Door rack for refrigerator

FIELD: personal demand items.

SUBSTANCE: door rack for refrigerator has at least one fully closed cooled product storage department. The above department is formed with a slide box and a container wherefrom the slide box is extended.

EFFECT: economical use of the place in the refrigerator.

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The technical field

The present invention relates to a door shelf for storage of chilled products on the inner side of the refrigerator door.

The level of technology

Typically, these door shelves have the form of an open top box or attached to the door tightly, or by rearranging the height on the inside of the door at the discretion of the user. Door shelves with fully close the branch, often referred to as the Department for oil, usually rigidly mounted in the upper part of the inner side of the door. They have a hinged door, rotating around a horizontal axis and forming a large part of the front side of the compartment and possibly also part of his cover. This door can be tilted upward to gain access to the inside compartment. This separation of oil can only be installed at the upper edge of the inner side of the door, as if it is installed elsewhere on it nothing can be placed, which will lead to inefficient use of space.

Disclosure of inventions

The objective of the invention is to create a door shelf of a refrigerator, at least one fully lockable compartment for storage of chilled products, which can be installed at any height on the inner side of the refrigerator door and to the I allows economical use of place at any height.

This task is solved in that the cover is simultaneously the open bottom of the box, which can be used as a normal door shelf for storage of other chilled products.

The Department may consist of a container with a hinged front cover or preferably of the retractable carton and container from which extends this retractable box. Such pull-out box can also be derived from the fridge to put it together with the content on the dining table or work with her in the kitchen.

The container on its part can have a back wall to increase the rigidity of the box, but as the door shelf, generally mounted in close proximity to the inner wall of the door, this back wall is not required.

Container and carton serving as a cover, preferably made in the form of an integral one-piece part, for example, by the method of plastic molding under pressure.

The container can be, in particular, is designed to accommodate two pull-out boxes, which can be of different sizes. This will allow the user regardless of which side the door is installed, always place the box used more frequently, more convenient to access the side of the container.

Preferably, at least a sliding box, and possibly the frame, to the second it is installed, are made of transparent material so that the user can see the contents of the drawer box, not pushing it.

A brief list of figures

Other characteristics and advantages of the invention ensue from the following description of examples of implementation with reference to the accompanying figures.

They presented:

figure 1 is a perspective image of the first variant of the invention, the door shelves;

figure 2 is a partial image is converted to a refrigerator door back door shelves; and

figure 3 is a perspective representation of a second variant implementation door shelves.

The implementation of the invention

Depicted in figure 1 door shelf consists of a rectangular container 1 with a bottom 2, a lid 3, rear wall 4, two side walls 5 and an open front side, and also from narashima connected with the container 1 open the top box 6, rear and side walls which are a continuation of the rear and side walls 4, 5 of the container 1.

In the container 1 is open on the drawing front, i.e. the side opposite to the side of the container facing the refrigerator door, on which is mounted a container, there are two pull-out boxes 7, 8 of different sizes, most of which 7 are depicted in a partially extended condition. Retractable box 7 ka and the container 1, are the parts made by injection molding of a preferably transparent plastic so that the user can see the contents of the drawer boxes 7, 8, without opening them.

Sliding boxes 7, 8 have four walls with the sides and bottom, and to the front wall of each drawer boxes reformowana serving strap 9 for easy retrieval retractable boxes from the container 1.

Both pull-out boxes 7, 8 are inserted in a common one-piece container, so that the user can rearrange them at their discretion.

To the upper edge of the rear wall 4 reformowana mounting strap 10 for mounting a door shelves on the inner side of the refrigerator door. Mounting strip 10 consists mainly of a plate parallel to the rear wall 4 and separated therefrom by a gap 18. This plate narashima connected with the rear wall 4 along its upper edge and may, as shown in figure 2, the ribs 11, descending from the top edge down in the gap 18. Open bottom openings 12 in the plate are designed for sitting on the rods 13 outstanding from the inner side of the door mounting tabs at the free end which, far from the door, located the mounting plate 14. These plates 14, the cross-section greater than the cross-section of the rods 13 that is fixed in the gap 18, thus assuring the container 1 at the rear.

1. Door shelf for a refrigerator, at least one fully lockable compartment for storage of chilled products, and cover (3) Department serves as the bottom of the open box (6),characterized in that said compartment is formed by a pull-out box (7, 8) and the container (1)from which extends a sliding box (7, 8).

2. Door shelf according to claim 1, characterized in that the container (1) and box (6) form a one-piece item.

3. Door shelf according to claim 2 or 3, characterized in that the container (1) there are two pull-out box (7, 8) are preferably of different sizes.

4. Door shelf according to one of claim 2 or 3, characterized in that the pull-out box (7, 8) made of transparent plastic.


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FIELD: electric engineering.

SUBSTANCE: refrigerating apparatus consists of at least two components, including body and at least one door with door latch comprising fixator that hingedly rotates around axis on the first of refrigerating apparatus jacket components, overcoming counteracting force, and bulge interacting with fixator, which is installed on the second component of refrigerating apparatus jacket. Axis, around which fixator rotates, is fixed on the first component of refrigerating apparatus jacket, crossing side wall of the first jacket component.

EFFECT: application of this invention will make it possible to simplify refrigerator manufacturing.

18 cl, 4 dwg

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EFFECT: use of this invention practically allows for adjusting the door.

4 cl, 4 dwg

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: proposed door with a frame and fixed to the frame by an insulating glass cover consists of at least, one outer glass and one inner glass. The edge of the outer glass projects beyond the edge of the inner glass. The frame is fixed to the edge zone of the surface of the outer glass, which faces the inner glass. The frame consists of a metal outer part of the frame, fixed to the outer glass, adjacent the inner glass, the inner part of the frame and rigidly joining both parts of the frame to the heat insulating element. The inner part of the frame, heat insulating element and the outer part of the frame adjacent to each other from inside out, in a plane parallel the inner glass.

EFFECT: design of a door with good heat insulation on a large surface area.

12 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: heating.

SUBSTANCE: refrigerating unit with internal space of heat-insulating casing divided into several chambers, in which at least one of chambers is separated from remaining part of internal space with door, which is held with latch in closed position, which is formed from elastically deformed element and element that deforms elastically deformed element. Elastically deformed element is formed with section of door or casing wall. Application of this device makes it possible to manufacture refrigerator that is cheap in production and simple in assembly.

EFFECT: creation of refrigerator that is cheap and simple in assembly.

12 cl, 8 dwg

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SUBSTANCE: refrigerating facility comprises case, containing foodstuffs and drinks subject to refrigerating, door, facilitating access inside case, and handle on door ensuring opening and closing door; refrigerating facility is equipped with device of door opening which consists of pinion gear attached to handle and actuated by latter, axe around which pinion rotates, tooth rake actuated with pinion when it rotates around its axe; at that rake is provided with appropriate size of teeth and pitch to interact with pinion gear owing to which case and door are separated with slight effort while pushing rake.

EFFECT: facilitates easy effort required for opening door.

4 cl, 4 dwg

Refrigerator // 2336473

FIELD: cooling.

SUBSTANCE: refrigerator for storing products and drinks has usable volume with two adjoining compartments. Each compartment is provided with flap lid to be opened from top to bottom or bottom to top direction respectively. Usable volume is provided with one or more shelves and/or drawers with items. Besides one of two compartments is closed with lid which is opened in top to bottom direction and closed in bottom to top direction. It rotates around fixed horizontal axis in the lower part of lid. The other compartment is closed with lid, which is opened in bottom to top direction and closed in top to bottom direction. It also rotates around fixed horizontal axis in the upper part of lid.

EFFECT: flexible use of lids for access to refrigerator compartment.

4 dwg, 2 cl

FIELD: refrigerators.

SUBSTANCE: refrigerator comprises heat-insulating body defining interior. The interior is separated into several compartments. At least one compartment is closed with hinged lid supported by body pins so that it may rotate about axis. Said support body pins are transversal to body wall. Hinged lid has depressions formed in side surfaces facing two body walls bearing the support pins. The depressions are adapted to receive support pins and are communicated with slots opened in side surface edge.

EFFECT: increased simplicity of lid mounting and improved load-bearing ability during lid connection.

11 cl, 4 dwg

FIELD: cooling equipment, particularly doors thereof.

SUBSTANCE: cooling chamber door comprises box-like door leaf having heat-insulated filler and packing means connected to inner side of the filler so that packing means extend along side and upper edges and along lower end thereof. Door also has facing panel, which defines outer wall. Bent sections of facing panel form side panels. Each vertical side panel has four orifices for facing panel connection to door leaf by means of holders so that space is created between outer door leaf surface and facing panel in outer side direction. The space is opened in areas of sealing member connection to cooling chamber aperture frame and floor. Facing panel has orifice for fan receiving. The orifice is arranged in center relatively vertical side walls thereof in lower part of upper door half.

EFFECT: increased reliability and extended service life.

3 dwg

FIELD: refrigeration equipment.

SUBSTANCE: refrigerating machine comprises heat-insulating body, door hinged to the body and door handle made as double-arm lever. The double-arm lever is pinned to door. Larger lever arm is used for door opening. Shorter lever arm abuts against body as force is applied to the handle. Door has guiding member installed on door surface. The guiding member has area adjoining door surface and carries guiding means, which is coaxial to the pin. The guiding means is inserted into counter-guiding means created in door handle. Guiding member has part projecting over door surface edge from door side. Guiding means is formed in said projecting part.

EFFECT: possibility of handle usage to facilitate door opening, decreased handle height over door surface.

10 cl, 4 dwg

FIELD: physics.

SUBSTANCE: combined device for cooling and creating vacuum has a cooling circuit, which contains a compressor for compressing the coolant, a condenser for condensing coolant coming from the compressor, expanding apparatus for reducing pressure in the coolant and at least one evaporator for evaporating the coolant. The cooling circuit is divided into a high-pressure branch and a low-pressure branch for apparatus for creating vacuum inside a container. The apparatus for creating vacuum is connected to the low-pressure branch of the cooling circuit so as to use the pressure difference created in the cooling circuit to create vacuum in the container. The proposed device is realised using a method of composite cooling and creating vacuum.

EFFECT: use of the present group of inventions provides for good operational characteristics while saving energy.

22 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: instrument making.

SUBSTANCE: two-door refrigerating device comprises refrigerating system, fresh foodstuffs chamber and frozen foodstuffs chamber. Note here that aforesaid refrigerating system comprises at least two evaporators. Evaporator, which freezes the frozen foodstuffs, chamber envelopes the latter. At least one its section passes inside aforesaid chamber for frozen foodstuffs.

EFFECT: electric power savings, higher efficiency.

13 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: heating.

SUBSTANCE: cooling facility (1) consists of compartment (2) for fresh food, of freezing chamber (3), of compressor (4), of heater (7) in compartment (2) for fresh food and of regulating switch (9) facilitating for user to select mode of fast freezing or working mode, notably, modes change between maximal and minimal values, therefore, setting temperature of compressor (4) activating and/or deactivating. Also the facility consists of thermostat (8) measuring temperature of compartment (2) for fresh food to turn on or off compressor (4) depending on position of regulating button (9). If regulating button (9) is set to the mode of fast freezing, heater (7) is activated at temperature below deactivating temperature of compressor (4) under the mode of maximum cooling and above temperature of deactivating compressor (4) under the mode of fast freezing; heater (7) remains activated till the process of fast freezing completes or till temperature rises above deactivating temperature of compressor (4) under the maximal mode.

EFFECT: invention facilitates eliminating uncontrolled heating of compartment for fresh food and reducing power consumption for user.

3 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: household goods and personal effects.

SUBSTANCE: refrigerator counter contains counter platform, which supports the goods being cooled, cooling device, air stream generation device and sterilisation device to sterilise cold air. All these devices are installed near one of the counter vertical walls. Refrigerator counter is equipped with back wall, which contains at least two covers. First of them, being opened, provides access to the sterilisation device. Second cover, being opened, provides access to at least either cooling device or ventilation device.

EFFECT: easy access to cooling and ventilation devices for maintenance, repair and cleaning.

10 cl, 3 dwg

Refrigerator // 2350859

FIELD: heating.

SUBSTANCE: refrigerator consists of a housing containing a freezing compartment and a chilling compartment (the former positioned underneath the latter), a door for opening and closing the chilling compartment, an ice chamber (arranged on the door inside thus positioned inside the chilling compartment while the door is closed), a heat exchanger generating chilled air and a chilled air directing unit that delivers the chilled air generated by the heat exchanger into the ice chamber to provide for generation of ice therein.

EFFECT: facilitated retrieval of ice from the ice chamber.

30 cl, 22 dwg

Refrigerator // 2350858

FIELD: heating.

SUBSTANCE: refrigerator consists of a switchable temperature compartment, a cooler unit generating chilled air, a blower fan, an inlet valve for opening/closing the air supply duct connecting the cooler unit to the blower fan, a check valve for opening/closing the air recovery duct connecting the cooler unit to the outlet port therethrough air is discharged from the switchable temperature compartment and a regulator valve for opening/closing the air connective duct connecting the circulation port arranged in the switchable temperature compartment to the blower fan inlet side. When the inlet valve and the check valve are open the regulator valve is shut off; when the regulator valve is open the inlet valve and the check valve are shut off. A single damper on recovery of air from the switchable temperature compartment is used both as the check valve and the regulator valve. There is a single port arranged to be used both for outlet and circulation with the air recovery duct and the connective duct branching from the port separated by the damper on recovery of air from the switchable temperature compartment. The above damper has a two-way diaphragm switching between its two positions thus alternately shutting off the connective duct and the air recovery duct.

EFFECT: uniform distribution of temperature.

12 cl, 11 dwg

FIELD: heating.

SUBSTANCE: refrigerator cabinet with outer frame to form appearance and inner frame to form inner refrigerator part; space between the outer and inner frames is filled with foam insulation material and comprises sunk sections which are concave inside the inner frame and convex outside it in the direction of the inner frame thickness to fix the element to be installed and fastened on the inner side of the inner frame, reinforcing elements are set so that to be closely coupled with sunk sections on the outer side of the inner frame to reinforce the sunk sections.

EFFECT: facilitating foam filling, preventing penetration of foam insulation material into the refrigerator inside.

5 cl, 7 dwg

FIELD: heating.

SUBSTANCE: refrigerator for operation with use of low climatic temperatures contains a heat-insulated case with freezing and refrigerating sections, refrigerator set which evaporator is installed in the freezing section, heat rejection device for abstracting heat from the refrigerating section, the said heat rejection device being made in the form of a thermal pipe which condenser site is installed so as to maintain thermal contact with the refrigerator set evaporator. The thermal pipe evaporation site is located in the refrigerating section. To highways of the refrigerator set detachably jointed is a condenser with separate channels for gas and liquid, arranged outside the heated premises, on which gas supply highway a NO return valve is arranged. The thermal pipe rejecting heat from the refrigerating section to the freezing one is equipped with separate channels for gas and liquid, with a NO valve installed on the gas channel. The refrigerator shell also incorporates an in-built heater and remotely programmed processor connected, by means of control circuits, to the refrigerator set compressor, thermal pipe valve and the heater and, by means of metering circuits, to environment temperature gauge and temperature gauges in freezing and refrigerating sections of the refrigerator.

EFFECT: invention enables independent temperature adjustment in refrigerating and freezing sections of refrigerator.

2 dwg

Refrigerator // 2338133

FIELD: heating.

SUBSTANCE: refrigerator includes refrigerating chamber, which is arranged accordingly in top part of refrigerator body, and freezing chamber, which is arranged accordingly in bottom part of refrigerator body, contains ice-generating chamber, which is separated in refrigerating chamber by means of isolating partitions and contains ice generator for generation of ice and ice storage for storage of ice produced in ice generator, one or several heat-exchanges that serve as composite parts of heat exchanging cycle for creation of cold air and regulation of temperatures in refrigerating and freezing chambers, and give-out device that communicates with ice storage and is installed on the door. Application of this invention provides minimum losses of cold air in case of door opening, simplification of give-out device for water supply.

EFFECT: provision of minimum losses of cold air in case of door opening, simplification of give-out device for water supply.

32 cl, 7 dwg

FIELD: heating.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to cooling compartments, refrigerators with proper cooling compartments and methods of control. Super-cooling device contains storage compartments and super-cooling compartments. Storage compartments are supplied with cooled air from cooled air supply unit. Super-cooling compartment is inside storage compartment. Air-cooled super-cooling compartment cools down products. It consists of container and cover. Container forms free space for product storage. Cover is used for opening and closing container outlet. There are holes in cover for cooling air supply to and from super-cooling compartment. There is also a screen in cover to open and close holes. In addition, super-cooling plant contains temperature sensor inside super-cooling compartment and control unit.

EFFECT: development of refrigerator and control method, which may keep drinking compartment temperature at optimal levels and produce super-cooled drink in fast manner.

26 cl, 11 dwg

FIELD: cooling, particularly self-contained movable devices, domestic refrigerators with several compartments.

SUBSTANCE: method involves successive pumping cooling agent in condenser; throttling thereof; moving cooling agent to cooling chamber evaporator; additionally throttling thereof and feeding cooling agent to freezing chamber evaporator with following sucking cooling agent off; drying vapor-and-liquid mixture in cooing chamber evaporator under temperature of 0 … - 5oC; boiling vapor-and-liquid mixture in freezing chamber evaporator under temperature of -20 … -30oC.

EFFECT: reduced energy losses.

1 dwg