Turbine assembly

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: turbine assembly for water power generation comprises, at least, two twin auger turbines 2, 4 with variable-inclination attachment 10, floatability component, bottom support 12 and elements to transmit power to power generator 22. Two twin auger turbines 2, 4 feature alternate auger helix pitch and relative overlap.

EFFECT: simplified process and design for relatively shallow waters.

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The technical field to which the invention relates.

The present invention relates to turbine installation and, more specifically, to a turbine installation, designed for obtaining energy from water flow. This unit contains a screw (screw) turbine, equipped with means for fastening with adjustable slope, component, providing buoyancy, and ground support, as well as the elements needed to transfer energy to power the car.

The level of technology

It is well known that currents such as tidal, significant quantities of energy. However, it turned out that the extract of these trends in more or less practically important volume is associated with significant problems.

In accordance with the prior art use the so-called tidal mill in which the seabed is placed similar to a windmill design with blades that overlap a relatively large area. In the process, there are significant efforts that should be covered is large and heavy structure of the tower. In addition, some tower designs known from the prior art, protrude above the sea surface, and this can produce a bad impression and makes it difficult passage of ships.

Disclosure of inventions

The task, which is directed from reenie, is to eliminate or reduce at least one of the above mentioned disadvantages inherent in the prior art.

According to the invention this problem is solved by the features set forth in the following description and in the accompanying formula.

Proposed turbine installation, designed for the release of energy from the water flow and comprising a screw turbine, equipped with means for fastening with adjustable slope, component, providing buoyancy, the bottom support and the elements needed to transfer energy to power the car. While the proposed turbine plant comprises at least two parallel screw turbine.

The feature of the specified turbine installation is that the adjacent screw turbines have the opposite direction of the pitch of the helix of the auger and are mutually overlapping. The presence of the transmission of the connection node between the turbines ensures that they will rotate at the same speed.

This arrangement allows you to make the center distance between neighboring turbines less than their diameter, i.e. to reduce the flow cross-section between them, and it improves the flow of water. Two screw turbines rotate in opposite directions, i.e. are symmetric impact of flowing water.

<> Provides the opportunity to install energy machine, for example, coaxially relative to the Central axis of the screw turbine or in another position. The speed energy of the machine relative to the speed of the screw turbine can be set using the gear ratio of the transmission node that transmits energy from the turbine to the car.

Another feature of the turbine installation is attaching it to the bottom support can be rotated. Thanks to the installation of a standalone set in the direction of water flow. In addition, relative to the horizontal plane it is located at an angle, which has a favorable influence on the choice of the pitch of the helix of the screw turbine. The specified angle is controlled by adjusting the buoyancy of the unit, depending on the hydrodynamic force applied thereto by the flow of water.

A further feature of the turbine installation is that component that provides buoyancy, formed screw turbine. For example, this turbine can be at least partially made of a material having a density less than the density of water.

Another feature of the turbine installation is that for coupling with the turbine bottom bearing is equipped with quick connection node. In the whole plant, except the bottom of the ora, it is relatively easy to disconnect and move between the said support surface, for example, along one or more cable guides.

Bottom bearing can be formed the basis of known construction, for example, suction anchor. This bearing must be equipped with the necessary nodes for transmitting energy from an energy machine. In a preferred embodiment, the energy machine is an electric generator, but may represent, for example, a pump.

Provides the ability to maintain the desired angle between the screw turbine and a horizontal plane by controlling the output power of the machine. Reduced output power, creating the effect of increasing the buoyancy, will try to turn the turbine installation in vertical position with increasing angle relative to the horizontal plane.

Due to the fact that the turbine installation is held in an inclined position due to the buoyancy and Autonomous coordinate its position with the direction of flow, the influence of bending moments on the bottom bearing slightly. Efforts transmitted to the bearing are mainly due to the tensile load transmitted from the holder with adjustable slope.

Water flowing in the direction facing toward leading the WMD thread sections screw turbine, constantly putting pressure on the turbine. Such pressure is applied mainly to the turbine sites located offset from the Central axis of the turbine in the direction of the neighboring turbines. Due to the above mentioned interaction between the two turbines will be provided with a symmetrical distribution of energy, resulting in turbine installation independently as desired coordinate its position with the direction of flow.

It is preferable to make the cross section of the screw turbine airfoil. In this case, the water flowing along the screw turbine, when interacting with the specified profile creates a lifting force and the corresponding component of this force tends to rotate the turbine around its axis.

Compared with the prior art turbine installation according to the invention provides significant simplification of the problem of obtaining energy from the flow of sea water. Because the bottom bearing is not subjected to bending moments, the design is greatly simplified. In addition, turbine installation according to the invention is well suited for use in relatively shallow areas and therefore presumably could also be applied and on the rivers.

Brief description of drawings

The following example shows a preferred variant implementation of izaberete the Oia, illustrated in the accompanying drawings, of which:

1 schematically illustrates a turbine installation according to the invention,

figure 2 schematically illustrates a turbine installation according to the invention in side view,

figure 3 schematically illustrates the installation shown in figure 2, in the form of the arrows II-II (shown in figure 2), i.e. from the end,

figure 4 illustrates a screw turbine section.

The implementation of the invention

In the above drawings numeric label 1 corresponds to the turbine installation comprising a first screw turbine 2 and the second screw turbine 4. These turbines are made to rotate around their axes 6 and 8 respectively.

Turbine 2, 4 are supported by the tool 10 for fastening with adjustable slope, attached to installed in the seabed bottom 14 of the support 12. The tool 10 is made to rotate around a vertical axis 16 relative to the support 12, as well as turning around the horizontal axis 18.

Twin screw turbine 2, 4, having the opposite direction of the pitch of the helix of the auger and rotating in opposite directions, are connected to each other transmission node 20.

Each of these turbines 2, 4 are joined to the corresponding energy machine 22, which in this example, the preferred option implementation is the th electric generator. Necessary wires not shown.

In the bottom support 12 posted by swivel means 24 for mounting, equipped with a quick release locking unit for connection with a support 12 relatively simple manner known per se, and breaking with the movement between the support 12 and the surface of the water through cable guides, not shown in the drawings.

Figure 4 shows a cross-section 26 of the first screw turbine 2. The specified section 26 attached to the aerodynamic profile, which causes the water flowing approximately parallel to the section 26, to create attached to the turbine 2 lifting force. The result is a moment of rotation around the axis 6 of the first turbine 2.

Screw turbine 2, 4 are S-shaped lifting spiral auger and with the angle of ascent of the spiral (see figure 2).

These turbines 2, 4 are made of relatively light material and, thus, have the buoyancy.

If the water surrounding the turbine installation 1 is standing, the buoyancy of the screw turbines 2, 4 will tend to rotate the unit 1 around the horizontal axis 18 in the position in which the axes 6, 8 turbines take a vertical direction.

With increasing water flow position of the turbine plant 1 is adjustable relative to the flow direction by its rotation around the vertical axis 16. Simultaneo effort, make a thread, try to deploy 1 (type turbine-turbine) around a horizontal axis 18 so that the axis 6, 8 turbines amounted to a horizontal plane, the angle "b" (see figure 2).

In a preferred embodiment, the angle "b" is approximately equal to the angle of ascent of the spiral auger.

The force applied by the current water and affecting auger turbine 2, 4, puts them in rotation around their axes 6, 8, resulting in the energy of the machine 22 is an energy.

1. Turbine installation (1) for obtaining energy from water flow, comprising a screw turbine (2, 4) with the tool (10) for fastening with adjustable slope, component, providing buoyancy, bottom bearing (12) and the elements needed to transfer energy to the energy machine (22), and turbine installation (1) contains at least two parallel screw turbine (2, 4), characterized in that two adjacent screw turbine (2, 4) have opposite directions of the pitch of the helix of the auger and are mutually closing.

2. Installation according to claim 1, characterized in that the component that provides buoyancy, formed screw turbine (2, 4).

3. Installation according to claim 1, characterized in that the turbine installation (1) attached to the bottom support (12) can be rotated.

4. Installation according to claim 1, characterized in that the bottom is the time (12) equipped with quick-connection node for connecting with the installation of (1).

5. Installation according to claim 1, characterized in that mounted for movement between the surface and the seabed (14).

6. Installation according to claim 1, characterized in that the cross section (26) of the screw turbine (2, 4) attached to the aerodynamic profile.


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EFFECT: simpler design and higher power of converter.

1 cl, 2 dwg

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SUBSTANCE: hydraulic turbine with transverse flow includes rotor installed so that it can be rotated about the axis. Rotor includes at least there blades for performing the rotor rotation about the axis when it is arranged in flowing water. Rotor includes multiple elements in the form of three-dimensional structure formed of triangles. At least one of the above elements includes one of the above blades. At least one blade is elongated and has a straight line. The above line is not parallel to the above axis and does not lie with it in one and the same plane.

EFFECT: invention allows increasing the turbine strength and providing the possibility of creation of extended horizontal structure.

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SUBSTANCE: proposed system comprises foundation 12, hydroelectric turbine 10 to rest on said foundation 12, and afloat sea ship 14 that allows detachment of said foundation. Ship 1 allows detachment of foundation 12 and its lowering, and/or lifting to position right under the ship, and its attachment to ship. Foundation 12 comprises support 32 to pass upward through ship 14 when foundation 14 is attached to ship from below. Ship 14 has opening 30 for foundation 32 to pass through when foundation 12 is mounted under ship 14 to allow turbine 10 mounted on support 32 to pass there through.

EFFECT: simplified mounting.

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SUBSTANCE: proposed system comprises rotor assembly with axial symmetry about rotational axis and features rotor end face located upstream, turbine shroud ring 102 housing, at least, part of rotor assembly and ejector ring 128 housing, at least, part of said turbine shroud ring 102. Said turbine shroud ring has inlet and outlet. Said turbine shroud ring outlet 117 comprises multiple elements turbine shroud ring mixer and features noncircular cross-section. Ejector ring 128 comprises inlet and outlet.

EFFECT: higher output and efficiency.

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EFFECT: provision of simple ecologically safe device operating at any direction of current in liquid and gaseous medium and at medium interface.

3 dwg

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SUBSTANCE: device is designed for converting kinetic energy of small and medium rivers into elastic energy. Proposed hydraulic unit contains hydraulic turbine installed on frame with bearings on its shaft, generator mechanically coupled with hydraulic turbine, stream shaper and device in form of plates to protect hydraulic unit from floating debris. Hydraulic unit has intermediate vertically and horizontally installed shafts with bearings interconnected by conical gears. Vertical shaft is arranged in well built near bank and communicating with river by channel made under level of maximum possible thickness of ice cover. Part of horizontal shaft connected with hydraulic turbine is arranged in said channel. Upper end of vertical shaft is connected with generator through ground horizontal shaft and step-up reduction unit. Stream shaper is made in form of flaps installed on shaft for turning to direct water stream of river to its central part between which turnable gate is installed for contacting with one of flaps to direct water stream to right-hand or left-hand side of hydraulic turbine.

EFFECT: provision of reliable operation all year round.

3 cl, 2 dwg

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SUBSTANCE: proposed hydraulic turbine generators are designed for creating stationary and portable hydraulic plants of modular type. Generators have rotor with central shaft non-rotating around horizontal axis or vertical axis (as version) on which chain drive gears are rigidly fitted, each being coupled through independent chain drive with planet pinion members arranged radially and uniformly around central shaft. Each member has blade reduction gear consisting of gear of chain drive and of large and small cylindrical gears, the latter being coaxial and rigidly coupled with gear of chain drive of blade reduction gear, and large cylindrical gear is rigidly secured on axle of blade installed horizontally for generator (or vertically, as version). Each blade rests by ends of its axle for rotation on brackets secured on hubs by bases. Hubs are installed on both ends of shaft for rotation and tops of brackets at both ends of central shaft are connected by ring rims being drive wheels connected with energy converters by flexible drive.

EFFECT: provision of effective and reliable operation.

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SUBSTANCE: proposed plant has base in the form of catamaran that mounts current generators and their drive, current parameters stabilizing system, turbine capable of running in fully submerged condition, and its hoist. Turbine is made in the form of belt conveyer installed on edge at certain angle to river stream. Blades made of flexible material are secured throughout entire width and length of belt. Each blade is made in the form of bucket capable of folding and resting on belt during transfer from working to idle side of conveyer, and it has pocket on external surface for automatic raising of blade by river stream during transfer from idle to working position. Turbine hoist has rocker arm for turbine suspension hinged on one end to catamaran and on other end, to turbine frame that mounts generator-drive bevel gear so that longitudinal axes of hoist rocker-arm hinges and longitudinal axis of bevel-gear driven pinion are disposed on same line. In addition, hydroelectric power plant is equipped with device enabling variation of turbine angle of installation to water flow.

EFFECT: enhanced power capacity.

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SUBSTANCE: turbine is designed to convert energy of water or air streams inflowing from side. Proposed turbine has shaft hinge-mounted in post around which blades are installed for turning in radial directions between supports rigidly and normally connected to shaft. Turning of blades is limited by stops. Blades are made flat, with rounded off long edges, and are arranged around shaft minimum in two directions with spaces between edges. Turning of blades is limited by two stops, and tire in turbine, thus formed, repeats in length of shaft with uniform angular turn. Supports can be made in form of radial cantilevers with aerodynamic profiling of cross section. Stops are made retractable into support body if pressure force of blade exceeds calibrated force of spring holding the stop in working position.

EFFECT: increased efficiency of using energy of fluid medium flow, simplified design.

3 cl, 6 dwg

FIELD: hydraulic power engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention is designed for creating stationary and transportable modular hydraulic plants and setting up unit hydraulic power stations. Proposed water-wheel generator has body, shaft with central bevel gear, planet pinion members, each containing blade and shaft with bevel gears on ends, one end of shaft being coupled with central gear. Central bevel gear is rigidly secured on one of ends of central shaft non-rotating around its axis and arranged vertically. Planet pinion members are arranged around central radially and uniformly. Shaft of each planet pinion member with bevel gears on its ends is made single-section, and bevel gear belonging to said shaft and pointed to side of blade of said planet pinion member engages with bevel secured rigidly and coaxially to smaller spur gear of blade reduction gear. Larger spur gear engages with smaller one, and it is secured on axle of blade installed vertically. Each blade rests by ends of its axle for rotation of brackets mounted by bases on cylindrical housing installed for rotation coaxially relative to central shaft, and tops of brackets at both ends of central shaft are connected by ring rims. Upper rim, being drive wheel, is coupled with energy converters. Central shaft rests by both ends with locking on framework provided with pontoon devices. Invention makes it possible to use river current energy with maximum efficiency at no adverse effect on environment caused by submersion of river flood lands caused by building of dams, energy of ocean currents, energy of tides and ebbs owing to use of blades with two points of support. Versions of design of water-wheel generators are provided in description.

EFFECT: simple design, high adaptability to manufacture and servicing of water-wheel generator.

5 cl, 5 dwg

Water-power plant // 2309289

FIELD: generation of electric energy by conversion of water flow.

SUBSTANCE: electric energy is generated with the aid of vane-type machine having at least one rotor, rotor-driven generator and float for vane-type machine; vane-type machine is anchored stationary and rotor is oriented in direction of water flow. Vane-type machine is held in suspended state below water surface. Float may be inflated with compressed air and may be filled with water when required. Rotor is mounted on axle oriented in way of water flow. Rotor blades may be turned with the aid of mechanism in direction of water flow or in opposite direction. Rotor axle is just hollow axle forming the float. Vane-type machine is invisible during operation of plant.

EFFECT: simplified construction; reduction of time required for mounting.

22 cl, 11 dwg

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SUBSTANCE: invention relates to wind and hydraulic motors with vertical shaft of rotation. Proposed vertical shaft turbine has shaft hinge-mounted on post with rigidly and normally attached supports, and blades arranged between supports and installed on axle for turning being limited by two locks. Supports are installed in two directions to form row. Blades are made of closed elastic material tightly enclosing thickened axle to prevent axial displacement and vertical rigid edge spring-loaded relative to axle. Moreover, each blade is provided with stops fixing elastic material relative to thickened axle. Turbine can be furnished with additional rows of supports with blades installed higher and/or lower than first row. Turbine can reliable operate irrespective of velocity and gusts of wind, region and place of mounting, including movable objects, with provision of efficiency 10-16% higher than that of similar constructions.

EFFECT: simple design, effective operation.

3 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: the micro hydro-electric power station is designed for converting energy of flowing medium into electrical energy. The device contains of ground unit, consisting of electricity distributing device, control system and controlled ballast load, a fixed water tank, generator located lower than the level of water in the hermetic tank and connected to the ground unit using water resistant cable. The water turbine with a horizontal axis of rotation, is mounted at the run-out and connected to the shaft of the generator through a gear transmission, in the form a multiplier located in a gondola. A cone is placed on the inlet of the run-out in front of the water turbine. The generator is located in the direction of flow behind the multiplier in the same gondola, which is supplied with a device for pumping water from its bottom part. The cone is made of flat elements; part of which is made in such a way that turning about longitudinal axes is possible. A driving gear is provided for this purpose.

EFFECT: increased operation reliability; power regulation.

6 cl, 1 dwg

FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: invention is related to the field of renewable energy sources, namely, wind energy conversion into electric energy. Converter contains frame and first and second blades that are kinematically connected with cord (chain), first and second drums (starts) that are motionlessly installed in the shafts of the first and second gears, which interact with the first and second gears via corresponding overrunning clutches, third gear and conical pair of gears with step-up gear and generator, fourth and fifth gears that interact with the third gear and third and fourth blades that are kinematically joined with cord (chain) and third and fourth drums (stars), which interact with fourth and fifth gears via corresponding overrunning clutches. Converter is made of two parts that are symmetrical in respect to outlet shaft of fifth gear, in which drive gear of conical pair is motionlessly installed. The second option of energy converter consists of two parallel adjacent pipes, in the middle of which leak-tight chamber is installed, and blades are installed inside pipes.

EFFECT: increase of efficiency factor and reduction of fluid medium energy conversion net cost.

9 cl, 8 dwg