Gear transmission with end teeth

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: gear transmission contains driven wheel, teeth (2) of which are implemented with plane work surfaces (3) and, drive wheel, teeth (5) of which are implemented with convex work surfaces (6), joined to plane work surfaces (3) by line of engagement, corresponding part "Pascal's limacon".

EFFECT: reliability growth ensured by accurate gearing of teeth.

2 dwg


The invention relates to gearing and may find application in the design of transmission mechanisms and devices for grinding materials.

Known gear with face teeth, containing a driving wheel with a concave working surfaces and follower wheel with a convex working surfaces, while the surfaces of the teeth of the driven and driving wheels are made mutually matched over the entire height of the teeth [1].

A disadvantage of the known transmission is the following. Research engagement gear with face teeth on patent RU 2011078 [1] shows that at a constant ratio of the transmission and at a given convex working surface of the tooth of the driven wheel on the driving wheel is impossible to obtain a concave working surface, i.e. it can be argued that gear with face teeth [1] does not exist in nature.

Research engagement gear [1] are carried out using theorem of Euler-Savary, graphical method Mobile, the main theorem gearingwherethe vector normal to the surface of the paired teeth at the point of contact;- relative velocity vector.

Known gear with face teeth, containing a driving wheel with working what again, which is a part of the surface of the Snail-Pascal", and the slave wheel with a flat working surfaces [2].

A disadvantage of the known transmission is low smoothness transmission of high velocity of rotation, as is made convex surfaces face the teeth of the drive wheel, represents a part of the surface of the Snail-Pascal", does not fully correspond to theoretical convex surfaces.

The problem solved by the invention is to increase the strength of the gear.

The technical result is to increase reliability by increasing the smoothness obtained by the exact meshing of teeth.

This technical result is achieved by the fact that in gear with face teeth, containing a driving wheel with a convex working surfaces of the teeth and follower wheel flat working surfaces of the teeth, what's new is that instead of the convex surfaces of the teeth, limited part of the surface of the Snail-Pascal" use the new convex surfaces of the teeth of the drive wheel, limited to curves, the mating flat surfaces of the teeth of the driven wheel through gearing represents part of a "Snail Pascal".

Figure 1 shows the proposed transfer; figure 2 is a section along a-a in figure 1.

Gear in front of the net assets, end teeth contains follower wheel 1, the teeth 2 which is made with a flat working surfaces 3, and a driving wheel 4, on which the teeth 5 with a convex working surfaces 6, the mating flat working surface 3 along the line of engagement represents part of a "Snail Pascal". The engagement of the teeth is confirmed by theorem of Euler-Savary.

Gear with face teeth works as follows. During the rotation of the drive wheel 4 teeth 5 are in engagement with the teeth 2 of the driven wheel 1 and impart rotary motion. Mutual contact of the working surface 6 and 3 occurs over the entire height of the face teeth with a constant gear ratio, on the surface of the mesh represents part of a family of Snails Pascal". As a result, the smoothness increases.

Sources of information

1. EN 2011078, IPC 5 F15H 55/08. Publ. 15.04.94. Bulletin no.7.

2. SU 506714, IPC 2 F15H 55/08. Publ. 15.03.76. Bulletin no.10.

Gear with face teeth, containing a driving wheel with a convex working surfaces of the teeth and follower wheel flat working surfaces of the teeth, characterized in that the convex surfaces of the teeth of the drive wheel is made of the mating flat surfaces of the teeth of the driven wheel through gearing represents part of a "Snail Pascal".


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Gear wheel // 2371275

FIELD: technological processes, casting.

SUBSTANCE: invention is related to manufacturing of gear wheels. Gear wheel has sections beveled by means of die forming (111, 121, 131), which are simultaneously formed at corresponding line of crossing of indent surfaces (11), lateral sides (12) and tops of teeth (13) with end surfaces (14) of teeth, through which axial line of wheel is passing, while giving profile to teeth of wheel with surfaces of indents, lateral sides and tops of teeth.

EFFECT: suggested gear wheel does not require mechanical treatment, such as removal of burr produced in process of teeth cutting in gear wheels made with standard methods.

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SUBSTANCE: invention is designed to be used in the development of small-size mechanical rotary motion transfer high-gear-ratio mechanisms. In curved-tooth gear engagement, smaller gear (16) features one tooth with circumference shape (3) in face section shifted relative to axis (OO1) of gear (16). The curved spiral tooth of gear (16) is formed by consecutive shift of circumference (3) along axis (OO1) and continuous rotation of the said circumference about the axis. Larger gear (17) feature spiral teeth are formed by turning the cycloid curve (5) to match the spiral surface of gear (16). The engagement features a continuous line of contact along the tooth entire length wherein the circular cog and cycloid get engaged in every section with minimum friction losses. For axial loads to be eliminated, gears (16, 17) are made herringbone.

EFFECT: higher-strength engagement, higher gear ratio with smaller sizes.

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FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: invention can be used in all mechanism wherein preferable are gear trains. The gear train driving and driven gear teeth are curvilinear, for example, hyperbolic or parabolic along the lengthwise axis. The driving wheel teeth side surfaces are symmetrically convex. Those of the driven wheel are symmetrically concave. The driving wheel tooth section camber equals the section concavity radius of the driven wheel. The points of all teeth like their roots smoothly mate with the teeth side surfaces and gears surfaces, respectively.

EFFECT: lower contact strains in gear train.

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Gear wheel // 2318150

FIELD: mechanical engineering.

SUBSTANCE: gear wheel comprises standard parts or standard and nonstandard parts. The engagement angle of the standard parts is chosen to allow the wheel to be changed for, e.g. the standard wheel to be repaired. The values of coefficients of face or total overlapping of the teeth decrease with respect to the nominal coefficients of overlapping. The nonstandard parts are made with an inclination to the thickening of the tooth with respect to the standard shape.

EFFECT: prolonged service life.

6 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: drilling equipment, particularly gerotor mechanisms to be used in drives or pumps.

SUBSTANCE: gerotor mechanism comprises stator made as tubular body 1 and as covering member 2 with inner helical teeth 3, rotor 4 with outer helical teeth 5. Central longitudinal axes 6, 7 of rotor 4 and covering member 2 are shifted one from another by eccentricity 8 value aw. Covering member 2 teeth end profile defines enveloping curve having rs radii and formed by rotation of coordinate system Xoc, Yoc including circle of rs radius. Rotor teeth end profile defines enveloping curve having rm radii and formed by rotation of coordinate system Xop, Yor including circle of rm radius. Center of circle having rm radius is located on circle with Rop radius starting from coordinate system Xop, Yor origin point offset from central longitudinal rotor axis by calculated eccentricity value aw. Radius rs, radius rm and eccentricity aw are related with each other.

EFFECT: improved power characteristics, power and torque developed in engine or pressure and flow rate in pump.

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SUBSTANCE: gearing device comprises two gear racks and gear wheel. The recess is provided between the racks (26) and (28) to prevent gear wheel (10) against the contact with both of the racks simultaneously. The adapting gear member between two racks is defined by the convex gear arc. When gear wheel (10) engages adapting member (30), it disengages rack (26) immediately before the moment when it engages rack (28).

EFFECT: improved structure.

13 cl

FIELD: aircraft engine engineering.

SUBSTANCE: reduction gear comprises kinematically closed gear transmission made of two coaxial stages. The first stage is connected with the shaft of the turbine and made of a planet mechanism. The second stage is made of a gear mechanism connected with the air fan. Each of the mechanisms comprises two central wheels (solar wheel and epicyclic wheel) and wheels-satellites which are in external and internal engagement with each other. All gear wheels are evolvent, strait-tooth cylindrical wheels with asymmetrically shaped teeth having the same asymmetry coefficient that is determined from the equation K = dunw/dw, where dunw is the diameter of the main circumference of the not working tooth section and dw is the diameter of the main circumference of the working tooth section, and ranges from 1.05 to 1.15. The angle of engagement of the teeth of the gear wheels-satellites with central wheels in transmitting torque for outer engagement of teeth ranges from 30° to 35°, and for the inner engagement from 30° to 40°.

EFFECT: improved structure and prolonged service life.

2 dwg

FIELD: mechanical engineering.

SUBSTANCE: according to the method proposed, the working cone of cutting edges of the initial profile embraces outer teeth of the blank or is embraced by its inner teeth. The device is made of the assembly of two tool racks with working members made of face conical cutting mills having different grinding of cutting edges.

EFFECT: improved quality of machining.

2 cl, 3 dwg

Gear wheel // 2250401

FIELD: mechanical engineering; transmissions, reduction gears and drives for various machines and mechanisms.

SUBSTANCE: proposed gear wheel has teeth whose profiles are made in form of curve obtained in coordinates (x,y) as graph of function by the following formula: , where , , n=11.

EFFECT: extended operating time at gearing in integers.

2 cl, 5 dwg

Gear transmission // 2247275

FIELD: mechanical engineering.

SUBSTANCE: gear transmission comprises, at least, one driving and one driven gearing members which are in permanent engagement with each other and rotate in a given direction. The profile of teeth surface of the gearing members, which do not rotate in a given direction, has hollow with contact area and auxiliary area adjacent to it. The profile line of the surface of the contact area of the driving and driven gearing members which lies in the plane perpendicular to the axis of rotation is inclined to the radial direction of the driving gearing member at an angle of 90o ±15o when the teeth of the gearing members are in engagement with these areas.

EFFECT: enhanced reliability.

2 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: device for transformation of motion consists of screw, casing with covers and thread rolls. Thread rolls with ends installed in casing with ability of rotation around its axis and allows cylindrical threaded surfaces engaged to screw. At ends of each thread roll there are implemented spherical projections centres of which are located on axis of roller. At each cover there are implemented spherical angular clearances centres of which are also located on axis of corresponding roller. Additionally radius of spherical angular clearances in covers for 2-3% more than radius of spherical projections implemented on corresponding to it ends of each threaded roll. Device is outfitted by two pins which are provided for angular attitude of covers relative to casing.

EFFECT: increasing of output capability and durability of device, decreasing of its overall dimensions.

3 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to mechanisms for transmission of rotation for several executive boards. Transmission of multispindle machinery contains rotary, movable connected driving (1) and three more driven sections (2, 4) with spindle and intermediate body (3) in the form of rigid ring. All sections (1, 2, 4) are located round a circle of intermediate body (3) and are installed either inside, or inside or outside, or only outside of it, and are implemented with ability of interaction by its contact areas to corresponding contact areas of intermediate body (3). Part or all drive sections (2, 4) and communicating to them contact areas of intermediate body are implemented in the form of rollers or in the form of tooth gears. Intermediate body (3) is implemented with removable flanges at both butts, projections of which partly overlap sections (1, 2, 4) in contact area and bear on its butts.

EFFECT: invention provides enriches functionality, simplify implementation of transmission with many of spindles, rotating as into one as into different directions, with equal or unequal rates with high transmitted forces.

7 cl, 4 dwg

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: housing (1) accommodates high-speed shaft (4) and low-speed shaft (5) aligned with the former. Disk (16) with driving wheels (18, 19) is fitted on eccentric (8) of shaft (4). Driven wheel (11) comprises rollers (13) in mesh with teeth of gear wheels (18, 19). The latter are fitted on disk (16) with the help of pins (17), each having its second end entering the off-center opening in washer (20) arranged to rotate in housing (1). Eccentricity range equals the distance between centers of driving and driven wheels. With shaft (4) rotating, not gyrating disk (16) and wheels (18, 19) effect orbital motion and interact with rollers (13) to rotate driven wheel (11) and shaft (5) fitted thereon. Additionally, five design versions of proposed reduction gear are covered.

EFFECT: increase power transfer, noiseless and reliable operation.

15 cl, 14 dwg

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: plunger-type reduction gear comprises fixed rigid gear wheel (1), wheel representing wheel-separator (3) with its groove housing prismatic plungers (2) to move radially therein. Undeformable ring (5) is fitted in the grooves of plunger (2). Wave generator represents shaft (6) with the disk fitted off-center thereon.

EFFECT: longer life.

2 dwg

Magnetic reducer // 2369955

FIELD: electric engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention is related to electric engineering, to electromagnet mechanisms, and more specifically, to contactless magnetic reducers, and may be used as transmission device in mechanical systems with high resource of operation under impact loads. Magnetic reducer has rotor of fast rotation with permanent magnets (1), magnetised tangentially, wedge-like pole tips (2) with convex profiled surfaces inverted to working gap, non-magnetic bush (3) for fitting onto shaft of fast rotation (4). Magnetic core (5) with evenly installed teeth inverted to working gap, is fixed to body (6), with which hollow cylinders (7) are mechanically connected by non-magnet ring (10), which have alternating ferromagnetic and non-magnet elements. Rotor of slow rotation represents hollow cylinders (8) mechanically connected to shaft of slow rotation (9) by means of non-magnet disk (11) and has alternating ferromagnetic and non-magnet elements. Due to introduction of hollow cylinders of stator and rotor of slow rotation, magnetic reducer is produced with high transmission torque from alternating ferromagnetic and non-magnetic elements.

EFFECT: improvement of mass and dimensional parameters.

3 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: car control device comprise steering wheel (3) coupled with first element (4) that supports second element (13) to drive gears (16) running on axles (17, 18) to transfer motion to turn controlled front wheel (7). Second element (13) is coupled with LH and RG gears (16) running on LH and RD axles (17, 18). One ends of the latter are bent off at 90 with respect to axles and have sliding contact with first element (4). Other ends of axles (17, 18) are coupled with casings (19, 20) furnished with rolling bearings (21, 22) fitted on axle (23) supporting controlled front drive wheel. Tire of aforesaid wheel can have spherical central part (11), while its edges can have support triangular ledges (12) to provide for car stability in turning to the right or left. Proposed device can be used in three-wheeled car with one controlled front wheel (7), two rear driven wheels and streamline body.

EFFECT: higher maneuverability and stability on turns.

2 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: mechanical engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to mechanical engineering and serves to transmit rotary motion with rotation frequency conversion and corresponding change in torque moment. The transmission contains case (1), driving three-angle rotor (2) and driven crank arm (6). Working surface of case (1) is made as epitrochoidal contour inside which three-angle rotor (2) with pin (3) for alignment with radial guide (4) of carrier (5) is located. In the rotor (2) body, the crank arm (6) is set coaxially. The crank arm is made eccentric relative to integrated with it cup (7) which has common axis with contour centre and carrier (5). Radii of cup (7) and crank arm (6) interrelate as 2:3 and their eccentricity is equal to half of cup (7) radius. The rotor (2) is in uninterrupted contact with epitrochoidal contour by its all three tops. Contact area of driving rotor (2) force impact on driven crank arm (6) is constant and is equal to half of crank arm cylindrical surface.

EFFECT: increase in loading capacity, durability and efficiency factor of mechanical transmission.

1 dwg

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: invention is related to devices with gear engagement of any type, for instance reducers. Gear drive with high-strength teeth is created by two nonstandard gear wheels (1,2), which have standard active profile and diametre of pitch circle, less than standard number of teeth determined by ratio of pitch circle diametre to module. Number of gear rings is more than one and is equal to ratio of angle pitch of nonstandard wheel teeth to angle pitch of appropriate standard wheel teeth rounded to larger integer number. Identical active profiles of teeth of neighboring rings of nonstandard wheels are displaced at the angle that provides for overlap factor of more than one common for wheel rings. Helical rings may create a single gear ring.

EFFECT: makes it possible to create gear drive wheels with number of complete profile teeth of one and more, and also eliminates or considerably reduces fatigue damage of teeth.

2 dwg

FIELD: mechanical engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to mechanical engineering, and can be used in driving systems of aircrafts. Reduction parallel-shaft gear unitop contains n-pairs of tooth gears (2) and pinion gears (3). Each of pairs allows its reduction rate. All pinion gears (3) are implemented with the same number of teeth. Wheels (2), starting from the second pair from input of reduction gear, allows the same number of teeth and forms with pinion gear (3) reduction rate, equal to 2.4. Wheel of the first pair allow number of teeth, forming with pinion gear reduction rate, required for implementation of any specified value of reduction rate of whole reduction gear.

EFFECT: such implementation of drive provides simplification of structure and reduction of reduction gear mass.

2 dwg

FIELD: mechanical engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to gear transmission and can be used in precision engineering. Gear contains co-axial fast-speed and low-speed shafts, installed in case (3), rigid gear wheel (10), installed on output shaft (2), separator (9), rigidly fixed in case (3), rollers installed in separator (9) with ability of movement in radial direction and spinning motion, and rigid thrust ring (7). Thrust ring (7) is fixed on inner ring of bearing (6), installed on input shaft (1) with shift relative to shaft axis. Gear wheel (10) allows cycloidal profile.

EFFECT: such gear implementation provides improved reliability of operation and increasing of gear lifetime.

2 dwg

Planet gear // 2244181

FIELD: mechanical engineering.

SUBSTANCE: planet gear has input shaft with eccentric , race, and satellites.

EFFECT: improved design.

2 cl, 8 dwg