Method of obtaining black walnut tincture

FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: extraction of young immature fruits with diametre not more than 3 mm is carried out. Fresh raw material is preliminarily grinded, covered with 60% alcohol with ratio 1:2 and extraction with addition of propylene glycol in amount 1% at temperature 50° during 5 hours is carried out, extract is poured out. Second stage of extraction is performed at room temperature during 15 hours with ratio raw material extractant 1:2. Raw material is squeezed, extracts are poured together, recovered material is filtered.

EFFECT: increasing yield of active substances.

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The invention relates to medicine, namely to create herbal medicines used in the regulation of thyroid function and enhance immunity.

A known method of manufacturing a tincture of black walnut by combining the fruit of the black walnut with an aqueous solution of alcohol and soaking them in the interval of time at room temperature [Asthita devi dasi "Practical methods of healing from cancer." Abstract notes on the book by Dr. Klark "The Cure for all Cancer". Of OCK, 1997, Asthita, 1997, p.46].

In this way, the infusion is recommended within 2 days of the alcohol in an aqueous solution of 50%.

The disadvantage of this method is not a complete extraction of active substances.

Tincture of black walnut can be prepared from the dried raw material 4 Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia Schwabe in the ratio of 1:10 (Homeopathic medicines, guide and manufacturing, Wilmar Schwabe, edited by V.I. Fisherman, Moscow, 1967).

1. Dried nuts with allopatrically break into small particles hammer.

2. The tincture is made in the ratio of 1:10 by the method of percolation, this 1 kg of crushed dried nuts pour a 5-fold amount of extractant (5 l) 50% concentration of ethyl alcohol and allowed to stand for 24-48 hours, then drain ek is tragant fully and measure the volume of the extract. The raw material is extracted twice more with fresh extractant so that the combined extracts was 10 L. Each step infusion lasts 24-48 hours.

3. The combined extracts settle at a temperature of 10°C for two days and filtered.

It turns out tincture 1:10.

There is also known a method of preparation of the black walnut by combining the fruit of the black walnut with an aqueous solution of alcohol and soaking them in the interval of time at room temperature, characterized in that when combining them on 100 parts by weight of black walnut take from 100 to 1000 parts of a solution of alcohol containing alcohol in the solution is from 40 to 96 vol.%, and insisting spend from 3 to 21 days (RU patent No. 2135200).

This method is taken as a prototype.

The technical object of the present invention is to improve the quality tinctures by increasing the output of existing substances and reduce the time of processing.

This technical problem is solved by the proposed method.

The raw material is a young immature fruit diameter not exceeding 3 mm, collected in the period of their maturation. Procurement lead in dry weather, starting at noon. Fresh raw grind, fill 60% alcohol in the ratio of 1:2 and the extraction is carried out with the addition of propylene glycol in the amount of 1%, at 50° for 5 hours, the extract is drained./p>

The second stage of extraction at room temperature for 15 hours at a ratio of raw material:solvent 1:2. The raw material is squeezed, extracts pooled. The extract is filtered.

Specific example No. 1

100 g minced immature fruit of the black walnut pour 200 ml of 60% alcohol, add 1 ml of propylene glycol and infused for 5 hours at 50° for 5 hours, removing the drain and pour 200 ml of 60% alcohol and infused for 15 hours. The extract is filtered and unite.

The quantitative content of the active substances in the extract was determined by the tannins, and flavonoids.

Tannins were determined by the method of permanately. The amount of flavonoids was determined by spectrophotometry, differential method with aluminum chloride in acetic acid environment. Studies have shown an increase in the yield of tannins and amounts of flavonoids compared to the prototype.

The results are presented in table 1.

Carried out on outbred rats pharmacological tests showed the presence of the resulting tincture immunomodulatory actions, and actions to normalize thyroid function.

Thus, the proposed method for homeopathic tinctures allows to increase the output of existing substances and reduce the ü extraction time.

Table No. 1
Quantitative content of the active substance
Found, %Found, %
1 prototype0,92,3
2 the proposed method1,84,3

A method of obtaining a tincture of the fruit of the black walnut by extraction immature fruit of the black walnut diameter not exceeding 3 mm ethanol extraction was carried out in two stages, the first stage is 60%alcohol in the presence of propylene glycol in the amount of 1% at a ratio of 1:2 and 50° for 5 h, the second stage is 60%alcohol at a ratio of 1:2 for 15 h, the extracts are combined and filtered.


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EFFECT: decrease of exacerbations of chronic centres infection frequency; normalising action on the immunologic status during the most adverse periods of a year and maintenance of a condition of euthyroidism within all year.

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SUBSTANCE: invention can be used for medical treatment of secondary hypothyroid state accompanied by low synthesis of thyrotrophic hormone by hypophysis and of iodine hormone by thyroid gland. Substance of invention implies application of peptide Lys-Glu-Asp-Gly as a medicine stimulating synthesis of thyrotrophic hormone by hypophysis and of thyroid hormone by thyroid gland.

EFFECT: high specific activity of introduced peptide and decrease of side effect risk.

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SUBSTANCE: invention relates to design of agent used in treatment of iodine-deficient diseases, in particular, hypothyroidism. Agent for treatment of hypothyroidism comprises the following medicinal plants: walnut green fruits, wormwood herb, warty birch buds, licorice roots and clove flower buds taken in the ratio = 30:2:10:2:2, respectively. Agent is prepared as tincture in 35% ethyl alcohol. Method for treatment of hypothyroidism involves prescription of abovementioned agent to a patient orally in the dose 7-30 drops, 3 times per a day, 15 min before eating with 50 ml of water for 5-35 days. In all cases treatment of patients with the proposed agent resulted to the stable therapeutic effect without adverse effects.

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EFFECT: medication form easily releases active substance, which provides its high bioaccessibility.

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EFFECT: invention can be used for inducing strong antibody and T-cell response and, particularly it is effective in treatment of allergy, tumours and virus chronic diseases, and also other chronic diseases.

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SUBSTANCE: invention refers to medical products and concerns an ellagic acid composition for immune system enhancement, differing that additionally is contains chitosan beta-1.3/1.6-glucans or oligosaccharides.

EFFECT: offered composition possesses enhanced immunostimulating effect.

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SUBSTANCE: invention refers to pharmacology and can be used in veterinary science and medicine for chemotherapy. There is disclosed immunostimulating and antioxidant lithium composition containing lithium ascorbate and lithium aspartate in percentage ratio 50:50.

EFFECT: expansion of the list of low-toxicity immunomodulators applicable for manufacture of drugs.

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FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: invention concerns medicine, particularly therapy, and can be applied in chronic disease treatment. Method involves causative agent extraction or determination of antibodies to causative agents or extraction of genetic components from blood, body fluid or smear. Treatment is performed by vaccine drugs specific to one or several identified causative agents, additionally immunomodulators are administered.

EFFECT: activated repair processes, arrested development of disease state of organs and systems due to elimination of identified pathogen from organism and to immune correction.

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FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: invention concerns medicine, particularly granulocytopoiesis stimulants, radioprotectors and immune stimulants. Under cytostatics effect Cyclophilin A amplifies granulocyte precursor removal from marrowbone and stimulates granulocytopoiesis.

EFFECT: in case of sublethal radiation, cyclophilin A stimulates migration of marrowbone stem elements and participates in recovery of blood cells and immune system, and shows redioprotection properties.

4 dwg, 2 tbl

FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: medicinal agent contains alpha and/or beta and/or gamma human recombinant interferon, tocopherol acetate or other tocopherol derivatives, ascorbic acid and/or its salts, pantothenic acid or calcium pantothenate, or dexapanthenol, riboflavin or levocarnitine, and orotic acid and/or ornithine or its derivative - citrulline malate, or Glutoxim, antibacterial, antimycotic agents, additives: emulsifiers, stabilisers, preservatives, antioxidants and base. The formulation is suppositories in certain component ratio.

EFFECT: efficiency for severe infectious diseases and mixed infections.

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FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: invention concerns medicine, be more specific to oncology, and concerns the substances stimulating maturing of dendritic cells (DC). Application of fucoidan from Fucus evanescens or polysaccharide composition from Fucus evanescens consisting of fucoidan in amount of 60-80% and poly-mannuronic acid in amount of 20-40%, as an agent possessing ability to induce maturing of dendritic cells is offered. The declared fucoidan preparations have a standardised composition and, hence, possess direct biological effect. They keep the properties for long time (3 years).

EFFECT: increase of DC functional activity under the influence of the declared substances.

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EFFECT: rising of efficiency of the received preparation at treatment and prevention of infectious diseases of animals.

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SUBSTANCE: algae Gracilaria verrucoza are incubated in distilled water in order to transform unsaturated fatty acids under influence of present in alga enzymes into prostaglandins. Prostaglandins are transferred into distilled water. Extraction of prostaglandins from water solution by sorption with further eluting with water-organic solvents is carried out. Freshly collected alga is used, incubation is carried out during 1-3 hours with light illumination with intensity 100-300 mcE/m2s and temperature not higher than 4°C, before extraction of prostaglandins by sorption obtained water solution is acidified to pH 2.5-3.0, as sorbent non-polar modified silicagel with graft hydrocarbons with grain size to 100 mcm.

EFFECT: increase of product yield and process simplification.

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