Device preventing rotation of servo-motor

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: invention is designed for application of device preventing rotation of servo-motor mounted on driven shaft of rotary shut-off gate of gas-transporting pipe. In particular, this gate can be positioned in a structure of a heating pipe, ventilation, air conditioning or smoke pipe. Device preventing rotation of servo-motor (10) is set with geometric lock and/or power lock on projecting driven shaft (22) of rotary shut-off gate (62) of gas-transporting pipe (34). At least one shifting lengthwise bracket (36) maintaining servo-motor (10) is positioned at adjusted axial distance (a) from driven shaft (22).

EFFECT: simplified assembly and operation of device.

10 cl, 10 dwg


The invention relates to a device for preventing rotation of the servo motor is installed with a positive locking and/or force closure acting on the drive shaft of the rotary locking flap pipes for gas transportation, in particular, located in the building pipes HLR or chimney.

Electrical actuators for automotive actuators in heating, ventilation and air conditioning, called briefly installations HLR, and the pipe for the flue gases are manufactured for over 30 years. Actuators HLK provide an economical regulation of the volume flow of gases and liquids, in particular air and water. As a compact unit servo motors contain, as a rule, not only the drive but also the pressure sensors and regulators, all United in a single device.

Ventilation systems are increasingly used in buildings, in particular residential, office buildings, craft and industrial buildings, as a rule, in combination with devices for protection against flue gas. Dampers significant role is played by the regulation of the volume flow through the rotary air damper. The ow rate is measured using a suitable measuring instrument, such as using vypolnennoj is in the form of a compact unit of the actuator, pressure sensor and regulator tool NMV-D2M company Belimo Automation AG, CH-8340 Hinwil, and the measured values are transmitted to the electronic unit.

To rotate the valve relatively weak motors actuate having a large surface area regulatory authorities. It is necessary to prevent the rotation of the engine due to the generated torque. If the servo motor is mounted on the power circuit rigidly on the shaft of the damper, in addition to the torque should be understood also possible eccentricity of the rotating axis of the valve. This is done using a device to prevent rotation, which allows a corresponding linear movement in the longitudinal direction, but prevents rotation of the servo motor. You can do this at a distance from the drive shaft locking flap push lock thorn in the open with the mounting side of the longitudinal slot in the housing. The locking spike, usually mounted on a rigid, but bendable, respectively, the diameter of the perforated strip, which in turn svinina with the pipe.

If the actuator is mounted flush, the servo motor must perceive only the torque, but not the eccentricity, since the geometric closure is almost always performed on the center drive shaft for locking the lance. The body of the servo motor is fastened to the pipe and thus protected against rotation. In addition, the servo motor is fixed in the axial direction of the drive shaft. But for this there should be sufficient space for the insertion of screws and round tubes screws must lie on the same generatrix.

The basis of the invention is a device for preventing rotation specified at the beginning of the form, which is easier to mount and which is easier to handle.

The problem is solved according to the invention by the fact that on an adjustable axial distance from the drive shaft is located at least one holding the servo with a possibility of longitudinal shear bracket. Special and modified embodiments of the device for preventing rotation are the subject of dependent claims.

When mounting the servo motor simultaneously with navigantium on the drive shaft locking flap moves between the shoulders, it is advisable made U-shaped bracket and held there without a clearance. However, it is essential that the motor can freely move relative to the radial direction of the drive shaft. Due to this, it is possible to compensate for possible eccentricity.

However, the bracket must be done so stabilin is, she can easily perceive the maximum possible torque of the servo motor. When performing normal physical and/or geometrical circuit of the servo motor to the drive shaft, for example, using a conventional clamping block, above hold with clamps is sufficient.

Preferably, at least part of the parallel shoulders bracket is made springy and has an end protruding inside the locking protrusion for compression of the servo motor. Flat servo motor is covered by the bracket, and the locking tabs can slide on the upper side of the housing. When larger motors in the hull on both sides runs longitudinally passing groove for the reception with the possibility of a shift in the longitudinal direction of the locking tabs.

In the case of shoulder braces that are the entire length of the completed spring, they nevertheless must take the maximum torque of the servo motor, but, on the other hand should provide a smooth opening manually in order to replace the motor without the use of tools.

According to an improved variant execution shoulders brackets separated, at least on the affected part with the locking protrusion, and at least one stubborn bent part. In this case, spring is the real part should no longer contribute to the perception of torque. To ensure the best treatment she can be at the base of the weakening groove. On the other hand, in the zone of the hardest parts of the bracket may be made in passing as a whole across the shoulders and the base plate reinforcing rib.

The flexibility of the bracket according to the invention additionally increases when it is secured only by using a single screw or mechanically equivalent means, such as rivets, pipe and thereby can be rotated. A particularly interesting variant of this solution consists in mounting the bracket on the pipe by pushing the clips on opposite shoulders and protruding outward locking protrusions that for eliminating the fixation can be pressed against each other. In made using injection molding plastic part of the clip is formed in the middle of the length.

The bracket according to the invention provides a quick and simple replacement of the servo motor. The installation can be further facilitated due to the fact that the locking protrusions of the shoulders have the sliding surface, which when installing the servo motor automatically pushes springy shoulder bracket, and when the end position is the fixation with a snap.

The bracket preferably pre-mounted, so that the servo motor is only necessary to lock it in place.

The bracket can the be made of any suitable materials, in particular of spring steel or injection molded part made of plastic.

Pipe for transporting gases may also have multiple holes for mounting brackets, which are located along one generatrix. This ensures optimal positioning of the bracket relative to the resulting torque. Unused openings can be closed by appropriate means.

The bracket according to the invention has the following advantages:

she can perceive the possible eccentricity;

- requires only one screw or equivalent mechanical fastening means, such as a clamp, for mounting the bracket on the pipe;

- Assembly and disassembly of the motor can be performed without tools; the distance of the drive shaft locking valve to bracket can be selected freely within wide limits;

- no need for complicated cut-outs or extensions on the actuator;

the servo motor can be installed flush, without having to commit on the drive shaft;

- a single, i.e. one and the same holder for geometric circuit and clamping block.

Below is a detailed explanation of the invention based on examples, which are also the subject of the dependent claims, with reference to the accompanying h is rtii, which schematically:

figure 1 - servo motor with a device to prevent rotation according to the prior art, in the future;

figure 2 - pipe for the transport of gases with a protruding drive shaft for locking flap and pre-mounted bracket;

figure 3 - pipe according to figure 2, prepared for mounting a servo motor;

4 is a view according to figure 2, in the future;

figure 5 - gas pipe installed servo motor;

6 is a view according to figure 5, in the future;

Fig.7-9 - bracket in the future;

figure 10 is a partial cut system according to figure 5.

Figure 1 shows the servo motor 10 is very much a reduction gear 11, which can be used to rotate the locking flap 12 accurately at a given angle. Torque is transmitted through the clamping block 14, which contains essentially U-shaped bracket 16, the support 18 and the two screws 20 with a power circuit to the drive shaft 22.

As a device to prevent rotation in the slot 30 of the housing, as shown by the arrow 2, enter the perforated strip 24 with locking tenon 26, which has a protruding head 28. Rigid perforated strip 24 is fixed by means of two screws 32 are not shown here, the pipe for the transport of gases (item 34 figure 2). Introduced into the slot 30 of the locking tenon 26 under the action of crutes the th point in the direction of the arrow 1 has virtually no backlash. However, caused by a force closure eccentricity during rotation of the drive shaft 22 is continuously compensated without problems.

Figure 2 shows the pipe 34 for the transport of gases with a protruding drive shaft 22 is not shown locking flap. In accordance with the invention here swing set pre-mounted bracket 36. Flat made the servomotor 10 is placed, as shown in figure 3, in the direction of the arrow 38 flush to the pump drive shaft 22 and simultaneously introduced into the bracket 36. The form of bracket 36 shown in figure 4. It is made essentially U-shaped and corresponds to the cross section IV-IV of the servo motor 10 figure 3. The bracket 36 has a rigid base plate 40 with an aperture 42 in the middle for a single fastening screw which is not illustrated for simplicity. A hole 42 is drilled on the same generatrix of 44, and a hole for the drive shaft 22.

The bracket 36 according to figure 4 further comprises two slightly expandable shoulder 46, each with a locking protrusion 48. In addition, in the lower zone of the shoulders 46 of the support strap 50 to be placed servo motor 10. As shown in figure 4, held in the bracket 36, the servo motor can be moved in the axial direction of the pipe 34 for transporting gases that in the above embodiment with a clamping bracket 14 (smot and figure 1) is essential.

Figure 5 and 6 is shown mounted on the drive shaft 22 and held in the bracket 36 is a flat servo motor 10.

7-9 shows the bracket 36 with variously performed shoulders 46. 7 and 8, the shoulders 46 contain springy middle portion 52 with the locking protrusion 48 and two stubborn bent on each side of the part 54. On both sides of the base plate 40 are reinforcing ribs from the shoulder 46 to shoulder 46 or, respectively, of the stubborn part 54 to the stubborn part 54 of the shoulders 46.

Shown in the figure 9 embodiment, the bracket 36 is made two more long springy part 52 and three shorter stubborn part 54 as a shoulder 46. The retaining tabs 48 springy shoulder 52 formed inward and downward surface 58 of the slide. Thus, the servo motor 10 can be installed on the locking tabs 48 and press down. Thanks to the surfaces 58 of the sliding spring part 52 are extended outward and locked in place when the servo motor end position on the supporting bars 50.

Spring part 52 according pig have at the basis (bases) are depicted by the dashed lines of weakening groove 60 that makes it easier to remove the lien.

Figure 10 again shows a General view of the invention. In the pipe 34 for transporting gases is locking flap 62, which is made to rotate with the drive shaft 22.

The servomotor 10 is placed flush your not depicted hollow drive shaft to the drive shaft 22 of the locking flap 62 and may be removed in the opposite direction, as indicated by the double arrow z. When putting the servo motor 10 and he also pressed into the bracket 36, with springy portion 52 is locked in place in its final position and fix the servo motor 10. In the zone of the drive shaft 22 does not require any fixing activities in the z-direction. This is done by latching bracket 36.

Turning arrow 64 indicated that serves as a holder bracket 36 can be rotated, and the double arrow 66 denotes that the servo motor 10 can be moved in the longitudinal direction of the pipe 34 for transporting gases, thereby it is possible to catch the eccentricity.

1. The device to prevent rotation of the servo motor (10)mounted flush and/or power circuit acting on the drive shaft (22) swivel locking flap (62) pipe (34) for the transportation of gases, in particular located in the building of pipes of heating, ventilation and air conditioning or chimney, characterized in that on an adjustable axial distance (a) from drive shaft (22) is at least one holding the servo motor (10) with the option of a longitudinal shift bracket (36).

2. The device according to claim 1, characterized in that the parallel shoulders (46) essentially U-shaped bracket (36) is made springy and have each end protruding inside the locking projection (48) for compression of the servo motor (10), which cover the servo motor or included in its passing in the longitudinal direction of the groove.

3. The device according to claim 1, characterized in that the shoulder (46) of the bracket (36) separated by at least one spring portion (52) with the locking projection (48) and at least one stubborn bent portion (54).

4. The device according to claim 2, characterized in that the spring part (52) of the shoulders (46) are at the base of the weakening groove (60).

5. The device according to claim 4, characterized in that the bracket (36) contains at least one passing as a whole shoulders (46) and base plate (40) reinforcing rib (56).

6. The device according to claim 1, characterized in that the bracket (36) is fixed to rotate on the tube (34) at the expense of located in the middle of the length of the hole (42) using a single screw (32) or rivets.

7. The device according to claim 6, characterized in that the bracket (36) is fixed with the help of located in the middle of the length of the clip with oppositely lying shoulders.

8. The device according to claim 1, characterized in that the bracket (36) pre-installed.

9. The device according to claim 2, characterized in that the securing tabs (4) are passing obliquely inward and downward surface (58) slides for automatic retraction of the shoulders (46) of the bracket (36) with the introduction of the servo motor (10).

10. The device according to claim 1, characterized in that the bracket (36) consists of a spring steel or resilient plastic.


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EFFECT: increased pressure tightness of vent and reliability of its operation, also, simplification of design.

3 cl, 3 dwg

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SUBSTANCE: here if disclosed low-temperature shut-off device for cryogenic medium consisting of case, of valve seat installed in case, and of shut-off gate controlling flow of medium through valve seat. The rotary shut-off gate is also installed in the case. Additionally, on the case there is at least one flange corresponding to a flange facilitating welded connection, particularly, butt welded connection, whereto the low temperature shut-off device in a pipeline is fastened. The case has an orifice for assembly and/or disassembly of the shut-off gate. Notably, the shut-off gate functionally is connected with a driven shaft installed in a support member closing the orifice in the case; the support member is fastened on the case with a split connection in the zone of the orifice of the case.

EFFECT: increased efficiency of shut-off device operation.

16 cl, 4 dwg

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