Design of low-angle or horizontal well with possibility of control of inflow and selective water isolation

FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: design of low-angle and horizontal wells includes a technical string, an operating string and a lift string. The operating string is cemented above the productive formation roof. The operating string in the productive formation is divided into sections with casing packers, and sections include filter sections and sections of solid pipes. The lift string in the productive formation is equipped with operating packers, installed inside the sections of solid pipes of the operating string and groups of controlled valves equipped with calibrated inlet side holes arranged inside filter sections. A seat nipple is installed at the end of the lift string. Controlled valves and the nipple are made as capable of interaction with control devices lowered inside a lift string.

EFFECT: possibility to control an inflow from isolated sections of a low-angle or horizontal well shaft or their total selective water isolation.

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The invention relates to the oil and gas industry, in particular, to the design of directional and horizontal wells, equipped with a filter, with the ability to control water production and selective water shutoff in a heterogeneous reservoir.

A known way to isolate water production in horizontal wells with an open bottom, consisting in the injection of water producing interval of water composition with the subsequent installation of peregrinates (RF patent No. 2114990, CL. 6 E21B 43/32, 33/13, 1996).

The disadvantage of this method is the impossibility of limiting water inflow from obwodnica of the reservoir, a large volume of work on installing peregrinates, pollution newbudnudes sections of the formation while killing the well.

The task of the invention is to increase the period of anhydrous exploitation of directional and horizontal wells with filter and technological works for selective isolation of water.

The technical result of the invention is the ability to control the flow rate of the isolated plots of directional and horizontal well bore or selective isolation without pollution newbudnudes areas of the layer.

The task and the technical result is achieved by the fact that production column directional and horizontal wells in the product is effective heterogeneous reservoir casing packers divided into sections with different reservoir properties. At each site installed filter section and a solid pipe. Elevator column in the reservoir is equipped with operational packers installed in sections of a continuous pipe production casing, and groups of control valves located inside the filter sections. The combination of the casing and operational packers forms shielded by the annular space areas. At the end of the tubing string is selected landing nipple. Above the upper operating packer placed disconnector column and circulating valve. Controlled valves are made with the gauge side holes and during operation of the well may be closed or open devices, down inside the tubing string.

Figure 1 shows the proposed construction of a shallow well. Figure 2 shows the descent in the adjustable valve sleeve to control the flow rate of the area of the reservoir. Figure 3 shows the insert in obwodnica part of the reservoir.

Well 1 includes the technical column (conductor) 2, the production casing 3 and the lifting column 4. Operating the column in the reservoir contains a porous packers are 5-1, 5-2 and 5-3, which divide a heterogeneous reservoir at stations a, B, C with different reservoir properties. On each is ASDE production column contains sections solid pipe 6-1, 6-2, 6-3 and filter sections 7-1, 7-2, 7-3. Elevator column 4 includes production packers 8-1, 8-2 and 8-3 placed inside a solid areas of pipe 6-1, 6-2 and 6-3, the group operated valves 9-1, 9-2, installed inside the site filter sections 7-2, 7-3. On the lower end of the tubing string is a landing nipple 10. Over the top performance packer 8-3 installed disconnector columns 11 and circulating valve 12. At the wellhead is installed operational equipment 13. Controlled valves are made with a calibrated lateral holes of different size sections.

Thus established in each area of the annulus and production packers form shielded by the annular space in the region of the reservoir, the communication between which is carried out only in the tubing string through the bottom and controlled valves.

Operation of the wells is as follows.

After well construction and equipping of the Elevator column start it is reduced back pressure on the formation of the replacement fluid in the well on a lighter or gas through the circulation valve 12.

At the beginning of operation wireline fluid from areas a, B and enters the Elevator column 4 through its open bottom end and an open controlled valves 9-1 and 9-2 and rises to the surface.

For me the e well operation because of the different characteristics in one of the sections of the reservoir water starts flowing (for example, in the plot And with good reservoir properties and characterized by the highest rate and the highest rate of motion of the gas, which contributes to the local inflow of formation water). To limit the rate of gas movement in this phase is the following (see figure 2). At the wellhead on operating equipment 13 is mounted BOP equipment (preventer) 14 and through a flexible tube or rigid cable 15 through the Elevator column 4 descends control device 16, which is closing the inlet side of the holes in one of the controlled valves 9-1, which creates an additional resistance to the inflow of formation fluids from the formation And into the Elevator column 4. As a result, the rate of gas movement within the area of the reservoir And decreases and the water flow slows down. If the further exploitation of the area of the reservoir And again enters the water, it re-isolate the descent control device and close the inlet side openings in the second controlled valve 9-1. Thus due casing packer 5-1, 5-2, operational packers are 8-1, 8-2 and closed controlled valves 9-1 is selective isolation area of the reservoir A.

When the flow of water from the site of a layer B working group is managed by apanov 9-2.

When entering into the well formation water from the land In a landing nipple 10 by using technology in a flexible pipe or rigid cable set pressure reducing valve or a blank tube 17 (see figure 3), thereby limiting the flow rate and consequently the water inflow, or completely blocked the access of produced water from section C.

If you want to perform well in more complex activities associated with removing the tubing string, its killing through the circulation valve 12, and the disconnect is in the isolator 11.

The operational design of directional and horizontal wells, including technical column, the production casing and lifting column, and the column operating cemented above the roof of the reservoir, and the reservoir casing packers divided into sections containing filter section and a continuous pipe, and Elevator column in the reservoir is equipped with operational packers installed inside the solid sections of the pipe casing, the group operated valves located inside the filter sections, the landing nipple located on the end of the tubing string, the disconnector and the circulation valve is installed above the upper operating packer, and managed valves the imp who are satisfied with the calibration side holes and the ability to communicate with managed devices, down inside the tubing string.


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FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: development method of heavy oil or bitumen deposit with control of well product extraction involves construction of upper injection and lower production wells with horizontal sections located one above another. At construction of wells their horizontal sections are equipped with filters installed opposite productive formation zones. Inside filter with non-perforated interval in production well there arranged is a shank provided with inlet holes dividing the filter into extraction zones. Besides, shank is equipped on the inner side with a stock with side channels. Inner space of stock is interconnected with inlet of pump lowered to production well on the tubing string with possibility of longitudinal movement of the tubing string together with pump and stock in the shank. Heat carrier is pumped through horizontal injection well with warming-up of the formation by creating the steam chamber, and product is extracted through horizontal production well. Thermograms of steam chamber are taken, the chamber's warm-up state is analysed for uniform heating and available temperature peaks, and considering the obtained thermograms, uniform heating of steam chamber is performed. Before the tubing is lowered to production well, first, stock is lowered with a shank concentrically arranged on it and fixed in transport position with a shear screw. Besides, on the outer side of the shank lower end there installed is heat-resistant packer; after the stock is lowered to production well, lower end of tubing is put on its upper end. Tubing is equipped with a pump. Tubing is lowered to production well till the packer is arranged at non-perforated interval of production well filter; after that, packer is installed by dividing the filter of production well into two extraction zones - initial and final. Uniform heating of steam chamber is performed by supplying the heat carrier through injection well. Penetration of heat carrier and/or formation water to the pump inlet is avoided by controlling the product extraction to the pump inlet from the initial extraction zone. Besides, product extraction volume is reduced in the initial extraction zone where temperature peaks occur. For that purpose, inlet shank holes corresponding to the initial extraction zone are made with reduction of carrying capacity from face to head, and side channels of stock are provided with possibility of alternating interaction with one of inlet shank hole in the initial extraction zone. This is performed by restricted longitudinal movement of pipe string together with pump and stock relative to shank by increasing or reducing the number of connection pipes on upper end of pipe string depending on the distance between inlet holes of the shank. Pipe string is fixed on the head of production well in the required position by means of a face plate on a supporting flange, and shank hole corresponding to the final extraction zone is made in the form of an open stock end.

EFFECT: improving the control of product extraction volume from extraction zones; simpler erection and lower metal consumption on the design.

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FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: method of fluid extraction from the well is performed in the following way: the first adjustment at least of the first well equipment for fluid production is performed; the first set of input parameters is chosen, which includes at least one parameter referring to serviceability degree at least of one second well equipment and sets of parameters chosen from the group including the data referring to efficiency, pressure, temperature, presence of the chosen reagent, content of water, content of sand and flow rate of injected chemical reagents. The first set of parameters is used to be entered to the computer model, and the second adjustment at least of one first well equipment is performed, which will provide at least extension at least of one second well equipment or increase in completed well flow rate. Also, control system of operation of electric submersible pump is proposed, which contains information storage data base relating to operating range of submersible pump, and processor for adjustment at least of one first well equipment, which has the possibility of using at least one measured operating parameter of submersible pump and information stored in the data base.

EFFECT: invention allows performing the monitoring of well shaft state and serviceability degree of various equipment and taking actions, which will provide increased or optimum production of hydrocarbons from the well.

25 cl, 4 dwg

FIELD: oil-and-gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to production of natural gas ad may be used in methane-coal well development. Proposed method comprises perforation of operation string in interval of production bed and its hydraulic fracturing. Thereafter, operation string is flushed. Settled fluid level allows defining initial counter pressure on productive coal bed. Production tubing with borehole pump is lowered into flow tubing, the pump being located under perforation interval. Well head is sealed. Borehole pump is used to reduce fluid level in well annuity space to below perforation interval together with injection of buffer gas therein at initial counter pressure on the bed. Thereafter, feed of buffer gas is interrupted. Said fluid level in annuity space is maintained by means of borehole pump. Inflow of bed fluid is caused by releasing excess pressure of buffer gas from annuity space in control over variation in gas quantitative and/or qualitative composition at well head. Change in released buffer gas composition allows defining the beginning of coal methane from productive bed. Now, rate of buffer gas pressure release is decreased.

EFFECT: higher efficiency of well development.

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FIELD: oil and gas production.

SUBSTANCE: proposed method consists in using tubing incorporating borehole pump and packer. Note here that borehole pump is equipped with check valve. Check valve is arranged close to and above the pump on tubing outer side to allow one-way fluid flow from tubing into tube space. Said tube space is filled with process fluid with corrosion inhibitor in required concentration. Pressure in tube space is maintained not exceeding tolerable magnitude by means of electric-contact pressure gage connected to borehole pump control unit. Reagent if injected into tubing from wellhead with tube space gate valve.

EFFECT: efficient injection, safe production of oil or gas.

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FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: according to the method of oil-gas wells killing on deep water subsea deposits by pumping of certain volume of kill composition together with sea water into the well thus providing creation of killing spout in the well with timeless pressure on formation exceeding formation pressure not less than 1.2 times, as a killing composition, preventing immediate contact of cold sea water with overheated formation fluids and productive stratum of formation, large hydrophobic disperse system is used with density exceeding density of sea water more than 5 times in the volume ensuring in bottom-hole zone of the well creation of spout of large hydrophobic disperse system with height exceeding productive stratum formation opened by perforation not less than 3 times. Mentioned disperse system is a disperse system with volume of 70%, where as disperse medium hydrocarbon liquid is used, this liquid doesn't set solid under temperatures to -10C, its density is not less than 0.860 g/cm3; as disperse phase a mixture of hard metal balls with diameter within 1-2 mm is used, 50% of this ball mixture volume have fusion temperature well over bottom-hole temperature, and the other 50% of this ball mixture volume have fusion temperature 10C and more below bottom-hole temperature.

EFFECT: improving reliability of oil-gas wells killing on deep water subsea deposits with excessive temperature and pressure of productive formation.

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FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: typical well operating equipment can include separator for separation of water from oil, in which the produced mixture of fluid media is obtained and mixture is divided into the corresponding water and oil flows. Water flow can be pumped back to the well. For that purpose, well system for water pumping speed control back to the well can be developed. Group of inventions provides the improvement of well flow control efficiency. Essence of inventions: well equipment designed for receiving fluid medium flows through the first and the second fluid medium flow passage channels is arranged in the well. The above equipment includes flow separation control having the device connected to the first channel and the device connected to the second channel, which are interconnected. Outlet flows in the first and the second channels are controlled by means of the control.

EFFECT: increasing outlet flow in one of the first and second channels in response to increase in outlet flow in the other of the first and the second channels by means of action on one of the above devices to keep constant ratio of outlet flows in the above channels.

16 cl, 6 dwg

FIELD: oil and gas production.

SUBSTANCE: method includes gaslift well operation by adjusting the flow rate of working and produced gas. The withdrawal of produced gas is done by tubing string and additional tubing string. The flow rate of working and produced gas is adjusted by opening and closing of driven shut-off elements in accordance to the control signals. Control signals come from automatic control unit and are generated according to the results of measured values compared with set parameter values. Note that the pressure is measured in the mouth and bottom hole, at the same time the flow rate of produced gas is measured. The flow rate of working and produced gas is adjusted in such a way to provide the specified well operation mode.

EFFECT: increase of well operation efficiency, reduction of level and removal of fluid accumulated in bottom-hole zone, provision of well operation stability.

2 cl, 1 dwg

FIELD: oil and gas production.

SUBSTANCE: system for use in the hole includes the string designed for location in the hole that consists of submersible electric pump, the first part of inductive coupler and completion section. Note that completion section is located in the well zone under development and includes the second part of inductive coupler, isolating packer, detection cable and electric device electrically connected to the second part of inductive coupler. Note that detection cable goes through the packer for provision of sensors to some well zones.

EFFECT: increase of system operation efficiency and collection of measurement data referred to the well characteristics.

28 cl, 7 dwg

FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: well of hydrocarbon raw material deposit, either gas one or gas-condensate one, includes production string with tubing string with underground operating equipment. Operating equipment includes at least a cutout valve with remote control, which is provided with an actuator, and well head with wellhead equipment. Wellhead equipment comprises casing head, tubing head on which there mounted is X-tree in the form of a fir tree, which includes shutoff members - master and side gate valves with actuators, as well as throttle valve adjacent to the latter, which controls the well flow rate and is provided with an actuator, and monitoring and control members - fuse insert and gas line pressure monitoring valve. Well is connected to control station by means of shutoff members, throttle valve and cutout valve. Control station is made in the form of a cabinet and includes pump accumulator plant and at least one control unit per well.

EFFECT: improving reliability and accident-free operation of gas well and simplifying the control of processes.

12 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: opening and closing of shutoff-control valves of well cluster is performed by independent supply of working medium to actuators of shutoff-control valves and underground cutout valves in the specified sequence, as well as valves controlling the flow rate of each well. Method is implemented by means of control station mounted in the cabinet and including instrumentation and control, as well as hydraulic system. Hydraulic system includes pneumatic hydraulic pressure accumulators combined with working medium tank, pumps, pressure controls and multiplying gears, and has the possibility of controlling actuators of shutoff-control valves with time delay and in certain sequence. At that, in addition, control lines of loop and flare gate valves are mounted in cabinet of the station, which are installed on pipelines in close proximity to control cabinet, for example on one common frame.

EFFECT: invention simplifies mineral deposit production control process, as well as allows reducing the area occupied with process equipment.

21 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: well is filled with liquid nitrogen, tubing string is removed from the well and there performed is the control for freezing rocks and fluids adjacent to the well. After formation of shut-off plug in well and fluid fountain blocking the cement grouping is pumped into the zone above the well and pressure in well is maintained till its hardening.

EFFECT: elimination of emergency situations at fields.

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FIELD: oil-and-gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: set of inventions relates to sealing of borehole perforation and composition used to this end. Proposed method comprises adding bridging material to make plugs in clearances so that fluid leaks are limited or eliminated. Bridging material is preferably degradable or soluble plastic fibers, insignificantly larger than said clearances. If necessary, said particles may be nondegradable, stiff fibers of various shape and smaller than clearances but able to close them. Mixes of bridging materials may well be used. Bridging material may be added to sealing balls, fitted thereafter, or in both versions.

EFFECT: eliminated leaks between balls and perforations.

18 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: oil and gas production.

SUBSTANCE: downhole packer installation includes packer, gas extraction device mounted in packer cavity coaxially to it. Gas extraction device is consists of two parts, lower and upper, the upper part is done with outer diameter equal to packer mandrel inner diameter, the lower part is done with outer diameter less than the inner diameter of packer mandrel and mounted with formation of longitudinal bypass channel between its outer surface and inner surface of packer mandrel, bottom end of gas extraction device lower part is equipped with the bead the diameter of outer surface of which is equal to the diameter of packer mandrel inner surface, the bead is located below the radial bypass channel of packer, the lower part of gas extraction device is separated from the upper part by upper radial bypass channel that connects its longitudinal bypass channel to upper part of packer cavity, the bottom end of gas extraction device upper part and top end of its lower part in the zone of upper radial bypass channel location are performed with formation of narrowing zone of gas extraction device cavity.

EFFECT: stable pump operation for fluid supply without operating mode breakdown, continuous gas extraction from annular space under packer above pump suction, simplification of gas extraction device structure, increase of processibility of downhole packer installation mounting and maintaining.

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FIELD: oil and gas production.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to oil and gas industry, namely to device designed for wellhead sealing that can be used in the course of construction, oil and gas wells repair as well as accidents elimination. The device includes guide rod 1 that has support elements 2 on it, block assemblies 3 and shut-off assemblies 4. Support elements 2 are done in a form of collars that embrace guide rod 1. Block assemblies 3 contain spring-loaded bushes 6 with levers 15 kinematically connected to them on the ends of which there are eccentrics performed in a form of rollers 8. Shut-off assembly 4 is done in a form of movable shutters 7 kinematically connected to bushes 9 with provision of overlapping the inner section of well 10. Note that the lower part of guide rod 1 is done in a form of a pin 11 that is located on one axis with rigidly connected pipeline 12 on the upper end of which there is a valve 13. There is a hole 14 in the side surface of pipeline lower part. Note that shut-off assembly 4 is attached above the said hole.

EFFECT: increase of reliability of its attachment inside the well, extension of possibilities due to provision of controllable formation fluid extraction after closing the well.

9 cl, 7 dwg

FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: method for pressure test of tubing string includes water pumping to tubing string and pressure measurement. Tubing string is equipped with packer installed above perforation interval, well injection capacity is determined and simultaneously integrity of production string is checked, packer is installed. In inter-tube space required pressure is built, liquid is pumped to tubing string in the volume of 3-9 m3 with flow 1.2-4 m3/min under pressure up to 50 MPa. Under increase of pressure in inter-tube space at speed up to 1.5 MPa/min up to pressure not exceeding 5 MPa, excess pressure is bled till pressure value is that of required one. Under decay of pressure in inter-tube space at speed up to 1.5 MPa/min, water is pumped to inter-tube space till pressure value is that of required one. If pressure increase is above 1.5 MPa/min and pressure is above 5 MPa, tubing string is considered untight. If pressure decay is above 1.5 MPa/min, production string is considered untight.

EFFECT: simplifying process of pressure test and reducing well off-period.

FIELD: oil and gas production.

SUBSTANCE: sealing method of connection of main and supplementary bore holes consists in drilling of main bore, descending of main casing string, spudding of supplementary bore from the main one, descending of additional casing string with sealing connection with main casing string, cementing of additional and main casing strings. Connection sealing is done after cementing of additional casing string and plant in its upper part and in the main casing string below spudding interval of supplementary bore of cutting packers, note that connection sealing is performed by pumping of fixing agent above spudding interval of supplementary bore from the main above the cutting packers, after process holding enough for fixing and sealing of open bore walls in the connection there performed is a wash-out of excessive fixing agent and dismounting or drilling out of cutting packers.

EFFECT: application of the proposed method due to its simplicity, exclusion of necessity to manufacture non-standard equipment and low cost allows reducing expenses on connection sealing of main and supplementary bore holes.

FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to operation of oil production wells. Differential filter comprises swelling polymer applied on matrix particles to swell after contact with water to decrease filter permeability. Polymer is selected from polyacrylic acid or polymethacrylic acid, polymaleic anhydride, acrylamide polymer, polyamide, polyester, latex, and polyvinyl alcohol. Method of adjusting water ingress into well comprises incorporating claimed differential filter into wall bottom for operation therein. Note here that differential filter permeability decreases after contact with water.

EFFECT: controlled water ingress.

18 cl, 2 dwg, 1 ex

FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the oil and gas industry, namely, to methods for suppression of spills from emergency oil and gas wells and may be used to eliminate accidents with the help of shut-off plugs during field development, arranged at water reservoir bottoms, on the day surface, in underground mines, and also in continental shelves. During realisation of the method, using a cut casing pipe, a discrete material that is easily deformed under its own weight, having size and specific weight that ensure material falling in an ascending flow of oil and gas, is supplied in a quantity sufficient to form a shut-off plug in the well, which makes it possible to suppress the reservoir fluid of oil or gas. The shut-off plug may be formed in intervals, where first the discrete material of larger fraction is filled, then fractions with reducing size of solids are serially filled. The discrete material may be used in the form of solids of revolution. The material may be supplied via a hopper, which is installed above the cut casing pipe. After formation of a shut-off plug, the hopper is filled with a hardening mud. Discrete particles are made either from a homogeneous material or from composite materials.

EFFECT: invention provides for safety of a technological process and reduced impact at environment.

6 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: well construction method includes borehole sinking, lowering and attachment of casing and production strings. During drilling of the direction, cyclic controlled-angle drilling of the direction and bore hole under grief stem is performed using screw, with periodic lifting of drilling tool and discharge of drilled out slurry. Screw and drilling tool with diameter of 500 mm or 630 mm are used for drilling. Pipes with diameter of 377 mm or 426 mm are used as conductor pipes. In its upper part casing conductor pipe is plugged and provided with connection pipe, in its lower part it is provided with circulating openings for cement solution to pass. Casing pipe is arranged in well shaft so that upper part of the pipe is above ground level.

EFFECT: reducing of construction time and cost during well construction.

1 dwg, 1 ex

FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: group of inventions refers to oil and gas production industry and can be used for emergency killing of wells. The method of well emergency killing with submarine location of mouth consists in pumping of cementing compound. Note that the cementing depth of the well area is determined in advance taking into account the well condition and pressure in the well. Injector attached to the tank with cementing compound and located inside the bag from flexible material is put on the bottom and inside the mouth of emergency well to the specified depth. The bag is filled with cementing compound; the compound is pumped from the tank through injector providing close contact of the bag outer surface with inner surface of the well. Note that injector is kept at the specified depth due to the weight of the whole structure filled with cementing compound, after pumping the pressure is maintained in the bag till the cementing compound is hardened. After cementing compound is hardened the fluid is pumped off or the well is killed.

EFFECT: method allows performing emergency killing of the well.

26 cl, 4 dwg

FIELD: mining industry, namely means to seal or pack boreholes or wells, particularly for constructing water wells and for consolidating water-supply well intervals with tail casing pipes under primary casing pipes.

SUBSTANCE: device has tail casing pipe head and gripper system of primary casing pipe, packing members, circlips and sub. Upper part of outer head surface is cylindrical and has left-handed thread. Lower part thereof facing well bottom is conical. Intersection point of conical surface generators lays on well axis. Gripper system of primary casing pipe is formed as a shoe having inner surface defined by two conical surfaces with apexes extending in opposite directions. Adjoining surfaces of tail casing pipe head and casing shoe have 8-10° cone angles.

EFFECT: simplified structure and improved manufacturability, increased reliability and reduced material consumption.

4 cl, 4 dwg