Depth sampler

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: depth sampler consists of ballast chamber, of actuator with module of control, of main and additional sample taking chambers equipped with medium-separating pistons, hydro-resistors and valve units. Each medium-separating piston is equipped with a compensating tube, which connects under-piston cavities of sampling chambers between them. Also hydro-resistor is assembled at the end of each tube.

EFFECT: simplification and upgraded efficiency of operation of units of device, decreased dimensions of sampler, improved quality of separation of taken samples, and validity of measured information.

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The invention relates to the oil industry, in particular to the technique used for the study of formations during oil production.

All known technical solutions devices for sampling in the well containing the ballast and the receiving chamber, have mechanisms that control the opening (closing) input shut-off valve, as well as hydro - or pnevmoobrushenija brake reservoir fluid collected in the receiving chamber to maintain a single-phase state of deep samples. For all their common disadvantages.

Famous deep sampler containing chamber for sampling, equipped with spring-loaded valves interconnected by a castle, and mechanism for closing the valve, consisting of tanks, piston, valve and dogs, holding the flaps in an open position during the descent into the well (Oil industry, 1971, No. 1, S. 52-53). The disadvantages of this device are considerable dimensions, the small amount of useful camera and the necessity of lifting the sampler when sampling at 20-30 m from the point of sampling to actuation of the mechanism for closing the valve, the result of which can be the ingress of wellbore fluid into the intake chamber and the changing composition of the sample.

Known multi-well fluid sampler, consisting of a number of sections, including pramousquier and receiving the locking valve (ed. mon. The USSR №682638). In the unit after the sinking of the scheduled interval to produce a separation of the tool from the bottom to the height of about 0.5-1.0 m In this rod block samplers rises, moving relative to the housing samplers up until the inlet valve of the sampler is in alignment with the hole in the hull, you will be sampling. Further sealing of the sample is performed by the tool on the bottom. The collected sample is sealed and prepared for sampling the next section.

A disadvantage of this device is that the sampling is performed on the subjective decision of the operator on the feasibility of sampling at a given depth by command from the surface.

Known multi-samplers borehole fluid, lowered into the column containing the number of sections having a receiving chamber and receiving the locking valve (ed. mon. The USSR No. 575413, 1154443). The disadvantage of these devices is the low reliability of samples to be taken.

Famous deep sampler, consisting of a cylindrical body in which multiple sampling modules, including prosoprano chamber, the separator piston, valve mechanism and the filter with magnetic separator module of the hydraulic drive, comprising a cylindrical chamber, the ballast chamber, the piston and electron gnity valve, electronic module and the rod-plunger Executive valve mechanism (U.S. Pat. Of the Russian Federation No. 2280160).

The disadvantage of this sampler is the complexity of the design and most of its long, poor accountability sampling in multiple cameras, the lack of reliability of the individual components of the device and the lack of accuracy of the received information.

The closest technical solution to the proposed sampler is deep sampler that includes the ballast chamber, the actuator with the control module, the basic and additional sampling chamber, equipped with medium-dividing pistons, the hydraulic resistances and valve assemblies (Pat. RF 2054541). Additional and main sampling chamber is provided with each of its piston and its ballast chamber. A disadvantage of the known device is the complexity and unreliability of sampling at a given point wells, small volume samples were taken.

The technical challenge is to simplify and increase the reliability of components, reduction of the dimensions of the sampler, improving the quality of separation of the samples, the reliability of measured data.

The technical problem is solved through the use of deep sampler that includes the ballast chamber, the actuator with fashion the LEM management basic and additional sampling chamber, equipped with medium-dividing pistons, the hydraulic resistances and valve assemblies. Medium-dividing the piston has a compensation tube that connects podpisniye cavity of the sampling chambers between themselves, with the flow rates set at the end of each tube.

The authors found that it is unacceptable to divide on the surface of the selected sample into several parts because of the loss of its representativeness. This problem was solved by 3-chamber of the sampler, in which all podpisniye cavity connected in one volume and the sampler has one ballast chamber.

The drawing shows a schematic diagram of the sampler: 1 - valve node, 2 - medium-dividing piston, 3 - hydrocortisone, 4 - sampling camera, 5 - compensation tube, 6 - feet-washer, 7 - actuator, 8 - gauge, 9 - ballast camera, 10 - control module

The principle of operation of the sampler

Before descending into the borehole medium-dividing piston 2 is allocated to the left (under the scheme). The space to the right of piston filled with the working fluid is liquid or gas. The working fluid is under pressure and prevents movement of the pistons. When you receive the command from the control module 10 to the actuator 7 of the internal and the latter begins to periodically open and close the channel, connected with the ballast chamber 9. The hydrostatic pressure of the well and the pressure drop of the working fluid piston 2 begins to move to the right. The flow rates 3 compensation tubes 5 contributes to the gradual movement of the pistons 2, i.e. without interference each other. The sampling is carried into the sample chamber 4 through valve block 1. The rate of sampling is controlled by a level sensor 8. The capacity of the ballast chamber 9 equal volume podporchenyj cavities. Stop washer 6 limits the movement of the piston 2.

The device is maintained in the process of sampling some time. Then begins the ascent and subsequent recording of the recorded information and the time of sampling. The camera with the sample sent to the laboratory for analysis.

Deep sampler that includes the ballast chamber, the actuator with the control module, the basic and additional sampling chamber, equipped with medium-dividing pistons, the hydraulic resistances and valve nodes, wherein each medium-dividing the piston has a compensation tube that connects podpisniye cavity of the sampling chambers between themselves, with hydrocortisone installed on each end of the tube.


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FIELD: physics, measurements.

SUBSTANCE: proposed set of inventions relates to oil product, particularly, to getting and analysing the samples of in-place fluid medium. The proposed method comprises the steps that follow. First, optical density data on fluid medium sample is obtained for, at least, one-colour channel, water channel or a set of optical channels by measuring wavelength optical density with the help of fluid medium analyszer, and, at least, in one channel of fluid medium component to determined the fluid medium composition or properties with the help of fluid medium downhole sampler furnished with optical pickup. The colour absorption function is defined based on optical data for fluid medium sample in, at least, one colour channel. The part of optical density subject to color absorption, absorption in water in, at least, one aforesaid channel of fluid medium component. The electronic system designed to refine the data on the fluid medium sample incorporates an input device, memory coupled with input device and memory.

EFFECT: accurate data on fluid medium sample resulted from elimination of colour, water and scattering effects.

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FIELD: oil-and-gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to oil-and-gas industry and can be used in analysing fluid dynamics of gas medium at hydrocarbons deposits and subterranean gas storages. The proposed method comprises forcing gas medium indicator marks representing gas-filled micro granules with the dispersion degree of 0.5 to 0.6 µ into the bench through different injection holes and sampling from output holes. Note that indicator mark sampling is realised by forcing gas through sampling tube along with controlling gas passing time and the hole rate of yield, the sampling tube gas flow rate is determined from mathematical expression. The content of micro particles in indicator mark is determined from mathematical expression. The invention covers also the device to embody the above-described method.

EFFECT: continuous sampling, higher sampling efficiency and validity of results.

3 cl, 1 ex, 2 dwg

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: device contains receiving chamber for samples, pump, communicating with chamber, pressure measuring device, communicating with sample and optical analyser, optically connected with sample; device and analyser facilitate pressure drop in sample and determine pressure which provides extremum of light amount passing through sample.

EFFECT: preventing precipitation of hard substances and bubbling during sampling.

19 cl, 27 dwg

FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to transporting samples of fluid mediums and/or rheological measurements to surface of division. According to one of versions the method consists in circulating heated fluid medium in the first region of the reservoir bed wherein a composition of heavy oil is present or considered present with implementation of a pump assembled on the surface and an installation for well completion containing a well pump and a sampling tool within the period of time and at consumption adequate for obtaining fluid composition of heavy oil; then sampling of fluid composition of heavy oil is performed by means of the sampling tool.

EFFECT: facilitation of sampling from reservoir bed by means of device or its part used for supply of heat into reservoir bed region in question.

20 cl, 14 dwg

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: method consists in pumping-out fluid from rock with pump assembled in well and in measuring fluid pressure and volume during pumping out by means of sensors arranged in well. Also during pumping out the pumped out volume is registered, rate of fluid inflow is evaluated on the base of measurements of pressure and volume and such rate of fluid pumping out is set that facilitates flowing of fluid practically in one-phase state.

EFFECT: determination of quality and structure of stratum fluid.

24 cl, 20 dwg

FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to subsurface sampling and specifically to continuous measurement of concerned parameters, as well as hydrocarbon sample analysis performed on sampling point after installed in sampling chamber of the downhole device. The device contains downhole sampling chamber for formation fluid sample and control module connected by fluid channel to a part of formation fluid sample in downhole sampling chamber and designed to control concerned parameter of formation fluid sample. Besides method for controlling concerned parameter of formation fluid sample is offered.

EFFECT: provided continuous control of sample integrity including sample surfacing to its delivery to analysis laboratory.

23 cl, 4 dwg

Subsurface sampler. // 2347906

FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention is applicable to the oil industry and particularly to equipment used for formation testing in oil production. The sampler consists of a cylindrical housing containing a sampling module that includes a flow-type sample receptacle, valve gear, and magnetic separator strainer; hydraulic drive module including a cylindrical chamber, ballast chamber, piston, push rod, and solenoid valve; electronic module including power supply unit and set of physical metering sensors connected with an electric recording circuit. The solenoid valve is located inside the piston of the hydraulic drive module; the sampling module is additionally fitted with a sealed chamber with one end connected to the rod and the other end connected to the valve gear; and the electronic module is additionally fitted with a piston proximity sensor.

EFFECT: better quality of information measured, as well as simplified and more reliable operation of mechanism components.

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FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention is related to oil and gas industry, in particular, to procedure of fluid and gas sampling in wells. Device consists of cylindrical casing, where the following components are installed: sample receiving chamber of suction type with separating piston, ballast chamber, module of control and information exchange interface. The following components are introduced into cylindrical casing between sample receiving and ballast chambers, leakproof relative to environment, serially connected downstream sample receiving chamber: uncontrolled adjustable reduction gear of fluid pressure and hydraulic relay controlled by electric current that is supplied from module of control and information exchange interface, which uses elastic mechanic oscillations excited on device body and noise-immune coding of information for control of device operation, and also for communication to personal computer.

EFFECT: increase of device operation reliability, monitoring of sample receiving chamber opening and time of its filling with fluid, expansion of equipment operation thermobaric range, provision of sample transport safety.

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FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to devices for sampling of horizon fluids from gas and oil wells at specified depth. The technical result is achieved in the mechanism of valve control by means of the following: in a case with a bushing and a plunger with holes for a calibrated pin positioned therein the mechanism is additionally equipped with a device in form of a cartridge located in the case of the mechanism above the bushing and interacting with the upper part of the plunger equipped with sealing rings insulating a cavity of the cartridge placed above the upper part of the plunger.

EFFECT: upgraded reliability and quality of sampling at any horizon conditions including aggressiveness of horizon and also possibility of operation of mechanism valve control with majority of employed types of samplers.

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FIELD: mining; physics.

SUBSTANCE: device includes seat and ferromagnetic valve, the seat being equipped with a permanent magnet system, while the valve has ferromagnetic inserts with Curie magnetic transition point equal to oil temperature at the sampling site.

EFFECT: improved device efficiency due to actuating valve device at given oil sampling site and creating additional press force.

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FIELD: oil and gas extractive industry.

SUBSTANCE: method includes picking a sample of bed fluid under pressure by means of pump. Sample of fluid is then compressed by moveable piston, actuated by hydrostatic pressure in well through valve. Compressed sample of bed fluid is contained under high pressure inside the chamber with fixed volume for delivery to well surface. Moveable piston is in form of inner and outer bushings, moveable relatively to each other. At the same time several tanks for picking samples from several areas may be lowered into well with minimal time delays. Tanks may be emptied on well surface by evacuation pressure, to constantly provide for keeping of pressure of fluid sample above previously selected pressure.

EFFECT: higher reliability.

6 cl, 14 dwg

FIELD: oil industry.

SUBSTANCE: device has hollow body which is a fragment of force pipeline at vertically placed portion of mouth armature. Tool for controlling flow of multi-component gas-liquid substance is made in form of valve, connected to rotary support. Sample chamber is a ring-shaped hollow in hollow body, placed at same level with valve and connected at inlet to flow of multi-component gas-liquid substance through extracting channels, made on hollow body. Extracting channels are made in form of side slits, positioned symmetrically relatively to valve rotation axis. Ring-shaped hollow on hollow body is connected at outlet to locking tool, mounted at extension of valve shaft and made in form of sample-taking valve. Valve shaft and sample-taking valve are interconnected through hollow intermediate shaft. Sample-taking valve is placed in the body of locking tool with possible reciprocal movement. Valve shaft and hollow intermediate shaft are interconnected with possible mutual rotation for a quarter of one turn.

EFFECT: simplified construction and maintenance, higher quality.

4 dwg

FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: device has body in form of calibrated cylinder. From both sides lids are connected to body. Inside the body separating piston and ball for mixing sample are placed. Also provided is hydraulic resistance for slow inlet of sample. Slide valve is used for safe inletting, pressurization and depressurization of taken fluid, is connected to lid and consists of rod with channels and bushing with clamp. Clamp is held between nuts interconnected by threads, one of which is connected to rod by thread. Needle valve consists of locking pin and axle-bearing and is used to drain pressure from closed space above slide valve prior to disconnection of sample-taking container from bed-testing equipment.

EFFECT: simplified construction, higher reliability.

3 dwg

FIELD: oil industry.

SUBSTANCE: device has hollow body mounted in force pipeline, inside of which body tool for controlling flow of multi-component gas-liquid substance is placed, probing chamber with extracting channels, locking tool with handle and guiding pipe, driving valve for picking sample, mounted with possible interaction with spring-loaded rod, placed inside the shaft of flow control tool. Hollow body is a fragment of force pipeline at vertical portion of mouth armature, control tool is made in form of valve of lesser diameter, then inner diameter of hollow body, and probing chamber is a ring-shaped hollow in hollow body, positioned at same level with valve and connected at input to flow of multi-component gas-liquid substance through extraction channels, made symmetrically to rotation axis of valve, and at output - to locking tool, while rod is provided with shelves for multi-start thread of appropriate cross-section, made at shaft on length of no less than quarter of axial step of this thread.

EFFECT: simplified construction, higher efficiency.

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FIELD: oil industry.

SUBSTANCE: device has hollow cylindrical body, branch pipes for extraction and output of sample and locking element. Body is made thick-walled. End portions of body are made in form of truncated cone and interconnected, on the side of lesser bases by means of channel. Branch pipe for extraction of sample is made elongated, with length equal to body diameter, and is let through in transverse direction of body through the center of said channel. Within limits of branch pipe cross-section its hollow is separated by slanted solid wall on two portions, each of which is connected thereto. One portion of branch pipe hollow is meant for taking sample, other one - for feeding reagent into well product. To receive trustworthy information about sample, by setting flow to homogenous state, inner surface of cone, on the side of larger base, is provided with rigidly fixed blades for turbulization of flow flowing into body, while diameter of channel connecting cones is selected equal to diameters of their lesser bases.

EFFECT: simplified construction, broader functional capabilities, higher quality of sample.

2 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: oil industry.

SUBSTANCE: hollow body of device is actually a fragment of force pipeline at mostly vertical portion of mouth armature. Organ for controlling flow of multi-component gas-liquid substance is made in form of valve mounted on shaft having lesser size, than inner diameter of hollow body. Sample chamber is in form of ring-shaped hollow on hollow body, positioned at same level with valve. Ring-shaped hollow is connected at input to flow of multi-component gas-liquid substance through intake channels, positioned symmetrically to valve rotation axis, and at output - with locking organ. Driving screw mounted on body of locking organ is connected to sample-taking valve with possible mutual rotation and combined axial displacement. Sample-taking valve and shaft with valve are mated with possible synchronous rotation around common axis and relative axial displacement. Working organs of device are positioned immediately near main flow of substance taken as sample to provide for lesser dimensions of device and prevented freezing in winter season.

EFFECT: simplified construction, simplified maintenance.

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FIELD: oil production industry, particularly methods or devices for cementing, for plugging holes, crevices, or the like.

SUBSTANCE: device comprises inflatable packers to be lowered into well along with flow string. One flow string end is closed to provide simultaneous well bore packing, another end is connected to production equipment. Flow string is provided with centralizers located near inflatable packers. Formed in flow string are additional holes located opposite to packers. Well pump is installed inside flow string. High-pressure water conduit having low diameter is connected to above holes. Flow string has perforated orifices created between inflatable packers.

EFFECT: extended operational capabilities.

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Sampler // 2257471

FIELD: oil-field equipment, particularly for obtaining fluid samples or testing fluids in boreholes or wells and may be used for integrated obtaining sample of multicomponent liquid-gas systems transported through pipelines.

SUBSTANCE: sampler comprises hollow body installed in high-pressure pipeline of wellhead fittings and extraction chamber with discharge channels. Rotary tool adapted for multicomponent liquid-gas medium flow regulation is installed inside the body. Sampler also has shutoff member with actuated sample extracting valve, handle and guiding tube. Sampler comprises hollow body made as a part of high-pressure pipeline and tool adapted for multicomponent liquid-gas medium flow regulation arranged in hollow body. The tool consists of flap installed on a shaft and having diameter corresponding to inner hollow body diameter, extraction chamber used to extract and mix multicomponent liquid-gas medium flow formed as annular cavity around hollow body. The cavity is divided into inlet and outlet parts by partition arranged at flap level. Inlet and outlet parts communicate with common multicomponent liquid-gas medium flow correspondingly through inlet and outlet channels on hollow body and through opening formed in the partition at sample extracting valve inlet. Drive screw installed in shutoff member body is connected with sample extracting valve so that drive screw and sample extracting valve may perform mutual rotation and move in axial direction. Sample extracting valve and shaft with flap mate each other so that they may perform synchronous limited rotation about common axis and mutual axial movement.

EFFECT: increased simplicity, provision of high-quality mixing of sample product and increased sample reliability.

3 dwg

Sampling device // 2258807

FIELD: oil field equipment, particularly for take samples from wellhead, namely for integrated sampling multi-component gas-liquid medium transported through pipelines.

SUBSTANCE: device has hollow body built in pressure pipeline and formed as a part of the pipeline located on vertical part of wellhead fittings. Multi-component gas-liquid medium flow control unit is made as a gate connected to rotary support shaft. Sampling chamber is created as annular cavity arranged on hollow body at gate level. Sampling chamber inlet is communicated with multi-component gas-liquid medium flow through intake manifolds formed on hollow body. Intake manifolds are side slots arranged symmetrically about gate axis of rotation. Sampling chamber outlet is communicated with shutoff member installed on rotary gate support shaft extension. Shutoff member includes seat, hold-down screw and ball contacting with the seat and embedded in pressure screw end.

EFFECT: simplified structure and increased sampling quality.

2 dwg

FIELD: mining industry, particularly to take subsurface oil samples in running and exploratory wells working in flow mode.

SUBSTANCE: sampling device has tubular body with lock mechanism arranged inside the body and connected to controlling valve assembly from the first side and controllable valve assembly from the second side thereof. Joint relay is screwed on the controlling valve assembly. The controlling assembly is retained in its opened position by joint relay including body with orifices for pin receiving, pusher acting upon the controlling valve assembly and bush with fluid circulation orifices. Valve assemblies include all-rubber valves having 30° cone angles. The relay has barbs to engage with production string connector. When sampling device moves downwards the barbs are brought into folded state.

EFFECT: increased operational reliability and prevention of oil sample degassing due to improved air-tightness of sampling device interior.

2 cl, 1 dwg