Plunger-type reduction gear

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: plunger-type reduction gear comprises fixed rigid gear wheel (1), wheel representing wheel-separator (3) with its groove housing prismatic plungers (2) to move radially therein. Undeformable ring (5) is fitted in the grooves of plunger (2). Wave generator represents shaft (6) with the disk fitted off-center thereon.

EFFECT: longer life.

2 dwg


The invention relates to the field of General engineering and can be used as a load-reducing mechanism in the actuator control systems.

The efficiency of the drive control is determined by the operational characteristics of the hardware. Actuators equipped with wave transmission, in particular wave transmission with a flexible toothed wheels (HGF), containing as the level of reduction of the wave gear, have a high gear ratio. Therefore it is often necessary to apply the multiplier system transmissions to increase the angular movements of the output shaft of the actuator, which complicate the design of the drive. Also the gear of the wave gear have low durability due to the presence in the flexible toothed wheel stress concentrators in the form of depressions between the teeth. Therefore, an urgent task is to develop such structures gearboxes that do not require multipliers, have high load capacity, the necessary durability and have the ability to work in difficult climatic conditions.

Known stepper motor [A.S. No. 530961, USSR, F15B 11/12, Stepper motor, publ. 05.10.1976, Bulletin No. 37], which contains evenly spaced around the circumference of the block is controlled independently of the cylinders, then, is neither of which interact with the leading wheel gear.

The disadvantage of this drive are large axial dimensions and high gear ratio, the optimal value of which lies in the range from 80 to 300. The presence of a large number of cylinders reduces resource mechanisms of this type.

Closest to the proposed technical essence is reducing the node plunger gothicrainbow engine described in patent RU No. 2278979 "Plunger gatherplace engine", publ. bull. No. 18. The engine contains a movable rigid gear and interacts with the wheel, the wave generator with evenly spaced around the circumference of the cylinder and the radial channels connecting each cylinder with a Central hole in which is mounted for rotation dispenser in the form of a shaft with the cavities of the supply and discharge of the working fluid. The wheel is made in the form of a ring-separator, the grooves of which is placed with the possibility of radial movement prismatic plungers, and in symmetrical grooves plungers installed inextensible flexible element with the same cross section.

The disadvantage of this reducing of the site is its narrow scope, which is limited to areas in which there is the possibility of using the potential energy of compressed gas or high-pressure fluid. But in engineering streched the many tasks associated with the transformation of the kinetic energy of rotational motion.

Technical problem on which the invention is directed, is to increase resource mechanisms of this type.

The problem is solved in that the plunger gearbox, comprising a fixed rigid gear that interacts with the wheel, made in the form of a ring-separator, the grooves of which is placed with the possibility of radial movement prismatic plungers, and in the slots of the plungers installed unyielding ring, the wave generator is made in the form of a shaft with an eccentric mounted on the disk.

The invention is illustrated by drawings, where figure 1 shows a cross-section of the plunger gear; figure 2 is shown an axial section of the piston gear.

Plunger gearbox contains a fixed rigid toothed wheel 1. The plungers 2 evenly spaced around the circumference and are secured against angular movement relative to each other by a ring-separator 3, and the axial movements of the output shaft 4. In the slots of the plungers 2 installed unyielding ring 5. In the Central hole of the ring-separator 3 has an input shaft 6, are fixed against radial and axial movements of the bearings 7, posted in caps Polycarpus 8. On the shaft 6 is placed and fixed on seveh movement by a nut 9 disc Cam 10. The output shaft 4 is fixed to the ring-separator 3 and is fixed against radial and axial movements of the bearings 11 mounted in the semi-body 12.

Plunger gearbox works as follows. Rotation of the shaft 6 together with a fixed disk, a Cam 10 causes movement unyielding ring 5, and the plungers 2 forces to make a reciprocating movement in the grooves of the separator 3. The plungers 2 under the action of the drive Cam 10 come into contact with the fixed gear wheel 1, creating a zone of engagement, and the separator 3 with attached thereto the output shaft 4 begins to perform a rotational movement. The plungers 2, caught up in the free zone of engagement, removed from contact with the tooth wheel with unyielding rings 5.

Optimal gear ratio plunger gear lies in the range from 20 to 120.

Currently, the development of the plunger gear is in the stage of experimental tests.

Plunger gearbox, comprising a generator of waves, stationary rigid gear that interacts with the wheel, made in the form of a ring-separator, the grooves of which is placed with the possibility of radial movement prismatic plungers, wherein the wave generator is made in the form of a shaft with an eccentric mounted on the disk and in the slots of the plungers us is novlene unyielding ring.


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Magnetic reducer // 2369955

FIELD: electric engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention is related to electric engineering, to electromagnet mechanisms, and more specifically, to contactless magnetic reducers, and may be used as transmission device in mechanical systems with high resource of operation under impact loads. Magnetic reducer has rotor of fast rotation with permanent magnets (1), magnetised tangentially, wedge-like pole tips (2) with convex profiled surfaces inverted to working gap, non-magnetic bush (3) for fitting onto shaft of fast rotation (4). Magnetic core (5) with evenly installed teeth inverted to working gap, is fixed to body (6), with which hollow cylinders (7) are mechanically connected by non-magnet ring (10), which have alternating ferromagnetic and non-magnet elements. Rotor of slow rotation represents hollow cylinders (8) mechanically connected to shaft of slow rotation (9) by means of non-magnet disk (11) and has alternating ferromagnetic and non-magnet elements. Due to introduction of hollow cylinders of stator and rotor of slow rotation, magnetic reducer is produced with high transmission torque from alternating ferromagnetic and non-magnetic elements.

EFFECT: improvement of mass and dimensional parameters.

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SUBSTANCE: car control device comprise steering wheel (3) coupled with first element (4) that supports second element (13) to drive gears (16) running on axles (17, 18) to transfer motion to turn controlled front wheel (7). Second element (13) is coupled with LH and RG gears (16) running on LH and RD axles (17, 18). One ends of the latter are bent off at 90 with respect to axles and have sliding contact with first element (4). Other ends of axles (17, 18) are coupled with casings (19, 20) furnished with rolling bearings (21, 22) fitted on axle (23) supporting controlled front drive wheel. Tire of aforesaid wheel can have spherical central part (11), while its edges can have support triangular ledges (12) to provide for car stability in turning to the right or left. Proposed device can be used in three-wheeled car with one controlled front wheel (7), two rear driven wheels and streamline body.

EFFECT: higher maneuverability and stability on turns.

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FIELD: instrument engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention concerns rotation to reciprocation or contrariwise transforming tools. A geared linkage transformer comprises a frame, a shaft that bears a drive gear with external teeth, a wheel with external teeth with eccentric axis, a kinematic chain providing constant axle spacing of the gear and the wheel, a drive link, as well as a driven link that is supported by the eccentric axis of a gear wheel directly or via intermediates. The guide link is connected to the wheel axis with a hinge and to the frame with either a sliding pair, or a hinge. Along with the tooth wheel rims, the gear and the wheel accommodate bearing raceways. The kinematic chain represents a closed rolling element system that involves a female ring and auxiliary rolling elements spaced between the gear and the ring. Auxiliary rolling elements can be smooth or toothed. In order to balance the inertia running torques, the transformer can consist of two opposite-phased converters within one common drive shaft.

EFFECT: decision aims at higher rotation frequency of a crankshaft with invariable design dimensions, ensured arrangement of a number of driven links within the same plane.

4 cl, 4 dwg

FIELD: mechanical engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to mechanical engineering and serves to transmit rotary motion with rotation frequency conversion and corresponding change in torque moment. The transmission contains case (1), driving three-angle rotor (2) and driven crank arm (6). Working surface of case (1) is made as epitrochoidal contour inside which three-angle rotor (2) with pin (3) for alignment with radial guide (4) of carrier (5) is located. In the rotor (2) body, the crank arm (6) is set coaxially. The crank arm is made eccentric relative to integrated with it cup (7) which has common axis with contour centre and carrier (5). Radii of cup (7) and crank arm (6) interrelate as 2:3 and their eccentricity is equal to half of cup (7) radius. The rotor (2) is in uninterrupted contact with epitrochoidal contour by its all three tops. Contact area of driving rotor (2) force impact on driven crank arm (6) is constant and is equal to half of crank arm cylindrical surface.

EFFECT: increase in loading capacity, durability and efficiency factor of mechanical transmission.

1 dwg

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: invention is related to devices with gear engagement of any type, for instance reducers. Gear drive with high-strength teeth is created by two nonstandard gear wheels (1,2), which have standard active profile and diametre of pitch circle, less than standard number of teeth determined by ratio of pitch circle diametre to module. Number of gear rings is more than one and is equal to ratio of angle pitch of nonstandard wheel teeth to angle pitch of appropriate standard wheel teeth rounded to larger integer number. Identical active profiles of teeth of neighboring rings of nonstandard wheels are displaced at the angle that provides for overlap factor of more than one common for wheel rings. Helical rings may create a single gear ring.

EFFECT: makes it possible to create gear drive wheels with number of complete profile teeth of one and more, and also eliminates or considerably reduces fatigue damage of teeth.

2 dwg

FIELD: mechanical engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to tooth rack gear, transforming rotary motion into forward motion and on the contrary. It can be used instead of usual involute gear of rack-and-gear mechanisms in linear drives of stands, in devices of auto steering control, and also in load-lifting technology (rack-and-gear jack and suchlike). Rack toothing for linear drive contains wheel (1) and rack (2). Wheel is implemented with one tooth with profile in transverse section of wheel in the form of circumference (3), off-centre displaced from pivot pin of wheel (1). Skew tooth is formed by successive and continuous turn of transverse sections around wheel's axis with formation of helical surface. Rack (2) allows helical teeth (4) of cycloidal profile, conjugated to helical surface of wheel (1). In the second option wheel (1) allows also one tooth and composed from certain crowns, each of which allows profile in the form of off-centre shifted circumference. Teeth of rack (2) are composed also from several cycloidal crowns. Adjacent wheel crowns and racks are phase shifted relative to each other for pitch of corresponding crown, divided for number of crowns.

EFFECT: invention provides creation of small-capacity rack toothing and increasing of its load-carrying capacity.

4 cl, 6 dwg

FIELD: mechanical engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to mechanical engineering, and can be used in driving systems of aircrafts. Reduction parallel-shaft gear unitop contains n-pairs of tooth gears (2) and pinion gears (3). Each of pairs allows its reduction rate. All pinion gears (3) are implemented with the same number of teeth. Wheels (2), starting from the second pair from input of reduction gear, allows the same number of teeth and forms with pinion gear (3) reduction rate, equal to 2.4. Wheel of the first pair allow number of teeth, forming with pinion gear reduction rate, required for implementation of any specified value of reduction rate of whole reduction gear.

EFFECT: such implementation of drive provides simplification of structure and reduction of reduction gear mass.

2 dwg

FIELD: transportation.

SUBSTANCE: invention is related to steering mechanisms of wheel transport and traction machines, and may also find application in motor industry, tractor construction, machine-tool construction, instrument making, production of weight-lifting machines, where mechanisms are required with preset patterns of their separate work members movement. Steering mechanism comprises tooth gear with master gear (1) and tooth rack (6). Tooth rack (6) is made in the form of two parallel parts that move one along each other. Teeth (7) of racks are installed with the possibility of alternate engagement with gear in radiuses of its dividing circumferences, which makes it possible to obtain an alternation transmission ratio.

EFFECT: makes it possible to improve controllability of transport vehicle due to provision of optimal pattern for variation of transmission ratio of rack steering mechanism, and also to increase traffic safety.

4 dwg

FIELD: mechanical engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to gear transmission and can be used in precision engineering. Gear contains co-axial fast-speed and low-speed shafts, installed in case (3), rigid gear wheel (10), installed on output shaft (2), separator (9), rigidly fixed in case (3), rollers installed in separator (9) with ability of movement in radial direction and spinning motion, and rigid thrust ring (7). Thrust ring (7) is fixed on inner ring of bearing (6), installed on input shaft (1) with shift relative to shaft axis. Gear wheel (10) allows cycloidal profile.

EFFECT: such gear implementation provides improved reliability of operation and increasing of gear lifetime.

2 dwg

Vehicle // 2361750

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: proposed vehicle has body stiffness ribs representing ball channels to be jointed, on one side, with the ball feeding device and, on the other side, with the actuating member. Ball-engine pistons are ball-shaped. Walls of the combustion chamber smooth-wall cylinders accommodate spark plugs, pickups of cutting in the system feeding compressed air and hydrogen portions into combustion chamber, and exhaust pipes. Gearbox ball gears ensure preset gear ratios. Differential is arranged so that central ball gears engage ball-type sun gears via operating balls fitted in recessed seats of aforesaid ball-type sun gears. Vehicle tires are furnished with ball-type tire valve and filled with working body representing oiled capsules with air forced therein at excess pressure.

EFFECT: ease of manufacture, higher safety of running.

33 dwg

Planet gear // 2244181

FIELD: mechanical engineering.

SUBSTANCE: planet gear has input shaft with eccentric , race, and satellites.

EFFECT: improved design.

2 cl, 8 dwg

FIELD: mechanical engineering.

SUBSTANCE: rolling bearings of shaft (10) are housed in eccentric sleeves (3) and (4). Sleeve (3) receives bushings (5) and (13). Sleeve (4) receives bushings (6) and (14). First bushings (5) and (6) are made of eccentric and provided with conical outer surface and radial grooves. Second bushings (13) and (14) are mating with first bushings (5) and (6) over the spherical surface whose center is on the axis of shaft (10). Additional spherical surfaces are mating with the spherical surfaces of bearing washers (15) and (16) mounted on shaft (10). Bearing washers (15) and (16) are arranged in stop nuts (17) and (18) mounted in housing (2).

EFFECT: expanded functional capabilities.

5 dwg

FIELD: mechanical engineering.

SUBSTANCE: unit comprises tree disks (1), (2), and (3) which are arranged in series along the single axis and co-operate with each other through a chain of balls (6). Each of the disks can be driving, driven, and bearing links. Intermediate disk (1) is a floating washer freely mounted on the eccentric for the interaction with balls (6) by its cylindrical side. The mating sides of disks (2) and (3) are provided with closed curved way (5) and interrupted radial grooves (4) uniformly spaced over periphery. The depth of the closed way is greater than the radius of ball (6). The cross-pieces of radial grooves (4) are provided with axial projections (9) in the zone of movement of the centers of balls (6). The surfaces of projections (9) are inscribed in the surface of closed way (4) with a spaced relation for providing mutual rotation of the disks.

EFFECT: enhanced reliability.

4 dwg

FIELD: mechanical engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention can be used in drives of high-accuracy machines and mechanisms. Proposed transmission contains high-speed shaft 1 and slow-speed shaft 2, eccentric 3, stationary central wheel 9 with internal shaped profile, holder 7 with radial slots, roller intermediate links 8 placed in slots, cam 4 and additional cam 10. Cam 4 with shaped profile on outer surface is installed on eccentric 3 of high-speed shaft 1 through antifriction bearing and is in mechanical contact with roller intermediate links 8. Additional cam 10 is rigidly coupled with slow-speed shaft 2 and is turned relative to cam 4. Number of lobes of cam 4 is equal to number of lobes of additional cam 10 and differs from number of roller intermediate links 8.

EFFECT: reduced weight, axial dimensions and unbalance of transmission.

2 cl, 2 dwg

Gear mechanism // 2250340

FIELD: mechanical engineering.

SUBSTANCE: rotor axis of gear mechanism, performing a planetary movement, is displaced relatively to stator axis for distance of engagement eccentricity. As source auxiliary contour ellipse is used, while proportional coefficient k, determining radius of guiding circle, is taken equal to half necessary number of teeth z of wheel (k = z/2), optimal shape of its teeth is provided by rational combination of ellipse shape coefficient λ, equal to relation of lengths of its semi-axes and eccentricity coefficient of auxiliary contour, in form of relation of length of greater ellipse semi-axis to rolling circle radius, while inner and outer profiles are made in form of elliptic profiles from common ellipse contour.

EFFECT: simplified manufacture.

3 cl, 11 dwg

Reduction gear // 2250398

FIELD: mechanical engineering; summing-up rotary motion from several shafts.

SUBSTANCE: proposed reduction gear has housing 2 with covers 1, detachable horizontal shafts 5 and vertical shafts 10 and 11 with gears 7 and 9. Housing 2 is provided with cavities 6 for gears 7 with holes 3 and mounting seats for horizontal shafts 5 and mounting seats for vertical seats 10 and 11 in center of housing. Mounting seats for vertical upper shaft 11 and lower shaft 10 are made in centers of covers 1. Shafts 5 are located symmetrically and they are diametrically opposite relative to circle. Gears 9 of vertical shafts 10 and 11 are thrown into engagement with all gears 7 of horizontal shafts 5.

EFFECT: summing-up rotation of several quick revolving shafts into rotary motion of two shafts at low angular velocity.

2 dwg

FIELD: mechanical engineering.

SUBSTANCE: two-speed planet cycloidal reduction gear comprises housing (1), cover(2), input shaft (1), output shaft (18), corner eccentric of the first gearing, satellite pinion (5), and central pinions (4) and (7), pinion (7) being movable. All the pinions are mounted on output shaft (1) via bearings (9), (19), and (20). Satellite pinion (5) is made of a spring whose turns have a round concave profile. Central pinions (4) and (7) are made of springs the turns of which have round convex profile and which are welded to define a single structure. The number of teeth of all pinions differ from these of adjacent pinions, and from their left and right sections by the unit.

EFFECT: expanded functional capabilities.

8 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: instrument industry.

SUBSTANCE: electric drive comprises first and second electric motors, planet gearings, and differential. Stators (5) and (6) of the electric motors are secured to housing (2) of the electric drive. Shaft (7) of rotor (3) of the first electric motor is mounted on base (1) and is connected with central pinion (16) of the differential through a clutch. Shaft (10) of rotor (4) of the second electric motor bears on shaft (7) of rotor (3) and is connected with the hollow central pinion (17) of the differential through a clutch. Central pinion (16) is mounted in the space of central pinion (17) and engages satellites (19). Satellites (19) engage satellites (21) in pair. Central pinion (16) is interposed between two spherical bearings (22) and (23). Carriers (20), (27), and (30) of the differential and first and second planet gearings are made in block with central pinions (25), (29), and (33) of the first, second, and third planet gearings, respectively. Satellites (26) and (32) engage common gearing wheel (34) which is secured to housing (2). Carrier (37) of the planet gearing is made in block with output shaft (40). First (42), second (43), and third (44) supports are interposed between central pinions (25), (29), and (33) and carriers (27), (30), and (37), respectively.

EFFECT: simplified manufacturing and assembling of the electric drive.

cl, dwg

FIELD: mechanical engineering.

SUBSTANCE: planet gearing mechanism comprises shaped gear rack (9), base (1) with guides for longitudinal movements of the rack, rotatable lever (5) with gear wheel (4), and driving gear wheel (10). Shaped rack (9) has guides with flat (7) and profiled surfaces (2) and (8). The axis of rotation of wheel (10) passes through shaped rack (9), is in coincidence with the axis of rotation of lever (5), and transmits motion to shaped rack (9) through gear wheel (4) of rotatable lever (5). Rotatable lever (5) has bearings (3) and (6) which move individually over flat (7) and profiled (2) and (8) surfaces of rack (9).

EFFECT: simplified structure.

2 dwg

Gearbox // 2253774

FIELD: mechanical engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention can be used in step gearshift mechanisms. Proposed gearbox has input shaft 1 and output shaft 2 installed in housing 3, differential transmitting modules and gearshift members. Each transmitting module contains three members, namely inlet one 4-7, outlet one 12-15and intermediate one 8-11. Modules are series-connected so that inlet member of following module is connected with outlet member of preceding module. Input shaft 1 of gearbox is connected with inlet member 4 of first module. Output shaft 2 of gearbox is connected with outlet member 15 of last module. Control members are made as shifters 16-19 connecting intermediate member of each module either with housing 3, or with its outlet member.

EFFECT: simplified design of gearbox owing to increased number of speed at the same number of transmitting modules.

4 cl, 2 dwg