Two-compartment refrigerator

FIELD: personal demand items.

SUBSTANCE: refrigerator has at least two compartments thermally isolated from each other and from environment; at that, an individual evaporator corresponds to each compartment, to which the cooling agent is supplied irrespective of the evaporator of at least one, the other compartment, and has the devices for switching at least one of the compartments from freezing mode at least to one non-freezing mode. In the compartments there are the setting devices by means of which the preset temperature which is set in the corresponding compartments by means of switching devices can be adjusted within the range of several degrees.

EFFECT: use of this invention will allow giving more flexible operating devices to refrigerators.

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In the known combined refrigerating apparatus of the separation of useful volume on the branch, such as the freezing and refrigerating compartments (or camera), hard-coded. So the user upon purchase of the device to select the appropriate it needs dividing the internal volume, so as to change this division during operation of the device impossible.

This situation is undesirable for both manufacturers and users of refrigeration apparatus. For the manufacturer disadvantageous that is necessary to produce a large number of types of housings in accordance with the requirements of different consumers, so the potential savings that could be obtained by increasing the release in pieces, may not be realized. For the consumer the problem lies in the fact that the choice of a particular model of the refrigeration apparatus in a certain specific point is dictated by the available space for installation, so sometimes you have to buy such a type of apparatus in respect of which it is possible to foresee that after moving or after the increment part of the family it will not meet the needs. Often the user when there is nothing left but to sell such a device at a price much lesser than the residual cost of the apparatus, including depreciation, or just throw the ü it if it cannot find a buyer.

Therefore, in the interests of both the manufacturer and the consumer to have a refrigeration unit with a more flexible operational capabilities than devices launched on the market at present.

The objective of the invention is to create such a flexible operation unit.

To address this problem, the invention proceeds from a refrigeration apparatus having at least two thermally isolated from each other and from the environment Department (or camera), and each branch corresponds to a separate evaporator in which the refrigerant is supplied regardless of the evaporator, at least one other branch. Such refrigeration apparatus is described, for example, in DE 19756860 A1. In this refrigeration apparatus with three compartments (chambers)containing series-connected evaporators, the refrigerant flow can be switched between two paths: the first path, in which all three of the evaporator are streamed with refrigerant, and a second means by which the path of the refrigerant through the furthest located in the direction against the flow evaporator shortened. Only when the refrigerant flows through the second path, he comes to set on all evaporator in a partially liquid state and cools it; if it flows along the first path, then it is completely evaporated before reaching the tre is LEGO evaporator, which, thus, is not cooled, while the two overlying the evaporator is cooled offices. This means that the upstream evaporators can cool regardless, cool time underlying the evaporator or not. Flexibilities operation in this refrigeration device. Its offices can only be used as a freezer compartment, the compartment cooling and separation of "Freshness".

Another example of a combined refrigeration apparatus described in DE 19535144 A1. This known cooling apparatus has two in the freezer compartment and the refrigerant can be sent on request or only through the evaporator smaller of the two branches, or through the evaporators of both offices consistently, to be able in the first case very quickly cool newly laid products.

In the proposed invention is the refrigeration apparatus, at least one of its branches provided with means for switching from the freezer mode, at least one remorsely mode. This ensures the ability to use the same refrigeration apparatus according to the request, for example, as either a multimeter or refrigerator, or as either a multimeter or freezer. Thus, the user is robertsi such device to use it first as a combined, may subsequently when due to increase in family composition will need more refrigeration space, use it only as a refrigerator or as a freezer, and another function to buy a new device. Of course, you can perform the reverse operation in case of a decrease in family composition. Thus, the user can be confident that the device will be able to satisfy his needs throughout its lifetime.

Preferably the means for switching between freezer not freezing mode provides at least two compartments of the refrigeration apparatus, so that the device could wishes to work only in the cooling mode, in a combined refrigeration and freezer mode or only in the freezing mode.

To further increase the flexibility of the device, by means of the switch to be provided and the mode is 0° or another Department. Since the isolation and the evaporator is designed to ensure that the work of the Department as to the mode of the refrigerator and in the freezer mode, enabling the Department work in the mode 0° will require a minor additional cost.

To work as a freezer compartment, at least one of the branches of the refrigeration apparatus is provided with a wire-tube evaporator. If the second part must be operated in the mode of the freezer, and it should preferably be equipped with a wire-tube evaporator; if the second branch of the freezing mode is not provided, it will be enough wall of the evaporator rolling-welded or lactotropes design.

However, both compartments can be equipped with finned evaporators in order to use the device as a refrigerator of the type "No Frost", i.e. without numerazione frost.

To simplify the manufacture of the refrigerator and allow the production of large series, it is desirable that the first and second branches were equally well insulated. This is particularly useful when deciding whether used as a freezer first or the second part, or both, or neither, is expected to provide fully at the discretion of the user.

Particularly expedient in this case to the first and second branches had different volume, but could be used in the same number of operating modes. Thus there are two possibilities to use the device as a combined, depending on whether you have selected as the freezer more or less the Department in accordance with the needs of the user.

The compressor can accommodate a manner that is itself known, in the niches left in one of the branches at the base, separated from both departments. In the latter case is particularly preferable that two departments were formed in the housing, which could optionally be connected with the base in the first orientation or rotated relative to the first orientation by 180° the second orientation. This separation may be by the user is in a ready assembled refrigerating apparatus at the top or bottom. This means that even if the branches have different thickness of insulation, or other reasons, in the freezer mode can be switched only one of the branches of the same components can be assembled apparatus with the top or bottom freezer, or in accordance with user preferences the greater of the two compartments of unequal size may be installed above or below.

Other characteristics and advantages of the invention ensue from the following description of the examples is realizatsii with reference to the accompanying drawings. They presented:

figure 1-5 - schematic sections of the refrigeration apparatus from the first to the fifth embodiment of the invention; and

6 is a cut refrigerating apparatus of the fifth variant of another type.

Depicted in figure 1 refrigerating apparatus consists mainly of the heat-insulated housing 1, which is formed by two separated from each other by a partition 4 and thermally isolated compartments 2, 3. Each compartment is closed by a door 5 or 6, pivotally attached to the front side of the housing 1.

The thickness of insulating layer 7 of the housing in the upper compartment 2 smaller than in the lower compartment 3, and accordingly, the wall thickness of the upper door 5 is less than the thickness of the bottom door. The upper compartment 2 is intended for operation at temperatures above zero as a refrigerating compartment for cooling is made in the form of so-called evaporator "Cooling the wall of the evaporator 8 rolling-welded or lactotropes design, which is inserted into the rear wall of the compartment 2 between the limiting separation of the plastic inner container and an insulating layer 7.

For cooling the lower compartment 3 are two wire-tube evaporator 9, which in a known manner made in the form of streamlined refrigerant curved in one plane winding tubes, jetcost is secured by a transverse wire reinforcement. Two wire-tube evaporator 9 are connected in series.

Nesobrannyj the compressor of the refrigerating apparatus is located in the base 10, forming a so-called ground unit, on which rests the case 1. In the base 10 to the compressor is suitable suction nozzle is attached to the plate outputs of the evaporator 8, and a wire-tube evaporator 9, which is located last in the flow of the refrigerant, and an evaporator 8 and 9 form a parallel connection. Further, the compressor has a discharge port, through which the sucked from the evaporator 8, 9, and compressed in the compressor, the refrigerant is supplied to the condenser 11. The capacitor 11 is depicted here in the form of lamellar structure on the rear side of the housing 1, but it can be placed in the basement unit 10 together with the compressor.

One of the outputs of the capacitor 11 is connected to a solenoid valve 12, which, as well as the compressor, controls (not shown) of the temperature controller. This control, for example, by means installed in each of the branches 2, 3 temperature sensors determines the need for cooling each of the branches 2, 3, and depending on this need enables and disables the compressor and solenoid valve 12 directs the flow of refrigerant through one or the other of the throttle 13 to that of the Department for the Affairs 2, 3, in which the detected cooling requirements.

The temperature controller is connected, as symbolically shown here, two knobs 14, 15, which, as shown in the figure, can be mounted on the corresponding side walls of the internal cavity of the branches 2, 3, allowing the user to set the desired temperature in the respective branches 2, 3. According to the first, simple version of the knobs have a smooth range of temperature setting, which is worse for the isolated compartment 2 may be concluded between the lower value near 0°C and the upper value, for example, about +12°C, and for better insulated lower compartment, for example, between -18°C and +12°C. by Adjusting appropriately the desired temperature, the user can use the top compartment, such as compartment-zero temperatures, as a normal refrigeration branch with a typical set temperature of about +7°C, or as a branch of the "Cellar" with a typical temperature from +10°C to +12°C, whereas the lower branch can also be used as a freezer.

According to one of the mods installed in easily accessible for the user places the knobs 14, 15 allow you to adjust the temperature in related branches only within the interval width of a few degrees, usually at 4-5°C, and the position is of this interval is set by the mode switch of the corresponding Department. These switches can be installed, for example, in base 10, as shown by the dotted line in figure 1, the switches 16, 17. On the one hand this modification allows you to more accurately set the temperature at pre-selected range using the knobs 14, 15 than in the previously described embodiment without switches modes. On the other hand the small width of the intervals of the control knobs 14, 15 excludes the possibility that due to the incorrect installation of this unit the Department inadvertently for a user enters an incorrect mode of operation, for example, from freezing mode in the zero mode or normal cooling, or from normal cooling in freezer mode, which in both cases would lead to deterioration stored in the branch of products.

In another modification of the represented variant, the knobs 14, 15 and the switches 16, 17, if any, can also be installed on the control panel on the outside of the apparatus, for example, the panel installed above doors or between the doors 5, 6. To prevent accidental exposure to the switch, you can close them, for example, cover and knobs 14, 15 positioned on the control panel open.

Figure 2 presents in terms of the second option proposed in the invention of the refrigeration apparatus. This option is differentiates itself here from the previous one the thickness of the surrounding branches of the insulating layer 7, and therefore, the insulation of the walls of both compartments 2, 3 are the same, and that both branches 2, 3 are cooled inside branches, connected in series with a wire-tube evaporator 9. Wire-and-tube evaporators 9 simultaneously serve as the bottoms of the shelves, separating the compartments 2, 3 compartments.

In this case both branches equally can be used as a freezer. Therefore, the refrigeration apparatus may, at the discretion of the user to function only as a freezer or as a combined fridge-freezer with top or bottom location of the freezer. When used as a combined device the user has, even if the useful volume of the two branches 2, 3 are different, the choice between two different volumes of the freezer. But just the same it is possible, however, to perform both compartments 2 and 3 with the same useful volume.

Conversely, the manufacturer of a single product can cover a wide range of user needs, so that the apparatus can be produced in large quantities and, consequently, to offer at a low price.

3 shows a third variant of implementation of the invention, the refrigeration apparatus with the installation esprital the th into two compartments 2, 3 in the rear. Each of the two branches 2, 3 attached to the plate evaporator 18, 19, located in separated by a partition 24 from the corresponding branch 2 or 3 chamber 25. Holes 20 in the partition 24 allow in appropriate cases, in combination with a forced circulation of air to make the air exchange between the chamber 25 and the branches 2 and 3.

Waiver wire-tube evaporator allows more flexible use of the volume of the compartments 2, 3 by means of shelves 21 or moving on rails drawers 22, which can be removed from their offices and set at different heights as needed. Figure 3 shows the upper compartment 2 fitted shelves 21 for use as a normal refrigeration branch and the lower branch 3, equipped with drawers 22 for use as a branch of the "Cellar" or branches with zero temperature. However, as shelves and drawers can be installed in both departments, so if you want to use the compartment 2 as a branch of the "Cellar" or branches with zero temperature drawers 22 can be installed and there, and shelves 21 to move in the lower compartment 3 to be used, for example, as the normal refrigeration branch. The user who purchased the device shown in the figure is nutrena headset, may, for example, to buy a drawer 22, if he wants to use the upper compartment 2 as a branch of the "Cellar", and the lower branch as normal refrigeration branch, or, if he wants to use the phone only as a phone with the Department of "Cellar" and with the Department zero temperature, it can purchase three additional drawers and thereby fully complete upper division 2.

Of course, the ratio of the heights of the branches 2 and 3 as 3:2 selected here by way of example; similarly, altitude : 2 could be calculated, for example, 4 drawers.

Figure 4 shows a refrigerating apparatus of the type "No Frost" with forcibly blown through not shown in the drawing fan finned evaporators 26, 27 mounted in the evaporation chambers 25, which are located, for example, in the upper rear part of the branches 2 and 3, separated from them by a partition 24 and thermally isolated from them. Cold air, chased by the fan through the respective evaporator 26 or 27, and then through the holes 20 in vozduhoprovodyaschih channels on the rear side of the branches 2 and 3, flows through the outlet vozduhoprovodyaschih channels in branches 2 and 3 to keep them cool, and then served a fan back to the evaporator. The cooling channels in the spirit, and placed them in the air outlet of the calculated to the temperature distribution inside the branches 2 and 3 was almost uniform.

Thanks to the use of finned evaporators 26 and 27 both compartments 2 and 3 can be set in the normal cooling mode "Cellar", mode-zero temperatures and freezing mode. It is also possible any combination of modes in accordance with need.

In the variant depicted in figure 5, divisions 2 and 3 again divided into compartments wire-tube evaporator 9 as figure 2, but in contrast to the variant of figure 2, in each section 2, 3 one of these wire-and-tube evaporators, indicated by the numeral 9, is located in close proximity to the top of the branch. Wire-and-tube evaporators are not only enshrined in the inner chamber of each Department, but also bordered on the top and bottom. Therefore, it is possible, as shown in Fig.6, the same body 1 to be mounted on the base 10 in inverted 180°, large compartment 2 at the bottom. In both orientations on a wire-and-tube evaporators can be put products. A user who, for example, prefers configuration with bottom freezer, can choose the option shown in figure 5, if he wants to use as only a small freezer compartment 3 and can choose the option shown in Fig.6, if he wants to use as more freezer compartment . Attachment 23 on which are mounted rails for drawers 22 are located on the side walls of the inner chambers of the branches 2, 3 exactly at the middle height between the two evaporators 9, so that the guides can be mounted to them regardless of the orientation of the housing 1.

Of course, in the apparatus, performed on a "No Frost", as in figure 4, may be provided by the installation housing 1 on the base 10 in two different positions.

Instead of the compressor of the refrigerating apparatus in the base, compressor, of course, can be installed in the open on the rear side of the refrigerating apparatus niche carved in one of the offices. Because this enclosure design is widely distributed, it is not presented in a separate figure. With such a design may also be possible coup housing, such as shown in figure 4 and 5, head downwards, and, of course, the niche for the compressor, originally provided in the lower rear corner of the case, will appear at the top.

1. Refrigerating apparatus having at least two thermally isolated from each other and from the environment branch (2, 3), and each branch (2, 3) corresponds to a separate evaporator(8, 9; 24, 25), in which the refrigerant is supplied regardless of the evaporator(9, 8; 25, 24), at least one, another is OTDELENIE (3, 2)having means (14, 15, 16, 17) for switching at least one of the branches (2, 3) from the freezer mode, at least one remorsely mode, characterized in that the branches (2, 3) are referencing (14, 15)through which the preset temperature is set in the respective compartments by means (16, 17) for switching, can be adjusted in the range of a width of a few degrees.

2. The refrigeration apparatus according to claim 1, characterized in that the specified temperature range is 4-5°C.

3. The refrigeration apparatus according to claim 1, characterized in that the means (14, 15, 16, 17) for switching allows switching mode zero temperature.

4. The refrigeration apparatus according to claim 1 or 2, characterized in that at least one of its branches (2, 3) has a wire-tube evaporator (9).

5. The refrigeration apparatus according to claim 4, characterized in that another branch (2, 3) has a wall evaporator (8).

6. The refrigeration apparatus according to claim 4, characterized in that the second part (2, 3) has a wire-tube evaporator (9).

7. The refrigeration apparatus according to claim 1, characterized in that at least one of its branches (2, 3) has an evaporator (18, 19; 26, 27) of the type "No Frost", i.e. without numerazione frost.

8. The refrigeration apparatus according to claim 7, characterized in that the evaporator "No Frost" is ribbed evaporator (26, 27)./p>

9. The refrigeration apparatus according to claim 7, characterized in that the evaporator "No Frost" (18, 19) is a plate evaporator.

10. The refrigeration apparatus according to claim 1, characterized in that the first and second branches (2, 3) insulated equally strong.

11. The refrigeration apparatus of claim 10, wherein the first and second branches (2, 3) have different volume and the possibility of operating in the same number of modes.

12. The refrigeration apparatus according to one of claims 1, 2, 5, 6, 8-11, characterized in that at least one of its branches (2) cannot switch in freezer mode, and has a thinner insulation than one compartment (3), which can switch in freezer mode.

13. The refrigeration apparatus according to one of claims 1, 2, 5, 6, 8-11, characterized in that the compressor is placed in a recess cut in one of the branches (2, 3).

14. The refrigeration apparatus according to one of claims 1, 2, 5, 6, 8-11, characterized in that the compressor is placed in the ground unit (10).

15. The refrigeration apparatus according to 14, characterized in that at least two compartments (2, 3) formed in the housing (1), which can connect with a ground unit (10) in the first orientation or rotated relative to the first orientation by 180° the second orientation.


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EFFECT: possibility for creating inside inner space of refrigerator zone suitable for storing drinks.

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EFFECT: decreased time and increased costs of ice generation.

10 cl, 4 dwg

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FIELD: lighting; heating.

SUBSTANCE: refrigerator comprises a housing, a door providing access into the housing, one or more shelves provided in the housing and used for placing thereon various things such as containers for storing food products, a supporting device comprising more than one holder for placing thereto a large and shallow plate or a frying pan provided with a bottom and a border, and a lower bearing surface being arranged on the holder and supporting the plate or pan bottom so that the centre of gravity remains outside; and an upper bearing surface being arranged under the holder and supporting the border of the plate or pan placed on the lower bearing surface, preventing thereby the creation of torque of the plate or pan weight, and the centre of gravity of the plate or pan remains outside the lower bearing surface, and providing thereby cantilever suspension of the plate and pan by wedging up its border between two holders.

EFFECT: providing access to non-involved volumes in the housing and on the shelves for efficient use thereof.

7 dwg, 7 cl