"exercise equipment" for active physical exercise of repair young pigs growth

FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: exercise equipment consists of an automobile tyre cover from UAZ-469, painted in bright colours in the form of strips or stains to attract the pigs' attention. The tyre cover is fixed, with the help little link chains in 1 m length through tommy bar, turning itself around and preventing it kink, to the metal ring of the big diametre installed on the pintle. The probe is hammered into the earth on height exceeding height of a tyre cover.

EFFECT: active physical exercise and physical activities to repair young pigs growt, and also decrease of their aggression are provided.

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The invention relates to a method of keeping pigs in summer camps, can be used in farms of all forms of ownership, as well as on the farms for growing replacements pigs.

Known individual and group methods of maintenance and repair of the young pigs in cages and machines; with range (paved) and without it, and bezvygulnoe in buildings and hangars. In various technologies and feeding hard enough to grow constitutionally strong breeding boars and sows with good growth energy, to provide them with the necessary exercise to develop muscle mass, removal of aggressiveness and meet the inborn instinct of digging, digging snout soil, abrasion of teeth.

To ensure walking and active exercise of young pigs are known various methods, including free grazing, as well as "Fitness" of floating drinkers sealed items (patent No. 97112205), "training"is that change in the process of exercise the animal fluid pressure in the cavity of the Mat to regulate the load on the limbs of animals (patent No. 2027357), all kinds of "Casali" etc.

Technical and practical result achieved by the present invention, is:

- maintain an active exercise of repair young pigs;

- the government is providing physical activity;

- removing aggressiveness;

- quenching "curiosity" (exploratory behavior), the instinct of digging, digging his snout in the process of pushing, moving and flipping tires (car W-469), bound foot chain attached to the metal pin driven into the ground (Figure 1). The height of the protruding part of the pin (1) must exceed the height of the tire (h=140-150 cm), as the tire during rolling or moving around the pin can be worn on him, and the effect of "simulator" will be lost. The diameter of the pin should be sufficient to preserve their form under the influence of animals (d=150-300 mm). Car tire (6) is fixed by means of Malcocinado circuit (4) bolt with nut (5) at a distance of 1 m from the pin. The pin is worn metal ring (2) (d=300-600 mm), and is joined by "crank" (3), rotating around its axis and prevents twisting of the chain.

The lid for the "Trainer" can be used depending on the age of the pigs. Best results are obtained when using tires, used (with great protector), brand car W-469. To attract the attention of pigs to the "Trainer" can be painted tires in bright colors, such as stripes or spots.

Empirically found that the replacements pigs / min net is Eloy meat breed (CM-1) when "the game" with this Trainer "has made more active exercise compared with control animals, increased physical activity, was shot aggressiveness, which reduced the injury rate by 25-30%, satisfy the curiosity and the instinct of digging and digging snout in the process of pushing, tilting and moving tires. In pigs from the experimental group after the "Trainer" has been improved appetite, increased feed digestibility and daily gains. Thus, in replacement gilts of the experimental group at the age of 5-6 months, having access to the "Trainer", the average increase was 9% higher than in animals of the control group without access to the simulator. Repair pigs from the experimental group were more mobile, less stale, better developed and, consequently, on 20 days earlier had reached sexual maturity in comparison with analogues; high sexual activity and fertility.

This "Simulator" can be installed in summer exercise yards as paved and without, under the open sky, under canopies and in the premises, one in five pigs. When installed in the machine or enclosure few "Trainers" pins must drive at a distance of not less than 2.5 m from each other when the chain length 1 m

The installation costs of this "Trainer" is composed of the cost of 1.5 m Malcocinado chain with ring and "crank", a metal pin with a diameter of not less than 15 mm, the length of 140-150 cm and the former in the pack is the use of old tires from the car WA-469.

"Simulator" for the active exercise of repair young pigs, consisting of automobile tires from UAZ-469, painted in bright colors, such as stripes or spots to attract the attention of pigs recorded using Malcocinado chain length of 1 m through a crank, rotating around its axis and prevent it from twisting the metal ring of large diameter, suited to the pin driven into the ground to a height exceeding the height of the tires.


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FIELD: agriculture, livestock farming.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to agriculture, particularly to dairying. The device for sanitary treatment of udder nipples consists of a reservoir for disinfecting solution, also the reservoir is made out of elastic transparent material; further the facility consists of a case connected with the said reservoir by means of thread, of a partition with a branch made as a whole, of a throttle made integral with a cone and rod, of a feeding tube installed in the branch and of a shell with a hook for hanging. An axial aperture is made in the rod; the aperture communicates with a radial aperture situated in a cavity between the partition and the cone. The feeding tube is equipped with a cone head on its free end. The reservoir for disinfecting solution is equipped with a bracket with a bottom and hook for facility hanging secured on the bottom; the facility is also equipped with a cover in the upper part of the case.

EFFECT: raised efficiency of sanitary treatment of udder nipples, reliability of operation and safety of service personnel.

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FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: method and device for poultry operation is based on continuous real time computer search for economical balance between total value of power consumption costs for heating and feeding of poultry and calculated price of the product sold achieving most cost-effective and rational heating mode of poultry premise and birds.

EFFECT: enables getting such inside temperature and feed dosage values, which ensure highest possible at present time period increment of profit from the process of feeding of birds and heating of the working space.

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FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to agriculture, in particular, to poultry farming. The method includes drying, chopping, straw laying on the prepared floor of hen house with width of 7-10 cm and its disinfection using formaldehyde. In addition, the 95% solution of methylacetic acid is used on the basis of 15-25 ml per 1 kg of straw. Safety of birds improves; toxicity of environment decreases.

EFFECT: improvement of bird safety, decrease of environment toxicity.

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FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: invention is intended for use in designs of floor electro-warmed panels for young plants of animals. System of multi-zone three-planimetric differentiated thermoregulation of floor electro-warmed panels for young plants of animals consists of three heating contours of rectangular form. All contours cover each other in concentric manner, and one is located in panel centre, another - along its perimeter, and the third occupies intermediate position between them. In zone of arrangement of each contour on two temperature sensors are placed, connected to thermoregulator, capable to control of heating on average indicator between two sensors in such a manner that at simultaneous thermoregulation in several zones temperature drop from panel centre to its periphery is compensated.

EFFECT: increase of thermoregulation efficiency; prevention of heat losses from panel centre to its periphery; possibility of panel adaptation to animals being on it; maintenance of panel adaptation to take-up by animals of various area of working surface; possibility of heating temperature changing depending on animals age and biological species.

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FIELD: gas supply.

SUBSTANCE: method consists of IR source and reflector. Heat flow from reflector is determined as difference between heater heat flow and IR source heat flow for IR source with radiation wave length from 0.5 to 7mcm at constant suspension height. Maximum heat flow from reflector is defined. Dependence of maximum reflector heat flow at angle deviation from normal line to the exposed surface and reflector edge height is also calculated. Optimal angle corresponding to maximum heat flow is defined. Height of reflector edges is increased at optimal angle to the sizes when temperature at low reflector edge is equal to ambient temperature. Heat flow density on the exposed surface is reduced by changing angle between normal line to exposed surface and reflector edge plane from 0° to optimal α=αopt angle value or from α=αopt to 90°.

EFFECT: change of heat flow density from IR source.

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FIELD: animal farming, in particular, cattle breeding, may be used for prodding of animals from vehicle body during transportation of animals.

SUBSTANCE: method involves acting upon animal by directed high-pressure air flow; apart from pneumatic action, acting upon animal by acoustic pressure of 90-110 dB intensity.

EFFECT: increased safety and reduced labor intensity during prodding of animals.

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FIELD: stockraising.

SUBSTANCE: claimed method includes pig radiation with infrared and ultraviolet ray source in slings for certain period of time. Layer of zeolite-containing clay of 3-5 cm thickness is placed on slings floor wherein said zeolite-containing clay is radiated with infrared and ultraviolet ray source for 30-45 min before pig radiation.

EFFECT: radiation of increased effectiveness.

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FIELD: method and equipment for combined local energy-saving heating of animals within animal house.

SUBSTANCE: method involves receiving data from pyrometric sensor of animal's radiation temperature; processing said data and delivering control commands for switching on and off of ultraviolet, infrared emitters and aeration ionizer; before appearance of animal in local heating zone, feeding safe voltage to electric mat placed within local heating zone; receiving data from environment air temperature sensor and from electric mat temperature sensor; when temperature of electric mat reaches value exceeding environment temperature by a number of grades, signaling readiness for receiving of animal; fixing settling of animal within local heating zone by actuation of weight strain gage; providing local heating of animal according to program including animal's kind, breed and age; measuring moisture content of environment air and correcting temperature set on the basis of resulted value during adjusting of radiation temperature as well as that of electric mat by increasing temperature sets upon increasing moisture content of environment temperature and by reducing temperature sets upon reduction of moisture content of environment air; measuring readings of infrared, ultraviolet emitters, aeration ionizer and electric mat on the basis of measured consumed current and time during which said instruments were in switched-on state; calculating daily weight gain on the basis of measured readings of weight strain gage. Apparatus has radiation controlling unit, pyrometric sensor, time relay, comparison unit, infrared and ultraviolet emitters, aeration ionizer, microcomputer with power unit, two temperature sensors, four current sensors with matcher units, moisture content sensor, weight strain gage with interference modules, indication and signaling data introduction module, control switch, and electric mat. Power unit, time relay, input of comparison unit, temperature sensors and indication and signaling data introduction module are connected directly to inputs of microcomputer. Current sensors, weight strain gage and moisture content sensor are connected directly to inputs of microcomputer via matching units and interference modules, respectively.

EFFECT: provision for adequate animal keeping conditions and increased functional capabilities for local heating.

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FIELD: animal science.

SUBSTANCE: the innovation deals with irradiating animals with the light of IRUV and bactericidal lamps BUV-30. Irradiation of young piglets with IRUV at 00 p.m., 3 a.m., 6 a.m., 1 p.m. 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. at exposures per 30 min should be combined with air disinfection and that of technological equipment with radiation of bactericidal lamps BUV-30 at 1 a.m., 4 a.m.,7 a.m., 2 p.m. and 9 p.m. at exposures per 30 min due to applying a special timer. The innovation enables to increase performance and viability in young piglets.

EFFECT: higher efficiency.

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FIELD: animal science, veterinary science, in particular, measurement technique for animals such as sheep, goats.

SUBSTANCE: general-purpose measuring apparatus for animals has telescopic bar equipped with measurement scale and fixed within casing having measurement scale, and two foldable racks. One of said racks is rigidly fixed at telescopic bar end and is provided with longitudinal slot. Other rack is positioned on casing for displacement thereon and insertion into longitudinal slot upon folding. Fixing button is positioned on casing for fixing casing and telescopic bar in immovable position, on racks-handle. Measurement scales are applied to both sides of casing and telescopic bar in different positions.

EFFECT: reduced weight and sizes, compact construction, provision for precise measurement of main parameters, and convenient usage of measuring apparatus.

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FIELD: ball-shaped toy for dog.

SUBSTANCE: device has ball provided with at least one elongated grip indirectly connected to ball by means of intermediate embracing member arranged around ball or directly connected to ball so as to define continuation to outer casing of ball, to inner casing of ball or to member inserted between outer and inner casings. Such arrangement provides for resilient engagement between grip and ball and constant returning of grip to its radial position relative to ball center. Grip prevents ball from being bitten by dog during playing with it.

EFFECT: increased entertaining effect and provision for preventing ball from damage.

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FIELD: electric engineering.

SUBSTANCE: method is based upon detection of non-healthy animals inside area of heating and forming of control signal. Preset threshold signal informing on absence of animal inside area of heating is formed. Then additional signal is formed which corresponds to moment of time at which animal leaves area of heating. Period of time is calculated inside which all the animals leave area of heating and when that period of time is over, the control signal is compared with preset one. Control signal informing on presence of animals inside area of heating is formed according to the result of comparison. The control signal is used for signaling on presence of non-healthy animal inside area of heating. Device has area of heating provided with brooder house, animal presence detector, power supply and relay. Output of power supply is connected with first power input of relay. Device also has signal lamp, first amplifier, first comparison circuit, first preset device, time counter, pulse former, first and second differentiating circuits, first controlled switch, second comparison circuit, second preset device, second controlled switch. Output of animal presence detector is connected with first inputs of first comparison circuit and first controlled switch through first amplifier. Output of controlled switch is connected to first input of second comparison circuit which has second input connected with output of second preset device. Output of second comparison circuit is connected to connection point of output of relay and output of second controlled switch. First input of controlled switch is connected with output of power supply. Output of first comparison circuit is connected with second control input of second controlled switch and with first input of time counted through first differentiating circuit. Output of time counter is connected with second control input of first control switch through pulse former and with null second input of time counter through second differentiating circuit. Output of relay is connected with signal lamp.

EFFECT: improved efficiency of information supply on presence of non-healthy animals inside area of heating.

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Emitter for animals // 2261593

FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: emitter has illumination fittings incorporating infrared radiation source and ultraviolet lamp. Ultraviolet emitter is formed as ring, within the cavity of which round-symmetric infrared radiation source is located. Infrared radiation source is equipped with hood having half-moon shaped channels and is positioned for displacement along vertical axis by means of bimetallic plates. Bimetallic plates are arranged above each of said channels and are immovably secured with their one end to case and with their other end to hood outer surface. Emitter case is made in the form of hemi-sphere with round base.

EFFECT: increased efficiency in irradiating of animals.

2 cl, 4 dwg

FIELD: the invention refers to installations of local gas infrared heating of stock and poultry buildings.

SUBSTANCE: the installation for decentralized system of local infrared heating has a « light» gas infrared burner with a reflector and a conical muzzle, a single mainline, a heat exchanger. The upper base of the reflector of the burner is connected through a socket conducting products of combustion with the input of the «hot» channel of the heat exchanger which is fulfilled countercurrent and air-gas and the output of the «hot» channel is connected with environment, the «cold» channel of the heat exchanger at the input is connected with environment and at the output - with air of the agricultural building and through the single main line, the regulation valve, the input socket of a dosing quantity of gas into the pipe-mixture - with the injector connected with the conical muzzle of the infrared burner.

EFFECT: allows to create microclimate in stock and poultry buildings due to installation of a decentralized system of gas local infrared heating.

Emitter (versions) // 2270561

FIELD: agricultural engineering, in particular, animal irradiation equipment.

SUBSTANCE: emitter has casing with gas-discharge lamp and carriage equipped with rollers, telescopic bar mounted centrally of carriage for free displacement along drive cable, another cable to which ends of telescopic bars are attached by means of clamps while other ends of bars are rigidly connected with ends of flexible guide. According to first version, emitter is provided with equal arm lever system and telescopic bar for controlling the latter, said telescopic bar being fixed at lever junction sites. Pivot joints are provided at lever joining sites. Two opposite ends of system are secured to clamps for attachment of telescopic bars to cable. According to second version, emitter is provided with equal arm lever system and telescopic bar for controlling the levers, said bar being fixed at lever arm junction sites. Pivot joints are provided at lever junction sites. Two opposite ends of system are fixed to clamps for attachment of telescopic bars to cable which is positioned for displacement in vertical plane. Upper end of lateral telescopic bars is attached to drive cable by means of rings.

EFFECT: increased animal irradiation efficiency.

3 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: agricultural engineering.

SUBSTANCE: irradiation apparatus has start regulating device with contact mains wires, gas discharge lamp chuck, and reflector attachment device. Apparatus is further equipped with two photo-resistors connected to inductance coil and located on reflector internal surface. Inductance coil with winding and core is positioned centrally on casing. Isolating insert is located between casing and core. Receptacle surface of photo-resistors is turned to internal surface of reflector and is made in the form of wavy strip extending through the entire length of reflector at its both sides, symmetrically to edge of emitter. Casing is connected to attachment device through vibration isolators.

EFFECT: increased efficiency in protecting of lightening equipment from settling of dust thereon and reduced consumption of power.

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FIELD: animal farming, in particular, heating equipment for farm animals.

SUBSTANCE: brooder is made in the form of rigid construction of heat-insulating member with heating sources mounted under heat-insulating member. Vertical heat-insulating screens arranged along perimeter of brooder construction are covered at their side facing heating zone with beam reflecting material, with reflectivity of said material being within operating range. Height of screens is sufficient for contacting of their lower edges with heating zone floor. Screens are fixed on heat-insulating member construction. Screens are equipped with vertical slots provided in the vicinity of their lower edge.

EFFECT: increased productivity and retention of stock, and wider operational capabilities.

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FIELD: agricultural engineering.

SUBSTANCE: apparatus has sensors for sensing temperature felt in local heating zone, temperature of inside air within room, stock age setters, admissible minimum and maximum air temperatures within room, predetermined felt temperature value, standard air temperature, local and general heating temperature regulators, local heaters and heating elements. Output of felt temperature sensor is connected with first input of general heating temperature regulator. Output of felt temperature value setter is connected to second input of local heating temperature regulator, whose output is switched to local heaters. Heating elements are connected to output of general heating temperature regulator. Apparatus is further provided with outside temperature sensor, inside and outside air humidity sensors, request time setter, setter for signal indicative of air temperature within room, constant setter, first, second and third computing units, summer, control unit, differentiating amplifier whose input defines second input of control unit and whose output is connected to first input of comparison circuit having second input defining common bus of apparatus, and having output connected through differentiating circuit, rectifier and waiting multivibrator to second input of controllable key, with first input of said key defining first input of control unit and output being connected through memory element to output of control unit. Apparatus is additionally equipped with forth computing unit, which is united in conjunction with first, second and third computing units into computer unit, and has heating energy, electric energy, manufacturer product and feed price setters, interface and communication unit, apparatus and program oriented network means unit, and peripheral unit of computer network. Input of said means is connected to user's computer network peripheral unit output.

EFFECT: reduced expenses for general and local heating processes.

3 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: electric heat recovering equipment.

SUBSTANCE: apparatus has inlet air fan and waste air fan, small-sized heat-exchanger made from polymeric materials, air feeding branch pipe, air discharge duct and air inlet duct. Apparatus is further provided with electric inlet air heater positioned between inlet air fan and air feeding branch pipe, and recirculation channel for connecting waste air duct to inlet air duct through gate.

EFFECT: reduced consumption of power and enhanced reliability in operation of apparatus.

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FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: method involves measuring and setting room temperature felt by animals; comparing measured and set temperature; measuring temperature and relative humidity of inner air in room and outer air; calculating heat energy losses in room depending on measured temperature and relative humidity of outer air and inner air in room; measuring feed consumption; generating signal indicative of felt room temperature; periodically altering signal indicative of generated felt room temperature in a range between admissible minimal and maximal set values; calculating product cost of given animal batch depending on value of altered signal indicative of generated felt room temperature and measured feed consumption; calculating heating power costs depending on value of altered signal indicative of felt room temperature; calculating feed cost depending on measured feed consumption; calculating first difference between product cost and total costs of heating power and feed cost as profit factor in a range between admissible minimal and maximal preset values of signal indicative of generated felt room temperature; defining maximal value of first difference as maximal profit and corresponding signal indicative of generated felt room temperature; defining second difference value as standardized profit at standard felt temperature in process mode of maximal productivity of stock; subtracting second cost value from first maximal cost of first cost difference to produce maximal third difference cost in the form of maximal profit gain value and corresponding signal indicative of generated felt room temperature; comparing signal indicative of felt room temperature corresponding to maximal first or second difference value with measured felt room temperature; correcting young animal heating mode and animal or poultry house heating mode on the basis of comparison data. Described in Specification is apparatus for controlling economic heating of young animals and house room.

EFFECT: increased efficiency by providing precise optimization of room heating mode.

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