Method for thermoprofile production and transfer line of cold shaping to implement method

FIELD: technological processes.

SUBSTANCE: method for thermoprofile production involves strip feed to profile bending mill, sequential transit-wise element overcast by profile-bending mill rollers, perforation of slit row with deflanging in apron form, in checkered order on profile wall. Before feeding to profile-bending mill strip is unrolled from roll and shifted to form compensation loop. After perforation of slit row the profile surface is evened in leveling unit with further profile cutting at given length. Transfer line of cold shaping for thermoprofile production includes profile-bending mill with instrumental adjustments, device for perforation of checkered pattern of slits deflanged in apron form in wall of continuously moving profile. Unrolling and receiving units are positioned in series before profile-bending mill, and after slit perforation device a cutter is positioned. Slit perforation device features leveling unit.

EFFECT: extended functional capacities.

2 cl, 1 dwg


The invention relates to the field of metal forming, in particular to equipment for manufacturing thermoprofile and With U-shaped cross-section on the lines automatic cold forming. Thermoprofile used in construction for all categories of buildings, including prefabricated buildings made of light metal.

The closest analogue of the claimed invention is a method of manufacturing thermoprofile lines automatic cold forming, is known from the patent RU 2261771 C1, 21D 31/02, 11.10.2005, including the supply of tape in the roll forming mill, consecutive transitions of pogibko elements billet rollers of the roll forming mill, punching rows of slits with flanging in the form of a visor, staggered in the wall profile.

The disadvantage of this method is the possibility of deviation from straightness of the surface of thermal profile.

The technical task of the invention is the expansion of technological possibilities of lines automatic cold forming, improving the quality of the surface of thermal profile and increasing productivity in its production.

According to the claimed method before applying tape in roll forming mill its unwound from a roll, move with the formation of compensatio the Noah loop in the receiving unit, and after punching rows of slits with flanging in the form of a visor on the wall profile surface profile line in the correct node and then cut the profile of a given length.

The claimed method can be implemented on-line automatic cold forming for the manufacture of thermoprofile (see drawing)containing:

- uncoiler 1, represents a vertical welded frame on which is mounted the drum for bearing with radially movable segments, compresses and decompresses the roll. On the segments is provided with a removable limiting axial displacement of the tape roll. The decoiler is equipped with a disk brake for damping primaries moments when unwinding a roll of tape;

the receiving unit 2 includes a damping device, horizontal and vertical guide rollers, the node count length measurement profile and lubricating device. The damping device consists of a movable spring frame with roller and is designed to prevent jerks metal tape (sample loop compensation) at the time of start-up after stopping the line to cut the profile. Horizontal and vertical guide rollers consisting of struts, axles and rollers, determine the position of the tape horizontally and vertically, and are regulated depending on the width of the tape. The node counter is serenia length of the profile consists of the counting roller, on the axis of which is mounted a sensor of angular movement, and a support roller mounted on racks and adjustable horizontally. A sensor associated with an electronic counter on the remote control and gives the signal to stop the roll forming mill and cut the profile of a certain length.

Lubricating device consists of a rack and lubricating rollers, which receives lubricant from the tank through the pipe and the header by means of the hydraulic pump. When passing between the rollers are lubricated tape before profiling process at the mill.

Stan forming 3 is designed to accommodate the adjustment tool and transmit torque to the roll forming stands. The roll forming mill consists of the sections (the number of sections depends on the type of profile), which is a welded frame has mounted on it a gear train for transmitting torque to the lower shaft Assembly instrumental) and mounting plates.

The mounting plate have mounting fingers for orientation replaceable units grading instrumental setups.

- adjustment tool 4 is designed for a gradual transformation of the metal strip in the shape of the desired profile at successive passing it through a few pairs of rotating curly rollers (profiling tools). Adjustment in trementina consists of sections grading. Each section represents a set of several horizontal drive cages mounted on a common plate.

- installation for execution of the slots 5 is designed for applying a series of longitudinal slots with flanging in the form of a visor on the wall of the profile and alignment of the surface profile. Installation to perform slots consists of the frame, node, gear, coupling, PTO, devices for applying cuts on continuously roaming profile and host are correct.

- installation of the power 6 is designed to accommodate the cutting device, its base relative to the longitudinal axis of the profile creation efforts on cutting the stamp required for segments of the profile. The installation consists of the frame and block cutting with hydraulic cylinder. Actuation of the cutting stamp is at the command of the measuring device after receiving the profile of a given length.

the cutting device 7 is designed for cutting the finished profile. The device consists of 2 units - upper and lower. The lower block is the input and the output matrix in the die-holder. On the top block has the cutter in pancontinental.

- buffet reception 8 is designed to receive the profile and drop it on the cradle of the reception Desk. The reception Desk consists of a rack, rotary beams to ascertain the bag on her rolls, slezov and the cradle.

- hydraulic device 9 provides the line in accordance with a given sequence diagram in the required mode. The device consists of a hydraulic feeder working fluid, a control unit installation power, control unit receiving table.

the electrical device 10 provides the line in accordance with a given sequence diagram in the required mode: adjustment and automatic. The structure of the device includes electric control system and electrical equipment.

The inventive method of manufacturing thermoprofile is implemented to describe the line as follows. The tape roll set and fixed on the coil.

Rotating the roll for the limiters drum decoiler 1, having the belt under the roller delphinoidea device receiving unit 2 with the formation of the compensation loop, then between the guide rollers, the rollers of the node counter rollers lubricating device and injected between the first rollers of the roll forming mill 3. In forming mill through a profiling tool magazine tool 4 is consistent continuous deformation of the metal to obtain a profile of a given shape. Further, the profile supplied to the application device slots on continuously roaming profile installation is to run the slits 5, where on the wall of the profile are applied to the rows of slits with flanging in the form of a visor, arranged in a checkerboard pattern. Then the profile enters the host to the correct setup for performance slots 5 for leveling the surface profile and the installation of power 6, which by means of the cutting device 7 is cut profile of a given length on a team of counter length measurement profile of the receiving unit 2. After cutting profile of the finished part (thermal profile) is reset in the cradle of the reception Desk. From the table receiving thermal profile is taken on styling and packaging. Drive unit for execution of the slots 5 is supplied from the gear train forming mill through the transmission node and the PTO clutch on the lower drive shaft with a set of cutting knives.

1. The method of manufacturing thermoprofile lines automatic cold forming, including the supply of tape in the roll forming mill, consecutive transitions of pogibko elements of the tape rollers of the roll forming mill, punching rows of slits with flanging in the form of a visor, staggered in the wall profile, characterized in that before applying the tape in the roll forming mill its unwound from a roll, move with the formation of the compensation loop, and after punching rows of slits surface profile virainia the t in the right node, followed by the cutting profile of a given length.

2. Line automatic cold forming for the manufacture of thermoprofile containing roll forming mill with instrumental setups, installation to run on the wall continuously roaming profile slots with flanging in the form of a visor, arranged in a checkerboard pattern, characterized in that before forming mill placed sequentially uncoiler and the receiving unit after installation to perform slots placed the cutting device and the setup to perform slots has the correct node.


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EFFECT: increased assortment of the profiles produced due to obtaining of a new relief of a profile.

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SUBSTANCE: simultaneously perform feeding of two flat preforms of certain width in the profile bending machine at different levels for molding closed stamped formed profile consisting of two corrugated sheets with orthogonally related semicircular corrugations; upper one has smaller width, consecutive molding in the first two-high stands of direct corrugations on the lower strip, directed downwards, with overcast angles, diminished in a cogging direction with a certain angle of inclination of lateral faces of ready corrugations to a horizontal plane. Simultaneously perform transportation of the upper strip in a four-high stand, forming in one operation cross-section closed corrugations, directed up with the same height and an angle of inclination of lateral faces to a horizontal plane. Connect the upper strip to the lower after overcast in three last passes of side crimps of the lower strip up and at reaching of a certain corner. In last operations in two-high stands perform overcast of side crimps of the lower strip to a corner 180° with formation of interlock of both strips of the trebled width.

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EFFECT: assortment expansion of channeling mill and decrease of cost.

4 cl, 1 ex, 1 dwg

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SUBSTANCE: open profile with ribbed, crimped or other surface is formed in automatic line profile-bending mill of a coiled stripe without preceding heating. Final forming of closed profile is performed in seam-pressing gauge. Edge for welding is prepared, overlapping welding is performed with overlap melting without additive materials. The stripe is moved guiding shaft connected to electric profile-bending mill engine, with continuous control of welded junction quality and data transfer to computer.

EFFECT: improved quality of welded junction.

3 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: technological processes.

SUBSTANCE: closed crimps are formed in sequence on a stripe blank in rolls in two cuts. Two lengthwise trapezoid crimps are made in the first cut. These crimps are parallel and symmetrical to the longitudinal profile axis, and are repeated in periods. The second cut forms traverse hemispherical crimps. Height of lengthwise and traverse crimps is equal. Traverse crimp crosses two opposite lengthwise crimps at half of their length. Traverse crimp ends are formed by sloping facets of lengthwise crimps, directed towards the longitudinal profile axis.

EFFECT: improved profile bearing capacity.

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SUBSTANCE: drive includes an engine, reduction gear, roll rotation sprockets skirted by roller chain, power train and idler sprocket, with power train positioned at the inlet side of machine. Four rolls of each mill lie in the same diametric plane and form two strips simultaneously. To rotate the rolls the chain grips opposite left or right sides of vertically adjoining sprockets of one mill in sequence, and passes from lower sprocket of the previous mill to upper sprocket of the next mill along the rolling course.

EFFECT: reduced production cost due to simpler and cheaper machine drive.

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SUBSTANCE: beforehand mushroom-shaped flutes are formed with semicircular tops and inter-flute sections and intermediate flutes are formed with vertical lateral facets on the front end of strip with length that is equal to inter-cage distance of profile-bending machine in the cage, the top roller of which has separating flanges. Rollers are distanced after forming of mushroom-shaped flutes for free passage of corrugated strip, mushroom-shaped flutes are formed in cages of profile-bending machine and intermediate flutes with vertical lateral facets are finally formed in the last cage of profile-bending machine by means of free setting with smooth rollers.

EFFECT: quality is improved; technological resources of the process are expanded and production costs are reduced.

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FIELD: technological processes.

SUBSTANCE: invention is related to equipment for metal forming, in particular, to machines for production of cold bent corrugated sheet profiles, mainly for production of steel panel-cassettes from corrugated strips. Profile-bending machine contains decoiler, dressing machine, molding machine with working cages and aligning rollers and drive, flying shears and collecting roller table. Machine is equipped with additional decoiler and dressing machine. In duo cages of molding machine above the top roller concave supporting roller is installed. Behind duo cages coaxially aligning rollers are installed, 4-roller cage, device of double bending, three-four duo cages. Number of machine duo cages that are installed in front of 4-roller cage is equal to 12...20. Drive of machine is of chain type.

EFFECT: invention provides expansion of assortment of specified bent profiles and reduction of expenses during their production.

3 cl, 1 ex, 2 dwg

FIELD: forging press equipment, namely machines for forging nets.

SUBSTANCE: machine includes housing supporting drive unit, eccentric shaft, movable beam with cut-through cutter, table with stationary cutter and mechanism for feeding sheet material. Cut-through cutter is double-sided one and it may be readjusted. Cutter carrying beam is joined with eccentric shaft through first kinematic circuit for providing rocking motion of beam and through second additional kinematic circuit for providing cross motion of beam. First kinematic circuit includes crank joined with eccentric shaft, slides with stops and main adjusting connecting link. Second kinematic circuit includes cam mechanism, additional adjusting connecting link and rocker arm.

EFFECT: enlarged manufacturing possibilities of machine, increased useful life period of machine.

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EFFECT: enhanced efficiency of method.

5 cl, 13 dwg