Method of coal extraction by sublevel hydraulic winning with concurrent methane extraction

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: method includes coal bed extraction in sub-levels with the use of hydraulic mining and pressure tight bulkheads. First, sublevel drifts are put to the boarder of mine section, then, as far as the coal is extracted in the sublevel entry way there installed is portable pressure tight bulkhead with pipe and duct for the output of coal slurry and concurrent methane exhaustion from near-well bore area. Note that after sublevel working out methane exhaustion is continued from the ducts installed in pressure tight bulkheads.

EFFECT: complex and rational use of coal in subsurface resources ensured by concurrent methane extraction, reduction of coal prime cost, safe mining.

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The invention relates to the mining industry and can be used in the development of minerals.

Known sublevel getrootpane with flexible overlay mounted in the same plane for the development of steep seams 8 m (Krackow A.P. Technology of mining. - M.: Nedra, 1985, s-296).

The disadvantages of the technology are: the need to spend a large amount of preparatory workings; dangerous working conditions because of the large volumes of methane emissions.

These disadvantages are partially resolved in another way (Technological scheme of development of coal seams Prokopyevsk-kisilevsky field systems sublevel getrootpane (GIP), instruction on safe use of technological schemes of development of coal seams Prokopyevsk-kisilevsky field systems sublevel getrootpane (GIP), Aksenov GI, Afanas'ev, I.V., Vorozhtsov SV and other Prokopyevsk, 2006, p.45-52).

Cleaning seizure in the substage is performed by jetting. Ventilated longwall face and preparatory development using local fans airing. For safety use safety shield. After testing the camera (Zachodni) and fill the breed becoming high-pressure, vent pipe, transport chute for the passage of pulp Karachev who are, the giant and the flap is transferred to a distance of 6-8 m and then the cycle of dredging coal repeated.

Also known another method (patent RF №2368783 to the invention. "The way to develop coal seam borehole gidrodobychnyh", Appl. 30.04.08 year). In this way in a pre-drilled hole set cylindrical portion of the sealed chamber. Then she put the water hose on the hydraulic ejector and issuance of the coal slurry to the surface, after which the cylindrical portion of the sealed chamber attached sealed chamber with a nozzle through which air is sucked methane consumers when mining a coal seam.

Along with the existing advantages of this method has drawbacks:

- a large amount of preparatory work;

- low quality of coal mined;

- large cost of coal.

The objective of the invention is to eliminate the above disadvantages of the prototype, and thus the creation of this method of coal extraction, which allows to carry out:

complex and rational use of coal resources by passing methane production;

- reducing the cost of coal.

- the safe development of minerals.

The invention consists in that in the method of coal extraction sublevel gidrootbojkoj with associated methane production, including mining HS is a high layer in potatah using hydropobic and tight jumper, first held sublevel drifts to the border of the extraction field, then, as the extraction of coal in the benches of the substage install portable sealed jumper pipe and nozzle for issuing from the bottom zone of the coal slurry and associated pumping methane, and after a failover substage pumping of methane proceeds from the nozzles installed in the capital airtight jumpers.

The method is illustrated in the drawings, in which figure 1 is a diagram of the testing reservoir sublevel gidrootbojkoj associated with methane extraction; figure 2 - section a-a in figure 1; figure 3 is a cross-section B-B in figure 1; figure 4 - section b-b In figure 2; I, II, III stages of coal extraction in the section.

The method of coal extraction sublevel gidrootbojkoj with associated methane production is carried out as follows.

On ventilation and haulage horizons of the reservoir is opened crosscut 1, 2, are scat 3, and vent 4 and pulposus 5 of the furnace. To the border of the extraction field are sublevel drifts 6, 7. On the border of the extraction field at a distance equal to the length of zagadki are giant 8 and portable sealed jumper 9 box 10 of Plexiglas to monitor the operation of the monitor 8 and the pipe 11 to transport slurry to pulpeuse furnace 5. Is split furnace 12 and begin treatment works backward from sublevel drift in tataje 13 benches 14 along the strike of the formation. After excavation of coal in the section 14 portable sealed jumper 9 is transferred to the extraction of coal in the new section, reduced pipe designed to transport slurry 11 and rods vent pipe 15 and pipe 16 for supplying water to the water cleaning unit 8. Repulsed high-pressure water jet coal with water falls onto the receiving tray 17 and then the pulp together with the methane in the pipe 11, is laid on the sublevel drift 6, is transported to pulpeuse furnace 5. There on the pair of notches 18 and sublevel drift 6 through the pipe 19 methane rises to the vent horizon 20 and the slurry through pipes laid in pulpeuse furnace 6, enters the haulage horizon 21.

After a failover substage 13 in the grooves 14 are installed capital tight jumper 22, 23 with the pipes for the removal of methane from the goaf. Fresh air for ventilation of preparatory development 7 and sublevel drift 6 flows through the pipes 24 from local ventilation fan 25 mounted on the main horizon 21 and then through the pipe 15 to the crosspiece 9. Outgoing stream of air from mines 6, 7 and furnaces 4, 5 and skate 3 comes out on vent horizon 20.

The method of coal extraction sublevel gidrootbojkoj with associated methane production, including the development of a coal seam in potatah with use the of hydropobic and tight jumper, wherein the first conducting sublevel drifts to the border of the extraction field, then, as the extraction of coal in the benches of the substage install portable sealed jumper pipe and nozzle for issuing from the bottom zone of the coal slurry and associated pumping methane, and after a failover substage pumping methane continue from nozzles installed in the capital airtight jumpers.


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FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to mining and can be used in drilling blast-holes, wells, degassing of rocks and their disintegration using disintegrating agents. Proposed method comprises drilling blast-holes, wells, their stepwise degassing in drilling, zone-by-zone drilling of rocks and degassing. In drilling, stepwise degassing is carried out along with centring of drilling rod. Note that drilling is suspended solely in registered gas accumulation areas to reduce gas recovery of rock stratum to natural rate of gas release. Proposed device comprises also drilling rod with inner and outer drilling strings that form a channel there between. Outer tube accommodates spacer seal fitted thereon. Device can incorporate several separate drilling bars with seals for stepwise degassing and disintegration of rocks.

EFFECT: higher safety and reliability in drilling, extracting gas and preparing stratum for extraction.

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FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: trapping method of methane involves suction of methane through connection pipe of tight chamber during development of coal bed. Tight chamber is installed on supports above outlet air flow of the well. Connection pipe is located in upper part of chamber, and air is discharged in natural manner through lower part. At that, together with methane suction through connection pipe in upper part of the chamber, its percentage is measured.

EFFECT: simplifying methane trapping and reducing electric energy costs.

1 dwg

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: method involves preparation of extraction area by performing opening and preparation workings; drilling of degassing wells and their integration into degassing network of the well; preliminary degasification of the developed coal beds with delivery of methane-air mixture via degassing network with degassing vacuum pump installed at pump station to the surface; combustion of methane-air mixture in boiler furnace and production of coal from degassed beds. In cases when concentration of methane in methane-air mixture is inadmissibly low for transportation and combustion of methane-air mixture in boiler furnace, additional vacuum pump is installed at the pump station, which includes degassing network of the well parallel with degassing vacuum pump; at that, capacity of additional vacuum pump is taken smaller than that of degassing one.

EFFECT: due to additional pump it is possible to continue the degassing process, not allowing methane emissions to atmosphere, which increases the coal production efficiency and decreases ecological stress in coal-mining region.

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FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: proposed method comprises subjecting initial methane-air mix sucked by fan from underground working to wet dust separating, feeding it into absorber for methane-air mix to get in contact with methane-absorbing sorbent. Air cleaned of dust and methane is returned into mine or ejected into atmosphere. Sorbent saturated with methane is heated to 60-80°C to release methane to be cleaned of sorbent drops and forwarded for future use. Recovered sorbent is fed again into absorber. Note here that heat of recovered sorbent heated in desorber is recovered and transferred in reflux heat exchanger to sorbent saturated with methane fed into desorber. Invention covers device to implement above described method.

EFFECT: higher safety of mine operation, reduced emission of methane.

8 cl,1 dwg

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: proposed gas generator comprises armored and nonarmored tubular charges of solid fuel accommodated on geophysical cable with fireproof coat, detonation igniter including blast cartridge and detonating cord. Said detonation igniter is accommodated in armored charge, second is seen from below, and upper armored charges. Channel of lower armored charge accommodates igniter representing an electric igniter connected in series with blast cartridge at preset distance therefrom. Gas generator bottom face is tightly plugged.

EFFECT: producing multiple elongated fractures in coal bed at low hydrostatic pressure, ruling out of gas generator upward travel.

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FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: vertical degassing wells are drilled from day surface until crossed with coal bed, afterwards, ring drilling out of inclined degassing wells is done along coal bed from single mine. Afterwards, in all degassing wells hydraulic rupture is arranged at a distance defined experimentally for each coal bed. Then heads of degassing wells are connected to gas suction plants. Produced methane-air mixture is cleaned from water and other admixtures, liquefied and injected into storage reservoirs.

EFFECT: preliminary degassing of coal beds, prevention of methane gas explosions in mining of highly gas-bearing beds, reduction of methane gas content in coal bed, increased gas recovery of degassing wells, increased safety of mining works.

2 dwg

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: fresh air is supplied into mining face due to general shaft depression along two courses that delineate extraction pillar. It is discharged along course maintained behind mining face. In zones of active gas release of approximate beds, air impermeable throughput brattices are erected to form gas draining chamber. Part of stripped area adjacent to the latter is zone of methane trapping. Flow of air-methane mixture is formed. One part of flow is drained along gas-draining course into outward line of extraction site. The other one is discharged from stripped area outside the limits of extraction site. Between mining face and zone of maximum gas release of developed bed an additional throughput brattice is installed. The other part of air-methane mix flow is pushed aside in the area of impact of throughput brattices of gas draining chamber in direction of developed bed unloading zone arrangement. Flow of air-methane mix pushed aside is captured in wells for degassing. They are drilled in advance to form gas-draining chamber from maintained course into zone of developed bed unloading. Mouths are arranged behind project area, where gas draining chamber throughput brattice is erected. Bottoms are arranged in zone of maximum gas release of developed bed. Additional throughput brattice is initially installed in course maintained behind mining face in area, where its vertical plane matches vertical plane passing through point, which is projection of bottom in the well nearest to mining face for degassing onto ground of stripped area, and line being perpendicular drawn from specified point to the limit between maintained course and stripped area. As mining face advances, it is displaced in direction of extraction pillar development.

EFFECT: increased efficiency of methane removal, provides for the possibility to create reserve for increased load at bottom.

4 cl, 7 dwg

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: spatially oriented boreholes are drilled in degassed massif. Heads of boreholes are sealed and cased with a perforated pipe. Additional vacuum-pump aggregates are installed at each head of a borehole cluster. The aggregates perform forceful withdrawal of gas mixture to a central vacuum station. Additional facilities of gas mixture withdrawal, installed before each borehole cluster, function as a flushing aggregate during drilling. Simultaneously they loosen and dynamically affect a bottomhole zone of each borehole. By rotating the functions of line for pressurising suction the same pump aggregates operate for pumping out methane-air mixture from the cluster of boreholes.

EFFECT: increased efficiency of gas recovery of formation and of methane withdrawal, reduced gas contents in mine developments, increased safety of mining related to gas factor.

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FIELD: power engineering.

SUBSTANCE: mine methane in form of conditioned air-methane mixture (AMM) is used in power installation as gas fuel. Not-conditioned AMM is retarded with combustion products with specified upper and lower limits of methane contents. Further the mixture is thinned with air and used as gas fuel. Not-conditioned AMM is thinned with air flow, if contents of methane in it is below the established lower concentration limit. Then it is used for blowing at combustion of hydrocarbon wastes of coal mining and for production of gas synthesis. Produced gas-synthesis is used at combustion of hydrocarbon wastes and/or is utilised as reserve gas fuel for power installation made in kind of a heat generating installation.

EFFECT: rational utilisation of source not-conditioned air-methane mixture (methane 2,5-25%) at its safe transporting via gas lines; also simultaneous-separate utilisation with exhaust air flow in power installations involving hydrocarbon wastes of coal mining both at combustion in power installations and in gasification producing and utilising gas synthesis and methane-air mixture together with air flow as blowing.

17 cl, 6 ex, 2 tbl, 7 dwg

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: invention involves determination, according to mining-and-geological and mining-and-technical conditions of the mine, of technogenic methane reservoirs formed with disintegration of rocks during extraction of coal beds. There chosen are location places of wells on the basis of extracting maximum amount of methane from one or several technogenic reservoirs through each well at its depth providing optimum unit costs for methane extraction from those reservoirs. Invention allows increasing methane content in the extracted gas mixture owing to limited air inflow to the well due to high aerodynamic resistance of the deformed massif in the section of unextinguished mine workings to well perforation channels. Invention allows extracting conditioned methane-air mixtures in conditions of occasional disturbance of tightness of mine workings with atmosphere or absence of tightness in widely used mine abandonment technologies.

EFFECT: increasing productivity of degassing wells owing to degassing of several technogenic reservoirs opened with one well.

1 dwg, 1 tbl, 1 ex

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to mining, in particular mechanised face complexes for underground development of mineral deposited in sloping beds. Mechanised face complex for production of mineral deposited in sloping beds, its development in large blocks and delivery of these blocks by escalators, includes sections of powered support, hydraulic cutting cleaning machine with rolls, providing for its motion, to cut the mineral from bottomhole massif in large blocks with the possibility to cut transverse slots while hydraulic cutting machine is immovable, and to cut back vertical slot by means of continuous motion of hydraulic cutting machine with actuators and hydraulic cutting heads joined via metal tubes, on which they are rigidly fixed, with water supply manifold, outgoing from multipliers that impart ultrahigh pressure to water, hydraulic booster installed with the possibility of its continuous feeding with water and emulsion by means of continuously joined hoses of hydraulic cutting machine to water supply and emulsion manifolds, layer of manifolds for provision of possibility to re-arrange specified manifolds as hydraulic cutting machine moves and changes its direction of movement in process of idle run. Hydraulic cutting machine is arranged with the possibility to cut longitudinal slots parallel to plane of bed, simultaneously to cutting of back vertical slot with application of special hydraulic cutting untis, hydraulic booster is arranged with the possibility to feed water of ultrahigh pressure at actuators providing for cutting of back vertical and longitudinal slots as hydraulic cutting machine moves, and while hydraulic cutting machine is immovable - with the possibility to feed all water to actuators providing for transverse hydraulic cutting, besides lengths of all sections along length of long face of continuous cutting of transverse slots at one side and back vertical and longitudinal slots at the other side are identical. At the same time complex is equipped with suspended platform joined at goaf side of the second escalator to move long face of hydraulic cutting machine along it by means of electric drive connected to driving sprocket engages with track chain arranged in cute also laid in suspension platform, and body of track chain holds all communications providing for operation of hydraulic booster: emulsion discharge and drain manifolds, water manifold and electric cable.

EFFECT: increased efficiency of cleaning face, provision of high safety level, reduced release of gas and dust into atmosphere of long face.

4 cl, 10 dwg

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to mineral resource industry, particularly to development of placers of minerals including alluvial placers of valuable minerals and noble metals including gold, silver, platinum etc. The procedure includes making vertical borehole and drilling boreholes into zone of gravel product deposits which are washed out with hydro-monitors. Produced pulp is directed to the vertical borehole. The vertical borehole is drilled facilitating entry into underground mine working constructed below the placers in a zone of stable rock. Directional upward boreholes are drilled into the zone of placers from the said mine workings. The vertical and directional upward boreholes are cased with a through filter pipe and filter strings; also hydro-monitors are installed in the filter strings of directional upward boreholes. Screw or helical hollow pipe is axially transferred and rotated for cleaning a filter part inside the through filter string of the vertical borehole and for control of pulp flow from the placer. Flush fluid coming via pointed perforation in screw or helical hollow pipe is supplied along whole length of the filter part of the through filter string.

EFFECT: maximal complete development of placer and continuous extraction of mineral.

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FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: high-pressure bit nozzle is made in the form of confuser with straight-line channel section. Nozzle diametre do is chosen depending on density of flushing fluid, supply of drilling pump, nozzle resistance coefficient, nozzle opening degree, flow coefficient of supply channels, flow coefficient of nozzle, number of nozzles in the bit, the pressure created with the drilling bit, and length of straight-line nozzle section is determined by the formula ℓ=Kd0, where ℓ - length of straight-line channel section; K - trial coefficient (K=0.51÷0.53). Wear resistance of the material of the working nozzle part is higher than wear resistance of the material of its rest part.

EFFECT: increasing the drilling efficiency and reducing the cost of the drilling process.

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: solid mass is subject to alluvial re-deposition with water flow. For that purpose, above the level of minefield section there created is water reserve, and in the minefield section there opened is some part of reserves with pioneer ditch. Drain ditch is passed from minefield section so that vortex and laminar flow zones are created in it. Water is drained from storage pond. Water flow breaks solid mass starting from pioneer ditch area, weighs the solid mass material and moves in the flow via drain ditch to the zone with laminar current conditions. In that area the productive particles are deposited, and thin clay material in the form of pulp flows to sludge pit.

EFFECT: reducing labour input and losses of useful components.

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FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: invention can be implemented at borehole hydro-mining of any minerals at development at big depth or under complicated mining-geological conditions by means of directionally drilled (vertical-horizontal) boreholes wherein there are created zones of extracted rock crumbling; rock is flushed with hydromining aggregate and is supplied to surface in form of hydraulic mixture or pulp. The object of the disclosed here invention is to develop a hands-free method of borehole mining of minerals facilitating unchecked advance of a borehole hydro-mining aggregate at development of rock of any solid minerals. A horizontal part of borehole is drilled above sub-face of productive formation at half-diametre (in centre) of estimated production chambers on the assumption of preliminary calculations and considering ultimate strength of developed rock; this part is loaded with sectional arranged estimated elongated charges of explosive substances - (ES) divided with inert material and enclosed into a destructible shell; further these charges are successively initiated with a delay in each section, thus producing separate crushed sections divided with pillars of productive rock and containing zones of not broken rock required for unchecked advance of borehole hydro-mining aggregate along axes of productive chambers by means of flushing crushed rock and drawing it in form of hydraulic mixture or pulp to surface.

EFFECT: improved conditions for advance of hydro-mining aggregate facilitating increased efficiency and output of minerals hydro-mining.

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FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: invention is related to mining industry, in particular to development of drowned gravel mineral deposits, also to development of alluvial deposit of noble metals and precious minerals. Method includes erection of shaft in bottom zone of productive deposits, driving of horizontal underground mines and sumps below bedrock of bottom productive deposits, in zone of stable rocks. Mines are used to arrange slanted-upward production wells, pumping of ore-bearing pulp from sumps to surface is carried out by pump-draining pumps along pulp lines. In the middle and along channel of productive deposits, on surface there are down holes erected with filter columns with full-hole openings and their exit to horizontal underground mines. On two sides of bottom zone along bottom line of productive deposits, over bedrock, slanted-horizontal wells are arranged, from which productive deposits are activated by hydraulic monitors, being transferred into pulp, which is supplied into sumps via full holes of filter columns of down holes and via slanted-upward wells. Arrangement of slanted-horizontal wells is carried out with their direction to filter columns of down wells.

EFFECT: method makes it possible to develop productive deposit to the maximum.

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Water jet nozzle // 2374448

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: invention is related to treatment of item surfaces with water jet. Water jet nozzle comprises body with the first nozzle head arranged on its front end, besides axis of outlet hole in the first nozzle head in plane of front end of body has an angle of inclination to axis of body rotation and is displaced relative to axis of rotation, and the second nozzle head, arranged on body side surface, besides axis of outlet hole of the second nozzle head is inclined to axis of body rotation to the side of its front end. Body comprises device for flow interruption, which comprises disk made in the form of sleeve, bottom and side walls of which have slots in the form of sectors and small turbine that represents impeller made of hub and blade crown, for instance with four blades arranged at an angle to nozzle axis. Disk and small turbine are fixed on axis, which it in turn is installed in sliding bearings, one of which is fixed in nozzle body from the side of front end, the other one - in central part of support, having shape of ring with ribs of rigidity, with external radius equal to radius of bore, where it is installed. Support is fixed with threaded ring.

EFFECT: improved efficiency of water jet nozzle due to dynamic action of pulsating water jets at material.

4 dwg

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to mining and can be used at development of stratum of coal by means of water-jet boring-and-reaming with following delivering of methane to consumer. Development method of stratum of coal by water-jet boring-and-reaming includes treatment of stratum with usage of predrilled well, hydraulic monitor with jet and jet elevator. Into predrilled well it is installed parallel portion of hermetic chamber, then into it is inserted pipes for water feeding to jet elevator, hydraulic monitor, and delivery of coal slurry to surface, after what on parallel portion of hermetic chamber it is fixed hermetic chamber with branch, through which it is exhausted methane by consumer at treatment of stratum of coal.

EFFECT: it provides implementation of unattended mining of minerals, and also - simultaneous delivery from one well of minerals and methane.

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FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to mining industry, and namely to development method of steep coal bed. Method involves development of coal bed by using pre-bored wells and a hydraulic monitor with a head piece. First, cross drift is made from the slope in the direction of the superface or soil of the bed, then in the cross drift there installed is a boring machine for boring inclined wells of large and small diametre at one and the same level through certain length; after that in the well of small diametre there installed is bore-hole hydraulic monitor with the head piece rotating at 180°, and coal breakage is begun at the sub-level; at that, the well of large diametre, which is broken as the sub-level development proceeds, is used for transporting the broken mined rock to the slope.

EFFECT: complex and rational use of subsurface resources, manless mining operations, reducing costs for the bed preparation and increasing labour efficiency.

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FIELD: mining engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to field of hydraulic boring-and-reaming of minerals, particularly to structures of gears for hydraulic boring-and-reaming solid minerals. Device consists of connected to each other tubal line with introduction and low end wall. Low end wall contains side water jet nozzle, pulp-receiving windows and jet elevator device. Diffusion cell jet elevator device by means of outlet is hydraulically connected to space between casing column and tubal line, and in bottom-most portion of low end wall it is installed butt water jet nozzle, hydraulically connected to separating cavity. Length of low end wall is more than distance between casing shoe and subface of producing stratum. Top part of casing pipe is outfitted by exterior reference ring and air-feeding pipe, rigidly fixed to casing pipe, and in bottom part of casing pipe there are implemented openings for feeding of compressed air into stope. Between casing pipe and body of low end wall, higher openings for feeding of compressed air, it is installed ring gasket.

EFFECT: it provides effectiveness increase of HBR ensured by creation of physical environment of side water jet device in unsubmerged space of stope.

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FIELD: mining industry.

SUBSTANCE: method includes opening productive bed by product slanting well, casing the well by pipes column, mounting well block with concentrically positioned pipes columns, lift and hydro-monitoring headpiece, hydro-monitoring erosion of bed and raising formed mixture of rocks by said lift to surface. According to method, opening of productive bed is performed using product slanting well and its casing is performed by displacing outer pipes column of well block along well axis and concurrent rotation of inner pipes column, hydro-monitoring headpiece is inserted inside outer column of pipes of well block, and during erosion of bed it is pulled out of outer pipes column of well block. Device for realization of said method is made in form of well block, including as common parts concentrically placed pipes column, outermost of which is casing column of well, and inner one is provided with headpiece with lift, hydro-monitoring headpiece and pressurizing element, and portal in form of two-passage swivel for feeding water and draining pulp. Pressurizing element is mounted at end piece above hydro-monitoring headpiece and is made in form of cylindrical shelf. To limit movement of inner pipes column relatively to outer pipes column, at lower end of outer pipes column a bushing is mounted with possible interaction with cylindrical shelf, outer diameter of which exceeds inner diameter of bushing.

EFFECT: higher efficiency, lower costs, lower laboriousness.

2 cl, 4 dwg