Method for attachment of rock destroying inserts of drilling tools and working elements of sinking machines

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: method for attachment of rock destroying inserts in working element of drilling tools and sinking machines involves inserts location in bushes made of flexible material that are pressed-in into working element of drilling tool and sinking machines, note that there are longitudinal channels on bushes external surface for air supply and distribution of stresses during pressing-in.

EFFECT: increase of error-free running time of working elements.


Mountain ranges containing rock fortress more than 5 on a scale of Professor Rzhevsky VV [1], are broken by drilling and blasting operations.

The drilling of boreholes and drilling openings produced by the drilling tool (working body), Portorosa parts which are reinforced with inserts of hard metal, industrial diamonds, etc.) [2].

Mounting inserts in the drilling tool is made by soldering or press-fit (interference fit).

The aforementioned attachment methods have some significant drawbacks.

So when soldering inserts, the latter is heated to the melting temperature of the solder, which has a negative effect on the properties of hard alloys.

Mount inserts by pressing leads to the fact that in solid alloys are formed residual compressive stress, which are added to the working voltage, taking place at the destruction (by cutting the chip or the strike of the rocks.

Impact summing voltages for inserting the leads to premature breakage of the latter.

The aim of the invention is to provide a method of mounting inserts in the working bodies of the drilling tool and the working bodies of heading machines.

This goal is achieved by the fact that Portorosa inserts are placed in the sleeve, made of ductile metal, for example copper.

On the outer surface the sleeves are made of grooves, for example, in the form of a triangle. The grooves may be parallel to the imaginary axis of the sleeves or along a helical line.

The pressing inserts in plastic sleeve reduces tension and compression increases the actual contact surface.

In addition, when exposed rocks on insert, formed by bending stresses, i.e. compression and tension. Under the action of these stresses, the plastic inserts are deformed, thereby decreasing the total stress acting on the insert.

Cutting grooves on the outer surface of the bushing has two purposes. First, when the pressing inserts creates a piston effect, which increases the pressing force. The grooves compressed air escapes and the compression does not occur.

Secondly, the presence of grooves on the outer surface of the sleeves allows the bushings when they are pressing to deform, which increases the actual surface contact with them as with inserts, and the material of the working body.

The proposed method of mounting inserts drilling tool and working bodies sinking machinery increases the MTBF their working bodies.


1. Rzhevsky CENTURIES Processes of surface mining.

2. Kogan B. I. Technological quality assurance production of mining machines and tools.

Mounting method species the destructive inserts in the working body of the drilling tool and sinking machinery, characterized in that the inserts are placed in the sleeves, made of ductile metal, which is pressed into the working body of the drilling tool and sinking machinery, and on the outer surface of the sleeves are made of longitudinal grooves.


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EFFECT: increased operation life of cutter due to increased reliability of fastening.

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EFFECT: simplified installation of clamping cartridge on round tail of cutter.

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SUBSTANCE: tool holder with toolhead has a cutter head in the retainer catch, the said cutler head being designed to receive a cutler capable of being inserted and replaced. The cutter head is mode in the form of a socket and is furnished with a hole for inserting the cutter. The toolhead has fixation side with retainer catch and outer side oriented opposite to the fixation side, so that during tool operation centrifugal forces are directed from the fixation side to the outer one. The retainer catch has an aperture passing through inner wall of the cutter head and forming dimensional connection to the environment, the said aperture opening the cutter head towards the outer side.

EFFECT: prevention of cutter jamming due to rock mass litter getting into the head.

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FIELD: mining industry, particularly miscellaneous items relating to machines for slitting or completely freeing the mineral from the seam.

SUBSTANCE: device comprises working head, shank with groove for clamping sleeve receiving and with seating surface for protective member installation in its working position. The device also has split clamping sleeve and protective member installed on clamping sleeve so that protective member may perform axial movement. Lower protective member base is spaced a distance from axis of device symmetry relative shank end. The distance is not less than 0.45 of clamping sleeve length measured along the same axis. Protective member thickness is 0.025-0.25 of clamping collar length. Protective member may be formed as flat washer, as plate-like washer, as washer with annular extension located on upper end thereof and cooperating with end working head surface, as washer with additional axial annular extension formed on lower end thereof and cooperating with cutter holder or as at least two washers.

EFFECT: reduced labor inputs for device assemblage in the field.

6 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: mining industry, particularly for mining operation and construction and repair work performing.

SUBSTANCE: device has rotary cutter with shank and working head having annular support surface. Device also comprises cuter holder having orifice for cutter shank receiving and annular support surface, stop member for cutter shank fixation in cutter holder orifice and thrust member rotary arranged between working head and cutter holder. Thrust member has upper base and lower base carrying projection. Thrust member has additional projection located on upper base thereof and annular support surface cooperating with that of working head. Projection of lower base has annular support surface to cooperate with that of cutter holder. Width of support surface formed on additional projection is 0.15-1.0 of that of support surface of main thrust member projection. Width of support surface formed on additional projection is 0.15-1.0 of that of support surface of working head.

EFFECT: increased service life due to uniformity of cutter rotation during operation, increased reliability due to reduced friction between cooperating surfaces of thrust member, working head and cutter holder.

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The invention relates to mining, in particular electric device for mining machines

The invention relates to mining and construction

The invention relates to the mining industry, namely, devices for mounting cutters Executive bodies of mining machines

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: electric pulse drilling bit comprises cylindrical, coaxially arranged and separated with a high-voltage insulator outer and inner crowns made with side washing windows. The bottomhole part of the outer crown is equipped with evenly arranged radial ribs-electrodes, between every pair of which there is one outer radial rib-electrode of the inner crown installed in an equidistant manner. The value of the gap between the outer and inner crowns, in which a high-voltage bushing is installed, is more than electrode-to-electrode distance in the bottomhole part of the electric pulse drilling bit. As an option, width and height or diametre of upper washing windows of the inner crown are more than the maximum electrode-to-electrode distance. As an option, upper washing windows of the inner crown are arranged at height from its bottomhole end surface that is higher than height of largest core pieces.

EFFECT: increased service life of a bit and a high-voltage bushing included into its composition.

3 cl, 6 dwg

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: well drilling bit includes front surface; multiple radial blades equipped with cutting elements; besides, blades are distributed around front surface; core formation space located in the centre of front surface; cavity for removal of the core to the bit periphery; besides, the above cavity is located between two adjacent blades and restricted with two side surfaces and one rear surface. The latter is moved backwards relative to front surface. Well drilling method involves use of the above bit and formation of the core in the bit centre, removal of core through the drilled well to the ground surface and core removal.

EFFECT: quick drilling of wells of large depth in any rocks without any risk of the bit blockage with rock.

16 cl, 5 dwg

Cone bit support // 2468176

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: cone bit support comprises a journal, where a sealing element is installed, as well as a cutter fixed with a lock bearing. The support is equipped with a split bushing arranged with a bore on an outer surface for a sealing element, at the same time the journal in the area of placement of the sealing element is arranged at least with one radial channel, in which a rod is installed as capable of interaction with the inner surface of the split bushing, and the rod is made of a material with a coefficient of linear expansion, which exceeds the one of the journal and cutter material. The split bushing may be arranged with a circular collar on the inner surface, and journal and rod ends interacting with it - with a response circular slot.

EFFECT: higher service life and improved reliability of support sealing.

2 cl, 2 dwg

Roller bit bearing // 2467149

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to rock cutting tools, particularly, to roller cutter bearings. Roller cutter bearing comprises journal with seal fitted thereon and roller cutter locked by lock bearing. Proposed bearing is provided with bush made from material with lower liner expansion factor compared with that of journal and roller cutter material. Note here that said bush has groove made on its outer surface to receive said seal. In compliance with another version, bush has annular bead on inner surface while bush has annular groove on outer surface.

EFFECT: higher reliability and longer life.

2 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: metallurgy.

SUBSTANCE: solid particle and assemblage of particles with matrix material are ground. Produced powder particles are separated into several grain size fractions to mix, at least, a portion of smaller fraction with at least one additive selected from the group including binder, plasticiser, lubing additive and compacting additive to obtain a powder mix. Powder mix is placed in deformable container to apply pressure to, at least, its one outer surface to form green body of the bit. Fluid containing, at least, one additive is discharged from said deformable container. Bit green body is partially sintered. Proposed device comprises pressure chamber, deformable container places in said chamber, at least one pipeline to allows passage of fluid between inner space of container and pressure chamber outer space.

EFFECT: higher drilling properties, longer life.

20 cl, 6 dwg

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: drilling is performed at optimum parameters. Specific energy generated on unit length of interelectrode gap is accepted considering specific compression strength of mine rock; movement spacing of drilling bit electrodes during the time period between two high-voltage pulses is selected considering the number of pulses, which is required for electrodes to cover the distance equal to the length of interelectrode gap, and required number of pulses is accepted considering optimum high-voltage pulse energy required for generation of energy in interelectrode gap, which is stored in source of high-voltage pulses, and number of drilling bit electrodes. High-voltage electrodes (1) of drilling bit are installed so that they can move on axis (3) that is electrically connected to high-voltage current lead (5). High-voltage current lead (5) is separated from housing (4) by means of high-voltage insulator (6). Rock-destructing elements (7) with hard-alloy cutters (8) are fixed in the end face part of housing (4). Lengths of interelectrode gaps between high-voltage electrodes (1) and earthed electrodes (2), as well as rock-destructing elements (7) earthed through housing (4) are equal.

EFFECT: application of method using the bit improves the method efficiency.

5 cl, 2 dwg, 1 tbl

Drilling bit // 2459064

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: drilling bit includes housing with cleaning channels, connection shank and working head reinforced by cylindrical hard-alloy inserts (CHAI). Drilling bit is equipped with additional calibrating CHAI vertically attached on the side surface of working head. Main CHAI are oriented by their side surface parallel to horizontal plane and their end areas from well walls side have ledges for contact with end areas of additional CHAI.

EFFECT: increase of bit efficiency at drilling the abrasive rocks, reduction of hard alloy consumption.

2 dwg

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: support of rolling cutter drilling tool includes cutter installed on leg journal and sealing assembly arranged in annular slot between leg and cutter, which includes elastic ring with U-section, in the cavity of which an additional mountain-shaped ring is located. At least, one side wall of annular slot is located at an acute angle to journal axis; at that, between the main and additional rings there arranged with tightening is a split ring from spring steel with chute-shape cross section the end sections of which are made in the form of a comb, projections of one end of which enter the cavities of the other end; at that, when in initial position, projections of ridges of one ring edge are installed with a gap relative to bottom of slots of the other edge. Version of design at least of one side wall of U-shaped cuff facing the cutter with projections reinforced with wear-resistant coating is proposed.

EFFECT: improving operating efficiency of the whole bit.

4 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: proposed support of drilling bit includes trunnion with cutter, between which there installed is sealing assembly with O-rings. Sealing assembly is made in the form of sleeve with annular bores on inner surface for O-rings and annular groove on outer surface for arrangement of volatile material; at that, annular groove is connected to annular bores by means of radial channels. O-rings are provided with a cavity on outer surface; at that, cavity is interconnected with radial channels of housing of sealing assembly. There provided is version of hollow design of O-rings with radial channels equipped with sleeves for connection to walls of radial channels of the housing; at that, sleeves are provided with expanded head which is installed on the side of outer surface of housing of sealing assembly.

EFFECT: simpler design and lower manufacturing cost of support and bit as a whole.

4 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: bit is divided into stages - an under-reaming one with a tail and a stabiliser and a lower spudding one one with a stabiliser, every of which is made in the form of independent solids of revolution arranged coaxially, at the same time cutting speeds of cutting elements of under-reaming and spudding stages that are most remote from the longitudinal axis do not exceed critical values, besides, stabilisers equipped with highly resistant rods, have calibrating effect.

EFFECT: improved wear resistance and running time of a bit in interbedding rocks, including alternations of VI-IX categories by drillability, with preservation of borehole verticality.

2 dwg

FIELD: well drilling tools, particularly cone bits.

SUBSTANCE: drilling bit comprises body with bosses provided with calibrating cutting members, which are symmetric to calibrating points of inverse cones and to each other. The calibrating cutting members are made as continuous blades or rows of separate teeth having cutting edges facing bit rotation direction. Teeth apexes are arranged in plane defined by imaginary cylindrical surface having diameter equal to that of drilling bit. Wear-resistant members with cutting edges are arranged in each body boss and made as one or several elongated serially arranged blades or as one or several teeth or diamond insert rows. Cutting edges of one or several members are arranged along imaginary generatrix of cylindrical surface having diameter equal to drilling bit diameter or inclined at an angle equal to 0°-30° to the generatrix in clockwise or counterclockwise direction.

EFFECT: decreased radial cone bit runout and provision of constant well diameter due to active well hole reaming at drill body level.

3 cl, 12 dwg