Method for lifting of heavy quarry equipment modules

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: invention is related to machine building support of mining industry, namely as combination of processes in servicing of excavators and roller-bit drilling machines designed for production of minerals by open-cut method. Method for lifting of heavy quarry equipment modules, in which lifting force is developed by power hydraulic cylinders, at the same time energy of high pressure working fluid is used, during the whole process of lifting, possibility is provided for automatic blocking of hydraulic system elements failures. Besides power hydraulic cylinders are equipped with parallel-acting screw jacks, the latter are used, at the moments of modules lifting, to set possibility of synchronous motion with power hydraulic cylinders without formation of lifting force, and at the moments of lifted modules slanting, to provide for the possibility of its leveling.

EFFECT: broader field of application, increased reliability, making process of modules lifting independent.

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The invention relates to a machine providing the mining industry, in particular as a way formed the basis of the equipment for maintenance repairs and installation and dismantling during the operation of heavy loading and drilling equipment used in mining operations open pit mining method.

Features of the quarry loading (excavators) and drilling (machines) equipment are the aggressiveness of the environment through its chemical exposure, abrasion of rocks, differing widely in their fortress, high energy consumption and intensity of work of large dimensions and weight. The last hundred tone.

These peculiarities lead to intensive wear excavators and drilling rigs.

In addition, there are regulatory restrictions location of maintenance personnel during maintenance and repair work in providing this security.

Specified determines the need for routine maintenance repair work is usually performed in terms of career and related disassembly (Assembly) major components and their mutual displacement. For example, dismantling crawler excavator moves or drilling machine, requiring lifting, respectively, turning and drilling platform.

World who have technical solutions, in which is implemented a way of lifting the drilling module mine setup with a view to its discrete-lateral movement, doing repairs, diagnosis of individual elements performed using hydraulic Jack, hydraulic locks and valves, guides, transverse rollers and other[1, 2, 3, 4]. However, these developments have significant disadvantages: limited use; the complexity of engineering solutions; unreliable because of the possibility of creating an emergency situation in case of failure of elements of the hydraulic system.

The closest of the known technical solutions adopted for the prototype of the claimed invention, for the intended use, operations, implementation, modular design, metrics, applications, functionality, weight and dimension characteristics is a technique used in the system to retrieve wheeled motor steam railway locomotives [5]. According to the method prototype effort lifting locomotive create the jacks due to the energy of the hydraulic system by which serves the working fluid of high pressure individually to each of the hydraulic jacks, in some moments lifting locomotive ensure the sustainability raised (posted) equipment and block in these moments possible failures of the hydraulic system.

Analysis of the operations of the JV is soba-prototype and technical solutions for its implementation indicates the presence of disadvantages.

- Limited sector utilization and disparity regulatory constraints in terms of ensuring the safety of operators. The latter is connected with the necessity of finding staff under raised by hydraulic jacks equipment, i.e. points in the installation safety of the cylindrical rings, and making and action on personnel psychological discomfort influences due to finding his (staff) under raised loads in the tens and hundreds of tons.

- The probability of accidental fall of the raised (posted) equipment in the period before full production back-up ring because of failure of the hydraulic system.

- Occurrence of distortions due to uneven loading of the hydraulic jacks and, as a consequence, the presence of excessive dynamic loading and reducing the resistance raised (posted) equipment from tipping over.

The last of the disadvantages is due to the influence of the uneven distribution of weight raising equipment between hydraulic jacks, i.e. due to raznoobraznost center of mass of the equipment from the contact points of the jacks raised by the module.

The objective of the proposed method of lifting modules career heavy equipment implemented in the system of lifting modules turning or drilling platforms, respectively excavate the and or drilling rig, extension of field of use, reliability and security, the achievement of invariance (independence) of the process of recovery from possible failures of the hydraulic system, creating a comfortable and safe working conditions repair personnel.

The problem is solved in that in the method of lifting modules heavy surface mining equipment, in which the lifting force create due to the energy of the working fluid of high pressure, serves the working fluid individually to each of the hydraulic jacks, in some moments of the lifting block possible failures of elements of the hydraulic system and in these moments provide the stability of the raised equipment from tilting and tipping, optional blocking of failure of the hydraulic system and the stability of the raised equipment provide throughout the lifting process, the blocking action is generated by the permanent efforts of screw jacks, drive them outside dimensions of the raised equipment.

Thanks to new operations were carried out the task: first, increase reliability, and creating a comfortable and safe environment maintenance staff, expanded the scope of use of the basic method.

Comparative analysis of the proposed techniqueschristina with the prior art found no effect of the known solutions to achieve a positive result according to the task.

Thus, this solution meets the requirements of utility, novelty and inventive step, is intended for use in industry - mining industry, implemented using existing components and materials (hydraulic and mechanical jacks, Gidromontazh high pressure pumping station, ratcheting mechanisms, valves, power cylinders double acting and others who have passed industrial testing, certification and serial production in production), as well as the recognized scientific methods and in its implementation in terms of quarries Krivoy Rog mining and processing complexes in the complexes for lifting the rotary platforms, excavators EKG-4, ECG 5 and ECG-8, EKG-10 (codes d, respectively P and P, developer design documentation Institute, Nieroda Krivoy Rog) achieved practical results than meet the requirement of industrial application, which is sold by the author.

The invention is illustrated by the drawing and the description of its constituent elements. Part of implementing the system includes the oil station 1 remote 2-based control valves and instrumentation software 3; in turn, the remote controller 2 via the valves 4, Gidromontazh 5 is connected to the hydraulic jacks . The latter is equipped with hydraulic locks, and hydraulic system to limit emergency pressure level protected adjustable valve; purity of the working fluid of high pressure provide appropriate filters - items not shown. Parallel to each hydraulic cylinder 6 or (jacks) group total bearing area in the form of a single block has a pair of screw jacks 7, each equipped with manual actuator 8 and the ratchet 9 bilateral actions. Union jacks 6 are used when it is necessary to increase efforts to raise when using the latter in relation to the excavators weighing more than 300 tons (EKG-10).

The force of the hydraulic cylinders 6, and security screw jacks 7 are aimed at raising module (platform) 10 the stability of the process control devices 3. Functional interaction of the components is as follows. First carry out organizational and technical preparations for the lifting of the turntable, such as EKG-8: staff training, adherence drive pumping station 1 to the grid, the arrangement of the workplace is the last feature in the career of at least 10 meters from the edge of the ledge, his horizontial with subsequent concrete placement until kratom - the thickness of the concrete 600 mm with dimensions 1200×4000 mm2for block rams (7-6-7) and 1200×8000 mm2for block rams (7-6-6-7). Further, the excavator is placed on the working platform and the lifting blocks are placed as follows: single (7-6-7) in pairs at a distance of 2000±200 mm from each of the caterpillar truck at the rear of the excavator (near congresa), and paired (7-6-6-7) - axis excavator at a distance of 500±100 mm from its front end side (from the bucket). Oil station 1 come from the rear of the excavator on its axis at a distance of not less than 15 m from the excavator, the operator is near the console 2, and assistant operator is outside the bounds of the raised platform in the region where actuator 8 screw jacks 7. Before starting the pumping station 1 sound signal security, and valves 4 is enabled to supply the hydraulic communications 5 working fluid to the hydraulic cylinders 6.

Next, the operator using the control valves of the control panel 2 summarizes the hydraulic Jack 6 to the platform 10 excavator and begins its rise in real terms the rate of rise does not exceed 1 mm/sec. The operator and his assistants control the positioning of the platform to its horizontal position. There is a limit violations of the horizontal raised platform 2°. Assistant operator actuator 8 b the th screw Jack 7 pick them up (7) sequentially with the lifting jacks 6, thereby eliminating the impact of possible failures of elements of hydraulics.

In violation of the horizontal operator of the valves of the remote controller 2 changes the flow of the operating fluid, seeking recovery of horizontality. It is possible arrangement of the development of automatic control of the hydraulic system on the basis of the flow of working fluid to each of the hydraulic jacks with regard to their workload.

The imbalance loading jacks occurs because the specified previously uneven loading of the cylinders of the jacks [4]. Manual drive 8 screw jacks 7 may be replaced by electrotherapist with remote control.

Upon lifting the turntable 10 excavator on technological reasonable height (in the real system 630 mm) and fixing it in the posted state screw jacks 7 shut off the flow of operating fluid from the jacks 6 and turn off the oil station 1. Remove crawler truck from under the turntable for their subsequent repair, and leave the platform in the posted position indefinitely. When spare caterpillar trucks are replacing bred and produce the descent of the platform 10 by reverse drive of the screw jacks 7 using hrapovic mechanisms 9.

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A way of lifting modules heavy surface mining equipment, in which the lifting force create power hydraulic cylinders, use the energy of the working fluid of high pressure, throughout the process of raising the enable automatic blocking of failure of elements of the hydraulic system, wherein the power hydraulic cylinders equipped paralleelnimetusi screw jacks, the last moments of lifting modules, set the synchronous movement with power hydraulic cylinders without forming an effort lifting and through which the moments of occurrence of the distortions of the raised module, provide the possibility of leveling.


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EFFECT: reduction of dynamic lateral loads on the working equipment of the mining excavator, which lead to fatigue accumulation in stress concentration zones in metal and fatigue flaking.

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SUBSTANCE: lifting unit is comprised of lifting mechanisms, each of which is connected with pressurising source (oil station). Besides each lifting mechanism is represented as telescopic body with extending section being implemented on external surface and provided with guiding grooves. The solid keys are installed as a counterpart in the fixed section of body so that they can be self-adjusted. A jack is installed on spherical support inside extending section. The jack rod is coupled with the upper part of extending section through the spherical support. Floating support interacting with swinging circle is installed on the same spherical support.

EFFECT: improved reliability and extended lifecycle of lifting unit operation.

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EFFECT: improved smoothness of truck cabin motion.

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EFFECT: simpler design and higher reliability.

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EFFECT: simpler design.

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EFFECT: vehicle flotation improvement.

2 cl, 18 dwg

Automotive jack // 2334634

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: jack comprises an air-proof chamber mounted into the telescope rest, guides opening and retuning the chamber and rest sections into a preset or initial position, a restrictor to limit the rest sections motion in whatever direction, a nipple for connection to compressed air supply and for release of air, a ridged plate for the car to rest upon. The jack can be connected to the compressor and can be made integral with it, in either split or permanent joint version. The said compressor can be connected to the car dash panel lighter.

EFFECT: ease of use, manufacture, repair and servicing of the car.

5 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: railway transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to mounted appliances designed for mobile repair machines, particularly, those used for repair of hatches of gondola cars. Frame 1 of mounted appliance is secured by means of brackets 2, 3 on carriage of mobile repair machine. Forklift 4 with horns is installed on frame 1 and also movable stop 5 with power cylinder 6, fixed stops 7 and locks 8 of forklift 4. Forklift 4 and power cylinder 6 are made detachable, basing, respectively, on platforms A and B of frame 1. Front plane of frame 1 is installed at angle to vertical position. In process of repair, appliance is suspended at preset height by moving the carriage and is fed to hatch of gondola car. Then forklift 4 catches hatch between movable stop 5 and fixed stops 6 and forces it out of gondola car in inclined position. Straightening of hatch is provided by force action of movable stop 5.

EFFECT: simplified design.

1 dwg

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SUBSTANCE: supporting-and-hanging apparatus for sowing equipment has base, movable tine and immovable tine with locking member. Immovable tine is made in the form of pressure member-holder fixed on drill frame and equipped with slot and locking member for movable tine. Movable tine is pivotally connected to pressure member-holder and base. Length of movable tine is L≥R+h, where R is radius of wheel; h is distance from wheel to supporting surface (h=50-70 mm).

EFFECT: simplified construction and enhanced quick action in hanging of sowing equipment.

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SUBSTANCE: invention relates to load-lifting devices with speed-changing gear trains, and it can be used for lifting vehicles. Proposed screw jack has lead screw connected with output shaft of two-speed reduction gear with speed change clutch. According to invention, reduction gear is made in form of differential planetary gear train and two worm pairs whose worms can be connected with input shaft of two-speed reduction gear. First central wheel of differential planetary gear train is connected with screw, and second one, with wheel of second worm pair for rotation in opposite direction relative to first one, and carrier is coupled with wheel of first worm pair. Worm of first worm pair is installed for axial displacement and is connected with clutch member, and clutch second member is installed on input shaft of two-speed reduction gear.

EFFECT: increased load-lifting capacity without increasing motor power owing to reduction of lead screw.

2 dwg

FIELD: railway transport; repair facilities.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to mounted appliances for mobile repair machines used for repair of rail vehicles without cutting out, particularly for replacement of bogie springs and friction wedge. Proposed mounted appliance has platform body 1 secured by brackets 2 on frame-adapter of mobile repair machine. Post 3 with lever 5 is secured on platform body 1. Hydraulic jack 7 is installed on platform body 1 by means of ball support 9, being coupled with lever 5 through joint 10 of rod 11. Fork grip 6 is locked in bogie members, pressure is fed into hydraulic jack 7, and platform body 1 is moved to thrust against ground, and at further travel of rod 11, appliance lifts up bogie releasing spring set from weight of vehicle. Spring set and friction wedge are demounted and transported to repair station on platform body 1. Procedure is reversed for mounting spring set and friction wedge.

EFFECT: simplified design, improved reliability and increased service life.

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