Device for infrared and ultraviolet radiation of farm livestock and poultry

FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: device comprises IR and UV radiations of farm livestock and poultry. For complex treatment of farm livestock and poultry with infrared light of IRUV system lamps and ultraviolet light of DRT-400 system lamp, device is developed, which makes it possible to treat the object of radiation in the mode of 15, 30, 45, 60 minutes and further any time for 24 hours. Effect of selected mode of radiation with light sources of IRUV and DRT-400 is disconnected by means of time relay 2TR.

EFFECT: invention provides for biostimulation of viability, productivity and resistance.

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The invention relates to a device for light processing and can be used to process livestock and poultry in biostimulating purposes.

A device for disinfecting livestock buildings and technological equipment exciter with two equidistant from each other lamps located on the bottom and one above, and reflected plates secured movably (Baroev TR Irradiation for disinfection of the premises of farm animals and equipment. FIPS, the patent for invention №2132201, 1999).

A disadvantage of the known device is the lack of simultaneous exposure of farm animals infrared and ultraviolet light mercury-quartz lamps in order to stimulate vitality.

In the practice of animal husbandry are different in design and purpose device for disinfection of the premises and the exposure of farm animals and poultry, of which the most common are OF 1P, LOW-6P, S-Akha-1, AE-1P-RKS, S-3S-RKS, S-3S, WAV-5H, UT-100, UT-200, PPD-100, PPD-200, CES-400, SB-15, PP-4, ICSC, Siberian branch 220-500, Siberian branch-220-100, ARI-1 and other[1; 3; 4; 5; 7; 8; 10; 11; 13; 14; 15; 16; 17], which have a beneficial effect on the growth and development of agriculture the military the animals.

The closest analogues are the device for exposure of farm animals infrared and ultraviolet light ICUF-1, ICOF-1M, mercury-quartz lamps UO-4 with four lamps CES-400 [2; 6; 9; 12].

The disadvantages of the known devices is the lack of infrared heating, disinfection and treatment of farm animals by the emission of mercury-quartz lamp.

The technical result of the invention is the use of the device for complex processing of agricultural animals and poultry infrared and ultraviolet light lamps system ICUF and UV light lamp CES-400 order biostimulation viability, productivity, and resistance.

This result is achieved by the fact that young agricultural animals and poultry locally heated by infrared and ultraviolet ICUF-1M and over the entire cultivation period with the aim of increasing the productivity, safety and performance of the General and specific resistance of animals processed mercury-quartz lamp CES-400.

Device for infrared and ultraviolet irradiation of farm animals (see) is a system on the device in the network (1), the input voltage time relay RVM (2), working in two modes, first the second of which applies a voltage to feed ICUF with infrared sources (8) and UV light (4), second - in power supply lamp CES-400 (3), by which is automatically included mercury-quartz lamp CES-400 (6).

The operation of the device. The switch (1) voltage is applied to the time relay RVM (2), by which is regulated the mode of processing of agricultural animals and poultry sources of radiant energy ICUF (4, 8) and CES-400 (6). By the time relay RVM processing mode can be 15, 30, 45, 60 min and then any time within 24 hours.

Through shrouds lamps (5, 7) radiant energy sources ICUF and CES-400 is reflected in the direction of the cells (9) for the animals and birds (10).


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Device for infrared and ultraviolet irradiation of farm animals and poultry, including IR and UV - irradiation of farm animals and poultry, characterized in that for complex processing of agricultural animals and poultry infrared illumination system ICUF and UV light lamp CES-400 is a device that allows you to process the object exposure mode 15, 30, 45, 60 min and then any time within 24 h, and the impact of the selected mode of exposure light sources ICUF and CES-400 is disconnected by the relay time RVM.


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EFFECT: invention allows for higher effective meat production of broilers using single injection of preparation during the whole fattening period.

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SUBSTANCE: method includes measurement and value assignment of temperature felt by animals and poultry in zones of local heating, comparison of measured and set values, mode regulation of local heating by result of comparison, measurement of temperature value of air in room and assignment of its standard minimum and maximum values. There is measurement of external air temperature value and of relative humidity of external and internal air in room. Depending on changeable signal of generated temperature value of air in room costs of energy consumption on local and on general heating are calculated and cost of expenses from losses of animal husbandry products. Cost of expenses for forages for a livestock is calculated. Costs of energy consumption on general and local heating are calculated. Signals of natural combustible gas resources and drinking water consumption are measured; set signals are formed about values of specific prices of enterprise on natural combustible gas and drinking water. A temperature mode of general heating of industrial rooms with local heating is corrected. The device contains sensors of felt temperature in a zone of local heating, temperatures of internal air in room, set-point devices for a livestock age, technologically admissible minimum and maximum temperatures of air in room, set value of felt temperature, standard temperature of air, temperature regulators of local and general heating, local heaters and heat exchangers. The device contains temperature sensors of external air, relative humidity of internal and external air, set-point device of interrogation time, signal of generated temperature value of air in room, constants, the first, the second and the third computing blocks, an adder, a control block, a differentiating amplifier. Into the device the fourth computing block united together with the first, the second and the third computing blocks in a block of calculation, set-point devices of specific prices for thermal energy, for electric energy, for enterprise production, for forages, an interface and communication block, a block of the computer hardware and software focused network means, a peripheral block of computer network are entered. Flow sensors of gas and water are in addition entered into the device accordingly, also set-point devices of signals about values of the enterprise specific prices accordingly on natural combustible gas and drinking water, signal formers of conformity to data of local, regional and international Internet info-communication computer networks about specific prices for gas and water, the first and the second comparison schemes, the first and the second multiplication schemes.

EFFECT: minimisation of operational expenses for general and local heating.

2 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: method consists in the fact that for a certain period of time mobility of cattle individual is registered. Data that indicates nutrition of specified individual are registered for a period of time. The first signal is accumulated, which reflects specified registered mobility, as well as the second signal, which reflects specified data. Current values of specified first and specified second signals are compared to specified accumulated first and second signals. Atypical behaviour of specified individual is identified, when specified current values of specified first and specified second signals statically diverge from specified accumulated first and second signals. Heat is detected, using specified accumulated first and second signals. Device comprises at least one sensor for registration of cattle individual mobility. At least one sensor for registration of the fact that mobility relates to periods of specified individual nutrition. At least one microprocessor to perform one or more operations, including reception of data on specified registered mobility. Detection of the fact that registered mobility does not relate to periods of specified individual nutrition. Detection of the fact whether specified individual is in heat condition, on the basis of registered mobility, which does not related to periods of nutrition.

EFFECT: improvement in device reliability and accuracy of measurement.

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SUBSTANCE: exercise equipment consists of an automobile tyre cover from UAZ-469, painted in bright colours in the form of strips or stains to attract the pigs' attention. The tyre cover is fixed, with the help little link chains in 1 m length through tommy bar, turning itself around and preventing it kink, to the metal ring of the big diametre installed on the pintle. The probe is hammered into the earth on height exceeding height of a tyre cover.

EFFECT: active physical exercise and physical activities to repair young pigs growt, and also decrease of their aggression are provided.

1 dwg

FIELD: agriculture, livestock farming.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to agriculture, particularly to dairying. The device for sanitary treatment of udder nipples consists of a reservoir for disinfecting solution, also the reservoir is made out of elastic transparent material; further the facility consists of a case connected with the said reservoir by means of thread, of a partition with a branch made as a whole, of a throttle made integral with a cone and rod, of a feeding tube installed in the branch and of a shell with a hook for hanging. An axial aperture is made in the rod; the aperture communicates with a radial aperture situated in a cavity between the partition and the cone. The feeding tube is equipped with a cone head on its free end. The reservoir for disinfecting solution is equipped with a bracket with a bottom and hook for facility hanging secured on the bottom; the facility is also equipped with a cover in the upper part of the case.

EFFECT: raised efficiency of sanitary treatment of udder nipples, reliability of operation and safety of service personnel.

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FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: method and device for poultry operation is based on continuous real time computer search for economical balance between total value of power consumption costs for heating and feeding of poultry and calculated price of the product sold achieving most cost-effective and rational heating mode of poultry premise and birds.

EFFECT: enables getting such inside temperature and feed dosage values, which ensure highest possible at present time period increment of profit from the process of feeding of birds and heating of the working space.

4 cl, 7 dwg

FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to agriculture, in particular, to poultry farming. The method includes drying, chopping, straw laying on the prepared floor of hen house with width of 7-10 cm and its disinfection using formaldehyde. In addition, the 95% solution of methylacetic acid is used on the basis of 15-25 ml per 1 kg of straw. Safety of birds improves; toxicity of environment decreases.

EFFECT: improvement of bird safety, decrease of environment toxicity.

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SUBSTANCE: invention is intended for use in designs of floor electro-warmed panels for young plants of animals. System of multi-zone three-planimetric differentiated thermoregulation of floor electro-warmed panels for young plants of animals consists of three heating contours of rectangular form. All contours cover each other in concentric manner, and one is located in panel centre, another - along its perimeter, and the third occupies intermediate position between them. In zone of arrangement of each contour on two temperature sensors are placed, connected to thermoregulator, capable to control of heating on average indicator between two sensors in such a manner that at simultaneous thermoregulation in several zones temperature drop from panel centre to its periphery is compensated.

EFFECT: increase of thermoregulation efficiency; prevention of heat losses from panel centre to its periphery; possibility of panel adaptation to animals being on it; maintenance of panel adaptation to take-up by animals of various area of working surface; possibility of heating temperature changing depending on animals age and biological species.

1 cl, 1 dwg

FIELD: gas supply.

SUBSTANCE: method consists of IR source and reflector. Heat flow from reflector is determined as difference between heater heat flow and IR source heat flow for IR source with radiation wave length from 0.5 to 7mcm at constant suspension height. Maximum heat flow from reflector is defined. Dependence of maximum reflector heat flow at angle deviation from normal line to the exposed surface and reflector edge height is also calculated. Optimal angle corresponding to maximum heat flow is defined. Height of reflector edges is increased at optimal angle to the sizes when temperature at low reflector edge is equal to ambient temperature. Heat flow density on the exposed surface is reduced by changing angle between normal line to exposed surface and reflector edge plane from 0° to optimal α=αopt angle value or from α=αopt to 90°.

EFFECT: change of heat flow density from IR source.

5 dwg

FIELD: animal farming, in particular, cattle breeding, may be used for prodding of animals from vehicle body during transportation of animals.

SUBSTANCE: method involves acting upon animal by directed high-pressure air flow; apart from pneumatic action, acting upon animal by acoustic pressure of 90-110 dB intensity.

EFFECT: increased safety and reduced labor intensity during prodding of animals.

1 tbl, 1 ex

FIELD: stockraising.

SUBSTANCE: claimed method includes pig radiation with infrared and ultraviolet ray source in slings for certain period of time. Layer of zeolite-containing clay of 3-5 cm thickness is placed on slings floor wherein said zeolite-containing clay is radiated with infrared and ultraviolet ray source for 30-45 min before pig radiation.

EFFECT: radiation of increased effectiveness.

1 tbl, 2 ex

FIELD: method and equipment for combined local energy-saving heating of animals within animal house.

SUBSTANCE: method involves receiving data from pyrometric sensor of animal's radiation temperature; processing said data and delivering control commands for switching on and off of ultraviolet, infrared emitters and aeration ionizer; before appearance of animal in local heating zone, feeding safe voltage to electric mat placed within local heating zone; receiving data from environment air temperature sensor and from electric mat temperature sensor; when temperature of electric mat reaches value exceeding environment temperature by a number of grades, signaling readiness for receiving of animal; fixing settling of animal within local heating zone by actuation of weight strain gage; providing local heating of animal according to program including animal's kind, breed and age; measuring moisture content of environment air and correcting temperature set on the basis of resulted value during adjusting of radiation temperature as well as that of electric mat by increasing temperature sets upon increasing moisture content of environment temperature and by reducing temperature sets upon reduction of moisture content of environment air; measuring readings of infrared, ultraviolet emitters, aeration ionizer and electric mat on the basis of measured consumed current and time during which said instruments were in switched-on state; calculating daily weight gain on the basis of measured readings of weight strain gage. Apparatus has radiation controlling unit, pyrometric sensor, time relay, comparison unit, infrared and ultraviolet emitters, aeration ionizer, microcomputer with power unit, two temperature sensors, four current sensors with matcher units, moisture content sensor, weight strain gage with interference modules, indication and signaling data introduction module, control switch, and electric mat. Power unit, time relay, input of comparison unit, temperature sensors and indication and signaling data introduction module are connected directly to inputs of microcomputer. Current sensors, weight strain gage and moisture content sensor are connected directly to inputs of microcomputer via matching units and interference modules, respectively.

EFFECT: provision for adequate animal keeping conditions and increased functional capabilities for local heating.

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FIELD: ball-shaped toy for dog.

SUBSTANCE: device has ball provided with at least one elongated grip indirectly connected to ball by means of intermediate embracing member arranged around ball or directly connected to ball so as to define continuation to outer casing of ball, to inner casing of ball or to member inserted between outer and inner casings. Such arrangement provides for resilient engagement between grip and ball and constant returning of grip to its radial position relative to ball center. Grip prevents ball from being bitten by dog during playing with it.

EFFECT: increased entertaining effect and provision for preventing ball from damage.

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