Shelf floor

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: shelf floor comprises flooring (2) and passing parallel to it with a support zone (3), which comprises a support profile (4) with two shelves (5,6), besides, the first shelf (6) passes mainly in parallel to flooring (2), and shelves (5, 6) are formed, accordingly, by means of mainly parallel arranged sections (7, 8 and 9,10). The novelty is the fact that the first shelf (6) and the second shelf (5) in a cross section form together a T-shaped form, besides, sections (7-10) of the shelves are accordingly made by means of roller forming and/or bending.

EFFECT: improved loading capacity and strength during bending of special floor, seamless surface of flooring.

8 cl, 2 dwg


The invention relates to shelving floor decking and held parallel to the reference area, equipped with a reference profile.

Familiar with the equipment rack floor supporting profiles for improved storage and distribution, which increase the stability of gender bending under load. For reasons of stability and economical of manufacture it is feasible to manufacture the supporting profiles integrally with the shelf floor.

From DE-U-71 059 01-known shelving floor, which bearing is formed by formed by cutting from a sheet protruding from the bottom of the curves. Wall bends adjacent with each other, at least in the area near the flooring special sex.

From DE-C-29 19 264 known module Assembly special flooring, which is made integrally with the deck support profiles. Several of these modules are in a special floor. Support profiles are formed from sections made through multiple flexible flooring material. The cross section of the profile has the shape of a triangle top is open and forms a seam in the flooring.

The objective of the invention is the creation of a special rack floor supporting profiles.

The technical result is to improve the load capacity and strength PR is the bending of the shelf floor. At the same time desirable low-cost production and seamless surface flooring. In addition, the Flexural strength in the direction of deep shelving floor should remain mostly unchanged.

The technical result is achieved by the characteristics of claim 1 of the claims. Preferred embodiments of the invention are presented in the dependent claims.

Basic profile consists of two shelves, which are formed respectively by parallel sections of shelves. The first regiment runs mainly parallel to the flooring shelving floor. Shelves increase the load capacity and bending strength shelving floor to the fact that they bear part of the weight putting pressure on the flooring shelving floor. At the same time achieves good establishement shelving floors for warehousing and distribution, as the first regiment forms a relatively large contact surface for stacked underneath shelving floor. And at high altitudes of the stacks can be achieved such uniform distribution of mechanical load on the supporting surface of the shelf floor, and can be prevented damage to the surface of the floor support profile stacked over him racking the floor.

It is preferable that the article is mobility profile can be further enhanced by that parallel sections of the reference profile flatness adjacent to each other. In the preferred embodiment by welding creates an additional connection adjacent to each other zones parcel shelves. A positive result is achieved by applying a separate spots. Alternatively or in addition it is also possible a continuous weld along the outer edges of the support profile, i.e. along formed by the upper edges of the sections of the second shelf of the junction in the area of the flooring and/or on the side edges of the support profile. For compounds preferably used the method of laser welding.

Also preferred is that possible a particularly simple production of the reference profile, since the production of the T-shaped support profile with two shelves can be achieved through repeated processes roller molding and/or flexible at an angle of 90 or 180.

It is appropriate that the reference profile is made integrally with the deck. Solid shelving floor, in principle, more stable than composite because there are no junctions of parts that could break under load. Next, the processing should be only one detail that makes possible a particularly economical manufacture of racking the floor. Moreover, one-piece version done by the effect further enhances Flexural strength shelving floor.

Particularly preferred variant of the invention, in which the shelf floor is made from a single steel sheet, for example, through a flexible and/or roller molding.

A variant of the invention is that the reference profile is produced by roller forming and/or flexible. Technology cost when profiling support remain thus regulated.

It is appropriate that the reference profile along the entire length of the shelf floor, that is, from one lateral end to the other.

A variant of the invention is that the first and second shelves are perpendicular to each other, resulting in the anchor load is distributed particularly uniformly.

Particularly preferred variant of the invention, in which the shelf floor is made from a single steel sheet, for example, through a flexible and/or roller molding.

Despite joining sections of the second shelf on the upper edge, inevitably remaining joints, which can be dirty or which may are stuck on dial-floor items are closed. Thereby can be removed uneven flooring shelving sex in those places in which the generated reference profiles.

An implementation option with multiple reference profiles of the mean variant with additional resistance across the thickness of the shelf floor.

Option of carrying out the invention is described hereinafter with reference to the drawings, in which:

figure 1 - view cross-sectional rack of the floor in accordance with an example implementation of the proposed inventions;

figure 2 is an enlarged image of the reference cross-section profile.

figure 1 shows shelf floor 1 to floor 2 and held parallel to the reference area 3, with the two supporting profile 4. Support profiles 4 are perpendicular to the plane of the drawing from one side end of the shelf floor 1 to the other end.

In the longitudinal direction of the shelf floor 1 on the lateral ends are side walls 11, which contribute to increased stiffness. They are made by stamping or cutting and subsequent roller molding and/or flexible outer edges of the floor. Trim the side walls 11 before bending is performed so that after the manufacture of the support profile 4 at the height of the support profile they had a minimum clearance (not shown). Due to the side walls 11 floor on the lateral ends can be safely stacked without slipping on the console (not shown), which are suspended in the vertical supports of the shelves (not shown).

The front and rear grooves 12, 13 close the deck 2 in the longitudinal direction. The grooves serve to provide additional strength to the floor 1, for the rise in the flooring curb straps or separated parts, and as a catcher for the incident with inlaid floor of particles or small parts.

Figure 2 shows the supporting profile 4 in cross-section, showing two shelves 5, 6, respectively formed of two pairs of parallel sections 7, 8 and 9, 10 shelves. In this particularly preferred embodiment of the invention the first shelf 6 and the second shelf 5 are perpendicular to each other and form a shape standing on the basis of the letter "T". The second regiment 5 in use is oriented vertically, while the first shelf 6 is oriented horizontally, and thus parallel to the flooring shelving floor.

Both shelves 5, 6 formed on the floor 2 floor rack 1, i.e. made him whole. This gives inlaid floor high stability and makes possible a simple and cost-effective manufacturing by roller forming and/or flexible one piece.

Vertical or second regiment 5 gives shelving floor 1 improved Flexural strength in the longitudinal direction of the support profile 4. Horizontal or first regiment 6 increases the overall load capacity and Flexural strength special shelving floor. She works as a cinch, which in addition to the material shelving floor-on the floor 2 bears the weight is the CSOs on the floor of the subject. When this weight is divided into acting on the flooring component 2 compressive loads and operating on the shelves 5, 6 anchor zone 3 component tensile load. In General, this increases the load capacity floor rack 1.

To manufacture shelving, floor-1, the basis shall be folded around the edges of the steel sheet. From this sheet by multiple processes roller forming and/or bending can be made are presented in figure 2, the T-shaped support profile with both shelves 5, 6. Two parallel-fitted to each other plot 7, 8 vertical shelves 5 provide almost seamless surface flooring.

High stability due to the used mass of the material is achieved when both shelves 5, 6 have approximately the same length. If parcels 7, 8, or 9, 10, one or both of shelves 5, 6 respectively in pairs are connected to each other by placing a few spot welds or seams, stellandy floor gets extra stability.

Despite joining sections 7, 8 of the second shelf 5 at their upper edge to the deck 2 in the seats of the support profile 4 remain joints 14, which may be dirty or can catch located on the shelf floor items. These joints 14 are closed preferably by blending a suitable mother of the La. The filling material can be welded, glued or applied by another method before or after coating shelving floor 1, or applying to a powder coating. So you can almost completely avoid uneven flooring.

1. Rack floor flooring (2) and held parallel to the reference area (3), which contains a support profile (4) with two shelves (5, 6), and the first regiment (6) runs mainly parallel to the floor (2)and the shelves (5, 6) are formed respectively through mainly parallel sections (7, 8, 9, 10), characterized in that the first shelf (6) and the second shelf (5) in cross section together form the shape of the letters "T", and the sections (7-10) shelves made respectively by roller forming and/or flexible.

2. Rack floor according to claim 1, characterized in that parallel sections (7, 8, 9, 10) shelves (5, 6) respectively flatness adjacent to each other and preferably are connected to each other.

3. Rack floor according to claim 1, characterized in that the support profile (4) formed on the floor (2).

4. Rack floor according to claim 1, characterized in that it is made out of a piece of sheet.

5. Rack floor according to one of claims 1 to 4, characterized in that the support profile (4) is, basically, the entire length of the shelf floor (1).

6. Rack floor p is one of the claims 1 to 4, characterized in that the second shelf (5) is mainly perpendicular to the first shelf (6).

7. Rack floor according to one of claims 1 to 4, characterized in that the isolating element is introduced into the joint (14), through which the upper edges forming the second shelf (5) sections (7, 8), formed in the platform (2).

8. Rack floor according to one of claims 1 to 4, characterized in that the support area (3) has several of the support profile (4).


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EFFECT: increased support resistance and strength thereof along with reduced material consumption, decreased mass and simplified manufacture.

14 cl, 6 dwg