Medical high-frequency composite cable

FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: medical high-frequency composite cable contains two power mains: high-frequency one for electrosurgical unit connection and another one for data transfer. The cable contains a multiwire centre conductor, a porous fluoroplastic insulation of the centre conductor whereon there are three multiwire information conductors with thin-walled continuous fluoroplastic insulation coiled at an angle 120 degrees to each other in relation to the cable centre, pressed to said insulation of the centre conductor by a winding made of porous fluoroplastic film and silicon-rubber coating.

EFFECT: higher noise immunity between high-frequency and information mains in the cable with ensured higher flexibility and light load of the cable.

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The invention relates to the field of radiosurgery, in particular to medical high-frequency combined cable designed for transmitting high-frequency energy to the electrosurgical tool in the process of radio transmission during the operation of the information about the change in the value of the electrical characteristics of the tissue in the immediate area electrosurgical effect.

Area electrosurgical effect is part of the wound that is exposed to the high-frequency current by means of an electrosurgical instrument.

In the common case, the cable radiosurgery is made in the form of three twisted conductors with solid insulation in a common shell. One of the stranded conductors of the cable used for the transmission of high frequency energy to the electrosurgical tool. Two other conductor used as an information pair. Because the conductors are in close proximity to each other, between them there may be large electromagnetic effects. Examples of such cables where the conductors are in close proximity to each other, can serve as the cables described in patents JP 9231837, FR 2769120, US 6791026, US 6841734 and others. Advantages radiosurgical method is the use of high-frequency p of the row of 2.64 MHz, which minimizes heating of the tissue in the area of the section.

The aim of the invention is to increase the noise immunity between high-frequency and data transmission lines in the cable while providing increased flexibility and low mass cable.

Figure 1 shows the proposed design of medical high-frequency composite cable. The cable includes a flexible center conductor 1, the porous fluoropolymer insulation 2 of tape, three flexible information wires 3 arranged at an angle of 120 degrees to each other relative to the center of the cable and pressed to isolate the 2 shell 5 made of silicon rubber and the winding 6 of the porous fluoropolymer film. The conductors 3 are thin-walled insulation 4 securing the conductors 3. The diameter information of the conductor 3, the Central conductor 1 and isolate 2 are in the approximate ratio 1:1.5:12.

A concrete example of the requested cable may be a cable that has a center conductor made of seven soft copper tinned wire with a diameter of 0.12 mm Insulation is made by winding of the porous fluoropolymer film marks f-4D-PC. The diameter of the insulation equal to 2.8 mm. Information conductors made of seven soft copper tinned wire with a diameter of 0.08 mm Insulation information submariners has a thickness of 0.13 m and is made of Teflon brand 4MB-K. Information wire is wound with a pitch of 70 mm, They are wrapped in a film f-4D-PC. The cable sheath is made of silicon rubber stamps K-1520. Outer cable diameter of 5.3 mm

Figure 2 shows a possible wiring of the claimed cable. The Central conductor 1 is intended for connection to the electrosurgical tool 7 to the high-frequency generator 10. One of the information conductors 3 is a signal 12, the other two 13 connected together, grounded. Radiofrequency current J produced by the high frequency generator 10, through the Central core of the cable 1 is fed to an electrosurgical instrument 7 which is radiosurgical impact on patient 8, is supplied to the electrode plate 9 and then closes on the high-frequency generator 10. The information about the change in the value of the electrical characteristics of the tissue in the area of the electrosurgical effect is recorded by the sensor 14 and is supplied to the evaluation unit 11 and the signal 12 13 and grounded conductors of the cable.

1. Medical high-frequency combined cable containing two transmission lines electric power: one high frequency to connect the electrosurgical instrument, the other for the transmission of information, the cable contains a stranded Central wire is to, porous fluoropolymer insulation center conductor, over which is wound three multiwire information conductor thin solid fluoropolymer-insulated, spaced at 120° to each other relative to the center of the cable, pressed to the exclusion of the Central conductor of the winding of the porous fluoropolymer film and a shell made of silicon rubber.

2. The cable according to claim 1, characterized in that the diameters of the information of the conductor, the center conductor and insulation center conductor are in the ratio 1:1.5:12.


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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to electrical engineering and can be used in hoisting crane control and safety systems. Cable combined line of communication between hoisting crane modules of control and safety comprises two-wire data exchange line and two-wire power supply line. Said communication line incorporates at least one galvanic isolation unit. The latter comprises digital isolator built in data exchange line and isolating DC voltage-to-DC voltage converter built in power supply line. Said galvanic isolation unit features separate supply of digital isolator from isolated power supplies of said isolated converter.

EFFECT: higher noise immunity and protection against atmospheric and static electricity.

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FIELD: power engineering.

SUBSTANCE: substance of invention consists in application of largest possible number of insulated conductors of smaller identical section, shape and quantity per each phase, where surface effect is less evident then in larger section conductors. In future, with development of technologies for manufacturing of insulating materials and ultrathin conductors, it may be possible to obtain unlimited throughput capacity of lines. Cables and overhead lines with application of two and more conductors per phase are more convenient to mount and operate due to reduced thickness of connected conductors and reduced dimensions and weight of structures.

EFFECT: reduced losses of power in line, reduction of its dimensions and weight.

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FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: coaxial cable includes central metal conductor, one layer of porous polymer insulation located on it and external metal conductor; in addition, to the construction there introduced are n-1 layers of porous polymer insulation. At that, each of layers of porous polymer insulation is perforated throughout the length with various perforation pitches in each layer and various sizes of perforation holes in each layer.

EFFECT: invention makes it possible to obtain low value of relative dielectric permeability, which allows obtaining more exact values of wave resistance of coaxial pair.

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FIELD: radio engineering.

SUBSTANCE: in field communication cable of repeated use there are electric conductors, insulation protection cover and load-carrying element located under the above cover and made from synthetic high-strength strands. On each side of actual cable length there installed are connecting half-couplings in the housing of each of which there arranged is terminal block to which electric conductors of cable are soldered, sealing elements, as well as attachment point of load-carrying cable element. At that, in half-coupling housing there is protrusion, and attachment point of load-carrying element is "П"-shaped with the middle part of cylindrical shape. Load-carrying cable element is divided into two bunches, opposite and not covering each other and wound on cylindrical part of attachment point and attached to each other after not less than one coil of winding, for example by means of the point, and edges of side parts (racks) of attachment point of load-carrying element interact with protrusion on the half-coupling housing. In order to increase the breaking strength of cable in case its structure includes four or more bunches of synthetic high-strength strands, on cylindrical part of the attachment point there are at least two connection points of bunches of strands.

EFFECT: increasing breaking strength of field cable with load-carrying element made from high-strength fibres.

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FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: invention is related to the field of electrical engineering and may be used in structures of optic communication cables in process of arrangement of fibre-optic communication lines. Optic communication cable, comprising optic fibres in dielectric tubes, central dielectric reinforcing element, hydrophobic filler, dielectric tape, intermediate dielectric shell and armoured cover made of one lay of dielectric tapes, every of which comprises power elements of various diametre, and metal power element in the centre of each odd dielectric tape, having largest diametre, protrudes on external side of communication cable beyond dielectric tape limits by not more than half of its radius, and both extreme metal power elements of each dielectric tape protrude beyond limits of dielectric tape by value of not more than half of its radius along full circumference of cable, and metal power element in the centre of each even dielectric tape, having largest diametre, protrudes from internal side of communication cable beyond the limits of dielectric tape by not more than half of its radius, the second lay of dielectric tapes has also been introduced, which is similar to the first one.

EFFECT: invention makes it possible to eliminate danger of personnel injury and cable damage with increase of its mechanical strength.

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FIELD: physics.

SUBSTANCE: method and device are designed for making fibre-optic metallic modules, which are made in form of a flexible steel pipe, in which optical fibres (one or more) are put inside the pipe, and free space is filled with a hydrophobic compound. The said module is made by transferring a wire layer from a ready cable, formation of a hollow pipe and putting optical fibres with hydrophobic compound into the pipe. The core of the ready cable is simultaneously removed. A ready serial cable with preferably 5-8 wires or strands is used. The method is realised using a device based on a single-frame cigar, inside of which there is also a receiver for the core and the hydrophobic unit besides the fibre pay-off. The device has two transfer units, which are fitted at the output and input of the cigar, respectively. Each transfer unit has a transfer socket with two cones - input and output and an inclined channel for guiding the fibres and the core, respectively, as well as two grooves - main and auxiliary.

EFFECT: invention allows for making a flexible optical metallic module with good transfer characteristics and high resistance to mechanical and climatic effects, and which is distinguished by small size and weight.

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FIELD: electric engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention is related to cable technology, to symmetrical fire-resistant cables for transfer of high-frequency signals in communication systems, industrial automation and systems of fire protection alarms in nuclear power plants, in particular inside containment. Cable comprises at least one symmetrical pair of current-conducting strands insulated by fire-resistant organosilicic rubber and polyimide film, covering each of insulated strands, and separating them with single layer. At the same time film fixes insulated strands between each other, providing permanent symmetry of pair along cable length.

EFFECT: increased reliability, higher service life of fire-resistant symmetrical cable under conditions of operation inside containment of nuclear power plants, with provision of minimum level of losses and preservation of rated parametres.

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FIELD: radio engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention is aimed at higher noise immunity of electrotechnical equipment and radio electronic instrumentation, reduction of material costs with provision of efficient filtration in both directions (from network to apparatus and from apparatus to network). Specified technical result is achieved by the fact that passive wideband electrodynamic filter is arranged in the form of directional short connecting line with spatially distanced fixed geometry, of at least two multi-wire conductors made in a certain manner, enclosed in common dielectric shell.

EFFECT: technical result in local network circuit is achieved by application of method of filtration of wideband radio frequency electric noise with application of passive wideband electrodynamic filter made in the form of directional short connecting line.

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Field cable // 2368968

FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: invention is related to cable engineering, in particular to electric communication cables of multiple use. Cable has current-conducting strands, insulation-protection shell and weight-bearing element installed under specified shell. On each side of cable construction length there are connecting half-couplings, in body of each there is a contact block, to which the following components are welded - current-conducting strands of cable, sealing elements, and also unit for fixation of cable weight-bearing element. Unit of fixation is made in the form of pressing element consisting of two composite parts, every of which is made in the form of truncated cone split along axis and either thrust cone surface installed in middle part of cone internal surface, or press bushing with internal conical surface installed in middle part of body. Press element is located behind contact block, interacts with its conical surfaces to conical surface of body or press bushing and has ribbed internal surface that interacts with surface of cable insulation-protection shell.

EFFECT: higher rupture strength of cable in point of its sealing-off into half-coupling without violation of this cable insulation-protection covers integrity.

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FIELD: electric engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the area of electric engineering; it can be used in makeups of optical cables while laying optical fibre communication lines. For the purpose of easy opening of optical core, removal of optical fibres, easy access to any optical fibre, reduction of recovery time in case of optical cable damage and protection from moisture penetration to optical fibres during optical cable repair each polymer tube with optical fibres is made in the form of C-shaped module with polymer load-bearing element located at the central load-bearing element; peaks of each C-shaped module are directed towards inner surface of inner polymer sheath; waterproof ribbons are located on top of peaks of each C-shaped module; ends of ribbons cover C-shaped module and directed to the central load-bearing element. Two cords tearing inner sheath are located symmetrically to each other and divide the sheath in half; thereat two protrusions at external surface of inner polymer sheath mark location of cords tearing inner sheath.

EFFECT: easy opening of optical core, removal of optical fibres, easy access to any optical fibre, reduction of recovery time in case of optical cable damage and protection from moisture penetration to optical fibres during optical cable repair.

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FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to medicine, oncology, and can be used for treatment of locally advanced and inoperable cancer of esophagus. For this purpose before beginning chemoradiation therapy argon plasma coagulation of tumour is performed. After that on 1-st, 8-th and 15-th day of the course intraluminal brachytherapy with high power dose 5-10 Curie with single dose 7 Gy is carried out. In addition, on 1-st, 8-th and 15-th day of the course intravenously taxoter 45 mg/m2 and carboplatin AUC 2 are introduced. After that teleirradiation SFD 1.8 Gy 5 fractions/week TFD 40-45 Gy is carried out.

EFFECT: method allows to increase efficiency of chemotherapeutic and radiation effect after preliminarily eliminated by argon plasma coagulation tumour stenosis of esophagus, succession of treatment stages allows to ensure maximal response of tumour, enhance degree of tumour regress and reduce probability of metastasis.

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FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: inventions refers to medicine and veterinary science, mainly to surgery, and can be used for fulguration in various organs involved in a pathological process. A virtual electrode for high-frequency fulguration consists of a hollow metal perforated needle surrounded with a layer of biocompatible current-carrying gel. There is a layer of current-carrying low-viscosity liquid between a surface of the needle and gel. A method of high-frequency fulguration with using the electrode includes introduction of the hollow metal perforated needle into a biological tissue, injection of current-carrying gel in the biological tissue followed by high-frequency heating thereof. After current-carrying gel is injected in the biological tissue, current-carrying low-viscosity liquid is infused in the biological tissue in amount 0.5-1.0 of the amount of injected gel, and high-frequency heating of the biological tissue is combined with introduction of current-carrying low-viscosity liquid.

EFFECT: use of the inventions reduces traumatism and labour intensiveness of the fulguration procedure that is ensured by increased coagulation volume per one session.

2 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: group of inventions refers to medicine, namely to cardiosurgery, and can be used to ensure a transmural auricle myocardial injury when treating supraventricular arrhythmias. That is ensured by additional through punctures of the auricle myocardium along the radiofrequency destruction lines with using a monopolar electrode with its distal end designed as a needled spherical working part whereto radiofrequency energy is supplied.

EFFECT: group of inventions ensures better contractility and reduced area of a thermal and wave auricle myocardial injury with assured transmural radiofrequency auricle myocardial injury when treating various supraventricular arrhythmias, provides reduced risk of hemodinamically significant complications in the early postoperative period and releases the patients in the postoperative period from necessity to carry out pacing and antiarrhythmic therapy.

2 cl, 4 dwg

FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to physiotherapy and is intended for physiotherapeutic influence on human organism. Different skin areas are simultaneously exposed to high-frequency electromagnetic field, flows of silver and ozone ions from sources of cold plasma - plasmotrons, which have needle-shaped silvered tips. Electromagnetic field is supplied from general generator, whose pulses are filled with harmonic high-frequency fluctuations with gradual change of amplitude on anterior and posterior pulse front and pulse frequency. Influence is performed by scanning movements on area of vessels. Needle-shaped tips of plasmotron are placed at equal distance from skin surface, exceeding distance of electric puncture of surrounding air medium at the moment of procedure. Device for method implementation contains high-frequency generator, connected with controlled electronic switch, made with possibility to regulate discreteness and switched via matched contour LC to outlet transformer with constructively identical secondary windings connected with identical plasmotrons. Plasmotrons are installed on body-centered support construction, made with possibility of its scanning at equal distance of needle-shaped tips from skin surface. Contour LC is tuned at resonance frequency of high-frequency generator. Electronic switch is made with possibility to regulate discreteness within range 6-10 Hz.

EFFECT: claimed method and device allow to influence vascular system of organism.

7 dwg, 3 cl

FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: invention concerns medicine, namely cosmetology, surgery and dermatology. The method includes implantation of metallic fibre and exposure to electric current. The metallic fibre is inserted at a depth of 3-4 mm to the interface of derma and subcutaneous fat. Then it is exposed to radio-frequency electric current during 3-10 seconds at power 5-7 J per each centimetre of its extension. Upon termination of exposure, the fibre is removed.

EFFECT: method improves effectiveness of rejuvenation including due to stimulating formation of proper collagen and elastin, and reduces postoperative complications.

3 cl, 1 ex, 1 tbl, 5 dwg

FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to medical equipment, namely to devices for local hyperthermia apparatuses for malignant tumours. An apparatus comprises an UHF-field generator and at least two electrodes connected thereto, each supplied with a sylphon bellows applicator containing an elastic working wall and filled with a liquid dielectric, an electrode alignment and liquid dielectric supply system, UHF-field generator control system, needle temperature-sensitive elements with 8-channel temperature indicator, information display and documentation system. The apparatus is also provided with a scanning electromechanical drive, a thermostat automatically controllling temperature, a mobile hyperthermic table for the patient and an elastic catheter with a flexible temperature-sensitive element, a thermostat. The catheter is filled with a conductive liquid.

EFFECT: invention allows reducing risk of thermal injury of healthy tissues and probability of "hot points" under electrodes applicators.

2 cl, 1 dwg

FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: for removal of skin defects including tattoos and scars, skin is exposed to variable electric field with high-frequency discharges between epidermal layer and a needle electrode. The epidermal layer is burned out in sectors 2 cm2 and less as distributed along the defect region without processing a skin area between removed sectors. After healing, the remained defect regions are burnt out in the specified way. Said operations are performed until the defect is burnt out completely in the entire area. Herewith the electrode and the epidermal layer are spaced 0.01 to 20 mm. The discharge voltage is 20 to 10000 V, and frequency is 1 to 1000000 discharges per a second. Prior to exposure, the epidermal layer is pre-cooled to 5-50°C.

EFFECT: effective removal of tattoos of different colours and scars of various nature without injuring subjacent and circumjacent tissues and forming adhesions or scars.

5 cl

FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to medical equipment and can be used in surgery for dissection and coagulation of soft tissues of organism. Electric system for oncosurgery contains control unit, connected through unit of electrosurgical action with active electrode, current metres, through them with passive electrodes and with current ratio calculator and comparator, with connected to it constant memory unit. In addition system contains connected with each other multi-frequency impedance metre, differentiator, tact generator and decoupler. Multi-frequency impedance metre is connected with its one inlet/outlet through decoupler with active electrode, second outlet of multi-frequency impedance metre is connected through differentiator to comparator. To comparator outlet unit of electrosurgical action is connected; tact generator is connected to inlet of multi-frequency impedance metre, to inlet of decoupler, to comparator and to outlet of unit of electrosurgical action.

EFFECT: possibility to constantly estimate structure, physiological state of biotissue and to determine level of optimal electrosurgical action intensity.

3 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: invention concerns medicine area, and is more concrete to oncology area. The patient is anesthetised and spent a double-barrelled intubation of the lung. Then thoracoports in the pleural cavity, are established the patient over is changed on breath with one lung, collabate an investigated lung. A sterile normal saline solution (NaCL) is poured in ports in amount of 800-1200 ml, to a full covering of the surface of an investigated lung with liquid having width of 3-5 mm. Neoplasms of the lung are tapped by carrying out intraoperative ultrasonic, using an endoscopic convex ultrasonic gauge of 5-10 Hz №8666 which is spent through the port to the lung parenchyma. The sizes of a neoplasm are defined and at presence one and bilaterial metastatic lesion of lungs, at the remote primary centre, with one formation in the lung to 5 cm in diameter or 3 formations in the lung to 3 cm in diameter, radio-frequency ablation is spent under ultrasonic by the control with the help of a radio-frequency destructor cluster which is established transcutaneously to the lung metastasis so that the needle settled down at edge or left on 0.5 cm for neoplasm edge.

EFFECT: method provides an exception of a radial load on the patient and the medical worker, decrease of labour input and treatment cost, percent decrease of intra and postoperative complications, expansion of indications in treatment of patients with a serious accompanying pathology.

FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: within intracorporal lithotripsy, fragmented concrement is approached with a probe supplied with electrodes connected through high-voltage pulse generators. When the specified pulses are supplied to electrodes, spark discharge is formed in-between with energy release thus causing concrement fragmentation. Besides method involves that at least one electrode is brought in direct electric contact with specified concrement so that the digit channel is formed sufficient enough to generate shock waves and voltages exceeding concrement material strength. The lateral peripheral surface of distal end if each electrode is covered with nonrigid insulating coating made of nonconductive material along the full length of lateral peripheral surface, except for fore limb.

EFFECT: easy and fast destruction with simultaneous capturing and holding fragmented calculus during the procedure and probability to reduce injury rate of adjacent organism tissues during treatment.

10 cl, 10 dwg

FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: method involves evaginating duodenum stump with polypotomy loop into organ wall followed by electric surgical excision.

EFFECT: stable hemostasis; provided aseptic conditions in sealing the stump.

3 dwg 1 tbl