Twin gear unit with one drive gear wheel and equalised load paths

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: twin-gear unit comprises drive gear 1, its bearings being fitted on dampers. Compliance of said dampers is defined from parameters of the unit gears, drive gear rpm and power transmitted. Drive gear compliance allows it to displace toward unloaded path by required amount, hence, equalising load by feedback principle.

EFFECT: optimum overall dimensions and weight, simple and reliable operation.

2 dwg


The invention relates to mechanical engineering and can be used, for example, for a two-line two-stage gearbox, which is driven propeller plane with an offset relative to the axis of the motor shaft.

Known double-flow reducer, where the load balancing gain at the expense of precision parts manufacturing and Assembly of the gearbox [1].

The main drawback of this gear is that the adjustment of threads is carried out individually for each gear by adjusting the contact spot of the engagement of each thread, which is quite difficult and time-consuming.

Object of the invention is a two-line reducer with one leading toothed wheel and aligned load flow with a simple and reliable alignment.

This is achieved by the fact that the bearings of the pinion gear that transmits power to two threads, mounted on a pliable support (dampers) with the magnitude of the static supports yield Δ, is equal to:


where ε is the total error of the asymmetric manufacture and Assembly of the gears flows;

z1- the number of teeth of the pinion;

m1- the module of the teeth of the pinion;

n is the number of revolutions of the pinion;

N is the power transmitted by the gearbox;

α - angle profile of the teeth leading the pole is either;

β - angle gears flows;

Topis the coefficient of uneven distribution of load flows;

K - correction factor, determined the final design of the gearbox.

Figure 1 shows the kinematic diagram of the gearbox, and Fig.2 is a transverse section of the site, its pinion.

The gearbox consists of a pinion 1, which involves two parties with gears 2 installed on the left and right shafts of two streams, which also installed on the other end of gears 3, associated with the output gear 4.

Bearings pinion mounted on the dampers 5, and its internal splines associated with the external splines of the output of the springs 6 of the engine.

The gearbox works as follows (Fig.1): torque output from the springs 6, for example, from the gas turbine engine comes on pinion gear reducer 1 and through the right and left shafts (two threads) reducer, each of which has two gears 2 and 3 associated with gears 1 and 4 respectively in points 1, 2 and 3, 4, is transmitted to the output gear 4, which is removed.

Load balancing across threads is due to the flexibility of the supports and bearings pinion and move the gear in the direction of light flow in static compliance supports - Δ that p is igodit to the two alignment normal to the surfaces of the teeth forces at points 1 and 2 and consequently, the load-balancing flow.

The advantages of this gearbox are optimal for this design dimensions, weight, simplicity and reliability in operation.

Example: Given N=500 HP; ε=0.09 mm (with the degree of accuracy of manufacturing of gears 6 - 5 - 5, ε1=0,016 mm, ε2=0.024 mm, ε3=0,05 mm [2]); K=1; KP=1,05; z1=21; m=2.25 mm; n=32000 rpm; α=25°; β=27°. Substituting these values into the formula to determine Δ, we obtain:

for the two dampers,

for one damper.

These values correspond to the actual pliability vane dampers[3].

Sources of information

1. Lindelow. "Rational design of mechanisms". Ed. 2nd revised and expanded, M.: engineering, 1972

2. "Multi-threaded reducers". Under. General editorship Iphoria. Kiev, Tekhnika, 1983

3. Wofstream. "Fluctuations rasbalnsirovano rotor on elastic-damping bearings", proceedings of the US, issue 36, 1961

A two-line reducer with one leading toothed wheel and aligned with the load on the threads containing the pinion gear, characterized in that the bearings of the pinion gear that transmits power to two threads, mounted on a pliable support (dampers) with the value of static compliance And supports equal:

where ε - su is the total error of the asymmetric manufacture and Assembly of the gears of threads;
z1- the number of teeth of the pinion;
m1- the module of the teeth of the pinion;
n is the number of revolutions of the pinion;
N is the power transmitted by the gear box;
α - angle profile of the teeth of the pinion;
β - angle gears flows;
ToPis the coefficient of uneven distribution of load across threads;
K - correction factor, determined the final design of the gearbox.


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EFFECT: reducing the surface requiring accurate processing.

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8 cl, 3 dwg

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EFFECT: simplifying the design and increasing manufacturability of the structure of orbital gear motor.

2 dwg

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EFFECT: invention simplifies design and facilitates assembly of gear.

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SUBSTANCE: rolling bearings of shaft (10) are housed in eccentric sleeves (3) and (4). Sleeve (3) receives bushings (5) and (13). Sleeve (4) receives bushings (6) and (14). First bushings (5) and (6) are made of eccentric and provided with conical outer surface and radial grooves. Second bushings (13) and (14) are mating with first bushings (5) and (6) over the spherical surface whose center is on the axis of shaft (10). Additional spherical surfaces are mating with the spherical surfaces of bearing washers (15) and (16) mounted on shaft (10). Bearing washers (15) and (16) are arranged in stop nuts (17) and (18) mounted in housing (2).

EFFECT: expanded functional capabilities.

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SUBSTANCE: invention can be used in drives of high-accuracy machines and mechanisms. Proposed transmission contains high-speed shaft 1 and slow-speed shaft 2, eccentric 3, stationary central wheel 9 with internal shaped profile, holder 7 with radial slots, roller intermediate links 8 placed in slots, cam 4 and additional cam 10. Cam 4 with shaped profile on outer surface is installed on eccentric 3 of high-speed shaft 1 through antifriction bearing and is in mechanical contact with roller intermediate links 8. Additional cam 10 is rigidly coupled with slow-speed shaft 2 and is turned relative to cam 4. Number of lobes of cam 4 is equal to number of lobes of additional cam 10 and differs from number of roller intermediate links 8.

EFFECT: reduced weight, axial dimensions and unbalance of transmission.

2 cl, 2 dwg

Gear mechanism // 2250340

FIELD: mechanical engineering.

SUBSTANCE: rotor axis of gear mechanism, performing a planetary movement, is displaced relatively to stator axis for distance of engagement eccentricity. As source auxiliary contour ellipse is used, while proportional coefficient k, determining radius of guiding circle, is taken equal to half necessary number of teeth z of wheel (k = z/2), optimal shape of its teeth is provided by rational combination of ellipse shape coefficient λ, equal to relation of lengths of its semi-axes and eccentricity coefficient of auxiliary contour, in form of relation of length of greater ellipse semi-axis to rolling circle radius, while inner and outer profiles are made in form of elliptic profiles from common ellipse contour.

EFFECT: simplified manufacture.

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Reduction gear // 2250398

FIELD: mechanical engineering; summing-up rotary motion from several shafts.

SUBSTANCE: proposed reduction gear has housing 2 with covers 1, detachable horizontal shafts 5 and vertical shafts 10 and 11 with gears 7 and 9. Housing 2 is provided with cavities 6 for gears 7 with holes 3 and mounting seats for horizontal shafts 5 and mounting seats for vertical seats 10 and 11 in center of housing. Mounting seats for vertical upper shaft 11 and lower shaft 10 are made in centers of covers 1. Shafts 5 are located symmetrically and they are diametrically opposite relative to circle. Gears 9 of vertical shafts 10 and 11 are thrown into engagement with all gears 7 of horizontal shafts 5.

EFFECT: summing-up rotation of several quick revolving shafts into rotary motion of two shafts at low angular velocity.

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SUBSTANCE: two-speed planet cycloidal reduction gear comprises housing (1), cover(2), input shaft (1), output shaft (18), corner eccentric of the first gearing, satellite pinion (5), and central pinions (4) and (7), pinion (7) being movable. All the pinions are mounted on output shaft (1) via bearings (9), (19), and (20). Satellite pinion (5) is made of a spring whose turns have a round concave profile. Central pinions (4) and (7) are made of springs the turns of which have round convex profile and which are welded to define a single structure. The number of teeth of all pinions differ from these of adjacent pinions, and from their left and right sections by the unit.

EFFECT: expanded functional capabilities.

8 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: instrument industry.

SUBSTANCE: electric drive comprises first and second electric motors, planet gearings, and differential. Stators (5) and (6) of the electric motors are secured to housing (2) of the electric drive. Shaft (7) of rotor (3) of the first electric motor is mounted on base (1) and is connected with central pinion (16) of the differential through a clutch. Shaft (10) of rotor (4) of the second electric motor bears on shaft (7) of rotor (3) and is connected with the hollow central pinion (17) of the differential through a clutch. Central pinion (16) is mounted in the space of central pinion (17) and engages satellites (19). Satellites (19) engage satellites (21) in pair. Central pinion (16) is interposed between two spherical bearings (22) and (23). Carriers (20), (27), and (30) of the differential and first and second planet gearings are made in block with central pinions (25), (29), and (33) of the first, second, and third planet gearings, respectively. Satellites (26) and (32) engage common gearing wheel (34) which is secured to housing (2). Carrier (37) of the planet gearing is made in block with output shaft (40). First (42), second (43), and third (44) supports are interposed between central pinions (25), (29), and (33) and carriers (27), (30), and (37), respectively.

EFFECT: simplified manufacturing and assembling of the electric drive.

cl, dwg

FIELD: mechanical engineering.

SUBSTANCE: reduction gear comprises housing (1), teeth-rollers freely mounted in the recesses of the housing, driving shaft with eccentrics (9), driven flange, and satellites with teeth-rollers (15) freely mounted in the recesses. Teeth-rollers (15) engage teeth-rollers (14). The satellites transmit torque to the driven flange through pins (12). Teeth-rollers (15) of satellites and teeth-rollers (14) of housing (1) cooperate with each other through intermediate set of rollers (16).

EFFECT: enhanced efficiency.

1 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: mechanical engineering.

SUBSTANCE: planetary-spool reducer has turning case, motionless flange, second flange, drive shaft with eccentrics disposed uniformly around it, satellites with epicycloidal teeth, roller teeth mounted freely inside internal grooves of turning case. Drive shaft has axis of rotation shifted relatively turning case. Second flange is rigidly tied with first flange by bridges crossing windows of satellites. Drive shaft is mounted in roller supports of flanges which supports are disposed eccentrically.

EFFECT: improved efficiency of reducer.

3 cl, 6 dwg

FIELD: mechanical engineering.

SUBSTANCE: planet high-power reduction gear comprises housing (1), low-speed shaft made in block with carrier (5), satellites, solar wheel (14), and floating central wheel (2) that is composed of two rims whose teeth are directed oppositely. Solar wheel (14) is secured to driving wheel (13). Housing (1) of the reduction gear is made in block with the common intermediate link provided with inner teeth for receiving the floating central wheel (2) having outer teeth (gearing compensating clutch). The outer diameter of carrier (5) is provided with two end pins for rolling bearings to engage carrier (5) with low-speed shaft through them. The carrier is provided with the central setting opening for receiving driving shaft with solar wheel (14) mounted on the rolling bearings and coaxially-radial setting single-sided openings for receiving satellite gearing compensating clutches (8) mounted on the rolling bearings. Carrier (5) from the side of driving shaft (13) has bearing radially face flange (15) which connects driving shaft (13) and axles with the satellite gearing compensating clutches (8).

EFFECT: enhanced reliability and reduced metal consumption.

3 dwg