Multipurpose indicating device

FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: multiposition device for selective switching over of flow through packer spindle between opposite directions contains: packer with packer spindle and sealing element designed so that spindle is retained in underground location when sealing element is in seating position; housing of crossflow coupling including components moved relative to each other and adjusted for its selective attachment near upper part of mentioned retained independently packer spindle, at that housing of cross-flow coupling when it is attached near upper part of packer spindle is able to generate relative movement providing opening and closing of channel on housing of cross-flow coupling.

EFFECT: reducing total length of device, orientation of device with higher accuracy.

13 cl, 6 dwg


The technical field

The present invention relates to the use of the cross-coupling of flow in combination with isolation packers and filters to perform some operations on completion of the wells, such as gravel packing material and Petrovka of hydraulic fracturing.

The level of technology

Clutch cross-flow is used in conjunction with isolation packers when conducting gravel backfill and Petrovci of hydraulic fracturing (hydraulic fracturing in combination with gravel backfill). Some designs are pre-installed during the descent of the column, providing the pumping fluid (solution) through the string of pipe and the coupling cross-flow in the annular space outside the filter node and the fence coming out of the well of wash solution through the column inside the filter. Coming from a well, the solution is returned through a separate passage in the cross-coupling of flow and enters the annular space above the packer.

Clutch cross-flow type other switches between the discharge position and the position of the circulation, by moving it relative to the holes of the seal in the body of the packer. These designs are shown in figures 1 and 2, require placing the device in a fixed position in a discrete, spaced along the axis, the points using posted ukazatel the different bushings and complex clamping cone bushings, known as collets SMARTŪ. Figure 1 shows the design of this type. The packer 10 includes an opening 11 seal, klinovuyu the plate 12 of the gripping and sealing element 14. In extension node below the packer has a hole 18 of the seal. It also has a single index sleeve 20 and the double index sleeve 22, spaced apart from each other. In the lower part of the filter section, conventionally denoted by the numeral 24. Clutch 26 cross-thread the upper end 28 attached to the column, which can be controlled from the surface. The channel 30 is open in the holes 31 and 32 for supplying fluid to hydraulic fracturing in the annular space below the packer 10, while the return channel 34 is closed at the outlet 36 of the sealing sleeves 35 and 37, the sealing hole 11 of the packer. Initial threaded connection 38 required for descent, can be disconnected when the coupling is placed as desired, and after the landing of the packer 10. Below clutch 26 cross-flow device 40 of the switch to selectively overlap the spool 41 of the hole 32 when the clutch 26 cross-flow is extracted from the well. Below devices 40 are switching the clamping sleeve 42 SMARTŪ indicator and the clamping sleeve 44, which is used in the extraction, when the clamping sleeve 44 rises to the N. is the memory index sleeve 22, and the holes 16 are raised above the holes 18 of the seal. After separation of the threaded connection 38 use bayonet mechanism (not shown). He can detach the clamping sleeve 42 SMARTŪ so that it freed the index sleeve 22 and was lowered on top of him in the position of circulation shown in figure 2. In this position, the hole 36 is opened, the clamping sleeve 42 SMARTŪ is on top of the index sleeve 22 and the holes 16 are still in the hole 18 of the seal. Some of these components and their operation are shown in figure 3 of the patent US 6464006.

In the construction shown in figures 1 and 2, there are many external seals that are prone to prihvatyvaya. Another disadvantage inherent in this design, especially when used in very deep wells, is that it is difficult to determine how attached on the surface of the lifting force is transformed into a lifting force applied to the clutch 26 cross-flow, sufficient to lift the clamping sleeve 42 SMARTŪ so high that subsequent application of the weight she fell into the position shown in figure 2. Often, in order to ensure correct position of the device, it is necessary to conduct direct or reverse pumping, indicating that the device has indeed been in the position of circulation. The use of different the hay index bushings for definitions of the various provisions require a greater length of the node, that increases the cost and reduces the possibility of maneuver site in highly deviated wells.

In the present invention, instead of fix the unit under the packer 10, it is installed from the top. There is no lifting of the sealing cuffs so that they came into contact or out of contact with the body of the packer, to achieve the provisions of the circulation. Instead, when making cross-coupling of flow above the packer, bayonet node moves relative to each other part within the cross-coupling of flow in order to open or close a reverse channel for generating, respectively, the position of the discharge or the provisions of the circulation. The site is more short and does not use expensive parts used to hold the device in the manifold. There is the possibility of reliable move the device forward and backward between the provisions of the injection and circulation, using a simple short movement of the lift and lowering. Drop down on the packer weight directly counteracts the forces of the high pressure of the injection, in contrast to what can be obtained in the construction of figures 1 and 2. These and other features of the present invention will be more apparent to specialists when reading the following description of a preferred variant the NTA implementation and the respective drawings, considering the fact that the full scope of the claims of the invention should be defined by the formula.

Disclosure of inventions

Clutch cross-flow is lowered into the well with the packer, and the packer set, is separated from the packer to the independent movement. The coupling cross-flow raise, releasing the spring-loaded latch, so that when lowering the weight to the outer node of the coupling cross-flow relied on the mandrel of the packer. After that, the spindle clutch cross-flow can be lowered and raised to control the bayonet mechanism in the coupling cross-flow. Relative movement caused by the bayonet slots, when the outer node of the cross-coupling of flow is retained by the latch allows you to open or close the reverse channel inside sleeve cross-flow, regardless of any contact with the mandrel of the packer.

Below the invention is described in more detail with reference to the accompanying drawings.

Brief description of drawings

figure 1 presents a sectional view of a known coupling cross-flow, fixed within the spindle of the packer shown in the discharge position;

figure 2 presents a view of figure 1, showing the known device in position circulation;

figure 3 presents a sectional view of the device in accordance with this is Subramaniam, shown in position during the descent;

4 shows a view of figure 3, where the device is shown in an intermediate position before the latch is installed on the upper part of the spindle of the packer;

figure 5 presents a view of figure 4 in the position of circulation with latches mounted on the upper part of the spindle of the packer;

figure 6 presents a view of figure 5 after transfer bayonet mechanism in the discharge position when the tabs are on top of the spindle packer.

The implementation of the invention

Figure 3 shows the body of the packer, including upper transitional coupler 100, attached to a multi-component housing 102, which, in turn, is attached to the lower transition coupler 104. V-die gripping and sealing elements for packer is not shown. Clutch 106 cross-flow has a spindle 108, starting at the top of the transition coupling 110, which is connected with the connecting sleeve 112. Next comes the upper housing 114 that is attached to the lower housing 116, followed by the connecting sleeve 118 and the lower transition coupler 120. Arrows 122 presents a flow that can be released from the surface and pass through the channel/passage 124 and extend outward into the annular space below the lower transition couplings 104 packer. Professionals should be understood that the annular exit to the outside of the filter node in the drawings do not show the. But shows a reverse channel/passage 126, which is separated from the channel 124. In the descent position, shown in figure 3, the channel 126 is closed sealing sleeves 128 and 130, which overlap the apertures 132, combined with channel 126.

The outer node 134 includes a valve 136, the compressed spring from connecting sleeve 112. The spool 136 is attached to the connecting sleeve 139 which is connected with a snap-on holder 140. From the clip holder 140 moves the spool 142. Between the spool 142 and the lower transition coupling 120 is located a sealing ring 144, which are the seals 130 and 146. It is held in the connecting sleeve 118 by compounds of the transition coupling 120 with connecting sleeve 118. The transition coupling 120 also has an external seal 148, which in the position of the shutter shown in figure 1, is located below the lower transition couplings 104 packer. The upper transition coupler 110 has a shelf 150, which when descent is based on the top transitional coupler 100 spindle of the packer. Additional fixation between the upper transition coupling 110 of the coupling cross-stream and upper transition coupling 100 of the spindle may be provided with a threaded shear pin or other connection that can be destroyed or dismantled, for example, applied pressure or mutual rotation.

For relocation mu is you cross flow relative to the body of the packer, the two nodes must first obtain the possibility of mutual longitudinal movement after the packer has been set in a known manner, for example, the sealing bead and crimping. After the upper transition coupler 110 of the coupling cross-flow had the opportunity reciprocal longitudinal motion, it is lifted, as shown in figure 4, and is pushed from the top of the transition coupling 100 case packer, which was fixed after the landing of the packer. Being sufficiently raised, the latch 152 can be pressed radially outwards by the springs 154, while the outward movement of the latches 152 is stopped by the lug 156 on the clip holder 140. In the construction shown in figure 4, the weight has not yet been applied, so the latches 152 are above the ledge 158. At this time, the seal 148 has moved up into the housing 102 of the packer. Sealing cuff 128 and 130 still close the channel 126. The liner 160 bearing on the top of the transition coupling 110 of the coupling cross-flow now is on the outside of the upper transition couplings 100 casing packer.

Figure 5 latch 152 is shown placed on top of the transition coupling 100 of the packer in order to keep the now outer node 134 in a certain position, while the node 108 of the spindle can be shifted down. Node 108 of the spindle attached to the outer node 134 pin 162 acting on node 108 spend the La into the sleeve 164 with a bayonet slot, attached to the outer node 134. In this position, the holes 132 are now aligned with the lumen 168 at the lower end 166 of the valve 142 when the lumen 168 overlaps the sealing sleeves 128 and 130. Clutch cross-flow is now in the position of circulation, because the reverse channel 126 clogged sealing cuff 148 in the body of the packer after the holes 132, leaving output channel 170 of the upper transition couplings 100 casing packer around backed latches 152. This position can be carried out circulation for laying gravel coming down, as shown by the arrow 122, and the selection of the solution coming out of the well through filters (not shown), back through the channel 126 and out into the annular space above the packer through the channel 170.

Figure 6 shows the node 108 of the spindle after it was raised and lowered so as to be rotated to another position under the action of the bayonet mechanism 162, 164. Now the holes 132 are isolated between the sealing sleeves 128 and 130, which prevents the solution in the channel 126 to pass to the output channel 170. The device is now in the same position of the discharge, and during descent, as was shown in figure 3.

Professionals should be understood that the present invention has a support above the packer and that design is not possible different spatial index posted the sleeve and interact with cone bushing SMARTŪ. The total length of the device can be reduced in comparison with the known constructions, and can be eliminated numerous seals and a series of holes in the seal. Bayonet mechanism allows to Orient the device with greater accuracy, because you no longer need to define a reference point inside the packer. When the packer set, the effect of the load on top also helps to keep it in the landing place, overcoming pressure, compared with the loading of the packer inside the spindle and lower housing sealing element. In addition, the valve that controls the opening of the backward channel 126 is a component of the node 108 of the spindle, and to perform opening and closing does not interact with the inner surfaces of the node 108 of the spindle, as it was known construction. Although, in the preferred embodiment, the device is separate from the upper part of the spindle of the packer, it can be fixed near the top, for example, in a groove near to or extending from the upper part of the spindle of the packer.

The above description illustrates the preferred implementation, and specialists can offer numerous modifications within the substance of the invention, the scope of the claims which are defined literally and unambiguously the scope of the claim the deposits attached formula.

1. Multi-device for selective switching of flow through the mandrel of the packer between the opposite directions, comprising: a packer having a mandrel of the packer and sealing element are made so that the spindle is held in an underground location, when the sealing element is in a landing position; and a clutch housing, a cross-flow with moved relative to each other components and adapted for selective attachment near the top already mentioned independently held in the spindle of the packer, and the coupling cross-flow when it is docked near the top of the spindle packer capable of creating relative movement, opening and closing the channel on the clutch housing, the cross-flow.

2. The device according to claim 1, wherein the housing includes an inner spindle, which passes through a first channel for the flow, and the node of the external valve that is moved relative to the inner spindle and including selectively blocked the second channel.

3. The device according to claim 2, in which the node of the external valve includes a movable support, which extends, when a node outside of the valve away from the spindle of the packer.

4. The device according to claim 3, in which the node of the external valve is fixed on the inner spindle through bayoneta what about the mechanism.

5. The device according to claim 4, in which the node outside of the valve forms an annular space between itself and the spindle of the packer, and the second channel is selectively connected with the annular passage, depending on the relative positioning of the inner spindle and host of the outer spool.

6. The device according to claim 5, in which the pair of sealing sleeves overlaps the second channel and closes it when they come in contact with a node outside of the valve when the overlap of the second channel.

7. The device according to claim 6, in which the bayonet mechanism changes the position of the node is outside of the spool so that it is no longer in contact with at least one sealing cuff, providing the message with the annular space inside the spindle packer.

8. The device according to claim 7, in which the mobile base includes at least one spring-loaded latch.

9. The device according to claim 8, in which the inner spindle is selectively fixed to the spindle of the packer for descent, and the latch is compressed inside the spindle packer, overcoming the spring force.

10. The device according to claim 9, in which the inner spindle is released from the spindle of the packer, and the latch expands radially outward when the extension of the spindle of the packer, and then drop under the weight of the latch is mounted on the spindle of the packer.

11. The device according to claim 10, in which the latch ustanavli is placed on the upper part of the spindle of the packer.

12. The device according to claim 11, in which the latch tightened at least one spring.

13. The device according to claim 1, wherein selectively fastened to the upper part of the spindle of the packer.


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EFFECT: creation of safe tight contact of sealing element with casing string tube wall during the whole operation cycle of the packer with keeping holding capacity of anchor slips, packer extraction from the well.

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EFFECT: invention provides the creation of reliable structure of packer sealing element that excludes the possibility of rubber penetration into sealed gap, increase of packer sealing properties, packer operation reliability and life time due to excluding of sealing element destruction in the course packer extension-type supports shifting into transport position.

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EFFECT: improving packer operating reliability, enlarging functional capabilities of the device, easy setting of packer in inclined, horizontal, deep wells, use with fibreglass, pumping-compressor, drilling or flexible pipes; providing reserve removal systems involving various packer removal methods.

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EFFECT: higher reliability and efficiency.

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EFFECT: higher reliability.

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SUBSTANCE: set of inventions relates to production of hydrocarbons. Proposed packer comprises barrel from one or two, one-in-another, parts and seal arranged on barrel between top and bottom supports. In compliance with first version, distance between said supports exceeds that of aforesaid seal. Note here that, at least one equalising channel is made between supports on barrel body or in said seal to allow hydraulic communication between spaces above and below said seal in upward displacement of packer. In compliance with second version, at least one lengthwise channel is made outside said barrel, inside or outside of top and bottom supports and seal, that has, at least, blank bottom on one side and, on the other side, an open surface with or without dovetail, or split gland to allow cable or its conductors to be laid therein and sealed in seal element channels at contraction during fitting the packer in well. Packer may be furnished with anchoring device consisting of cone, rams and ram holder, or fluid flow-resisting element of U- or V-shape, rubber or gland jointed from below by ram holder, or with barrel with one or several lateral lengthwise channels to accommodate differential or spring-loaded piston composed of ram holder pusher.

EFFECT: higher reliability, simplified design, better tightness.

2 cl, 28 dwg

FIELD: oil and gas production.

SUBSTANCE: proposed device comprises case made up of branch pipe with cylindrical cavity made in its wall to be filled with fluid and two holes to communicate the latter with seal, plug fitted in cylindrical cavity, slide valve piston with spring and bush fitted on piston rod with spaced apart first and second pins and ring provided with shaped slots arranged there between to limit piston displacement between said holes, thrust arranged on piston between bush and spring, and seal rings. Said ring with shaped slots represents a solid body while bush is furnished with third and fourth spaced apart pins arranged to make axes of said first, second, third and fourth pins are located along appropriate diametral lines of the bush. Note here that piston spring is fitted in plug.

EFFECT: higher reliability and expanded performances at high pressure differences.

4 cl, 10 dwg

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FIELD: oil and gas extractive industry.

SUBSTANCE: packer has body in form of pipe, whereon collar compactors are placed with limiting washers, saddles for locking tool dropped from surface, cover, upper and lower fixing elements, made in form of anchoring assemblies, upper conical bushing, rigidly connected to pressing bushing and movably to the body, lower conic bushing, made rigidly together with body, guide of this conic bushing made in form of plate spring, placed by one end moveably in guiding groove in lower portion of lower die with teeth, and by other end fixed rigidly on greater diameter of this conic bushing, auxiliary pipe, placed inside the body. Packer in lower portion is provided with check valve, placed inside recess of body, concurrently being also the body of valve. Oppositely to valve saddle on same axis stepped locking bushing is placed with possible sliding inside body recess with limited drive and possible overlapping of radial grooves made in body, which, in its turn, is rigidly connected to auxiliary pipe via shear pin. Between stepped locking bushing and saddle compression spring is placed. Fixing elements of collar compactors are made in form of comb with inner teeth and outer conic generators in nose portion. On the side of collar compactors these are enveloped by inner conic portion of compression bushing, in its turn rigidly connected to upper conic bushing, and on the other side combs with inner teeth are placed sliding-moveably in radial grooves of guiding bushing placed between ends of upper conic bushing and inner conic portion of compression bushing with possible engagement by inner teeth of comb to slanting walls of body groove and interaction to all elements of this assembly.

EFFECT: higher reliability.

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SUBSTANCE: system has upper and lower packers, each of which has body, shaft, anchor, compactors, and pipes, placed between packers. In shaft of upper packer a copier is made with fixing device of transporting and working position of anchor and a sub. The latter is mounted with possible axial displacement and rotation around the copier. Sub is placed on pipes between packers, mated to lower packer and has no capability for axial rotation and displacement relatively to their axis in operating position of lower packer. On lower packer shaft a copier is made with possible axial displacement with it for interaction with anchor and its displacement from transporting position to operation position.

EFFECT: simplified construction, broader functional capabilities.

3 dwg

FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: stand has imitators of casing and lifting columns with packer between them, means for heating casing column imitator, main hydraulic cylinder for axial loading and unloading of packer, pumps to create pressure. Stand is provided with additional hydraulic cylinder with hollow rod and cylinder, connected to rod of min hydraulic cylinder. Additional hydraulic cylinder is encased in the body, rigidly connected to main hydraulic cylinder and imitator of casing column. In additional hydraulic cylinder a ring-shaped piston is placed with conical skirt, interacting with keys with possible periodical supporting against the body through windows in said cylinder and below keys spring-loaded ring-shaped pusher is moveably mounted. In hollow of imitator of lifting column a floating piston is positioned, this hollow and hollow of the hollow rod are interconnected and also connected to hollow above ring-shaped piston.

EFFECT: broader functional capabilities, higher efficiency.

7 dwg

FIELD: oil and gas extractive industry.

SUBSTANCE: device includes hollow body with a row of vertical apertures, a collar, pusher bushing, placed on body with possible interaction with collar, cone, mounted on the body, cylinder, connected to cone, screw-thread dies with die holder, mounted on the body with possible extension of dies in radial direction during interaction with cone, saddle and shear screws. According to invention in die holder additional through radial apertures are made, wherein sockets are mounted with possible extension in radial direction. Inner hollow of die holder is connected to inner hollow of body by a row of radial apertures. In pusher bushing through radial apertures are made, wherein sockets are mounted with possible extension in radial direction. Pusher bushing is rigidly fixed to the body, and its inner hollow is connected to inter-tubular space below the collar.

EFFECT: higher reliability, durability and lower cost.

3 dwg

FIELD: oil industry.

SUBSTANCE: device has body with radial apertures, two compacting assemblies thereon and valve assembly between them. Each compacting assembly comprises a collar, stopping branch pipe, cylinder, forming a ring-shaped hollow with the body, wherein a bushing is placed. In upper compacting assembly ring-shaped hollow is covered by plug from lower side, which is fixed in cylinder and interacts with collar, cylinder is connected to body by cams, placed in radial apertures of plug and in ring groove of body, bushing is made stepped, long step of which interacts with cams and is fixed by shear screws from displacement in ring plane, which is connected to well. In lower compacting assembly bushing is provided with holder, on the body a cone is mounted, interacting with sockets, placed in grooves of stopping branch pipe, which is fixed on the body by shear screws.

EFFECT: higher reliability.

2 cl, 4 dwg

Two-packer device // 2249669

FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: device has shaft with radial channels and return valve, upper and lower compacting elements. Inside the shaft a hollow spring-loaded moving rod is placed. It has radial apertures and recesses. Between apertures a throttle is rigidly placed. On upper portion of rod a piston is placed. Working hollow, formed between rod with piston and barrel, fixed on inner portion of shaft, is connected to above-packer space of well by radial aperture, made in barrel wall. Working hollows of upper and lower compacting elements are connected by axial channel, made in shaft and ring channel, formed between inner and outer pipes, connecting lower compacting element to the shaft. On upper portion of pipe through radial apertures are made and cylindrical recess, matching rod diameter, in which rod a plug is place. Outer diameter of upper end portion of rod equals outer diameter of lower rod portion.

EFFECT: higher reliability.

2 dwg

FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: packer has body, in which electric engine, reducer with output shaft, connected to screw couple, which is connected to traction, having holding rods on lower portion with spring for transfer of axial force to central rod, having a shelf in upper portion as well as recess and cuts, and in inner portion - compacting rings and stopping nut, are positioned. Packer has shell, having conical surface on inner portion, special part with shelves, shear ring placed in grooves of said special part and holding segments, immobile bushing connected fixedly to special part. Packer has packer rubber, saddle, rigidly connected to special part, moveable flange and two cones, placed oppositely to each other, dies, moveably placed on cones, traction, jointly connected to dies, branch pipe, fixedly placed on body, moveable bushing, balls, pressed by spring and screw for connection of special part to shell, cable of rope, being a carrying cable and feeding electric engine via filament, shear washer, pressed by nut. When packer is removed, engaging assembly is utilized, which includes pusher, screwed on lower portion of screw couple screw, cut holder and cover. Through apertures are made on special part and moveable flange for connection of above-packer and below-packer well hollows.

EFFECT: lower costs and simplified maintenance.

6 dwg