Drip line

FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: line (1) comprises droppers (2), magnetic elements (4) and circular barcodes. The circular barcodes are located in the areas of water outlets (3). On the surface of the drip line (1) the flat elastic plates of magnetic material in the form of a square or rectangle encircling it with cyclising are fastened. On the surface of the flat elastic plates the barcodes and holes are printed which are located in the middle coaxial to the water outlets (3). The edges of the elastic plate of magnetic material are parallel to the lines of the barcode and beveled at an angle up to 30°.

EFFECT: design enables to increase yield due to irrigation water magnetisation.

2 cl, 2 dwg


The invention relates to agriculture and can be used in drip irrigation systems for crop cultivation with drip irrigation.

Known irrigation tubing drip irrigation system that contains installed in the cavity of the pipeline device for magnetised irrigation water in the form of micromagnets and droppers, each of which has a housing with inlet labyrinth channel, a flexible membrane cover and outlet hydraulically connected to the hole in the wall of the irrigation pipe, characterized in that the or case, or a flexible membrane, or cover, or along the housing, the flexible membrane and the cover is made of a ferromagnetic alloy magnetic field of 0.2 to 0.8 T (RU patent # 90966 U1. Irrigation system piping drip irrigation / Vmimages, Amilda. Publ. 27.01.2010. Bull. No. 3).

The disadvantage is installed in the cavity of the pipeline described above device for magnetization that irrigation water is a high probability of blockage (clogging) of the labyrinth channel enclosure drip from the magnetic material of iron particles or iron oxide.

Known outlet, mounted on the output hole of the pipeline and including a seal and setroubleshoot element, characterized in that the seal is installed on the outer surface of the pipeline, and setroubleshoot element freely disposed between the seal and the pipe in the zone of the outlet, and a seal is made in the form of a ring covering the pipeline (RU patent No. 2056734 C1. Outlet / Sppicav. Publ. 27.03.1996).

The disadvantages of the pipeline is installed on the surface in the zone of the outlet seal in the form of a ring is that the ring is not fixed to the pipeline from longitudinal displacement relative to the outlet and made permanent, which makes it impossible for the industrial production pipelines described floodgates.

Known irrigation pipe with integral droppers containing devices magnetised irrigation water, which is made in the form of the magnets of the ferromagnetic alloy in the form of rings embedded within the drip line and adjacent to each dropper in order the direction of the poles along the drip line S-N-S-N. Irrigation piping provides increased organisti vegetable crops due to intensive magnetised irrigation water (Patent No. 2323567 C2. Irrigation system piping drip irrigation / Vmimages, Amilda. Publ. 10.05.2008. Bull. No. 13).

To the disadvantage of the irrigation pipeline include: a large resistance to the flow of pumped irrigation water due to mnogokrat is Oh its turbulence embedded magnets in the form of rings, as well as technical difficulties in the manufacture of such pipelines.

There is a method of weed control in the protective zone of the rows of cultivated crops in drip irrigation systems. The method includes laying on the field irrigation pipes with droppers, combined with devices for magnetised irrigation water, and moving along the pipeline unit with tillage machine. The latter is made complete with product sections in the form of swivel on the vertical posts and break within a protective zone product rows of knives. The knives are magnetically sensitive sensors, kinematically connected through a multichannel amplifier with the mechanisms of rotation type of knives. Plants when planting planted in the center area of each irrigation drip. Magnetically sensitive sensors made in the form of overlapping cross-border laying irrigation pipes rods. Sensors placed on the product sections in the transverse vertical plane above the irrigation pipelines for the axes of rotation of the vertical posts before the point of closing the outer ends of the knives product (Patent No. 2329645 C2. Method of weed control in the protective zone of the rows of cultivated crops in drip irrigation systems / Vmimages, Amilda. Publ. 27.07.2008. Bull. No. 21).

The disadvantages described the FPIC of the BA control weeds in the protective zone of the rows of cultivated crops is low induction of the external magnetic field devices for magnetised irrigation water due to the adaptation of the walls of the drip line reduce the reliability of operation type of knives signals from the magnetically sensitive sensors.

The closest analogue to the claimed invention relates to the method of determining the designated planting in drip irrigation system, which consists in the fact that the surface irrigation pipes at the locations of culverts pre-applied barcode, that when hand planting plants recognize visually, and when mechanized read during movement of the planting unit posted barcode scanners. This method provides a saving of irrigation water and fertilizers due to the landing of each plant (manually or automatically by signals barcode scanner) directly in the center of the zone irrigation drippers (Patent No. 2368131 C1. The method of determining the designated planting in drip irrigation system / Vmimages, Amilda. Publ. 27.09.2009. Bull. No. 27).

The disadvantages used in the described method of pipeline barcode in the placement of culverts are its limited functionality, namely the absence in these pipelines combined with droppers magnetic elements for magnetised irrigation water and implementation of weed control in the protective zone of the rows of cultivated crops signals magnetically sensitive sensor the Cove, installed on the product sections tillage machines and responsive to the magnetic field combined with droppers magnetic elements.

The main problem solved by the claimed invention is the ability of complex technological operations in the cultivation of agricultural crops through the use of irrigation pipe with an external magnetic elements coated on their surface in the locations of the culverts bar codes.

The problem is solved by the invention due to the fact that on the surface is known irrigation pipe during its manufacture fix encircling the pipe from the outside with a closure ring flat elastic plate of magnetic material in the shape of a square or rectangle with beveled from opposite sides edges at an angle of not more than 30° and deposited on the surface of the plates parallel to the beveled edges of the barcode and holes in the middle, placed coaxially and water diversion.

From the experience of agricultural production, namely the implementation of the comprehensive implementation of several technological operations through the use of irrigation pipe with an external magnetic elements deposited on their surface in the locations of the culverts barcodes, not izvestno about the identity of the proposed solutions to the same problem. From the patent and technical literature is also not known about the integrated use of irrigation pipeline to perform several technological operations with inherent identical announced irrigation pipeline essential attributes.

The above essential features combine to provide the implementation of the tasks; between the proposed set of essential features and solved problem exists causality. All new significant features in the aggregate, sufficient, and each of the signs needed to solve the problem posed by the invention. Thus, the claimed technical solution meets the criteria of "Novelty" and "Inventive step". Significant new features combine to provide a universal and multipurpose use of irrigation pipeline to solve the problem. Thus, the claimed technical solution meets the criterion of "Industrial applicability".

The above is the essence of the claimed invention is illustrated by drawings.

1 shows a longitudinal section of the flexible irrigation tubing 1 with integrated drip 2, outlet 3 and the elastic magnetic element 4 coated on the surface of the barcode.

Figure 2 - cross section A-a in figure 1

In both figures the built-in dropper 2 conventionally not cut.

Information confirming the possibility of implementing the claimed technical solution are as follows.

Plate 4 from flexible magnetic material in the shape of a square or rectangle with a bar code on the surface combined with irrigation pipe 1 so that the hole in the middle of the plate was aligned with the outlet 3 droppers 2. Then the plate 4 bypass forming around the drip line 1 with the closure in the ring and simultaneous fixation on the surface of the pipeline, for example, by gluing. The beveled edges of the plates 4, the parallel lines of the barcode, prevent mutual hooks between the plates during operation of the irrigation pipeline, including unwinding and winding it in the Bay (bobbin).

Described irrigation pipe seamless multi-purpose use in the cultivation of crops with drip irrigation, namely the following technological operations: planting in the centers of irrigation zones IV (practically next to the irrigation pipeline across culverts) one of the two automatic modes:

1st - on signals installed in front of the sections of the planters bar code scanners;

2nd-on signals mouth is blenny front sections of the planters magnetically sensitive sensors, reliably responds to a magnetic field attached to the surface of the drip line in the locations of the culverts magnetic elements barcode; or manually, and you recognize barcodes in the process of landing visually; to control the operation of the rotary knives product sections tillage machines by magnetically sensitive sensors product of knives kinematically connected through a multichannel amplifier with mechanisms for their turn within the protective zone of the rows of cultivated crops; in addition to the above manicina through the magnetic elements of irrigation water to increase the yield of crops (Yakovlev N.P., Shushpanov I.A. Fomin, GI ON the results of irrigating crops with water activated by a magnetic field [Text] / Yakovlev and other// improving the quality of irrigation water // Collection of scientific works. - M.: Agropromizdat, 1990, - p.23).

1. Irrigation tubing with drippers, the magnetic elements and the annular barcode locations of outlets, characterized in that the surface of the drip line attached encircling it with the circuit in the ring flat elastic plate of magnetic material in the shape of a square or rectangle coated on their surface with a barcode and holes in means is, posted by coaxially and water diversion.

2. Irrigation pipe according to claim 1, characterized in that the edges of the elastic plate of magnetic material parallel to the lines of the barcode, beveled at an angle of not more than 3°.


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FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to agriculture, namely to devices for discharge and spraying of a liquid and may be used for watering plants and fire extinguishing. The hydroimpulsive water sprinkler comprises a shaft with a stop valve, an elevated water tank equipped with an ignition plug, a valve for water supply and inlet and outlet valves for supply of a steam and gas mixture, an electrolytic cell, a control unit, an accumulator. The plant shaft is equipped with a turbine with a power generator, and also a controller of water flow through the turbine. The elevated water tank comprises a water-air cavity in the upper part communicated via a channel with an inlet valve installed in the lower part of the tank. The water-air cavity is equipped with nozzles with their discharge into an elevated water tank and with an air chamber. The plant is also equipped with a thermochemical reactor, a reaction chamber and a heater. The water-air cavity of the tank by means of the inlet valve for supply of the steam and gas mixture is communicated with a heater, a reaction chamber of a thermochemical reactor and an inlet fuel valve, connected to an electrolytic cell and a source of fuel.

EFFECT: using the invention will make it possible to provide for durable autonomous power supply of a plant in any area and to increase its efficiency.

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SUBSTANCE: device comprises a distributor, dead-end water supply channels. The distributor is made of sheet material having dead-end water supply channels in its thickness. The dead-end water supply channels are parallel to the generators of a cone, which are connected on the upper part with the intake chute hopper. The water outlet holes are made in the walls of the channels. The channels are turned down. Through the water outlet holes an even distribution of irrigation water is provided from the channels on the soil surface in the moisture area. The moisture area is in the plan the form of a broad ring.

EFFECT: design enables to improve reliability of the device operation and to eliminate the need for adjustment of the distributor with the growth of plants.

2 dwg

Irrigation device // 2465766

FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: device comprises carcass elements of the housing, a heat insulating shell, a tank, pressure piping, a level control, a water supply pipeline for irrigation, water-distribution pipelines, isolation valves and daily timer. The tank is hydraulically connected to the pressure piping, the level control and the water supply pipeline for irrigation. The device is made in the form of a space dismountable carcass structure made of pipes. In the upper part of the dismountable carcass structure a longitudinal collector is placed. The length of the collector is equal to the length of the planting bed. The collector is hydraulically connected to the side distribution pipelines. The lateral distribution pipelines are made in the form of equal symmetric relative to the longitudinal collector parallel semicircles. The plane of the parallel semicircles is perpendicular to the longitudinal collector axis. The semicircles diameter is chosen to be equal to the width of the bed B. The ends of distribution carcass pipelines are tightly plugged with vertical removable racks. The length of the vertical removable racks is chosen from the relation L=H-B/2+C, where H is total height of the carcass structure of the device after installation in the bed, C is the value of penetration of the vertical removable rack in the bed. Each distribution pipeline has the holes for irrigation from the concave side. The outer shell of the device is made removable. The collector is hydraulically connected to the tank through the normally closed solenoid valve of the water supply main pipeline for irrigation. The pressure piping of the tank comprises a normally closed solenoid valve. The tank is mounted at a height greater than or equal to H. The level control is made in the form of an electric float sensor.

EFFECT: structure enables to increase efficiency of use of the device.

5 dwg

FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: method includes periodic irrigation of root habitable horizon, periodic moistening plants, determination of the surface air temperature, the temperature of plant leaves and relative humidity of the surface air. The values of the coefficients A, B, C are calculated by formulas. At A≥0.9 the drip irrigation is performed with a rate of 150-200 m3/ha from 22 pm to 2 o'clock at night. At B≥1.2 with dry winds from 11 to 15 o'clock in the afternoon the surface air is irrigated with atomization of water particles with a diameter of 10-50 micron with replaceable nozzles. At C≥1.5 the leaves and stems of plants are additionally moistened with water droplets with a diameter of 100-800 micron for 3-4 hours. At A+B≥2.1 drip irrigation is carried out to reduce the soil temperature +22…26°C, and the relative air humidity is increased to 50…70%. At B+C≥2.5 the agricultural plants leaves and the surface air is moistened by atomisation of irrigation water for 0.5 h with intervals every hour. At A+C≥2.5 drip irrigation is carried out for 2-3 hours, and the agricultural plants leaves are moistened. At A+B+C≥3.5 drip irrigation is carried out for 30-45 minutes at intervals of 2 hours. The system comprises water source, a pumping station with filters and irrigation network in the form of irrigation pipelines with droppers. The system is equipped with an additional water distribution pipeline which is hydraulically connected by flexible irrigation pipelines having droppers. Each rack for periodic moisturising of low- and middle-growing plants is made in the form of rods of circular section. The upper ends of the rods are connected by the adapter. The adapter has a nipple on one side for hydraulic connection with a fitting placed in the wall of the flexible irrigation pipeline with droppers. The fitting is located in the wall of the flexible irrigation pipeline with droppers. The adapter is connected to the conical cavity of the nozzle with a conical sleeve.

EFFECT: preservation of the cultivated harvest under critical conditions is provided.

3 cl, 36 dwg, 18 tbl, 7 ex

FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: irrigation system includes a water source, the device of pulsed water supply, distribution pipeline and irrigation pipeline with drainage outlets. The drainage outlets are made in the form of birecurvate tubules. One end of the birecurvate tubes is connected to the irrigation pipeline across its upper surface. The other end of birecurvate tubes is fixed vertically at a height exceeding the height of the upper surface of the irrigation pipeline. The second end of the birecurvate tubes is provided with branch pipe mounted to be movable in the vertical plane.

EFFECT: design enables to ensure an even distribution of water between the irrigated pipelines along their length and uniform wetting of irrigated area.

3 dwg

Sprinkler // 2446676

FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: sprinkler includes a cylindrical body and a lid. The cylindrical body comprises slotted turnouts in the middle part. In the lid opening a finely divided spray is set. Annular grooves are made on the inner surface of the body, above and below the slotted turnouts. In the annular grooves O-rings are placed. The lid of the sprinkler has a ring bearing collar. The annular bearing shoulder comes up inside the body to the upper ring groove. In the lower part of the body a mechanism of switching modes of operation of the sprinkler is placed. The mechanism of switching modes of operation of a sprinkler consists of locking drum commensurate with the inner diameter of the body with O-rings coming into the grooves. At the bottom of the locking drum holes are made. In the center of the locking drum a lead-trough tube is mounted with a spring mounted on it. The spring passes through the hole in the lid to its outer surface. The finely divided spray consists of a deflector with a calibrated channel and the sparger of the stream with a spiral groove on the surface. The deflector with a calibrated groove is fixed by screwed connection in the upper part of the tube of the locking drum at the exit of the body. The sparger of the stream with a spiral groove on the surface has a diameter of the deflector channel, and installed with a bracket on the body lid at the exit of the deflector coaxially with it.

EFFECT: design enables to mechanise switching of working modes of sprinkler and flushing of the finely divided sprinkler.

2 dwg

Sprinkler apparatus // 2444892

FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: sprinkling apparatus contains a union nut on the inlet pipe, pivotally mounted on the rotatable housing with water-supply and flow-generating channel, and a jet drive. The flow-generating channel is made in the form of a vertical rod. The jet drive is designed as a blade pivotally freely mounted with two stages on the rod, and supplied with blades from the side of the flow-generating channel. Jet blade on the top along the entire length is made with two protrusions. On the rod a flange is rigidly fixed with the stops made to diameter with the ability to move the stops along the holes made to the radius. Above the flange at the top of the stem additional flow-generating channels are made. Above the stem in the water-supply channel a fitting and a threadably connected plug are installed. The fitting is designed as a finger with axial and transverse channels, and an annular groove. Between the fitting, the stem and the plug springs are installed.

EFFECT: design will improve the quality of irrigation of irrigated area, increase reliability of sprinkler apparatus operation.

8 dwg

FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: system comprises a water-intake structure, the first pump, the first lock, controlled microhydrants, the second pump, the second lock, the third lock, an activator and a water accumulator. The first pump is connected via the first lock to the input of a transporting pipeline. Two groups of controlled microhydrants are connected to the transporting pipeline for supply of water into irrigated furrows. Film screens are installed under irrigated furrows. Film screens are laid along edges of wide stationary ridges with narrow trenches. Trenches are dug along the middle of the stationary ridges and are filled with vegetable remains and manure. Parallel to the first lock the following components are connected in series - the second lock, the activator and the water accumulator, the third lock and the second pump. Slopes of ridges used to grow plants are aligned towards the south. Slopes of ridges are covered with a layer of sand. The lower part of narrow trenches is filled with trunks of trees and wooden remains. In the irrigated furrows there are partitions installed in autumn and winder period. There are slots made at the southern slopes. Slots are perpendicular to the irrigated furrows and are filled with sand. The distance between slots reduces when approaching end of irrigated furrows, providing for even moistening of ridges along the furrows length during irrigation.

EFFECT: design will make it possible to improve quality of irrigated areas melioration.

2 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: irrigating pipeline includes holes. The pipeline wall, at least in area of each hole, is arranged as multilayer. At least, one of the upper layer and the lower layer of the pipeline wall is made of a water-repellent material. The inner layer of the pipeline wall is made of the transparent material. The hole is defined by the cut surface in the pipeline wall. The specified surface of cut in the pipeline wall includes a tight coating, which coats at least the inner layer. The method to form a hole in the irrigating pipeline wall includes formation of a hole in the pipeline wall and a tight coating of the specified cut surface, at least, in the field of the inner layer.

EFFECT: design and technology make it possible to increase reliability of the pipeline operation by prevention of possible leaks.

20 cl, 25 dwg

FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: method includes tillage of middle and compaction of side parts of strips in surface of watered site with their simultaneous coverage by synthetic film, supply of irrigation water under film. Prior to compaction of side parts in strips on surface of watered site, magnetoactive material is applied in them. Magnetoactive material is represented by magnetised particles of crushed slag from ferrous metallurgy.

EFFECT: technology will make it possible to reduce hardness of irrigation water.

2 cl, 1 dwg

FIELD: agricultural engineering, in particular, equipment for drop irrigation of farm crops.

SUBSTANCE: apparatus has cylindrical casing with inlet and outlet openings. Cylindrical casing has threaded covers and body. Valve and elastic cuff are movably positioned inside cavity of cylindrical casing. Apparatus is further equipped with additional cuff. Main and additional cuffs are provided with orifices. Valve is made in the form of concavo-concave lens arranged in spherical belt. Valve is manufactured from material having density smaller than density of water, in particular, valve may be made from cork of 0.2-0.3 t/m3 density. Valve is arranged in casing between cuffs and is adapted for alternating contacting through cuffs with projections oppositely arranged inside casing cavity. Projections are made in the form of spherical segments, with radius of spheres of segments being smaller than radius of spheres of concavo-concave valve lens. Difference between radii of projection sphere and that of spheres of concavo-concave valve lens is equal to thickness of elastic cuffs. Channels on apexes of cover and casing projections are extending in radial direction toward inlet and outlet openings.

EFFECT: increased efficiency and enhanced reliability in operation.

4 cl, 4 dwg

FIELD: irrigation amelioration, in particular, drop irrigation equipment.

SUBSTANCE: injector has water outlet, porous casing with stopper at lower end and replaceable porous member positioned in casing and in stopper. Replaceable porous member is made in the form of parts of cylinder joined to one another with their diametrical surfaces. Channels are formed on cylindrical surface of each cylindrical part. Upon joining of cylindrical parts along cylinder, channels define vertical channels. Cylinder may have one, two or three detachment surfaces. Helical channels are formed on cylindrical parts of replaceable porous member. Helical channel pitches in parts of cylinder to be joined are not multiple one another. Water outlet is equipped with float valve arranged inside water outlet above pressure suppressing chamber. Stopper at lower end of porous casing is equipped with accumulating chamber.

EFFECT: increased efficiency owing to selective dispensing of water to plant roots.

2 cl, 5 dwg

Dropper // 2246207

FIELD: irrigated agriculture, in particular, equipment used for watering of perennial plants.

SUBSTANCE: dropper has casing and cover with inlet and outlet branch pipes, respectively, throttle and elastic balancing member with openings. Throttle is made in the form of hollow biconcave lens and positioned in casing cavity above elastic balancing member. Spherical segment-shaped slot is formed in cover body below inlet branch pipe. Radius of spherical part of said slot is equal to radius of throttle lens spherical part. Similar slot is formed in bottom part of casing above inlet branch pipe. Radius of said slot is greater than radius of spherical part of throttle biconcave lens part by value equal to thickness of balancing member. Channels are formed on casing bottom part surface and on slot surface to define spiral branches. Holes are made on peripheral part of elastic balancing member.

EFFECT: simplified construction and improved watering quality.

2 cl, 6 dwg

FIELD: agricultural engineering.

SUBSTANCE: apparatus has casing equipped with inlet and outlet openings, main float-type regulating members and additional regulating member, said members being located inside casing. Main float-type regulating member is made as biconcave lens formed in spherical layer of waterproof material having density below 1 t/m3. Additional regulating member is made in the form of elastic membrane with central opening. Protrusions made as parts of spherical segments are disposed in casing cavity below inlet opening and above outlet opening. Radius of upper protrusion spherical part is equal to radius of spherical part of biconcave lens. Radius of lower protrusion spherical part is less than radius of spherical part of biconcave lens by value equal to thickness of elastic membrane. Radial channels are formed in apex part of lower protrusion. Apparatus provides for normal operation in the process of drop irrigation with water without preliminary cleaning thereof.

EFFECT: increased efficiency, uniform and high-quality irrigation.

2 cl, 3 dwg

Dropper // 2247491

FIELD: agricultural engineering, in particular, drop irrigation equipment.

SUBSTANCE: dropper has casing with inlet and outlet branch pipes. Float and locking member are located in casing. Hollow float is made in the form of biconvex lens. Slot is made in casing cavity of inlet branch pipe. Slot is formed as spherical segment with radius of sphere equal to or smaller than radius of sphere of float biconvex lens. Spherical segment shaped slot is formed in casing cavity of outlet branch pipe. Radius of sphere of said slot exceeds that of float biconvex lens. Locking member is defined by elastic membrane located in casing between float and outlet branch pipe. Inlet branch pipe and slot joined with membrane surface are equipped with radial channels. Dropper of such construction operates in any spatial position and does not require strict vertical positioning.

EFFECT: simplified construction and uniform and high-quality irrigation.

3 cl, 3 dwg

Dozer-dropper // 2250601

FIELD: agricultural amelioration, in particular, drop irrigation equipment.

SUBSTANCE: dozer-dropper has plastoelastic valve provided in irrigation pipeline. Plastoelastic valve adapted for supplying of water into injector has detachable casing with water supply channel formed as helical groove with conical openings at its surface, said openings being adapted for connecting helical channel with casing outer surface. Diameter of conical opening joined with said channel is smaller than that at casing outer surface.

EFFECT: increased yield of farm crops and reduced irrigation norms.

2 dwg

FIELD: agricultural amelioration, in particular, subsurface irrigation equipment.

SUBSTANCE: injector has detachable casing with water feeding channel. Casing cavity is equipped with helical groove having conical openings on casing surface. Openings are hydraulically communicated with helical groove. Diameter of each of said openings joined with helical groove is smaller than that of outer surface of casing.

EFFECT: improved uniformity in distributing of precipitation in root layer of soil during the entire irrigation season.

2 cl, 3 dwg

Dropper // 2253226

FIELD: agricultural engineering, in particular drop irrigation equipment.

SUBSTANCE: dropper has cover, casing, regulating member, and water outlet. Cover with feeding connection line is mounted on irrigation pipeline. Water outlet with discharge pipeline is mounted in lower part of casing. Cover with feeding connection pipe and water outlet with discharge pipe are equipped with flares arranged in opposite relation with respect to one another. Regulating member has flexible elastic membranes equipped with dosing orifices and float positioned for loose displacement between flexible membranes. Membranes are fixed in casing by means of threaded cover and water outlet.

EFFECT: increased efficiency and enhanced reliability in operation.

2 cl, 1 dwg

FIELD: agriculture, in particular, utilization in irrigated agriculture for drop irrigation of soil, preferably for tree seedlings.

SUBSTANCE: injector has porous casing with inlet and outlet openings and water outlet. Float-type regulating member arranged in water outlet is equipped with water locking valve arranged in its upper part. Air discharge valves are provided in upper part of water outlet above float-type regulating member. Openings of different depth are formed in porous casing. Said openings are extending in parallel with outlet opening, in ribs of ground engaging devices. Number of ribs of ground engaging devices exceeds two. Ribs have saw-shaped form.

EFFECT: provision for differentiated distribution of precipitation in accordance with amount of sucking roots of wood plantations in soil horizons.

2 cl, 6 dwg

FIELD: irrigation equipment, in particular, fine-dispersion or drop sprinkling equipment used in mobile and stationary sprinkler units for producing of sprays with droplet sizes admissible for irrigation of wide range of farm crops.

SUBSTANCE: sprinkler unit has hollow cylindrical casing with partition wall, wherein guiding rod is rigidly fixed centrally of partition wall. Conical deflector with curved grooves is fixed on guiding rod for displacement along it. Location of conical deflector in predetermined position on guiding rod is provided by means of adjustment nut which may is fixed by lock nut. In order to form uniform liquid film around perimeter of conical deflector, grooves are provided in such a manner that they do not reach edge by distance equal to width of casing outlet opening ring, when conical deflector is lifted to maximal extent. Fluoroplastic layer is built in friction surface of conical deflector.

EFFECT: increased efficiency in producing of finely dispersed uniform spray, simplified construction and enhanced reliability in operation.

3 dwg