Preparation "diaron" for treatment of acute gastrointestinal diseases of newborn calves

FIELD: veterinary.

SUBSTANCE: preparation of treatment of gastrointestinal diseases in newborn calves, includes zeolite, tetracycline, sodium acetate and flour of dried leather bergenia rhizome (Bergenia crassifolia), at the following ratio of components, wt %: Zeolite 44.5-48.5; Sodium acetate 44.5-48.5; Flour from dried rhizome of leather bergenia (Bergenia crassifolia) 4.2-8.2; Tetracycline 1.0-2.0. Preparation is fed in dose of 35 g per head 2 times per day until recovery.

EFFECT: therapeutic efficiency makes 100%.

1 tbl, 4 ex


The invention relates to veterinary medicine, namely to the means of treatment of acute gastro-intestinal diseases of newborn calves.

Acute gastrointestinal disease of the newborn calves (OJCBNT) is the most common form of pathology calves observed in almost all the farms involved in dairy cattle. In many farms in the period of mass calving cows, which are usually held in the winter-stall period, animals, OJCBNT nature of this epidemic, affecting all emerging calves. If you do not carry out effective preventive and therapeutic measures, the mortality among patients with calves up to 90-100%.

OJCBNT include a large number of diseases which are accompanied with signs of disorder of digestion, and can be both infectious and non-infectious origin. They treat intractable diseases, which is explained not only by their etiology, but also the complexity of the pathogenesis - when they develop the disease of the whole body, accompanied by dysfunction of almost all internal organs.

It should be noted that to fight OJCBNT offered a huge number of methods and means, especially means of treatment. In recent years, more and more features of expensive imported drugs, however, many farms are not in status is to purchase them due to the high cost.

No doubt that the treatment OJCBNT can be successful when using complex tools, and not a single "wonderful" component of the drug. Treatment success can be achieved by simultaneous application of antimicrobial agents against dehydration and intoxication, raising the tone, normalizing digestion, healing the mucous membrane of the intestines, etc. through a variety of means separately requires many therapeutic manipulation (injection and vipac) on each sick calf. Therefore, the veterinary profession is not physically in the state are to perform all of the procedures, especially when mass disease of calves, because what they unwittingly simplify the treatment regimen, reducing the amount of drugs or manipulations, thereby reducing its effectiveness.

The number of therapeutic manipulations are best reduced by the use of drugs in the form of the combined mixtures used by feeding.

The combined drugs are analogs of known startin, rehydralyte, EEPROM, tromelin, redear and others. However, when using these drugs is not always achieved consistently high therapeutic effect due to the insufficient range of their medicinal properties. In addition, a significant disadvantage is the high cost.

Most Blimber is Kim technical solution selected as a prototype of the present invention, always gastrulation, containing in its composition the same zeolite Chivyrkuyskogo field - RIVERTWIN (patent No. 2145502). Gastrulation was used in some farms of the Chita region.

However, the effectiveness of gastrulation low, because it does not have antibacterial, tonic and protivosvertyvayuschih funds.

The aim of the present invention is to improve the effectiveness of treatment OJCBNT with simultaneous reduction of its value.

This goal is achieved by the fact that the drug Diuron consists of the following components, wt.%: zeolite - 44,5-48,5, sodium acetate - 44,5-48,5, flour from dried rhizomes of bergenia tolstolistnogo Bergenia crassifolia - 4,2-8,2, tetracycline - 1,0-2,0.

All components of dirona powder that is easily mixed with each other, not scarce, not the road, each of them has healing properties. With the combined use of therapeutic properties of each component enhance the properties of other components.

Diuron does not require pre-cooking prior to use, i.e. it directly feeding sick calves in the form of mist with water, with which you can easily cope calf.

RIVERTWIN (TU 10 RSFSR 359-88) with a particle size of from 0.1 to 0.3 mm pre-dried in a drying Cabinet at 110°C for 8 hours.

Rhizomes is bergenia tolstolistnogo (Bergenia crassifolia) are harvested in the autumn in the pine forests of Transbaikalia, dried in the shade to a moisture content of not more than 14% and crushed using a crusher. Then turn into flour in special mills.

Acetic acid sodium and tetracycline gain through the system "Saavedra" and other selling veterinary organization.

Sifted through a sieve components in the desired proportions is placed in an enamel container and stirred with a wooden spade. Then the resulting mixture was stirred at electromedicine for 20 min to obtain a homogeneous powder. Dosage form in the form of a grey powder Packed in polyethylene bags at 0.5 kg

Scientific-production experiments to investigate the effectiveness of Varona was carried out according to the following scheme:

Example 1. Used a drug, "diaron" at a minimum ratio of ingredients, wt.%: zeolite - 48,5; sodium acetate - 46,3; flour from dried rhizomes of bergenia tolstolistnogo Bergenia crassifolia - 4,2, tetracycline is 1.0.

Test therapeutic effectiveness of dirona conducted under production conditions on a farm in the period of mass calving cows. The experiment was carried out on newborn calves with well-defined clinical signs of gastrointestinal disease. According to the principle of analogues were divided into two groups - experimental and control 10 goal each in the following order: first the sick body of the spacecraft was included in the experimental group, the second control, the third - experienced, fourth in control etc.

The experimental calves were treated with varanam dose of 30-35 g per head depending on the body weight of the calf. The preparation was given twice a day with an interval of about 12 hours, excluding colostrum: the first time fully, then slowly started to feed with boiled water.

Control calves were treated with gastrulation according to the instruction. Take into account the following parameters: the duration of the disease, the nature of its flow during the period of treatment, frequency of giving drugs, the outcome of the disease.

In the experimental group after the double feeding of dirona recovered 50% of calves, 30% after three times, 10% of five-and 10% - after eight (after 4 days). Therapeutic efficacy of Varona was 100%. And in the control group one calf fell, the rest recovered in time from 48 to 120 hours. Therapeutic efficacy gastrulation was 90%.

Example 2. Diuron used in the average ratio of ingredients, wt.%: zeolite - 46,15; acetic acid sodium 46,15; flour from dried rhizomes of bergenia tolstolistnogo Bergenia crassifolia - 6,16; tetracycline - 1,54.

The scheme of experiment was similar to that in the first experiment. The duration of the disease in calves of the experimental group ranged from 48 to 72 hours, the treatment efficiency is 100%and in the control calves, respectively 4-5 days and 90%.

Example 3. Di is Ron used to the maximum proportions of the main ingredients, wt.%: zeolite - 44,5; acetic acid sodium 45,3; flour from dried rhizomes of bergenia tolstolistnogo Bergenia crassifolia - 8,2; tetracycline - 2,0.

The experiment was carried out by the same method as in the previous experiments. The duration of the disease in calves of the experimental group ranged from 48 to 72 hours, the treatment efficiency is 100%and in the control calves, respectively 4-6 days and 90%.

Example 4. From calves suffering from acute gastro-intestinal disorders, according to the principle analogues formed 4 experimental and one control group. For the treatment of calves used Diuron, consisting of the following ingredients, wt.%: zeolite - 46,15; acetic acid sodium 46,15; flour from dried rhizomes of bergenia tolstolistnogo Bergenia crassifolia - 6,16; tetracycline - 1,54. All experimental calves were treated with varanam 2 times a day in the following doses: in the first group of 25 g per head, the second 30, the third 35 and the fourth - 40 g per head. The control group of calves was used gastrulation as directed by 0.3 per 1 kg of body weight. The results are presented in table 1.

Thus, the tests showed high efficiency of dirona in acute gastro-intestinal disease of newborn calves.

In all experiments, all calves were treated with varanam, recovered. Small differences in the results depended on the ratio of ingredients in the drug and dose. The disease has been cured in accordance with the s 2-4 days after giving the drug from 4 to 7 times. Treatment efficacy was 100% in all experiments.

Table 1
therapeutic efficacy of dirona depending on dose
IndexA group of calvesControl
The number of calves that goal.1012121515
Single dose of Varona, g25303540-
Single dose gastrulation, g----10,0
The duration of treatment, daysthe 3.82,42,03,2 5,5
The multiplicity of processing calves during the period of treatment time754612
Recovered a goal.1012121510
Palo goal----2
The treatment efficiency, %100,0100,0100,0100,086,7

Among the control calves were observed mortality, disease duration ranged from 4 to 5.5 days. All experimental calves were pereboleli in the form of light, and control in severe and moderate forms.

Drug for the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases of newborn calves, including zeolite, characterized in that it additionally contains tetracycline, sodium acetate and flour from dried rhizomes of bergenia tolstolistnogo Bergenia crassifolia in the following ratio, wt.%

Zeolite44,5 is 48.5
Acetic acid sodium44,5 is 48.5
Flour from dried rhizomes
bergenia tolstolistnogo Bergenia crassifolia4,2-8,2


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