Panel with double-layer insulation against impact noise

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to construction industry, and namely to flooring panel. Flooring panel consists of two different layers, which help to correct impact noise.

EFFECT: reduced impact noise in process of walking.

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The technical field

The invention relates to a panel, namely, a rigid panel with a layer that absorbs or corrective shock noise floor covering, often used in homes and apartments, as well as to a method of manufacturing such a panel.

The level of technology

Floor covering formed from the fixed panels with sound-insulating layer, it is known from the patent document WO 01/09461 A1.

Fixedly mounted floor covering may consist of wood, wood material and/or plastic. In addition, laminate flooring, which are assembled from individual panels and placed on the principle of a floating floor. A separate panel is, for example, a carrier plate, representing a wood-fiber plate high density (HDF), as well as printed decorative layer, which, among other things is responsible for the appearance of the floor. In the case of parquet panels décor is formed by a layer of wood. On top of the decor, as a rule, is provided by applying a transparent protective layer. Under the bearing plate usually has another layer, forming a stabilizing layer. In the case of a laminate panel stabilizing layer, typically formed of paper. In the case of parquet panels it is usually about wooden layer.

When people walk in the room are formed noises, called the e percussion noises. Impact noise floor covering formed of fixed panels, significantly more than in rooms with carpet or resilient flooring, such as PVC. The noise, therefore, impact noise, based on the reflection of shock waves that are directed at the floor when walking. The amplitude spectrum of a shock or sound waves depends on the boundaries between indoors and the floor, between the floor and ground surface, and the damping of the different layers. Noise generation in this case is particularly large, if between two layers, for example between laminate flooring and underneath seamless floors, still air layer.

To reduce the development of noise when walking shock noise can be absorbed through conversion into heat and thus be covered or insulated. Another possibility is the offset frequency. Depending on the frequency noise can be perceived as pleasant or unpleasant. The offset frequency can be achieved, so that the shock noise was perceived as a pleasant sound, and in this sense has been corrected.

To pay off or to adjust the shock noise, different materials are used in the form of a Mat, for example, sealing foam, cork, the substrate is immobilized on the polymer from the scrap-rubber and cork, cardboard or soft wood fiber VA is s as lining under fixedly mounted floor covering on top of the subfloor, as is known from the patent document WO 01/09461 A1. However, thus resulting sound-absorbing effect is not met. And because already tried gluing these materials in the form of mats directly on the back side of the fixed floor coverings, for example on the underside of the floor panel. The disadvantages include high technical complexity. Hence the high cost. In aggregate, the achieved noise reduction on the technical complexity remains unsatisfactory.

So, from the patent document DE 19620987 C1-known insulating foil, provided with adhesive tapes. Provided by the gluing insulating foil on the bottom side of the fixed floor coverings to reduce the generation of noise when walking on the floor.

From patent document DE 4329766 A1 is known to use polymeric material to absorb the shock of the noise floor. According to the description DE 3835638 A1 the floor coverings used insulating material made of foamed polystyrene as insulation layer. From international publication WO 01/09461 A1 is known a strong connection layer of a thermoplastic material, with fixed panels flooring to achieve so excellent insulating properties. International public, the tion WO 93/24295 discloses the use of a layer of thermoplastic material in a thin wooden plank which is flexible and thereby loose motionless in the context of the present invention.

State of the art generally requires a relatively thick insulating layer, representing the lack of, to achieve the desired effect. Laying a thick floor covering is usually problematic in the building because the doors and floors in adjacent rooms laminate flooring should not be too thick. Otherwise formed stage to an adjacent room or the door will no longer open or close. Steps undesirable for reasons of appearance. In addition, they present a danger of tripping. Doors must be customized to the changed height of the sexes.

According to international publication WO 02/100638 A1 it is proposed to provide a close with a very thin layer of a thermoplastic material with a distinct relaxation properties at room temperature final paper layer on the bottom side of the panel. The technical solution is based on the idea of conversion noise in thermoplastic layer in the heat and the direction of the noise with this goal through strong connections between the panel and thermoplastic layer is the most successful way in thermoplastic layer.

Disclosure of inventions

The objective of the invention is to create a floor covering with the soundproofing.

The objective of the invention is solved by using floor covering with the characteristics of the first claim. A method of manufacturing a floor covering has the signs of the second independent claim. Preferred forms of the invention are objects of the dependent claims.

The panel for the floor covering according to paragraph 1 is bonded to two layers, which serve to absorb or correction of shock noise. One of the layers is preferably from Mat or canvas, formed from the fiber, and the other preferably of thermoplastic material.

Thermoplastic is a material that softens when exceeding the characteristic of the material temperature and has fluid properties. In this state the material is plastic and can be applied on the underside of the flooring or on the lower side of the further insulating or sound-absorbing layer through promazyvanija or applied using a roller, and thus firmly connected with the floor covering in the context of the present invention. At lower temperatures, typical for this material, thermoplastic material hardens. First thermoplastic material is selected in such a way that he had pronounced, clear relaxation properties at room temperature is round, therefore was able to best absorb the shock noise at room temperature.

Examples of thermoplastic polymers with distinct physical, clear relaxation properties in the range of room temperature are polyvinylpyridine or polyvinyl acetate. In comparison with this, for example, polycarbonate with its high softening temperature is absolutely inappropriate material. Metrologically show suitable materials, for example, when the image module torsion depending on the temperature in the module loss tan 6 in the range of room temperature or directly adjacent temperature ranges characteristic maximum. Physical principles, including sample characteristics presented in textbooks on polymer physics, such as: Chemistry, physics and technology of plastics, volume 6, Plastic I - structure and physical characteristics of the plastic, Chapter 4, Casal, Publisher Springer, 1962.

If the material shows a clear physical relaxation properties in the range of room temperature is achieved particularly good results absorption, since the kinetic energy will be converted into heat.

Examples of materials that show particularly good relaxation results at room temperature:

polyvinyle the Mali, polyvinylbutyral, polyvinylether, polyisobutene or copolymerizate as, for example, terpolymers of Acrylonitrile, butadiene and styrene (ABS), copolymers of vinyl chloride and 2-ethylhexyl acrylate, copolymers of vinyl acetate and vanillaware or polymer mixtures of these polymers with the addition of typical polymeric softeners.

In one embodiment of the invention the layer of thermoplastic material is under the next layer, absorbing or corrective shock noise, especially under canvas or Mat formed of fibers. The objective of the invention compared with the state of the art are solved in the best way that is unexpected for professionals for the following reason: thermoplastic material converts the noise into heat and thus dampens the shock of the noise, as it should be concluded from the patent document WO 01/09461 A1 and WO 02/100638 A1. This really is primarily for such thermoplastic materials, which show characteristic, distinct relaxation results at room temperature. To the noise that occurs when walking on the floor, really absorbed in thermoplastic layer by conversion into heat, noise should preferably be in a layer of thermoplastic material. To the noise completely passed down, he should be the man who better to reflect on its way from the surface of the flooring down on the basis of the boundary surfaces. Therefore, the boundary surfaces should be avoided.

In the above manner when using the further layer, the insulating or corrective shock noise, an additional boundary layer, which in fact should be avoided according to the professional knowledge of the prior art. And because the unexpected is the fact that despite the additional boundary layer can be achieved the best overall result, especially in comparison with examples known from WO 01/09461 A1 and WO 02/100638 A1. This applies primarily to the occasion of making a Mat or canvas consisting of fibers.

In one embodiment of the present invention, the panel includes a bearing plate and the upper side is the decor, for example, in the form of paper printed pattern. The decor can be also made of other materials such as wood. This panel is usually on the sides of the connecting elements, such as grooves and push the spikes. The connecting elements must be designed so that the panel could be connected with the next panel without the use of glue, primarily parallel to the surface of the floor covering. The panel can have on the bottom layer that serves as a stabilizing layer. It consists of paper primarily when the decor already technology is sponsored by paper printed. Layer serving as a stabilizing layer, composed of wood primarily when the decoration is made from a layer consisting of wood,

In one form of execution of the present invention two layers, which are used for correcting or absorb the shock of the noise close to the carrier plate and to the bottom side. It is bordered in this case, either directly with the carrier plate, or with a stabilizing layer. It is also possible placement of two layers that serve to correct or absorption of shock noise, for example, on the upper side of the carrier plate. In this case, the shock noise is absorbed directly. But the surface of the floor covering is less durable mechanical characteristics.

The layer of thermoplastic material, as well as other sound-insulating or sound correction layer in another embodiment of the strongly connected, for example by bonding to the panel. Thus, the boundary surface become less impact in an undesirable attitude.

One insulating layer contains, in particular, wood fiber, and fibers that are glued together. This canvas or Mat formed of fibers which differ from slabs of high density fiberboard (HDF) or medium density (MDF) longer fibers, which perelivajutsa each other. Fiber canvas or Mat in this fo is IU designs have a length of 15 mm. Due to the interlacing of the fibers is achieved connectedness. Therefore, the content of the adhesive than the adhesive in the slab of high density fiberboard (HDF) or medium density (MDF) can be reduced significantly. Compared with stove low density (LDF) canvas or Mat according to the invention has significantly less air inclusions. In one form of execution of the invention the weight of the canvas or Mat thickness from 2 mm to 2.5 mm is in the sense of the invention is from 5 to 10 kg per square meter, for example 7.5 kg/m2.

For the manufacture of fibers for fiber plate, such as fibreboard, high density fiberboard (HDF), medium density (MDF) or low density (LDF), wood chips are first boiled, and then boiled wood chips ground. In the production of fibers for canvas or Mat according to the invention wood chips boiled relatively short period of time and/or crushed relatively short period compared with the manufacture of fibers for fibreboard, high density fiberboard (HDF), medium density (MDF) or low density (LDF). Thus obtained larger and especially more long fibers.

The following form of the invention canvas or Mat has one smooth and one rough surface. thermoplastic layer is connected with the smooth side of the canvas and the and Mat. Side with a rough surface is applied to the panel. Thus the absorption is even more improved.

Canvas or Mat preferably is made in a calender press. So it turns out one smooth and one rough side in the sense of the above forms of execution.

In the following a preferred form of execution of the invention thermoplastic material is selected such that he possessed the adhesive (adhesive) properties. Adhesion is typical for polymers concept. An example of the material having the meaning of the present invention, adhesive properties, is a thermoplastic rubber.

If you select a material with adhesive properties, it is desirable way sealed with the next layer. Thus preventing the ingress of air between the next layer and thermoplastic layer. Accordingly, noise is well suppressed.

In another form of execution is achieved even higher sound absorbing properties, if you have a very strong thin paper, which is applied under thermoplastic layer. For this reason, the weight of the paper preferably is only from 10 to 50 g/m2. To get extra strong paper, it is advisable to impregnate a synthetic resin. Resin is introduced into the paper, for example, by pushing. Preferred impregnation manageability, which is appropriate within the paper. The preferred paper weight is in this case not more than 30 g/m2.

Durable thin the next layer, for example a solid paper with small weight, in addition, has the advantage that because of the next layer, the total thickness of the panel is not increased.

The implementation of the invention

The drawing shows a particularly preferred design.

The upper side of the panel has a decorative layer of paper and deposited a transparent wear-resistant layer 1. This layer 1 is connected with a wood-fiber plate 2 high density (HDF), the thickness of which may vary from 3 to 15 mm and are fitted on all four sides of the connecting elements 3. The connecting elements 3 are used to connect panels. They are made so that you can connect between the panel cover non-adhesive method.

Under wood-fiber plate 2 high density HDF is paper 4, which serves as a stabilizing layer for decorative paper 1. Under stabilizing layer 4 is attached to the Mat or canvas 5, which is compared to a wood-fiber plate high density HDF longer fibers and more limited content of the adhesive. This canvas or Mat no air inclusions. Air inclusions remain in the wood-fiber plate small p is h (LDF). The preferred thickness of the canvas or Mat 5 is from 1 to 4 mm and in any case is thinner compared to the carrier plate 2. Under the Mat or canvas 5 is a layer of thermoplastic material 6, which is very thin, and it has a thickness of from 0.1 to 1 mm On the bottom side of the layer of thermoplastic material placed paper 7.

For the manufacture of the bearing large plate with a decorative layer is first applied to the stabilizing layer, and the canvas or Mat, usually by extrusion method. Preferably, optionally a layer of a thermoplastic material, and it preferably is closed at the bottom of the paper. In conclusion, a large plate is cut in such a way as to obtain a large number of small smaller plates, corresponding to the size of the panels. On the sides of the milled connecting elements, such as grooves, plug-in spikes and other fixing elements. If you have not already done so, in conclusion, is applied to thermoplastic layer, which preferably is covered with a bottom paper layer.

As canvas or Mat before cutting connected with large stove, guaranteed connection of edges with the following panels at the same level (flush). In the field of connecting elements such connection of the edges has the advantage, because otherwise the connecting elements, for example, when is odibe on the floor could provide more pressure down that would reduce the strength characteristics. First of all, it refers to the connecting elements, which contribute glueless connection of two panels. For this reason, is also the advantage that before cutting under canvas or Mat applied to other layers. As both of the following even layer together constitute a very small thickness, this effect on the strength characteristics becomes more limited.

1. The panel for the floor covering having at least two different layers (5, 6)that contribute to the adjustment of the shock noise, and the first corrective shock noise layers layer (5) made in the form of Mat or canvas, formed of fibers, preferably free of air inclusions, and the second corrective shock noise layer (6) consists of a thermoplastic material and is located below the first layer, wherein the second corrective shock noise layer (6) consists of a thermoplastic material, which has, in particular at room temperature, a clear relaxation properties and/or no air inclusions.

2. The panel according to claim 1, wherein the panel has a carrier plate (2), the decorative layer (1) on the upper side of the carrier plate and preferably the stabilizing layer (4) under the bearing plate.

3. Panel according to any one of claims 1 and 2, the balance of audacia fact, that the carrier plate is equipped on the sides of the connecting elements and/or has a thickness of from 3 to 15 mm and/or consists of fibreboard, high density fibreboard medium density or chipboard.

4. Panel according to any one of claims 1 and 2, on the lower side which caused the corrective shock noise layers, namely preferably initially canvas or Mat (5), formed from wood fibers and glue, and underneath the layer of thermoplastic material (6).

5. The panel according to claim 4, characterized in that on the underside of corrective shock noise layers deposited paper.

6. Panel according to any one of claims 1 and 2, characterized in that it has a canvas or Mat as a corrective shock noise layer with a fiber length of 15 mm, which are partly intertwined.

7. Panel according to any one of claims 1 and 2, in which the fibers in the canvas or material (5) is longer than the fibers of which is formed by a carrier plate (2) panel and/or content of the adhesive in the canvas or material (5) is smaller than the content of the glue in the carrier plate (2).

8. Panel according to any one of claims 1 and 2, which is applied to the canvas or Mat (5), of a thickness of from 1 to 4 mm and/or the layer of thermoplastic material, of a thickness of from 0.1 to 1 mm


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EFFECT: increased support resistance and strength thereof along with reduced material consumption, decreased mass and simplified manufacture.

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