Ventilation box of the subway

FIELD: ventilation.

SUBSTANCE: box is designed for ventilation shaft of the subway. The box includes a headgear construction with air-conducting windows and external barrier in the form of ring-shaped shield. The shield is made in the form of cone widening upward and of amorphous material, and the inner surface of which is coated with a protective coating with sound reflecting inner surface. There is a through clearance between the shield and headgear construction.

EFFECT: sound reduction.

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The invention relates to the field of mining and construction and can be used in the construction of kiosks to be installed on the ventilation shafts underground.

Ventilation kiosks metro place, usually in areas of dense residential development and in terms of congestion of people and vehicles. In this regard, for such facilities is subject to strict requirements in respect of noise emanating from the mine from powerful ventilation units with air flow through the ventilation kiosk, and in relation to protective (vandal-proof) and aesthetic characteristics.

Known ventilation kiosk metro, including support structure with vozduhopropuskayuschy Windows, equipped with louvered grilles and external annular fence with vertical walls, lined inside soundproofing lining considerable thickness, not reaching the top of wall fence (EN 2286459 C1).

The main disadvantage of such a kiosk is that even a very large thickness of his fences with the lining does not provide a complete insulation on the lower floors of the residential buildings. This is due to the penetration part of sound vibrations through the fence in a horizontal direction. Other disadvantages of such a kiosk should be noted gromos the bone and the complexity of its design. In addition, such a construction is expensive and time consuming in construction.

Also known ventilation kiosk metro, including support structure with vozduhopropuskayuschy Windows and external annular enclosure with cover, made in the form of a funnel extending up from a sound-reflecting inner surface and mounted with a clearance relative to the support structure, the casing is made from a single steel sheet (EN 2319079 S1). This ventilation kiosk is the closest solution of the present invention to the technical essence and the achieved result.

The main disadvantage of the last of the above ventilation kiosks metro is insufficient efficiency of its functioning in relation to noise because of the low-frequency component of the sound vibrations manifested sometimes droning, almost can not be suppressed to the required values casing of sheet metal, and in the case of entering into resonance with the casing design can even lead to the destruction of the elements of the design of ventilation kiosk.

The objective of the proposed solution is the creation of the ventilation of the kiosk underground, the construction of which is devoid of the above disadvantages of the known kiosks.

The problem is solved is eat, what in ventilation kiosk metro, including support structure with vozduhopropuskayuschy Windows and external annular enclosure with cover, made in the form of a funnel extending up from a sound-reflecting inner surface and mounted with a clearance relative to the support structure, the cover fence made of amorphous material and coated on the inner surface of the protective coating. As an amorphous material casing fencing applied to a glass sheet, and the protective coating of the casing is made in the form of a polymeric film.

In the task received a new technical result. This result is to increase the effectiveness of the noise control design of the kiosk due to the suppression of low-frequency component of the sound waves by the casing material.

The essence of the invention and its advantages compared with the known technical solutions will become more clear and apparent from the following description of a specific example of implementation with reference to the accompanying drawing.

The drawing is a schematic representation of a view in vertical section of the proposed ventilation kiosk underground.

In this example, the ventilation subway kiosk erected on the upper bearing surface is STI 1 shaft 2. Ventilation kiosk contains:

a) a support structure with a roof 3, the vertical walls 4 which is made vozduhopropuskayuschy box 5, provided with louvered grilles 6.

b) the protection cover 7 mounted on the vertical walls 4 of the support structure 3 by means of the supporting frame 8 for the outer contour of the support structure 3. Between the support surface 1 of the shaft 2 and the bottom edge of the casing 7 is formed a gap "a".

The casing 7 is made in the form of a funnel extending up from the amorphous material. As such material in our example, sheet applied, colorless, transparent, sodium-calcium-silicate, soft and without any additional surface treatment of the glass thickness of 10 mm

The inner surface of the casing 7 lined protective (vandal-proof) coating 9, the free surface of which has a sound-reflecting property. As such coverage in our example applied to secure transparent/ tinted polystyrene film type GLASS-GARD thickness of 700 μm. The film is firmly bonded to the inner surface of the glass cover 7. The outer side of such film has a superior smooth surface.

The same coating can be deposited on the outer surface of the casing 7.

Due to the described relative positions of structural elements ol degenova device between the casing 7 and the vertical walls 4 formed growing up through the gap, communicated with the underground space and the surrounding atmosphere.

The form of a funnel in this example is a truncated cone. In another embodiment, it may be performed, for example, in the form of a truncated pyramid,

in) door opening 10 located under the casing 7 and is used for inside ventilation kiosk for purposes of inspection and maintenance or repair work.

g) the linear lamps 11 placed along the top and bottom edges of the glass cover 7. The lamps are made on the basis of light-series XR-E.

The operation of the ventilation kiosk, made using the invention is as follows.

Work with powerful ventilation units in the underground of the underground space is accompanied by the appearance of sound waves of different frequencies, which is manifested in the noise effect on the output of the shaft 2.

In the case of exhaust underground ventilation sound waves together with the air flow from the shaft 2 penetrates through the louvered grill 6 vozduhoprovodyaschih Windows 5 in extending up through the gap between the casing 7 fences and walls 4 of the support structure 3. In the specified gap is the difference of air pressure with maximum values in the lower part of the casing 7 and the minimum is in the upper part of

The low-frequency component of the sound waves has a pulsating effect with the same frequency directly on the protective coating 9 of the casing 7 in a direction at an acute angle to the horizontal and then meets the viscous resistance of the amorphous coating material, such as glass. In amorphous mass of glass is the energy of low-frequency sound vibrations are almost completely converted into heat energy. The result of this phenomenon the casing 7, is not associated with the supporting surface 1 of the shaft 2, does not produce oscillations in the horizontal direction and, therefore, do not spread themselves around the low-frequency sound waves, acting as a high-performance resonator acoustic oscillations.

High frequency component of the sound waves is attenuated in the beginning in the reflection inclined upward from sound-reflecting surface 9 of the protective coating 9 of the casing 7. In the upper part of the casing 7 these waves even more lose their ability to spread under reduced atmospheric pressure.

Due to the above-described structural features of the invention, sound waves effectively suppressed to the required level without exerting harmful effects on people around the ventilation shafts underground.

Creating inside the lower part of the casing 7 zones of higher air pressure to prevent the t suction in the underground space is the most polluted air from the surface layer of the atmosphere.

Other positive features of the invention, it should be noted striking aesthetics architectural design of ventilation subway kiosk, built on the basis of the present invention, due to the presence of the glass cover 7 is placed along its upper and lower edges of the led lamps 11.

In the following claims lists the essential features that are necessary and sufficient to solve the task.

As can be seen from the above, the set of essential features of the present invention provides a solution to the problem, namely the creation of a new ventilation kiosk underground, performing the function of a high-performance muffler underground mine with the separation of sound waves in terms of frequency and two-stage suppression of acoustic oscillations.

1. Ventilation kiosk metro, including support structure with vozduhopropuskayuschy Windows and external annular enclosure with cover, made in the form of a funnel extending up from a sound-reflecting inner surface and mounted with a clearance relative to the support structure, characterized in that the casing of the fence is made of amorphous material and coated on the inner surface of the protective coating.

2. Ventilation the first kiosk according to claim 1, characterized in that the amorphous material of the casing fencing applied glass sheet.

3. Ventilation kiosk according to claim 1, characterized in that the protective coating of the casing is made in the form of a polymeric film.


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EFFECT: increasing of security level of rescue operations implementation at liquidation of incidents, providing of shaping mobility of inflatable crosspiece and reliable sealing of mine opening of any section with complex relief of walls.

5 cl, 2 dwg

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EFFECT: increase of labour productivity and safety of mining.

8 dwg

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SUBSTANCE: invention relates to devices for determining exceedance of methane safe concentration level, which can be used in mining and chemical industry in air and gas control systems. The device has a power supply for the sensor, unit for forced ignition of the gas mixture, comprising a voltage converter and an igniter, blast-proof combustion chamber, comprising an insulating plug and an inspection window, device for recording ignition of the gas mixture, comprising a photodetector and a unit for processing explosion information, unit for generating a signal from the sensor to the main cable line and into local signalling presence of a lower explosive limit of gas for the given sensor. The device also contains a unit for generating voltage in form of regular pulse sequences for forced ignition, a heater and a unit for regulating its temperature. One output of the voltage converter is connected to the input of the unit for generating voltage, and the other output is connected to the input of the unit for regulating temperature of the heater.

EFFECT: increased efficiency of control.

1 dwg

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SUBSTANCE: pipeline has sections made in form of hermetically interconnected outer and inner covers, mounted with space relatively to each other, and main ventilator. On different ends of pipeline flow meter and additional ventilator are mounted, the latter having adjustable characteristics and being connected to inter-pipe space by branch pipe. In inner cover apertures are made placed along radius and along length of cover. Air comes from apertures to air channel and forms additional air flow near walls of inner cover, which lowers or heightens aerodynamic resistance of ventilation pipeline.

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