Method for application of earth surface sections, which are not suitable for continuous economic use and device for its realiasation

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to land management, land use and to power engineering. Method is provided to commercialise unused and unfit sections of Earth surface, due to reasons of natural origin or anthropogenic activity. A list of such territories is provided. Method provides for arrangement of power generating unit on pile footing at such sections. Power generating unit is formed by driving piles into ground over the level of maximum water lift, snowdrifts and other local obstacles, on which horizontal platform is erected, being an open turbine room for electric machine installed in its centre, rotor of which is provided with air drive made of radial carriers, with traction motors in horizontal plane, to support carriers during downtime, a circular race is arranged also on piles. Produced electric energy is used at site or transmitted.

EFFECT: method makes it possible to commercialise absolutely unpromising sections of Earth surface, of colossal area, from polar circle to equator, practically with year-round efficient return.

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The invention relates to land use planning, land use, electricity.

Known patent "gas Turbine is a method of obtaining electricity and gas turbine power plant" (see the description of the patent RU No. 2125662 C1 IPC IS 41/32, F03B 13/00)providing for the production of electric power by the drive of the electric generator gas turbine, the compressor which serves the air temperature in the range from -10 to -70 of grads, and into the chamber of the interaction of injected water in the form of fine sprays with droplet size not greater than 0.2 mm

The disadvantage of this method primarily in the fact that he has very limited application, theoretically it is applicable on the Earth's surface only in areas with long-lasting effects of very low temperatures -10 to -70 of grads where problematic any economic activity, besides getting water aerosols with a size of 0.2 mm to perform technically very difficult, since the water will not make the phase transition, leading, apparently, to the ice chamber and the turbine, i.e. to stop the plant.

The known method for the production of hydrocarbon minerals - oil and gas, geological structures, located at the bottom of the seas. To do this, in stationary conditions produce specialized floating platform with drilling equipment, towing is in the sea, set in the estimated location and then perform the drilling and production.

Known technical solution "Floating platform and method of Assembly" (see description to the patent of Russian Federation №2137670 IPC V 35/44, publ. 20.09.99,, bul), which provides a way to build mobile coastal drilling rig is a floating platform with its subsequent towing and anchoring to the ground anchor links. The main disadvantage is that it does not solve the problem of land use for a long time, does not enter into the economic turnover, in this case, coastal areas, in addition, the platform has a complex structure and requires for operation a large number of staff.

On the surface of the Earth there are huge areas that are not suitable for commercial use, either because of geographical, climatic, hydrographic factors, or withdrawn from agricultural use as a result of human activity. Such parts of the surface of the Earth are:

- coastal area of the sea, subject to natural tides and low tides;

- the shoreline of the coast of the waves of the seas and lakes;

- the territory of radioactive contamination resulting from nuclear tests and accidents at nuclear facilities, major nuclear disasters;

- site burial of radioactive materials and radio is effective taken out of the ground;

- the territories contaminated by chemical, toxic and biological substances;

- areas contaminated by oil and oil products, as a result of accidents pipelines high pressure;

- the city of polygons, i.e. directly adjacent to the towns and settlements of urban dump of household waste;

- field irrigation and public treatment plants municipal sewer;

bogs industrial - former natural waters heavily polluted by industrial waste, petroleum products, household garbage;

- non-metalliferous excavation dumps;

- riverine area of rivers subject to prolonged inundation of flood waters;

- low-lying areas in the floodplain of the rivers;

- shallow waters (agricultural and forest lands), derived from economic turnover when they were flooded to create the expenditure of reservoirs for hydropower;

- natural bogs in developed areas;

- areas of economic activity in permafrost;

- circumpolar territories with a very short (1-1 .5 months) and cool summers;

mountainous and rocky areas.

In these areas the surface of the Earth installed electricity generating unit, characterized in that it contains a public machine room, in the re which was installed at the platform of the electric machine, the stator of which is connected to the platform by brackets, and the upper part of the rotor shaft is connected with the capitals drove through with aerobrigata consisting of a nacelle in which under-frame mounted electric motor connected to a planetary gearbox and propeller, and to under-frame attached front wheel chassis, the power collection unit of a sliding and blocks telecontrol, while in the off position the chassis is supported on the treadmill, built as the open platform of the turbine hall, on stilts, which also installed a mast that supports a contact network of external electric power source of the engine nacelle. Piles are made resistant to corrosion. The method of use of areas of the Earth's surface, not suitable for continuous commercial use, characterized in that at these sites construct the above-mentioned power generation unit, with the subsequent transfer of electrical energy from this area.

The construction of the electricity generating unit, its adjustment, the construction of transmission lines perform well-established technology small staff in a short period of time. The relatively simple design of the entire structure, good performance of power-generating unit: continuous operation for several weeks is set to automatic start and run without permanent staff, great technical resource (tens of years), high reliability, and fast payback - by power generation unit to enter into economic circulation areas of the Earth's surface, not suitable for any reason, or for household use. Another way, more simple, reliable, quick, efficient introduction in economic circulation of the above areas of the Earth's surface at the present time does not exist.

The drawing shows a typical circuit application of electricity generating unit in the usage sections of the Earth's surface, not suitable for continuous commercial use.

In the drawing, the following items:

1 - the water level of long-term flooding of the territory,

2 - maximum water level rise,

3 - the level of the surface of the Earth,

4 - pile,

5 - soil

6 - platform

7 - open the engine room,

8 - electric machine,

9 - reference-centering plate,

10 - thrust beams,

11 - capital,

12 - led,

13 - nacelle,

14 - propeller,

15 - wheeled chassis,

16 - unit of a sliding power collection,

17 - treadmill

18 - support treadmill

19 - mast

20 - pin network

21 is a vertical profile of some portion of the Earth's surface in mountainous terrain.

JV the property applies to all of the above parts of the surface of the Earth. A typical example might be some remote territory on the riverbed, where diverse economic activities, constant electricity shortages. This area (see drawing) is exposed to annual long-term flood until the water level 1 long-term flooding of the territory. Under intensive lidocane flood waters can rise to the maximum water level rise 2.

At the end of the season the water goes below level 3 Land surface on 1-1,5 months. Thus, this area most of the year withdrawn from economic circulation and is not used. It is in this place being built electricity generating unit.

For this 4 piles embedded in soil 5. To increase service life in wet soils and acidic soils used piles, malopodvijnyi corrosion. The height of the piles 4 on level 3 of the Earth's surface exceeds the maximum level 2 rise of water. The upper part of the piles interconnected monolithic horizontal platform 6, is provided in accordance with the documentation, fixing and mounting assemblies.

The platform 6 is the open floor of the turbine hall 7, where the center of the electric machine 8, salient-pole stator which is bonded with the platform 6 by means of the fixing brackets. The lower part of the rotor shaft mounted in the bearing-radial bearing is nikova node, the upper part of the rotor shaft is provided with radial bearing, installed and fixed on the centering plate 9, which is part of the collapsible rigid frame consisting of resistant Besov 10 installed on a circle with the stator connected with the platform 6.

The final part of the rotor shaft is connected with aerobrigata. Aeropilot consists of capitals 11, led 12 and engine nacelle 13. By caps 11 led 12 is connected to the rotor shaft, the other end of the led is connected to the nacelle 13, closed a sleek and smooth engine. The nacelle 13 consists of under engine frame, in which is mounted an electric motor mechanically connected with a planetary gear and a propeller 14. To under-frame mounted front wheel chassis 15, the power collection unit of a sliding 16 and blocks the remote control. Treadmill 17 to support the gondolas at the idle Europewide built on piers treadmill 18, they also installed a mast 19 supporting a contact network 20 external source of electric power for traction motors. Unit of a sliding power collection engine nacelle 16 provides a constant connection with the contact network 20 of the turbine hall. The telecontrol system, blocks which are placed on the platform 6 and the nacelle 13, allows you to remotely manage the electricity generating unit.

For the technical the ski maintenance of electricity generating block one of the piles 4 equipped with a ladder to open the machine room, the engine room has a bar fencing, it is also connected to the circular running track 17, which is provided with a space to work on the nacelle 13.

Electricity generating unit located in a remote place, so he will work in automatic mode. System remote control connect an external source of electrical energy to the traction motors to the contact network 20. Through the power collection unit of a sliding 16 the electric current supplied to the electric motor of the engine nacelle 13 and blocks telecommand systems. Immediately starts to rotate the propeller 14 at rated speed, there is traction engine nacelle, aeropilot transmits torque through a capital 11 vertical rotor of the electric machine 8, which generates an electrical current to an external load.

The mode of operation of electricity generating unit long or continuous with automatic control for a few months.

Maintenance and repair work is carried out in the period of complete withdrawal of water up to level 3 and drying of the soil. In the case of emergency repairs, in the period of flooding, it can be reached by off-road equipment, when high water on boats, and in the winter by snowmobile.

This portion of the Earth's surface is derived from economic turnover (winter period and duration of the preliminary flood), but at the same time is used almost year-round, and with great benefit.

Example. Some town with a developed or prospective economic activities located in selenoproteins or mountainous terrain with an absolute excess of up to 4000 m above sea level, is experiencing a great shortage of electricity. In this case, close to the settlement, on some hills selected the site, for example, with a vertical profile 21 (see drawing). Create a platform 6 for an open machine room: either build platform 6 on stilts 4 or complement the platform piles and build the platform 6 supported on piles and soil, or building a platform 6 at a adjusted rocky hill. On the platform 6 installed electricity generating unit, a Jogging track 17 which is also building on piles, piers 18 treadmill. The construction of power-generating unit at a certain elevation is very important to exclude the effects of the snow drifts, snow avalanches, rockfalls, debris flows, landslides, etc. on its smooth operation. Received power for a short transmission line is transmitted in town.

Thus, not only managed to use unpromising plot mountainous areas (Land surface), but also to get away from it all year round significant e the economic returns.

Techno-economic potential of the invention is that the method allows to enter into economic circulation and use with large effective return unsuitable areas of the Earth's surface by building on them electricity generating unit.

1. Electricity generating unit, characterized in that it includes an outdoor machine room, in the center of which the platform is installed in an electric machine, the stator of which is connected to the platform by brackets, and the upper part of the rotor shaft is connected with the capitals drove through with aerobrigata consisting of a nacelle in which under-frame mounted electric motor connected to a planetary gearbox and propeller, and to under-frame attached front wheel chassis, the power collection unit of a sliding and blocks telecontrol, while in the off position the chassis is supported on the treadmill, built as the open platform of the turbine hall, piles, which also installed a mast that supports a contact network external source of electric power engines motohonda.

2. A photovoltaic power generation unit according to claim 2, characterized in that the piles are made resistant to corrosion.

3. Method of use surface areas of Land unsuitable for permanent commercial application than t is m, in these sites construct a photovoltaic power generation unit according to claim 1 with subsequent transfer of electrical energy from this area.


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EFFECT: reduced losses of flow energy in discharge water conduit, reduced material intensity, labour intensives of water conduit elements manufacturing and its cost, increased reliability of discharge water conduit operation.

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SUBSTANCE: water intake/water outlet includes water intake/water outlet chamber, slots of gate valve, pressure water conduit and flow separators arranged in water intake/water outlet chamber. Water intake/water outlet chamber is equipped with control element and water pipeline, and flow separators are hollow and provided with possibility of changing their thickness and include end and intermediate beams and elastic cover with fixing rods. End beams are of streamlined shape on their external sides, intermediate beams are hollow and provided with perforation throughout their length. Elastic cover is made in the form of closed cavity. Control element is made in the form of a tube the free end of which is arranged in water intake/water outlet chamber and faces pressure water conduit, and the other end by means of water pipeline is connected to inner cavity of intermediate beam of flow separator. End and intermediate beams are arranged inside the cavity of elastic cover and their end parts are rigidly connected to the walls of water intake/water outlet chamber; elastic cover is connected by means of rigid attachment to external streamlined sides of end beams of flow separator, and fixing rods are arranged inside elastic cover and attach opposite surfaces of elastic cover with possibility of limiting maximum distance between them.

EFFECT: simplifying the operation of construction, improving its operating reliability, reducing material consumption.

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EFFECT: improving reliability of automatic operation of flow-directing devices.

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SUBSTANCE: device represents vertical water-lifting and water-draining pipelines fixed on float. Upper ends of pipelines are arranged with the possibility of opening and come out into cylindrical tray with a spherical cap - reservoir. Upper end of water-lifting pipeline is equipped with valve that closes under action of gravity force arranged with conical shape and installed with their base upwards, and lower ends of water drain pipelines are equipped with valves having positive floatability.

EFFECT: invention reduces contamination of environment and increases release of gases from deep water.

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SUBSTANCE: invention is related to devices included into composition of hydrotechnical structures intended for generation of electric energy and simultaneous protection of shore against storms. Pier represents a volume structure from composite materials in the form of triangular or polyhedral prism, which contains communicating open cavities (contours) with flood valves. On frontal plane of pier structure there are longitudinal stabilisers arranged in the form of open contour of volume duct-flaps pulled out from flood valves opening and representing trihedral segment, which makes a pull-out cavity together with flood valve.

EFFECT: invention increases stability of pier in case of wave action.

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SUBSTANCE: structure of seasonal waterway on permafrost comprises dam, which blocks riverbed and talik of waterway, water channel arranged as bypassing protected mountain object, having foot below riverbed bottom, and low-flow water conduit, which provides for passage of riverbed talik underground waters that are capable of ice crust formation within the limits of the structure in cold season of the year as bypassing mountain object. Dam is equipped with antifiltration device adjoining permafrost, in water channel bottom in supply channel and bottom plate of inlet head are arranged at the level or below riverbed bottom adjoined to them, height of cavity and value of bottom longitudinal inclination permanently provide for nonpressure mode of water flow at underground section of water tunnel, provided with lining, bottom and walls of which produce water-impermeable tray, and output head, by means of diversion channel, is coupled with waterway. Low-flow water conduit comprises influent chamber installed in filtering water collector, and flow cavity of low-flow water conduit is heat insulated, besides supply channel of water tunnel within the borders of permafrost is equipped with antifiltration coat, which directly at the border of riverbed talik is coupled with permafrost in a water-permeable manner.

EFFECT: invention provides for reliability of structure.

12 cl, 7 dwg, 1 ex

FIELD: hydraulic structures, particularly fish passes in water-intake structures.

SUBSTANCE: method involves supplying water stream free of young fish in waterway; forming hydraulic screen near water-intake influence area to separate above area from main stream of water-intake structure; forming whirlpool area near water-intake shore edge. Water stream is formed upstream water-intake structure. Water for users is taken from whirlpool area formed by inner water spray boundary and shore edge. Facility includes water-intake structure arranged at shore line, water-intake pipes connected with pump, stream former and means for water stream creation in waterway. Means for water stream creation is made as channel operating in non-pressure regime and having outlet part arranged upstream water inlet. Marks formed on channel bottom and waterway bottom coincide one with another. Stream former is located downstream water intake and directed in downstream direction.

EFFECT: creating of hydraulic conditions to protect young fish from ingress in water-intake structure.

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FIELD: hydraulic engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to hydraulic works designed for preventing getting of young fish into diversion facilities. Proposed device contains fish retaining shield made in form of hollow guides arranged in tiers across water channels in depth with displacement of each upper tier towards diversion channel. It contains also perforated air duct located on bottom of water channel directly before said shield and train-and-fish trough arranged in upper part of channel in parallel with air duct and connected with outlet and device to let out young fish arranged in height of fish retaining shield. Guides of U-shaped are installed at angle to current of intake channel, their planes are perforated and open end part is pointed to bottom of water channel. Young fish let out device is made in form of perforated shields installed side guides for vertical displacement by drive in height of fish retaining shield relative to additional guides made from side of bank edges of intake channel. Perforation holes of shields and u-shaped guides do not coincide in light.

EFFECT: possibility of retaining and bringing young fish out of limits of influence of diversion facility.

8 dwg

FIELD: hydraulic engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to hydraulic works designed to protect young fish from getting into diversion facilities. Proposed device contains fish retaining shield installed in channel and made in form of perforated pipelines arranged in horizontal tiers along entire depth of channel and connected with source of working medium, perforated air duct placed on bottom of channel directly before shield and trash-and-fish trough arranged in upper part of shield parallel to perforated pipeline and air duct which is connected with fish outlet. Perforated pipelines are furnished with ejectors and fish gathering troughs. Ejectors are connected with pressure line of pump and are placed inside perforated pipelines and in communication with fish gathering troughs through perforation holes made in horizontal plane along both sides of pipelines, fish gathering troughs being rigidly fastened opposite to perforation holes. Inner space of fish gathering troughs is provided with longitudinal horizontal partitions dividing the troughs into separate fish intake parts. Surfaces of fish gathering troughs pointed to surface and to bottom of water channel are made perforated. Cross partitions found inside separate fish intake parts form fish intake channels. Initial part of fish outlet is made with fish intake pocket over entire depth of water channel. End face parts of perforated pipelines pointed to side of fish outlet communicate with inner space of pocket.

EFFECT: provision of retaining and removing of young fish over entire depth of water channel.

3 cl, 7 dwg

FIELD: hydraulic engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to hydraulic works designed to protect young fish from getting into diversion facilities. Proposed device contains fish retaining shield installed in water channel in tiers in depth of water channel with displacement of each higher tier to side of water intake channel, perforated air duct made in form of guides installed across water channel before shield on bottom of water channel, and trash-and-fish trough connected with fish outlet and arranged in upper part of shield parallel to air duct. Guides are made in form of flat plates rigidly installed at angle to flow in intake channel. Each plate is provided with horizontal axle in its upper part on which additional plate is secured from side of water intake channel for turning. Lower end face end of additional plate is provided with radial baffle whose surface has perforation holes. End face part of additional plates is provided with sector stopper from side of fish outlet, horizontal axles of plates being connected with drive. Additional plates can be perforated.

EFFECT: provision of retaining and bringing young fish out of the limits of influence of diversion facility.

3 cl, 12 dwg

FIELD: hydraulic engineering; fish protective facilities.

SUBSTANCE: invention is designed to draw off young fish from zone of influence of water diversion front. Method comes to ejecting young fish into intake part of ejecting plant from section of pond with higher concentration of young fish, creating active ejecting working stream in mixing chamber by entraining volume of water containing young fish into stream created by central ejecting hydraulic jet and further conveyance of water-fish mixture along pressure conduit into fish outlet. At the last stage of conveyance young fish is transported into fish outlet under no pressure conditions by forming hydraulic jet angle to trough of fish outlet, young fish being dropped on surface of fish outlet stream. Invention provides effective conditions for drawing off young fish into fish outlet and reduces damage to young fish. If working ejecting stream is preliminarily saturated with atmospheric air, its outer borders are saturated with air in form of finest microbubbles which form boundary layer ("air cushion") at contact with which young fish do not suffer from discomfort and easily take up hydrodynamic pressure built in mixing chamber. Moreover, provision of boundary layer saturated with microbubbles of air makes it possible to considerably reduce value of friction coupling of two streams, main getting from working nozzle and ejecting, containing young fish.

EFFECT: provision of good conditions for letting out young fish into fish outlet, reduced damage of young fish.

7 cl, 7 dwg

FIELD: hydraulic engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to devices protecting young fish and preventing their getting into diversion facility. Proposed fish protective facility includes filtering water-separating dam made in form of vertical water-separating wall arranged along water intake channel and separating inlet part of channel from water conduit, device for preliminary drawing off young fish made in form of vertical rod installed for rotation by drive arranged before water-separating wall from its end face part pointed opposite to water flow. Rod is displaced relative to water-separating wall towards water intake channel. Device for preliminary drawing off young fish is furnished with additional means to increase fish draw-off effect, said means being made in from of flat round disks rigidly secured in height of rod coaxially with rod. Disks are installed parallel to each other forming slot water intake channels. End face part of water-separating wall adjoining the rod is provided with slots located opposite to planes of arrangement of disks. Disks are installed for free passing relative to slots. Invention provides higher efficiency of drawing off young fish out limits of zone of influence of diversion facility owing to provision of disks considerably increasing area of contact with surrounding medium and creating powerful circulation flow providing diversion of young fish and trash entrained by water behind outer surface of dam.

EFFECT: provision of effective conditions for drawing off young fish out of limits of zone of influence of diversion facility.

15 cl, 16 dwg

FIELD: hydraulic engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to fish protective facilities used in diversion facilities. Proposed fish protective facility includes vertical gauze shield installed in inlet part of water intake channel at angle to its longitudinal axis, fish outlet arranged in place of mating of shield with side of channel, and device for creating whirlpool current for washing the shield containing jet guide member and made in form of chambers adjoining outer surface of shield and forming water intake holes over entire depth of water intake channel. Chambers are made cylindrical being formed by surface of shield and jet guide member and are placed in communication through water intake holes formed by edges of shield of adjacent chambers and edges of jet guide members at place of their butt joining. Each chamber is provided with independent fish outlet made in form of vertical perforated pipe arranged coaxially to chamber and communicating by independent fish duct with fish outlet. Inlet part of water intake channel is made with tangential inlet, edge of left side of channel, shield and tangential inlet are arranged in one plane.

EFFECT: improved efficiency of washing of gauze shield and drawing off young fish and trash.

24 cl, 18 dwg

FIELD: hydraulic and hydropower engineering, particularly for building water-retaining structures to provide power supply to small settlements and farms.

SUBSTANCE: method involves assembling flexible apron assembly consisted of flexible floor apron and flexible downstream apron in watercourse; securing thereof to watercourse bottom by anchors. Water outlet assembly including hydroelectric generator arranged inside it is secured to floor apron and downstream apron by rigid ties. Connected to water outlet assembly by ties are water retaining shell and rope system secured to anchor poles located on watercourse bank.

EFFECT: reduced time of structure assembling and costs for electric power generation.

2 dwg

FIELD: hydraulic structures, particularly fish-passing devices included in water intake structures.

SUBSTANCE: method is based on young fish's tendency to follow moving objects. Method involves forming water permeable screen including flexible elastic members and extending for the full stream depth; providing means for flexible members displacement and installation in working position; providing preliminary young fish concentration in previously created artificial water-plants and transferring young fish into fish-passing channel. Water permeable screen is formed of flexible elastic members on level of stream carrying young fish with maximal concentration. Screen is created in horizontal plane, wherein flexible elastic members are reciprocated from one bank to another along with directing young fish concentrated inside screen in fish-passing channel. Flexible elastic members imitate natural water flora, which is native fish habitat.

EFFECT: provision of controllable water intake during change in vertical young fish descent dynamics.

27 cl, 21 dwg

FIELD: hydraulic engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to device designed to prevent young fish from getting into diversion facilities. Proposed fish protective device includes suction branch pipe lowered under water level, water permeable shield, device to bring young fish off made in from of hydraulic wash-away device with slot arranged coaxially with suction branch pipe out of the limits of suction hole, feed pipeline connected with pressure line of pump and made inside suction branch pipe coaxially with the latter, and ring conical partition made coaxially to suction branch pipe and rigidly secured on outer surface of suction branch pipe. Hydraulic wash-away device is formed by two cup-like deflectors with concave side pointed to suction hole and installed one over the other to form ring slot directed along water permeable shield. Lower deflector is provided with central outlet hole whose diameter is smaller than diameter of jet forming nozzle arranged coaxially to hydraulic wash-away device and rigidly connected with end part of feed pipeline. Ring conical partition is installed with its larger base to side of suction branch pipe, its smaller base being arranged in plane of suction hole.

EFFECT: simplified design of fish [protective device, provision of effective bringing young fish of limits of influence of suction branch pipe.

7 cl, 8 dwg