Sprinkling machine motion control system

FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: it is used in automatic control devices for regulating motion of a multitower front sprinkling machine. Control system comprises pipelines of the right and left machine wings with the pipelines being mounted on the carts with a hydraulic drive, a course stabilising system fitted with a guiding rope and fed from the sprinkling machine water pipe and a synchronisation system for the linear carts motion. Peripheral carts are fed from an additional pipeline which is hydraulically connected to the main sprinkling machine pipeline through respective regulating valves of the course stabilising system and further through the synchronisation systems for peripheral carts motion; feeding is made parallel that provides for fast adjustment in case of deviation from the rectilinear machine motion.

EFFECT: simplifying design of the machine actuator control system.

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The invention relates to agriculture, in particular to a sprinkling machines.

Features sprinkling machine with hydraulic drive trucks and frontal movement (product catalogue irrigation systems and equipment. Part 1. "Domestic equipment". - M., 2001, P.36-37), in which there is a system of movement at the rate of the guide wire, the system synchronization trucks and automatic shutdown DM. Device for automated control of the front of the machine includes installed on each of the trucks hydraulic actuator, powered from the main pipeline DM, the control unit of movement of the machine at the rate of the guide wire, the synchronization unit. Zapisywanie hydraulic drives trucks and synchronization is carried out separately for each truck of the water conveyance pipeline DM, i.e. sequentially washing systems hydraulic trolleys.

The disadvantages of this technical solution is even more complex and cumbersome design, great material and monetary costs, low reliability, and accuracy of the control of the Executive bodies of DM.

Known technical solutions, which are used for front moving trucks sprinkling machines, in particular DM "Kuban-M (Sandigursky D.M., Bezrodnov N.A. Mechanization of irrigation slave is so - M.: Kolos, 1983. - P.65-75). The machine has a system of movement at the rate of the guide wire, the unit (system) synchronization in a line and emergency stop. All of these control systems and sensors - electric.

The disadvantages of this technical solution is the complexity and bulkiness of the design, the big money and material costs, additional laying of electrical cable management systems and synchronization.

The invention aims to remedy these disadvantages.

The technical result is increased reliability and precision motion control front sprinkler.

This is achieved by stabilization of the course is supplied from a water conveyance pipeline and system synchronization extreme (right and left) trucks and control of Executive bodies (cylinders trucks) - additional pipeline parallel scheme.

The drawing shows a hydraulic circuit of the machine.

The traffic management system sprinkler machine with the hydraulic drive includes a water conveyance pipeline 1, consisting of the left and right wings, the valve 2 with the rods 3 and 4 of the stabilization system of course with the guide wire 5, additional pipeline 6, valves-valves 7 and the cylinder 8 of the Central drive truck. One of the additional pipe the wire 6 through the control valve 9 synchronization system 10 with the cable 11 one peripheral truck and valve dispenser 12 is hydraulically connected with the cylinder 13 of this truck. Another portion of the pipeline through the control valve 14 synchronization system 15 with the cable 16 and the valve-the valve 17 is connected with the cylinder 18 other peripheral truck.

The system works as follows. When leaving the machine with course deviate rod 3 or 4 in one direction or another and involve the appropriate control valves 2 stabilization system of course, which, in turn, increase or decrease the water flow in the secondary pipe 6. This modified pressure and flow rate is supplied through valves-valves 7 in the cylinders 8 of the Central drive truck and then in a parallel scheme, through appropriate control valves 9, 14 synchronization systems 10, 15 and valves-valves 12, 17 to the hydraulic cylinders 13, 18 peripheral trucks.

Non-synchronous movement of the peripheral trucks causes the curvature of the pipe 1 of the machine. While the cables 11 and 16, mounted on the blocks and attached to the tubing machine, affect control valves 9, 14 synchronization systems 10, 15 of the respective trucks. Thus, regulates the movement of the peripheral trucks, eliminating the gap or overlapping.

Thus, the parallel operation of the two systems allows you to quickly eliminate the deviation from straightness of the movement of the machine.

The invention in comparison with the prototype has the following advantages:

- allows to increase the reliability and precision motion control front DM;

- the use of this design of the control system DM allows to reduce the consumption of the machine and to simplify it;

- helps reduce operating and capital expenditures for the modernization of existing and new release DM;

- allows the use of already known and mastered by industry components.

The traffic management system sprinkler containing installed on trucks with hydraulic piping to the right and left wings of the machine, the system rate stabilization guide wire, fed from the water supply pipe sprinkler system and synchronize the movement of trucks in line, characterized in that zapisywanie peripheral trucks is made of extra piping, hydraulically linked to the main pipeline sprinkler through the respective control valves system rate stabilization and further through the system synchronization peripheral movement of trucks, the parallel scheme.


Same patents:

FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: trolley contains frame with wheels and spade bug interacting with brakes and tips placed on pushers, which are in hinge connection with hydraulic cylinder through T-shaped lever and with selector valve and synchronising system by means of traction system. T-shaped lever links lower lid of drive hydro cylinder with pushers and is provided with upper and lower fixing points displaced in one plane. Lower point is used for pusher fixing while moving in one direction, upper point is used pusher fixing while moving in the other direction. There are holes on pushers to displace tips during their mounting in upper position and at a distance divisible to pusher fixing axes height with regard to each other. If trolley movement direction is changed, tips position is changed to opposite.

EFFECT: simplified design, wide functional possibilities, increased level of unification and decreased operational and reduced costs for sprinkling machines upgrading and production.

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FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to self-propelled front sprinkling machine controller. Controller contains beam-fixed bars and control units. Sliding guide block travels along trench and is interlocked with beam using suspension bracket. Guide block is as designed as isosceles triangle vertex of which through flexible loop suspension bracket is connected to beam. Supports of machine control units are fixed on guide block in immediate proximity from slide. Slide is designed as hinged compound-chain mechanism.

EFFECT: design simplification, higher control reliability and accuracy of front sprinkling machine actuators.

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FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: irrigation machine has an internal explosion engine, water intake, pump, delivering water into water-conducting pipe with a sprinkler and in supply canals of central and periphery bogies, and systems of directional and in-line control. An additional pump with an independent drive for the internal exposure engine is the second stage of the main pump with the opportunity to deliver water into the supply canals of central and periphery bogies separated from the water-conducting pipe. The systems of directional and in-line control are hydraulically connected with each other and mounted in the supply canals of central and periphery bogies.

EFFECT: decrease of power consumption during watering while using low-pressure pumping power equipment and enhancement reliability and movement steadiness of undercarriages.

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Irrigation machine // 2328849

FIELD: farming.

SUBSTANCE: irrigation machine incorporates a fixed support, self-moving trolleys with a hydraulic driver and a pressure pipeline. The lower part of the latter contains irrigation facilities, which include a pipe with a corner, with water transmission lever being arranged therein. On the free end of the water transmission lever, an additional corner and a sprinkling machine are disposed. The water transmission lever and sprinkling machine can rotate about the corners and change their position with respect to the ground surface from 0.6 to 2.5 m. To fix the position of the water transmission lever and sprinkling machine, the corners are equipped with the supports connected by means of bolts with fixers furnished with several holes. The pipe accommodates a filter, with its upper end being in water flow of the pressure pipeline. Thread segments of the water transmission lever are made of stainless steel.

EFFECT: simplified design, smaller size and steel intensity, improved exploitation characteristics.

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FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: wheel sprinkling pipeline contains the extended spigots installed on the pipeline in places of joining of basic wheels, and these spigots are fast connected to the pipeline and with basic wheels. On each extended spigot fitted on the rotary spigot with twirl possibility on which stabilizer blades and a counterweight serving for orientation of stabilizer blades concerning a ground surface are fixed. One end of the rotary spigot is gear for cogging with the spigot-slide block, fitted on the extended spigot with up-and-down motion possibility on it. The spigot-slide block by means of a spring is spring-loaded concerning the extended spigot. The spigot-slide block end turned towards the rotary spigot and it is executed in the form of the frustum of a cone which smaller basis has teeths for the clutch with the gear end of the rotary spigot. For the drive of stabilizer blades on the extended spigot two hydrocylinders which stocks are connected to the spigot-slide block are symmetrically fixed. Thus the rotary spigot is supplied by two arms on which the horizontal axes are fixed hinged and they fast connected to levers having spherical support, contacting to external walls of a cone part of the spigot-slide block. Horizontal axes are fast connected with stabilizer blades which are connected among themselves by means of the return spring fixed on bars, that are placed on the top part of stabilizer blades. And, as stabilizer blades are fast connected through horizontal axes with levers that due to the return spring pressing of the spherical support to external walls of a cone part of the spigot-slide block which have been placed on the ends of levers is also provided. The stabilizer blade is executed in the form of the lever in which bottom part the pointed core is fixed that is supplied with a basic disk which provides a load dispatching that outgo from the stabilizer blade on a ground and interferes with that to a stabilizer blade lowering in soil. Rods on which the counterweight is fast fixed are hinged connected to horizontal axes. Cavities of hydrocylinders by means of flexible conduits are connected with a main connected to a strut of the sprinkler. Invention use will allow preventing completely spontaneous overrolling of the wheel sprinkling pipeline at wetting. As the wheel sprinkling pipeline during all wetting process will be fixed in some position that will prevent its spontaneous overrolling in both directions at affecting on it of a wind load or at its use for irrigation of inclined sections.

EFFECT: raising the productivity due to time abbreviation on moving the wheel sprinkling pipeline on a new position.


FIELD: agriculture, in particular, process for irrigation of plots with long-term culture of perennial grasses.

SUBSTANCE: method for operating of multiple-tower circle sprinkler machine during five year cultivation time involves using machine with immovable support; connecting said machine to irrigation valve of closed irrigation system; feeding water via pipeline for irrigation and moving support on rigid small section wheels; after initial two-year operation of machine on rigid small section wheels, when agronomically permissible depth of track is reached, simultaneously moving said machine relative to immovable support by placing tubular insert between immovable support and pipeline and widening wheels by connecting metal rims to rigid small section wheels of machine.

EFFECT: reduced crashing of plants due to effective utilization of plot areas.

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Sprinkler machine // 2318373

FIELD: agricultural engineering, in particular, sprinkler machines movable around central support.

SUBSTANCE: sprinkler machine has fixed support, self-propelled carts provided with hydraulic cylinders, and water feeding pipeline with sprinkler units. Bracket is fixed to cart power lever. Tips of front and rear pushes are equipped with additional tips. Wheel stops are provided with main and additional brakes and springs. Central angle between main and additional brakes is 125 deg. Main and additional speed regulators positioned on carts, except for terminating cart, are connected through tie-rods with water feeding pipeline. Water is fed from water feeding pipeline to speed regulators through inlet pressure hoses. For actuation of main and additional speed regulators, spherical valves connect outlet pressure hoses with hydraulic cylinder. Additional guides are mounted on cart. Actuation valves mounted on main and additional speed regulator are provided with hydraulic emergency protection pipes.

EFFECT: provision for reversing motion, simplified construction and enhanced reliability in operation of sprinkler machine.

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FIELD: irrigation of farm crops in furrows, preferably cut along stand pipelines of irrigation network on fields divided into plots for simultaneous irrigation.

SUBSTANCE: method involves uniting simultaneous irrigation plots into daily irrigation groups and separating from one another by means of water-retention webs; performing irrigation of each simultaneous irrigation plot with additional moistening without changing of flow rate by continuing irrigation from each superposed plot with multiple norms for running-up of water along moistened furrows to the end of underlying plot, with superposed plot being irrigated at night; irrigating terminating daily-irrigation plot with soil moisture content not less than critical value and area of said plot being equal to or multiple the area of daily output by tractor after performing of post-irrigation cultivation processes.

EFFECT: provision for irrigation with norms exceeding norms of running-up of water along dry furrows, increased length of irrigation furrows, uniform distribution of water along irrigation furrows, and increased area of daily irrigation.

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FIELD: agricultural engineering, in particular, technique for cutting of temporary irrigation system, may be used for opening of terrace and closing of temporary irrigation system with ground.

SUBSTANCE: apparatus has frame hung laterally onto tractor girder, hydraulic cylinder for lifting of apparatus, and shield pivotally connected to stem of hydraulic cylinder. High-quality closing is provided by fabricating shield from two parts unequal in length, said parts being pivotally connected to frame of apparatus. Compression spring attached to shield and shield rotation limiting device provide returning of shield after executing of closing procedure to position perpendicular to frame of apparatus.

EFFECT: improved quality of covering irrigation system terrace, and reduced costs for strip irrigation process.

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FIELD: mechanized irrigation of farm crops by sprinkling process, in particular, equipment used in sprinkling irrigation systems.

SUBSTANCE: pulsed sprinkler unit has valve with seat and piston. Cavity between seat and piston is communicating with nozzle cavity and cavity formed under valve is communicating with air-and-water tank and pressure pipeline. Locking device is equipped with auxiliary piston spring-loaded relative to valve piston and provided with large-sized and small-sized cylinders and divided by means of perforated partition. Auxiliary piston is positioned for axial displacement within casing cylinder and abuts with small-sized cylinder end against seat. Valve and piston are positioned within cavities of small-sized and large-sized cylinders of auxiliary piston, respectively. Distance between partition of small-sized cylinder and valve is greater than distance between right-hand ends of valve piston and auxiliary piston. Outer diameter of small-sized cylinder is smaller than inner diameter of large-sized cylinder of auxiliary piston.

EFFECT: enhanced reliability in operation, reduced consumption of power owing to providing of working capacity within wide range of flow rates and pressures and due to eliminating influence of frictional force of sealing means upon working capacity of locking device in its opening phase.

3 cl, 2 dwg

Sprinkler unit // 2246209

FIELD: irrigation equipment mounted on mobile sprinkler units for drop or fine-dispersion sprinkling systems.

SUBSTANCE: sprinkler unit has frame made in the form of three-dimensional construction comprising pipes mounted on vehicle equipped with pumping station and intake hose. Flexible water supply pipeline with sprinkler apparatuses is fixed on frame by means of cables. Water supply pipeline is made sectioned. Each section has segment and flanges connected with one another by means of carrier member made in the form of bent C-shaped profile or rolled part. Sections are connected with one another through adapter member made in the form of hollow spherical shell with disk arranged in meridian plane and with the help of fastening means. Adapter member is arranged in cavities at inlet end and at outlet end of adjacent segments of flexible water supply pipeline. Fastening means are made in the form of pins inserted into axially aligned openings of flanges and disks. Adapter member disk is connected through cable with frame of three-dimensional construction.

EFFECT: simplified construction, reduced metal usage, increased efficiency and improved distribution of artificial precipitation along flexible water supply pipeline.

3 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: agricultural irrigation equipment used in mobile sprinkler units.

SUBSTANCE: boom-type sprinkler unit has frame made in the form of three-dimensional construction composed of pipes and mounted on vehicle equipped with pumping unit. Flexible water pipeline with sprinkling apparatuses is secured on frame by means of cables. Flexible water pipeline is made sectioned. Each section has flexible pipeline segment positioned on carrier member made in the form of pair of longitudinal supports having bent C-shaped profile and flat rings at their end portions. Wide strips of pair of bent C-shaped profile are arranged at an angle to horizontal plane and perpendicular to one another. Said profiles define, in conjunction with rings, trough of carrier member. Adjacent carrier members are connected with one another by means of connecting parts through spacer bushings. One, two or three spacer bushings are made in the form of brackets for connecting cable ends to join with frame. Ends of flexible pipeline segments are mutually joined via transition portion made in the form of bushing. Ends of transition member have conical entrance portions. Annular portion formed on transition member surface is joined with ends of adjacent segments and pairs of yokes on their surface. Cable ends joining brackets are equipped with eye ring receiving slots and mounting openings. Diameter of carrier member rings exceeds outer diameter of transition member by 1.5-1.9 times.

EFFECT: simplified construction and increased efficiency.

4 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: agricultural engineering, in particular, sprinkler equipment for continuous sprinkling of plants on fields.

SUBSTANCE: sprinkler unit has drive part with two pivotally fixed girder booms. Girder has central panel, columns, struts and sprinkler heads arranged on water-feeding belt. Drive part is provided with supporting table and rotary plate. Supporting table is mounted on vertical wall of rear axle of drive part above centrifugal pump. Rotary plate is mounted on supporting table for rotation around shaft, which pivotally connects said plate with supporting table, said plate and table being additionally mutually connected by hydraulic rotational drive. Girder central panel is fixed on rotary plate by means of vertical shaft. Central panel is additionally coupled to rotary plate by means of hydraulic drive of turning mechanism. In operating and transport positions, weight of girder is distributed over surface of supporting table. Mechanisms for rotating of rotary plate and turning of girder central panel simplify movement of girder from operating position to transport position and vice versa.

EFFECT: simplified construction and enhanced reliability in operation.

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FIELD: agricultural engineering, in particular, irrigation of farm crops by means of multitower front sprinkler machines.

SUBSTANCE: wheeled pipeline is made sectioned and is furnished with sprinkler heads, wheeled supports, drive arranged in mid portion of central section, and section coupling means. Pipeline sections have variable section reducing in direction of supplying of irrigation water. Each pipeline section coupling is made in the form of two concentric branch pipes positioned for rotation one with respect to another and for axial displacement. Outer branch pipe is connected with flanges of adjacent carrier members. Inner branch pipe is joined with ends of adjacent pipes of different sizes, said pipes being made from high-pressure polyethylene. Pipes are positioned in cavity of carrier member. Carrier member of each section is made in the form of pair of opposite bent C-shaped sections. Ends of C-shaped sections are joined to flanges. Mounting rings are positioned in mid portion of pairs and adapted for mounting of wheel support hub. Outer branch pipe of pipeline section coupling is made in the form of detachable pair of semi-circles, each being formed by packet of spacer bushings arranged in equally spaced relation between pair of arced belts. Inner branch pipe for connecting ends of pipes made from high-pressure polyethylene is made in the form of outer and inner threaded bushings, each provided with diametrically oriented slots for special wrench for joining with ends of pipes to be connected. Inner bushing has threaded part for screwing into end of pipe of smaller diameter. Ring is disposed on outer end perimeter of pipe of smaller diameter. Inner bushing has cylindrical part joined with inner cylindrical surface of pipe of larger diameter. Its conical part is joined with sawn-through parts at end of pipe of larger diameter. Inner surface of inner bushing is defined by two intersecting conical surfaces with single base of minimal diameter.

EFFECT: uniform distribution of precipitation in the form of rain drops over area under irrigation process owing to constant flow speed of irrigation water into pipeline cavities.

10 cl, 11 dwg

Sprinkler unit // 2248118

FIELD: agricultural engineering, in particular, sprinkling irrigation of farm crops.

SUBSTANCE: apparatus has supporting members made in the form of cables attached in cantilevered manner to frame top, and irrigation pipeline connected to vehicle through pumping unit. Irrigation pipeline is coupled to frame by means of carrier carcass. Irrigation pipeline and carrier carcass are made sectioned. Each carrier carcass section is defined by pair of C-shaped bent profiles with flat rings at their ends. Profiles are arranged at an angle to one another with their wide strips to define trough. Sections of flexible pipelines made from low-pressure polyethylene are laid on trough. Ends of pipelines are embraced with bands made in the form of steel bushings. Ends of pipelines are joined by means of adapter member. Input parts of connecting member are made conical. Each adapter member is formed as hollow screw with left-handed and right-handed conical threads on their outer surface. Mid portion of screw has disk for fixing irrigation pipeline sections in operating position in rings of carrier carcass by means of paired spacer bushings and attachment means. Disk of adapter member is equipped with group of openings used for assembling-dismantling works. Openings for connection to threaded ends of cables are made in peripheral portions of carrier carcass flanges.

EFFECT: uniform distribution of precipitation in the form of rain drops through width of mobile unit, reduced material usage, simplified construction, and enhanced reliability in operation.

4 cl, 4 dwg

FIELD: agricultural engineering, in particular, mechanized irrigation equipment used on wheeled rollable pipelines.

SUBSTANCE: sectioned sprinkler is provided with sprinkling nozzles, wheeled supports, drive disposed in mid portion of central section, and section connecting couplings. Each section has water supply pipeline made from low-pressure polyethylene pipes. Pipes are successively joined to one another by means of couplings. Water supply pipeline is arranged in cavity of carrier part defined by C-shaped bent profiles. Ends of profiles are mutually connected by means of flanges. Length of carrier part is 11,720 mm. Hub of each wheeled support embraces carrier part. Sprinkling nozzles are connected with pipeline through nipples arranged between strips of adjacent C-shaped bent profiles of carrier part.

EFFECT: prolonged service life, simplified construction and reduced production costs of sprinkler.

3 dwg

FIELD: agricultural engineering, in particular, mechanized sprinkling irrigation with the use of rollable wheeled pipelines.

SUBSTANCE: sprinkler is made sectioned and is furnished with sprinkler heads, wheel-type supports, drive located in mid portion of central section, and section couplings. Each section has water supply pipeline manufactured from low-pressure polyethylene pipes sequentially connected through couplings. Water supply pipeline is placed in bearing part cavity defined by C-shaped bent bars. Bar ends are mutually connected through flanges. Bearing part is 11,720 mm long. Hub of each wheel-type support embraces bearing part. Sprinkler heads are connected with water supply pipeline through nipples interposed between strips of adjacent C-shaped bent bars of bearing part. Each wing connected with central section has overtime clutch.

EFFECT: prolonged service life and simplified construction of irrigation pipeline.

4 dwg

FIELD: agricultural engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to machines for mechanization of drop sparkling of farm crop. Proposed truss includes central panel in form of regular pyramid with square base made of pipes with flanges for connecting bottom chords and four suspensions. Suspensions are orientated along ribs of pyramid and one post. Post is arranged in central panel on one of side faces along apothem. Left-hand and right-hand cantilevers are mated with central panel. Each cantilever consists of one end panel and thirteen intermediate panels. Each intermediate panel is made in form of two posts, one distance piece, front and rear water passing pipes of bottom chords, one upper chord, two inclined braces, two horizontal tension members and two short-range sprinkler heads. End panel is made in form of guy truss. End panel is mated with truss panel by means of distance piece and inclined braces whose mated ends are orientated downwards in cross vertical plane of truss and are located lower than distance piece. Ends of front and rear water passing pipes are connected with guy truss pipeline by V-shaped water passing member. Panels of guy truss are formed by posts and distance pieces, inclined braces and tension members vertically orientated in longitudinal vertical plane. Water passing pipeline of guy part of truss is furnished with drain cock. V-shaped water passing member consists of steel pipes of equal section equal to sections of front rear water passing pipes and pipe line of guy truss. One of pipes of V-shaped water passing member is sectional and provided with threaded sleeve. Sleeve is fitted on threaded bushings. Bushings are installed with displacement outwards from ends of pipes. Bushings are connected by closed girth welds with end sections of parts of pipes to be connected. Insert made of plastic, for instance, fluoroplastic, is mounted between end faces of sectional parts of pipes and in plane of threaded bushings. Inner section of insert is equal to sections of pipes of V-shaped water passing member. Proposed two-cantilever self-aligning truss for sprinkling machines provides uninterrupted delivery of sprinkling water to short range heads of intermediate panels and long-range heads on guy part of truss.

EFFECT: reduced materials usage, improved sprinkling.

9 dwg

FIELD: agricultural engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to machines for mechanization of drop irrigation of crops. Proposed truss has upper and lower chords, central panel in form of regular pyramid with square base and left-hand and right-hand cantilevers mated with pyramid. Central panel has square base made of tubes with flanges for connecting lower chords and four suspensions orientated along ribs. Panel is provided with one post located on one of side faces along apothem of pyramid. Each cantilever consists of thirteen intermediate panel and one end panel. Each end panel is made up of two posts, one brace, two front and rear water tubes of lower chords, one upper chord, two tilted struts and two horizontal tension members. Two heads are fitted on each intermediate panel and end panel. End is made in form of guy-rope truss. It is mated with truss panel by brace and tilted posts. Ends of tilted posts are relative mated from top and bottom by horizontally orientated brace. Mated ends of tilted posts are orientated downwards and arranged lower than brace. Ends of front and rear water tubes in guy-rope part are relative mated by V-shaped water supply member with tube of truss guy-rope part. Panels of guy-rope part of truss are formed by posts and braces, tilted struts and tension members orientated in longitudinally vertical plane. water supply pipeline of guy0rope part is furnished with drain valve. Proposed truss provides 15-20% reduction of materials usage.

EFFECT: improved quality of sprinkling, facilitated servicing.

7 cl, 1 tbl, 53 dwg

FIELD: agricultural engineering, in particular, irrigation equipment, more particular, continuous motion sprinkler machines for farms.

SUBSTANCE: girder has central panel with two cantilevers pivotally fixed thereon. Each of two cantilevers is made in the form of mutually perpendicular vertical and horizontal girders having belts, columns, angle braces and sprinkler heads on water supply girder. Pipelines on central panel and water supply girder are made in the form of curved circuit line in transverse-vertical plane of sprinkler unit. Circuit line equation is y=a/2(ex/a+e-x/a), where a is distance from surface of field to be irrigated to pipeline arranged in mid portion of central panel; e is Napierian base (Napierian number); x and y are abscissae and ordinates of unknown points of pipeline in Cartesian coordinates XOY, the beginning part of which is aligned with field surface and with vertical axis of symmetry of girdle.

EFFECT: enhanced reliability in operation and increased efficiency.

4 dwg