Unit for dual bed operation in one chink

FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to oil industry and can be applied in dual operation of two beds in the same well. The unit comprises a power drive, a driving element, a packer and fluid lifting lines with parallel tubing string columns lowered in the well. The unit accommodates a parallel anchor with apertures for cables and tubing string columns, eccentric guides fixed by centering clips on auxiliary branch built in the long tubing string column, bottomhole apparatuses connected to cables and arranged above and below the packer. Each guide has apertures for the cables and an aperture with the top deepened inside in the form of a funnel for the short tubing string column.

EFFECT: invention ensures coupling of the short tubing string column with the parallel anchor and prevents damage of cables.

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The invention relates to the oil industry and can find application in dual operation of two layers in one well.

Known device for dual operation of reservoirs in the well, comprising a packer separating the layers in the well, the long and short columns tubing (tubing), two pump, two estuarine fittings and two are installed opposite each other ground drive rod pumps (patent RF №2346184, published. 10.02.2009 - prototype).

When the supply of installation of the anchor and the deep instruments with the cable having difficulties joining short tubing anchor, and when the shutter cable is very likely damage to the cable on the wall of the production casing.

Closest to the proposed invention the technical essence is a deep-sucker-rod pumping installation including a power drive, reverse drive body balance line lifting liquids, including cable hangers, polished rod, rod string and the plungers reciprocating pumps placed in isolated from each other pillars of tubing lowered into the well. Balance line lifting liquids contain at least one porshneva pump of various sizes, and at m is re, one pair of polished rods balance of the line through the head plate and cable hangers connected to the reversible drive body. It is made in the form of two shoulders of the balancer with two beam heads or in the form of a stepped block pulley. At least two columns of tubing joined together by clamps at intervals of their location, is not less than the wavelength of the longitudinal bending a single column tubing under the action of pressure of the efforts of the plunger (RF patent No. 2205979, published. 2003.06.10).

The application of the clamps does not eliminate the difficulties of joining short tubing with parallel anchor and helps to prevent damage to the cables.

In the proposed invention solves the problem of docking a short tubing with parallel anchor and prevent damage to the cables.

The task is solved in that setting for dual use layers in one well, including the actuator, the drive body, the manifold and line lifting liquids with parallel columns of tubing lowered into the well, according to the invention contains a parallel anchor with holes for the passage of cables and casing tubing, eccentric guides fixed centering clamps for extra nozzles, is made in the long string of tubing, deep devices connected to the cables and placed above and below the packer, each of the guides has an opening for the passage of cables and the hole with the upper part made deeper inside the funnel-shaped for the passage of a short column tubing.

The invention

When dual operation of two productive layers in one well, the most important components are the control parameters of the produced fluid (reservoir pressure, water content, factor productivity) in the process work well. Existing geophysical devices of the type Kam-T, Owl - 3-28, PH-28, lowered logging cable through the annular space, not suitable for these studies because of the design features lowered deep well pumping equipment and limited the annulus. In the case of descent dvuhlitrovy column tubing, for example, with an external diameter D=60 mm (2.0") sleeve diameter D=73,0 to 88.9 mm production casing diameter D=168 mm (6.0") with parallel anchor study lower anchors is not possible due to the limited annular space between the anchor and the production column, as the internal diameter of the production string D e/K=1530 mm to 153.7 mm, and the outer diameter of the parallel anchor D=147,3 mm, and outer diameter logging tool D the Geophysics unit=28 mm and more. The descent of these devices to the depth of the parallel anchor does not give reliable information about the work of the layers, and due to the limited annular space increases the probability of occurrence of failure due to jamming and sticking down on the cable devices.

In the proposed invention solves the problem of docking a short tubing with parallel anchor and prevent damage to the cables.

In figure 1, 2 and 3 presents the requested installation for dual use layers in one well.

Figure 1 shows the eccentric guide (top view)figure 2 - eccentric rail Assembly with additional pipe and clamp, figure 3 - installing the Assembly into the well.

Figures 1 and 2 show an eccentric guide 1 installed at a secondary nozzle 2, made of pipes tubing of the same diameter as the tubes, and fixed (fixed) with centering clamp 3. The hole in the guide under the short tubing string is made funnel-shaped (or cone) 4. The inner diameter of the guide under the tubing is, for example, 62,0 mm, which allows you to "dress" for connections of tubing 2.0". With two sides have hole is 5 in diameter, for example, D=8.0 mm under geophysical cable. The nozzles 2 on the top and bottom provided with a coupling 6 for connection with the tubes of the tubing string.

Figure 3. presents claimed was installed in the well. The installation includes a long tubing string 7, consisting of pipes and pipe 2 (see figure 2) attached to them eccentric guide 1, the packer 8, parallel anchor 9, with the pump 10, the filter 11, which placed first in-depth device 12 connected to the cable 13 passing through a sealed sub 14 and annulus 15 well 16 to the surface. Sealed sub 14 is placed in the lateral wall of the pipe long tubing 7 above the packer 8 and provides the transition of the cable 13 from the pipe long space of the casing 7 into the tube 15. Sealed sub 14 eliminates the message of the liquid pipe of the long space of the casing 7 and the annulus 15. In parallel anchor 9 pre-made holes (not shown) by analogy with the holes 5 in the eccentric guide 1 for the passage of cables.

Below parallel armature 9 and above the packer 8 second set of geophysical device 17 connected to the cable 18. The cables 13 and 18 are passed through the holes 5 in the eccentric guide 1 (see figure 1), through similar openings in the parallel anchor 9 and zakreplyaete the long tubing string 7 belts 19.

Parallel to the long tubing string 7 in the borehole 16 posted by short column tubing 20 with the pump 21. The plungers 22 and 23 of the pumps 10 and 21 are connected by rods 24 and 25 with production units (not shown) on the surface.

The device 12 is placed in the spacing effect of the lower productive formation 26, the device 17 is in the range of influence of the upper productive layer 27.

Installing collected as follows.

Miss geophysical cables 13 and 18 through the holes 5 in the eccentric guide and through similar openings in the parallel anchor 9, the cable 13 is passed through a sealed sub 14, the cables connected to the devices 12 and 17. Before you build and run in hole 16 long casing 7 with the pump 10 and the retainer 8 in the filter 11 installing the device 12. Above the packer 8 in pipe tubing 7 set sealed sub 14 skip through it by the cable 13.

Gather the long tubing string 7 and gradually lower it into the well 16. Packer 8, parallel anchor 9 and the eccentric rails 1 is fixed on a long tubing string 7. To tubing 7 using belts 13 attach the cables 13 and 18. Holes 5 and similar openings in the parallel anchor 9 is located on the opposite side from the short tubing 20 and prevent scuffing and damage to the cables 13 and 18 when the short descent of the tubing string 20.

After a long descent of the casing 7 and planting packer 8 about swagat short descent of the tubing string 20. This funnel-shaped (conical) shape of the holes 4 eccentric guide 1 allows short descent of the tubing string 20 strictly eccentric guides 1 and to prevent damage geophysical cables 13 and 18. Produce a short dock of the casing 20 with the parallel anchor 9, the descent of the pumps 10 and 21 on rods 24 and 25 in 7 long and short 20 of the casing, install the faceplate (not labeled) and pulling through geophysical cables 13 and 18, tying the wellhead 16, commissioning and commissioning of bore 16 into operation. On the long tubing string 7 select the oil from the bottom of the productive layer 26, on the short tubing string 20 from the upper productive layer 27.

The presence of the eccentric guide 1 on the long tubing string 7 allows you with a 100% success rate to produce a short dock of the casing 20 with the parallel anchor 9 and prevents damage to the geophysical cables 13 and 18.

Geophysical cables 13 and 18 fixed to the wellhead 16 and is connected to the control unit (not shown)located in the control station of the well 16. The control unit is connected via radio to the control room of the Department of oil and gas production and well data are entered automatically in real time to the control point.

After holding data and putting wells in the perfo the rotation produce periodic measurements of parameters of the produced fluid in real time without stopping well and attract additional financial and industrial resources. Owing to the timely receipt of information and the possibility of rapid repeat measurements if necessary, increase the quality of research, allowing operation of wells in the optimal mode and to increase the production of extracted liquid.

The application proposals will be docked short tubing with parallel anchor and to prevent damage to the cables.

Installation for dual use layers in one well, including the actuator, the drive body, the manifold and line lifting liquids with parallel columns of tubing lowered into the borehole, characterized in that it contains a parallel anchor with holes for the passage of cables and casing tubing, eccentric guides fixed centering clamps for extra nozzles built into the long column of tubing, in-depth devices connected to the cables and placed above and below the packer, each of the guides has an opening for the passage of cables and the hole on the top part, made deeper inside the funnel-shaped for the passage of a short column tubing.


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FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to oil production, particularly to oil rod-type pumps. Maximum pump travel and shortest cycle time are calculated proceeding from all statistical and dynamic characteristics of downhole and surface components, primary motor angular speed being unlimited. Restraints, as to structural strength and fatigue strength, are used in optimisation calculation to ensure safe operation at maximum pumped volume and minimum power consumption. Primary motor designed optimum speed is set for rod pump with the help of jack balance beam, major-travel unit or hydraulic pumping unit. It can also be set by controlling primary motor rpm, acceleration and torque, or by adjusting pressure and flow rate in pump system.

EFFECT: optimised rpm of rod pump primary motor, maximum increase in oil extraction and lower operating costs.

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SUBSTANCE: invention relates to oil production and can be used in reciprocation rod-type downhole pump (RDHP) using jacks as drives. In compliance with proposed method, crank rpm and rod reciprocation speed matched therewith are varied by sine law in smoothly accelerating operating stroke, whereat rod up travel reaches maximum speed with con rod in vertical position and crank at lower point. Idling is proportionally decelerated, whereat rod down travel reaches minimum speed with con rod in vertical position and crank at lower point. Con rod speed at operating stroke start and idling end is decreased by magnitude smaller than mean rod reciprocation speed. Proposed jack has cranks arranged on rims running in rolling supports (or roller bearings) fitted along perimetres of openings. The latter are arranged in vertical frames fastened on opposite side of support frame. Reduction gear and motor are arranged on frame-platform mounted on support frame to move along rocker beam direction. Reduction gear output shaft extensions support hubs in the plane of rims revolution, hubs OD being smaller than rim ID. Drive rods are attached to said hubs. Every said hub has through radial or inclined groove to accommodate roller fitted on pin pressed on the end face of appropriate rim with 90°-advance along the direction of rotation, as well as with smaller or greater advance with respect to the point of attachment to crank rim.

EFFECT: higher efficiency of oil production with no deterioration in process dynamics.

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FIELD: oil industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to oil industry and namely to methods of simultaneous separate operation of two beds of one and the same well. The method involves lowering and installation of a packer in the well between beds, production tubing, upper and lower pumps connected in series and arranged in the production tubing and connected with rods to a common top's drive. Pump inlets are connected to the spaces above the packer and below the packer correspondingly. The upper pump outlet is connected to the flow column, and the lower pump outlet - to the upper pump inlet. Then the drive is brought into operation and adjusted so that proportional pump capacity of the translational movement speed of rods with plungers can be changed. Pumps being installed are screw-type; production tubing before being lowered is equipped with couplings with calibrated central channels arranged below the pump shells fixed on the production tubing. Upper coupling is arranged within the channel connected to the space above the packer. Pump screws are equipped with upper and lower plungers, the upper one of which is through-type for longitudinal liquid flow. Diametres of plungers and screws are decreased downwards in order to pass through the shells and couplings which are not appropriate to them when being lowered. The stock is geared with the top's drive as well. Translational movement is performed in pulse mode; upwards from medium operating position for lower piston to interact with lower seat and for lower screw to come out of the shell upwards thus cutting off the space below the packer and performing the production only from upper bed, and downwards - for upper piston to interact with upper seat thus cutting off communication channels and the space above the packer and for upper screw to come out of the shell downwards and performing the production from lower bed.

EFFECT: method allows separate investigation of properties of beds and their production by consequent cutting off beds and the pumps corresponding to them, allows working with well production containing a great number of mechanical particles because only screw pumps are used for lifting the well production, as well as continuing production without replacing a differential pump and at changing the bed productivity ratio in the course of time.

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FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to oil production. Proposed drive comprises drive link shaft, drum fitted on support, circular housing consisting of base and cover with branch pipe communicating with pump-compressor pipe. Driving link shaft extension has coaxial gear with cylindrical ledge on free end face. Ledge diametre equals that of gear pitch line. There is lengthwise slot on the end face cylindrical surface. Gear wheel seats parallel to driving link shaft. Toothed concave and convex rims are arranged inside the housing. Coaxial barrels are arranged on faces of aforesaid rims. Two or more brackets are rigidly attached to the flat surface of base, the said brackets featuring arc-like concave stop. One end of concave stop is arranged above free end of cylindrical stop. Similar brackets support another arc-like convex stop. One end of convex stop is arranged above free end face of driving link shaft cylindrical ledge. Arc-like stop is arranged coaxially with latter and on brackets. There is a plate with longitudinal slot arranged between arc-like stops and housing cover, and rigidly attached to adjacent cheek of the drum. Slot outer surface width is smaller than slot bottom width. Additional flexible element is wound up on the drum. Additional hole with vertical branch pipe is arranged on the housing cover, in symmetry with the hole with flexible element. The said vertical branch pipe is tightly jointed to vertical cylinder with counterweight. The latter is jointed to second end of additional flexible element. There are some other versions of drive design.

EFFECT: higher drive efficiency.

11 cl, 16 dwg

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: invention is related to oil production industry and may be used for operation of production wells, including the ones with highly viscous produce, and also in wells of small diametre. Bottomhole pump set includes sucker-rod pump comprising cylinder, receiving valve, plunger with controlled injection valve, which is connected to string of pump rods with positioners, packer and relief device. Downstream relief device hollow tailpiece is arranged, which consists of upper and lower parts. Additional relief device is located in tailpiece. Packer is arranged in the form of self-sealing collars with distance between neighboring self-sealing collars that exceeds distance between ends of pipes in coupler joints of flow string, and support. Downstream packer and upstream support tailpiece is equipped with side holes. Additional relief device is arranged in the form of cylinder connected to lower part of tailpiece, with side channels that communicate to internal cavity of tailpiece and hollow piston connected to upper part of tailpiece, with the possibility of limited axial displacement downwards relative to cylinder with tight overlapping of connection between side channels of cylinder and internal cavity of tailpiece.

EFFECT: provides for considerable reduction of laboriousness of installation -dismantling and makes it possible to reduce time required for set lowering-lifting in well, and also to expand field of its application due to possibility to use it in wells of small diametre.

2 dwg

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: installation consists of the first and the second cylinders. The first cylinder is equipped with a side valve with a filter and from below it is connected with a packer, which in its turn is connected with the second cylinder equipped with a side valve with a filter and a side opening. The second cylinder is connected to an adaptor equipped with a valve with a filter and connected to a polished tail, which is pressure tight installed in a polished cylinder of the packer-cut-off plate. Inside the first and the second cylinders there are installed plungers with valves, rigidly connected between them with a rod equipped with channels for produced liquid flow. The plungers are connected with a column of rods. The first cylinder is connected with a flow string.

EFFECT: there is facilitated working capacity at any values of pressure of operated reservoirs, also efficiency of pump in accordance with reservoir yields and possibility to operation of only one reservoir at complete isolation of another.

1 dwg

FIELD: mechanics, oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: unit is intended for using as deep well pump for oil production from oil wells. The unit consists of a platform, pedestal with gearbox and rack being installed on it, electric motor coupled with gearbox through multiple V-belt drive. Differential crank converting mechanism is installed on the gearbox output shaft. The above mentioned converting mechanism contains two cranks interrelated through planetary gear. The central crank is rigidly installed on the gearbox output shaft. Driving crank with tension pulley is mounted on the central crank output shaft. Polished rod carrier bar is installed at the other side of gear box. The rack is installed on pedestal between polished rod carrier bar and tension pulley of driving crank. The oscillating equal-arm rocker is movably mounted on the rack and immovable heads are rigidly fixed to the rocker ends. From the side of converting mechanism cranks, the rocker head is connected with tension pulley of driving crank, while the other rocker head is coupled with polished rod carrier bar from the side of the above bar. The rack and rocker are implemented so that the rocker can rotate around its axis. The rocker head edges are in vertical plane, which is at some distance away from the wellhead. It is provided by the invention that balanced pumping unit design is implemented so as rack with rocker and converting crank mechanism being placed at one side of gearbox. Comfortable conditions for drive repair operations.

EFFECT: linear reciprocal motion of tension pulley is ensured on driving crank.

3 dwg, 4 cl

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to oil production, namely to pumping units to force extracted local water into petroliferous stratum to keep up formation pressure therein. The proposed unit comprises a casing string coupled with a deep-well pump incorporating a cylinder with suction valve and a plunger with pressure valve lowered into operating well string with perforated parts opposite the petroliferous stratum and water producing formation. The wall packer is fitted on the pumping pipe string end and closes the hole clearance above the water producing formation. The tubular pump is arranged in the pumping pipe string above its end. The cylinder is furnished with lateral holes arranged at such a level that, with the plunger in its BDC, the said holes are open and communicate hydraulically the pumping pipe string inner space with the wall hole clearance above the packer, and, with the plunger in TDC, the said holes are blocked.

EFFECT: possibility to use whatever-type pump, to adjust forcing water a integral system of keeping up formation pressure and to exploit petroliferous stratum free areas with weakly-permeable reservoirs thanks to independent pumping in.

1 dwg

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: invention is related to oil industry and may find application in oil production from two beds of single well. The plant includes sucker-rod pump with plunger, cylinder, suction and pressure valves. Cylinder is equipped with side valve with filter. Auxiliary cylinder with side holes is fixed in cylinder, as well as jacket with provision of annular space between auxiliary cylinder and annular space jacket. Lower end of cylinder is plugged with plug. Suction valve, filter and tail with packer at the end are fixed on jacket. Plunger is arranged as combined, consisting of upper and lower plungers connected with stem with valves, with installation of upper plunger inside cylinder and lower plunger inside auxiliary cylinder. Lower plunger and stem have channel for communication of space above and under lower plunger. Upper plunger and stem have channel for space connection under upper plunger with inlet to upper plunger valve.

EFFECT: provision of serviceability at any values of pressure in operated beds and possibility to operate only one of beds.

3 dwg

Well pump drive // 2353807

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: device is designed for application in the field of oil production by well pumps. Drive comprises guide link shaft having gear and drum joined to electric motor, annular body installed on support and having base and cover with nozzle joined to pump-compressor pipe. Cylindrical protrusion is arranged on free end of guide link shaft gear. Long slot is arranged on cylindrical surface of cylindrical protrusion at the end. Gear wheel is installed parallel to gear and at the same distance from base axis. It is arranged with dimensions and cylindrical protrusion similar to dimensions and cylindrical protrusion of gear. Concave gear ring is installed inside body, and convex gear ring is installed on cover. Teeth of convex and concave gear rings are engaged with gear and gear wheel teeth. Coaxial cartridges are arranged on ends of convex and concave gear rings. At least two brackets are rigidly fixed and installed on internal flat surface of base perpendicular to this surface. Arc-shaped concave thrust is fixed at free ends of brackets, at that it is arranged with internal diametre equal to external diametre of convex gear ring cartridge external diametre, and internal diametre equal to sum of external diametre of this cartridge plus double depth of long slot. Another arc-shaped convex thrust is installed and fixed to free ends of brackets, and it has external diametre equal to internal diametre of concave gear ring cartridge. There is plank installed between arc-shaped thrusts and body cover, and it has long slot in the form of, for instance, dovetail. Drive is equipped with detector of concave and convex gear ring rotations number. Arc-shaped thrusts of gear and gear ring cylindrical protrusions are separated into two parts. Hinge axis is installed perpendicular to internal end surface of base and is installed in hole arranged in separated end of arc-shaped thrust with inclined surface. Arc-shaped thrusts with inclined surfaces are equipped with fixed joined spring-loaded levers. Free end of every lever contacts with side cylindrical surface and bottom of sprocket hub groove. Base has additional nozzle connected to counterbalance cylinder and equipped with flexible element. Flexible element is fixed by its one end to drum, and by the other - to counterbalance. Additional nozzle is connected to pump-compressor pipe of another well. In order to define place of gear ring installation, with combined apertures of long slots of cylindrical protrusion of gear and cartridge of concave gear ring, gear is turned by 180 degrees to combine apertures of slots of cylindrical protrusion of gear and cartridge of convex gear ring, gear ring convex cartridge is turned to the side of gear wheel axis installation to match line passing along axis of symmetry of cross section of long slot of convex gear ring cartridge, with middle of arc passing along circumference of concave gear ring reference diametre, selected from axis of symmetry of cross section of nearby long slot of concave gear ring cartridge to the side of gear ring installation place, and equal to length of gear reference diametre circumference, afterwards line matched with arc middle is projected to surface of base, and mark is made in the middle between circumferences of reference diametres of concave and convex gear rings on this line.

EFFECT: increased service life of well pump due to provision of electric motor rotation without stops.

6 cl, 17 dwg

FIELD: oil and gas production.

SUBSTANCE: downhole equipment centraliser comprising a hollow rod with a socket end, a coupling, a cylinder, a piston pusher and rams partially radially movable forward when travelling along the tapered case. Besides the coupling is provided from beneath; from the top, the hollow rod is equipped with a landing seat, and the cylinder wherein all the movable elements are provided, comprises ram windows and seats between the coupling and the landing seat while being designed to rotate and join a centre tube of the hollow rod; the tapered case is rigidly connected with the piston pusher spring-assisted from beneath to travel longitudinally downwards and rotate about the hollow rod.

EFFECT: rigid and reliable centering of the downhole equipment in the required interval.

3 dwg

FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to oil producing industry and is designed for generating pressure pulses in drilling agent in drill string and for measurements during drilling. For this purpose the bell of the pulse generator travels up and down to shift drilling agent from pressure reservoir into a chamber of sliding pressure and out of it and along corresponding upper and lower connecting channels. The bell is actuated by means of certain sequence of manipulations performed with solenoids with a bidirectional disk valve. The circular channel of the pulse generator is designed to decrease turbulence of drilling agent flow and to generate practically laminar flow in a pulsation region. A pulse or absence of a pulse is converted into a digit signal transmitted to surface with a pressure sensor implementing algorithm of decoding. Further a signal is visualised by a drill foreman and operators who obtain valid data about direction and geologic formation; these data assist an operator in determining direction of drilling. Additional pulse generators increasing rate of data transmitting can be introduced in the given instrument. Raised velocity of data transmitting facilitates obtaining more thorough information, decreases drilling expenditures and increases yield of oil deposit.

EFFECT: raised information value and reliability of methods and facilities due to insensitivity of facility to flow velocity and pressure; skipping over adjustment during operation; forming recognisable, repeated, reproducible and pure signals of pressure pulses at minimal consumption of power.

37 cl, 4 dwg

FIELD: oil-and-gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: telemetric system sound bottom support includes a bottom sub, an electric module protected jacket and a centraliser. At that the centraliser executed as two co-axial elements with radial connections in between. The centralisers internal element is elongated in comparison with an external one, and in the centralisers internal element top part executed a blind hole along its axis, where an elastic element installed, made of non-magnetic material. The elastic element made of titanium or non-magnetic steel, or bronze, or metal rubber, or rubber.

EFFECT: sound bottom support parts lifetime increase, assembly simplification and its reliability increase, the support spare parts and its assembling work content decrease.

4 cl, 1 dwg

FIELD: metering equipment.

SUBSTANCE: invention is related to survey of underground formations with application of acoustic measurements performed in well. For this purpose body of acoustic logging tool is made as configured for isolation of receiving elements and electronics in acoustic receiver unit against well environment. At the same time body has an interrupted, alternating structure, which acoustically non-transparent in some zones and acoustically transparent in the others. Body may be modular, with several steps joined one to another. Multiple steps provide for the body that may be used with multiple well logging tools for reduction or elimination of noise transfer to receiving elements.

EFFECT: improved efficiency of survey by elimination of interfering signals and provision of adequate mechanical strength of acoustic logging tool.

47 cl, 9 dwg

FIELD: oil and gas production.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to oil industry and can be implemented at survey of wells. The method of evaluation of static and dynamic levels of fluid in annular space of a well equipped with an electric centrifugal pump includes evaluating of levels by geo-physic methods. Prior to evaluation of levels a hole is made in a face plate. A perforated plastic pipe narrowed in its lower part and secured on external surface of a flow string is lowered together with the flow string and the pump into the well. Bottom of the plastic pipe is arranged 0.5-1.0 m above the pump; an upper end of the plastic pipe comes out to surface through the hole in the face plate. A gap between the plastic pipe and the hole of the face plate is leak proofed; a measuring tape with a level sensor is lowered inside the plastic pipe. Surface of fluid is contacted; a level is measured and the measuring tape is withdrawn out of the plastic pipe.

EFFECT: simplification of measuring procedure of fluid level.

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to mining and is provided predominately for subsurface video surveillance, particularly for implementation of visual verification and automated flaw detection of condition of boreholes. Device for video surveillance of well includes sealed outboard unit with video camera and hermetic enclosure, which contains lamp, unit of secondary current supply, remote sensing unit, unit of input and sealing of hoist cable and electric signals converter. Additionally outboard unit additionally contains radiator, linked to environment, heat-conducting container, into which it is placed video camera and coolant, based on the Peltier effect.

EFFECT: providing the ability of video surveillance of boreholes in conditions of elevated temperature.

2 cl, 1 dwg

FIELD: oil industry.

SUBSTANCE: system consists of upper cable plug (UCP) and lower cable plug (LCP) and a body. At that, UCP is provided with cable cords (CC) uniformly located in a circumferential direction and covered with an insulation material, and plugs without being insulated are installed on CC ends. Body is provided with CC uniformly located therein in a circumferential direction, on top ends of which there installed without insulation and located in the body cavity are tips, and with a gasket with holes for CC. At that, LCP is provided with CC covered with insulation material and uniformly located in a circumferential direction and with a flange wherein two holes for mounting elements are made. In UCP and LCP body insulators with holes for CC are located. Seal rings are located in the joints between UCP and the body along the mating cylindrical surfaces. Body and LCP are provided with seal rings located on their external surface, and UCP is provided with a flange with two holes for mounting elements. Body is made in the form of a shell inside which insulators are located with CC uniformly located in a circumferential direction and equipped with limit stops preventing their axial movement. At the shell bottom there made are holes for CC covered with insulation material for LCP and coaxial relative to CC located in the body. Upper part of the shell is made in the form of a hollow cylindrical sleeve coming out of the flange provided with two holes for attaching the mounting elements and coaxial relative to the holes made on UCP flange. Gasket is located in the upper part of the body and locks insulators, and its holes are made for CC covered with insulation material for UCP and are coaxial relative to CC located in the body, on lower ends of which the tips are installed without insulation. Plugs without LCP insulation are installed on CC ends. Tips are collet-type and are provided with spring rings. All joints of tips and plugs with CC ends are threaded.

EFFECT: providing reliability and efficiency of the system for connecting the submersible electric motor to the power cable on the well's top, protected against action of the well's corrosive medium and delivered to the site with maximum availability.

FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to geo-physical surveys of wells and can be implemented at assembly of well apparatus of telemetry system. The unit consists of an internal threaded bushing and of thrust half-rings. The unit also contains a nut-fairing and a profiled bushing with a flange; on the end of the profiled bushing there are made lugs, while response slots are made on the internal threaded bushing. Also one of the lugs of the profiled bushing is thickened in radial direction, while a module, whereon bushings are assembled, has a slot and a circular groove for the thickened lug; an orienting slot is cut on the flange of the profiled bushing; the response lug entering the orienting slot is made on the end of the second module.

EFFECT: upgraded reliability of assembly modules of telemetric system and improvement of its consumer characteristics.

2 dwg

FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to oil industry and can be implemented at operation of oil wells, where depth electric centrifugal pumps are used as cable inlet of high pressure. To achieve the said, the cable inlet is equipped with two sealing packages. One of the packages consists of a complex back-up plate, of a solid cone seal and of a complex packing washer. The second sealing package consists of a complex back-up plate, of a solid cylinder seal and of a complex packing washer. The cable entry with double sealing package is equipped with two bearings installed on each sealing package. A case is equipped with two channels for pressurisation of the cable inlet with double sealing package; the channels are located between sealing packages and are equipped with two plugs installed in these channels.

EFFECT: facilitating control over pressure tightness of cable inlet during operation, simplified installation of cable inlet, also possibility to use cable inlet for existing well stock.

5 dwg

FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to equipment for well head pressurising and can be implemented at geophysical survey in horizontal wells with excess pressure at well head by means of geo-physical instruments connected to flow string of small diametre and lowered into well on geo-physical cable together with flow string. When instruments and pipes pass through the well head, pressurising is performed by means of a tube preventer and pipe pressurising facilities. When the geo-physical cable passes through the well head, well head pressurising is performed by means of a cable preventer and attached lubricator. Transition from pressurising with one elements of equipment to pressurising with other elements of equipment is carried out using a special three-coupling branch, arranging it so, that closed die-heads of the pipe preventer are located between two lower couplings of the branch, while the upper coupling is located above an upper flange of pipe pressurising facilities.

EFFECT: expanding functionality at performing survey of horizontal wells and increasing reliability of well head pressurising in process of survey.

5 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to the device for isolation of untight hole section or non-work perforation range. The packer system comprises two packers lowered in the well on a pipe string; each packer is provided with a body, packing cuffs, a hydraulic anchor thereabove, and an anchoring unit thereunder in the form of a cone and a ram holder with rams, and a stopper fixing a position of the packers. From the top of the upper packer, there is a breaker connector of the pipe string. The upper hydraulic packer provided with a double anchor is lowered higher, while the lower, provided with a single anchor is lower than the untight section or non-work perforation range. Under or between the packers, there is shear bottom valve or a landing nipple for a demountable return valve, either one or several borehole chambers with demountable elements. Below the upper packer or its packing cuffs, there is a packer removing and circulating unit with a sliding mechanical bushing. Between the packers, there can be slip joint provided. The packer system can be additionally equipped with two duplicating mechanical support packers; one of packers is mounted from above the upper packer, and the other one from below the upper hydraulic packer. Between two upper and lower packers, there can be upper and lower hydraulic channels respectively.

EFFECT: invention provides increased reliability, efficiency and tightness of the packer systems.

4 cl, 5 dwg