Emergency situation prediction method when constructing oil and gas wells

FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to well boring, and can be used for preventing and eliminating troubles and accidents during boring process performed in the areas adjacent to or located just above the buried continental rift. Method involves rock sampling during boring process, and analysis of samples. At that terrigenous rocks are sampled from oil-and-gas bearing deposits of sedimentary cover, which are adjacent to or located just above the buried continental rift; rock samples are treated with 1:1 salt acid solution; laumontite zones are revealed in terrigenous masses of the cover by occurrence of silica jelly-like mass, which can mean that there are deep hidden breaks, and the appropriate activities preventing emergency situations are carried out.

EFFECT: simplifying the prediction method at maintaining accuracy of results and reducing costs required for method realisation.


The invention relates to drilling wells and can be used to prevent and to eliminate the complications and accidents during drilling in areas adjacent to or directly above buried continental rift.

Known way to prevent and eliminate complications and accidents during drilling, which contains the inclusion of collimator to the layout of the drill string with the set differential pressure of the drilling fluid to the bit, the Assembly running the drill string into the borehole, the inclusion of drilling pumps and hydrodynamic processing of the borehole walls by colmatation in the drilling process. When drilling intervals, complicated neftegazopromyshlennikami, in the process lowering the drill string Assembly through land information-measuring system of registration and continuous monitoring of a set of parameters which define the hydrodynamic time processing of borehole walls. The set of parameters includes gas content of the drilling fluid at the outlet, drilling rate, the level of the mud tanks, mud flow rate inlet/outlet pressure of the drilling fluid at the inlet, the temperature of the drilling fluid at the outlet, the resistivity of the drilling fluid at the outlet, the density of the drilling fluid to the entrance and the flow rate of the drilling fluid at the outlet. To prevent complications and accidents caused by the absorption of the mud walls of the well, additional measure torque on the rotor. To prevent complications and emergencies that are associated with instability of the borehole, additionally control the weight on the hook (see RF patent №2272121, IPC EV 21/08).

The disadvantage of this method is its complexity due to the need to control a large number of parameters, the need for modernization of drilling equipment and, consequently, higher costs.

The closest in technical essence is a method for predicting faults, resulting in abnormal situations during the construction of oil and gas wells. The method is based on the selection of the stone material from the well, followed by x-ray diffraction determination of the structure of clay minerals, by which you can judge the intensity of tectonic disturbances (see Sahibgrew R.S., galyaev K.H. Effect of faulting on epigenes of clay minerals in oil-bearing sediments of the Cretaceous of the Western-Siberian lowland // lithology and mineral resources. 1971, No. 5, s-119).

The disadvantage of this method is the length of the analysis and its high cost.

The objective of the invention is to develop a method for determining hidden on a large (3 km) depth of raslov and auxiliary fracture in terrigenous sedimentary rocks.

The technical result is to simplify the method of forecasting while maintaining the reliability of the results and reducing the cost of its implementation.

The problem is solved in that in the method of forecasting of emergency situations during the construction of oil and gas wells, which consists in the selection of rock samples (sludge) in the process of drilling and analysis, according to the invention are selected samples of terrigenous rocks with oil and gas bearing areas of the sedimentary cover, adjacent to or directly above buried continental rift, treat them with hydrochloric acid, the reaction products are judged on hidden deep faults, identify development zone laumontite (zeolite) terrigenous sequences of the cover by the emergence of a gelatinous mass of silica (a product of the interaction model HC1 and laumontite), which is judged on the presence of hidden on the depth of the fault, where carry out the appropriate measures to prevent emergency situations.

The method is implemented as follows.

Within the boundaries of hydrocarbon deposits, concentrated in the sedimentary cover and localized in the fossil paleorift, being processed sludge terrigenous rocks water 1:1 solution of hydrochloric acid. Highlighted the depth intervals where the sludge gelatinase, i.e. formed a gelatinous mass is. Identify such anomalies with fault zones and auxiliary fracture in terrigenous reservoirs of the sedimentary cover, which offers the necessary measures to prevent breakages of equipment, acquisition of drilling fluids, etc. This approach due to the fact that terrigenous rocks (sandstones, siltstones and their transition difference) without the participation of the filterable fluid productive reservoirs not be. Only when the circulation of hot solutions and related processes of leaching and hydrothermal-metasomatic transformations breed acquire high porosity and permeability characteristics.

We found that under conditions of tectonic-hydrothermal activation buried paleorift of the West Siberian plate formation reservoirs in terrigenous sedimentary rocks and their saturation with hydrocarbons (HC) occurred simultaneously under the action of the same hot solutions: t up to 200°C for oil; t 200-300°C for gas and gas condensate. These solutions were enriched in CA, Si, Al, Fe and other elements, as well as carbon dioxide,and hydrocarbon fluids.

The consequence of this, in particular, is a synchronous metasomatic replacement of terrigenous rocks, localized in areas with different permeability, spatial divided between a calcium what laumontite and calcite. Special studies (Mironenko M.V., Naumov, G.B. Physico-chemical conditions of formation of laumontite in carbonic hydrothermal systems, geochem. 1982. No. 4. S.597-602; Senderov EE the Effect of CO2on the stability of laumontite // Geochemistry. 1973. No. 2. S-200) showed that the replacement of calcite by Romantica through intermediate laumontite-calcite and calcite-romanticaly mineral Association is determined by the drop in the partial pressure of carbon dioxide in the hydrothermal solution. In other words, the area of development laumontite is limited by the conditions of the development of the very low pressure of CO2and correspondingly low concentrations. Installed (the structure of the hydrothermal system / S.N. Levers, NS Zhatnuev, A.D. Boxes and others - M.: Nauka. 1993. - 298 S.)that the content of carbon dioxide in subsurface hydrothermal systems depends on the filtration properties of rocks and minimal in areas of strong decompression, i.e. in fracture zones, which most actively moved or moved fluid. Accordingly, in areas of slow circulation solutions, characteristic of impermeable, increases the amount of CO2and falls calcite. Therefore, mineral indicator zones maximum permeability (fractures) and increased risk is laumontite, and the minimum (impermeable) - calcite. It is important yesterday I rcnote, in the hydrothermal process, occurring at t 200-300°C, these two mineralizing conditions exist simultaneously. The reality of the development of such a process is confirmed not only by numerous complications when sinking wells in the sedimentary cover of the North of Western Siberia, but strong absorption of drilling fluids in RealityServer (romanticising) basalts of the pre-Jurassic complex where you got tributaries brackish water with methane (Karaseva T.V., Gorbachev VI, Keller MB, Ponomarev V.A. Basic scientific research results Tyumenskaya superdeep borehole // Tyumenskaya superdeep borehole (interval 0-7502 m). The drilling results and research: SB-Dokl. / Scientific drilling in Russia. 4. - Perm: Kam NIKYS. 1996. 49-62).

In terms of the buried paleorift, experienced tectonothermal activation, hot fluids, can cause romanticization and calcitization, penetrated along the faults in the rocks of the sedimentary cover. They not only metasomatic processed them, but was redistributed hydrocarbons from oil and gas source rocks. Eventually there arose saturated gas, condensate, less oil lamentatione terrigenous complexes, passing in calcitization breed (screens). The fault - feeding channels hydrothermal - became the zones intensive the necks of zeolitization (romanticization), the detection of which at great depths (3 km or more) is extremely important.

It is well known (Betekhtin A.G. Mineralogy. M: Educat. published by the geological. Literature. 1950. - 956 S.; Geological dictionary. T.1. M: GNTI literature on Geology and subsoil protection. 1955. S)that when exposed to a solution of 1:1 hydrochloric acid for laumontite he quickly destroyed and gelatinase due to separation of gelatinous silica. This is based rapid method for determining it. Therefore, laumontite can easily be diagnosed in the sludge drilling wells.

Thus, in the oil and gas fields - rift sedimentary basins, experienced tectonothermal activation, is the most dangerous from the point of view of occurrence of complications during drilling, the parts of the sedimentary cover are zones of intense hydrothermal-metasomatic romanticization (zeolitization).

The method allows to anticipate emergency situations during construction of the wells (breakdown of equipment, acquisition of drilling mud etc) in deep-lying strata of the sedimentary cover, paired with fossil paleorift.

Forecasting of emergency situations during the construction of oil and gas wells, which consists in the selection of rock samples during drilling and analysis, wherein the selected samples terrigenous rocks with Neftegaz the red squares of the sedimentary cover, adjacent or directly above buried continental rift, process samples a 1:1 solution of hydrochloric acid, identify development zone laumontite terrigenous sequences of the cover by the emergence of a gelatinous mass of silica, which is judged on the presence of hidden depth of the fault, where carry out the appropriate measures to prevent emergency situations.


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EFFECT: higher reliability of system.

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SUBSTANCE: invention is related to procedure of global geophysical events monitoring and prediction of emergence and development of natural and anthropogenic disasters on Earth. System comprises space segment and surface segments. Space segment consists of three orbit groups. In orbit group of small spacecrafts (SSC), which are located on geostationary orbit, SSC that are combined into two orbit groups of three satellites on tops of two triangular planes, create constellation of six tops. For orbit group that consists of 3-4 SSC on sun-synchronous orbits with height of 600-700 km, orbit planes are evenly distributed along longitude of ascending node. In orbit group of 50 microsatellites (MSC - micro-spacecrafts), the latter are located mainly on sun-synchronous orbits and partially on geostationary orbits. Highly sensitive equipment is installed on SSC and MSC with complex of instruments for measurement of foreshocks and sensors of operational control and prediction of natural and anthropogenic disasters.

EFFECT: system that provides automated aerospace monitoring of global geophysical natural and anthropogenic disasters, makes it possible to obtain operative short-term forecast - warning hours and days before.

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SUBSTANCE: present invention pertains to air-borne systems, using remotely controlled aircraft for such purposes as tactical intelligence, aerial mapping, monitoring oil and gas pipelines and electrical power lines. The air-borne system of probing the earth's surface comprises a remote control radio channel using noise-like signals, system for space orientation and determination of current coordinates of an object using conjugated inertial and satellite navigation systems. Signals of the satellite navigation systems are received by three small antennae of a satellite navigation system, located in one plane, arranged in space at 120° from each other. For easier control, the operator is oriented in the system of processing and imaging radio telemetry, which is an understandable and convenient system of displaying digital and graphical information on the screen of a personal computer.

EFFECT: provision for a noise resistant, secret channel for wireless control of remotedly controlled aircraft, determination of space orientation of the object from signals of satellite navigation systems GLONASS/GPS for manual control outside the visibility zone.

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SUBSTANCE: ascending SHF-radiation of the Earth is received by an instrument, installed on the space vehicle, on two mutually orthogonal polarized reception channels. The beginning of change in radiation polarisation in reception channels is recorded along with its variation all along the flight path. Note here that reception is executed by two spiral aerials of the LH and RH directions of polarisation rotation. A difference between polarisations in reception channels is extracted with the help of phase detector. Note here also that the second reception channel signal shifted in phase through π/2 makes the reference signal for aforesaid phase detector. The earthquake seismic hypocenter is compared with a point of the record graph maximum curvature. Record graph curve (l) length variation is recorded for consecutive space vehicle orbits above and over the zone of expected earthquake and time constant (T) of the rate of variation of aforesaid length is determined. Now, the probable time and magnitude of the earthquake is forecasted.

EFFECT: increase in forecast accuracy.

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SUBSTANCE: invention is related to methods for prevention of uncontrolled - avalanche-like volcanic eruption and organisation of controlled magma transport for its use in construction. According to method, pressure is controlled in secondary magma pockets under volcanos that exhibit solfatara activity. For this purpose channels are drilled slantwise in the base of secondary magma pocket. Compressed gas is supplied to this pocket. Pressure is increased in secondary magma pocket, and magma supply from primary pocket is slowed down. At that magma accumulated in secondary magma pocket is extracted and transported for construction through drilled channels. At that critical pressure of avalanche-like eruption is avoided.

EFFECT: higher efficiency of method.

FIELD: physics; measurement.

SUBSTANCE: invention is related to the field of seismology and may be used in national systems of seismic control for short-term prediction of earthquake. Detector comprises channel for reception of polarisation of light flux reflected from underlying surface, and route for signal processing. The following components are serially connected into reception channel: lens, depolarisator, amplifier, peak detector, threshold device, analog-digital converter, unit of buffer memory, and also separate generator of sawtooth voltage. At that sawtooth voltage is connected to plated liners of depolarisator.

EFFECT: higher efficiency and validity of foreshock detection.

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SUBSTANCE: invention is related to ecological geophysics, in particular, to methods for monitoring of aerogenic contamination of environment. Snow samples are taken in points that are located at the distance of more than 30 m from anthropogenic objects. Samples are melted, hard fraction is obtained by means of filtering. Amounts of every metal are determined in hard fraction. Values of load are calculated, which are created by supply of every metal into environment, then they are compared to background values, and total indices of load ZP are calculated. Besides, differential magnet filters are measured with deposited dust fraction. Values of magnet load are calculated, compared to background values. Coefficients of relative increase of magnet load KPM are calculated. Representative sample with size sufficient for statistic analysis is made from total combination of kPM values. In filters that are related to sample, amount of every metal is defined by method of atomic emission spectrometry with inductive-bound plasma. Regression analysis of dependence is carried out between KPM and ZP values in sample. Regression equation of ZP per KPM is found, which is used to calculate ZP values for the whole combination of KPM values.

EFFECT: higher reliability.

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FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to mining and to non-destructible methods of diagnostics and can be employed at investigation of solid body destruction in form of samples of iron under bending load. The method consists in registering a commencement of high frequency oscillations occurring in electromagnetic radiation (EMR) signal (the stage of linear deformations) and in registering a commencement of periodical low frequency oscillations occurring in EMR signal (the transitive stage and the stage of not-linear deformations). The state of iron under load in the transitive stage is assessed on base of changes in time t of coefficients determined experimentally. The process of destruction of the sample is evaluated on these coefficients, that is: transition of iron into a quasi-plastic state with phenomenon of quasi-resonance, a pre-critical state, transition to resonance phenomenon (termination of existence in the quasi-plastic state), transition into the critical state, and development of resonance phenomenon (destruction of the sample into fragments).

EFFECT: upgraded credibility of investigations for prognostication of stages of sample destruction.

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SUBSTANCE: invention refers to mining and can be implemented for evaluation of characteristics of rock samples under conditions approximating to bed ones. Device for evaluation of characteristics of rock samples consists of chamber including channel for creating a crimping pressure; also core holder is positioned in the chamber. The core holder is made in form of electro-insulated elastic coat enveloping an upper and lower inserts with its end portions; the end surfaces of the inserts contact the tested sample and are equipped with semi-penetrable membranes. Lower part of the chamber includes the channel for fluid withdrawal, while the upper one includes secured with exterior nut upper end bushing with through hole, wherein puncheon out of dielectric material is installed; the said puncheon includes channels for fluid supply and channels for connection with means of measurement of specific electrical resistance of the tested sample. The said elastic coat is made with end collars conjugated with interior side and end surfaces of the chamber case. The elastic coat is inserted into rigid compound case in form of two joined to one another pairs of perforated semi-cylinders and two pairs of upper and lower shaped perforated semi-circles conjugated with the interior surface of the collars and with exterior ends of each of semi-cylinders. Lower inside portion of the chamber case is made in form of ring step whereon the core-holder is assembled; also this portion is equipped with a lower stepped bushing conjugated with the said ring step, with the end of the chamber case and with the lower insert. The said lower bushing is tied with the chamber case by means of a locking flange and includes a channel for fluid drainage and a channel for connection with means of measurement of specific electrical resistance of the tested sample. The channel for supply of crimping (side) pressure is made in a side wall of the chamber case. The puncheon in its upper part is conjugated with the source of vertical hydraulic pressure - with a piston of a hydro-cylinder.

EFFECT: simplification of design allowing creation of vertical and horizontal constituents of rock pressure.

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FIELD: mining engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to mining industry and can be used for determining a long-term strength limit of mine rocks by samples. A method determining a long-term strength of mine rocks is based on a regularity of changes in a damping time Δti of the acoustic emission at a gradually increasing loading of a sample. A mine rock sample is subjected to a graduated axial loading σ(t) in a uniform compression chamber at a constant lateral strain. The sample is kept at a specified known value of the axial stress on each loading phase until the parameters of the acoustic emission impulse flow are stable. Damping time Δti of acoustic emission activity NΣi is determined on each loading phase of the sample. Difference of duration Δti-Δti-1 of the acoustic emission damping time is determined for each of its following and preceding loading phase. When the specified difference value is positive, an axial stress value of the preceding phase is recorded which is taken for the long-term strength limit of mine rocks.

EFFECT: enhanced accuracy of determining a long-term strength limit of mine rocks.

2 dwg

FIELD: mining engineering.

SUBSTANCE: method of stress calculation in a mine rock mass. The method of stress calculation in a mine rock mass involves extraction of a series of samples from the rock mass in the direction coinciding with the one of the effect of the main maximum stress in the mass. A test mechanical loading of each sample, measurement of the acoustic emission activity in the course of the loading and a loading value that makes the specified activity rise in discrete steps. The loading is performed in a mode of a triaxial axiosymmentrical proportional compression at a constant but different for each sample ratio of the axial and lateral stress. It is the sample with a maximum steepness of the rapid rise in the acoustic emission activity and the minimum acoustic emission activity value before this rise that is selected from the sample series. The values of the axial and lateral stress tested by the specified sample at a test loading are taken for corresponding main stresses in the rock mass.

EFFECT: enhanced accuracy and reliability of a qualitative assessment of the main stress values effective in the rock mass.

2 dwg

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: invention concerns mining and it is used for forecasting and control of rock fragmentation. Method includes recording of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) waves, these waves width measurement and additionally simultaneous width measurement of Ti follow periods of these waves, load to massif area, looking after its increase till maximum with further fall, and speed Vi of its falling. According to decrease beginning Ti till T"н" (where T"н" - duration of follow periods of EMR waves, from which starts its decreasing) and simultaneous increase of Vi till Vl (where Vl - speed of load falling at researched area of massif, from which it is started its increasing) it is judged about beginning of massif area discontinuity. Then according to further simultaneous decrease Ti till T(n-1) and further increase Vi till V(n-1) it is judged about development of discontinuity process of massif area, and according to specified ratios for n-period of waves EMR follow it is judged about critical state of massif area discontinuity, after which its fragmentation starts.

EFFECT: increasing of forecast trustworthiness at the expense of receiving additional information about condition of rock area before the beginning of its fragmentation and process development detailed elaboration.

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to mining, namely to control of the state of the formation massif round mine workings. The method includes measurements during displacements of marginal formations at the workings area under control relative to the reference element, which is a guide to the state of marginal formations round mine workings. A number of paired points of measurements are marked preliminarily over the contour of mine workings on the reversed arrangement basis as elements for measuring displacements. The axis of the beam from the light source located in the working space of the mine beyond the zone of influence of the said displacements is used as the reference element, the light beam being orientated along the workings area under control. Distances between paired points of measurement over the contour of the area of mine workings under control are measured in initial state. These distances are measured regularly at certain intervals assigned; when taking these measurements first the distance from one point of measurement in each pair to the beam axis is measured, next the distance from the beam axis to the other appropriate paired point is measured, then the numerical values obtained are summed up at each time interval and the sums of values of distances between the points of each pair are compared with the distance between relevant points of measurements in each pair measured in initial state, thus obtaining absolute values of displacements of formations. The increase of stresses in the marginal formation massif round the mine workings is evaluated by the rate of increments of these values.

EFFECT: reduction of labour consumption, expenses for conducting control over then state of mine workings, increase of operational efficiency and informativity of control.

2 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to oil and gas industry and is designed for study of rock samples, selected from a porous medium crushed in a natural or artificial way. Porosity of studied rock fragments is measured by means of testing pressure of helium or any other gas in accordance with a known procedure. The chamber of fragments, containing the above said rock fragments, is connected to a reservoir of a known volume containing helium under a known pressure. At a balance of pressures the value of a hard volume can be calculated. Also mass of these fragments and circumflex volume of the studied rock fragments is measured. Combining in a certain way these measurements porosity as well as density of the studied rock samples is determined. Then their permeability is evaluated by means of drowning these fragments into liquid and connecting chamber with liquid initially contained in a special reservoir under a certain pressure to compress gas which is contained in pores of studied rock. By means of modeling of variations of volume of liquid supplied into the chamber and by means of the iterative correction the values of the said physic parameters are evaluated.

EFFECT: upgraded accuracy and simplicity of rock permeability and porosity evaluation.

14 cl, 13 dwg

FIELD: invention may be used for definition of stressed-deformed state namely for definition of stage of development of deformed processes in massif of material (in mountain massif, in massif of engineering construction etc).

SUBSTANCE: technical result is provision of possibility of receiving heralds of destruction of massif of exploited material of different degree of urgency (from long-terms to shot-terms). Mode of definition of stressed -deformed state of massif of material includes selection of samples of material, their loading and exposition of herald of destruction of massif, moreover samples from massif are selected with boring of cores, they expose physical-mechanical characteristics of material and components of fields of tensions, after that samples are subjected to loading with observance of criteria of physical and geometric similarity in accordance with exposed physical-mechanical characteristics of material and components of field of tension. At that they fix longitudinal and transversal deformations no less than in three points along perimeter of central part of sample, moreover conclusion about character of deformed processes in massif is made on basis of exposed character of deformations of samples.

EFFECT: defines stressed-deformed state in massif of material.

4 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: mining, particularly mining geophysics, namely equipment to determine stressed in rock massif.

SUBSTANCE: device comprises cylindrical body with sealing members installed at body ends. The sealing members have compression mechanism made as piston and cylinder unit with orifice in cylinder installed on cylindrical body between sealing members. Two channels are made in cylindrical body. One channel is communicated with working chamber of piston and cylinder unit. Another one is connected with orifice made in piston and cylinder unit cylinder. Two check valves are coaxially installed in cylindrical body from end side thereof. One check valve has stem located from the first valve side and projecting from cylindrical body. Said stem is supported by control arm eccentric. Connected to another valve side is tapered pusher, which may cooperate with another check valve.

EFFECT: simplified structure and assemblage, increased operational reliability due to decreased number of supply pipelines.

2 dwg

FIELD: mining geophysics, particularly devices for testing in situ the hardness or other properties of minerals, for example, for giving information as to the selection of suitable mining tools.

SUBSTANCE: method involves drilling measuring well; arranging recording device included in electromagnetic radiation signal measurement system along with converter in front of the well; forming digital signal with the use of analog-digital converter and liquid-crystal display of recording device; measuring electromagnetic radiation intensity Ni in several intervals with the use of said device; comparing Ni value with critical value Nk typical for particular mining and geological conditions to determine maximal electromagnetic radiation intensity value. Converter is made as independent unit. The converter is placed in well with the use of dielectric rod so that the first rod end is connected to converter, another rod end is secured to recording device. Recording device is linked to converter through screened cable. Electromagnetic radiation intensity Ni is measured in several intervals by converter moving from one interval to another one with the use of dielectric rod. Electromagnetic radiation intensity values N2...n are compared with each other beginning from the second interval so that current Ni value is compared with maximal value of previously detected ones to determined maximal value Nmax taken as critical value N'k for a given massif. Zone boundaries are calculated from Nmin=0.8N'k. Device comprises converter and electromagnetic radiation signal recording device conductively connected with each other. The electromagnetic radiation signal recording device comprises power source with earthed central point, operational amplifier and serially connected detector, analog-digital converted and liquid-crystal display. Converter comprises receiving magnetic differential antenna made as two coils wound onto ferrite core. Coil outputs are linked to data inputs of measuring amplifier. Converter has power source with earthed neutral bus linked to total coil connection point and central amplifier point. Converter members are placed in dielectric case and connected to one end of dielectric rod. Recording device is connected to opposite end thereof. Amplifier and recording device are connected with each other through screened cable. Electromagnetic radiation signal pass band expander is installed between operational amplifier and recording device detector.

EFFECT: increased reliability and decreased labor inputs due to electromagnetic radiation pulse pick-up directly in measuring well drilled on rock massif from underground mine working.

4 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to search of gas deposits, and can be used for finding hydrocarbon raw material in terrigenous rocks of sedimentary cover. Method involves rock sampling from oil-and-gas bearing deposits during boring process. At that slurry sampled from sedimentary cover areas adjacent to or located just above buried continental rift is used as samples; samples are treated with heated 50% salt acid solution, and occurrence of silica jelly-like mass can mean that deposits are available.

EFFECT: improving accuracy of definition of gas and gas-condensate deposits.