Method to arrange mine tunnels in mines that are dangerous due to methane gas content

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: previously laboratory analysis is carried out on coal from a bed and its packs to detect availability of elements and substances in them that may create compounds with water; natural cracking is detected, as well as cleat in the coal bed; wells are drilled from a bottomhole by coal, with length more than by 1 m of the mine skirting cycle; water is injected into the bed with continuous measurements of the methane, water pressure, injection time; the mine is tunnelled for the value of the hydrated bed with the speed that does not exceed methane release within permissible norms; in the area of bed hydration blast holes are drilled in the sides of the mine at each cycle to detect the hydration area. During arrangement of the mine, parameters are varied, which are related to injection of water into bed, maximum reduction of the released methane, optimising arrangement of the mine.

EFFECT: higher efficiency of development of gas-bearing coal beds.

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As taken similar RF patent №2168638 "Method of degassing vysokogazonosnyh seams and mine sinking". Class patent E21F 7/00, application number 99123736/03; published 10.06.2001; the applicant Kuzbass state technical University; authors: Dyachkov A.I.; Galanin A.F.; patentee Kuzbass state technical University.

Problem solving is achieved by the fact that according to the method of degassing vysokogazonosnyh formations when drilling mining, including drilling downhole and barrier wells and connect them to ghatotkacha system, first conduct advanced generation, then they meet passable workings of the Buryat barrier and downhole wells and connect them to ghatotkacha system from advanced workings, and barrier wells are drilled to the drainage area of the array of coal, and downhole wells are drilled in the bottom passable roadways.

The disadvantages of this method:

- conduct advanced workings for advanced barrier drilling and downhole wells, and then connects them to ghatotkacha system is possible, but it involves additional costs, and with increasing depth and development fields such advanced production are also vysokogazonosnyh;

diagram of the directional location of wells-ahead BU the program is consistent with the direction passable roadways, not possible from them extract methane in the transverse intersection of the natural cracks, cleavage, eliminating excess water pressure in the wells, for degassing unloaded coal seam wells, specially drilled for maximum efficiency outgassing from them, it takes time for at least one year, unfortunately, the term degasification wells drilled when drilling shale gas mining with the goal of significantly reducing methane emissions in them is very limited, because they are associated with podvigina production, therefore, they are ineffective.

This method for mining gas methane offers a different approach to the task.

Successful and stable operation of the mines, hazardous gas methane, mainly depends on the timely preparation of quality treatment front, responsible for all security issues. Of Prime importance exposing and preparing the excavation completed, primarily by coal or coal bomb it with the side of the rocks. A serious limitation in pace of such development workings is methane, the selection of which increases with increasing speed podvigina, as in the bottom and sides of the driven working. We are talking about mines with high methane emissions, where to prepare the ke new horizons and excavation sites, the rate for mining become pervozdannym.

In Krasnodonugol W/we worked through the layer m8' relative gazoobilnostju 106,5 m3on m need to spend to meet a passable down the coal with bomb it rocks flank pit No. 1 great length, see figure 1, 2, the linkage from the bottom up coal at an angle of 14°, 1. But drilling and blasting method on sverhkategorijnoj mine gas methane, conducting mines, especially coal from the bottom up by the invalid, and the layer of anthracite reaching the fortress on a scale professional Protodyakonov 2-2,5, did not leave the choice of the other known methods of coal extraction in such conditions.

Among the anthracite mines of JSC "Rostovugol" anthracite in Krasnodonugol W/u was one of the most strong, it was not possible to apply in the love for the extraction of coal plow installation, as the working body of the plane could not chopping coal this fortress.

In the result, it was decided, in which few believed, for the first time to undergo such development, 1, excavation of coal jackhammers after pre-advanced moisture. In the center of the bottom output with parameters 2×1.4 m were drilled hole, 4, depth of 2.5 m and produced water injection into the reservoir, used from the Seversky Donets river, the quality parameters are close to drinking water, under pressure 110 psi for 1-1,1 hour before until the pressure is suddenly pada is O. Cm. figure 1. During the period of water injection into the reservoir heard multiple different crack volume, followed by periodic thump. The shaft did 300 m3/min of air pumped FMP, the methane content did not exceed the permissible norms PB. After the injection of water into the formation and education of the General zone moisture, 5, two workers stope produced dredging coal jackhammers with podvigina slaughter on two meters before the end of the shift, 6. In the next change cycle was repeated. After the extraction of coal, periodically from the bottom of boreholes were drilled on the flanks of production to determine the width of the zone of hydrate, 7. It was 1-1,2 m - 3 after which, passing into the anhydride anthracite, resistance drilling sharply increased with a marked increase in methane emissions from the drilled hole. For day passes eight meters, and a month before the breakthrough was passed 182 m generation by coal. The experiment was a success.

For the entire period of this production has not been a single case of excess methane content compared to the acceptable standards of the IB. Cm. gas survey, figure 2, where the dashed line shows the local concentration of methane, solid line - the methane content in the outgoing generation, 8 - period of drilling the borehole for injection, 9 - period of water injection, 10 - period excavation jackhammers in the change.

At the same time, URF No. 1-2, passes downwards drilling and blasting method with a separate recess of coal and rock. Aeration was carried out by local ventilation fans with supply 300 m3min of air at the bottom of the pit. When breakthrough of the pit with the linkage of coal carried out bottom-up, there were less than 100 m, after each blasting on coal pit was conducted three times the gas shooting. Cm. 3, 11, 12, 13. The volumes emitted after an explosion at a coal reaching critical values, is obvious.

When water is injected into the reservoir occurred physical and chemical reactions. Physical reaction operates when water is injected into the formation under high pressure, breaking ties in the corner, significantly reducing its strength, with the possible formation of tiny particles - macro-, micro - and nanoparticles.

Based on the latest nanotechnology research proved that a neutral solids, in our case, anthracite, fracture to the smallest particles in combination with the environment, in this case water, acquire new properties - viscosity and react with substances that are present in coal[1], [2].

Coal contains a number of elements, oxides, complex particles called complexes. When connecting to water (H2O the most common basic oxides Cao and MgO to form calcium hydroxide:

CaO+H2O=CA(Oh) 2

and magnesium hydroxide:

MgO+H2O=Mg(OH)2[3, str, 392],

which together with the fine particles of coal, changing their properties, their compounds and complex substances fill macro-, micro - and nanocracks in the corner, preventing the release of methane. As a result, after the injection of water into the reservoir from the bottom output area created as the front of the face, and the sides of framing, blocking the path of the active methane, see figure 1.

Thus, as a result of physical and chemical reactions water is a very reactive substance. The oxides of many metals and nonmetals combine with water to form bases and acids; some of the salts formed with crystalline water, the most active metals react with water with evolution of hydrogen [3, str].

The content and number of elements and compounds with them in different coal fields differently depending on their metamorphism (from the Greek. metamorphoomai were subjected to the transformation). These transformations occur within tens and hundreds of millions of years in the absence of oxygen, high pressures and temperatures deep inside the earth's crust, where organic substances get along with other breeds as a result of tectonic processes.

Conditions of formation of coal from organic substances differ. They are the peat bogs, bottom sediments of lakes, marine lagoons [4, p.54].

The content of compounds of many elements in coal, formed in marine lagoons, the same as in sea water in a dissolved state, the largest number of which falls on Cl, Na, Mg, S, CA, K, S, Br, In, Sr, F, N, Li, Rb, P, I, Fe, Zn, Mo. Each kilogram of sea water contains more than 19 grams of chlorine, more than 1 g of magnesium etc., on average, 35 g of various salts [3, str].

Obviously, the content of compounds of many elements in coal, formed in peat bogs or in the bottom sediments of lakes, may differ materially from formed in marine lagoons.

Due to the fact that many of the elements of connection with them in the formation of coal in different geological periods and different conditions can vary greatly, it is desirable developed in each stratum of coal, it packs to perform laboratory analysis in order to accurately identify these elements and compounds with them.

The information obtained will allow more competently prepare the project of the gas production, which ensure its maximum permissible speed of the limits of PB content emitted from the bottom and sides of excavations, almost by varying the arrangement of the holes in the bottom for water injection into the reservoir, their length equal to the cycle podvigina slaughter per shift or per day and, pressure during water injection into the reservoir, by the time of discharge, ultimately to establish optimal parameters to minimize emitted when conducting electricity. Over time, with experience, the statistics of the parameters that maximize the reduction of methane emissions, it will be possible to identify the pattern of the influence of these parameters on the reduction of emitted methane and mathematically determine their optimal value.

Important work digging machine, mining rock mass, which should consist primarily of large fractions of coal that contain methane from slaughter transport in developing the mine and then to the surface. This is achieved by skilful selection of cutting scheme and spallation working body of the harvester coal face. Their participation in the solution of this problem could make and designers roadheaders.

Drilling in the gas-bearing coal in the preparatory workings with the subsequent hydration is perceived additional costs. They will be repaid with interest if the case will be set so that ultimately result in increased speeds podvigina workings will be enough time to prepare new horizons, excavation of land, love, avoiding a gap in training, where considerable time is required for the integrated degassing excavation of the site, including degassing unbalanced formations, carried out with greater efficiency with covered openings. This will result in an increase in the load on the lava, and this is the path to the concentration of mining operations, increasing the load on the shaft, the main factor determining economic growth.

The implementation of the invention

Gas survey conducted by the production of coal from the bottom up with the notch coal jackhammers after pre-wetting layer from a position above modern knowledge explains to reduce outgassing and helped to identify the potential for increasing the speed of conduction of the gas bearing openings due to the increased mechanization of their conduct. As the example shows this output in figure 4, where 14 - development on the seam of coal with high outgassing; 15 - wells for the next cycle of coal extraction; 16 - zone ublajenie laterally production of coal; 17 - the total area of moisture ahead of production for the next cycle of extraction of coal; 18 - excavation of coal per cycle; 19 control bore - holes that define the width of the area moisturized.

Before the implementation of the proposed method of carrying out gas generation by coal or coal with side bomb it rocks you should make the following preparations and action.

1. To make laboratory analysis of reservoir and its packs for the purpose of revealing the presence of the element is in, oxides and other substances that can form new connections to the water flow.

2. To detect natural fracture, cleavage in the formation of coal.

3. Prepare tools for drilling for coal injection plant with pressure measurements and flow of water, supply of water, preferably drinking, devices episodic and continuous measurement of methane, control the number of people entering the bottom of the air

4. Drill from the bottom of coal equal to the cycle podvigina generation plus 1 m

5. To produce the water injection into the reservoir with continuous measurements of methane, water pressure, time of discharge.

6. On the value of irrigated seam to go production with the rate not exceeding the methane within the permissible norms IB.

7. In the zone of hydrate formation in Boca output each cycle the drill phury in order to detect the width of the zone of hydrate, which is a barrier to active methane: the output of the humidified rubble from the hole, before increasing the strength of the coal, until the release of methane from the hole.

8. Later, during production, by varying the parameters associated with the water injection into the reservoir, the maximum reduction of emitted methane, to find the optimal variant of the proposed method of carrying out production with high outgassing.

If in the further this method of excavations with high outgassing seriously to combine the research and production base for the study and dissemination, it is possible to achieve a sustainable rate of excavations with increased gassing up to 600-1000 m/month, which will ensure the timely preparation of new horizons, excavation sites and development of the mine as a whole.


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Method for mining in the mines, hazardous gas methane, with the aim of increasing the rate of their podvigina for more efficient testing of gas-bearing coal seams, wherein the pre-do laboratory analysis of coal from the seam and its packs for identifying elements and compounds that can form new connections when the supply of water; identify natural fracturing of the formation and cleavage in it; from the bottom of coal drilling of wells longer than 1 meter cycle podvigina production; the injection of water into the reservoir with continuous measurements of methane, water pressure, time of discharge, are output size humidified layer at a speed not exceeding the methane within the permissible norms safely the STI; in the zone of hydrate formation in Boca develop periodically in each cycle are drilling the holes for detecting the width of the zone of hydrate, which is a barrier to active methane, in the presence of output humidified rubble from the hole, before increasing the strength of coal and prior to the increase of methane release from the borehole; later, during production, by varying the parameters associated with the water injection, the maximum reduction of emitted methane, find the optimal variant of the method of the workings with high outgassing.


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EFFECT: invention allows increasing efficiency and safety of extraction.

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SUBSTANCE: method involves preparation of extraction pillar with gangways, preparation of extraction strip - with end and neighbouring slopes along line of dip at formation soil between gangways, on both sides of strip, construction of erection chamber and erection in it of sections of modular support, mechanised slice mining of coal in mining face, forced transportation of coal along working face and ventilation of mining face due to common borehole depression. Mechanised extraction is performed with combined front-action machine with actuating element made in the form of horizontally oriented drum with cutters. Soil of each formation has the gradient of not more than allowable inclination angle for combined machine and self-propelled car. Coal transportation along the working face is performed using a self-propelled car to the end slope, at the gradient of extracted coal towards the neighbouring slope, or to the neighbouring coal lowering slope, at gradient of extracted coal towards end slope. Change of formation gradient direction is performed after the places of location of self-propelled car and combined machine are changed and they are turned in the chamber which is performed beyond the extraction strip and used again at extraction of neighbouring extraction strip with symmetric orientation of extracted formations. Coal pillars remaining within the limits of extraction strip are removed with cutting actuating elements of modular supports.

EFFECT: invention allows increasing efficiency and safety of coal extraction.

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SUBSTANCE: method of working crossing by working face includes the following stages: performance of two extraction galleries and working, passed between them with formation footwalling; formation of artificial ground with floor installation for equipment movement and working crossing by working face with formation footwalling. Note that pneumatic cogs are delivered into the said working between extraction gates on which U-shaped wooden floor is laid. As working face approaches the working pneumatic cogs are filled with compressed air and the floor is lifted, after the working face crosses the working the pneumatic cogs are unloaded, the floor is descended to the ground of working and pneumatic cogs are extracted into extraction working.

EFFECT: increase of artificial ground creation efficiency in the working crossed by working face.

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EFFECT: improved safety of mining works.

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EFFECT: improved reliability of flow chart of long faces preparation leaving rock from mining in place of its production.

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SUBSTANCE: at full development of gently sloping coal beds with power-driven systems without any preliminary driving of preparatory mine workings there first developed is the bed with two short faces as per continuous development system. For long face there formed are preparatory mine workings in the worked-out area after short faces by laying the strip of filling mixture. Reinforcement of working excavation of short faces by means of anchor support installed between the working face and powered support sections is performed only on end sections equal to the width of the preparatory mine workings being formed. Cutting-off support is installed in the worked-out space of short faces after sections of powered support along the boundary of the preparatory mine workings being formed. The worked-out space is covered with air-tight cloth along the lines of cutting-off support. Then, further development of long face is performed in backward direction with damping of the preparatory mine workings that have already been formed. Filling of the worked-out area is performed only between cutting-off support lines by destructing the roof in this section, and length of short faces is determined by mathematical formula.

EFFECT: providing high formation rates of preparatory mine workings.

2 dwg

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SUBSTANCE: The invention relates to mining, in particular, to methods for development of thick flat coal seam. When thick flat coal seam with stable top is developed, several cuts are taken from the side of the seam rise, beginning with the air heading. This part of the extraction chamber is deepened. Then several cuts are taken from the seam pitch in the same direction, Then the extraction chamber is deepened and cuts are taken from the seam rise side in the layer close to its ground. After that the extraction chamber is deepened again and cuts are taken from the seam pitch side. Furthermore, the air headings and transport headings are made with an angle to the horizon line, oriented down, it allows the use of conveyor transport. The extraction chambers are made with an angle to the horizon line, oriented up and allowing the use of self-propelled car. The diagonal cut is taken up or down with an angle allowing the use of frontal mining machine. The extraction chamber height in the layer close to seam top is calculated according to the formula.

EFFECT: increased efficiency of thick flat coal seam development along the whole angle of flat seam bedding.

3 dwg

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SUBSTANCE: method includes identification of two bed areas on a contoured mining field, withdrawal of coal using mechanised complexes, periodical measurements of daily average volumes of produced coal, air consumption and methane concentrations in it at the outlet from the mining face. One of the identified bed areas is drilled around with bed wells. Linear dependencies are detected on the identified areas between intensity of methane release and daily average volumes of produced coal, as well as produced coal volumes. Air consumption and methane concentrations in the bed areas are measured in the intervals between outer borders of natural drainage zones of coal massifs by assembly chambers and borders of bed areas for the period that precedes the main roof setting, and extent of well mining of the bed is assessed with the following coefficient value: where Ke - extent of well mining of the bed, unit fractions; K and Ka - coefficients at the parameter of daily average volumes of produced coal that are within the linear dependencies established in the identified areas between methane release intensity and daily average volumes of produced coal, accordingly on bed areas that are either mined or not mined with the help of wells, unit fractions.

EFFECT: higher efficiency of coal bed preparation for mining.

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SUBSTANCE: during underground mining of coal beds a coal bed is divided into columns, column development is carried out by arrangement of two parallel development openings, leaving a coal sight pillar between them, serially the columns are treated with long faces for complete roof rock slide in the developed space. Further the coal sight pillar is mined at the same line with the long wall face, one development opening located between the mined and the developed columns is suppressed following the face, pipes are laid coaxially on the foot of the suppressed development opening without leaving gaps between pipes. Besides, prior to suppression of the development opening arranged between the developed and mined columns, in the edge part of the coal bed, arranged at the side of an untouched massif from the suppressed development opening there are blast holes drilled, through which solutions of antipyrogenes are injected into the coal bed. The minimum permissible width of the coal bed edge part zone treated with solutions of antipyrogenes is accepted as equal to the depth of spreading into the edge part of the bed in the area with higher intensity of cracking.

EFFECT: reduced risk of coal self-ignition in edge zones of the bed that are adjacent to the mined space.

1 dwg

FIELD: mining industry.

SUBSTANCE: method includes driving of layer transporting and ventilation mines along soil and ceiling of bed, in massive and in extracted space, cutting of cleaning mines in cross-section of bed at angle of 27°, mechanized delivery of coal along bed mines to coal furnaces and vertical dropping of coal to furnaces. Extraction of slanted transverse bed is performed along bed diagonals having direction to horizon at angle of 27°, to provide for free sliding of coal without degradation. Delivery of coal from cleaning mine placed at angle of 60° to layer mine, to back field mine is performed by self-delivery from any place of extraction field along layer mine, field coal-lowering mine and field slanting coal furnace, being at angle of 27° to horizon. Field slanted coal furnaces are placed at distance from one another along 20 m normal. Field coal mines in form of fans of three mines are connected on field slanted coal furnaces at distance of fan start from one another of 60 m with output of mines ends to each layer mine of group of three above-lying slanted-transverse layers for whole diagonal length of extraction field at distance between mines outputs along layer soil of 60 m. Ceiling of cleaning mines may be supported without load, utilizing mechanical traction on the side of ventilation furnaces for pressing moveable support tool to layer ceiling.

EFFECT: higher efficiency.

2 cl, 3 dwg