Fire-extinguishing aerosol generator

FIELD: fire fighting equipment.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to fire prevention, more specifically to fire-extinguishing installations using gas-aerosol flame retardants generated by pyrotechnic block combustion and supplied to a protected space in an orderly way, preferentially by water crafts and transport vehicles. The generator contains coaxial case and pyrotechnical block fixed in flooring cement layers with an in-between annular reversible heat exchanger formed by two perforated metal envelopes with an internal one being matched with a receiver; and an ignition assembly adjoining a free end face of the block, and an outlet cover. The ignition assemble is integrated in a median slot from an open end face of the block which is enclosed in a polymer film casing and rests through a foam plastic spacer on a rod mounted in the diametrical perforations of an inferior envelope of the heat exchanger bearing longitudinal edges for the block diametre, while the case comprises a bearing bracket wherein ignition assembly telecommunication clamps are fixed.

EFFECT: ensured higher functional reliability and efficacy of the generator of more simple and technological design and expanded range of use thereof.

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The invention relates to fire fighting equipment, and more particularly to a device for extinguishing fires generated by the combustion of a pyrotechnic composition checkers gas-aerosol retardants, organized guided in the protected volume, mainly on ships and vehicles.

The level of this technology describes a device for volumetric aerosol extinguishing the patent RU 2164808, A62C 13/22, 2001, which contains the site of initiation (ignition) pyrotechnic checkers set with a gap in the metal casing, provided with communication holes messages with reversing the annular channel of the casing, the closed lid of the output holes, the heat exchanger and the receiver.

Heat exchanger in the form of external relative to the body of the perforated shell, reinforced coaxial piece in the casing through a layer of gypsum, which also fills the gap between the block and a case combined with a receiver.

Communication holes are made on the side of the receiver.

The device is characterized by high performance generation inhibitors of combustion and high efficiency cooling products extinguishing mixture inside the device, therefore, is intended for use manually.

Fault is m described device is the ballast weight of the plaster due to the relatively long receiver.

In addition, the fire-extinguishing aerosol generator vzravobezopasna when used in areas with technological solids and volatile substances, which penetrate inside where. When triggered, the node ignition for this reason, there is an explosion and the destruction of the device, do not perform functions for the protection against fire, but, moreover, which is an additional source of fire with shrapnel lesions.

More perfect is the fire-extinguishing aerosol generator according to the patent RU 2237502, A62C 3/10, 2004, which is the technical essence and the number of matching characteristics is selected as the closest analogue suggested.

Known generator contains a coaxially mounted in the housing and fixed in the interlayer building plaster pyrotechnic piece, between which is mounted an annular reversing heat exchanger formed by two perforated metal shells, the inner one of which is combined with a receiver equipped with a shielding disc guide for reversing gaseous combustion products and the protection of DNA from their direct action.

Between the cover and the casing is fixed a bearing aperture in which is suspended from the inner shell of the heat exchanger with a functional piece.

The outlet cover is displaced relative to the tion is blocked by a membrane window aperture, that ensures the integrity and protection of the generator. The window in the aperture additionally share a common gas-aerosol stream on Autonomous jets, which are more actively mixed and cooled under cover.

The gap between the outer shell of the heat exchanger and the casing filled for insulation, building plaster, which bearing element structure.

This generator is characterized by compactness and structural rigidity.

However, it should be noted inherent in the known generator the following disadvantages.

The complexity of the design due to special means of isolating the internal volume of the generator from penetration to pyrotechnic piece and node ignition of atmospheric moisture for use in marine and river vessels.

Limit the use of the generator in terms of vibration and transportation shaking due to insufficient adhesive bond pyrotechnic checkers in heat-insulating layer of the shell of the receiver to eliminate the offset is not mechanically fixed checkers into the receiver.

While not structurally resolved generator installation in a protected area, which requires additional configuration of the fastener, increasing consumer cost technological works for the fire protection of different areas.

Technical the second task, on the solution of which the present invention is directed, is to increase the functional reliability of the universal fire-extinguishing aerosol generator more simple design.

The required technical result is achieved by the fact that in the known fire-extinguishing aerosol generator containing a coaxially mounted and secured in heat-strips of gypsum building and pyrotechnic piece, between which is mounted an annular reversing heat exchanger formed by two perforated metal shells, with the inner of them combined with a receiver node ignition, adjacent to the free end pieces, and cover with the outlets, according to the invention, the node ignition mounted in the Central groove of the open-end pieces, which are placed in the polymeric film pouch and leans through the foam gasket on the rod, mounted in diametrically the perforations of the inner shell heat exchanger, bearing longitudinal ribs diameter checkers, and fixed on the housing bearing bracket, where the terminals of the telecommunication node of ignition, and the bracket is mounted on two diametrically spaced bolts mounted in heat-shielding layer of the hull.

Distinctive features increased functionality is Noah reliability and efficiency of operation is more simple and technological design in the expansion of its use.

The installation site of inflammation in the Central groove of the free end of the pyrotechnic pieces has created a constructive unity functional and originating elements, in which the device is used as a monolith in conjunction with the other structural elements of the generator, in particular with the supporting rod and the receiver.

Electrical connection of the node ignition terminals mounted on the support bracket, which is attached to the generator housing, provided its autonomy when installed in the protected volume for the functioning of the pulses from the General system fire alarm when exceeding temperature or smoke.

Placing pyrotechnic checkers on the supporting rod mounted in diametrically the perforations of the inner shell of the heat exchanger, rigidly secures its spatial position relative to the receiver, thereby ensuring the functionality of the generator and set the initial gas-dynamic parameters of the fire-extinguishing aerosol.

When this foam gasket between the block and the supporting cross rod serves as a damper enclosure clearances and Assembly clearances, and protects from mechanical damage adjacent frameless node ignition that allows you to use the generator in terms of vibrations and transport on Rusak, expanding the scope.

The interior shell of the heat exchanger longitudinal ribs, drenched with a solution of gypsum increases structural strength of the functional site and the generator in General, since the ribs function as reinforcement in the heat-shielding layer, preventing it from turning.

In addition, the radial size of the longitudinal edges selected for the diameter of the pyrotechnic pieces, which simplifies its installation and centering in the seat, based along the edges, thus forming the annular gap under the fill solution building plaster.

The installation site of inflammation within the Central groove of the free end of the pyrotechnic checkers is a compact functional connection and initiating elements as a monolithic Assembly unit of the device. It certainly improves the reliability of the instantaneous initiation of the checkers from direct contact with the site of inflammation, without losing its thermal energy of the pulse.

Placing pyrotechnic pieces, together with a host of ignition inside the polymeric film pouch ensures their integrity, trustworthy isolating from atmospheric moisture, which can simplify the design by eliminating the special funds of the prototype.

Equipping the receiver about rausim tray provides a turn the main volume of the extinguishing mixture in the annular reverse channel at the output of the generator, with the accompanying thermodynamic its cooling.

Install mounting bolts (for mounting bracket bracket) from the enclosure in the manufacture of its heat-shielding layer is structurally simple and manufacturable device ensuring the rigidity of the generator to the various bearing surfaces in the protected volume.

Therefore, every significant topic are needed, and their combination in a sustainable unity is sufficient to achieve novelty quality, extrinsic signs of dissociation, that is, the problem is solved not by the amount of effects and new shoreface amount of signs.

The invention is illustrated by drawings, which are purely illustrative purpose and do not limit the scope of the claims of the formula. In the drawings shows:

figure 1 - General view of the generator, a longitudinal section;

figure 2 is a view along arrow a in figure 1.

In the Central groove 1 pyrotechnic checkers 2 mounted node 3 ignition, which is a resistor (electrical resistance)placed inside the igniter composition, sensitive to thermal pulse (conventionally not shown). Node 3 ignition to the 2 piece in the groove 1 is glued by epoxy resin or silicone sealant 4.

Piece 2 together with the node 3 ignition placed the inside polyethylene film (0.3 mm) two-layer cover 5 and through the heat-shielding layer 6 of gypsum enshrined in perforated metal shell 7, which is combined with a receiver 8 (free volume of the cylindrical shell 7 piece 2).

Piece 2 is based through the foam gasket 9 on the rod 10 mounted in diametrically the perforations of the shell 7, under the free end pieces 2.

The receiver 8 is mounted on the disc tray 11, equipped with a heat-insulating layer 12 of the building plaster.

The foam gasket 9, campfire clearances and gaps, seals mechanical coupling pieces 2 with the supporting rod 10 and hermetically isolates the node 3 ignition in the groove 1 checkers 2.

Coaxial sheath 7 and the receiver 8 through reversible annular channel 13, is mounted perforated shell 14, forming together with the shell 7 functional heat exchanger.

Outside of the perforated shell 14 is mounted heat-shielding layer 15 of gypsum.

Reverse channel 13 serves to supply the generated aerosol from the receiver 8 to the output of the generator, while the deceleration of the flow, changing the direction of motion, thermodynamic temperature reduction.

The heat exchanger is formed of perforated shells 7 and 14, is designed for selection of thermal energy from the exit stream of heated extinguishing mixture and evaporation through their punching water, structurally related to the gypsum layers 6 and 15, respectively, in the annular reversing the channel 13.

Inside the shell 7 is fixed longitudinal strips 16, the thickness of which is selected under the diameter of the pyrotechnic pieces 2, which is built on them in the Assembly before pouring the solution of gypsum formed in this annular gap under layer 6.

With a gap formed layer 15, the shell 14 is the outer body 17 of the generator.

The inside of the housing 17 (figure 2) has two diametrically mounting bolt 18 for mounting of the bracket 19 to install the generator on load-bearing surfaces in the protected volume.

On the bracket 19 posted by terminal 20 of the power supply, which is connected to the node 3 in the Appendix. The terminals 20 are connected with sensors wiring security fire alarm system.

On the housing 17 is fixed cover 21, overlying the reversible annular channel 13, coaxially in which the cover 21 is made distributed outlet openings 22.

Operates the generator as follows.

An electric pulse from the sensor burglar fire alarm system heated resistor node 3, initiating its igniter composition which ignites when this pyrotechnic composition checkers 2 at its free end.

When burning pyrotechnic composition checkers 2 is formed aerosol fire retardants in the form of gaseous compounds and ultra-condensed particles is developed power surface - extinguishing mixture.

Extinguishing mixture accumulates in the receiver 8, mixed, and Autonomous jets expires in the reverse channel of the heat exchanger 7-14. Main volume extinguishing mixture, Bouncing off of the pallet 11 of the receiver 8, provides evaporation of water from the layer 12 of gypsum, which dilutes the aerosol, further cooling it.

Hot products of combustion checkers 2 when driving on reverse channel 13 is heated shell 7 and 14 of the heat exchanger, resulting in convective heat evaporated the water associated with potassium sulfate gypsum layers 6 and 15, respectively, which distributed transverse jets enters the channel 13, where it is actively mixed with the generated aerosol.

Gas-aerosol flow is decelerated in the free volume under the cover 21, further cooled at the same time, and Autonomous jets through the outlet 22 is served in a protected area, where the injection of ambient air and a sudden cooling extinguishing mixtures under dynamic turbulent mixing.

With the introduction of extinguishing mixture into the zone of fire breaks and the chain mechanism of formation of active radicals due to their recombination, and also by holding them on the surface of the aerosol, each particle of which performs the role of the capacitor energy released by the reaction of recombination of the asset is s radicals, that provides suppression fire upon reaching the desired concentration of the inhibitors of burning.

High mechanical strength of the proposed design of the generator, the mass functional checkers which is held by the supporting rod and campfires foam liner, can be used in conditions of cyclic vibrations and transportation shaking, and the tight packing pieces together with a host of ignition in the polymeric film pouch - in conditions of high humidity, there is provided an operational versatility.

Bench and field tests of prototypes of the proposed generator showed high efficiency and speed of fire, which makes it practical competitiveness.

According to the invention developed detailed technical documentation for serial production line of generators of this design.

The comparative analysis of proposed technical solutions to identified analogues of the level of the art from which the invention not obvious to a person skilled in fire-fighting techniques, showed that it is not known, and given opportunities for industrial mass production of fire-extinguishing aerosol generators in current production can do AVOD in accordance with the criteria of patentability.

1. The fire-extinguishing aerosol generator containing a coaxially mounted and secured in heat-strips of gypsum building and pyrotechnic piece, between which is mounted an annular reversing heat exchanger formed by two perforated metal shells, with the inner of them combined with a receiver node ignition, adjacent to the free end pieces, and cover with the output apertures, characterized in that the node ignition mounted in the Central groove of the open-end pieces, which are placed in the polymeric film pouch and leans through the foam gasket on the rod, mounted in diametrically the perforations of the inner shell of the heat exchanger, the carrier longitudinal ribs diameter checkers and fixed on the housing bearing bracket, where terminals telecommunication with a node in the ignition.

2. The generator according to claim 1, characterized in that the bracket is mounted on two diametrically spaced bolts mounted in heat-layer casing.


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EFFECT: simplification of the design of aerosol forming solid fuel charge, increase of reliability of its performance.

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EFFECT: possibility of extinguishing fire with the use of increased reliability and performance.

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