Building element

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: building element comprises an inclined channel formed in the concrete body, which protrudes at least to one of elements faces, designed for fixing a lifting and an assembling accessory and formed by monolithing of an embedded part into the concrete body, besides, the channel is arranged with the thread on its working surface.

EFFECT: simplified design, higher safety and efficiency in assembly of buildings and structures, provides for considerable metal saving.

3 cl, 7 dwg


The invention relates to building construction, mainly to concrete panels, blocks and plates for various purposes, and may find applications in civil and industrial construction.

Known for reinforced concrete structures, such as floor panels, in which a supporting loop is then embedded in the concrete body of the panel (see "Standard design, products and units of buildings and structures". Series 1.141-1 "floor Panels prestressed concrete units". VIP. "Prestressed panel with a circular voids length 6280, 5980, 5680, 5080 and 4780 mm, width 1790, 1490, and 990 1190 mm, reinforced high-strength steel wire class BP-II. Developed a Central "Home" with the participation of NIIZHB, approved and put into effect with 15.04.86. Gosgrajdanstroy order No. 93 from 18.03.86 hell. 1.141-1.66.102). Similar slinging loops equipped with not only a concrete structure, but, for example, and concrete blocks for basement walls (see GOST 13579-78, p.14).

Famous concrete slabs, equipped with a closed slinging loops covering the reinforcing elements placed in the concrete slab (see "Typical building constructions, products and sites. Series 3.400-7 "Unified mounting loops for lifting precast concrete and concrete products". Issue 1/87, developed PI # 1 and NIIZHB, and approved by the construction Committee WITH THE CF 01.07.88, the Protocol from 03.03.88 No. AH-9, damn. 3.400-7.1/87-SM, 3.400-7.1/87-SM).

The main disadvantage of the described structures is a significant flow of metal on the device supporting loops.

Known lifting device for the manufacture and transportation of concrete and concrete products containing hollow body with a tapered base and the slots for the working bodies, pinned at him with accommodation for forming the housing, the gripping levers and latch operating position of the levers. Gripping levers supported along the entire length of the housing is spring-loaded and executed with the opportunity to interact with the latch operating position. The latch is wedge-shaped and is arranged to move along the vertical axis of the housing under the action of gravity and spring return (see C-ku on the invention of the Russian Federation No. 94020214, IPC6B66C 1/66, 1996).

The disadvantage of this solution is the complexity of the design, the necessity of using various additional materials, namely, rubber cone-shaped cover made with walls of variable thickness.

Known capture for concrete with a hole containing a hollow body with a bottom cylindrical part and the upper part is a guide for the lifting rod with a T-shaped gripping head (USSR Author's certificate is 981187, CL B66C 1/66, 1982).

The disadvantage of this device is the complexity of the design.

Known reinforced concrete structure comprising a concrete body and its armature, characterized in that it is provided with slinging holes through each of which passes the rod of the working valve with an estimated cross-sectional area (see RF patent №2241808, IPC7E04C 2/06, 2004).

The disadvantage of this device is the need to make holes on the valve and having sufficiently large dimensions to provide input under the valve supporting elements during installation and transportation. In addition, for the manufacture of these products should be kept strictly defined calculation section dimensions of the reinforcement that is not always economically feasible.

Known construction element, comprising a formed in the body of the concrete intersecting at an acute angle channels opening onto the top face of his and intended for fastening devices of the lifting and installation. One of the channels - vertical, larger diameter. The channels formed by seminolecounty in the body of concrete mortgage integral parts of the two tubes, the lower ends of which are plugged on the top has a removable tube, and on the sides of the tides with holes for fastening the reinforcing elements (see RF patent №2013507, IPC5 E04C 1/00, 1994). This decision was made as a prototype.

The disadvantage of the prototype is the complexity and inefficiency of the design, providing construction element receiving devices for lifting. This design does not provide a reliable engagement devices for lifting and as a result, is quite dangerous when moving to a height.

The problem solved by the invention is to simplify the construction, increase safety and productivity in the erection of buildings and structures.

The problem is solved due to the fact that in the known construction the element containing formed in the body of the concrete inclined channel extending at least one of the faces of the element, designed for fastening devices of the lifting and installation and educated by seminolecounty in the body of concrete fixtures, in accordance with the utility model, the channel is made with a thread on its surface.

The angle of the channel ranges from 30 to 45° to the transverse reinforcing rod at a construction element.

The construction element is configured to retrieve fixtures after its manufacture.

The technical result from the use of the utility model is to simplify the construction, increase safety and productivity in the erection of buildings and structures. The AOC is e, provided and considerable saving of metal.

Execution in the construction element of an inclined channel with a thread on its surface can simplify the design of the construction element and to improve safety and productivity in the erection of buildings and structures. This design allows to significantly improve the economy of metal in the manufacture of building elements.

The presence of the channel with the thread on the work surface allows you to voracity in a threaded hole studs and bolts, eyebolts, and delete data elements after installation of the construction element into place. Thread channel concrete building element as well as carving in metal, can carry the load and provide a reliable connection devices for lifting and installation (anchor bolt) with a construction element that allows the safe transportation of the construction element.

Figure 1 - General view of the building element.

Figure 2 - view As figure 1 on an enlarged scale.

Figure 3 - construction element, lateral view.

4 is a view In figure 2, with a mortgage detail.

5 is a construction element, top view.

6 is a view From figure 5.

Fig.7 - view As figure 1 on an enlarged scale, with the installed device for lifting and mounting and supporting element.

The construction element 1 (in the example, reinforced concrete wall panel) contains formed in the body of the concrete sloping channel 2, output, at least one of the faces 3 of the element, for example on the upper face (see figure 1, 2). Channel 2 is to be mounted in the construction element 1 devices 4 lifting and mounting (see Fig.7). Channel 2 is formed by seminolecounty in the body of concrete fixtures 5 (see figure 4). As fixtures 5 can be used, for example, a pin that allows you to perform channel 2, with carvings on its surface 6 (see figure 4).

The construction element is made in the usual way. Before pouring concrete into the form of a mortgage item 5 (hairpin with a continuous thread and end recesses under the socket wrench) is fixed to the valve using tie-wire 7 to 8 cross reinforcing rod rigidly connected with the longitudinal horizontal 9 and 10 vertical reinforcing steel rods (see figure 2, 4).

To prevent fracture of the upper part of the concrete building element and crumples thread in channel 2 when lifting and transporting, the pin 5 is set at an angle of ~90° to the reference axis of the mounting strap, which determines the angle of the channel in the range from 30 to 45° to the transverse reinforcing rod at a construction element.

After pouring, curing and removal of the formwork stud 5 vykruchivat is carried out of the building element, due to the fact that adjacent to the hairpin concrete takes the form of its threads, the construction element 1 is formed a channel 2 with a thread on its surface 6.

For lifting, transportation and installation of the construction element in place of the studs 5 in channel 2 is screwed to the fixture 4 lifting and installation such as mounting anchor bolt (eye bolt), corresponding to the length and diameter of the channel in the construction element (see Fig.7), to which can be attached to a supporting rope 11.

The presence of the channel with the thread on the work surface allows you to voracity in a threaded hole studs and bolts, eyebolts, and delete data elements after installation of the construction element into place. Thread channel 2 concrete building element, as well as carving in metal, can carry the load and provide a reliable connection device 4 for lifting and installation (anchor bolt) with a construction element that allows the safe transportation of the construction element. After moving the building element of the anchor bolt 4 (eye bolt) gets out, and the channel may be filled with cement mortar.

The experimental tests showed that the use of the proposed building element during installation of buildings and structures allows to provide ease when installing and removing the anchor bolt when is posobiya for lifting, that improves safety and productivity. Due to the simplicity of design of the device for lifting and mounting, clear its fixation in the body of the construction element is simplified operation slinging, increases the reliability and safety of slinging. This significantly reduces the time for the operation slinging and dismantling lifter. Due to the small size of the mortgage loan details, as well as the possibility of its extraction from the construction element after its fabrication, reduces the intensity of the construction element.

The invention can be used in the manufacture of building elements of different size and shape, thus avoiding the chipped concrete in place of seminolecounty mortgage details.

The construction element can be manufactured in any conditions with the application of known technologies and materials.

1. Construction element, containing formed in the body of the concrete inclined channel extending at least one of the faces of the element, designed for fastening devices of the lifting and installation and educated by seminolecounty in the body of concrete fixtures, characterized in that the channel is made with a thread on its surface.

2. The construction element according to claim 1, characterized in that the angle of inclination of the channel is from 30 to 45° to cross returnhome rod building element.

3. The construction element according to claim 1, characterized in that the construction element is configured to retrieve fixtures after manufacture.


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SUBSTANCE: frame comprises horizontal beams and vertical supports. Parts of the frame are installed in place by means of at least one lifting device, at the same time at least one of frame supports is installed in place by means of a rigid boom system with the help of its displacement together with a gripping device attached to a boom system. The support rotates to the appropriate setting position by rotation of gripping facilities of the gripping device around at least two axes of rotation. Preferably a lifting device is based on a logging machine and may transport together with it materials required to manufacture and assemble the frame.

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EFFECT: building ways design does not block up the working space around the frame of the assembled panel, leaves free access and approach to areas of assembly and makes it possible to perform assembly works at different levels without reinstallation of the assembled panel.

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FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: loading anchor, preferably for lifting, turning, transportation and/or laying of building elements, for instance, concrete panels, arranged inside a building element so that it comprises a head of building elements connection to a loading machine, and also an anchor body, including active parts, which, when the anchor is arranged inside the building element, providing for sticking of the latter to the building element material. At the same time a part that forms the anchor body comprises at least one plane passing along the main plane and at least one flat part wound from the main pkane, which determines the active parts.

EFFECT: simplified design, cheaper manufacturing.

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SUBSTANCE: method includes formation of ceiling disks from reinforced concrete plates with interlocking side facets on supporting columns. Steel cables are inserted between girders that connect supporting columns and in girder cavities. Ceiling plates manufactured with grooves for reinforcing cables are installed onto mounting tables. Tables are also provided with grooves. Grooves in plates and tables are matched to each other. Then reinforcing cables are inserted into plate grooves. Cables are stressed to plates installed between girders, and in girder cavities up to required values with tensioning devices. At that packet of ceilings disk is formed, with further monolithing of grooves and slots of every packets and girder cavities with fast-hardening cement-sand grout. Then mounting tables are removed.

EFFECT: acceleration of works on erection of ceiling and increase of operational characteristics of ceiling disks.

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EFFECT: reduction of labour intensity and material intensity of erection.

2 cl, 3 dwg,1 ex

FIELD: construction, particularly to erect building structure having different heights in severe climatic conditions and in confined urban areas.

SUBSTANCE: method involves using retained form technology for wall and floor panel molding. Wall and floor panels are molded of quick-setting mixes in space isolated from environment under protection of service story structure, which is repeatedly lifted through necessary height without molded wall loading with equipment weight and building material reserve mass in amount of service story volume. Support frames have reduction gears with toothed wheels brought into permanent engagement with support rule teeth. Power is supplied to electric support frame drives. The support rules are located on vertical walls of freight elevator shafts. After wall and floor panel erection service story structure is connected with floor panel over the last building story and is left as room to contain lift equipment used in building operation as per the design, to install rain water receiving devices, which receives rain water and convey rain water in rain water sewage and to arrange air purification equipment used for building room venting.

EFFECT: decreased time of cast-in-place wall erection and floor panels of quick-hardening mixes in space isolated from environment regardless of atmospheric processes in building site due to decreased time of waiting of strength development in set sand blend.

1 cl

FIELD: construction engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to methods of re-loading of building materials and their delivery to place of building walls by placement of brick or blocks, and attachments used for implementing the method. According to invention, pair of containers with building materials are installed on cradle to be lifted to story. These containers are pallets, buckets or pallet with bucket. Longitudinal side of container is orientated in direction of longitudinal side of cradle. Two roll trucks are also used. Cradle is made with inclined section on cantilever end or is furnished with removable bridge. Cradle is lifted by crane its cantilever end is placed o edge of balcony of required story, or removable bridge is installed on cradle to move with containers along said bridge to story floor. Other end of cradle is held on slings of crane. Then trucks are installed on first container, contacting members of trucks are connected with corresponding members of container and container is lifted by turning the trucks with placing container on their cross-members and is rolled over deck to story floor and further along floor to place of laying of building materials. Trucks are removed from container by turning each truck in direction opposite to direction of mounting, are rolled onto cradle and after fitting truck on second container, it is moved to place of laying. This done, trucks are removed from container and are lowered in cradle.

EFFECT: increased capacity.

8 cl, 2 ex, 10 dwg

FIELD: building, particularly building erection with the use of flying form installed on cantilevered scaffold.

SUBSTANCE: building erection method involves constructing cast-in-place frame of building having predetermined number of stories with the use of lifting crane, cantilevered scaffold and flying form; forming facing masonry layer and inner room finishing up to full story erection; constructing building roof. After the last building story erection the flying form is removed from cantilevered scaffold with the use of lifting crane and roof is constructer on upper floor structure of cast-in-place building frame. Building materials necessary for story construction are supplied to cantilevered scaffold. After facing masonry layer forming and inner room finishing completion cantilevered scaffold are moved by lifting crane and installed in window opening of lower building frame story. Then the works are repeated up to all building stories erection completion in top-down direction.

EFFECT: increased operational quality and reduced time of building erection, prevention of vandalism and building material theft.

2 dwg

FIELD: building, particularly to erect cast-in-place reinforced concrete buildings with prefabricated or composite floor structures.

SUBSTANCE: movable form comprises panels connected to curve girders, lifting and fixation mechanisms made as U-shaped frame with main and additional hydraulic posts, floor structure mounting means made as movable cart with hoisting means, console scaffold secured to curve girders. The form is provided with lifting means to supply floor panels to accumulation means installed on guiding means fastened to console scaffold. The accumulation means has inner guiding means on which cart with hoisting means is installed to move and mount floor panels.

EFFECT: increased productivity and reduced labor inputs due to elimination of panel mounting hole grouting.

4 dwg

FIELD: construction, particularly for erecting building of structural modules.

SUBSTANCE: device has lifting mechanism and mechanism providing horizontal movement including winch, guiding pulley and lifting means. Lifting means is made as a rotary frame pivotally installed on base mounted on upper floor panel of building to be reconstructed. Rotary frame height exceeds structural block height. Pressure roller for over-lifting prevention and rope fixation is installed on rotary frame. Rotary frame may rotate through the same angles in both directions from vertical position thereof. Rotary frame is provided with mechanism which returns frame into initial position made as spring connecting rotary frame with the base. Rope fixation with pressure roller rotary frame is rotated with winch. Additional winch may act as mechanism for performing horizontal movement.

EFFECT: reduced labor inputs for performing building and assembly jobs in small building site.

7 cl, 8 dwg

FIELD: metallurgy.

SUBSTANCE: composite sheet material comprises porous medium layer formed by reinforcing fibers in amount of 20 wt % to 80 wt % of total weight of said medium layer bonded together by thermosetting polymer. Note here that said material contains fireproof agent in amount of 2 wt % to 13 wt % including, at least one of N, P, As, Sb, Bi, S, Se, Te, Po, F, Cl, Br, I and At. Method of making said sheet comprises forming said medium porous layer and laminating at least one coating of its surface. Note also that said coating has oxygen index exceeding 22.

EFFECT: higher fire resistance, reduced smoke formation and toxicity.

26 cl, 3 dwg, 4 tbl

FIELD: chemistry.

SUBSTANCE: inventions relate to light cementing compositions for making panels and methods for production thereof. The composition for making a cement slab contains a suspension which contains the following, wt %: cementing reactive powder containing portland cement 35-60, expanded and chemically coated waterproof and hydrophobic pearlite filler 2-10, water 20-40, secondary filler 0-25; entrapped air 10-50 vol. % and an optional additive selected from at least one substance from a group consisting of plasticising agents, chemical setting catalysts and chemical setting inhibitors, the suspension having temperature of at least about 40°F (4.4°C), while mixing components to form a composition. In the method of producing said composition, a mixture is formed from said components in conditions which provide initial temperature of the suspension of at least about 40°F (4.4°C). The inventions are developed in subclaims.

EFFECT: high strength, adhesiveness, high hydrophobicity, moisture resistance, stability of dimensions, resistance to bacteria, moulds, fungi, frost resistance, incombustibility of the obtained panels.

10 cl, 20 tbl

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: heat insulation packet comprises a bearing frame, external and internal lining, a heat insulation layer and steam insulation. The bearing frame is made of asbestos cement. The heat insulation layer is made of aerated foam plastic. The thickness of the bearing frame walls is 3-20 mm. The thickness of the foam plastic layer is 5-100 mm. The thickness of the steam insulation layer from an aluminium sheet is 0.05-3.0 mm. All layers of the packet are rigidly connected to each other.

EFFECT: invention makes it possible to ensure heat saving at construction facilities and to increase operational durability of their structural elements.

3 dwg

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: multilayer construction panel comprises a heat insulation material and a reinforcing element of a steel sheet perforated according to a type of thermal profile. The heat insulation material is formed from natural raw materials or raw materials returned into a cycle in the form of cellulose fibres and/or agglomerated vegetable wastes. The reinforcing element is arranged inside the heat insulation material layer along the width and the length of the panel and is arranged as corrugate with arrangement of corrugations along and across or at the angle to the length of the panel. The method for manufacturing of the panel includes preparation of natural raw materials or raw materials returned in the cycle in the form of cellulose fibres and/or agglomerated vegetable wastes, preparation and homogenisation of the mass, preliminary moulding of the homogenised mass, arriving from a batcher, by means of its supply for preliminary moulding on a continuous moulding tape for paper making, serially serving to retain and dehydrate the mass during preliminary moulding, introduction of the pre-moulded panel for drying into a tunnel furnace. Preliminary moulding of the homogenised mass is carried out in two stages. At the first stage onto the pre-moulded homogenised mass a reinforcing element is laid from a steel sheet perforated according to a type of heat profile, on which then the second stage of pre-moulding of the homogenised mass is carried out.

EFFECT: invention makes it possible to increase strength and rigidly of a construction panel.

7 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: asbestos-cement product with a protective decorative coating comprises an asbestos-cement base with front and rear surfaces and a protective-decorative coating applied onto them. In order to increase operational characteristics and to reduce manufacturing cost, the protective-decorative coating is arranged on the front surface in the form of serially applied glue composition and decorative grit fill, and has thickness of 0.35-3.0 mm, besides, the maximum size of fill particles makes 0.25-1.0 of the coating thickness.

EFFECT: improved operational characteristics and reduced cost of applying a protective-decorative coating.

8 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: panel for additional heat insulation of walls comprises sheets forming face and rear planes of a panel, with an air layer between them and structurally grouped packets, with eight pieces each, rigidly joined to each other by rear and face surfaces and the ninth in the centre, which may move horizontally relative to a wall under action of a vibrator with a drive and a controller of displacement speed, and is also equipped with a temperature controller with a sensor of temperatures and arranged in the form of setting and comparing units, electronic and magnet amplifiers, a unit of non-linear feedback. Besides, the movement speed controller is arranged in the form of a unit of powder electromagnet couplings, at the same time on the rear plane of panel sheets structurally grouped with eight pieces each, there are curvilinear grooves with the opposite direction of motion of the tangent on each adjacent pair of panel sheets, at the same time on the first sheet of the panel pair the tangent of the curvilinear groove has a clockwise direction, and on the second sheet of this panel pair the tangent of the curvilinear groove moves counterclockwise.

EFFECT: maintenance of heat-insulation properties of a panel during long-term operation by elimination of moisture condensation process from atmospheric air available between rear and face surfaces of a panel, by means of turbulisation of a mode of its movement due to vibration horizontal displacement under effect of vibration of a face surface relative to a rear one, and also air flow swirling in an air layer due to swirls in curvilinear grooves on a rear side of panel surface.

4 dwg

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: metal composite panel includes two surface layers from metal and an inner polymer composite layer. The polymer composite layer represents a nanocomposite produced as a result of polymer modification by bentonite clays used as a clay powder of fraction less than 0.07 mm dried to residual moisture 0.07 mm dried to residual moisture of less than 2%, with supply of polymer into its melt in the amount of 5-20 vol %.

EFFECT: reduced cost of panel production with preservation of operational properties, in particular, high fire resistance.

1 dwg, 1 tbl

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: monocell structure comprises a frame, facade panels and internal wall panels. The frame is arranged in the form of a monocell with an upper volume in the form of a pyramid with faces of triangular shape, with a lower volume in the form of a polygon and with a central volume in the form of a hexahedral prism with upper and lower bases. Along perimetres of bases there are perforated banding rims are installed to fix vertical guides, onto which facade panels of volumes are suspended. Panels comprise sections, every of which has inbuilt fastening elements, an external decorative-protective facing cover and/or removable decorative-architectural elements and sealants. Volume panels are arranged in the form of sections with sealants and are fixed on elements of volume faces. Each section comprises a spacer stand with a spacer-fastening element and fastening universal joints, contains heat-sound-hydraulic insulation, has an external decorative-interior facing cover and/or removable decorative-interior elements, is equipped with a process assembly opening for local assembly and dismantling of sections, and also for installation of universal cartridges in them with special purpose, closed with a removable decorative panel.

EFFECT: expansion of structural realisation of a monocell structure, simplified process operations and assembly works and higher functionality.

9 cl, 10 dwg

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: slab building structure comprises a concrete body, inside which an assembled core and a reinforcement frame are arranged. The core is made of rows of vertical metal plates installed along the height of the concrete body section. Plates are assembled to each other into a grid structure from crosswise arranged rows. Plates have holes, where reinforcing elements of the reinforcement frame are installed. Plates are arranged with a protrusion arranged above the concrete body. Plate protrusions are rigidly fixed with adjacent upper metal sheet elements laid along the upper surface of the concrete body. In the place of their connection there are doubled reinforced belts. The core is made with the possibility to generate a horizontal row of additional metal sheet elements in the area of highest normal stresses of the concrete body. Additional sheet elements are rigidly connected with adjacent vertical plates to form additional doubled reinforcement belts in the place of their connection.

EFFECT: reduction of cost and higher reliability.

8 cl, 9 dwg

Building panel // 2455434

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: building panel, in which on a surface of a basic element there are the following components formed in the specified order: an impregnating coating film, a water-soluble coating film, a colourless coating film based on a dissolvent and an upper colourless coating film, besides, the water-soluble coating film is formed from a synthetic resin and a refractory reagent; the upper colourless coating film is formed from a resin hardened under exposure to ultraviolet radiation, and a refractory reagent; the volume of the refractory reagent in the water-soluble coating film is equal to 10 - 50% by weight relative to solid particles of the specified water-soluble coating film; the volume of the refractory reagent in the upper colourless coating film is equal to 5 - 20% by weight relative to solid particles of the specified upper colourless coating film; and the highest caloric power measured in accordance with ISO 5660 for 20 minutes using a conical calorimeter makes less than 8 MJ/m2.

EFFECT: higher refractory property and designability.

3 cl

Connecting piece // 2423626

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: connecting piece has central channel (15) for supply of glue and outlet orifices (16, 17) passing perpendicular to this channel. The connecting piece is made out of several components and contains internal part (10) wherein there is installed above said channel (15) for supply of glue, and external case (12) which can be at least partially inserted into an orifice made in a structure element. Internal part (10) at least at one of its ends has head (13) which can be at least partially inserted into the orifice or recession of the structure element with geometric and/or force lock.

EFFECT: accurate supply of injected glue, owing to which glue connections can be made in specified places.

25 cl, 11 dwg