Tunnel power plant

FIELD: power engineering.

SUBSTANCE: tunnel power plant comprises an air turbine with a power generator communicated with an air intake located along the perimeter of the upper part of the diametrical cut of the tunnel following the shape of its upper part and a discharge air duct with a system of air valves. Passing-by vehicles are used as a piston. At the left and right side of the tunnel there is a system of rotor wind-powered generators with a vertical axis of rotation, connected to a load via a control system that accumulates and redistributes the received energy.

EFFECT: development of a device for production of energy by means of artificial creation of air pressure difference in an air tunnel and its efficient conversion by different methods into energy.

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The invention relates to the field of electricity and can be used for electricity generation.

One of the promising directions of development of renewable energy is wind energy. The use of wind energy not only helps to solve many problems of energy supply and to gain independence from the local power supply companies. Even when connected to a network of centralized power, the use of wind energy for your needs will also be useful because the network receive electricity by burning coal, oil or gas or even nuclear power plants. Side energy that do not affect the basic process, will allow to increase efficiency of devices used.

Known for its practical use of the device is a propeller type, repeating medieval windmill.

Disadvantages propeller devices are:

- need to increase the diameter of the propeller to increase the power extracted from the wind flow;

- propeller installation for effective work on weaning wind energy should provide a permanent reversal in the direction of the wind;

the use of these plants propellers with mechanisms for changing the angles of attack of the blades makes them very expensive.

The closest technical things the spine is the air-piston power plant (published in Bulletin of Inventions No. 2009126243 from 2011.01.20), the principle of operation is based on the use of a piston effect.

Object of the invention is a device for producing electricity by artificial means, a differential pressure of air in the wind tunnel and effective convert various ways into electricity.

The technical result is achieved in the tunnel power plant, consisting of an air turbine with an electric generator, in communication with the air intake, located on the perimeter of the upper part of diametrically cut tunnel, the shape of the upper part and the outlet of the duct system and air valves, and piston used at passing vehicles, according to the invention with the left and right sides of the tunnel system installed rotary wind turbines with a vertical axis of rotation, is connected to the load through the control system, nakaplivalsya and distributes the electricity produced.

Tunnel power plant consists of a generator, connected to an air turbine, in turn, connected to the air intake, located on the perimeter of the upper part of diametrically cut tunnel, repeating its shape. The discharge air from the turbine duct is equipped with a system of air valves. The left and right sides of the tunnel, its the same area, between travel cover (W/W path, asphalt and the like) and the air intake system installed rotary wind turbines with a vertical axis of rotation, is connected to the load through the control system. As the piston tunnel power plant are passing vehicle.

The invention is illustrated by drawings, where figure 1 shows a possible version of the construction of the tunnel system of power plants, which contain:

1 - wind tunnel

2 - air inlet with the outlet duct,

3 - piston

4 - system rotary wind turbines with a vertical axis of rotation.

Figure 2 and figure 3 shows a variant of the device separate tunnel power plant, where

5 - air turbine with generator,

6 - control system

7 - air inlet valve

8 - outlet of the air valve.

Tunnel power plant operates as follows: when the piston (3) air tunnel (1) increases the level of air pressure before working surface, a so-called piston effect. The incident wave is captured by the inlet with the outlet duct (2)located in the tunnel along the perimeter of the upper part of diametrically cut tunnel, repeating its shape, spins standing on the left and right sides of the system is neither rotary wind turbines with a vertical axis of rotation (4), the energy produced through the control system (6) is communicated to the consumers. When the level increases, the pressure in the duct is triggered inlet air valve (7) and the air supplied to the air turbine blades connected to a generator (5)developed thus electricity in a similar way through the system control is passed to consumers. Excessive voltage at nevostrebovani consumers, is returned to the grid. The direction of movement of air through the turbine is controlled by air valves. When the pressure increases, with the approach of the working surface of the piston to the exhaust air valves (8), the valves which operate to close, preventing the flow of air to the turbine. After the passage of the piston are formed of a sparse pressure, and exhaust valves open as the achievement level threshold pressure between the intake and exhaust valves. Thus, there is a possibility of pressure equalization in a separate section through a lateral duct containing an air turbine with a generator.

Tunnel power plant will find its use in the system of tunnels, road and rail tunnels, even in Elevator shafts, where the pressure piston (train, car, cubie is s / Elevator, etc.) there is an increase in air pressure, the so-called piston effect, the incident wave is captured by the inlet to the duct (2), rotates the rotor blades of wind turbines and converts the energy of the air flow in the electric power needed by the consumers.

Tunnel power plant containing an air turbine with an electric generator provided with air intake located but the perimeter of the upper part of diametrically cut tunnel, the shape of the upper part and the outlet of the duct system and air valves, and piston used the passing vehicle, characterized in that the left and right sides of the tunnel system installed rotary wind turbines with a vertical axis of rotation, is connected to the load through the control system, nakaplivalsya and distributes the electricity produced.


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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: airship exploiting lift of bearing gas comprises rigid airframe, wings, sectional channel windmill and storage batteries arranged in through conical wind channel with safety screen, and drive electric motors. Said wind channel comprises channel used to convert air energy into electric power by windmill and separate sealed sections to house electric station equipment. Said equipment includes generators, storage batteries, windmill with horizontal shaft, idler pulleys to increase generator rpm. Service pass is arranged along wind channel and sealed sections.

EFFECT: higher safety, power savings.

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SUBSTANCE: invention relates to automotive industry. Proposed cowl consists of cylindrical body with ribbed surface and is secured on rod and two ball bearings. Said cowl serves to reduce drag by rotation and to convert said rotation into electro power.

EFFECT: decreased drag.

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SUBSTANCE: stator of a wind-driven power generator of synchronous type comprising a base, fastening elements, magnetic conductors and coils, is arranged in the form of two parallel T-shaped magnetic conductors, to the ends of which a "Ш"-shaped magnetic conductor is fixed so that edges of its horizontal link are joined with ends of vertical stands of T-shaped magnetic conductors, and vertical stands of the "Ш"-shaped magnetic conductor are covered with additional coils.

EFFECT: improved manufacturability, higher reliability by usage of windings of coil type, and also the fact that widely spread T-shaped and "Ш"-shaped magnetic conductors are used.

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FIELD: power engineering.

SUBSTANCE: wind-driven power generator stator comprising a base, fastening elements, U-shaped magnetic conductors and coils, is equipped with strip magnetic conductors placed above ends of U-shaped magnetic conductors, at the same time thickness of strip magnetic conductors is equal to height of coil extension above ends of U-shaped magnetic conductors.

EFFECT: higher reliability and improved manufacturability based on using coil-type windings and widely spread U-shaped magnetic conductors.

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FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: wind-driven power generator includes rotor with vertical rotation axis, which is arranged inside fixed holder of wind guiding plates and formed with blades attached to load-carrying cylinder so that a slot-type hole is formed along their base between them and load-carrying cylinder. Each blade is equipped on front side of its plane with main longitudinal swirlers in the form of Δ- or I-shaped projections made throughout the length of blades and perpendicular to plane of blades. On rear side of plane of each blade, on its vertical edge which is the closest one to load-carrying cylinder of axis there made is additional swirler in the form of longitudinal thickening having Δ-shape in its cross section. Each wind guiding plate is located radially along rotor axis, besides, it is flat and has smooth bend in narrow part of confuser channel formed with adjacent wind guiding plates for air flow direction, at an angle of 80° to 90° to longitudinal section of rotor blade and it is equipped at least with one plate turned by means of an actuator, which is located along surface of wind guiding plate with rotation axis parallel to rotor axis. Load-carrying cylinder of rotor axis is equipped with retractable plates located radially and installed with possibility of radial movement and overlapping or changing the value of slot-type hole between load-carrying cylinder and each of rotor blades.

EFFECT: improvement of wind-driven power generator efficiency and optimisation of its operation at high wind velocities.

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FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: wind-driven power plant includes a nacelle with rotor, generator, AC rectifier on generator side, AC rectifier on the mains side, and transformer; the above nacelle is arranged on the tower; besides, both of the above AC rectifiers on constant voltage side are electrically connected to each other, and at that, AC rectifier on the mains side is connected on alternating voltage side through transformer to infeed point of the mains receiving the energy. Each phase module of AC rectifier on the mains side includes upper and lower branches (T1, T3, T5; T2, T4, T6) of valves, which contains at least two electrically and in-series connected bipolar sub-systems, and AC rectifier on generator side and AC rectifier on the mains side are connected to each other on constant voltage side by means of DC cable.

EFFECT: wind power station consisting of multiple wind-driven power plants is designed and has flexible structure as to direct current; nacelles in each wind-driven power plant have smaller dead weight.

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FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: wind-driven power plant includes wind wheel installed on the mast and provided with vertical rotation axis and blades interacting with rotor-inductor of generator. Internal surface of rotor-inductor is provided with a system initiating magnetic field by means of constant magnets; besides, torque moment from blades of wind wheel is transferred by means of system of traverses and power shaft to generator. Plant also includes a control unit. Generator is end-type, and stator with coils is located inside the generator and foxed on its axis-support; rotor-inductor of generator rotating on bearings about generator axis-support is formed in its turn with a housing and upper and lower shields installed on its external part, and is arranged between upper and lower traverses. Internal ends of traverses are installed by means of fasteners on shields of external part of rotor-inductor housing; in addition, rotor-inductor housing serves as power shaft.

EFFECT: reliable operation of the plant due to simpler design and reduced overall dimensions and weight by means of reduction of load on generator bearings and bending moment on its axis-support.

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FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: stabilising wind power unit consists of load-carrying mast with turning assembly and nacelle at the top. Nacelle is equipped with stator winding and includes rotating horizontal shaft with turbine on the protruding end. Generator consists of rotor put on shaft and stator winding enveloping it. Rotor has the possibility of forced retraction beyond the limits of stator winding by being moved in downwind direction and back to initial position. Shaft is installed in sliding bearings and equipped with spiral-conical compression spring in the section between rotor and rear wall of nacelle. Spring interacts with rotor through disc support element freely rotating on the shaft. In the section of horizontal shaft between rotor and front wall of nacelle there provided is shock absorber.

EFFECT: stabilisation of parameters of electric energy generated with wind power unit.

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FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: pipe (4) has lower section, in fact in the form of pyramid, and upper section forming cylindrical section (4a) which is extended upwards with the specified size and located in ceiling part of building (3) of temporary storage facility (1) for hot-rolled roll (2) which is a semi-finished product from iron and steel, which acts as high-temperature thermal radiator, which is made using the hot rolling equipment of steel mill. Electric generating turbine (5) is located in the specified position in cylindrical section. Plenum duct (7) is located on lower end section of side walls of the building. Hot-rolled rolls which are under high-temperature conditions after manufacture are supplied subsequently to the roll storage facility and stored there till they are moved to be used at the next processing stage. Ascending air flow is formed by subsequent heating of the air supplied to the building through plenum duct using the heat retained in hot-rolled rolls. Electric generating turbines are rotated by ascending air flow.

EFFECT: heat retained in thermal radiator can be used effectively, ie heat recovery is performed.

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FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: wind-driven thermal hydraulic plant includes drive wind motor with vertical shaft 1 kinematically connected to hydraulic pump 3 and ferromagnetic rotor 2 arranged inside tight tank containing magnetic liquid 6 in the field of electrical excitation winding 5 and constant magnet 7, which are located outside that tank thermally connected to heating radiator 13 of thermal energy consumers. Tank with magnetic liquid 6 and rotor 2 is equipped with liquid jacket 4 for heat removal, which is hydraulically connected to hydraulic cylinder 8 of constant magnet 7 movement, and through circulating hydraulic pump 3 to expansion tank 14 and outlet pipeline of heating radiator 13. Tank is connected in series through control valve 9 to thermal relay 10, electrical battery of thermal elements 11 and automatic valve of thermostat 12, which shunts the inlet and outlet pipelines of heating radiators 13. Excitation winding 5 is electrically connected to electrical battery of thermal elements 11 through normally closed contacts of thermal relay 10 and level relay 16 of expansion tank 14 equipped with maximum allowable pressure safety valve 15.

EFFECT: simpler design and smaller dimensions of the plant.

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Blower // 2244166

FIELD: blowers united with wind turbine, possibly used in different branches of industry and in objects of social and living designation.

SUBSTANCE: blower includes drum impeller with vanes mounted in horizontal shaft. Impeller is arranged in cylindrical casing having air intake opening and diffuser. Novelty is wind turbine built-in to structure of blower system. Wind turbine includes wind wheel with vanes on horizontal shaft. Wind wheel is arranged in cylindrical casing with air intake opening and diffuser. Diffuser of blower is connected with air intake of wind turbine. Carrying structure of blower is joined with carrying structure of wind turbine.

EFFECT: improved design, enhanced efficiency.

3 cl, 6 dwg

FIELD: power engineering; small power stations with open turbine hall.

SUBSTANCE: proposed emf source has open turbine hall; foundation; electrical machine provided with rotor, stator, and current-collection unit and connected to drive; self-contained starting motors connected to power supplies; as well as control unit and output module. Novelty is that open turbine hall floor of emf source is provided with circular race, surface part of foundation is equipped with anchor straps, slabs, locking brackets and rollers, aligning brackets and rollers; rotor is installed in journal bearing on annular support of foundation rotor; shaft of the latter has axial hole with service lines; source has supporting and aligning slab incorporated in frame built of hold-down beams, thrust columns, frame and foundation; it also has capital, rotor and stator drive mechanism, pods, aerodynamic compensator, distribution board, jet thrust matching device, thrust electric circuit switch, and auxiliary equipment power supply unit.

EFFECT: simplified design, facilitated maintenance of unit incorporating emf source; enhanced efficiency.

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FIELD: wind-power engineering; electrical energy generation.

SUBSTANCE: proposed wind-powered generator has tower with adjustable windwheels, windward positioning device, wound rotors and stators; rotors are made in the form of concavo-concave aerodynamic disks mounted on ends of blades; stator has pole shoes whose ends are coupled with rotors. Windwheels are mounted on shafts of convertible electrical machines incorporating stator excitation system and rotor inductor; inductor coils are connected to rectifiers mounted on windwheel blades; rectifier outputs are connected to field coils installed in rotor disks.

EFFECT: enhanced specific load, reduced starting torque, facilitated acceleration to rated speed.

1 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: wind-power engineering; wind power generators.

SUBSTANCE: proposed windmill-electric generating unit has electric generators; novelty is that this unit is made in the form of flow-through piping network with sealed valves and pressure transducers, generating unit ends being disposed in areas held at different atmospheric pressures; piping length and diameter meet following expression: D/L = ρλv


EFFECT: provision for continuous operation of windmill-electric generating unit.

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FIELD: wind-power engineering; generation of electric power.

SUBSTANCE: proposed wind-power electric generator has tower with swivel cross-member and wind wheel, wind setting unit, rotors and stators with windings; rotors are made in form of aerodynamic washers having shape of concavo-concave disks secured on ends of blades and stator is provided with pole pieces whose ends are magnetically connected with rotors which are magnetically connected with additional stators; blades are provided with additional rotors magnetically connected with additional stators; additional rotors are electrically interconnected.

EFFECT: reduction of starting torque.

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FIELD: wind power engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to plants generating electric energy to produce hot water for industrial use. Proposed combination wind power plant containing energy generating unit in form of windmill, air flow booster connected with windmill and energy generating and transforming unit in form of air turbine and generator connected to turbine, generator being butt-joined with gas-turbine turbine engine is furnished, according to invention, with heat recovery unit and processing unit, for instance, sea water freshening and cleaning unit made in form of thermal distiller and reverse osmosis device connected with heat recovery unit. Blades of windmill are made divided into sections for turning relative to each other with possibility of turning relative to longitudinal axis. Energy generating and transforming unit is provided with additional self-contained internal combustion engine and electric generator connected with said engine which is coupled with generator of gas-turbine unit to form common power unit. Control system includes device which, together with computer, provides electric parameters similar to network parameters. Energy generating unit is provided with device to divide air flow, said device being connected by flexible air line with air flow booster made programmable, for instance, pneumatic and multistage, whose low-pressure stage is connected with air turbine and with each member of processing unit, and high-pressure stage, with device to evaporate water of thermal distiller and reverse osmosis device which are connected with heat recovery unit. Point of connection of air line and power supply line is common, and torsion shafts coupled with vane engine and turbine are connected to said point.

EFFECT: increased efficiency owing to recovery of exhaust (hot) gases of engine and dissipation heat, enlarged sphere of industrial application of plant.

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FIELD: power and heat supply.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to self-contained power, heat and hot-water supply systems of dwelling houses and industrial buildings. Proposed system contains wind power generating plant for generating electric power and connected with power consumers; energy accumulator connected with wind power generating plant and power consumers; plant for converting solar energy into heat energy and heat accumulator, both connected with heat energy consumers. System includes heat pump driven by wind power generating plant and connected with heat energy consumers; inverter through which electric energy accumulator is connected with electric energy consumers; sewage water heat recoverer; Earth heat collector and automatic control system connected through heat and electric load transmitters with actuating mechanisms. Plant for converting solar energy into heat energy contains gang of solar collectors connected by heat carrier lines with at least two heat exchangers, one of which is arranged in heat accumulator and the other in heat exchange device connected by heat carrier line with Earth heat collector. Heat pump contains compressor driven by wind power generating plant, at least two extension evaporators and at least two extension condensers. Extension evaporator is built into heat exchange device connected by heat carrier line with Earth heat collector. Extension evaporator is built into sewage heat recoverer. Extension condenser is built into hot-water tank, and second extension condenser is built into heat exchange device connected by heat carrier lines with heat energy consumers.

EFFECT: improved reliability and economy of self contained power and heat supply systems.

10 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: wind power engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention can be used for converting energy of air flows into electric energy. Proposed method includes passing of first on-coming air flow between two conversing and diverging aerodynamic surfaces in direction of flow to form zone of reduced pressure and transmitting of second air flow along pipeline from surrounding space into zone of reduced pressure. Converter is installed on way of second air flow. Space is made in zone of reduced pressure in, at least, one of aerodynamic surfaces to provide swirling of second air flow by wall of said space. Swirling of second air flow is formed tangentially in direction of passing of first on-coming air flow. Device contains two plates. Pipeline is designed to transmit second air flow. One end of pipeline is made open and it is connected with surrounding space, and other end is connected to outer surface of one of plates. Converter is installed in pipeline. AT least one of plates is provided with space to swirl second air flow. Space communicates with pipeline. Space is made orthogonally relative to direction of first on-coming air flow tangentially in direction of first on-coming air flow.

EFFECT: improved efficiency of energy conversion.

23 cl, 14 dwg

Wind-heat generator // 2253040

FIELD: heat power engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention can be used for heating and hot water supply of different buildings. Proposed wind-heat generator contains water heat accumulator, windmill, bevel gear train (transmission), mechanical heater in form of agitator with movable blades each pair of which is made to centrifugal governor scheme (Watt governor). Wind heat generator is furnished additionally with second bevel gear train (transmission) rotating in opposite direction relative to first bevel gear train, each train being provided with equal number of agitators with movable blades.

EFFECT: increased efficiency of utilization of wind energy in wider range of wind velocities, improved reliability of heat generator and reduced cost of thermal energy.

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Wind thermal plant // 2253041

FIELD: wind power engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to wind plants for direct conversion of wind energy into thermal energy. Proposed wind thermal plant contains windwheel with rotary blades and friction heat generator with heat exchanger. Novelty is that heat generator is made in form of conical drum with ribbed surface and rotor is provided with friction lining being installed on shaft of windwheel. Pressure of lining onto drum surface depends on wind head. Heat exchanger is provided with air intake. Windwheel is provided with speed and vibration protective device.

EFFECT: simplified design, improved reliability in operation within wide range of wind loads with provision of ventilation of heat rooms.

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