Floor panels with fire-resistant layer

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: floor panel is arranged in the form of rectangular plate equipped with facilities of mechanical interlocking joint, arranged at least on its two opposite sides. Panel has layer structure, containing decorative layer, base and continuous fire-resistant later arranged directly under decorative layer and base.

EFFECT: panel fire resistance enhancement.

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The invention relates to the sexual panels with a layered structure.

There are a large number of so-called multi-layer panels. In most cases, they contain the base of stand to the compression of wood-fiber plates HDF or MDF, a leveling layer, decorative paper, and the top wear-resistant layer, usually consisting of a high strength of the cured lacquer or polymer. However, these sex panel does not have sufficient fire resistance.

Consequently, the purpose of the present invention is to give sexual panels increased fire resistance.

This goal is achieved distinctive features stated in claim 1 of the claims.

The use of fire-resistant layer having features of the invention, makes it easy to get sex panel with enhanced fire resistance.

Fire-resistant layer preferably contains a non-flammable material, but can also be used and impermeable material.

The preferred material is fire-resistant layer is wood, in particular glass-fiber Mat. The advantage of fiberglass Mat is high impact strength of a floor panel.

When soaking fire-resistant layer binder improves the relationship between adjacent layers. Preferred prop the Delta agent is a melamine-formaldehyde resin, usually used for sexual connection between panels.

In a layered structure of a floor panel fire-resistant layer have as close as possible to the upper side, as in most cases, this side is exposed to fire. Thus, the preferred is the location of the fire-resistant layer between the decorative layer and the base.

To demonstrate its fire resistance of fire-resistant layer should be thick enough. The preferred thickness is in the range from 0.01 to 3 mm.

Sex panel according to this invention requires only minor modifications of the production process, as provided by the invention is a fire-resistant layer is easily pressed with other layers with the formation of a floor panel.

In addition, the flame retardant properties of a floor panel can be enhanced further if you do the edges of the panel fire-resistant. This is achieved by the application of fire-resistant layer, for example a mixture of kaolin and sodium silicate.

Below is one exemplary embodiment of the invention with reference to the drawings, where:

figure 1 presents a partial schematic perspective representation of a floor panel according to the invention,

figure 2 presents an enlarged image of the fragment And 1, and

figure 3 shows a way to protect the edges.

Figure 1 presented the and gender panel 1, made according to the invention. The appearance and design of a floor panel selected arbitrarily, floor panel 1 can be, for example, made in the form of a plate or plates. Sex panel 1 in the present embodiment, of the invention made in the form of a rectangular plate provided with means 2 mechanical connection to the castle, located at least at two of its opposite sides. In the present example of the invention, the means 2 contain the first profile 2A and the corresponding second profile 2b, each of which extends along the opposite longitudinal edges of the panel 1 is made with the possibility of a connection profile 2A floor panel and profile 2b adjacent floor panel between a lock as horizontally and vertically. There are a large number of such profiles with mechanical means of connection to the castle, and the invention is not limited to any special construction of the profiles, no special design of any connecting elements between the individual sex panels 1. The invention can also be realized in panels that do not have at the edges of any means of connection to the castle, and in addition to the panels described above, the panels having means of connection to the castle without horizontal retainer, such as spun the TV connection and in the genital plates.

Means of connection to the castle can include profiles that are located on opposite sides of a floor panel, as described above, or from all its sides.

Sex panel 1 is a so-called laminate and has a layered structure 3. The layered structure 3 includes an inner, preferably a wooden base 4 with high tensile strength, for example a plate of HDF or MDF. However, the basis may also be made from other materials used in the manufacture of flooring panels. In addition, the composition of the layered structure includes a decorative layer 5. In most cases, the decorative layer 5 used a layer of paper or other material with decorative trim, made by printing or otherwise. In the present invention as a decorative layer of a floor panel 1 can be used any known decorative layer. The decorative layer 5 is covered with a protective layer 6. In the present invention as a protective layer 6 of a floor panel 1 used any known protective layer to protect the flooring panels, for example high-strength varnish or polymer layer.

In addition, the layered structure 3 floor panel 1 contains a fire-resistant layer 7. Layer 7 made of a material that prevents the ignition of the reverse side of the panel, i.e. according to the t exposure to flame, do not allow fire or significantly impairing combustion. Thanks to the layer 7 gender panel 1 has a higher degree of fire protection (for example, DIN EN13051-1)than the panel having the same structure, but without layer 7. Layer 7 is preferably made of non-flammable material. The layer 7 may be made in the form of heat insulation Mat (woven or non-woven) fibers, such as fiberglass. The thickness of the layer 7 is calculated on the basis of its destination and/or a specified class of fire protection and/or materials used and ranges from 0.01 to 3 mm, in particular from 0.05 to 1 mm, Especially preferred glass fiber Mat, with the following design features, and used as a layer 7 (see table).

Properties of products and test methods
ValueTest methodEd. MEAs.Value (nominal)
Weight in gramsISO 536g/m250
Loss by burning ISO 1887%22
Tensile strength tensile MD (machine direction)ISO 1924/2N/50 mm>190
CMD (cross machine direction)N/50 mm>160
Acapillary porosityat 100 PAI/m2/s2000

The product consists of glass fibers nominal length of 6 mm and a nominal diameter of 10-11 microns. Fiberglass Mat is linked polyvinyl alcohol.

Layer 7 is laminated structure 3 as close as possible to its upper surface, i.e. to the side of a floor panel 1 facing the space in which the laid panel 1. In the present example of the invention, the layer 7 is located between the decorative layer 5 and the base 4 and is separated from the room in which it is laid sex panel 1, only a relatively thin protective 6 and 5 decorative layers. Thus, thick flammable base 4 is very well protected from fire in the room where the stack panel.

Layer 7 passes through the entire width of the bases 4 and always okaniwa is by the working of parties, which used only the opposite working parties 4A, 4b framework 4, which Assembly butt against the relevant working parties of adjacent flooring panels, so that the floor covering is formed of a continuous fire-resistant layer 7.

As can be seen from figure 3, the design of fire-resistant floor panel can be further improved by performing at least parts of the edges 8 of the floor panel fire-resistant. Edge 8 represent the sides of a floor panel, which take place throughout its periphery, and in the assembled floor oriented almost vertically. In particular, edges 8 include abutting parcel edges 8A, immediately following, respectively, for protective and decorative layers 5, 6 and located perpendicular to them. In the assembled floor abutting parcels edges 8A adjacent to the respective abutting portions of the edges of adjacent panels. However, the edge 8 contains profiles 2A, 2b connections, including both horizontally and diagonally oriented areas.

To improve the fire resistance of structures on abutting sites between adjacent panels, i.e. to prevent penetration of a flame through a joint connection between adjacent panels, where the fire can bypass the refractory layer, the edge 8 is preferably fire resistant. This both is realised by the application of at least some parts of the edges 8 in different places of a floor panel 1 of the fire-resistant coating 9. The coating needs to be applied to areas of the edge 8 facing in the direction of the expected fire load, i.e. on abutting parcels edges 8A. However, it is preferable to apply the coating 9 and also to other parts of the edge 8, in particular on the surface profiles of compounds 2A, 2b, facing upwards, i.e. in the direction of protective and decorative layers 5, 6 and all other plots following the abutting area of the edge 8A. If edges 8 performed without specialized compounds, it is preferable that the coating 9 is deposited on the entire edge of the decorative and protective layers 5, 6 until the lower side. However, security (from the point of view of the penetration of the flame) edges with the relevant compounds in the coating 9 on all areas of the edge 8 is also raised.

Floor 9 is a more or less viscous liquid, so that it can be applied by sprinkling or spraying, smearing, rolling or other means. In the present example of the invention, the coating 9 is applied with two spray nozzles 10, slant to the edge of the top 8, so that the coating 9 is applied in the direction close to the direction of the action of fire, in order to cover all areas of the edge 8, which may be subjected to the action of fire, a protective substance 9.

As protection of the aqueous substances can be used any known flowable fire-resistant substance. Preferably, the protective substance 9 consisted of a mixture of kaolin and sodium silicate in aqueous solution. As kaolin and sodium silicate available and can be used both in pure form and in mixtures. The quantity of the protective coating per unit area depends on the absorbency of the substrate and other factors, and it is easy to determine experimentally. However, as a protective coating edges you can use any material the resistance of which corresponds to the standards (e.g. EN 13501-1 or EN ISO 9239-1), even when relatively thin layer thickness (to floor joint between adjacent panels is not too large and clearly visible).

Alternatively, the above example of the invention, the gender panel 1 may have a different layer structure 3, for example with more number of layers. For example, on the side of the base, facing in the direction opposite to the protective layer 6, the base or the top may be provided for insulating the layer. In addition, as a flame retardant layer 7 can be used for decorative and/or even protective layers.

As the material of the layer 7 is preferably chosen material, requiring a minimum number of manufacturing operations or does not require such operations. To do this, with the Oh 7, especially if this layer is used fiberglass Mat impregnated. Impregnation may contain, for example, melamine-formaldehyde resin used in the manufacture of flooring panels as the permeative substance of the decorative layer. Using the same sealing material for impregnation as for decorative and fire-resistant layers can be compressed, for example, the layer 7 together with the decorative layer 5, with the base 4, by compressing and/or heating. This eliminates the need to perform the additional step of attaching a layer 7 in a layered structure 3. Impregnation of the Mat, especially fiberglass Mat melamine or any other substance may also lead to an increase in strength (for example, no dents when a large shock loads). You can also mount the fire-resistant layer in a layered structure in other ways, for example by gluing.

1. Sex panel (1)made in the form of a rectangular plate provided with means of mechanical connection in the castle, located at least at two of its opposite sides, having a layered structure (3), containing the decorative layer (5), the base (4), made of wooden material with high tensile strength, preferably plate of HDF or MDF, wherein said layered with ructure (3) includes a flame-retardant layer (7), located directly under the decorative layer (5) and the base (4)passing through the entire width of the base (4) and ending at opposite ends of the edges (8), made with emphasis in the corresponding end edges of adjacent panels in the floor, and on the end edges of the applied fire retardant coating (9), so that the floor covering is formed continuously passing a flame-retardant layer.

2. Sex panel according to claim 1 or 2, characterized in that the flame-retardant layer (7) contains the wood.

3. Sex panel according to claim 1, characterized in that the flame-retardant layer (7) contains fiberglass Mat.

4. Sex panel according to claim 1, characterized in that the flame-retardant layer (7) contains impregnation.

5. Sex panel according to claim 4, characterized in that the impregnation includes melamine-formaldehyde resin.

6. Sex panel according to claim 1, characterized in that the thickness of the flame-retardant layer (7) is from 0.01 to 3 mm.

7. Sex panel according to claim 1, characterized in that on the fire edge (8) of the coating (9) of a mixture of kaolin and sodium silicate.

8. Sex panel according to claims 1 to 7, characterized in that the fire-resistant material on the edge (8) is applied by spraying.


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14 cl, 6 dwg