Device for thermal preparation of car units

FIELD: motor industry.

SUBSTANCE: device for thermal preparation of car units under winter conditions includes an air heater connected by a metal air duct with a gas-air manifold of a metal sleeve. The system is additionally equipped with a control unit and one manifold with valves to control supply of a gas and air mixture.

EFFECT: possibility to thermally prepare different units of a car and efficient consumption of a gas and air mixture.

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The proposed device is used to heat the training units of the car in winter conditions of low temperatures.

Known analogues (System for thermal preparation of the car, patent No. 2070657-RF, MKI F02N 17/02, the device for air heating of the internal combustion engine, ed. St. No. 234046-USSR, MKI F02n 17/02), including specified under the oil pan of the engine of the guide casing for fluid connected to the heater.

The prototype of the invention is a system for thermal preparation of the car to patent No. 2070657-RF, MKI F02N 17/02, including air heater, is connected to the guide casing of the flexible sleeve. The disadvantage of the prototype is the impracticality of its use for thermal preparation of various units and systems of the car, due to the absence of the possibility of heating of the axles of the vehicle, inefficiency, lack of mobility.

The present invention provides a new technical effect - allows Autonomous thermal preparation of the car to take the load in any conditions, increase the reliability of systems and components of the vehicle, which is achieved by the fact that in order to increase the versatility of the system thermal preparation applied air-gas line of the metal sleeve, with the outlet on the unit the car with sensors and valves, regulating the flow of gas-air mixture in each unit.

Figure 1 shows a General view of the proposed device.

The device contains an air heater 5, the air-gas line from the metal of the duct 4, which is connected by a metal duct with branches to the oil pan of the engine 2, a transmission 3, the transfer box 8, rear axles 9.

In line installed throttle valve 6, which regulates the flow of gas-air mixture. In the oil sump of the engine 2, the transmission 3, the transfer case 8, the axles of the vehicle 9 is installed temperature sensors 7. The control unit 1 controls the position of throttle valves 6, depending on the heating temperature of each unit. The device operates as follows. From the control unit 1 in the cabin of the car included an air heater that supplies hot gases in the gas-air line. The control unit 1 depending on the temperature of each unit through valve 6 regulates the supply of gas-air mixture to each unit.

Device for heat training units of the car in winter conditions, including air heater, connected by a metal duct with gas line from the metal sleeve, wherein to allow the heat prepare the Cai various units of the car and economical flow of the gas mixture, the system is equipped with a control unit and one line with a valve to adjust the flow of gas-air mixture.


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FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: device with electronic control for steam heating of oil casing of internal combustion engine, gear box, axles of an automobile during winter season includes an air heater connected to the guide casing via a metal air line; according to the invention, periodically and at the end of thermal preparation, gas-air mixture is supplied and steam supply is switched off; steam supply is controlled by the control unit.

EFFECT: elimination of ice cover formation on the heated surface.

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FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to automotive industry, particularly, to diesel fuel preheaters. Proposed device comprises casing with inlet branch pipe with valve at one end and outlet branch pipe with valve and fine filter at opposite side. Said branch pipes are intercommunicated via bypass branch pipe. Said casing is shaped to cylinder to accommodate cylindrical magnetic core with inner slots filled with multiphase winding. Short-circuited cylindrical secondary is rigidly secured on magnetic core inner surface and composed of electrically conducting material. Said secondary accommodates cylindrical secondary composed of electrically conducting material to revolve therein. Pressure blades are rigidly engaged with inner surface of cylindrical secondary. Revolving cylindrical secondary and magnetic core are separated by self-lubing nonconducting material that doubles as radial thrust plain bearing.

EFFECT: decreased weight and overall dimensions.

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SUBSTANCE: proposed device comprises storage battery and ICE intake pipeline. In compliance with this invention, it additionally comprises heat insulation casing of storage battery connected with intake pipeline ICE compressor. Thermal switches of storage battery positive and negative wires and pneumoelectrical valve are fitted in said heat insulation case.

EFFECT: higher reliability in starting in cold weather.

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Ice start heater // 2451207

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: proposed device comprises heating element made up of infrared radiant burner communicated with gas cylinder, compact detachable case secured to ICE housing outer wall bottom. Heat exchanger filled with coolant is arranged above said heating element and provided with fluid intake and discharge branch pipes communicated with ICE cooling system. Heater casing top section accommodates branch pipe with detachable flexible hose to feed heated air via adapter to engine components.

EFFECT: easier start, faster warming up.

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FIELD: engine building.

SUBSTANCE: invention can be used as a source of steam and gas mixture in pre-start heating both of internal combustion engines and automobiles. System of water supply regulation into the steam and gas mixture includes source of high-temperature gas mixture, collector, injectors, evaporator, vane-type pump, located coaxially with evaporator and connected to the collector through water mains with automatic throttle installed at the outlet of the pump.

EFFECT: invention ensures regulation of water supply to the high temperature gas mixture with system of water supply regulation to produce the steam and gas mixture of the necessary level of water saturation with vapor.

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FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: method involves hydrogen obtaining in electrolysis unit aboard the transport vehicle and the system that supplies hydrogen to the engine. At that, hydrogen is supplied in the required amount and as per the specified algorithm, depending on the cooling liquid temperature. Cold start-up and warm-up system includes electrolysis unit, pipelines, sensors, electric valves and control unit. Hydrogen and oxygen is obtained separately in the electrolysis unit. Hydrogen is supplied through receiver, electric valve and jet nozzle to ICE inlet pipeline. Oxygen is removed to the atmosphere. Supply of gaseous hydrogen to ICE inlet pipe at cold start-up and warm-up of the engine contributes to stable combustion of fuel-air mixture with higher degree of completeness at low concentration of toxic substances in waste gases.

EFFECT: reducing toxicity level of waste gases at cold start-up and warm-up of internal combustion engine with electronic control system and catalytic neutraliser.

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FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: pre-startup heater of engine, independent heating, generation of hydrogen-bearing gas consists of starting system, converter, heat exchanger and control system. Catalyst element is installed in converter and allows performing steam-air or air-carbon-dioxide, or steam-air-carbon-dioxide fuel conversion the products of which pass through heat exchanger and heating of heat carrier circulating through the heat exchanger is performed. Operating method of the above device is described as well; it consists in the fact that catalyst element is installed in converter and allows performing steam-air or air-carbon-dioxide, or steam-air-carbon-dioxide fuel conversion.

EFFECT: possibility of pre-startup heating of internal combustion engine and obtaining synthesis gas.

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FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to devices for heating and maintenance of start-up temperature of internal combustion engine (ICE). Heat accumulator for maintaining the start-up temperature of ICE of construction machine during inter-shift downtime represents the cover fixed on jacket and tray of the engine. Cover consists of the first, the second and the third layers. The first layer represents material from strong reinforcing grid of polyester fibres with fixed cells, and layer of plasticised polyvinylchloride. The second layer is made on the basis of foamed polyethylene coated with aluminium foil. The third layer represents separate sections filled with phase-transition heat-accumulating material; at that, the above sections are located in three rows so that the first and the second row is located along ICE jacket with left and right side, and the third row of sections is located along oil pan of ICE. Sections with heat-accumulating material are attached to the second layer in order to exclude the possibility of movement of sections during ICE operation.

EFFECT: effective maintenance of start-up temperature of internal combustion engine during inter-shift downtime of construction machine.

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FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: heat accumulators are used for pre-starting heating power systems of building machine at period of inter-shift down-time in winter. Heat accumulating material contains 2-3 g of edible gelatine, 2-3 g of sodium chloride and 1-2 g of sodium hydroxide per 100 g of over saturated solution of three-water sodium acetate.

EFFECT: improved operational characteristics of heat accumulating material such as temperature of reaction, temperature of self-crystallisation and temperature of phase transition.

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FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: in internal combustion engine starting system containing cooling system of internal combustion engine, liquid heater connected to the main line of standard cooling system, heat carrier temperature sensors, standard fuel system of internal combustion engine with standard fuel tank and booster fuel pump, additional oil pump, independent electric power supply, the latter is made in the form of diesel generator unit with charging device of starter accumulator battery of locomotive, internal combustion engine starting system is equipped with additional fuel tank provided with overflow pipeline connected through drain pipeline to standard fuel tank, pipeline with valve and throttle connecting the additional fuel tank to delivery fuel pipeline, standard fuel system, pipeline with valve connecting the additional fuel tank to pipeline of diesel generator unit, pipeline with valve and pipeline connecting the additional fuel tank with liquid heater to standard fuel system parallel to booster fuel pump there installed is additional fuel pump, additional oil pump is connected parallel to standard purge oil pump, heat carrier temperature sensors for control of operation of the system are connected to pipeline with the lowest heat carrier temperature of cooling system of internal combustion engine in operating mode of internal combustion engine starting system; besides, liquid heater connected to additional fuel tank through pipeline with a valve is installed in driver's cabin.

EFFECT: increasing downtime of inoperative engine during cold seasons of the year in constant readiness for startup; thus, operating life of internal combustion engine is maintained and its operating reliability is improved.

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FIELD: heating.

SUBSTANCE: in a heat exchange control device, when ambient temperature is very low, electronic unit (22) controls the operation of a cooling fluid circulation channel so that the cooling fluid is supplied from motor (11) first to throttle damper (12) and EGR-valve (13) and then to heater (18) of oil for transmission after the start-up of motor (11). This solves the problem of failure in throttle damper (12) and EGR-valve (13), which has been caused by frost formation, at early stage.

EFFECT: improving heat exchange control reliability in a transport vehicle at low ambient temperature.

FIELD: power engineering.

SUBSTANCE: by means of installation of a heating cable along a shell, stiffening ribs and parts of grid fixation with further application of a heat insulating coating on them, thermal energy is accumulated in massive parts and sent to less massive louvers, which have contact with heated parts by metal.

EFFECT: method and device make it possible to eliminate icing of grids with simultaneous preservation of gaps between louvers required to let air through in the specified volume without considerable increase of dimensions of ventilation grids.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to system for cooling and heating automobile cabin. System comprises coolant circuit 2 with, at least, compressor 5, liquid-cooled condenser 6, liquid-heated evaporator 7, and two external secondary circuits 3, 4. First circuit 3 includes elements 13 arranged in space to be cooled and heated. Flow switch 16 communicates element circuit 3 and radiator circuit 4 to make het pump. Said switch flow 16 is composed of valve 16a, 16b to allow coolant flow 4b to bypass radiator 15.

EFFECT: efficient cooling and/or heating without reversing coolant in radiator circuit.

6 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to machine building, particularly to cabin heating system. System comprises system of pipelines, smaller and larger coolant circulation circuits, radiator fitted in coolant smaller circulation circuit, and electrically driven fan. System comprises additionally third circuit including sealed tank, second radiator, electrically driven pump, and pump switch. Said pump is communicated with sealed tank connected with second radiator located nearby the first one. Electrically driven pump is connected via switch with onboard electric circuit.

EFFECT: reduced power consumption, higher reliability.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to machine building. Proposed system comprises heater casing and fan casing connected via air duct with heater casing. Heater chamber is communicated via distribution openings and air ducts with passenger compartment zones and comprises noise killing structural element. Noise-killing element is composed of flat-sheet vibration-and-noise interlayer incorporating one- or two-layer viscoelastic and reinforced layers. Interlayer surface area makes at least 30% of total surface area of structural element wall. Said interlayer with adhesion coating is arranged on structural element wall limited zone. Said wall has perforations with diameter in the range of: d=(1.2…5.0)×hcm, arranged with center-to-center spacing: b=(3.2…22.0)×d, while perforation factor in the range of: where hcm is thickness of structural element; Spen is total area of projection of perforations on aforesaid limited zone; Sint is face surface area of said interlayer.

EFFECT: decreased noise and vibration.

3 cl, 16 dwg, 2 tbl

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to machine building. In compliance with first version, proposed system comprises compressor, control unit, condenser, evaporator, and ventilation unit. Arrangement of evaporator, condenser and motor-driven ventilation unit allows simultaneous heat dissipation in condenser and heat transfer into evaporator. Motor includes through axle. Said axle incorporates fans. Proposed system comprises bed to house integral heat insulated case. Said case has air inlet and outlet for compressor and condenser and isolation between fans. Air inlet and outlet direct airflow from condenser to compressor and control unit. In compliance with second version, system has bed with air intake holes arranged along its edges. Besides it has air inlet and outlet. Bed section directed outward comprises outer cover, compressor, control unit, condenser, compressor discharge tube, evaporator, and ventilation unit. Fans are arranged on opposite end of through axle. Heat insulated case serves for isolation between fans. Ventilation unit is partially connected with air hose. Air conditioning module with said system comprises inner and outer section with respect to cabin, separated by cabin cover. Inner section comprises air hose, inner cover and board. Outer section comprises base, seal, cooling system and outer cover. Board comprises one means to direct air flow, control panel, inner air filter and one inner air inlet. Cooling system is arranged on base. Cooling system comprises compressor, control unit, condenser, compressor discharge tube, evaporator and ventilation unit.

EFFECT: self-contained operation.

28 cl, 9 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to automotive control device. Proposed device comprises catalyst, heat exchanger, air conditioner and fan. Actuation of fan 21 in air conditioner 18 is prohibited during the period from engine start to termination of catalyst warm-up. This prevents air passage in air duct 22 with fan switched on and heat exchange with coolant in heater core 24 in circulation channel 6. After transfer of heat generated by the engine to coolant heat cannot be fed inside passenger cabin 25 which fast increase in engine temperature and coolant temperature thus increasing temperature of engine exhaust gases. Heat generated by the engine 1 is distributed preferably to catalyst located outside passenger cabin 25 that must be heated at low temperature by exhaust gases.

EFFECT: efficient transfer of heat to catalyst.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to automotive industry. Proposed system comprises heater housing and fan housing communicated via air duct with the former. Heater chamber is communicated via developed system of openings and ducts with zones of passenger compartment. Besides, heat-and-vent system includes one structural noise absorbing element. The latter is composed of noise absorbing module including connection structural shell. Said shell is mounted in limited local perforated zone on the wall of structural and/or air conduit element and filled with isolated crushed porous arbitrary-shape noise absorbing fragments. Said fragments are arbitrarily fitted inside said shell to stay in contact with each other. Said fragments represents the products of secondary recycling of porous noise absorbing materials, parts and assemblies of noise absorbing packs.

EFFECT: higher efficiency.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: proposed chassis comprises internal combustion engine, body divided by bulkhead into heat and tail sections, caterpillar shields welded to the body and electrical equipment accommodated inside the body. One of caterpillar shields support storage battery compartment while electrical equipment includes ICE operation indicator. Chassis includes storage battery compartment vent system. The latter consists of air blower secured to said bulkhead, air blower control device electrically connected via storage battery compartment cover closed position pickup with ICE operation pickup and air blower. Appropriate body board has three ducts to communicated storage battery compartment with body head section, and, via air ducts, with air blower and body tail section.

EFFECT: removal of gases from storage battery compartment.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: screen to cover trough-like recess in the area of vehicle front cover hinge is arranged between cowl cover and wheel arch inner metal lining. Before fitting in place, said screen is flat plastic mat. Note here that, when fitted in place, said screen fits in said trough-like recess to be U-shaped to. Protective screen may be secured relative to cowl cover bend edge by means of front and rear side edge. Side edge centre area extends toward cowl cover bend. Opposite side edge of the screen thrusts against wheel arch inner metal lining.

EFFECT: protection against leaves in recess between windshield and adjoining front cover.

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FIELD: transport engineering; ventilation and air conditioning.

SUBSTANCE: proposed device contains air filter installed in air intake housing, and air duct. Air duct connects outlet hole of air intake with inlet hole of fan. Said U-shaped air duct has zone in lower point designed to separate moisture. Air filter and fan are arranged on one horizontal level.

EFFECT: simplified design, reduced overall dimensions, removal of moisture from incoming air.

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