Electrodynamic cowl "rakhmaton"

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to automotive industry. Proposed cowl consists of cylindrical body with ribbed surface and is secured on rod and two ball bearings. Said cowl serves to reduce drag by rotation and to convert said rotation into electro power.

EFFECT: decreased drag.

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Electroaerodynamic fairing is a device that performs a dual function: a) reduce counter the aerodynamic resistance of the environment, (b) acting as an independent source of electricity.

The technical field

The proposed device can be used in the field of electrical/automotive.

The level of technology

As a result of the patent study indicates that the proposed electroaerodynamic fairing has no analogues in the world of electro/automotive. Currently in truck and automotive uses mostly static fairings, which cannot be used as a stand-alone power sources.

Known for the following types of static fairings: cone, convex, elliptical. These devices reduce drag are used in commercial vehicles and mounted on the cab of the vehicle. The reduction of the aerodynamic resistance in them is achieved by reducing the angle counter the drag of the air. However, in the automobile, the automobile cannot be used, since the decrease of the oncoming wind resistance is achieved here due to the aerodynamics of the car body.

Offer electroaerodynamic device is istwo intended primarily for automobile, electrical/automobile transport. On the totality of symptoms is the closest to the proposed Radome include the following devices.

Device (US 2002193947, 10.07.2002), which contains a fairing mounted on the front of the car, consisting of pipes and panels, and vacuum plate with holes mounted on the rear flat side of the car.

The disadvantage of this device is static and low coefficient of technical efficiency.

Known site reduce drag and lift forces of the car (FR 200309926, 13.08.2003)containing at least one, located on the front side of the vehicle air intake, which is connected through the suction line to the device, forming a veil in front of the front wheel of the car to change the formation to the flow of air flow of this wheel.

The difference with this device is its application to the front wheels, not just the chassis of the vehicle. The disadvantage of the site is that it cannot be used as a standalone power source.

A device (GB 200103091, 08.02.2001), consisting of strips having serrated surface of the car. During the movement of the teeth strips create a zone of air microcavity enhancing the flow of the car the main air flow.

The disadvantage of this device is a hundred what was mentioned and the fact that it cannot be used as a standalone power source.

A device (US 46677, 16.01.2002), which contains the movable and stationary plates and two elastic fasteners. Fixed fixed into the slots on the car body. A movable plate pivotally connected with a fixed plate with elastic detail, in such a way that it moves up and down depending on the pressure of the air flow. The device allows you to stabilize the body of the car when driving at high speed.

The disadvantage of this device is the low efficiency in the reduction of the counter-resistance of the environment, and that it cannot be used as a standalone power source.

A device (EN 4628311/11, 30.05.94). It serves the invention in the form of aerodynamic wings with a cross-section, plugged above the body of the car. The disadvantage of this device is its static nature, low technical efficiency, and cannot be used as a standalone power source of electricity.

It is also known a device for reducing drag of vehicle, designed for freight transport (EN 20051089245/11, 29.03.2005). It is a rotating drum, the axis of which is parallel to the ground and perpendicular to the axis of the vehicle, sabiendo what about the mechanism of rotation - screw-Grover. A disadvantage of this device is the low technical efficiency, the impossibility of its use in a passenger automobile, as it rasschitanna to overcome flow arising from differential aerodynamic pressure in the shadow of the vehicle between the cab and the body.

Disclosure of inventions

The device is designed to reduce counter the aerodynamic resistance of the environment, as well as to convert it into a source of electricity. The objective is achieved by rotation of the fairing under the pressure of the incoming flow. Rotating fairing smoothly and evenly distributes the incoming air flows along the entire chassis of the vehicle, which results in a decrease in frontal aerodynamic drag by 25-30%. The energy of the counter-resistance of the air mass with a rotating Radome connected to the generator can be converted into electricity. Because of this fairing can be used as a standalone power source.

The essential features of the device.

Fairing (figure 1) includes the following structural elements: metal rod 1, two bearing 2 and a cylindrical housing with ribbed surface 3.

The implementation of the invention

Cilindric the ski body (3) is put on two fixed on the rod bearing (4), that creates the possibility of rotational effect of the fairing side view (figure 5). The unit is mounted under the hood, in the front part of the chassis of the vehicle, so that a large part of the flow of air hit him. On the surface should be no more than half of the hull fairing (figure 2).

Principle: when driving fairing starts to rotate under the influence of air flow. This allows you to more evenly distribute the air mass along the entire chassis of the vehicle and leads to a decrease of the counter aerodynamic resistance. Rotating fairing connected to the generator, which can convert the aerodynamic resistance in the electric power and can be used as an independent energy source.

Electroaerodynamic fairing consisting of a cylindrical body with a ribbed surface, mounted on a rod with two ball bearings to reduce counter the aerodynamic drag, rotate and convert it into electricity.


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EFFECT: reliable operation of the plant due to simpler design and reduced overall dimensions and weight by means of reduction of load on generator bearings and bending moment on its axis-support.

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EFFECT: heat retained in thermal radiator can be used effectively, ie heat recovery is performed.

14 cl, 17 dwg

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SUBSTANCE: wind-driven thermal hydraulic plant includes drive wind motor with vertical shaft 1 kinematically connected to hydraulic pump 3 and ferromagnetic rotor 2 arranged inside tight tank containing magnetic liquid 6 in the field of electrical excitation winding 5 and constant magnet 7, which are located outside that tank thermally connected to heating radiator 13 of thermal energy consumers. Tank with magnetic liquid 6 and rotor 2 is equipped with liquid jacket 4 for heat removal, which is hydraulically connected to hydraulic cylinder 8 of constant magnet 7 movement, and through circulating hydraulic pump 3 to expansion tank 14 and outlet pipeline of heating radiator 13. Tank is connected in series through control valve 9 to thermal relay 10, electrical battery of thermal elements 11 and automatic valve of thermostat 12, which shunts the inlet and outlet pipelines of heating radiators 13. Excitation winding 5 is electrically connected to electrical battery of thermal elements 11 through normally closed contacts of thermal relay 10 and level relay 16 of expansion tank 14 equipped with maximum allowable pressure safety valve 15.

EFFECT: simpler design and smaller dimensions of the plant.

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EFFECT: conversion of energy of gas and air jets produced in process of operation of gas-turbine engines of aircrafts into energy of windwheel rotation with the possibility to transfer the developed torque to the power accumulator.

1 dwg

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SUBSTANCE: invention relates to machine building. Proposed device comprises two of oppose bent sheets attached to truck train front side lateral ribs to turn there about and deflector. Additionally, proposed device comprises actuator with levers interacting with appropriate bent sheets, two hydraulic cylinders, pressure control valve and power cylinder. Deflector is mounted on truck train link roof on rear side.

EFFECT: higher operating performances.

8 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to automotive industry, particularly, to car 2 and rear cover 17. Car comprises rear cover 3 with two lengthwise bars 4, 5 under which arranged are side windows with adjoining fin aerodynamic stabilisers 12, 13 and rear cover outer lining 16 arranged between said stabilisers. Air inlet 20, 21 is made on at least one said stabiliser 12, 13, on its outer side 14 nearby side window 14, communicated via air channel 23, 24 with air outlet 25, 26 made nearby outer lining 16 from inner side 15 of said fin stabilisers 12, 13. Cover outer lining 16 comprises at least one process air inlet 28, 29 and air guide device 32 arranged on body rear behind said air inlet 28, 29.

EFFECT: optimised design.

10 cl, 3 dwg

Car // 2428344

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to automotive industry, namely, to car that features roof with two lengthwise beams 4, 5 under which side glasses 9 are arranged. Aerodynamic fin stabiliser 12, 13 adjoins each lengthwise beam 4, 5 while outer skin 16 of car rear roof 17 is arranged between said fins 12, 13. At least one fin 12, 13 has one air inlet 20, 21 communicated via two-channel (two-section) air channel 23, 24 to communicate with air inlet 25, 26 arranged nearby roof skin 16 on inner side 15 of fins 12, 13 and, on outer side, to communicate with car engine compartment 2. Note here that air guide device 32 is arranged behind air outlet 5, 26 on body rear.

EFFECT: optimised car body design.

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EFFECT: efficient motion of spoiler.

10 cl, 3 dwg

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EFFECT: invention provides for efficiency with small structural space in idle position.

11 cl, 3 dwg

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SUBSTANCE: vehicle wheel splash guard-shield comprises splash guard that makes wheel cut and shield with spray baffle with its width exceeding that of wheel. Said shield represents a curved spray baffle and is arranged in said wheel cut with a clearance with respect to splash guard to make an extending end. Spray baffle fitted-in part matches splash guard shape, while its extending end has sides bent downward and face bent upward, face making flanging with its top edge located above splash guard edge at the spray baffle mounting seat.

EFFECT: higher reliability and expended operating performances in rain at abrupt braking.

3 dwg

FIELD: transportation.

SUBSTANCE: vehicle has cargo body with a subframe (14), hinged cover plate (16), control elements and compartment for a driver. Cargo body (1) in the lateral-vertical section has the shape of an ellipse with a small radius of rounding in the front and back part, meanwhile the axis of ellipse is inclined to the sliding surface at an angle of 15 degrees in the line of motion. The sealed bulkhead (1.3) divides the cargo body (1) into the passenger compartment located in the front part, and the power section located in the back part, for motor-in-wheel (4). Subframe (14) is curved with its curvature down in the form of an ellipse thus providing the supporting and gliding surface for the compartment bottom plate. In the axis of ellipse flatness, cargo body sides are reinforced with an ellipse-axle frame (15). Vehicle has supporting nodes (2, 3) of floating or sliding movement. Motor-in-wheel that is flexible in the vertical flatness (4) is connected with the cargo body through the two couples of pivotally connected with it telescopic shock absorbers (6, 7), (8, 9) angularly (not less than 90 degrees) related to each other from above. Meanwhile the front couple (6, 7) is grippingly engaged with the axle (5) of the motor-in-wheel (4), and the back couple (8, 9) is articulated. The front couple of telescopic shock absorbers (6, 7) is made in zigzag fashion and is attached to the ellipse-axle frame (15) of the cargo body in two points at the left and the right sides. The left and the right back supporting nodes (3) are pivotally connected with the low end of the corresponding bracket (12, 13), and its top end is pivotally connected with the subframe (14). The midpoint of the brackets (12, 13) is pivotally connected with the low end of the corresponding telescopic shock absorber (10, 11) from the middle couple of telescopic shock absorbers, and its top end is pivotally connected with the ellipse-axled frame (15) cargo body. The front (6, 7) and back (8, 9) couples of telescopic shock absorbers are also connected to the frame (15).

EFFECT: higher speed and safety.

5 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: automotive industry.

SUBSTANCE: method relates to universal auxiliary appliances for passenger car windshields precluding getting of water from windshield onto side windows or into car saloon, if side windows are open with car running. According to proposed method, deflector is fitted from right-hand and left-hand side of windshield. Said deflector is made of soft plastic or rubber. Deflector has two parts, upper and lower ones, and it is installed between windshield and weather strip. One part of deflector is fastening member by means of which deflector is fitted under weather strip over entire length of deflector. Other part is deflector bead which serves to prevent water from getting onto side windows of car. Deflector is L-shaped gasket in longitudinal view with bends on upper end.

EFFECT: facilitated fitting of deflector, provision of reliable fixing on car windshield, prevention of dirt getting under deflector, provision of reliable protection against splashes, no decrease of field of vision for driver through windshield.

2 cl, 7 dwg

Automobile // 2290336

FIELD: transport engineering; automobiles.

SUBSTANCE: proposed automobile has one or several series-mounted aerodynamic wings installed over body. Said aerodynamic wings have streamlined contour of cross section, aperture to take air from flow braking zone into inner space, and outlet tangential slots lengthwise over contour of wing arranged successively in direction of relative to automobile body.

EFFECT: creation of thrust normal to direction of incoming flow to partially compensate for weight of automobile and reduce resistance to motion, thus increasing speed without increased consumption of fuel.

2 dwg

FIELD: transport engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to means of reduction of aerodynamic drag of vehicles. Proposed body is provided with deflector installed in rear of body within its cross dimensions. Deflector has curvilinear surface whose convexity is pointed to side of upper, or side, or upper and side outer surfaces of body. Edge of deflector is installed flush with corresponding outer surface of body. Length of deflector in its cross section is less than half of height, or width, of height and width of body.

EFFECT: reduced aerodynamic drag of vehicle, its longitudinal dimensions, simplified design and provision of convenience at load-handling operation.

15 cl, 11 dwg

FIELD: road transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to road vehicles with wagon type body, particularly, to intercity service buses. Proposed vehicle contains running gear, mechanisms and instruments of control, internal combustion engine, power transmissions, electrical equipment, wheels with brake mechanisms, wagon-type body, driver's cab, windows, doors, and seats rationally arranged in body. Aerodynamic wing is installed on load-bearing beam over body roof with angle of attack of aerofoil-section chord equal to 10-15 degrees in zone of rear axle on area up 1/3 in length of body longitudinal axis. Ends of wing are turned downwards at right angle. Wing is made with concave upper and flat lower surfaces and with flap provided with fins on ends in rear part of aerodynamic wing and installed on their axle on hinge supports for tilting upwards through 35-45 degrees, when driver pushes control lever coupled with springs of roller-and-cable mechanisms, and returning in initial position when control lever at right hand of driver is pulled.

EFFECT: improved reliability and increased service life of brake mechanisms and use of systems decelerating inertia forces of wheeled vehicle.

2 dwg