffia arrhiza) in vitro. The composition of the medium for culturing duckweed plants consists of: monosubstituted potassium phosphate, calcium nitrate tetrahydrate, potassium nitrate, zinc sulpho-sulphate heptahydrate, sodium molybdate dihydrate, zinc sulphate heptahydrate, disodium dihydrate of ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid, boric acid and saccharose. The composition additionally contains: potassium iodide, cobalt chloride, asparagine, glutamine, thiamine, pyridoxine, ascorbic acid, mesoinosite, iron sulphate heptahydrate and manganese sulphate pentahydrate.

EFFECT: high biological efficiency of duckweed plants (Wolffia arrhiza) owing to optimisation of content of nutrients in the culturing medium.

1 tbl

FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of agriculture and forestry. In the method the containers are placed on the 15-centimetre drainage base in greenhouses. The mixture is prepared which consists of three parts: thin middle-humous clay loam leached chernozem, organic matter and sand. The river sand as the substrate is applied to the surface, the green cuttings are prepared and planted to a depth of 2.5 cm. Multiple atomised spraying with water is carried out, as well as three-times watering with the preparations: 1% working suspension "Planriz" with a titer 2×109 cells in 1 ml and 0.001% working fluid "Rostok" of a 1% solution of humic acids at the interval of 15 days and twice watering with 0.5% working suspension of the preparation "Trichodermin" with a titer 1-2×107 conidium in 1 ml at the interval of one month. At the same time, the containers of size from 5×5 to 6×6 cm or the diameter of 5 to 6 cm, and the volume of 90-110 ml are filled with the mixture, the layer of river sand is 1-2 cm. The containers are placed on the drainage base in greenhouses, planting scheme of green cuttings of softwood is 5.5×5.5 cm, the rate of working fluid and working suspensions is 1 litre/1 m2.

EFFECT: method enables to reduce the area for rooting green cuttings, rate of working fluid and suspensions of preparations, and to increase rooting of green cuttings of softwood.

2 tbl

FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a method of plant cultivation. The method includes filling the open latticed shell, made of durable waterproof fibers, with filler comprising sawdust mixed with perlite and plant seeds. After filling the shell is bound, and the closed latticed shell is obtained with filler in the form of a blank, having the properties of flexibility and plastic deformation. Further, it is deformed from all its sides and by crumpling it and sculpting three-dimensional shape of moulding; it is attached from the outside with cotton threads, which are located on its perimetre to give rigidity to the blank, allowing to keep the obtained shape. Then the blank is dried in a drying chamber for 40-60 hours at the temperature of 40-50°C and air humidity of 40-60% to give it a potential rigidity and dryness, eliminating crushing of the blank during its transportation to the place of plant growth. Then the obtained blank is periodically dipped in water or a nutrient solution based on water, kept in water until sawdust is fully saturated with water, expose to sunlight and kept in the light. The above operations are carried out until germination through the cells of the latticed shell of the plant sprouts and their appearance on the outer surface of the shell, and then they are stopped dipping into the water, and the water is supplied on the latticed shell by its irrigation.

EFFECT: increased efficiency of plant growth and ensuring environmental cleanliness in its cultivation.

3 cl, 19 dwg

FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to agriculture, namely, the hydroponic cultivation of green fodder, and is intended for making low-compound vitaminised food mixture consisting of chopped straw and grains sprouted on it. The device for preparation of vitaminised food mixture comprises a loading device, conveyor-germinator and a humidification system. The device on the loading site of the conveyor-germinator is equipped with a screw dosing straw chopper, which is a horizontal cylindrical housing with two screw working bodies placed in it. Screw working bodies have the opposite direction of winding and rotation, one of which is made with a solid screw and is set inside another screw working body with a belt conveyor. The level of grinding and dispensing is regulated by butterfly valve, which changes the size of the output window. Loading the device with straw is carried out with a flight conveyer.

EFFECT: improving the quality of the final product due to a more even distribution of the chopped straw to the width of the conveyor-germinator belt, and reducing the number of support operations in the manufacturing process.

2 dwg

FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to agriculture and hydroponics. The substrate contains a set of macro-and microelements. At that the substrate is formed of molybdenum-containing industrial waste after treatment of heavy metals, which are additionally added with clay deposits in the following component ratio (%):molybdenum - 3-4, copper -30-35, iron-12-13, sulfur-15-16 ; clay deposits - the rest.

EFFECT: substrate for recycling of industrial wastes enables to increase the germination and energy of growth of legumes.

1 tbl

FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of plant growing and hydroponics. The method includes development of light and climate modes in hothouses of a hothouse complex, preparation of cuttings or grafts prior to planting into a substrate, planting, rooting, handling of plants and harvesting. At the same time prior to rooting of plants the substrate is moistened with a hydroponic solution consisting of a mixture of a 4-day suspension of a green laver Chlorella vulgaris, with density of 60-70 mln. cells/ml, with water. In the phase of growth, blossoming, fruiting and during harvesting the substrate is moistened with a hydroponic solution consisting of a mixture of a 4-day suspension of a green laver Chlorella vulgaris, with density of 60-70 mln. cells/ml, with a solution of inorganic substances saturated with oxygen-containing gas by spraying plants and direct feed into the root system zone. Besides, the ratio of components in a hydroponic solution and quality and/or quantity composition of a solution of inorganic substances are adjusted during the entire vegetation of plants.

EFFECT: method makes it possible to reduce phases of rooting, to form a strong root system, to increase growth energy, to strengthen immunity of plants, to increase crop capacity and yield of planting material.

8 cl, 1 dwg

FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to agriculture, crop production and hydroponics. The method includes creation in greenhouses of greenhouse complex of lighting and climate regimes, planting the seeds of plants to the substrate, singling, culling of seedlings, care of plants, harvesting. At that during the entire process of cultivation the plants the substrate is moistened with hydroponic solution consisting of a mixture of 4-days suspension of green alga Chlorella vulgaris, a density of 60-70 million cells/ml, with a saturated solution of oxygen-containing gas of inorganic substances by spraying plants and direct supply to the zone of the root system. In addition, the ratio of the components in the hydroponic solution, and qualitative and/or quantitative composition of the solution of inorganic substances is adjusted throughout the growing season.

EFFECT: method enables to increase viability and energy of germinating ability of seeds, to raise the energy of growth, to form a strong root system, to strengthen the immune system of plants and to increase yield.

8 cl, 1 dwg

FIELD: chemistry.

SUBSTANCE: present invention relates to an aqueous binding composition for mineral fibre, a method of making an article from bound mineral fibre, an article and bound porous substrate. The aqueous binding composition contains a water-soluble binding component. Said component is obtained in one or more steps from at least one alkanolamine, at least one carboxylic acid anhydride and at least one polyalkylene glycol component. The polyalkylene glycol component is selected from polyalkylene glycols, copolymers or derivatives thereof. The method of making the article involves bringing mineral fibre into contact with the binding composition and then hardening the binding composition. Obtaining articles from bound mineral fibre without or with reduced release of harmful substances, and also having improved wetting properties for a long period of time, water absorption capacity and longer submergence time.

EFFECT: obtaining an aqueous binding composition suitable for binding mineral fibre and having excellent binding characteristics, good solubility in water and dilution with water.

31 cl, 3 ex

FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: device relates to agriculture, in particular to equipment for germinating grain for vitamin forage for animals and birds. The grain germination conveyor consists of a bath for soaking grain, conveyors. At that, the conveyor is made of five transporters for germination grains in each of them during the day, with an overall time required for germination of five days. Over the second to last fourth and the last fifth conveyors radiation lamps are installed, the transporters are located with displacement one above the other.

EFFECT: device improves the efficiency of grain germination by straight-line of the process precluding an overload of grain during germination.

3 dwg

FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: plant for germination of grain comprises a frame, a chassis, a bath. The chassis is installed on the frame to move a grain germination box to a conveyor. The box is installed in the body on the axes with the possibility of rotation, and nozzles are installed along its perimetre. The box body is equipped with a steering control, and the box bottom is made as perforated. The box for grain germination with the perforated bottom is installed on the chassis with the possibility of its lifting and lowering into a bath installed on the frame. Also a bubbler is installed on the frame for supply of air into water designed for seeds soaking.

EFFECT: invention makes it possible to increase efficiency of grain germination.

3 dwg

FIELD: agricultural engineering, in particular, soil-free growing of plants in special devices for exposing plant roots to nutritive aerosol.

SUBSTANCE: apparatus has vertical pipe used as carrier member for bed and equipped with plant receiving openings arranged in any order. Plants are supported by means of holders resting with their lower edges upon lower edge of opening. Upper part of holder is tightly fixed in, for example, rings of fastening band. Nozzle fixed in upper (narrow) end of pipe is adapted for spraying of nutritive solution aerosol containing gas mixtures. High conical towers-ridges provide for ecologically clean management, since outbursts of liquid nutritive solutions may be utilized by other plants, for example, fruit trees growing beyond greenhouse or nearby, in open ground. Apparatus may be used for decorative purposes on grounds not suitable for plant growing and for agricultural purposes.

EFFECT: increased efficiency and minimal usage of areas of open ground, as well as of greenhouse.

2 cl, 4 dwg