Mine fan system

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: system includes operating and stand-by fan units, each of them contains electric motor, rotor, double inlet box with demountable sectors, detachable collector and diffuser. Rotor supports are radial and radial-thrust bearings. Fan of each fan unit of the system is additionally equipped with detachable semi-housing. Rotor radial bearing is located on rotor shaft between electric motor and double inlet box of fan system.

EFFECT: improving reliability, maintainability and reducing cost of repair of main ventilation mine fan systems.

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The invention relates to the mining industry, namely mining, mine ventilation and ventilyatorostroeniya.

Known mine ventilation installation [RF patent №2252314 from 06.11.2002,, IPC 7 E21F 1/08], including the working and redundant fans, each of which has a diffuser, a motor connected to the fan gear shaft by a toothed coupling, folding doors blocking the entrance, and the device is blocking the fan, dual input box, made in the form of a pair of individual boxes work and back fans by means of their pivot towards each other about a vertical plane passing through the axis of rotation of the fan in such a way that their inner side walls form a common edge that hosts axis Lyady, alternately overlapping nozzles of the input boxes of the working and standby fans.

The disadvantage of this setup is the presence of costly underground channel connecting the input box with ventilation network of the mine, and a long transmission shaft with two gear couplings, which makes it difficult to ensure the alignment of the rotors fans and motors by alignment of three shafts and construction increases the size and cost of the ventilation unit.

Also known ve is Tracinda the [patent RF №2369744 from 27.03.2007,, IPC E21F 1/08], including the working and redundant fans, each of which has a motor, collector and diffuser, dual input box in the form of paired individual boxes of the working and standby fans on a common edge which is placed lyada, alternately overlapping inputs of fans, and a lever door blocking the outlets of the fans, and dual input box is connected with the chassis fans by collectors and contains a removable elements, and collectors are made detachable and are stationary sectors connected with a stationary part of the input box, and a removable sectors, United removable sectors of the input box.

The disadvantage of this setup is the inability to perform all operations on the installation, dismantling and repair of the main elements of the unit and rotors fans.

The objective of the invention is to improve the maintainability of the mine ventilation installation and reducing the cost of its repair.

The task is solved by the fact that in the known device the mine ventilation installation, including operating and standby fan units, each of which contains a motor, the rotor, the supports of which are radial and angular contact bearings, double inlet box with removable sectors, the split number of the sector, having a stationary part connected to the stationary part of the input box, and removable parts, United with removable sectors of the input boxes, and a diffuser according to the invention, each fan unit fan is additionally equipped with a removable Polycarpus and radial bearing of the rotor mounted on the rotor shaft between the motor and dual input box fan installation.

This arrangement of the radial bearing allows movement of the rotor from the housing frame of the fan unit for repair, figure 3. This prevents a full analysis of the installation, reduced time and cost of repair.

The image of the mine ventilation installation schematically shown in the figures.

Figure 1 shows the a-a - a vertical section of the fan Assembly.

Figure 2 shows a horizontal section of the two fan units fan setup with the removed sector dual input boxes for removal of the rotor from the repaired fan.

Figure 3 shows the B-B section of the ventilation unit, and an image displaced rotor ventilation unit from the chassis-frame for repairs.

Where: 1 - the General frame of the fan units; 2 - the body-frame; 3 - motor; 4 - tooth clutch; 5 - radial bearing; 6-dual input box ventilation unit; 7 - removable sector dual input boxes; 8 - rotor; 9 - radial-thrust bearing; 10 - split collector; 11 - removable part of the header; 12 - removable semi-body fan; 13 - rotary folding doors; 14 cone.

Mine ventilation system includes two fan units, work and back, and can operate in normal mode and in reverse.

Each fan unit is installed on the frame 1, has a body-frame 2 and includes a motor 3 connected to the rotor shaft 8 of the fan unit through a toothed clutch 4, the rotor 8, the supports of which are 5 radial and angular contact 9 bearings, split manifold 10, and a diffuser 14, which represents a pyramidal or cone-shaped funnel, drop-down in the direction of movement of the jet during normal ventilation and allows you to smoothly decrease the speed of air movement to reduce the loss of velocity head at the exit of the jet from the fan to the atmosphere. Both the fan unit through the reservoir 10 is connected with a dual inlet box 6, made in the form of paired individual boxes of the working and standby fans and having a removable sectors 7. Removable sectors 7 dual input box 6, removable semi-body 12 of the fan and removable part 11 of the manifold 10 are designed to provide what dubsta Assembly-disassembly of the rotor of the fan units. For switching and reversing fan system using the rotary folding doors 13, alternately overlapping inputs fan units, and lever the door (figures not shown), covering the exits.

Mine ventilation installation works as follows.

Backup fan unit, for example, the left is shown in figure 3, is in position the fan is off from work." When this lever the door and turning lyada 13 dual input box 6 overlap the inlet of the back of the fan unit, isolating it from the ventilation duct and the atmosphere. For reliability disable broken fan on his Parking brake, combined with a toothed clutch 4 (figures details not shown)holding the rotor against rotation under the action of the intake air from the fan is running.

When turning on the fan set to work off his Parking brake, open the lever of the door and folding doors, telling the fan to the atmosphere and ventilation network of the mine (channel setup). The fan is driven by an electric motor 3, providing the necessary pressure (with injection) or vacuum (with suction).

If necessary, commissioning of the back of the fan are R who described her actions.

If necessary, repair or replacement of elements of the unit (motor, the rotor of the fan unit or individual nodes) corresponding fan unit is shown in the position the fan is off from work." Depending on the work performed by lifting mechanisms produce disassembly-Assembly of the motor 3, disassembly-Assembly upper removable Polycarpus 12 fan, removable parts 11 of the reservoir, removable sectors 7 dual input box fan units and (or) of the rotor depending on the volume of work performed, and the rotor may be withdrawn and moved out of the chassis frame 2, for example, as shown in figure 3. Replacing the desired item, design, assemble in reverse order.

The use of the present invention will improve the reliability, maintainability and reduce the cost of repair of the mine ventilation installation.

Mine ventilation installation including operating and standby fan units, each of which contains a motor, the rotor, the supports of which are radial and angular contact bearings, double inlet box with removable sectors, split collector and diffuser, wherein each fan unit installation the fan is additionally equipped with a removable Polycarpus, R is Dalny bearing rotor mounted on the rotor shaft between the motor and dual input box fan installation.


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FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: method involves installation of ascending air pipeline channels on board and beyond the limits of the pit and their connection by main air pipeline channels, arrangement of suction holes of air pipeline channels in working zones of the pit, creation of natural draft in channels due to wind head and air temperature difference inside and outside the channels, movement of contaminated air along channels beyond the pit levels and control of its flow. During winter time the movement of contaminated air from ascending channels installed aboard the pit to ascending channels located beyond the pit limits is performed along bypass air pipeline channels flooded in natural water sources. Control of the air flow removed from the pit is provided by changing the ratio of air flow rates in bypass and main channels.

EFFECT: increasing pit ventilation efficiency.

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SUBSTANCE: method includes determination of active stope demand for resources of ventilation and climate equipment based on air to be supplied, cooling capacity to be maintained, gas suction to be mounted as input parameters for planned extent of production of active stope in the form of preset values to be recorded in memory by computing unit, recording of these parameters valid values during continuous production by sensors installed in separate active stopes and transmitting of these values to computing unit. If more demand for resources of ventilation and climate equipment is determined, the demand is covered by means of reversing of other available active stopes surplus resources. If less demand is determined, surplus resources are redirected to other active stopes with lack of resources.

EFFECT: enhancing power during underground extraction of hard coal.

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SUBSTANCE: method consists in the fresh air supply with ventilator into bottomhole zone and removal of air mixture contaminated with dust and gas from dead stope ore through the wells, which are drilled at regular times in interchamber pillar between the dead and worn stope ores. An interval between the wells doesn't exceed the distance of efficient offscouring of dust-gas mixture with draft source, mounted in the bottomhole space of the dead stope ore. Contaminated air is removed through the worn stope ore, broken into the haulage roadway, and then through haulage roadway. In this respect, the wells from worn stope ore neighbouring to the dead stope ore are preliminary drilled until the configuration of the dead stope ore. Well mouth in the dead stope ore is equipped with effuser, and the well mouth in the worn stope ore is equipped with a coupler connected to the ventilator aligned for the work in direction to haulage roadway. Ventilator is carried over to the well newly uncapped with combined machine.

EFFECT: lowering of air dustiness and reduction of combustive and poisonous gases in the dead stope ore.

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FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: method consists in clean air supply into the bottom hole and removal of contaminated air from the bottomhole zone. In this respect, the configurations of circulating air swirling motion are built up. For this purpose, the worn chambers are broken into the airway. In this respect, the additional draft source, mounted in the worn chamber, is aligned for work in direction to the airway, and the mix of fresh air with the airflow contaminated with dust and gas is removed through the worn chamber and airway. In this respect, fresh air is directed to workable stope ore through the haulage roadway or by means of additionally installed ventilation draft source with air feeder, which end is placed in the working chamber, or by means of the adjusting airway stoppings, one of which is mounted on the haulage roadway on the way of air current motion between the working and worn chambers, and the other one is mounted at the mouth of worn chamber, placed in axial alignment with developed stope ore, which is gone away from it through the haulage roadway.

EFFECT: gain in air supply performance.

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FIELD: ventilation.

SUBSTANCE: method involves fresh air supply through shafts into tunnel and contaminated air removal through other shafts from tunnel using forced ventilation. Cross section of each shaft is separated into two parts having independent connection to the tunnel in which a gate is installed between such connections. Tunnel is closed by means of the above gate when there are no trains moving in it. Air flow via tunnel is arranged at the interval between train movement in directions allowing to reduce the time required for removal of contaminated air from the tunnel. At that, selection of air flow direction is determined considering the length of sections filled with fresh air supplied to the tunnel as a result of suction effect action. Amount of fresh air supplied to each section filled with contaminated air is determined by the formula.

EFFECT: reduction of forced ventilation volumes at fixed time interval between trains, reduction of time required for tunnel cleaning from contaminants after every train passes through tunnel, and increase in tunnel capacity.

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FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: ejector comprises a diffuser, two serially installed receiving heads with receivers connected by a hollow cylinder, with two outlet slots and gaskets each having holes. At the same time the main outlet head is equipped with a confusor receiving nozzle. The last flange of the second receiving head may be an anti-deformation flange.

EFFECT: provision of ejector operation for high aerodynamic resistance.

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FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: silencer includes head-frame ventilation stand with wall closed in transverse plane and provided with air-permeable openings, ceiling and roof, and external enclosure made in the form of an upward diverging funnel with sound reflecting inner surface and arranged with a gap relative to ventilation stand. Wall and ceiling of ventilation stand are made of high-porous noise-absorbing blocks. External enclosure is provided with the roof which has an annular through slot in transverse plane. At that, air openings made in the wall of ventilation stand are located in crossing rows between adjacent noise absorbing blocks.

EFFECT: reducing the noise level in vicinity of head-frame structures.

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Air flow controller // 2439330

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: controller comprises multiple louver plates adapted to be installed in a frame and to rotate in it around the longitudinal axis between the specified position, in which the louver plates are combined to close or to limit a part of a channel, and the open position for passage of air between plates of louvers and through a channel, an inclined mechanism to impact every louver plate so that in process of usage each louver plate is adapted to be held in the specified position until the specified air flow to the plates is achieved, at the same time the inclined mechanism is a spacer mechanism, capable of impacting every louver plate for its rotation into the specified position and represents a gas spacer connected to a lever mechanism acting at louver plates, for their displacement into the specified position, at the same time at the air flow specified the louver plates are capable of impacting the lever mechanism, which is capable of impacting the gas spacer as each plate is displaced towards the open position.

EFFECT: protection of mechanism against excessive force and automation of operation.

14 cl, 9 ex, 18 dwg

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: air supplying gate and the main air gate pass along opposite boundaries of mine field so that they run ahead of extraction front through the length equal to distance between axes of the rooms. At that, rooms have the length equal to width of mine field and are located between air supplying gate and ventilation air gate. Fresh air is supplied through the tunnel located in front of extraction front. At that, return ventilation air is removed along auxiliary air gate.

EFFECT: improving concentration of mining operations, reducing volumes of preparatory mine work, and decreasing air leaks through the worked-out area.

1 dwg

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: gate includes double-leaf bed installed in box and longitudinal and transverse bed movement mechanisms. Elastic seals are arranged in closed position of gate between box and front surface of bed, as well as on rear surface of bed. Simultaneous pressure of bed leaves to box is performed with external support fixed in the wall of underground mine working.

EFFECT: higher strength of double-leaf bed of gate and higher sealing reliability of underground mine working.

7 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: mining industry.

SUBSTANCE: pipeline has sections made in form of hermetically interconnected outer and inner covers, mounted with space relatively to each other, and main ventilator. On different ends of pipeline flow meter and additional ventilator are mounted, the latter having adjustable characteristics and being connected to inter-pipe space by branch pipe. In inner cover apertures are made placed along radius and along length of cover. Air comes from apertures to air channel and forms additional air flow near walls of inner cover, which lowers or heightens aerodynamic resistance of ventilation pipeline.

EFFECT: higher efficiency, higher safety, lesser costs.

2 dwg

FIELD: mining industry.

SUBSTANCE: method includes use of screw-drilling machine for driving of several first ventilation shafts in ore body and driving several second shafts, while second and each second shaft crosses, at least, one matching first shaft, forming first support walls, supporting ceiling. First supporting ceilings consist of ore body zones between neighboring second shafts, each first support wall has portion of at least one first shaft, passing horizontally through it. Horizontal channels are formed, each of which is placed transversely to matching second shaft between appropriate portions of first shaft, formed in adjacent support walls, for forming of group of continuous ventilation shafts. Second shafts are filled for forming second supporting walls, supporting well ceiling, and first supporting walls are extracted. First ventilation shafts can be made parallel to each other. Second shafts may be directed perpendicularly relatively to first ventilation shafts. In ore body air-outlet and air-inlet ventilation mines can be formed, placed at distance from each other along horizontal line, while first or each first ventilation shaft passes through portion of ore body between air-inlet and air-outlet ventilation mines. Driving of second or each second shaft can be performed by cutting machine, or by drilling or explosive mining.

EFFECT: higher efficiency.

7 cl, 11 dwg

FIELD: mining industry.

SUBSTANCE: device has working and reserve ventilators, placed in ventilator chamber. By means of connecting channels ventilators are connected to air-conducting and air-draining channels, which com together in triple-output branch pipes, connected via ventilation channels to general mine ventilation network. Ventilation chamber is separated from air-conducting channels by longitudinal vertical wall. Air-conducting channels are made in form of one mine, separated by longitudinal horizontal wall between triple branch-pipes. Means for reversing air flow are mounted in branch pipes. In connection channels on force or suck-in side of ventilators cutting means are mounted. Assembling drift is connected to end of ventilator chamber.

EFFECT: higher safety, lower costs.

3 dwg

FIELD: mining industry.

SUBSTANCE: device has working and reserve ventilators, each of which has diffuser with rotary branch pipe, electric engine, connected to ventilator by transmission shaft via toothed sleeves, and devices, covering input and output of ventilator. Additionally plant is provided with doubled input box, made in form of mated individual boxes of working and reserve ventilators by rotating these to face each other relatively to vertical planes, passing through axes of ventilators rotation. Side inner walls of ventilators form up a common rib, on which axis of special piece is placed, in turns covering branch pipes of input boxes of working and reserve ventilators. When using ventilator plant near residential or administration buildings its output box is provided by muffler and cowl, and output branch pipes of ventilators are provided with controlling blades.

EFFECT: lower costs, higher durability.

2 cl, 4 dwg

FIELD: mining industry.

SUBSTANCE: method includes feeding fresh air along air ducts due to generic depression, and output stream is taken partially through supported mines due to generic depression and partially - through extracted space of extracted or previously extracted column by means of gas-sucking plant. Methane support control in fresh and output streams is maintained. From the surface into air duct a ventilation shaft is drilled and additional fresh air is fed therein in same direction with main stream. Adjustment of methane containment in air streams at extraction portion is performed by changing amount of air, fed additionally.

EFFECT: increased volume of fed fresh air without substantial reconstruction of ventilation system.

1 dwg, 1 ex

FIELD: mining industry.

SUBSTANCE: device has air feeding channels, positioned between support and coal massif and ventilator with pipe for sucking air away. Additionally device is provided with curtain of transparent plastic profiles with load, positioned in lower portion of curtain, positioned on carrying ropes, connected to driving drum. The latter is held on ceiling of support section and provided with electric drive with automatic and manual control. Lower portion of curtain enters a space, formed by walling of cable packer and grating. Ventilator, moved with extraction of coal massif, is positioned in ascending air stream in ventilation drift. Width of curtain equals width of support section, and length is in 1.3 times greater than vertical height of support.

EFFECT: higher efficiency.

4 dwg

FIELD: mining industry.

SUBSTANCE: device has air-intake channels and ventilator with air sucking pipe. Each air-intake channel is made in form of flexible plastic pipe with gate, placed on lower side of ceiling of support section or in ceiling body in parallel to its longitudinal axis. One end of air-intake channel is positioned at same level with working end of ceiling, and second one is connected to air sucking pipe, held below support section ceiling behind combine in parallel to axis of scrapping conveyer. Ventilator is mounted on mating support on out-flowing air stream. Flexible plastic pipes are made having U-like shape with crosspiece perforated along length, positioned along working edge of support section ceiling. Also, air-intake channel is provided with subs, each of which is made of two intertwined parts, mounted on rotation axis, separated by air-impenetrable insert. Subs and ceiling are interconnected with possible rotation of subs relatively to ceiling, and axis of subs is displaced relatively to axis of joint of support section ceiling and is parallel to it.

EFFECT: higher personnel safety, higher efficiency.

4 dwg

FIELD: mining industry, particularly ventilation of mines or tunnels during bauxite deposit development.

SUBSTANCE: method involves supplying pure air from field haulage roadway through blind drift of transport horizon into ore rising one due to mine depression; feeding part of air from rising horizon in intermediate blind drift; directing remaining pure air in layered air supply drift and then to entry ways for venting thereof; removing contaminated air through previously developed entry ways in layered venting drifts arranged in exhausted space at deposit ground along the strike; directing contaminated air through venting rises arranged in exhausted space along block boundaries at deposit ground to field venting drift drilled under deposit ground along the strike at venting horizon level and blind drift of venting horizon to field venting drift; supplying pure air from intermediate blind drift to field rise and then to field venting drift through blind drift of venting horizon. Intermediate blind drift and field rise are adapted to evacuate miners in emergency conditions.

EFFECT: increased efficiency and miner's safety due to changing pure and contaminated air mass flow within the boundaries of the block.

3 dwg

FIELD: mining industry, particularly to form venting system, which controls thermal mine conditions during combined mining.

SUBSTANCE: method involves forming overburden haulage inclined out of the pit extending across the strike up to interface between exposed and underground mines; extracting mineral from the haulage; constructing venting means and mounting support in approach mine; erecting heat-exchanging mines during opened mining.

EFFECT: elimination of time intervals during venting system construction and mining performing, simplified people evacuation in emergency and possibility to use heat-exchanging mines for other purposes.

2 dwg

FIELD: mining, particularly to vent ore and rock mines.

SUBSTANCE: method involves mixing fresh and exhaust air by blasting fuel mixture; forming suction jet, which discharges exhaust air outside the mine. Fuel mixture components are supplied by compressed nitrogen. Air mixing is performed with the use of mixture including sodium permanganate and hydrogen peroxide taken in ratio of 1:(3-10). The suction jet is formed by exhaust air ejection. Venting plant is arranged at bottom mine level. Device comprises body with nozzle arranged over fuel mixture and control panel. The device additionally has nitrogen, sodium permanganate and hydrogen peroxide vessels. Venting pipeline is secured to body nozzle. The venting pipeline is provided with jets to supply hydrogen peroxide and sodium permanganate connected with compressed nitrogen cylinder through control panel. The venting pipeline is composed of separate sections put one on another and provided with conical flares. The flares and adjacent sections define annular air suction slots.

EFFECT: provision of independent operation, simplified structure, increased operational safety and reduced power inputs for mine venting.

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