Motor and tractor non-contact electric generator

FIELD: electric engineering.

SUBSTANCE: motor and tractor non-contact electric generator comprises rotor, and also stator with system of excitation and working winding. According to invention, is part of distribution mechanism and is located in upper or lower part of specified distribution mechanism block head. At the same time rotor of non-contact electric generator is arranged in the form of geared pulley of internal combustion engine valve mechanism drive. Teeth of specified geared pulley may enter in magnetic contact via air gap to magnetic conductors of non-contact electric generator stator. Working coils are arranged on them, which are connected to other magnetic conductors of stator, where excitation coils are arranged.

EFFECT: improved operational characteristics, reduction of mass, improved thermal characteristics and simplified coupling of generator to crank shaft, reduction of consumed power, improved weight and dimensional parametres and reduction of heating, increased service life.

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The invention relates to electric machines, namely contactless synchronous generators, induction type, operating mainly in the rectifier load, used in generating plants automotive vehicles.

Naturally (valve) mechanisms of the internal combustion engine are well known. Among them a certain way is a common mechanism in the form of a shaft with a rotor made in the form of a toothed pulley [1, 2] and the belt. One of the pulleys is mounted on the crankshaft of the engine, the other [1], or others [2] (in the case of, for example, two camshafts) - on the camshafts. The pulleys in this case serve only to transmit mechanical power.

Known generator set, using as the rotor moving parts of an internal combustion engine, for example, the crankshaft, namely, his cheeks [3].

Its disadvantage is the presence of brush contact, in particular rings mounted on the crankshaft, which leads to an increase in its axial length.

Closest to the claimed technical essence and the achieved results is contactless synchronous generator [4], containing the stator excitation system and a working winding.

Its disadvantage is that it requires serious intervention in the design of the knees is Ala, in particular, the performance of the cheeks in the form of laminated segments.

The technical result consists in the minimal intervention in the design of the engine is ensured by the fact that automotive contactless generator containing the rotor and the stator excitation system and an operating winding, according to the invention is part of the distribution mechanism, while contactless generator placed at the top or bottom of the cylinder head of the distribution mechanism, the contactless rotor of the generator is made in the form of a gear pulley of the valve drive mechanism of an internal combustion engine, with the teeth of the toothed pulley have the opportunity of entering into magnetic contact through an air gap with a magnetic stator contactless generator, which are working coil and which is connected with other magnetic circuits of the stator, on which is placed the coil excitation.

The drawing shows the proposed device, in which figure 1 shows schematically the location of the generator on the engine with two camshafts, figure 2 - same, but for an engine with a single camshaft, and the generator is located under the pulley shaft, figure 3 in more detail showing the construction of the generator for a motor with two rasprava the AMI, figure 4 is a view from the side of one of the gaps of the generator, figure 5 is a section through the middle. As for the generator shown in figure 2, it is in fact half of the generator shown in figure 3, and is therefore not shown.

The generator is part of the distribution mechanism, which consists of the rotor, made in the form of a gear pulley of the crankshaft 1, the timing belt 2, the camshaft pulley 3, the tension roller 4. The main part of the generator stator is installed or in the upper part of the cylinder head - 1, or in the lower row of figure 2. With this arrangement, the stator of the generator the rotor is in the form of a gear pulley of the valve drive mechanism. The peculiarity of the rotor is made in the form of a gear pulley 3 is the presence of the grooves of the teeth 6 and 7, which are in magnetic contact through an air gap with a magnetic circuit 8 of the generator 5, these cores have a connection with a vertical magnetic circuit 9 with the exciting coils 10 and the magnetic circuit 8, in particular, on average, shown in figure 3, 4, wearing a working coil 11. The generator 5 is mounted on the shelf 12 by using non-magnetic tape 13, the ends of which are welded to the threaded rods 14, which screw nut 15.

The operation of the device. When the engine pulleys 1 and 3 rotate. Thus, the teeth 7 I the field, and in magnetic contact with the magnetic circuit 8, role of stator teeth. Open magnetic circuit, i.e. when opposite magnetic circuits 8 of the slots 6, the magnetic flux induced by the exciting coils 10, crosses the coils of the working coils 11, putting them in the load current. The control data generator is provided from regular voltage regulator. The only design changes to the engine design, is that to reduce eddy current losses pulleys 3 are laminated.

The use of this construction eliminates a separate generator that reduces power consumption, and to use as a rotor of the camshaft pulley, which improves weight and dimensions, and also reduces heat, increases the service life, i.e. improves the operating characteristics in the absence of contact brushes.

Sources of information

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Automotive contactless electrogene the torus, containing the rotor and the stator excitation system and an operating winding, characterized in that it is part of the distribution mechanism, while contactless generator placed at the top or bottom of the cylinder head of the distribution mechanism, the contactless rotor of the generator is made in the form of a gear pulley of the valve drive mechanism of an internal combustion engine, with the teeth of the toothed pulley have the opportunity of entering into magnetic contact through an air gap with a magnetic stator contactless generator, which are working coil and connected with the other magnetic circuit of the stator, on which is placed the coil excitation.


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EFFECT: provision for transformation of the electric motor rotor rotation into backlash-free and noiseless rotation of the output shaft ensuring considerable amplification of torque and capacity.

7 cl, 7 dwg

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SUBSTANCE: invention can be applied as electric drive in submarines, bathyscaphes, electric vehicles, satellite systems and other devices requiring large power at small drive dimensions. Planetary electric motor reducer includes stator, along which satellite armature is rolled. Satellite armature features internal cavity housing output shaft and transmission gear in the form of gearbox or special inflated tyres with pressure built up by compressed air or fluid and adjustable by valve device. Satellite armature rotation eccentricity is adjusted by pressure in tyres and affects transmission ratio of friction couple of the device within wide range.

EFFECT: reduced drive dimensions and weight due to combined performance of several functions by single units.

11 cl, 7 dwg

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to driving facility for sprockets of chain drives, particularly to drive of scraper-chain transporters or chain plane knives for underground mine developments. Drive incorporates the asynchronous electric engine and a gear box. Also the asynchronous electric engine consists of an engine with feeding from a frequency converter, while there is an intermediary two-speed sprocket gear box in the driving block between an engine shaft and the gear box; the intermediary gear box is designed in particular as the front gear box with one starting and one normal stage, when by means of the latter starting effect in the starting stage can be achieved, which is required for starting of loaded scraper-chain conveyer or for free pulling of the chain plane knife.

EFFECT: regulating rotary speed and torque of asynchronous electrical engines.

22 cl, 3 dwg

Mini-actuator // 2321138

FIELD: electric engineering, mechanical engineering, possible use in drives of automatic control systems of aircrafts, robotic systems, antenna systems and other electro-mechanical power systems where mass and dimensions are of high importance.

SUBSTANCE: in the mini-actuator, which consists of electric motor, two-stepped wave transmission, stopper device, electric motor rotor position sensor, output shaft position sensor, body and supporting device, which are made concentrically and along the central axis of the mini-actuator, in accordance to the invention, the output shaft of the mini-actuator with rigid wheel (13) of output step of wave transmission is made in form of hollow cylinder (14) with end lid (15), upon which elements for attachment to object of control are positioned. The output shaft (13) is supported by solids of revolution, positioned on both sides of the electric motor. The solids of revolution (26), positioned on the side of end lid (15), constitute a radial bearing, and on the opposite side - act as solids of revolution (12) for the output step of the wave transmission. Solids of revolution are positioned on diameters which are close to external diameter of stator (1) of electric motor. Inside the radial bearing, formed by solids of revolution (26), the stopper device is positioned. Between the stopper device and the electric motor, the electric motor rotor position sensor is positioned. Also, on the side of output step of the wave transmission, output shaft position sensor is positioned in such a way, that its stator (18) is attached to separator (11), and rotor (19) is attached to outer side of the rigid wheel (13) of the output step of the wave transmission.

EFFECT: ensured capacity for use in broad range of bending momentums influencing the output shaft, small size, expanded functional capabilities.

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FIELD: ground and space navigation, machine building, transport, petrogas industries.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to geared motors and electric drives and it can be used in precision drives of robots and manipulators. Proposed electric drive with reduction gear contains electric motor with magnetoconducting rotor, reduction gear secured on electric motor shaft and transmitting rotation to output shaft through bearings of reduction gear. Magneto conducting rotor is provided with round screw concave slots along inner cylindrical periphery and it is in constant meshing with magnetoconduction wheel made in form of spring providing its connection into closed construction in form of torus by welding or soldering or by simple mechanical connector, or open one. Round screw concave slots of magnetoconducting rotor follow convex profile of coils of spring wheel. Rotation of rotor with considerable effort is converter into complex motion of spring wheel, longitudinal movement along axis of rotor and simultaneous rotation of spring wheel around axis of rotor.

EFFECT: improved technical and economic parameters of electric drive.

10 cl, 8 dwg

FIELD: electric engineering and electro-mechanical engineering, in particular, electric machines, particularly concerns features of structural realization of planetary electric motor - reducer.

SUBSTANCE: planetary electric motor - reducer contains body, positioned wherein are toothed gear wheel of planetary reducer and gear of planetary reducer, stator and rotor of electric motor, mounted eccentrically and connected to planetary reducer. In accordance to invention, in aforementioned device toothed gear wheel of first step of planetary reducer performs function of stator of electric motor, while gear of planetary reducer realizes function of satellite-anchor of electric engine, mounted on which is end collector with current-feeding and current-draining contacts, while end collector may move eccentrically relatively to body, toothed gear wheel - stator of electric motor has electromagnet coil and is made with internal engagement teeth, engaged with teeth of gear of satellite-anchor, having coils of other electromagnet, while teeth of internal engagement of gear of satellite-anchor are in contact with teeth of spindle, while aforementioned toothed gear wheel - stator of electric motor and gear of satellite-anchor of electric motor have grooves, positioned in which are coils of appropriate electric magnets, feeding of current into which creates torque and causes shift of satellite-anchor relatively to point of greatest mutual engagement of its teeth and teeth of toothed gear wheel - stator of electric motor, or relatively to contact point of friction couple formed by them.

EFFECT: improved mass-dimensional characteristics of planetary electric motor - reducer by means of combination of electric motor and planetary reducer in one structural unit.

4 cl, 6 dwg

Gear motor // 2285995

FIELD: electrical engineering; motor physical coupling with gear transmission.

SUBSTANCE: proposed motor 1 that can be used to drive air duct shutter in motor-car weather unit has cup-shaped frame 3 and disk-type rotor with commutator 4. Disk-type rotor is installed in frame 3 on sleeve 12 rigidly joined on one end with frame bottom 13. Rotor sleeve 11 is elongated so that butt-end of its first edge 14 is adjacent to frame bottom 12 and second edge 15 of sleeve 11 mounts gear wheel 16 which can be press-fitted thereon. Rotor commutator 4 is secured through its base 17 on outer cylindrical surface of sleeve 11 and rotor disk 6 carrying winding 18 is disposed on commutator 4. Motor frame 3 may be joined with gear transmission casing 21 on second edge 15 of rotor sleeve 11 so that gear wheel 15 mounted on sleeve 11 occurs within casing 21 and is brought in mesh with respective member of gear transmission 2. Output shaft 25 of gear transmission 2 is set in position affording its coupling, for instance, with shaft 26 of weather unit air duct shutter 27. Output shaft 25 of gear transmission 2 and shaft 26 of shutter 27 may be coupled through arm 28 of sensor 29 that generates signal indicating angular position of output shaft 25 or shaft 26 of shutter 27.

EFFECT: enhanced operating stability and maintainability of gear motor.

7 cl, 4 dwg

FIELD: electrical engineering and machine building, applicable in the drives of automatic control systems, robotics, high-precision and power mechanisms with hydraulic and electric motors.

SUBSTANCE: the power minidrive with a hydraulic motor has a wave regulator, hydraulic motor, power bearing and a body. The wave regulator has a rigid wheel made as a single component with the outer race of the power bearing, roller used as rollers of the power bearing, multirow separator made as a single component with the separator of the power bearing, wavemaker, representing rigid rings made as a single component with the inner race of the power bearing. The hydraulic motor has a stator in the form of a cylinder block with plungers, control motor, distribution device, working medium feed and drainage connections, connecting ducts, and a rotor representing rigid rings. The body is formed by a cover and a multirow separator of the wavemaker. According to the second modification, the power minidrive is made with an electric motor.

EFFECT: reduced overall dimensions.

2 cl, 4 dwg

FIELD: electromechanical engineering.

SUBSTANCE: proposed high-speed electrical machine has stator and rotor whose shaft journal is clamped by external rings of at least three bearings installed on eccentric axles coming in mesh with auxiliary-motor rotor. Free-running unit is introduced to prevent departure of mentioned parts from one another as they wear down that functions to control turn of auxiliary-motor rotor only in direction affording tightening of shaft journal bearings by external rings. Free-running unit that functions to reduce vibration and radial thrusts on bearings is made in the form of free-wheel clutch whose driven member is rigidly fixed on frame. Driving member is auxiliary-motor rotor. In the course of running rotor takes plays due to wear-down of contacting parts under action of torque.

EFFECT: enhanced reliability and enlarged service life of electrical machine.

2 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: proposed method relates to engines that convert carbon fuel oxidation energy into mechanical or electrical power. It consists in that the power transmission shaft preset rpm control is effected via compensation of excess or insufficient braking moment by adjusting preset ballast fraction of braking moment.

EFFECT: higher efficiency.

2 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to machine building, particularly to internal combustion engines (ICE). Proposed ICE comprises cylinder block (1), pistons (2), con rods (3) with cranks (4) coupled with crankshaft (6). Top cover of every cylinder accommodates fuel jet (7), intake (9) and exhaust (10) valves. Levers (12) have their arms resting on valve caps (11) and ends of rods (13). The latter have their opposite ends thrusting against cams (14) of camshaft (15). The latter is coupled, via gear drive system (16), with crankshaft (6). Discharge valves (10) are communicated, via discharge manifold (17), with gas turbine (18). Wheel of compressor (19) is fitted on the shaft of turbine (18). Aforesaid compressor wheel communicates, via cooler (20) and pipeline (21), with spaces of intake valve (9). Switching plates (23) are rigidly fastened on exhaust manifold (7). High-temperature ends (24) of thermoelectric elements (25) are attached to said switching plates. Low temperature ends (26) of thermoelectric elements (25) are furnished with radiators (27). Said low-temperature ends (26) are connected with load (28).

EFFECT: thermoelectric emf, higher efficiency of ICE.

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FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: proposed method converts kinetic energy of ICE exhaust gases into electric power. In compliance with this method, kinetic energy of ICE exhaust gas pulsations is converted into electric pulses. Conversion is performed by piezoelectric converters that feature various frequency of natural oscillations owing to different weights of moving parts which allow continuous operation of at least one piezoelectric converter in resonance mode. Electric pulses are transformed into constant stabilised voltage. Electric generator generates electric power that is arranged in ICE exhaust pipes and incorporates piezoelectric converters and pulse-to-voltage converters. Outputs of piezoelectric converters are connected with appropriate inputs of electric pulse conversion unit inputs. Output of the latter unit is connected to the car electric system.

EFFECT: reliable automotive electric generator, fuel savings, improved ecology.

2 cl, 1 dwg

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: invention is related to the field of power plants and may be used to increase efficiency of power plants. Method for operation of diesel generator plant, in which energy of diesel fuel combustion is converted into electric energy of standard frequency and voltage. In mode of normal power consumption, electric energy is accumulated in battery of capacitors. Electric energy from battery of capacitors and accumulator battery is sent to inlet of frequency and voltage converter. In case of considerable short-term overloads and idle engine of power plant, frequency and voltage converter transforms electric energy and supplies it to loads. Unit of reactive current detectors calculates reactive power and sends results to inlet of frequency converter. Based on results produced by unit of reactive current detectors, power plant is forced by reactive power. Diesel generator plant consists of diesel engine, generator, accumulator battery of electric energy loads, frequency and voltage converter, battery of capacitors, unit of reactive current detectors and binding conductors. Generator is connected to frequency and voltage converter. Battery of capacitors and accumulator battery is connected to frequency and voltage converter. Unit of reactive current detectors is connected to frequency and voltage converter, and also to network of electric energy loads supply.

EFFECT: increased efficiency of power plant operation in case of loads asymmetry, and also in case of short-term and long-term reactive current overloads.

2 cl, 1 dwg

FIELD: physics, control processes.

SUBSTANCE: proposed invention relates to production process control systems and systems of monitoring. Wireless field device (34) includes the wireless communication module (32) and the power transformation module (38). The wireless communication module (32) is intended for wireless exchange of data about process with other device. The power transformation module (38) is connected with the wireless communication module (32). The power transformation module (38) is intended for communication with a thermal source and for generation of the electric power from thermal potential energy in a thermal source.

EFFECT: development of wireless technological devices supplied from the renewed source of sufficient power independent of sunlight.

18 cl, 9 dwg

FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: invention is attributed to electric engineering. Engine-generator system comprises open frame (F), engine (E) with casing (11) and driven by engine (E) generator (G). Exhaust system muffler (12) in this system is installed at one side of generator (G) and over it. Chamber (41) of muffler unit is formed inside casing (40). The casing (40) comprises several sections. Dividing plate section (42a) forms dividing wall between muffler (12) of exhaust system and generator. Bottom plate section (42b) extends from lower end of dividing plate section (42a) to the side opposite to generator (G). Top plate section (43a) is connected with the top section of dividing plate section (42a) in such a way that it covers exhaust system muffler (12) from the top. End plate section (44a) is connected with the ends of dividing plate section (42a), bottom plate section (42b) and top plate section (43a). These ends are located at side opposite to engine casing (11). Cooling air supply ports (67) at engine side and at generator side (68) are located at the end of muffler unit chamber (41) at the side of engine casing (11).

EFFECT: increase in effectiveness of exhaust gas muffler system resulting in decrease of muffler high temperature influence on the other elements and space occupied by them.

5 cl, 9 dwg

FIELD: motors and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to engine-generator systems. Engine-generator system includes framework (F), engine (E), provided with engine body (11) and generator (G) with drive from engine (E). Engine body (11) and generator (G) are mounted on framework (F). Exhaust silencer (12) is made big along generator(G) rotation axis and located along the upper part of generator (G). Control panel (15) is wide enough to correspond engine bode width (11) and fixed to the framework (F) at the opposite side from generator (G) and exhaust silencer (12) with regard to engine body (11). Chamber (41) accommodating exhaust silencer (12) is located inside casing (40) forming partition between exhaust silencer (12) and generator (G). Cooling air from engine body (11) and cooling air from generator (G) are supplied to exhaust silencer chamber (41). Cooling air which is released from exhaust silencer chamber (41), and exhaust gas which is released from exhaust silencer (12) are directed to the opposite side to generator (G).

EFFECT: near-wall engine-generator system installation and prevention of cooling air and exhaust gas release to the walls.

2 cl, 9 dwg

FIELD: electrical engineering.

SUBSTANCE: self-contained electric power unit incorporates diesel and generator interconnected in series, load current meter, control unit and load simulator, all connected in series. At that the load current meter input is connected to the generator output, the load current meter second input is connected to the output bus and the control unit output. Besides the self-contained electric power unit diesel can be furnished with a water-cooling system and, at least, one circuit of the load simulator can be arranged in the aforesaid system. The proposed invention allows ruling out time constraints of the unit operation at minimum loads due to simulating a required load at load drop which prevents the nozzle charring and pipeline section reduction.

EFFECT: ruling out time constraints of unit operation.

2 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to aircraft engine production. The combined engine power plant incorporates an internal combustion engine with its shaft linked to the electric generator rotor and a Striling engine. The said generator comprises two rotors, the second its shaft being lined to the Stirling engine shaft.

EFFECT: improved ecological characteristics, lower weight and costs, higher efficiency and reliability.

9 cl, 8 dwg

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to excavator electrical drives and allows increasing the service life of traction motors. The transfer station electrical drive is designed to provide for transfer of excavators and drilling machines in open pits with the power supply cable disconnected from the supply circuit. The proposed device is a separate electrical drive per every traction motor configured as a "generator-motor" assembly controlled by the PPD-1.5V-type power magnetic amplifier.

EFFECT: longer life of the motor.

1 dwg

FIELD: engine manufacturing.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to method of operation of self-contained power station powered by diesel-generator set. According to proposed method of operation of self-contained power station powered by diesel generator set equipped with additional flywheel and disconnect clutch with automatic control members, additional flywheel is mounted on separate shaft which is connected with diesel-generator set by means of disconnect clutch. Preparatory operation is carried out to set power station into operation with subsequent overcoming of short-time starting resistances from consumer. Additional flywheel is connected to shut down diesel generator set by means of disconnect clutch. Power station is started under no load, and its coming to rated speed is detected by readings of generator shaft speed pickups. Load is connected and intensity of generator shaft speed drop is checked. Information is automatically transmitted to controller wherefrom, at termination of generator speed drop, signal is transmitted to disconnect clutch, and rotating additional flywheel is disconnected from diesel generator set, thus changing the set for accelerated mode of restoration of initial rated speed.

EFFECT: provision of power saving operation at stable conditions for overcoming designed resistance torque and short-time overloads exceeding capabilities of chosen supply source.

1 dwg