Method of treating angioedemas

FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to medicine, namely to allergology, and can be used for treating angioedemas. For this purpose introduced are antihistamine preparations, membrane-stabilisers, as well as pulmicort as glucocorticosteroid preparation. Pulmicort is introduced in amount 10 drops per 2 ml of physiological solution by inhalations through nebuliser during 3 minutes. Introduction of pulmicort is carried out daily during 1-3 days.

EFFECT: invention allows fast reduction of gullet and pharynx angioedemas due to direct impact on mucous membranes by said glucocorticosteroid in dose and mode of introduction specially designed for this purpose.

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The invention relates to medicine and Allergology and can be used for the treatment of patients angioedema pharynx and larynx.

Closest to the invention is mild angioedema using a short course of glucocorticoids (GCS) intravenous: dexamethasone at a dose of 8-12 mg / day or prednisone 40-60-90 mg per day for 1-3 days (Rational pharmacotherapy of allergic diseases: a guide for practitioners / Rmitv, Neelin, Tvetydig, Lowloss and others - M.: Letter, 2007. S; Clinical guidelines. Allergology. Edited Rmitv, Nieling. - M.: GEOTAR-Media, 2008. S).

The described method is applied in patients with acute angioedema not associated with disorders of the complement system. The method consists in intravenous drip (60 drops per minute) the introduction of corticosteroids in 200 ml of saline daily for 1-3 days. The effectiveness of the treatment is estimated by the relief of objective and subjective data angiotech. As a result of the treatment eliminates swelling of the oropharynx, hoarseness, trouble breathing.

The described method has a rapid clinical effect, however, the use of systemic corticosteroids, even short-term increases in blood pressure, headache, dyspeptic disorders.

It is known that about ilovesbilly the effect of SCS is mainly due to the stabilization of cell membranes (including fat and lysosomes), by suppressing the activity of phospholipase A2and hyaluronidase, release of arachidonic acid from the phospholipids of cell membranes (reduction products of its metabolism, prostaglandins, thromboxane and leukotrienes), and inhibition of the degranulation of mast cells release histamine, serotonin and bradykinin), synthesis of platelet activating factor and proliferation of connective tissue (Medmaravis, 2005).

The objective of the invention is to improve the efficiency and reduction of terms of treatment of patients angioedema with minimal side effects. This object is achieved by conducting a nebulizer therapy with pulmicort for 3 minutes daily for 1-3 days (10 drops pulmicort in 2 ml of physiological solution) using the apparatus "XVIII inqua NEB" (Germany).

Pulmicort (Budesonide) - corticosteroids for inhalation with a strong local anti-inflammatory action is rapidly absorbed after inhalation. In adults, systemic bioavailability of budesonide after inhalation of Pulmicort via nebulizer, approximately 15% of the total prescribed dose and about 40-70% of the delivered. Withmaxin the blood plasma is reached after 30 min after the start of inhalation.

To evaluate the effectiveness of nepaliterature before and after treatment were analyzed clinical SIM is Toms angiotech pharynx and larynx. Clinical testing of the method was performed in 18 patients angioedema pharynx and/or larynx. The control group consisted of 23 patients who received only traditional treatment (SCS/, antihistamines, memresistor). In the experimental group traditional treatment antihistamines, membranostabilizatora was supplemented three-minute sessions nebulizer therapy with pulmicort daily for 1-3 days. In the course of therapy was assessed clinical symptoms of the disease.

The results of the study revealed a clear positive dynamics of the disease. In 17 patients (94,4%) improvement was noted immediately after the 1st treatment: a significant decrease in edema when viewed from an ENT specialist, as well as the relief demanded complaint (hoarseness, difficulty swallowing, breathing, swelling of the oropharynx). After the 2nd session nebulizer therapy in 18 patients (100%) was stopped up all the symptoms.

To illustrate the effectiveness of nebulizer therapy with pulmicort, the following clinical observations.

Example 1

Patient L., 56 years old, no history of the disease 20093/785, went to the Allergy Department in April 2008 with complaints of shortness of breath, swelling of the tongue. These symptoms appeared about 2 hours ago after taking enalapril for about increase blood what about the pressure. Delivered by ambulance to KOKB admitted to the Allergy Department. History of arterial hypertension, chronic gastroduodenitis, pancreatitis. History of viral hepatitis a in childhood. The negative risk factors. When applying the General state of moderate severity. The skin is a normal color. The breath in the lungs vesicular, no wheezing. Respiratory rate 18 in 1 minute. Muffled heart sounds, rhythmic. Heart rate 86 in 1 minute. Blood pressure 150 and 90 mm Hg white furred Tongue, enlarged in size. The abdomen is soft, painless. The liver is not enlarged. In the General analysis of blood leukocytes of 7.8×109/l, p - 10, p - 67, e - 3, l - 13, m - 7, ESR - 5 mm/h, total animacy - d - 1013, acid, b - 0, epic. flat - 2-3 p/SP, l - 1-2 p/SP. ECG - signs of hypertrophy of the left ventricle. R-gram of the chest - lung fields clear, the structural roots, not expanded. The ENT examination: swelling of the tongue and oropharynx pale bluish color. The performance of immunolo status - Tabs - 56%, TX - 30%, Cu - 26%, VL - 22%, IgA - 1.8 g/l, IgM - 1.2 g/l, IgG - 14.2 g/l was assigned therapy: ketotifen 1 t×2 R, clarida 1 t×1 R, famotidine 40 mg×1R, nebulizer therapy with pulmicort. Improvement was noted immediately after the 1st treatment, manifested by a significant decrease swelling of the throat and tongue, but what melisaria breathing. On the 2nd day the symptoms were stopped completely.

Example # 2

Patient D., 42 years old, no history of the disease 31941/735 entered the Allergy Department in may 2008 with complaints of hoarseness, difficulty swallowing. Considers himself ill for about a week, when for the first time for no apparent reason caused swelling periorbital areas. Medical help is not sought, the swelling was controlled independently intramuscular antihistamines (suprastin). Recent deterioration few hours ago, when there were stroganoe swallowing, and then hoarseness. Suffering from chronic gastritis. About 10 years ago - appendectomy. Risk factors: urticaria drug Genesis. When applying the General state of moderate severity. The skin is a normal color. The breath in the lungs vesicular, wheezing netcd-17 1'. Heart sounds are clear, regular rhythm. HR - 80 1'. AD - 120/70 mm Hg Abdomen is soft, painless. The liver is not enlarged. In General, the analysis of blood - er - 4,4×1012/l, Hb - 140 g/l, the CPU is 0.9, l - 5,6×109/l, p - 2, p - 70, e - 2, l - 21, m - 5 ESR - 3 mm/hour, IgA - 2,04 g/l, IgM - 1,33 g/l, IgG - 16,22 g/l, IgE - 3,9 IU/ml, Tobs - 55%, TX - 38%, Cu - 17%, VL - 13%, phagocytosis - 59%, γ-IFN and 16.2 PG/ml, IL-4 to 6.5 PG/ml ECG - rhythm regular sinus. ENT doctor: pale bluish swelling of the soft palate, tongue, arms, throat. He was appointed therapy - ketotifen 1 t×2 R, clarida 1 t×1 R, n is belisama therapy with pulmicort. When the receipt was held the session nebulizer therapy with pulmicort. After the session noted improvement in breathing, swallowing, when viewed from the observed decrease swelling of the soft palate, tongue, arms. After the 2nd session nebulizer therapy was stopped swelling disappeared hoarseness.

Thus, the use of nebulizer therapy with pulmicort in patients with acute angioedema pharynx and larynx, not associated with the pathology of the complement system, which provides rapid elimination of symptoms.

This allows us to recommend this treatment in clinical practice for rapid relief of acute angioedema with minimal side effects.

A method of treating angioedema, including the introduction of antihistamine drugs, membrane stabilizers and glucocorticosteroid preparations, characterized in that as a glucocorticosteroid drug use pulmicort in 10 drops in 2 ml of physiological solution, which is administered by inhalation through a nebulizer for 3 min daily for 1-3 days.


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EFFECT: use of the invention allows improving effectiveness of the inhaled pharmaceuticals, ensuring higher coughing sanation and mucociliary clearance and accelerating sedimentation of sprayed particles on bronchial mucosa.

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EFFECT: method reduces quantity of aggravations in focal points of persistent infection, such as chronic tonsillitis, pharyngitis, adenoiditis, sinusitis.

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SUBSTANCE: invention refers to field of medical equipment, in particular to ultrasound aerosol therapy apparatus (inhalant devices) of individual use. Apparatus contains generator of electric oscillations connected with piezoelectric converter set in acoustic contact with the concentrator manufactured in the form of solid revolution with modification of diametre and bigger and smaller plane surfaces where the smaller plane surface is communicated through the concentrator with tank for feeding of atomised fluid. The concentrator is manufactured with conic, exponential or step change of the diametre longwise longitudinal axis which bigger plane surface is made with flat faces symmetric about longitudinal axis placed over equal distances from the smaller plane surface centre where capillaceous hole is made connected with the cavity communicated with the tank for feeding of atomised fluid. Piezoelectric converter is manufactured in the form of piezoelectric-crystal plates connected with faces of the concentrator bigger plane surface.

EFFECT: use of the invention enables the apparatus to work in any position at regulation of dispersive composition of generated aerosol.

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EFFECT: counter contains readable large display and precise mechanism, is easily assembled in single structure, is not expensive for manufacturing.

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SUBSTANCE: invention relates to medial equipment and can be used for improving human tolerance in various morbid conditions. An apparatus comprises series compressor used as a pressure source, a gas permeator with a hyperoxic and hypoxic outputs used as an air-separating module, a regulated valve connected to the hypoxic output of the gas permeator, and a respiratory unit of the patient. The flow switch has two inputs, one of which is connected to the regulated valve and another through an ejector to the hyperoxic output of the air-separating unit, and two outputs, one of which is connected to the output of the connector to the respiratory unit of the patient, another contacts the ambient environment. The flow switch is connected to an output of a control unit and switches the air mix supply to the hypoxic and hyperoxic units by a signal of the control unit, while the other input of the ejector is connected to the pressure source.

EFFECT: invention enables intermittent normobaric hyperoxi-hypoxitherapy.

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SUBSTANCE: mouthpiece has canal of aerosol flow output, hole of aerosol output and hole of exhalation outlet. Canal of flow output includes first flow canal going upward, second flow canal. Going obliquely forward from first flow canal, angular flow canal intended for connection of first flow canal and second flow canal canal of flow output. Mouthpiece has curved section, formed by curving that section of first flow canal, whose wall surface crosses central line if first flow canal. Hole for exhalation outlet is made on surface of wall which forms second flow canal, in position, displaced along circumference from that section of wall surface on which curved section is located. Though in mouthpiece and in inhaler with mouthpiece there are no exhalation valve and, in addition, inhalation valve, leak of aerosol through hole of pressure regulation and exhalation hole is prevented, independently on approach in application.

EFFECT: improvement of mouthpiece construction.

16 cl, 23 dwg

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FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: according to one of versions of claimed invention implementation, unit of pressure registration registers positive pressure, created by exhalation, when user exhales before beginning of inhalation, that is, on exhalation stage, and said pressure is compared with standard model, stored in memory device, by means of which totality of parametres of user's exhale is prepared. Difference in time between moment of exhalation end and moment of the following inhalation beginning is evaluated, after which, on the basis of said information portions, moment of time of medication supply beginning is determined.

EFFECT: increase of efficiency of inhalation, performed by carrying of liquid drops by air flow, at early stage in inhaler, used for the user to inhale medication supplied by discharge head.

9 cl, 6 dwg

FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: for treating broncho-obstructive syndrome combined with pneumonia and tracheobronchitis in newborns, nebuliser inhalations with oxygen supplement 30-60% one session of which consists in consistent introduction of Salbutamol and Budesonid. The initial dose includes 0.15 mg/kg of Salbutamol and 0.125 mg of Budesonid - 2-3 sessions a day. The stabilisation requires 0.15 mg/kg of Salbutamol and 0.25-0.3 mg/kg of Budesonid once a day. The therapeutic course is 3-14 days.

EFFECT: method allows improving respiratory pulmonary function, reducing symptoms of respiratory insufficiency, relieving severity and duration of infectious-inflammatory process in airways.

8 tbl, 2 ex

FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: invention concerns delivery of pharmaceutical preparations and medical products, mainly in respiratory diseases. The inhaler with a dry powder consists of the first chamber with a hole for the dry powder and gas, and the second chamber for receiving disaggregation of the dry powder and for connecting disaggregation of the dry powder to the user. The synthesising jet moves the dry powder from the first to the second chamber.

EFFECT: application of the invention allows receing an aerosol powder of the medical product by means of the synthesising jet.

27 cl, 9 dwg

FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to experimental medicine, and can be used for protection of post-vaccination immunity to tetanus anatoxin against methotrexate-induced depression. Method includes parenteral introduction of miliacin into experimental animal organism in dose 2 mg/kg of weight. Miliacin is introduced tree times daily to animals with formed post-vaccination immunity to tetanus anatoxin, subjected to immunodepressive impact of methotrexate cytostatic.

EFFECT: application of invention allows to protect formed post-vaccination immunity against immunodepressive impact of cytostatic due to anticatabolic action of miliacin.

5 dwg