Bottomhole drilling fluid flow rate sensor

FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: bottomhole drilling fluid flow rate sensor includes a housing, a diaphragm and connecting tubes. At that, the device located in lower part of a drill pipe immediately above a bit and rigidly fixed on the pipe walls has a mechanical oscillating system made in the form of a hollow counterweight with a membrane, which is torsionally suspended on two capillaries, and with a constant magnet fixed on it, a system of actuation and pickup of oscillations, which interacts with a constant magnet field, and two separating vessels interconnected with the capillaries. Fluorocarbon liquid "Б"-1 serves as separating liquid for space under the membrane of the counterweight, and dibutyl phthalate - for space above the membrane.

EFFECT: improving reliability of measurement of the drilling fluid flow rate immediately during well drilling process.

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The invention relates to the drilling technique, namely, devices for determining the flow of mud on the bottom of the borehole during drilling.

It is known device sensor downhole flowmeter (see A.S. of the Russian Federation No. 2018651, 1994), the sensitive element of which is an axial impeller. The disadvantage of this device is that it is impossible to measure the flow of mud on the bottom of the borehole during drilling, so as to measure the required descent device on wireline.

The closest in technical essence (prototype) is a complex flow of gases and liquids "HyperFlow-3 PM (see textbook. the tool Lapalco A.P. Flowmeters variable pressure drop. - M.: ASMS, 2004, pp.92), having a housing, a diaphragm, tubing, valves and differential pressure gauge. The disadvantage of this device is that the operating range of the environment for this device from -30 to +50°C, therefore, it cannot be used to measure the flow of drilling mud on the bottom of the borehole during the drilling process.

The technical objective is to create a reliable device for measuring the flow of mud on the bottom of the borehole during drilling.

The technical result is increased reliability of measuring the flow of drilling Rast is ora directly in the process of drilling wells.

It is achieved by a device located in the lower part of the drill pipe directly above the bit and fixed on the walls of the pipe, has a mechanical oscillatory system, made in the form of torsion hanging on two hollow capillaries balance with the membrane, and fortified it by the permanent magnet, the drive system and removal of oscillations interacting with the field of a permanent magnet, and two separation vessel, connected to capillaries, at the same time as the separation fluid podobrannogo space balance is veropedia liquid B-1, and for namebrands - dibutyl phthalate.

The drawing shows the proposed installation of subsurface flow sensor mud (view in cross-section). The sensor has a housing 1 mounted on the ribs 2 of the inside of the drill pipe 3. On top of the housing 1 in the pipe installed aperture 4. Inside the housing 1 is a hollow balance 5 with a membrane 6, separating the cavity into two parts. Balance 5 torsion hinged on the two sides of the capillary 7, communicating with the cavity of the balance and separation vessels 8. The cavity of the balance 5 full separating two liquids of different density. As the separation fluid podobrannogo space is veropedia liquid B-1 (density 2000 kg/m3at 20°C), and DL is namebrands - dibutyl phthalate (density 1047 kg/m3at 20°C). On the surface of the balance sheet 5 is fixed a permanent magnet 9, which interacts with the drive system and removal 10. The separation vessel 8 by means of the tubes 11 and channel 12 are communicated with the sampling points of pressure above and below the diaphragm 4. At the point of selection pressure for protection against abrasive particles are installed filters 13.

The device operates as follows. The flow of drilling mud passes through the aperture 4, resulting in a pressure drop. Inside wall of the drill pipe 3 are the channels 12-access point selection pressure above and below the diaphragm 4. The channels 12 are communicated through tubes 11 through the separation vessel 8 and the capillary 7 with a cavity balance 5. On the outer surface of the balance sheet 5 is fixed a permanent magnet 9, a field which interacts with the drive system and removal 10. On the winding drive system and removal of 10 with a power generator located on the bottom (not shown), is fed a pulse of electric current. As a result of interaction of the magnetic field of the magnet 9 and the magnetic field induced in the drive system 10, the balance 5 deviates from the equilibrium position. The capillary 7 in this form returns a moment. Once the system is in oscillation, the drive system 10 is eat fluctuations, and the current pulses induced in it, are transmitted to the devil is Novotny electrical communication channel.

Namebrand space in the balance sheet 5 is connected with the positive line of the selection pressure, and pdmembrane - minus. The pressure of the drilling fluid is passed through the separation fluid, and the density of the fluid supplied from the bottom to the membrane, significantly more than the density of the upper fluid. When increasing the flow rate of the drilling fluid change differential pressure, the membrane 6 is bending down, causing a change in mass balance of 5 by squeezing from it a heavy liquid. This leads to an increase in the frequency of oscillation through the system drive and pickup 10 in the form of a frequency signal is transmitted to the wellhead via a wireless electrical connection. Thus, the frequency of the sent pulses depends on the flow rate of the drilling fluid. The frequency of the output signal of the device lies in the ultralow-frequency range, which is in good agreement with the parameters of the wireless electrical connection.

The reliability of measuring the flow of drilling fluid during drilling increases due to the presence of the proposed Converter in the form of a mechanical oscillatory system "balance-elastic element having high reliability, and lack of electronic components, is unable to operate at temperatures above 135°C.

To drop the te influence of temperature changes on the frequency of oscillation of the balance, capillaries torsion fixed in the housing and made of a material with independent temperature coefficient of linear expansion.

The positive effect of improving the reliability of measuring the flow of drilling fluid during drilling.

Deep flow of the drilling fluid, comprising a housing, a diaphragm and a connecting tube, characterized in that the device located at the lower end of the drill pipe directly above the bit and fixed on the walls of the pipe, has a mechanical oscillatory system, made in the form of torsion hanging on two hollow capillaries balance with the membrane, with a fortified it a permanent magnet, a drive system and removal of oscillations interacting with the field of a permanent magnet, and two separation vessel is connected to the capillaries, at the same time as the separation fluid podobrannogo space balance is veropedia liquid B-1, and for namebrands - dibutyl phthalate.


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FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: device for determining azimuth angle of well deviation includes frame with eccentric load, in which there arranged is magnetic arrow, panel with turning angle converter and power supply in the form of compressed gas bottle. Turning angle converter is connected to communication channel and made in the form of fluid oscillator consisting of feed nozzle, outlet and inlet nozzles and receiving capacity, which are connected to each other by means of commutation channels. Output of power supply is connected to feed nozzle through the controlled reduction gear. In addition, device is equipped with mechanical resonator, actuator system, rheochord on the coils of which magnetic arrow is caged, and electric power supply. At that, free end of resonator is arranged in jet stick zone at the receiving nozzle inlet.

EFFECT: improving reliability and accuracy of measurement of azimuth angle of well deviation.

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SUBSTANCE: device for measuring the distance and determining the direction between two drilled wells includes solenoid assembly, magnetic field sensor, electronic circuit of determination of spatial coordinates of magnetic field sensor and processor for determining the distance and direction between the first and second points as per measured spatial coordinates of sensor and measured vector components of magnetic field and as per the specified value of characteristic magnetic field of solenoid. At that, solenoid assembly is installed in primary chosen point in the first drilled well having the known deviation angle from vertical and known direction at the first chosen point, and magnetic field sensor is located at the second chosen point in the second well and provided with possibility of measuring three vector components of characteristic magnetic field of solenoid at the second point. Besides, device includes well electric circuit for supply of electric current to solenoid assembly, device for remote supply of start-up signal to solenoid assembly and electronic circuit in solenoid assembly, which is capable of operating in busy waiting mode of the above start-up signal.

EFFECT: improving the accuracy of the well making during well drilling process.

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FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: device for measurement of inclination and drift angles of wells includes televiewer and measuring instrument arranged against it, measuring instrument has housing and sensor of inclination and drift angles, available for observation, located in insulated container. Insulated container is attached to cable with possibility of its delivery to non-magnetic housing of drill column and is provided with point of fixed attachment to non-magnetic housing, and also wire communication channel of sensor with surface receiver recorder. Insulated container is provided with videoamplifier, level transducer (HF-keys), level transducer (LF-keys), synchroniser. Between measuring instrument and televiewer there are illuminator and optical objective installed. At that measuring instrument is filled with silicon fluid. Sensor of inclination and drift angles is designed as a measuring unit installed on roller step bearing and is provided with perpendicular to one another scales of drift angles with attached to it from below two parallel magnets and scales of inclination angles with offset centre of gravity. At that surface receiver recorder is made of linear amplifier, power supply unit and video monitor.

EFFECT: improving accuracy of measurement of well path and position of steerable motor with high accuracy, reliability and simultaneous reduction of time interval for data receiving.

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Well generator // 2442892

FIELD: electric engineering.

SUBSTANCE: the invention relates to electric engineering and is used to supply power to well equipment. The well generator comprises a protective casing, electric socket, at least one attachment fitting, a rotor with a hydroturbine, permanent magnets, furthermore, the rotor and actuating coils are fixed inside the protective casing, magnets and actuating coils have circular shape and are positioned inside a cylinder with alternation and axial clearance between them. The generator has an additional rotor installed concentrically with the first rotor and connected with it through a reductor. The second rotor ahs a disc with soft magnetic inserts, which is positioned between the actuating coil and permanent magnet. The well generator contains at least one pressure and temperature expansion compensator, linked with the driving clutch.

EFFECT: simplification of the well generator design, increased reliability and power output while reducing the generator size and weight.

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FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: method for visual demonstration of interconnection between alignment of a tool face and position of a drive sub by means of continuous reception of electronic data including data on drive sub position and at least data of gravitation alignment of tool face or data of magnetic alignment of tool face and display of electronic data on a user's display in a chronological order to show data of last measurements and multiple immediately preceding measurements.

EFFECT: more accurate measurement of interconnection between position of a tool face and a drive sub for more accurate and efficient directed drilling.

22 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: method involves the following operations: direction and inclination angle is measured at least for one of bottom hole assemblies (BHA) in wells, formation of magnetic field is performed at least in one of BHA and magnetic field is measured in the other BHA. The method involves the operation of determining mutual geometrical arrangement of one BHA relative to the other BHA. The method involves the following additional operation: position of one BHA is determined relative to geological structure of the Earth or geometrical shape of the Earth. The method involves the following additional operation: automatic positioning of one well relative to the other well is performed so that their pre-set mutual geometrical location can be maintained.

EFFECT: increasing efficiency of the drilling process owing to shortening the time during which the drilling plants do not perform drilling, or owing to eliminating the necessity for availability of additional equipment that is used only for movement of the tools lowered into the well by means of a rope in cased well.

71 cl, 14 dwg

FIELD: gas and oil production.

SUBSTANCE: disclosed borehole generator consists of protective case, of electrical connection, of at least one fixation unit, of rotor with hydro-turbines, of permanent magnets, of rotor generator and of fixed exciting coils. Between the hydro-turbine rotor and generator there is made an intermediate shaft. Magnets and exciting coils are of circular form and are laid inside a protective jacket alternatively and with axial gaps between them. Also, a multiplier is installed between the generator rotor or hydro-turbine rotor and the intermediate shaft. Magnet-permeable insertions are installed in radial slots of disks secured on the generator rotor. Fixed disks are arranged between exciting coils and permanent magnets. A magnetic clutch set between the rotor and intermediate shaft consists of a driving and driven half-clutches with magnet-permeable partition between them whereat the driving half clutch is connected to the hydro-turbine rotor, while the driven half-clutch is connected with the intermediate shaft. The generator consists of at least one compensator of pressure and heat expansion communicating with a cavity of the driving half-clutch.

EFFECT: high reliability, increased power at reduced dimensions of electric generator design.

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FIELD: oil and gas production.

SUBSTANCE: invention can be applied in a technology of stabilisation of electron metering components in an instrument case of a downhole telemetering system (DTS). According to a method, at first there is manufactured a small-sized holder on high-precision small-sized machine tools with controlled fabrication of orthogonal planes of equal areas, then electron boards of accelerometers are mounted on these planes of the demountable orthogonal-plane holder. The holder is small-sized with precise orientation of the orthogonal planes. Thus electron boards are precisely oriented on these planes and easily mounted. The holder is pressed to the plane and screwed to a wall of the instrument case. The holes in the demountable orthogonal-plane holder and in the wall of the instrument case are precisely mutually oriented, and screw adjustment in these holes does not disturb arrangement of the electron boards. This ensures precise mounting of the electron boards on a separate carriage that finally improves measurement reliability while the instrument being in service.

EFFECT: simplified technology of sabilisation of the electron boards of the accelerometers to the instrument case of the DTS and higher measurement accuracy of the instruments.

2 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: oil and gas production.

SUBSTANCE: method of azimuth well directivity control is implemented in a continuous or point measurement mode. The continuous measurement mode involves measuring azimuth angles and determining rate of azimuth angle increase Δα by discrete angular velocity integration of an inclination apparatus, to a base azimuth angle, deriving thereby a magnetic azimuth and a geographic azimuth of a well path, and determining a magnetic declination of the well. The point measurement mode of the surveyed well implies that in each set point of a well bore, a fixed inclination apparatus is used to measure the geographic and magnetic azimuth angles. Comparing the measured values of the magnetic declination with a reference value for a given zone enables evaluating azimuth measurement reliability of the given inclination apparatus. For downhole instrument adjustment, the checking inclination apparatus is provided with a global positioning system GPS which is used to preset an azimuth angle of a gyroscope of the inclination apparatus and to fix this value in a memory of above-ground equipment.

EFFECT: higher measurement accuracy of azimuth well directivity, ensured control of operational reliability of the inclination apparatus in the well, enhancement of the checking inclination apparatus.

2 dwg, 3 cl

FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: generator of telemetric system supply comprises a protective vessel, an electric slot, at least one fixation unit, a rotor with a hydraulic turbine and a device to convert mechanical energy into an electric one, besides, a magnetic coupling is installed in it, which has master and slave half-couplings and a device of mechanical energy conversion arranged in the form of a Van de Graaff generator, a shaft of which is connected to a hydraulic turbine rotor via a conical reducer and a slave magnetic half-coupling. The Van de Graaff generator is arranged in the form of a master pulley of electric insulation material and a slave pulley of metal and a dielectric tape pulled onto these pulleys, which are accordingly fixed on the master and slave shafts. A current-collecting disk is connected to the slave pulley. The generator comprises at least one compensator of pressure and temperature expansion communicating with a cavity of a master half-coupling.

EFFECT: simplified design, increased reliability and capacity of generator with reduction of diametrical dimensions and weight of electric generator.

10 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: electrical engineering; power supplied to borehole loads.

SUBSTANCE: proposed generator is characterized in that radial-axial bearing disposed at end of post on one end of stator is built of two bearings, one axial and one radial bearings, with flexible member inserted between part of frame and outer ring of one of these bearings, that additional radial bearing is installed on post at other end of stator, stuffing assembly of stator frame is disposed between end section of its movable part and post, and that it has end seal, annular cavity with radial-end collar and lubricant, as well as impeller, all mounted in tandem from additional bearing on butt-end of frame movable part.

EFFECT: enhanced reliability of generator protection against external adverse impacts.

1 cl, 2 dwg

Inclinometer // 2247942

FIELD: measuring engineering.

SUBSTANCE: inclinometer comprises housing, three-component magnetometric pickup, three-component accelerator, nonmagnetic platform, and adjusting device. The accelerometer is mounted on the nonmagnetic platform. The adjusting device is made for permitting changing the rolling and pitching of the magnetometric pickup with respect to the platform.

EFFECT: enhanced accuracy of measuring.

1 dwg

FIELD: industrial geophysics.

SUBSTANCE: method includes measuring gravity force acceleration by inclinometer via two mutually perpendicular axes and well zenith angle is calculated. Components of Earth magnetic field full vector are measured. Ferro-probe, positioned along Z axis in West-East plane is continuously controlled. In such a method azimuth will be proportional to angle of frame rotation, determined by acceleration meters. Azimuth is calculated from received data. To avoid azimuth error near critical plane, azimuth calculation is performed on basis of two given mathematical expressions. Then difference between calculated values is constantly determined. In case of proximity of equipment direction to critical plane, passing through Earth magnetic field vector and axis West-East in magnetic coordinates system, azimuth calculation is performed on basis of one of formulae with consideration of predetermined error.

EFFECT: higher precision.

5 dwg

FIELD: directional drilling, particularly to direct deflectors in vertical wells and in magnetic pipes, as well as in inclined wells with the use of diamagnetic tubes.

SUBSTANCE: method involves performing visual control of deflector action direction during lowering thereof in the well; directing the deflector on the base of visual image of difference between positions of compass laid in magnetic meridian plane on ground surface and in artificial magnetic field plane oriented relative deflector plane at well bottom and superimposed with horizontal limb, wherein above image is displayed on computer monitor. Device for above method implementation comprises sealed container with inclinometer having compass located in cylindrical body thereof. The cylindrical body has transparent upper part and is filled with inert liquid. The compass is formed as ball-shaped float with magnetic sensor. Centering bush is installed above the deflector and is provided with constant magnets. Magnetic field lines of above constant magnets are directed in deflector action plane. Inclinometer with visually accessible compass is installed in sealed container in front of TV camera. The container is linked with computer through cable which lowers the container into narrowed part of centering bush against stop. Horizontal limb with fixed compass position in magnetic meridian plane is recorded in computer memory.

EFFECT: increased quality, reliability and accuracy of deflector direction along with reduced labor losses due to present-day information technology usage.

2 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: survey of boreholes or wells, particularly equipment to control spatial cased or uncased well position during well building.

SUBSTANCE: method involves measuring gravity acceleration projections onto measuring axes of borehole instrument, projections of Earth angular velocity onto corresponding sensitive axes of borehole instrument; measuring borehole instrument standoff angle during continuous movement and rotation thereof about longitudinal axis under the action of twisted logging cable, wherein in the first point of well path azimuth measuring the gyroscope is switched-on in angular velocity sensor mode for well azimuth determination and then gyroscope is switched to angle sensor mode and borehole instrument is switched to continuous motion mode to measure turn angles and then turn angle increment between measurements are determined; subtracting angle of gyroscope drift from Earth rotation from predetermined turn angle increment in X-direction to obtain turn angle increment in X-direction due to well path deviation; refining well path azimuth change in accordance with functional dependence obtained during inclinometer calibration with the use of testing rig; summing turn angle increment and full azimuth magnitude obtained at prior path point stop and performing continuous borehole instrument movement until turn angles reach maximal allowable values; stopping borehole instrument operation; shifting the gyroscope to angular velocity mode and repeatedly determining full well path azimuth value. Device comprises ground-based instrument connected to borehole instrument by cable. The borehole instrument comprises magneto-spherical gyroscope having angle sensors, namely sensors, which measure momentum along two measuring axes. Device also includes serially connected acceleration components generation unit and transmitting apparatus. Two control units to control mode of gyroscope operation are included in borehole instrument. The control units control gyroscope operation in X- and Y-directions and have the first and the second inputs connected to transmitting apparatus output and to control output of magneto-spherical gyroscope correspondingly. Control unit outputs are linked with data inputs of the transmitting apparatus. Each control unit comprises electronic switch, feedback voltage changer, the first and the second voltage summing units, two current sources for two coils of angle sensor, namely momentum sensor, differential amplifier, band-pass filter, phase-sensitive rectifier and integro-differential link. The first inputs of electronic switches are the first inputs of the control units, the second input of electronic switch in X-direction is linked with output of integro-differential link output in Y-direction. The second input of electronic switch in Y-direction is linked with output of integro-differential link output in X-direction. Output of electronic switch if each control unit is linked with summing units inputs through voltage changer. Outputs of summing units are connected with the first inputs of current sources having the second inputs linked with inputs of corresponding angle sensor coils. Angle sensor outputs are connected to inputs of differential amplifier having output connected to phase-sensitive rectifier input. Phase-sensitive rectifier output is connected to integro-differential link input. Phase-sensitive rectifier and integro-differential link outputs are outputs of the control unit, which controls gyroscope mode of operation.

EFFECT: increased accuracy and rate of well path measuring.

2 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: well drilling, particularly to control well direction.

SUBSTANCE: device comprises drilling bit, downhole motor with whipstock, whipstock position measuring module, hydraulic orientator and measuring and telemetric module arranged in non-magnetic sub and connected with ground-based reception and processing complex. Whipstock position measuring module comprises body with central flushing orifice on which electrode is arranged. The electrode is located between insulators and is electrically isolated from the body. Electric circuits, measuring sensors, power source and transmission means are installed in the body. Reception and processing means are included in measuring and telemetric module so that the reception and processing means is separated from whipstock position measuring module by electric spacer and is adapted to receive electric signals from whipstock position measuring module transmitter. Accelerometers may be included in measuring sensors of whipstock position measuring module. Whipstock, whipstock position measuring module and hydraulic orientator may be connected one to another by quick-releasable connector, for instance by thread.

EFFECT: increased well quality, possibility to use flexible drilling pipes, namely coiled tubing, for well drilling.

3 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: wells, particularly devices to determine slope or direction of oil, gas, geothermal, iron ore and other wells included in directional well drilling systems.

SUBSTANCE: method involves measuring angular velocity by fiber-optic gyroscope and accelerometer installed on rotary panel so that the fiber-optic gyroscope and accelerometer may be installed in at least 8 positions; determining ideal sinusoid parameters, namely amplitudes and initial phases, from measured signals with the use of progressive approximation method; calculating azimuth and zenith angles from the ideal sinusoid parameters. During signal processing systematic error components of sensitive members are compensated.

EFFECT: improved operational capabilities, reduced mass, size and power inputs.

5 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: oil and gas industry, namely well drilling, particularly to determine spatial position of well bores under drilling.

SUBSTANCE: device comprises frame made as sealed chamber, which is rotated about supports, power source eccentrically secured in frame and made as compressed air cylinder and jet generator provided with feed nozzle, receiving nozzle, outlet nozzle, profile with streamlined surface and communication channel. The feed nozzle communicates with compressed air cylinder. Jet generator has membrane with contact member fastened to the membrane, as well as pinned sliding hollow plummet. Receiving nozzle is created in upper plummet part so that the receiving nozzle may slide with respect to streamlined surface of the profile and communicated with feed nozzle. The jet generator also has contact rings, information reading contacts and transfer contact. Outlet nozzle is communicated with membrane cavity of the membrane. Contact secured to the membrane is linked to contact rings through transfer contact. The contact rings are permanently linked to information reading contacts connected with communication channel.

EFFECT: increased accuracy and reliability of well bore deviation angle determination, possibility of on-line well bore drilling control to provide well bore drilling along optimal paths.

2 dwg

FIELD: electric engineering, namely, engineering of autonomous sources of electric power for telemetry systems used during drilling of oil and gas wells with complex spatial trajectory for shaft driving.

SUBSTANCE: proposed electro-mechanical well power source contains through cover 1, inside which with possible immersion in liquid immovable and movable parts of electric generator 2 and 5 are positioned, respectively. Immovable part 2 contains stator with open magnetic duct 3 and winding 4 of stator, and movable part 5 contains hydro-turbine 6 with central shaft 7 and rotor-inducer 8. open magnetic duct 3 and winding 4 of stator are separated from movable part 5 by non-magnetic, transverse relatively to geometric axis of O - O generator, wall 11 for isolating two hollows 12 and 13, respectively, of both its parts 2 and 5, and open magnetic duct of stator with winding on it is positioned relatively to poles of inducing rotor with possible electromagnetic effect of these elements of both parts of electric generator through its non-magnetic wall. In accordance to invention, open magnetic duct of stator is provided with additional U-shaped section, closing its magnetic circuit by its ends, positioned coaxially to inducer-rotor on the other side of non-magnetic wall in hollow of movable part of electric generator.

EFFECT: increased specific power of device when all other parameters and conditions remain the same, in particular, in constrained dimensions of drilling column.

3 dwg

FIELD: well tilt measurement, in particular, technology for determining spatial position of well borehole by means of ferro-probe tilt meter.

SUBSTANCE: tilt meter contains triads of mutually orthogonal accelerometers rigidly connected to non-magnetic body as well as triads of mutually orthogonal magnetic field strength indicators. Two indicators are mounted at an angle to longitudinal axis of body and turned relatively to plane formed by longitudinal axis of body and sensitivity axis of third indicator for angle, close to 45°. Third sensor is positioned perpendicularly to longitudinal axis of body. Such positioning of magnetometers allows increasing precision of measurements of spatial position of well borehole.

EFFECT: provision of greatest depth of signal circulation of magnetometers during turn of body of inclinometer around longitudinal axis for separating interference, caused by influence of magnetized elements of drilling composition, and useful signal about magnetic azimuth of well borehole.

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